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Copyright, 1007. by the B"r«nk Queen PublUhlng Compnny (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, M^.Y 4, 1907. 

VOLUME LV.-No.11. 
Prloe, 10 Centi. 



May 4. 

Mi$5 Clipper^ 


STAGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


"It tbe popularity of the 'coon •on*' wan- 
ing?" was tta* question recently put to mott 
of the prominent publishers of popular music 
In the metropolis. This question has been 
naked many timet daring tbe pait tew yeare. 
and only recently could It be answered, for 
up to the present no publisher could appar- 
ently give a decided opinion. The general 
opinion now la that tbe immense popularity 
It bas enjoyed so long la somewhat on the 
wane. There Is far less call for tbe "rough- 
bouse" coon song that formerly brought so 
much personal success to tbe singer, and so 
much money to the publisher and composer. 

Tbe so-called "neat" coon song Is always 
singable and saleable, though it may not be 
the great success of some of Its predecessors 
of a noisier description. It Is thought by one 
prominent publisher that "rag-time" music 
will always have a strong appeal to the 
masses, for they are always more emotional 
than the classes. "Rag-time" Is an Irregular 
rhythm where the musical accent la not at the 
uaual accented place In the measure, and the 
unexpectedness of this accent Jars tbe hear- 
ing, though pleasantly. It the rhythm of a 
song glides along In tbe regular way, there, 
is no aural suspense In awaiting tbe pleasant 
break which Is the chief characteristic of 
"rag-time," What class of emotions may 
thus be touched Is not to be determined here, 
but somewhere among tbem Is the appeal of 
"ragtime," together with Its ear-tlckllng 

But, nowadays, to be a success in tbe 
greatest sense of the word, this sort of a song 
bas got to hare «n original catchlneaa not 
found In a predecessor, and these are few, 
comparatively. Imitations are seldom good 
sellers. It would seem that nearly every 
song situation' had been worked to It s limit, 
and that there was nothing new to write, but, 
now and then, an unknown composer, either 
by keen Judgment or by inspiration^ lights 
upon some peculiar twist of melody, or an 
original treatment of the coon theme, — then 
dollars and renown are bis. 

The fact remains, bowever, tbat at present 
there are not so many big hits In this style 
of song as formerly, and that they have to 
be better written and less suggestive In moral 
sentiment, In order to be real successes. 

It Is the absolutely ridiculous situation of 
tbe latest big success, "Bill Simmons," that 
strikes one's humorous side, and It's a good, 
clean appeal, quite unlike that of some of the 
"rough-house" sort. "Bill Simmons" Ib the 
kind of s coon song that will always go, espe- 
cially when the main humorous Idea has good 
musical treatment, as it has in this case. 
There aro several more good things of. this 
color' that aro making glory and money, but 
this Is conceded to be tbe best seller of its 
class at present. 

And thereby bongs a little tale. Tbe au- 
thor, whose name Just now escaped me, took 
bis composition Into tbe busy, bussing hive 
where the Witmarks dispense quantities of 
popular music. To Julius, of the Witmarks, 
be said: 
"I've got s little thing here by way of a 

coon song " 

"Needn't explain further," exclaimed Wit- 
mark, .with a deprecatory wave of his hsnd, 
"no more coon songs for us. They've bad 
their day, and we've all of that sort on our 
Hat tbat we can handle, and a lot more In 
manuscript that we can never use." 

"But," persisted the author, "this Is really 
something that will go, I'm sure. Just let 
me play it for you," 

"No use," replied Wltmark, with finality 
In his voice, "we can't possibly use another 
coon song, so you'll only be wasting my time 
and your own." 

"All the same, Julius, Just listen to a 
strain or two," coaxed the author. 

"Very well, then," reluctantly acceded the 
publisher, "but It's only because of our 
friendly relations that I'll spare the time, 
but I tell you beforehand, it's no use — we 
don't want another coon song," 

Seating himself at tbe piano, tbe composer 
begun "Bill Simmons," and before he was 
half through the chorus, the Wltmark ear 
was caught captive to the sentiment and 
lilt of the song. 

"Never mind I" the publisher exclaimed, 
"you needn't finish — the song Is great! I 
know Just exactly where to place It," and, 
turning to tbe telephone on bis desk, he called 
up Maude Raymond. And the cleverest in 
her line of work has been singing it ever 
since, to more encores tban her strength will 
permit of taking. 

Comic song writers get out your pencils 
and music paper and Bet to work! One of 
the - foremost publishers, who keeps a dis- 
criminating finger on the pulse of the public, 
lias given bis opinion that the comic song la 
going to have a big day coming right away. 

The very popular Indian song keeps up a 
big Interest, but scores of Imitations of the 
early ones are tiring tbe public to some slight 

Tbe love ballad will always bo steadily 
popular, with a "bit" of big proportions 
from time to time. 

The Irish song Is about to have nnotber 
Inning, so they say. This sort, like the Irish- 
man, Is never completely downed, but bobs 
Its head up at Intervals. 

There Is always a call for a good march 
long. The distinctly marked, regular accents 
are Just so many little percussion shocks, 
stirring and stimulating tbe emotions, and 
awakening a feeling of natural patriotism 
tbat lies to almose every breast. People enjoy 
that emotion almost *s much as they do the 
appeal to their tense of humor In song; — the 
latter, however, proving to be the greatest, 

for, after all, the most of us want to laugh 
when, we go to a place of amusement. 

All opinions being massed, brings out the 
fact that nothing In a popular way bas beld 
sach a long, steady, continuous and powerful 
sway as the "coon song," and that tbe call 
for It Is not at present so loud aa it was. An 
absolutely new and original treatment of It, 
at the same time retaining Its chief charac- 
teristic, might, however, revive the old time 
popularity for a while. As the title to one of 
Arnold Daly's playt goes, "Ton Never Can 

There la an incident connected with nearly 
every one of tbe titles of tbe thousands of 
songs published. The ways and means of 
naming compositions are many. Nearly all 
popular writers carry note books In their In- 
side pockets, which they treasure as If they 
were gold— for they reslly, In maoy cases, 

k n in; O'nniEN. 
Tbe above Is s good likeness of Kittle 
O'Brien, "tbe Shamrock," of the well-known 
vaudeville team of Daly and O'Brien, "tangle- 
foot" dancer*. They will close a season of 
thirty-six weeks with the Parisian Belles Co., 
May 18, and return to vaudeville. Next sea- 
son they contemplate going to Europe, and 
also to visit Miss O'Brien's home town (Dub- 
lin, Ireland), while there. They will pro- 
duce a new novelty dancing act. In one, next 
season, and carry tbelr own scenery. 

result In veritable gold. In tbem they gather 
and record all tbat strikes them aa being 
oatcby speeches of their friends, for future . 
use as a title. Comic situations, accidents 
and ordinary actions of every-day life are 
full of titles for songs. Tbe commonplace Is 
Idealized In a title, and on the front page of 
a piece of music is mode to stand out from 
Its ordlaary surroundings. It Is true that a 
catchy title bas saved many a song from 
oblivion. The title attracts the eye, and the 
beholder is thereby moved further to examine 
the composition, which otherwise might not 
have secured his attention. 

A handsome title page Is also aa Important 
factor In attracting tbe buying public. 

"Teasing," which la one of Albert Von 
Titer's big successes, got Its title and central 
Idea one day whlU l-s T-.-ns riding In a Broad- 
way car with his wife. "I was only teasing 
you," was the little lafij's explanation to 
some objection tbe young composer made to 
a previous remark. Out came his precious 
note book, In wblch be added to the many 
Ideas set down therein, tbe catch-line of bis 
song bit. 


"I'm Sorry" with which Louise Dresser 
made a big Impression, is a song tbat be- 
gan with it's title, and not tbe song ides. 
From Inquiry it appears that about as many 
songs are written to accommodate titles, as 
those wblch are nameless till finished. 

Jack Not-worth, the clever actor, who writes 
maoy of the lyrics for Albert Von Tllzer's 
songs, said one day : 

"What do you .think of 'I'm Sorry,' for a 

"It's a funny title," replied the composer, 
"and I can't see much In It. And It you 
can, I'd 'be sorry' too." 

The rhythm and accent of Von Tllzer's last 
remark struck both author and composer at 
the same time, and the last line of the chorus 
of thti song hit has the same mualcal rhythm 
"If I only knew, that you were sorry too." 

Prom trivial turns of conversation come 
the titles of some very great songs. 
Wlwse picture appears on the front page of 
this week's Issue, Is a native of San Fran- 
cisco, where she gained her first stage ex- 
perience. Miss ltobortHOn Is one of our most 
youthful actresses, having Just graduated 
from her teens, and her success up to date 
has been most encouraging to her and grati- 
fying to her friends. She made her debut In 
the Alcasar Theatre Stock Co., San Frnn- 
cIrco, playing Ingenue roles, and continued 
with the organisation until the earthquake of 
a year ago cut short the career of that com- 
pany, for the time being. Coming Bast after 
the disaster. Miss Robertson signed with 
"Brown of Harvard," with which play she 
has had a most ngrccablo season, 

0,000 Answers. 

Jo*. W. Stern ft Co. start one of tbelr ads 
in this Issue as follows : 

"5,00(1 Illustrators B.OOO responded to our 
great slide offer, announced In this paper a 
few weeks ago." 

Son Brothers' Show News. 

Since the last contribution to these columns 
concerning bbe opening performances at Ma- 
con, Ga., April 8, 4, tie Sun Show has been 
moving along with great celerity, snd, In its 
entirety, has been received with thejrreatust 
enthusiasm at every stand made. The first 
Btand out of Macon was Atlanta, Qa., April 
6 and 0. 

Tbe performances for both days were given 
under the auspices of the Atlanta Elks, Lodge 
No. 78. Tbe engagement was a success, de- 
spite the fact that heavy rains drenched 
everybody on April 5. Over six thousand 
admission tickets were sold In advance, and 
all of tbe privileges enjoyed Immense busi- 
ness. Throughout it -was big. Joyous event, 
successful financially and artistically 

After leaving Atlanta, Oa., tbe route em- 
braced towns In Georgia and Tennessee, the 
major portion of wblch accorded us profitable, 
business, and this In tbe face of heavy cold, 
blustry and rainy weather. 

At South Pittsburg, Tenn., April 18, a 
blinding snow storm struck the show. How- 
ever, the matinee and night shows were both 
given uncurtalled, and satisfactory business 
was enjoyed. Tbe show Is now in Kentucky 
for a limited, time, and Incidentally renewing 
old acquaintances. The Sun Show Is a great 
favorite In the Blue Grass State, alike with 
the otflclalB, press and public, because of tbe 
entire absence of questionable methods and 
Immoral adjuncts, and also because of tbe 
always excellent programmes offered and the 
general cleanliness of tbe accoutrement 

The following Is the complete roster of tbe 
show : Managing directors, George and Peter ' 
Sun ; acting manager, George Sun ; general 
advance manager, Peter Sun ; business mana- 
ger and press agent, Clinton Newton ; con- 
tracting agent, C. S. Clarke; advance car 
manager, Charles W. Glider; Michael (Orton) 
nihil), "big show" ticket wagon; J. W. 
Mansfield, reserved seat ticket wagon; Col. 
II. II. Sylvester and Robert Cooke, Inside re- 
served scat ticket agents. 

Big abow performers: Wllljam O'Dule, 
equestrian director ; tbe Five Graceful Grohs, 
the La I'asque Troupe, Mr. and Mrs. George 
O'Dolc. the Juggling Boyles, the Llndsey 
Trio, Walter ana Minnie Ashbome, Master 
George Sun Jr., Zeemo Zeemo Troupe, VIvIh'1 
Dinsmore. Wilfred and Lottie, Michael (Or- 
ton) Cahlll and William O'Dale. 

The comedy actors, or "Joeys," Include the 
following : Dan Rellly, principal ; Jack Geran, 
Yankee clown; George O'Dole, knockabout 
eccentric; Charles Boyle, manipulative gro- 
tesque; Frederic Wright, corpulent police- 
man : Jack Young, Shakespearean Jester, and 
Vic Peterson, utility clown. The programme 
embraces twenty separate displays, the acts 
arc all magnificently dressed, and are also 
particularly noticeable for their originality 
and modern ldeaa. 

"The best band of music heard with a 
tented show In a long time," Is the saluta- 
tion given dally to Gcrlach's Big Brass and 
Reed Band, which furnishes the harmony 
for the main programme. "Gerlacb's Incom- 
parablcs," aa they, are called, are a promin- 
ent factor In the great success of this sea- 
son's performance. Tbe following musicians 
are In the party: John Shelly, Arthur Dry- 
ant, Wm. J. Hastings, Howard Wartluft, 
Charles Keller, L. W. Tosier, O. T. Lassiter, 
Edw. Lassiter, R. W. Whitney, Raymond S'l- 
llto, Alex. Ward, Harry Wilson, and Charles 
Gerlaoh, director. "The after show," or con- 
cert, as it lj called in circus parlance. Is 
presented by Jack and Belle Young, Bob 
Cooke, Jack Geran, Fred Wright, Vivian 
Dinsmore and Ashborne's Comedy Canines. 

The supplementary and annex shows are 
under the direction of D. H. Gillespie. This 
department Is furnished throughout In a most 
magnificent and ornate manner, and compares 
favorably with any "kid show" ever organ- 



5Sk^^^^p^^^- ■', :■■■' 
■<'f : *' ■"■■■; Haff .• 1 

■ -."•''•iTS.?**; 

.*:&v "x:i*" ^*V'-"':^taBarV v.-' 

BjP-f ;■%«• 

v>3 mr mm jk 

F'l -.■:■■■■> M 
Si imiB ' 

r ^vv , -j^^^^J^Bp9fl8Rfl9 ' • si 

s9MI"-' : ''' ! 

Hr^'^'fl ' * 1 / 

HKl:> v. 

BiiiUtfv -^1 fPB'-ll 

._■, ; ■pLv. . BeHB 

flBBPljr , .; r .M 

: fc?: ■rafep" u jm 


;V r .> " 

'HPV'i iSWI 


2HB " HBf '"•' -'?• wff 

". ^P "-^^S^fiB 

r^-ffl SV ..«-=.< BUF 

^m ■ -s tV .-.jit jf* 

HHK^Bffir :-■ SI HL ■;. - mm 

-* -—M.-H.+ i^'H'M 

:>! k reW&; V . k flPiihnUiHl 


^^—WBm ^*Wn 

' . - ' , . ; " '.- 1*, "■ '-.*■ ■ * . ' ' ■ ' 

-. ■ -? 

:--**.- ••'■-.-;.. 


Harry and Lillian, colored singers and danc- 
ers, nuve been appearing with great success 
for the past thirty-seven weeks as a special 
vaudeville feature with Jobn A. Hlmmeleln's 
Idents. They are now being booked In the 
beat vaudeville houses by their exclusive 
agents, Myers & Keller. 


Inge itmres of TIIIII CLIPPER will be 
Inserted n« these prleesi 

8 Ingle Column ........ f T.UO 

Double Colnraa. ...... . flB.OO 

Ized. Every piece of property, from tents to 
stages, draperies, paintings and railings, 1b 
brand new and of the finest materials. . 

The acta liero are given by : The Four Eng- 
lish Daisies, Alex. Ward, musical expert; 
Lottie Wilson, aerial danseuse ; M. B. Silvers, 
comlque magician; Great Maurice, ventrilo- 
quist ; Lone Star Quartette, comedy vocalists ; 
ulllesplo'8 troupe of performing baboons: 
Mme. Gillespie, new century mystic marvel 
and lightning calculator, ana Prof. Bocokor's 
?5,000 electrical megathorlan orchestrion. The 
programme offered gives tho greatest satisfac- 
tion. Mr. Gllllsple has done a most gratify- 
ing business since the opening day. The 
operating department is managed by the fol- 
lowing men : Jas. C. Cherry, master me- 
chanic : Dick Richards and Leo' Collins, direc- 
tors of the "big top tents ;" John Reynolds, 
director of the side show cnovns ; Frank 
Jones, boss hostler; Wm. Randolph, superin- 
tendent ring stock and forage agent; Dr. F. 
A. Smith veterinary surgeon ; A. Clarke, mas- 
ter of properties ; Herman Leonard, super- 
intendent of the Bolte and Weyer lighting 
plant ; W. J. Iuitts, train master -, Jos. War- 
wick, front door officer; Hugh McCullough. 
chief chef Hotel De Sun ; John Benson, stake 
nnd chain wagon ; Omer Durbtn, night wateli- 
man: Jobn (Red) Johnson and Sam Dobson, 
principal eight horse drivers : John Mlilen 
and Wm. Gerbart, six horse drivers; Richard 
Basse tt, boss animal man; Charles Haeberle 
Sr„ blacksmith ; Harry Jackson, rhef, privi- 
lege car: Allan Suits, harness maker: Col. 
It. H. Sylvester, controlling the advertising 
banners and privilege car; J. L. Johnson, 
official barber : W. C. Cherry and Adolpb Phil- 
lips, porters of sleeping cars ; D. II. Gillespie, 
in control of the refreshment and candy 

Thn show Is being handled in a masterly 
manner, "up snd down early" every day. 
Kuril department Is completely filled with 
good help The show has entirely abandoned 

tbe giving of street parades, and, despite 
the prediction of many wise-acres, the Idea 
Is a success The crowds on tbe lot are as 
large as ever, and the many novel free ex- 
hibitions offered give at much satisfaction as 
a street parade. The elimination of tbls 
traditional circus (feature savct this show a 
great deal of money, involves less labor, pur- 
chasing of wardrobe, harness snd trappings, 
less horses and other sccessorles required 
for a pageant There Is another way In 
which money Is saved by the elimination of 
the parade— that is, the saving of exorbitant 
license and petty • 'shake-downs," caused by 
runaways. .... . 

The Sun Show is the first (nine) car train 
show to attempt this innovation, and It would 
be well for other legitimate shows of this 
standard and character to copy the idea, as 
it will save money and time, and Increase 
tbe dally receipts. • > , 

A few words regarding some of the big acts 
In the "main" show will not be amiss: The 
Five Graceful Grohs, In a diversity of equlll- 
brlstlc specialties and a mammoth wire net, 
are scoring heavily at each performance. Tbe 
La Pasque Troupe, In tbelr novel tremplln 
triple bar act, Is a salient feature. This act 
Is under the direction of Walter L. Llnnlcy. 
The Juggling Boyles (direction of Francis) J. 
Boyle), present a spectacular exhibit of mar- 
velous club Juggling and hoop rolling. Tho 
act Is going big ana Is one of the bits of the 
show. Wnlter Ashborne's comedy and mili- 
tary elephants are cresting a furore, with 
their new "stunts." This act Is away from 
the beaten path, and possesses all the ele- 
ments of originality. All of the other acts 
with the show are- being favored with much 

«» » 
Auction at Daly's Tbeatre. 

The auction of paintings, furniture and 
porcelains, which have long been fixtures at 
Daly's Theatre, in this city, was held In that 
playhouse on April 24. The total proceeds 
of the sale amounted to $10,138.25. 

The main feature of the sale was the pur- 
chase by Klaw A Erlanger, In one lot, of 
practically ail the paintings, crayons and 
engravings hanging In the lobby and foyer. 
down stairs, and around the balcony. Tbe 
sum paid wub $4,500. 

Tbe collection included fifty-nine articles. 
Among the paintings and crayons were por- 
traits of Henry Irving, Ellen Terry, John Mc- 
Cullough, Nell Gwynn, Fanny Davenport, 
Adelaide Nellsen, Sarah Bernhardt, David 
Garrlck, Peg Wofflngton, James W. Wallack, 
Mrs. Hlddcns, Edwin Booth, Joseph Jeffer- 
son, Ada Rehan, Mrs. Gilbert, Lester Wallack, 
Coquelln and Eleanors Duse. Mr. Anderson, 
bidding for Klnw & Erlanger, paid S220 for 
a pair of Chinese lanterns, and $110 for a 
pair of Sevres vases. He also made many 
small purchases. 

Frank McKee paid $350 for a beautiful 
clock In a mahogany case, and tbe Shuberts 
bought the plush furniture now hi the lobby. 
Most of the articles were sold for small sums. 

The auction marked on epoch in tbe history 
of Daly's Theatre. It is controlled by the 
Daly estate no more, having passed Into the 
hands of the Shuberts to be reopened by 
Margaret Anglin and Henry Miller, hi the 

. — i — ♦'» 

Plans of Henry B. Harris. 

Henry B. Harris, who returned last week 
from a long trip abroad, had tbe following 
to say concerning bis plans : "Robert Kdeson 
will open his London engagement In 'Strong- 
heart' at tbe Aldwych Theatre, on May 6. 
A year from the present time I shall present 
Rose Stabl, In 'The Chorus Lady,' at one 
of the Krohmnn Theatres In London. At the 
Colonial Theatre, In Boston, In October of 
(his year, I will produce 'The Struggle Ever- 
lasting,' a new emotional play, by Edwin 
Milton Royle, with a prominent English ac- 
tress In tbe leading role, - 

"Later on I shall send a 'Lion and tbe 
Mouse' company to London to try our luck 
a second time. Tbe cast will be practically 
the same as that of the first company that 
visited London. 

"In New York City we will have a new 
play at tbe Hackett Theatre to follow 'The 
Cborus Lady,' and Mr. Edeson will open with 
a new play at the Hudson In August." 

* ■ » 

The Sothern-Bfarlowe London 

E. H. Sothern and Julia Marlowe opened 
their London season on April 22, at the Wal- 
dorf Theatre, with "The Sunken Bell." The 
house was crowded, the audience Including 
many prominent people.- 

Tbe reception of toe stars was thoroughly 
cordial, but London plainly did not care for 
the play. 

Maoy of tbe critics were warm in their 
praise of the acting. 

On Wednesday evening. April 23, the stars 
appeared in "Jeanne d'Arc," which waa 
hailed by the London critics as a better vehi- 
cle for the display of acting ability. Miss 
Marlowe, as the Maid of Orleans, won tbe 
audience completely, ana the writers all 
spoke well of her work. 

Oyster Bay (L. I.) Tbeatre Destroyed 
By Fire. 

Long's Opera House, Oyster Bay, L. I., was 
destroyed, on April 21. by a fire which also 
damaged several adjoining buildings. The 
total loss was $40,000. 

Tbe flames started In the rear of the stage. 
"Driven from Home" had been given in the 
house on Saturday night, April 20, and the 
lire started about two hours after the au- 
dience had left the theatre. The building 
was entirely of wood, and burned rapidly. 

♦ »» 

Alice Lloyd's New Sons. 

This popular singer has been furnished by 
Joseph W. Stern & Co., with a character song 
especially suited to her clever style. Attired In 
an attractive and up-to-date bathing salt, she 
sings "You Splash Me, I'll Splash You," de- 
scribing the delights of a dip hi the ocean 
wltb an agreeable companion. The song Is 
by Arthur J. Lamb ana Alfred Solman, and 
Is the first American song thus far put out 
by Miss Lloyd. 

<»» — 

Portland, — At the Jefferson (M. J. Gar- 
rlty, manager) a week of high class vnii.le- 
vlllc attracted good business, April 22-27, the 
following acts appearing: Leon Morris' Dog 
and Pony Circus, Young Bros., Madge Malt- 
land, Three Armstrongs, the Great Paacatel, 
Hess Sisters, Mlron M. Gllday and company, 
nnd new chromatic pictures. The Kirk Brown 
Stork Co. 29-May 1, "The Isle of Spice" 2, 
Alice Nellsoti Opera Co. 3, 4. 

l'onxLAM» (J. E. Moore, manager). — Gal- 
lagher and Barrett, Ford and Swor, the Three 
Roses, Beaumont's ponies. Lswson and Hn- 
mon, Ray Cox, Ploaro Trio, and the klneto- 
graph attracted excellent attendance last 
week. Bill week of April 20 : Holcombe, 
Curtis and company, Tom Hearn, Gardner 
and Maddem, Billy Van, Murray Sisters, and 
Three Sawadas, 

Notes. — At the Savoy Moving Picture 
Theatre, the new Passion Play, and fifty 
views of Boston were shown at a sacred 
concert for charity, April 21. Miss De Haan, 
In ballads, appeared The Emperor Con- 
vert Co., assisted by the Ladles Mandolin Club. 
appear at Katsschmar's Hall 20, In a benefit, 
concert to Wm. J. Ryan, the Mind musician/ 

Pabst Extract 


Pale-faced individuals, listless and 
with no apparent ambition, have 
often enlisted your deepest sympathy 
You may have been brought even 
closer to lace with such a condition in 
your own (amily , or perhaps right now 
you are reading the symptoms oi your 
own case, the cause ol which you 
have been trying In vain to discover. 
Chances are it is. anaemia, otten 
brought on by worry or overwork. 
The blood has become Impoverished 
and is not furnishing sufficient 
strength to the system. At this critical 
stage the best reconstructive agent is 

paDst Extract 


combining the rich, tissue building 
elements ol barley malt with the tonic 
properties ot choicest hops, retaining 
all the food value of the barley grain in 
predigested form, and carrying in it 
muscle, tissue and blood making con- 
stituents. The nourishment oliered 
Is readily assimilated by the system, 
being rapidly transformed into rich, 
red blood and absorbed by the tissues 
and nerves, making the 
recovery ol health rapid, 
and giving men and 
women strength and en- 
ergy to light dally battles. 

rafist i:\iTcici 

vitalizes the nerves, 
makes rich, red blood, re- 
builds wasted tissues, 
restores the tired brain, 
builds up the conva- 
lescent, refreshes 
the overworked, 
and is a boon to 
nursing mothers. 

25c at all Druggists 
Insitt Ufatlth* Original 

Uuar*nteed under tlie 
National Pure Food Law. 

U.S. Burial No. mi 

Booklet and Picture en- 
titled "Babr'e Flrat Ad»en- 
eent free on request 

rabatlitrael Bait., i>7 

MII«aaaM, HIi. 

Club rCockUi. 


THOUSANDS have discarded the idea 
of making their own cocktails— all will 
after giving the CLUB COCKTAILS 
a fair trial Scientifically blended from the 
choicest old 'liquors and mellowed with 
age make them the perfect cocktails that 
they are. Seven kinds, most popular of 
which are Martini (Gin base), Manhattan 
(Whiskey base). 
The following label appears on every bottle : 
Guaranteed under the National 
Pnre Food and Drnsa Act. Ap- 
proved June 80lh, 1000. Serial 
No. 1707. 


Bole Proprietors 

Hartford New York London 




iliirllnnton. — At the Strong (Cahn a 
Grant, managers) Nell Burgess, In "The 
County Fair,'' April 20, did well. "Hap" 
Ward, In "Not Tot, But Boon." 22, pleased. 
Ethan Allen Club Minstrels (local), 24, 25, 
had good honacs. "As Told In the Hills" 27, 
Geo. Sidney 20, "The Mayor of Tokle" (re- 
turn) JO. 


Have been starring past season In a popular 
melodrama. Summer stock or first class 
vaudeville net preferred. S. and D. Bnceini 
ties. AddreBS V. L., care CLIPPER Dft » 



Msohlnea, Sterooptlcona. Slides, Films, sold sml 
rented. BM1TH A KUAN, Props., 

W'msb'g Bridge Plaza, 223 Hnvermeycr8t,U'Ki. v »- 
Tel. 4372 W'mabg. 

"Wanted. — Golorad Band Wanis alPosltton wilfi 

abarnlvsl Co. orany other llrst class show. Add. an 
comrannlotttlona to EI1W. b. DUNCAN, Montft""'- 
ery City, Mo. IjtjjhjjB Bro». had better write. 


HALF-TOME tajgg 



:i-r.*?V' •-•--- ..... ;*■■ 

:■■■ ?^M ■ ; •;,'•' .-. • '• -:■ 

i'"--.i>t-"»-.##. ; -'v ; ' . ■ - '•• • 

.ijf. t-, ; "»r'' •■-""*: >'•■''' ' f. • 


■^ -asaiste Pp©Feasoi» ©hine 

.■ ,••■«.» . ■ ■■ ■• • 

*:-<:. :-.;■.. ■■: 

SOP P £ •: 
«'*£&* . ■■ 

» ! ■ • . . • '■ 


• ■'-.- - 

i- ■*»■'■ 




in a Magic §e*nce , 

(jsy p R/c/fA/eDs} 



/ Ace. .-S 




I. The professor baffles the audience by announcing (blindfolded) every 
card drawn from the deck. 

SB$&£33£ f 



2. Until Patsy's clumsiness reveals the fact that the pack contains 

only cards of one kind. 




' ••»•] '«V/ 

-•.us, - > <ar 

A TV'- 


■•'•'/■'.'jT t .' ' / ' 


3. Patsy's disappearance in full view of the audience would surely 
have proved most mystifying 

's=4r:rrr=:. r- 


W v^ w ^ 

4. If Patsy hadn't got stuck In the trap-to the great embarassment 

of the professor. 

l<:i.'..iH , .(.'.'JiL.jUjii:.ii'. 

5. The. talking head creates a tremendous excitement and "brings 

down the house." 


....... .....■••••■•■i»*" 

lUHMMlIb 1 -!*" 

6. So does Patsy when he carries the table off the stage wrong 

• side out. 



.•s.kainjiillli;i.'.i >S •^l^' 

I— W S * » MSl— i»H S ' >■ jA 


iv.«t\uV.'.\»'-.\^V-. n - 

•--".iiSWIUVWAVvi-.i • 

7. Professor Shine concludes the entertainment by piercing his bare arm 
with a keen pointed damascene dagger. 


by P. JZicfiarcts . 

8. Patsy concludes his portion of the act by a somewhat hasty exit 



May 4. 







Edison Exhibition Model 


Improved Take-Up 


Edison Exhibition Model 


Improved Take-Up 

Film Magazines, 

& 1 35. OO. 

Improved Take-Up 

Film Magazines, 


Improved Take-Up, 

8 1 O.OO. 

Film Magazines, Each, 

8 1 O.OO. 




nopals of Scones. 



0319, CODE VELLOBBIG. LENGTH, 1,000ft. 

CLASS A, $150.00. 








Ha. 8313, CODE VEELMONDIG. LENGTH, 935ft. CLASS A, 1140.94. 

Film Magazines, 

9 1 3 S.OO 

Improved Take-Up 

Film Magazines, 

S3 S .OO. 

Improved Take -Up, 

& 1 s.oo. 

Film Magazines, Each, 

& X O.OO. 

■ end for Lateat Catalog* «nd Illustrated areolars. 



Chicago Offloe, 804 Wabash Arenac, 

Hew York Offloe, 81 Union Square. Cable Address, Zymotic, New Tork. 


SriTTWO iAkHt'K' THE KINEIOGRAPH CO., • ■ 41 B. 21st 8t., New Tork. 

DUlIllna AVfiniO. PBTEB RACIGALTJPI, 1107 Fillmore St., Sen Francisco, Ctl. 

GEORGE BRECK, 550-554 Grove St, Ban Francisco, Cat. 



APRIL! II, 1907, 

W. 0. Stevens 

Vaudeville Pianist 

3 Beaaoni Leader of Orcheatra, Bennett*s 
Theatre, London, Canada. 

Addratt 326 York St., London, fan., until May 
10, then Napania, Ontario, Can. 
REFERENCES: My reputation and ability to 
deliver the goods. 


In good Sunday night and danoo town In Iowa, on 
main lino Hock Island and Milwaukee Koada, 
twenty-nve miles from Omaha. Well booked for 
1907-B, on good terms. Original oost $8,ooo. Mast 
tie sold at once. Seating capacity 700. Population 
1,600, Electricity and furnace In houBe. Address 
BOX 874 NEOLA, 10WA. 




Beason opena May 20 ; doling Sept 7. Send 

8 nolo, programme and press notices wltb 
ret letter. Salary must be low (or Summer. 
Vaudeville acts, write. Y. C. ALLEY, 
Nashville, lean., care of Casino Theatre. 

Large List of New Professional 
and Amateur Plays. Vaudeville 


nuu VIUIUH.U1 « latjo. v auuvfiuv 

Sketches, Stago Monologues, 
Minstrel Material, Jokes, Mu- 


■leal Pieces, Recltatlona, Dialog 

Makr-up Goods, etc. Catalog Free. 

r. S. DBNIBON, Pub., Dcpt. 17, Chicago. 



Many more, nearly new. Edison's Exhibition M. 
1'. Machines, etc. Stamp for large catalog. 
PEERLESS EXCHANGE, UaRaiulo]phBt„Chlcago. 


a v v Wlth Card „ C0 |„. ri DD011 « et0> I VV 
explained so any one can do tbem. Catalogue In 
eluded O'toaUg-icCo.. 270 W.J9U>8t,,New York 


Bood Agent and Boss Canvas Ian. 

PROF. B. D. ADAMS, Berlin, Md. 


We are no mushroom concern— livo years In 
this bualnesa, Handle all kinds of long or short 
runs of small theatrical work. 
PKES8 SHOW PR1NTKRY. Jolmsonburg. Penna. 

Taught by Correspondence. 
Send for handsome booklet on 


Illinois Conservatory, 42TLakc*ldo Blag.. Chicago. 

Clewr Song Words Writer Desires Connection 

with prominent publishers. Has ready for must 
several pieces. Will sign contract. Moitltis EDKI. 
STEIN, jjt E. ltM Street, New York. 


FOR LIST. PEARL VAN, Norlhvlllc, N. Y. 


• motion mil mm * 

ograpb— Optlgraplt No. 4— Power's CAMERA- 
QRAPH-NO. 5, Etc.. With or Without Fire 


800 feet of Film $2a 

2,000 feet of Film $65 

Stereoptlcon, Motion Picture Macblne, Cal- 
cium and Gas Outfit $76 


■^Everything In NEW and S. H. 

•\i»/-^i Motton Picture 
4 ^ Machines 

Films, Stereoptlcons, 
Song Slides anil Sup- 
plies. Same wantril. 

, i»j,' Catalogues free. 


JFf^a^ 808 Filbert 8t., Phlla., Pa. 




We can make a halt tone from photograph yon 
furnish; set up your name, address and act in 
type, and print &O0 Letter Heads. SXxll, for $3.50, 


510 Hay St.. KttoxvUle, Testis. 






YOST « COMPANY, BOO Filbert St., 

(Established 1870), Philadelphia. 

49" New, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 






Catchy, melodious and full of merit. Highly rec- 
~ ly of each FREE on receipt of 
WM. A. POND <V CO., 
148 Fifth Ave., New York. 

ommended. Cop: 
late program. 


At moderate prices. Large stock, Immense 
variety. Illustrated Catalogue Free. New Mam- 
moth Catalogue Just Issued, 20c. Just out, list of 
new books on Magic and new list of bargains In 
tricks. A. ROTERBERQ, 175 Ontario St., Chicago. 


AB Contract rights and complete production of 

"It Happened In Nordland" 

Aa produced with great success two years ago by 
Lew Fields. Address HERBERT HAMLIN, 
Qrand Opera House, Chicago, 111. 





Waupaca, Wis. 



Department 86, ATLANTA, Q.A. 

The Colonial Orchestra, 

Of the Academy of Music, at Lowell, 
will be at Liberty from May 1 to Sept. 1. 
Address W. H. LOONEY. 

2 Rockdale Ave., Lowell, Mass. 


Long Haired Indian Squaw and Small Pappoose, f ull 
custunio. Also Curios, Freaks and Novelties. Give 
full particulars In first letter. Our ghost Is strong 
And active. Address Dr. O., Box 76, Beaverdam, O. 


For Repertoire 8how8. Week stands. Population 
1,200. Manufacturing town. Kent or share. A No. 1 
stage. Stage iBiilo. F. T. DECELLE, Chazy, N. Y. 

Cwto».-AapTO-/brV» J 3 MrorT - P * aM -Jawnw 2175 Ovwev 

Send for 

No. 36. 


Farce Comedy People in all lines, Two Small Comedians for feature parts, Good Dra- 
matic People, several Second Men not afraid to work. Send photos and state foil 
particulars. Photos will be returned. 
1002-3, 228 LA SALLE ST., C HICAGO, ILL. 






415 DEARBOlt.% 


LOME HIGHWAYMEN. 700ft., 120. 
Latest Films for rent, $6 per week, most be secured; Aga Illusion, like new. 144. Maggie Murphy Ad- 
vertising Figure »20. All bargains. Add. C1IA8. RAT, Cumberland, Md.; 



For Hammer Stock or Rep, 

Paul Linton. 

Characters, Heavies. 

Just closed 43 weeks wltb Bennett-Moulton Co. 
Address CASTLE SQUARE HOTEL, Boston, Mass. 

Woodrow Bros.' Comedy Co. 


Sketch Teams, Novelty People, Single Ladies, 
Hand. People that diuule given preference. Tell 
all and salarj. Want Tent Outilt, so or 60, R. T. 
and middles c mplete. FOR SALE, Small Tent 
Ontllt, M. P. Macblne and 10,000ft. Film, cheap. 
PROF. T. L. SKINNER, Box 183, Yorkvllle, 111. 




FOB THE B. F. F. BED. 00. 

Address DR. W. II. BALL, 1329 Cherry St., Kansas 
City, Mo. Harry Ranold, write. 

■TOll S \ Till"! 18 U»nd Coau, white, 
'VI* OAUBi trimmed wltb red, 

good condition. Also one E-nat and one UB-flat, 
oston Musical Tula. Will sell CHEAP. Address 

WANTED" Dramatic People, 

Also Specialties for three nights' stand Rep. Sum- 
mer Tour in Maine. ARNOLD CHESTER, 
Box U, Merrlmacport, 



I have two of the smallest Indian Elephant- In 
America, partly broken. Want First Class Trainer 
to nnlsh and perform them. Appearance and 
ability, BOTH essential. Address 
BOSTOCK, Coney Island, I*. V. 



Man for Heavies and Juveniles, General BuhIiicm 
Man with specialty, Leading Juvenile Woman, one 
with specialty preferred; also Scene Painter who 
can play parte. Other Repertoire People, write. 
State lowest salary— I pay all. 
FRANK J. DEAN, Mulr, Mlcl i^ 

FUTURES th oi 'sand. 

Invisible Fortunes l)I.95per 100. Printed Fortunes 
75c, per 1000. Cabinet Photos of yourself for .-cit- 
ing purposes, 19.30 per 100 or i»0 per unto. 
Send negative or photo to copy. Send for Samples. 
Free. WEHDT, Photo., Boonton, M. •>•_ 

At Liberty, A1 Clarinettist aid Snare Drummer 

WITH TRAPS. Desire park or concert band. Willi"* - 
to Join a. F. of M. Prefer Joint engagement. 
J. F. H0LL1NQER, 804 8. Pitt St. Carlisle. J_ | 


All ready for pub. Copyrighted. Words and sw 
sentimental. THOS. UDER1N, 234 K. 21st St.,N. J; 


THOS. DEE, 7 Van St, Rochester, H. > • 






Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, don't be misled—this is not a song. It is a mere reminder of my moving from 
48 to 33 West 29th St. Now I am next to the corner of BROADWAY, on the same old street, 
39th. Everything is ready, many pianos, many pianists, many songs--" YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT 
RIGHT IN," Ceo. M. Cohan's "POPULARITY MARCH" and Kerry Mills' Instrumental Knockout, 

WING," and a lot of others. 


.A. MILLS, 32 West 29th St.. New York. 

. .vr.: 



t .Majesty's (II. Q. 
lie Williams, in "The 

' Mqnt'renl At Hl> 

Brooks, manager) llutt 

Ll(llc Cherub, pleased good houses April — 
:iil(l week. Wflllam Foversham. In "The 
>"o,uuV Man." 29 nnd week. "Mr. Hopklnson" 
nnd vPublle Opinion" next week. W .Mesn: (Walter Greaves, nian- 
aeofjl^ieo. Sydney. In "Busy Izzy's Vaca- 
tion." bid big attendance Inst week. "Taint- 
Ik/IM Town" 20 and week. Thos. E. Shea 
<:o ..'All. • - 

ral.-MMls (F. W. IjtClalr. manager). — "The 
ilii/SWs Hunt-liter" drew good business week 
of SB San Carlos Opera. Co. SO-May 1. "llap- 
pyia'ql'*! local) 2-4. "Iluinau Hearts" 6-11. 

. Uu'vAt. (II. C, Kgcrton,. manager). — Good 
iillcnfjlirire greeted the Dreamland Burlesquers 
Ajytk 22-27. Merry, Maidens 20 and week. 
Kentucky llel'es next. 

' Iwh Soi'VHAfTBit (It. Ravenx, manager). 
- -Till* j^rnjanent French .Stock Co.. In "Cath- 

speak In Hie highest terms of the perform- 
ance. The i-oiiipany arrived ai Halifax, .V 
S.. Ill, anil Is now touring the provinces. 

lUUH.Ij., . . .' "... • " • • 

Man." packed the 
Donne, In "Kerry Gn 


agef")?— The permnn 

Lol'rlme d*Alx.*' pi 

d'un''Jr-unne Hemmc 

<-rlncj?" seored a lilt last week. "Malson 
N'euw" 21* and week. 

l'liANCAis (Paul Cazcncuve. man- 
permanent French Stock Co., In 
.. Alx.'" pleased 22-27. "I.e ltoman 
Jrunnc Hemmc Pauvre" 20 and week. 

■ '. wj .• * 

Ht^Joun.— At .111$ Opera House tA. O. 
SklHner. nmnngor) the Lyceum Stock Co. re- 
nirneg. April 18, presenting "The Sqmiw 
Manj" . to good business, and pleased. This 
plsi-a. .Wiik presented' up io 24. "Thelma" 
-'•VVT. The I in— rt will close lla present 
engagement here May 4. Kirk Brown Co. 
0-!NV. .- ' .• . . . • 

XOTBH.— The Jere McAullffe Stock Co. 
passed 'through, April 20. tn route from Yar- 
mouth,' -X. II.. to Shcrbrooke, 1'. Q 

Prof.' -A. P Dement. gave an exhibition at 

ills Queen's Rollawova LV20 The large. 

number -of theatrical friends of Archibald t.. 
H.-fMlev, or "Tnele Arch." as he waa fa- 
miliarly known, will .egret In hear of his 
death, which occurred at bis home here, April 
Uk/n-Jjo matter what the performance *as 
"Tncle Arch." tvna always to be found In 
lhfi' front row. or In one of the orchestra 
seats, and every professional, both male aatj 
lemaje. soon learned Io know "Tncle Arch. 
. .' The Keith Interests have made an of- 
fer" to St.-. Mary's Society, Halifax, N. 8., for 
their hall. MM if it Is nccepted, moving p c- 
lures nnd Illustrated songs will furnish the 

lT)l-for Ihe present. The W. I.. Ilarklns 

Co>.ynlrh left for the West Indies about six 
MsMwMV for an extended tour, was forced 
to-cut short its trip owing to yellow fever 
In 'Trinidad. The lohjpnny plnyeil two wceka 
In Bermuda, and papers received from there 

London. — At the (irand (I.. H. Bowers, 
managcri Win. Fnvershnm, In "The Squaw 
house April 10. . Allen 
low." 21), played a return 
date. Nothing Is booked until 29. when "The 
Holiest Coon in Dixie" comes. "The Itoyal 
Cher' Mav 4. Mary Mnnnerlng R - 

Bennett's (J. II. Aloz, manager). -4-Turn- 
awnv houses fattened the hauk account week 
of AprW 22. It was the largest week's busi- 
ness since the new house opened. . Week of 
20 : I'co. Smedlev, Flske and MeDonough, 
Dubois nnd monkey. Ilaihaway and Slegel. 
I'nn Clnytnn mid company. Four Singing 
Colleens, Henry nnd Alice Taylor, and Ben- 
nel togr'iph. 

Notes. — nennett's will close the season 

Mav II Treasurer Calger.of the drain!. 

is visiting his home In Toronto Tom 

Brlerley. stage manager of Bennett's, hits 
been appointed general manager of Bennett's 

Thcatorlums Kd. Bffner,. treasurer of 

Dennett's, will likely manage a theatnrlum 
at St. John, X. B., during the- Summer 

Toronto At the Princess (O. n. Shep- 

pard raiinager) "The Squaw Man" scored a 
big success, week ol April 22. Dallas Wei- 
ford 20 and week. 

tlitAXr. (A. J. Small, manager I. — "f.'heek- 
«rs" dirt good business week of 22. "The Ar- 
rival of Kitty" 20 nnd week. 

Majestic t A. .1. Small, manager). — "Lena 
Rivers" did gcod huslnes* last week. "For n 
Human Life" 20 nnd week. 

Shea's (J. Shea, mnoiiyer). — Big business 
for Ihe entire week. 22-27. The bill for week 
of 20 Include.! : William tlllletle's "The Red 
Owl." Franz Kberis. Howard and Xor'li. 
.Musical Avolos. Clennor Dorel, Scott and 
Wilson, the Mimic Four and the klnologrnph. 

Htak iF. W. Slulr. manager). — The Cherry 
BlossoniN got I heir "hare of the business Inn 
week. Ilr-siinlnnd llnrlesnuers ^o anil week. 

Massi:>- Mi;sii" Hai.i. iKtewnrl Huston, 
manager). — St>n Carlos Opera (\n. had large 
advance sale 2tl. 27. 

Xotk. — -Canadian National . Horae Show, 
May 1-4, at St. Lawrence Arena.- 

Oitnwn. — At Ihe Ruswir (V. Gormnn,' 
manager) "The noyal tJhef" had good hiisl-- 
ness. April 211. -24. San Cnrloa Opera Co. 10." 
Mailnmo llrorllln .10. Thos. K. Shea May B, 4. 

Giiand 01'ET.a Hot hc (II, J. .Blrdwhlstle, 

iiuimiguri.-- "Cast Life In New York" had 
gooil liiislnesB April 22-24. 

Brnnkty'h iGiis. S. tireiinlng, iimnager). 
— Bill week of 20 : Julia Itcdmond ami coin- 
puny. Vuldare Illcyclo Troupe. I|prl«.rt Brooks 
and eioinuny. Oelger mill Wallers. Ilerlle 
Heron. Wilbur Mack rnd company, l-'retl and 
Anna nnd Uennettgruph. 

s ■ 

St. < iitliarlnrx. — At tho Orand Opera 
House iChns. II. Wilson, muUHgei) "I'alnr- 
Ing the Town" had fnlr linslness April 20. 
Thos. K. Shea. In "The Hells." 2ft I "The 
Itoyul Chef 20. 



It. Worth. — AI Greenwall's Opera House 
ll'hll W. (ti"?,;n\vnll. manager) Dnckstader's 
Minstrels packed the house, mutineo and 
night, April IX. "Iiuster Brown" did well 
10. Koclun, whe violinist, for recitals, 24, .'-' : 
Mrs. lj>slle Carter, In "Du Barry," 27, when 
the season of the house closes. 

Majestic \J. II. McDonald, nuinuger). — 
Rill 21 and week : Trainer and Mohler, AI. 
Bartlelt, Tie Hylo. Linden Beckwllh, i.ury 
and Lucler, llllly Clark, Harrison King and 
company, and the Majextngraph. Business 
continues good. 

I. vim- (\V. D. Russell, manager). — Bill 21 
and week : Pauline Slossnn, Dick Fulton, Cov- 
ington and Wilson. Prof. Hubert*' trained 
rats. .las. Blount, and the klnodrome. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Htanpaiiii (Frank D* Beque. manager). — 
"The Xew Professor" was the title of the bur- 
lesque week of 21. I'coplc were : Cox Family, 
Maggie Brooks, Jul In Fox, J no. 13. Green. 
Anita I.ovenu, Roy Woods. 1. K. N. ami 
Georgle Powers, Justlc Hart /el and Penrl 
Gllmore. Business Is booming. 

Xotkm. — Whlto.Cltv IJnk« Kchwarlx, msn- 
ageri and I/ake Krle (Lee Fleming, mana- 
ger), the two Summer resorts, continue to 

do ii good hmiiness The .Music Festival, 

April 20. (10 and .May I, at Festival Hall, 
will bring out Mme. Iviuma Karnes, In song 
recital, with the t'hlcngo Symphony Orches- 
tra, and n chorus of 700 voices. Prof. Claudu 
Itossignal will he tho director. 

Houston. — At the Houston Theatre (M. 
C. Mlcbeals. manager) Koclan, violinist, April 
17, 18, ntiruiied fnlr, houses. Mrs. I^slle 
Carter, In "Du Bnrry." had two (TQwded 
houses 24. at advanced prices. • 

MtJKiTii" (F. Slurgls. unnairerl. — Iliml- 
M coutlnues Wg. People week of 22: Klein, 
Ott Brothers and Xleholsoii, Mrhiills slid 
Smtlli, Grace Anderson, Frank Milton and Im> 

Long Slslers. Wilson and lllce, Three Poli-lers, 
ami the Mujc.-ilogrupli. 

RfCKEa'a Tk.nt Woshkii Snow closed 
22, nfti-r twenly-lhree weeks of pheiioiiieiially 
big business. I In; tent being crowded iilglilly 
to the close. 

Notes. — Alvldo ALitsscrre, formerly owners 
and managers of the Standard Theatre, 
will open n Summer theatre, April 21), op- 
posite the Majestic, on Congress Street. It 
will he u ivomlen structure, covered Willi 
i In for present use. with n sealing capacity 
of 2,0oo. Vaudeville nnd repertory will h« 
tho main features. Lombard HrothtU'N Sim-li 

Co. will present .he opening features 

Active work of construction will begin In it 
few days on u theatre and roof garden, li.v 
M. T. MlrhealH. of tho Houston Theatre, 
Hnrvey T. D. WPson, n rnpluillsr. and a slock 
company. It will he ceiil rally Incut nl. be- 
Ing only two blocks from the principal IiuhI- 
nesH district, uud an excellent, silo for a 
thenlre. It Is pi-.-jposeil to have the tliirntrn 
completed nnd ready for opening by July I. 
When completed It will cost abonl $40,000. 
The plans seen contempiat« an l^shuprtl ar- 
rangement, with three «nli"HliccH 20 feet 
wide: one from San Jnclnto Street, one from 
Caroline and one from 1'rulric Street. All 
these entrances will 'end Into an auditorium 
MiixKiO feet, in horseshoe shape. The xeuts 
In the auditorium will be arranged In tiers, 
with lobbies and ante-rooms for refresh men i, 
nnd reception rooms. Above the auditorium 
will be ihe roof garden, with boxes lining Him 
Inner edges oext to the auditorium, thick 
of the rows of hoxex will lie passageways 
festooned with pnlma nnd ferns nnd pol: 
plants of all characters, Illuminated by 
myriads of electric bulbs. Tint nrchllectiii-e 
will bo of colonial style throughout. VuiKle- 
vllln and light operas will be the main fea- 
tures Of (Ills theatre. 

I Lilian. At the Dallas Opera House (Gen. 
Anxy. manager i the Klks Minstrels, under 
the direction of Draper k Ml Mid, proved a 
howling success, April -':!, 24. Mrs. Lexlle 
Carter. In "Du Barry." 26. 

Majestic (B. H. Murkenfuss, manager):- • 
The following hill bad good business 22 and 
week : Joseph Callahan. Brown and Wllmot, 
1'iiinn. Francis and company. Foreman and 
urr. Huntress, nnd Klllott, Belnire and P.I- 

LtHlv (W. II. lllce, manager). — Bill for 
22 and week Included : i '. W. I/0ng's orches- 
tra. i:imer Jerome, Kdwln i-hlwnrd*. McKln- 
nuii nnd Heed, mid Mr. and Mrs. Blessltig. 

ft. I IT Cakino (C. A. Mangold. innhMuei"), 
— The Unldwlnllelvllle Slock Co., In "Scr- 

gi'lllll James," iqwned In gnoil business, and 
thoroughly pleased their pal ions, 22, 

't'Kl.t: Paiiii il . It. Mi.-Adiiins, miniiigeri. 
— Ni't'tli Bros.' 1'iiiiieilliiiis, In ulglillr ehtinges 
of bill presrnliul • "Wwlded, Bui So. Wife," 
tn good pnlrnungc, 22. : 

t I 

Wai'ii,- AI the Anillloiliiiii i. lake Gar- 
lltikll-, nuinuger) Ilueksiader's Minstrels, April 
HI. li:ul a full limine. "Busier Drown,'" III. 
played In exisHleul business. Willi Ihe exiep 
ilou of one or two minor uilritelloiis. ibis 
house Is now clriiieil for rlie sens'iii, i 

' :. 4» » 

I^mUvllle.— 'At tyaeoiiloy's . (J, T. Mil- 

canity, niuiingel") l-'otls-s Kolierisou iiikI tier- 
trudo 1-Jlllntt euuie April 23, 21, pi-eKenilii» 
"Cwsar and C'lc<ipiitr)L" In .lurge'iiiidleni-es. 
Local attmi.'tloiis oecufiied Hie house Dm rest 
of tho week. ... „ . . 

Masonic ICIiiih. A. HlltlW. liiiinngeri. — Tile 
Four Huntings preseuled "The Fool- House.'' 
week of 22. nil? -Oletisi'd. For week of 20, 
"Mrs. Dane's Di'felise,'- 

Avii.nit. Il."ius. A, Shaw, mniiiiger). — "For 
a Iliiinaii Life,". wtK'k nf 21. drew good sized 
houses. For week of 28, "Down Mobile." 

Mamv AN'bRiiKrix.TfiKATMHfKmiik Williams, 
iniiniigeri. — "On Parole*! played a week's en- 
MWMl 22-27. "The Other Girl" 20-May I. 

Bi.'t'KiMiiiAM. (Wbntli'n llnw., managers). 
— The Wasbliigtort Society Girls, week of 21, 
attracted well filled houses ami pleased. Far 
week of 28. tun Avenue ii Iris. 

Wiiiti: CIti- (W: II. Liihli, ninungeri. — 
'llils resort Is mi entirely new enlerprl»e. 
having been built In the lust year, at a cost 
of »:iiiii.(iti(i. Tin) iiiiiplier of a t tract Ions un- 
varied, and coiisisl of slmoling Hie chutes, 
llgnre elgiil, sii-lile ililhviiy, skating rhih. 
iliineltig jnivllloii, ' llglillug Die lire, roller 
( ouster, circle i-wlrtg. Wild West show, vatiile- 
vllle ilicati-e. mid iiiunv others. Concerts will 
Is- given dully, ind ("rent lire's Bund bus 
been engaged for the opening week. The 
olllcers are: itlcbat-d It. Ikikrow, president : 
W. II Lahh, general manager. 
« < » 

I'wilnenh.— At the- Kentucky (T. W. 
Roberts, i.iutmgeri the Blunkiill, Alwniid Co. 
week of April Z2^i7. Hiifl'ensu Xlelson May 
7, "Charley's Auuf." IS. ■ 

N'liTK. - I'liiyttee Bill's Wild West Hhnir hstl 
IPimJ business April 211.- 


Hot. Somiuon, late of -the Kla w tc Krltuiger 
forces, was » caller at llile oflb-e last. week, 
uud wishes It Known thai lie has no cnniieu- 
tlon ivlth the Star Opera t'o, 



May 4. 


• - ; ; ' n ' 4 ' » f » ri ii«.i n 

THE FtUHK QMWi PUSLISrllrirj CO. (L Imlt.d) 
• , :, .-^roMrtifroni,. - 



v - ' ■ ' ■■ ■ 

SATnilDAX, M AY 4, 1W7. 

Kntcrnl Jnue 24, 1870, Hi Uic Po« One* «t 
New YftrV N. V.. as Second class matter, andef 
lltP act Cf Ma roll :i, 1870. 

Arttertlnenciic*— i».80 Mf' «odi. •IorK Mian;. 
UMUhwIim wllli border, 10 per ct. extra. 

si itsi tHli'TloN. 
One rear. In advance, 14; six months, 12} thru 
months, II. Foreign postage eitr«. Single copies 
will lie Mill, postpaid, on receipt of 10 cents. 
(lor Term* are Caali. 
TIIK CLIPTBIV in Issoed-every Wednesday morn; 
bur. THie lait four (advertising) WWWjJ 
1'ItBSS on Hatnrday at 11 a. *t..a»d Us* other 
rife* on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
The Korni Cloalnfc Prompt!/, Trie*. 
dnr at 1U o'clock A. M. 
Plead* remit by expreas. money order, check, 
r.'O. order »r registered letter. All caab enclosed 
wllli letter la lit Ibc risk of Render. 
AUdreaa All coaimnalcatloua to 

47 West Mtli Street, New York. 
lirglitcrei Cat/It A'ldrtf, "AotBomrr." 

rf Tint Cmpfbb la located at IUkiid SOI, Ashland 
Block, Chicago. John T. I'rlucc Jr., manager and 
correapondeiif, where advert IseineotM and aubeerlp- 
tlous arc received at our regular rate*. 

Lccatcd at 4$ Cranboume 8t., London'.' W.C., Jobs 
II. Carney, manager *»nd correspondent, where ad- 
TerlKementa and subscription! are received at our 
r^ffiilaf t'ntes. 

■ Till: Cumin can as obtained, whoi,«sal» ako 
■Bran* at utir agents, Brentauo'a newa depot. 37 
Avenue rtc I'Opora. Paris. Prance ; M. Llllenlhal, 
Frederick 8trna»c 101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin, 
K. W., Germany; Diamond News Co., 97 Mm 
Havana; Mafclla Book and Htitlonerr Co., 128 
Kncolla. Manila. P. I. : Albert A Hon, 137-130 King 
Kt„ Hydney. Australia. ■ 

only one edition, and that la dated 
from Sew York. 

tyjp TO AN8W EPP.~ 

!to Renllea hy Mull o r Telegraph. 

Ammxssxs or wHiKKasotrrs not oivbh. All 
ik ovkst or seen stlow.ri writs to THOsa who* 
fiTKic-r, All lettkrr will na AiivxanaBD 
wxax only, li- the roiitk or ant tiuatiuoal 
compani- in aouoiiT, tarn to oub list or Boons 
on ANOTtiFn I'Aor, W« cannot scnu boutis ai 



P. C™ Km Claire. — We have no knowledge 
of I ho present whereabouts of the party. Ad- 
tli-fh-H ii loiter In rare of tlilx ufltii> and wo 
will advertise It In Tin: CLirrEii'lettcr list. 

A. V. M.. Xc« Yolk. 

Mux. .1. II., New York, 

N. «'., Woshlngton, 

I'. 3. C, EveHy, 

II. A. K., Olenoldon, 

II. «f. A.. Pottsvlllc. and 

G. (i.. Altoonn. — See unawcr to T. C, airovc. 

(I. M. !»., New Y'ork. — Cleo l)e Mcrode 
iimile lier American debut Kept. 27. I8U7, at 
K.isicv ft IIIhI'h MiihIc Hull, on Tlilrty-fourtU 
sii'cot, on lite site of wlileli pun of K. ,H. 
'Macy'H olg stiira now xtiinds. '•• 

M. M. v.. Norfolk.— We Have no knowlerln 
of a trark by lite same ment loned In Kaltl- 

W.G. di.. Ashtabiiln liai'bor. — Address the 
■ lloi'Dvy ifcnvritl of Ohio. 

•*A 't'AUPHNTKn," Portland. — Address Frank 
Hnn-lc, tail- I.imtlon Tliealvo, Now, York City. 

V, V. N.. WllHimspoil.— AddMWfti II. w. 
SiiTiigo, 114 West irony-third Street, Near 

•", rtt. .losepU.— "La flolle Marie" is 
I lie older plei'i'. It was vrt ttea by ilency 
Trenton. ' i 

W.'IS. !»., rjlmttnnoog*.— Wc never uodet- 
tiik'i) to itnawer legal uncstloilB. Constllt "tt 

»'. K. V.. Uri'OUHbiirc. — Address tho Sllucr 
l.llliQL'riipliltitt Co.. New York City. 

A. \., AuiMierdmn.— Similar atis receive 
Horn $o() |icr Wetk .in. m 

H, Tl. C J'ort Jervln. — We have' no knowl- 
edge of nny Budh iiiiblU'atlon. . We eau on'y 
Milvlsoyuu to ivateli our uoluntDS earli week, 
from wlileli n Hut vim 4>n eomplled 

0. 11. /... Tlrooklyti.— Seo an«wer to "A Cht- 
lienier." I'dHlantl. 

8. V. K., KvtiiiKvllle. — Our Bpace will not 
permit itlvlwr 1t In full. If there la nuy one 
you nin-llei'ilurly desire we will give (lie name. 

K.'X.— ''Hen 1101'" was orlgluaNy Ntuged at 
(ho Wnmilwiiy 'Biealie, New York City, Nov. 
20. 18(111. ■ 

C. A. II.. Philadelphia.—!. We lmre no 
record of the: death of the party, a Make 
ii'piil lent Inn' to ' iiiailttfterB of the bHowb jroB 
men I Ion. it, Party Is unknown to us. 

A. K., WuiveKter.— AddresHlhn Vaudeville 
MniiiieeiV AHNiKintlim, St. J nines llnlldhi},-, 
New York City.' • 

A., Pnlersoii — H Is eorrticl. 

II. <i. f„ 1'ltllarteliililn.— The Winter qunr- 
teiH of C, A. lllulmrrl'H 4»howla Newbury,: Vt 

M. H„ -Mlinipanolly,— Addre*H 'i'mu Nawu. 

.1. II. W.. Baltimore.— Address the 1 editor 
or a local publication at Santa Cni/.. 

t". W. !■*., Amerletis. — Watch our route list 
oueli week. 

tl. 1'. Y„ Huffalo. — We eau give no Infor- 
ms l bm reaiirdlnjr the show. 

I\ \'„ Kilbride. — We have no knowledge of 
tiny such publication. 

Hi T., Pueblo. — Prom •$20 per week up. 

.1. M. P., I.liarlestoii. — We have no knowl- 
edge of any theatrical ngeil't lit lite city you 

,1. 1.. 8. — Annie Unssell never appeared lu 
!hn piny. 

I'\ W. Vox n., Jersey City.— It Is tho samo 


K, A. W., Medford.— H. V. l> and A should 
have illscn riled In reiculnr onler (II rlrst and 
A Instl before A dealt cards for tho draw. 

I*. II. W„ Ulntrluimlon. — In the game of 
.'nil, when a trump In declared, the Joker '« 
tilinips the highest trump of that atilf. II Is 
only wticn "no trtirop" Is ldnyed that the 
,1oker can be called a card In any suit. 


■M. W. J.. Waterhiiry. — t. In (he ease you 
mention A Is 'entitled toliold third base until 
he legally touches Hie home plate. 2. II muse 
took out for himself. If he can set back lo 
second, well and good, but even If ntnudlnu 
on liitvd with A. he lit) can be put out If 
touched with (be ball by au opposing player. 

MIM 1,1.1, AMMIl N. 

«'. B. 0.. Chicago. — n wins, nut whether 
he did or not as lung as n referee wHs ap- 
pointed and he so decided, Ills decision would 
slitlld unless, he -vlioso to reverse II. 

■J. .1. i>„ Taunton. — We can not attempt (o 
aiiMvor nnesllmis (tearing on polities. 

II. C. II., Alexandria Hay. — I. A spor|lmt 
aiinds house can answer your question. 2. $4 
per year. 


Domini v Tkxxant, formerly leartlnu wo- 
man In "The College Widow." waa taken III 
In Milwaukee, Wis., last week, ami will be 
forced lo spend the next three months In a 
local nan li urliim under lien I meat for nervous 

Oim CaltCAQt) LEf f EB. 

... .... ...... ^ _ 

9»0U oca own conhrsrONDMT. 

If|l.:-H-. — — I ' . 

«f the New Yoffc Clipper, 
Room 804. AihlaWd UlouU, Chleaajo. 
' Thl» week, Kiorbeir Roberlaon and llcrtrude 
Hlllolt. In "C'n»s!>r and Cleopatra." at Powers', 
arid "Klfly Miles from Boston," at tbe Co- 
lonial, are both seen for tbe first lime here. 
Tire circus closed ln«t W«lnesday night, bav- 
tng played to fapaclty Jjnslneiis during: nearly 
all the time It was here. The receipts were 
beyond all previous engagement*, and It won 
i-orrcedert that the fthow wan the best that 
Ibc Itlnfrllng Brothers 1 have ever put together. 
The ■ various -wimijIiMtlon. -stock, vaudeville 
nrtil bHfiesqtie 'houses arc all doing well, 
though the natural fulling off In attendance 
which comes with the closing weeks of the 
season Is noticeable everywhere. The weather 
changed ibe first part of lost week from that 
Of the fleeting nature to genuine Sprlrtg 
weather, which enticed hundreds to the-base- 
ball parks', and thereby lessened tbe matinee 

li.u.viiN Tiikathk (Will J. Davis, mana- 
ger).— 8am llomard. In "Tbe Rich Mr. Uog- 
gcnhclnier." contlnties lo please ill led houses. 

Powkrh' THKAxnn ( Harry J. Powers. Win- 
agcri. — Viola Allen closed her two weeks' 
engagement 27, playing 'Twelfth Night" arrd 
the quadruple bill. Tbe attendance picked 
tip continually, and especially at tile com- 
posite performances the crowds were large. 
KorbCN Robertson snd Gertrude Blllott tMll 
open 21), In "Cuaar and Cieopatra." The-en- 
gagemenl Is scheduled for two weekB.' Scat, 
"The Mon and the Moose." 

t/AKRH-K Tiihatiib (Herbert C, Dnce, man- 
ager). — Lew Fields and bis company of 
comedians 'have been making merry during 
the pa a I. week. In "About Towri."' to which, 
ns on sfterplcce, the burlesque of "The MukIc 
Master.' Is given. Joseph Weber and his 
company follows. 

CoiiOr'iAi. Tiiratiii: ((Jeorge W, Ledcrer, 
manager);— "T*e Ketle of Mayfalr," with its 
cltrver' comiiony of comedranB and singers, 
closed the live weeks ran April 27, hav'og 
played to nn average good tirtslriess. George 
51; COhan'a new offering,' "Fifty Miles from 
Hotto'i," iv 111 open 28, and tbe advance sale 
Is large. The company Includes : 'Frltr. Wil- 
liams, .'Cmina 'Janvier, .IOhn''Br.v«n." lleorgj 
Parsons, James (.'. Marlowe. JimeB II. Brad- 
bury, John L>. O'Hara, Lorla r^rimm, Itsijjh 
Plncos, "Hazel Lowniy, Zclda Heart and 
(Jiayce Hrott. The run Is Indellnlte. 

HTUDKRAKUlt TIieatiik (II. K. Harnieyer, 
manager). — 'Two I. title Girls" has played 
to steadily Increasing business during Its two 
weeks liere, -with (i fine auvance «alc. ' The 
company Is above the average, ^and the music 
Is pleasing;. It has several weeks more to 
run. ' ' 

:McViCKKn'n TrtfATRB (George C. Warren, 
niunu^cr). — "Tho Hound Up" has packed this 
house to suffocation ever since Its Initial per- 
tormauce. -Slnclyn Arbuckle has rarely done 
better work than ns tbe good-natured sheriff, 
Slim, and roars of laughter greet his sage 
ronvirk* every rdglu. 'Orate/ • Caldaru and 
Wright Kramer are excellent ita the '.younger 
leading Totes, and Florence Hockwell Is 
charming in the part of ICcho. Charles; 8. 
Abbe, H. H. Notinrup and Harold HnrtseM 
form a slroug and attractive Iwckground for 
tho other principal!;, and the general en- 
semble Is excellent. The production it one 
of the handsomest ever seen here, and the 

big third net, showing the canyon of Colorado 
Itlver, Is a marvel oi the scene painter's and 
builder's art. The play will probably run 
through the Summer. ' 
Guam) oi'i.iiA tioi'MK (Harry ASkln. inn mi - 

S.'ri. — Mrs. Flske and her company. In "The 
ew York Idea." closed a profitable engage- 
ment 27. Dust In Fnrnum. lu "The Virgin- 
Ian," opens 2(1, for two weeks. 

Oiibat 'NoirTBimxTiiBAtl* (Fred C. F.berts, 
manager).— The 'Rays playedlo splendid re- 
turns during lire two weeks they wcrb here, 
offering "Down the I'lke." (trace Camerou, 
in "Holly HHnples." 1s ■current. Next, "Tho 
County (lialrman." 

Wiiitnky 'UFKiiA HOI'SK (Wain P. Orson, 
manager). — Mabel 1 lite and John Slavln have. 
4iy their clcveVwork'in '^A KlUght for a Day," 
flvinly i-staWlshed thottselveg as favorites, 
and AHee Ycrho hits made a strong bid for 
favor. Business has held up well since the 
open hi}.', and there Isiro sign of anything to 
lake the plate OMheipresenfoflerlng. 

ctiinM(ii) OeimA HoVhk <l>aviii B. Hunt, 
inatlhgeM. — "The 'Second In" Command" drew 
tine houses last week, and was splendidly 
ncteil. William Ilramwell, Howard li Hick- 
man, linear C. Aufel. IK- Witt li Jennings, 
Herbert llieuoii.IiUoaiiqr Gordon, Helen Itel- 
mer and the others all appeared to advan- 
tage, and were cordially applauded, i This 
waa Hirrbert Brenon's last week with tbe 
organization, and he will be greatly missed. 
'•lite Middleman" Is the bill week of 28. anil 
should tic' given : an 'excellent jx'rformaHco 
■with William Bramivell In the role of Cyrus 
Bienkiirn. and ' ICIohnor Uordon as Mary. 
N>xt week, "Conftulon," which will be the 
closing bill of the season. 

cl<A Sai.i.k Tiikatiik (Mort If. Singer, man- 
ngi'r).— ''Jite four liundredth performance Of 
"The Timo, tbe: Place and tho OIM" has been 
numbered with the. tilings of the past, and 
s'tHl tbaieoKy house continues to' be crowded 
n't" every lierfo'rmauce, and Ibe samo good 
work by the principals and chorus Is done. 

Hl'SH TK.Ml'l.B THKATBK iFllzabetli Soho- 
bar, manager). — r'Dora ThoMc" pltascd large 
nl tendance last week, and was given n fine 
perfovmanee by the regular stock company, 
"Held 'by the Knemy," a strong war play, of 
past decodes, will stake a good bid for favor 
this week, and should'draw capacity business, 
Nell week, 'The Parish Priest.'' 

. iNTKH.NATIONAI. TllHATllK (Kills F. Ollck- 

niau, manager). — ICIIas ltotbsteln and his 
splendid organisation liRVe been giving ex- 
cellent perrormunreH of the Yiddish ami 
(jeriiian maBrerpleves during the past two 
weeks, and will remain one week more. 
"Zaia," "Perole," "American '.Fortune," "Dor 
Htummer" and "A Father's Ixrve'' will be 
given. Antonio Marlorl will follow. 

I'l'.iii'i.u's Thkatoh i Joseph Pilgrim, man- 
ager). — "Big Hearted Jim" was well received 
last week, and tho play proved I good one. 
"Kim" will be presented this -week. Next 
week, "Davy Crockett." 

1'nKix ThUatrh l llobert T. Motts. niaun- 

fvr). — "The Husband" has caught on here. 
Inrrlson Stewart Is as funny as ever. Jerry 
Mills and hottle Urady render good work as 
tliey always do. A professional matinee of 
"The ijnocn of the Jungles" was given 20, 
mid the house was crowded to Its capacity 
by niembei-s of vverv attraction playing Hie 
city. The matinee, -Saturday, was u .special 
one for chlWren. cnglm-ered by Mrs. Cllfftird 
Johnson, and the iiouse was packed with 
yuungsbers of all ages and classes. 

HuWAIili TiiKArim ll.orlu J. Howard, niaii- 
iigeri, — Hood reports from the North show 
that this popular stock company Is still cater- 
ing lo large rrowxls with pleasing plays. 

I'.u.tMi; r Tiikatrk (John T. Connors, man- 
ager). — "Pals" formed a very rnjoyablo offer- 
ing last week, drawing the usual tine busi- 
ness. "A Break for Liberty" this week. "My 
Friend from India'" next. f 

Maiu.owk Thhatrh (Charles II. Marvin. 
rnouagei'l, — This 'tween district house' con- 
tinues lo do an excellent - business, and the 
catalogue of plays given during the season 
lust closing shows good management. 

Majkhtii' Tiibatuk (Lyman U. (Hover, 
manager).— 'Business continues to capacity 
hen- nlghlly, with good slued matinees. The 
season will run through Hie 'Summer. On the 
bill week or 20 appear : William- H, Thompson 
and company. In "For l,oro'a Sweet Sake :" 
(ins Kdwards' Tyiiewrllers, In "When "the 
Bona is Away;" Coli llordeverry -and com- 
pany, cuvette, Kennedy end Rooney, the 
Hounding Gordons. ' Bruce Amsburj. Hayes 
and llobertt, In "The Cowboy, the Swill and 

the i.stfc :" lUna \Vagfier, stunrt Bhil Kecley 
Sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Oottlob. lh "(Jovccn- 
raent 'Bonds ', Appjeby, Ralrhund and Good, 
in n- travesty on ."Zm,"> and -the kinodrohic. 

OtTMM*.' TitBATtts. (Abe Jacobs, maHieer). 

iftitlHaW conllnues excellent - here, where 
good b|Iis arc always to lie seen. For week 
of 21) : ("has. E. 'Kvans and compnny. In "It's 
JJo to Yon, William-," fWgar 'Atchison Kly. 
Mllanl Trip, ' McWaters-'lyoon company. In 
"Vaudeville:" Majestic Mimical Four, Alice 
Davenport and company, in "Now ;" Don And 
Thompson, 'F.smcraiiia, Johnny Fogarty and 
IfMrT -Addlngton, He Canto's dogs, Travelle 
atrd L.thders, ■ Nellie Rovelle, and the kl«0- 
drome. : - . 

•HAVMAftiti r Tidutbk (William F. New"- 
kll'ki manager). —This West Side Iiouse will 
close shortly for the Summer, although the 
bitfilness has been excellent. t)n the bill /or 
week of 21) are : Muy Yohe and the Bell Trio, 
Hnllen and Puller, In "Her Sunday School 
Hoy ;" Lew Sully. Clara Beasy's eats, Kelly 
and Vloletle, Musical HoOtmotis. tbe Three 
Lelghtons, in "A One Nitrlit Stand In Min- 
strelsy :'• no llollls and V'alora, Harry Ho!- 
man, Kates Bros.. l.e Fevre and St. John, 
Marquis an'd Lynn, and the 1 kinodrorae. 

■rlt-'inxoi.Kii'H TiikatrB ILudwIg Schlndlcr, 
manager).— The best Obtainable Is evidently 
the motto of this hustling manager. The Mil 
week. of '.29 Includes: The Cummfngs 'J*rlo, the 
Three Barneys, Auer and Do Onzo, Dan lia- 
mwt'simottkeys and dogs, Oussle Kvans, Ben 
Nnii the Oellcrt Sisters, and moving pic- 
tures. People arc turned away at- every per- 
formance, ; 

•Star 'Theatre (James L. Ledercr, niaoa- 

8erl.— -"BftnihesK continues good here, and tho 
111 Includes : Armand. comedy acrobat ; Kal- 
hass, In "Blact: Art :" Walter McFarlanc and 
Dale Sisters. In song and dance; Campbell 
and Copcland. Ethiopian comedians ; tbe Gro- 
tesque' Rindotohs. In "Fun in a Chinese Laun- 
dry." and the Staroseope. 

Lyme Theatre (Ben -Snyder, business man- 
ager).— Vrtridev!lle. ; as offered at this eMn- 
paratlvelynew house, seems lo have caught 
the fancy of tbe . people of tbe South, and 
business hak been on the Increase. 

.liin.i.ii Tm.'.iTiiE (Ed. Lamson. manager). 
— 'I'hls house opened 'with vaudeville April h, 
to fair business, bilt the receipts hare been 
steadily picking up ever since, and the pros- 
pects arc good for another winner on the 
Mills circuit, which Is operated by C. B. Mills, 
of the Wonderland Museum. Unly straight 
vaudeville Is offered here, 'and Manager La ro- 
son ts itremmos In his endeavors to make It 
a high class vaudeville house. 

HmimiLirr Thhatrk (l>nng & Barbour, 
tnanagersl. — -The bill Includes: Melrose and 
Melrose, In a dramatic sketch : the De Matebs, 
In "The Mall Bag Mystery :" Walter Mc- 
Parlaml and the Dale Sisters, singing and 
dancing act; Fairy' Plum, soubrelt'e: Ed. and 
Hazel Lucas. Dutch comedy act : I/eftow. tbe 
Crest, cannon ball manipulator, and Mabel 
-Mcintosh. In' lllrtstfitted songs. 

A'iai'ehy (William Rocbt,' manager). — Joe 
Welch. In "Tbe. Shoewaker," njaqo a pro- 
tjwvnced hit 'Inrt *tek, and the -large house 
was well crowded at every performance. 
"Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the World" 
ts the current offering, and 'should do well. 
Next week. vKbbbed hi New YOi'k; ' 

BtJoi; i William Itoche, manager). — "The 
Convict's Daughter" played to good business 
last week. "The Governor's Pardon" will 
draw nttentlou this week, followed by 'JAs 
Told ln : the Hills." " 

carrniuos (Juhn B. Hogan. manager). — 
"Tlie Cowhoy Olrl" railed ' forth lots of 
excitement and praise last week. It Is a 
strong. Interesting story of the West, and Is 
well acted. "The Phantom Detective" Is the 
attraqtjon this week.. Joe Welch, in "The 
Shoemaker." next week. 

AlHAubra (James H. Brown, manager). — 
"A Millionaire's Revenge" drew crowds of the 
morbidly Inclined, last week, who enjoyed It. 
"undo Tom's ■ Cabin," -getting ' older -each 
year.-'yet always pleasing. Is the current' Mil. 
''PalnVttqmant" next. : 

Colujibch TttaarBB (Webber Bros., mana- 
gers).— The Black Pali I Troubadours de- 
lighted latige imdleneea last week, with a rlno 
singing and acting ' corannny. ' Joe Welch, 
frcsu from couqvjests on the West side, comes 
here. In "The Sltoeniaker," this week. "Happy 
Hooligan's Trip-Around the .World" next. r 
■"Kusov's TiiKA-rnn isid J, Ktison, mana- 
ger), — The Golden -crook BurlcMqucrs plnwd 
to good '-ret u ins Inst week. Fred Irn-ln'» BJg 
Show will ; open for a week, 28. The two 
burlesques are-flntltled 'The Onlv Pebble- on 
the Beacri" and "The , Wives Of the Sultan," 
In tlie olio are: Mario Buckley. Goldsmith 
and Hoppe. John Fields Jr.. the SIv Little 
Buster Brown Girls. Hie Five Harrison Sis- 
ters, tlie Six Hast It-binders and Hogan, West- 
colt -and Bennett. The Jersey Wiles next. 

[■'ot.t.v '-'(John A. Fennesay, manager). — 
The Brigadiers played to the usual capacltv 
business last week, and tho attraction was 
well liked. The Jolly Girls, with ' Kdmund 
Hnyes, In "The Wise Guy," will bo the -week's 
attraction, connnencliig 28. The -olio in- 
cludes : -James J. Collins, 'the International 
Combine Four, the Dc Kabrys, and Harrlettc 
Iielmont. The HohemlanSnOgt. 

Titm-ADBRO (I. M. Welhgaften, manager). — 
The City Sports proved m one drawiits card 
Inst week,- with the special features which 
made It one of the strongest which -has been 
seen hern for some Huio. The Golden Crook 
Extravaganxa Co. of tifty People, in a spec- 
tacular extrnv:igan/.a. is the current offer- 
ing. The electrical effects of the Four Sea- 
sons are said tolie qolte wonderful, and' the 
companv Is very strong. In the olio : The 
Three Musketcets, Edward Morton, the Yalto 
Duo. Stewart and Desmond, the Kane Sisters. 
Fred IrwhVs Big Show next. • 

WoNUBKiiAXi) (<;. B, Stills, manager). — The 
museum section of this attractive place has 
been closed Cor the Summer, but the arcade 
and theatre are still running full blast, and 
liuHhicn-ts ns -good as ever. The arcade and 
theatre wtll remain open all Hummer. 

London Dime Mlssoi (Wo. J. Sweeney, 
manager). — Business continues tine here. In 
the curio hall: Simmons, the human snake; 
Louis Darles. Russian dancer: Lowley, ma- 
gician : Jiiilen and her den of snakes, and 
Susie Cnrscljo, one woman band. In the the- 
atre : Ida lUthburn, 'llosa Itodlne, Rita CJnq- 
utars, knd the moving pictures. 

CtAHK '-STRKBt Mukkum (L. M. llclges. 
manager).— Thocrowds keep on going In to 
see the curios, freaks and the vaudeville per- 
formances, which are on view nil day, and the 
many changes In the different departments 
bring the same people hack again week after 

Amtmsiatii. — The announcement Is nut 
that, commencing with Mav 13. the Chicago 
Opern House will be given over to musical 
comedy for tho Summer. , playing "Captain 
Careless. 1 ' with a cblrtpRiiy or sixty people, 
supplanting the stock company which lias 
been successfully appearing there since early 
last Fall. The production will be under the 
management of Kohl & Castle, and Will bo 
made by B. C. 'Whitney, who lias already 
one success to his credit, locally, wllh "A 
Knight for a Day" nt the Whltnov. Mr. 
Kohl Is at present of the opinion that In tbe 
Fill th-> Opera Iiouse will reverl lo lis old 
ii*. a vaudeville house, in" view Of the forth- 
coming battle in the vaudeville between Ihe 
K. & K. awl Western Vaudeville Manager's 
Association In (his city William Dram- 
well and Eleanor 'Gordon will appear for two 
weeks or more In vaudeville, playing Hi; 
Majestic and Olympic Theatres, at the cun- 

,-luslon of the stock season The'Einhlre 

Theatre, West Madison Street, near Hoisted. 
Is MCheanrcd to opwl npjt week Sunday, under 
Ihe management of W'lllam Singer, and Is 
assuredly ode of the finest" Inf rlesipie houses 
lu theisntntry, having been constructed In 
strict complin nee with the new tire ordinances 
regarding theatre*. This will make rive 
theatres wltlilit a range of lutlf a tnlte 
on tho West aide, forming quite a theatrical 

centre The Princess Theatre,' the Singer 

Brothers' now musical comedy bouse, will be 

started in Its building very shortly, for next 
Wednesday the deinoiltlon of the bandings 
on Hie Kite will comuieiice, and it Is hoped 
to have ffte htlU«t'feA»i"f<*.o^«toc*-W--EBC 
SpHtljf. Messrs. Hough, Adams'lfld HoWaed. 
Who '.wrote "tile 'Time, the Plico and ' ton 
Girl," will shortly turn over the new musical 
eotnedy for next season at the. JJt '-zaile, 
which it Is expected will open Saturday even- 
ing, Aug. 17, following a week at Milwaukee, 
where the new production will be broken In. 
The book Is completed, and Mr. Howard has 
nearly Ibllfchod the music. No title Is an- 
nounced ds yet. When this work Is done, 
tbe details of the production for the Prin- 
cess Theatre production will be taken In 
hand. .... -John Htavln has interpolated a 
new song In "A Knlgbt for a Day," which 

has been pronounced successful Ida Os- 

tergren and tbe Swedish Dramatic Club will 
give "Tbe Doll's House," May 11. at the 

Music Hall Dick Sutton has arranged 

with Charles I'lrlcb whereby he will present 
"The Honor of a Cowboy for twenty-flve 
weeks on the road next Benson, playing the 
Paclllcvoast, working West froto Iiutte, Mont. 
.... ..K. A. Hufscb, who was a caller 27, 

states that he has joined Mr. Mosher, .for- 
merly of Moshet and Mack, and that tbey 
will open In Clndlnnatl. 28, at the Pure Food 
Show, playing before the rat poison booth. 

Morris UcHugb, of the Bush Temple 

Theatre ' stock, will (cave that organisation, 
May II, to Join a stock company for the Hum- 
mer. In Cincinnati. ... ...The vaudeville the- 
atre at 8*n* Uoiicl Park Will be operated 
this Summer by Guy - B. Mills, who IS con- 
stantly extending his holdings in this City. 

It Will isj-opehed Stay 25.. At River- 

vlew Park, which Is one of the largest parks 
In existence. Ulrervlew Rink will be operated 
by the Northwest Amusement Co., opening 
Mav 27. The area Is B00X2O0 feet, and there 
IS Beating capacity for 5,000 people. This Is 
said to be the largest roller rink in tbe 

world. Julian' Mitchell has arrived 

In • town, and Is : busy ■ etmductlng rehears- 
als of "The Girl Behind the Counter," 
which Lew Fields will use, following tho 
production of "About Town." which will 
close Its season here. There Is a possibility 
that the new piece may have Its Dtemicic 
here during the last week, as the engagement 

has been extended until May 18 .Lizzie 

B. : Raymond. Called -several times during (he 
past -week, and will remain in towln for a 

short time Herbert Brenon, who left 

the stock company at the Chicago Opera 
House.- 27, lias been hnstllng 'for tbe uasrt 
few days, making ilaal preparations for the 
opening of hl3 slock company, at Pascagoula- 
on-tbe-neach. Miss., arid entries with him lo 
the scene of his future work, the hearty 
wishes; of hundreds of Cblcagoans. for his 

success The Basse Club. : of which . Ben 

•M. Glroiii, of Ihe Criterion Theatre forces, 
Is one of the prime movers, has bought out 
McVleker's Theatre, -Mr the evening of. May 
7, and Mn vol- P.usse has signified his accept- 
ance" of ;• tie : Invitation ■ to occupy the'maBa- 
gerV box ...... Peed Sellgnun, 'Hebrew come- 
dian, formerly with "A Stranger In Town" 
Co.. was a Ci.ippkr Bureau caller. 23. and 
stated that he would open this week as the 

isnnei|lnn In "The Seoul's Itevenge" 

At the Coliseum, for two weeks, commencing. 
May 2, a Wild West show will take place, 
ll being composed of cowboys, cowgirls, In- 
dians. Mexicans, together with four hundred 
head of riding stock, tblrty-tdx head of buffalo, 
and sixty long horned steers, which wilPox- 
hlbit while on their way to the James- 
town Fair, where they are to arrive. June 1. 

William 11. (Billy) Barry, at present 

In charge of tbe publicity department 
of Luna Park, this city, Is organizing ids 
Billy Barry Merry Minstrels for a tour of the 
country next season, opening Sept 14. ex- 
tending from coast to coast. He will have 
ten strong features with the organization, 
which win he bended by its own military 
band, arid i concert orchestra. Travel' Will lie 
fu'eOmpllMie*! 'n ' u 'private parlor Car...'.,. 
I'M. lhimIob. und Princess l\'eta were Chirr-Kit 
Bureau callers, 22, and reported hnvhig'hiiil 

a, very successful season. Charles 'W-. 

Hurch. specie! representative of the depart- 
ment of publicity .-it Lun'a.-Tni'kr'waH a caller, 
24. nnd stated that practically everything 
was In readiness for the opening of this 
latest of Cill'.-ago's pleasure parks,' May 11. 
The ."00 shade trees lire festotiiied with- vari- 
colored lights, and the prombuudes have been 
made Into veritable pictures, with gardening, 
:ind fountalgB. The govefilliie board Is eon- 
Hiltutisl' as follows.- -L. It. Lauttersteln, 
president an'd gcnelal IManRlger : ;"-S. Milton 
I'lchberg, vice president and supervising 
nrchltcci : I *» Myers, treasurer, and James 

51. Kith, secretary lieu. F. Simpson, 

general iigent of Scott &)taynQt''s attractions, 
was a caller, S3, having Bad charge -of 'I'fhe 
l'ast -Mall" this' scasonv Next year Ihe com- 
pany will present. "A- Daughter ; of 
Juden." and will have two companies 
presenting '*'Mn'i New Husband".,.... 
Tlie Haymarkct will close Its season early 
In May,' »s usual, and numerous changes 
wiirbe. made during the Stnntncr, In thh line 
of re^dccorallng, fnrnlBhlng with new chairs, 
and extenslvo-'lniprovemcnls In the lobby. .'.. . 
Malek A. lioi-lng, bhe Of the oldest of local 
hotel -men, died at his home In the Lakota 
Hotel, front heart disease, 24. «4ed slxtj-- 
thl'ee*Wi; He had- been. a resident' of this 
city tor fOTly years. Mrs. Robert Drouet Is 
Ids -daughter'. He left a forlvihe cMfm'aicd'nt 

about 35500.0HO .A lire which completely 

gutted the bulldlug. 2l)8:.100 Wahasli Avenue, 
occupied by the jlcaly Music (x>.. for the 
most part, caused a panic In the Audi toi4um 
und Itensti Hotels. In. the bine Arls Building, 
and the Studebuker Thenlrc. ■ frofesslonal 
people" Were stopping tit the iwo holds, the 
latter being hekt door to the burned building, 
add In the Studcb&ker Theatre, a rehearsal 
for a new number for the "Two Little Girls'' 
was in progress. Smoke and fumes filled 
the several buildings, and the ocopants were 
forced to leave, but no one wits hurt, and 
the majority of the damage was confined to 
the burned building. In the Fine Arts Build- 
ing Is situated the Chicago Musical College 
and Sclio I of Acting, where lessons 
and rehearsals were In progress, but after 
an nil-lug of (lie building, the pupils wcreab|e 

to return to work A concert la aid of 

Ihe fund to erect n statue to General Tliad- 
deus Kosciusko. In Washington. D. ('.. was 
attended. 21, by about 1,1)00 people, being 
given In Orchestra Hall, and over $1,300 was 

cleared .At the Auditorium, within Ihe 

next two weeks, a fair will be held In aid 
of the Actors' Fund, when people from nil 

Ihe attractions tn the city will appear 

Mrs. 'Mark Squire, a Cleveland 'society wo- 
man. Is rehearsing wllh the'Lew Fields Co., 
ruid will be seen shortly In n spiall part', mak- 
ing ber slage debut Blanche Ring cele- 
brated her hlrthdoy, 24. after the perform- 
ance, being given a rm-ndsotne silver loving 
cup by the company members. A supper, 
wh'ch followed In the green rboin of the Audi- 
torium Annex, was attended bv Sum Bernard, 
Peter F. Dalley, George nelMth, Ernest Lam- 
bert. Charles P.. Kohf, Varrion Castle. Jack 


■ W.i.f-raaiaVf . 

Spent $.T»0 on DiioWM and nemedle. 

Bat G*« )(* Mellnt-AVork Often 

Iir>»4ia»lble— Trouble Gone. 


"Up to a week or so ago I had tried 
many other remedies and several doctors, 
and spent- about three hundred dollars! 
without any success, .but this is to-day the 
seventh day that 1 have been using the 
Culicura Remedies (costing $1.50), which 
have cured me completely, so that I could 
work again to-night. My trouble was as 
follows: Upon ihe limbs and between the 
toes my skin was rough and sore, and also 
sore under the arms, and 1 had to stay at 
home several times because of this affec- 
tion.' I had been suffering for eight years 
and have now been cured by the Ctiticurn 
Remedies within a week. -I shall recom- 
mend it' to my friends. Fritz Hirschlaff, 
2A Columbus Ave., New York, N. V„ 
March 20 and April 6, 1906." 

* — — - — - - 1 . — 
Circus. It !s estimated, played to the greatest 
crowds which ever attended a performance 
of this kind In Chicago, during Its stay of 
three tveek*. as durln'g-thc forty-one perform- 
ances over UOo.OOO people saw the show 

Vaurant Franklyn (Mrs. G. F. Newman) was 
found in her -room In tho Clarendah Hotel, 
morning of 20, suffering from an overdose of 
eiiloroform, but It Is thought she will re- 
cover. She stated that she- took the drug to 

induce sleep Jack 'London's playlet, "The 

Great Interrogation," will have Its premiere 
at the Majestic. May 0, having been dram- 
atized by the author and Lee ' Bascom. -from 
some of Mr. London's talcs of Alaska life. 
. .. .The Vaudeville 'Artists" Protective Union, 
A. -ltlciirdo. secretary, has- taken up the 
cudgel against the nickel theatres In this 
city, stating -that some performer* were re- 
quired to work all day, doing their turns In 
rapid sequence, and that many of tbe so- 
called theatres had no dressing rooms at all. 
Defective James ■ H. Watson 'has ' also found 
proof that several of these places have been 
enticing young school children In to the 
entertainments, by distributing passes in the 
various schools, with the line "Every child 
will receive a bag of candy" printed thereon, 
and the city authorities liave been asked tn 
put a slop to It. The crusade against this 
form of entertainment has been 'vigorously 
pushed during the last fortnight, and many 
flagrant cases of contempt have come to light, 

which hava been severely punished 

Other CUPPER Bureau callers were: Win. V. 
Nugent, Johnny Ones, AI. G. Kranz. Frank 
Hilton, K. F. Nugent, Dick Maddux, Sir. 
Yalto, Hugh Coyle, Mr. Doyle, of the Doyle 
llros., and John S. Young. 
. *»♦ 



Gardner. Georgle Cftlnc, Truly Shattuck, 
Louise Dresser.' Edith Ellicl MarBride. Topsy 
Slegrhit. Gertrude Mayer, Marlon Whitney 
end Helen Turner. In the birthday cake 
Miss Itirrs found, when her piece Was'pnsscd 
her. a copy of the ohl slgbet ring 
which her grandfather. "Jimmy" Ring, 
wore veRl'H a^o. When a member .of 
the old Boston Museum Stock Co. 
...... .'Chicago Hay," at the Jamestown 

Fair., will he July 11). Mayor Busse having 
chosen that J1«y. after a conference with 
othri'H in authority In municipal and Stale 
affairs, ..... Shakespeare's birthday was ob- 
served In thjs city by the Shakespeare (Tub. 
and lectures on some of his plays were given 

nt the Music Hall .The Blarkfrlara 

(dram-tllc-) Club, of the University or Chi- 
cago, i gave a -reception afternoon -of 2(1. to 
Mnliel Hlte. John Slavln and Alloe . Yorke, 

and Uus Sohlkc Tbe Hlngling Brothers' 

Clipper Bareaa, 

4S Cran bourne St,, 

Leicester gtiaatrr. 

London. W. c. 

Apiiii, 20. 

The new productions now rehearsing, and 
Ihe dates of their first performances are as 
follows: April 22, "The'SUnken Bell." Wal- 
dorf: April 1W, :"Le' Duel," Garrlck : April 
24. "Mr. George Vaudeville;" April 25. "Mrs. 
Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch.' 1 Terry's, and 
April 27, "Lndy Tatters,'" Sbuftesbury. Good 
weather and cood liuslnesn go hand In hand 
these early,' Spring days. 

Word comes from -Berltii that Beerbobiu 
Tree Is the personification of tranquility and 
good humor amid tin) storm of criticism 
which has raged about htm in the German 
capital. Interviewed, 'Mr. Tree said : "I do 
not know what reports have reached 'London. 
Wc have received enthusiastic applause front 
the Berlin public. Socially -we have been over- 
whelmed with kindness. We have -been felcd 
by our comrades, we have been honored by 
His Majesty, the Kaiser, and (he Imperial 
family, and wc have received much generous 
appreciation from the press. I understand 
that -a suction ot the critics do not approve 
of- out English methods -Of producing Shakes- 
peare, but - that 'la' not unnatural. We have 
never fulfllled'a more pleasant engagement, 
and wc have agreed to return to Berlin next 
year, extending our tour to Hanover. Frank- 
fort, Haihhitrg. Vienna and other cities. We 
have had, perhaps, more ■than our share of 
the preoccupations which fall to tho lot of 
the strahger hi a strange land, but we are 
ending the -week In tho lightest of spirits, 
Und (do thoroughly grateful -for the uridine 
orpei'lence the itvwk has vouchsafed u*. We 
take with us hack' to England that which. 
nffcr nil. Is dearest to the player's heart— 
the consciousness: that wchave delighted -and 
entertained a series of audiences which have 
grown In size and enthusiasm from night to 
night. For the llrst time, wc arc told. Berlin 
theatre audiences have broken awny from Ibe 
tradition which regards audible acclaim as 
disorderly, and have given vent to their feel- 
ings In applause which could not have been 
heartier. That has consoled us for all ihe 
critics have said. When we are compelled 
to -answer Insistent curtain calls so oflen 
that modesty forbids another appearance, 
when -audiences stand cheering and -blind 
clapping' for teu or (if teen minutes atter the 
play has ended, when, as to-night. 1 cannot 
Una seats for my dearest friends — I lliluk 
no special mental effort Is required to enable 
us in be 'fiiily philosophical. Tlie Berlin 
critics. 1 believe, are In a class by themselves. 
With, them it Is criticism o daf ranee. They 
go at It relentlessly. Pailerewskl and Ktibc- 
Ilk have faced the'r batteries, and they have 
never conic back. Much that tins been snhl 
about our work has been. I believe, altered 
from a somewhat mistaken understanding 
or our mission. We did not. conin to tench 
the. .Germans anything about their Shakes- 
peare, hut simply to Illustrate our Own con- 
ception Of Olir Shnkeshenre. The general 
obJMlou has been' that our Interpreta- 
tions lack emotion. Perhaps oilr critic 
frJends have forgotten that tho Englishman 
Is sometimes surging with the deepest emo- 
tions 'when- he Is showing it least, and Hint 
heroics may he delivered without shivering 
the rnfters. I dislike to dwell on the worries 
which have pursued us with such relcnl- 
lessness— 1 mean our failure to get posses- 
sion of Ihe theatre at the promised time, 
with consequent handicaps upon our staging 
arrangements, and 'our experiences with 
a miner refractory lot of German stage 
hands. Our feelings about these matter* 
are exclusively those Of disappointment. 
not of • anger — disappointment that they 
h«ve prevented ub from giving as t'om- 
pTeie and 'perfect performances as we should 
hsve lilted lo give, and nil we might have 
given uhder happier circumstances. We hftve 
not sltotrclher starved of the hospitality for 
which the Germans are Jiistlv famed. Indeed. 
Hie fact that we hnvc not experienced more 
of' It 'Una been due In a large measure to our 
Inability to accept nil the Invitations which 
have been tendered us." ■■■■:. 

During tbe middle of the week I received 
word that Mr. Tree And his players were win- 
ning the golden opinion of -Berlin audiences 
In face of nu unbroken series or exasperating 
and discouraging experiences. They are bnv- 
l*g to flgnt for every morsel of KUfocsB they 
obtain. The critics teemed leagued against 




♦Hat 4. 



.i/m the Incouicftlalit -stag* hands ft* In ■,»• 
r-reiiifaia and sullen mood, and OeruiBh 
ui'oro and tnnuag^ra are only u mi) polite. 

Ai the technical .3imcum«*iUi« up i.i Hii 
.. Ikelhart BW* inception largely hi III.- foil 
;.r.. of Ihe It'iyi'l Thenlre management in linn. I 
Tree's carpenters.' ' 

the .house in Ml 

,' .^hofoi-o tins opening— Instead or Apr 
.ohnil been agreed, Mr. Trw found It n< 



i-tl 1, 


u.Jinti reUtiVf to the («*«•■ Stftto »i Ike 
mh»le hnll poi C.r nici n l. .of ii liiin dial (ii>- 
until Ml. .11 iliour.lii called l..r i.m.i.- than u 
y.'iNl j|< ; t, unit In- iiirii;ii (l „ii uliliilr. u 
from ihe ,lelfl, Au atljouiiiia.iit mis 
made mull TiiiKdiiy hist, mill, in tin- meaii- 
Wlillr, - cei inlii explanations Were leu.loiril, 
vvhi.'li loil Mr. SJnll thru to resume Ills at- 
tomln nee.- A imliit. on whlrli Mr. Htnll holds- 
very strong views, and weanling which In. 

" nry t „ make n formnl protest to the Knlsers considers Ills position Is entirely illffeivnt 
iheslrlcal director. Dr. Von llueslen. The from every other proprietor, In the tarring 
,rn'lc«t hnd little effect, and the rebellions clause In iwrfurmers' contracts. All Mr. 

Kloll's contracts nre fof exclusive enghge- 
uieiiK nnd a tniiilillcntlnll lit the scope and 
duration of the vlniiso, which Would only be 
reasonable In ordinary contracts, could not 
lie held applicable, lie thinks, to his. The 
arbitrator will probably glVc his decision hi 
n few, days. 

■Motrin t'ronln nnd Harry Itrown returned 
to London early In the week. Tlley Were 
passengers on ix Herman liner. Mr. Cronln 
nnd his troupe of accomplished club Jug- 

flers begin ihclr work at the Hippodrome, 
iriuhton. on Monday. Mr. :ltrnwu also opens 
At the snnie house. llayntan mill Franklin. 
Who went to America a few weeks ago On n 
Dying trip, ought to be on their way buck. 
as tliey ore due to open at the I'jivillon on 
April 20. mil and Whitiilicr nre meeting 
with greater success than ever at that house. 
In the previous engagements they have* al- 
ways hnd n poor spot on the hill, going nfler 
eleven, lint this time they are right In the 
centre of the hill. 

1 .Hi Lciiu, wliu Is appearing at, tbo Kuston. 
has the style find Rings gongs that would go 
well In America. I believe the .Intends to 
visit the States next November, after her 
return from a South African trip. 
♦ »» 

Vlllldcvillll Aels, llllleh. lush, Coon. Jew 
Hkclclics, Monolog* noil Parodies, FltKK- 
Pnrllcillnra (ot n UcriTAMI' IINI.V. 
| lllterliiitlmuil Viiuil.i> '« 
1 College 1'larc, HilfTiito, N. V. 

■nil.- on. i uiiivlitii plcloie tlivjlio. Kueuslv* 
iiilploVei'icin- will he made. • • 

lAB I. Wt. 

Iinilnnnpollv -- ,U Ungllsh's llpera Kotow 
i Ait. F. Miller. eiiiiuiKcri l-'iirben Hi.l«-il«oii 

fl'ttrnft- tif the stage IWmls wils.rohtfiiued. 
i Ht »ni»wy'» tjetformafne uf "Aniony uml 
rfeonfifra" would have (■omc to mi«leo fcr- 
■iiltttMfl tin* nor the njeinherii of Mr. Tiee'a 
omWIiiy— W* >P cn and women— wlfh pralse- 
worthy plutlt. cndertakein the most cumiior- 
"onii- Jobs of Kccrie-Bhlftln'g left undone by the 
ilenunn workmen. 

Martin Hatvey Is arranging Jo begla n 
se-isoh tn tondon, at a West Knd theatre, 
iie'xl month', Wh*n 1Mb opening piny will ho 
••Tlipi Corslcan Rrolhers." Arierwnrds. some- 
lime In Jiine, l)e will play the nnme- part 
in n new »lay, adapted from a Uermnii orig- 

nl enili»cfl "the Rich Youth." The neelie 
of liils piece fs lard la I'alesilne. ntaut A. n. 
•■ft nhd the atorV concerns Ijnelf greatly with 
iac lifat effect* of Christ latilty upon the 
Ifwhh as* OHM . civilian! loiis. 
' Kdna May'n fhial appeiirnnee on the singe 
will he given to-night week, nl Hie Aldwyeh, 
mid for her farewell appearance Miss May 
will sing Ihe Snlvnllon Army girl aong, "Fol- 
low On." from "The Ilellc o( New York." 
The Inclusion of this song is due to Miss 
Miiv's desire to wing It for her Inst appear- 
ance on the Btnge. na It brought her so much 
nopulnrlty when she first appeared In London. 
The next 'piny at the Aldwycn. will ta "Sjrong- 
l.earf." a play which deals with Indian life. 
I.'nr this production the entire American com- 
linny will appear. 

At -the conclusion of his present engnge- 
nient at IWly's, ■ In "The Lady Handles," 
lliuilloy .Wright, will retire from, that com- 
nanv. He will then resuino his place under 
the' management of t'hayles I-'ronmnn. who arranged that he should appear tn the 'nni 
lending coTiicdy role In "The liulrymalds," pro 
which is to be produced In New York laic PJt 

>aei, ( 

^rlie funeral of the late .Tunics Divvls (Owen 
Hall) look plui-c last Snturany. at lllghgnle 
Cemetery. Among those present were Arthur 
I'nlllns. Sidney. Klllson and:.,. Leslie Slunrt. 
Mr. Mnvls' death inakes It Uncertain whether 
his play.' ."The twltrrlne HVhoV-l," will, .nfli-r 
■ill lie prmluiwl tills coming Knll at the A.lel- 
phl, A iu«Btjii)g .of the .director* of the Owen 
lfnll O.'. llinlfisl, wns held Inst l-'rldny. when 
II was agreed to postpone fur another week 
or lea days; .the comjldernlloji (p* the plans 
"for i lie carrying on of the cdnimny. 

Arthur ISmirchier has arranged 1o bring Hie 
run of "Mr. Sherldnn" to a <flosn on Monday 
next, and Ihe house will lie reopened Hit. 
nlslii following, wllh the jiiodaciloii of an 


iHB aa g 


vtllli lilit crowds In altciiilnnce last week. The 
Itunnwnv lili-ts May 0. 

TsnCAPKlin t l''ri'd Wilson, mniiiiger ). — The 
Jolly (Irnss Widows lire here April aft nnd 
nveek. Knterinlnnient. Is furnlslml by (1 torse 
(Jiihi, Arthur Claumg.'. tlniet ami llriief. tha 
Zarrow Trio, Ituth Kverlil and tlerlrude 
ThomiWOli. The tirlgiidtera did Hie usual 
cane city bnslneml last week. 

Klhvkmvii .s-raFKT linu llousv: IKrank 

Hon Minslrrls played it locnl lienellt to big 
business 88. mid Him Sully i-loswl the week. 
in, "Tho Mnti Imwkei.", M. to fair hitalncaa. 
The iinnunl Spring Musical festival of tint, 
llmi'lsbiirg (.' Hoelety Is announced for 
:;«!, Yorke mid Adams, In "Bankers and 
Rrokers." Mnv I : "The Heir to the Iloorall" 
2. the American vltagrnph .1. "The Two 
Orplinns" I. Kellnr H. This theatre will clow 
the season, S4. wllh Lyman Howe's picture*. 
NOTKH,— The Illinium ft Bailey had 

good Weather and large ImslneiK 27 

(Iround wns broken, April 2ft, for the new 
M. Kebvthcntre. Work will lie- rushed nnd 
the new plnvlionse will Is' opened In Novem- 
ber I>exler W. I-Vllows, of the lliirniiin- 

lialley flmws publicity depart meui, enirr- 

KMrliiK. I-'rankford |.lrtnie» Mckay. man- 


-Kill week of 211: Nellie 


I'lillHil.-li.liln.— The opj-nlng guns In (he i'.nVrle'M^Srott'. NnVfge Vincent, i 
nudevlile rivalry between helths and Kmw niunires 
! Krlnnger were flreiL Inst Week, and. alt was Norns. The l-'orepaugli-Sells manager). — "Hot Air or Cns" and 
'The i'niilliil Urnfters" are the two skits 
continued lor tha. curient week, which la tho . 

last hut. one oC the neasnn. In the first part mined hfo newspaper friends U" Tax 

hnllails will lie wing by Frnnklln MeCool, tang I'nrk, under the management of I'eilx 

Ijkcc nnd (ioiilrlek. Kiislness continues big. \v. Otvls, will open May an I'linrlca 

I<ovi>ll, of the llarnunvltalley Circus ticket 
department, whose home la here, enierinlned 
friends after the performance 2". 
Hernuton. -At the Lyceum <l'ly <1. 1 1 ill, 
mnnnger) Mnrle f.'nhlll was well received 
Ajhil 27. "The Arrlral ot Kitty;: came to 
a good house 211. Adelaide Thurston Hi). 
"The Heir to the Hoornh" closes the season 
nt this house May 4. 

Acaiikuy <Hy II. Itlll. manager).— "Huns 
and Mx" April 'jft-Mny I, "The Peddler" 2-4. 
the Slock Co. closes the season 


jNited, the line bills offered at both 

hoti'ses resulted !n crowds that tested the 

canucities. There Is. 171 iinlnlstakable de 

inn nil for enterlnlnineiils of this kind, nnd Ihe 

rospects are that the public will generously 

ionize iiotb lioiises so long ns ilie bills are 

ager).-— mil ween 111 *ir i .iriiici'inuwMi. 

Rrrnnrund SuVllle, '1W liorninn. Italley ana 
l-'h-kett, Murt Mnllny, nnd moving iileliires. 

NINTH anii Anril Ml'ttBOM IT, I-'. Hopkins, 
iiuiiiiiger). — The cni-lo hull week of 21) has: 
Wyoming Jnok and ITnlrlc Nell, the tireat 
l'oole. AJnx. and the ' fii-orfttii Mlndttels, In 
I lie tnealre -are: Tom >l.ick. Barlow and 
Hurling, (ieorge Von llnuf, Howard and f'obh, 
1'rll/ Houston, mid l.ubln'M rlnengrapll. 

Iki.s- 'ft.N. (UIHan Tyson, manager) .--Ulll 
Week of 5ft i Mai-lc'K.stiolden, l.'lorejocc Sun- 
ner. Uovd n nil Lloyd. Isabel t\ Jackson, 

and moving 

Circus la 

billing' ihe town for week' of,. May 6 

Dumont's Minstrels will reopen week. of July 

1 S» during- the time of . the Kiks'- Itennhin 

There Is tnlk again of 11 big *1,OO0.OOO con- 
vention hall In this clly Several new 

amusement buildings nre being built, nt Wood 

May I. 

Rmpiiik (Harry Unity, manager).— wakli- 
lllgtnll Soelcty lilrlM, 1H-24). fared ■well. JUu 
.lolly, illrls, fi'iiturlng. ICdmund llnyes, In 
—I'll/ Wise Ony." 22-24, did vary but bUfil- 
lies*. The Avenue Ulrls 2(1-27, Bohemia 11 
Hurlewpiers 'JIl-.Moy I, Merry lUirlesquers 2-1. 

<i\r;t\ < Kihvnnl Slin vne. managerl.— 
ltnae Hydell'* London llellea, 18 -20, pleaaad, 
as did Harry Bryant's Kxtravairanin 22-U4. 
Bnchrhjr ciuli .'.V27. A I. HeeVea' tleailly 
Show 2i)-Mny 1, wilt close Ihe season for this 

Nofp. — Work Is iirogresalng day and til(ht 
on ihe New ilrnnd opera Hoiiso. . . . . .U>r- 

1111m & Utility's ClrciiM Is billed for May Hi. 

Marlon. -At the Indiana (H. W. l'lcktr- 
Ing. hiniuiger 1 every seat was said two day« 
In udv.-ince for the engacoment af "Tbc Llou 
and Hie Mouse." April ",U. una npenilattrs 
reape.1 a hart?*! While the supporting e*}"- 
uany. was etcullanl. .Toaephlne , Lovctt ahu 
J'uiil Kvrion praciically carrlefl the plya 
ii|h>ii 1 heir shoulders. Six times they wire 
called before the curtain. The staging Was 
iimisimllv elaborate. The Grace Cnmaron 
Opera Co. 27, In "Little Hollle Dimples," find 
Ihe American Slock Co. opens 21). for an In- 
tit-Unite run. 

CitVHTAi. i.l. II. Amnion*, manager),— 
All excellent bill last week packed the hoime. 
It Included the Milslvnl RiiMSella, liutli Hmlth, 
Hovd and Vnnce. Yorlng and Manning, lllus- 

week ending 11. The Kennedy Stock Co. drew trntcd aonga and the klnodrome. ■ 

cnod houses 22-27. ttBMfli (S. W Pickering, manager).— Her- 

8taii IOi Nelson Teeta. maniifer)^-'Chc bert and Wllllnma lieadexl the lint laat wtek 

'"ors ! Blanche ItliWfa, 
. La flettc, Dorothy 
[nd tha tlrtndqscope. 

l.-hYiinmiime'tliriaweek «f 20. ThoBlar Show and scored u Kit. : Otliora 

fllrls hnd the usual large houses Inst week. Koblsch and Childress. I 

1'a»iii.v ill. It. «mltE. managerL— B(U 'or line. llluHtrrited songe and 

week or 2t) : Beatrice Morelnnd and comimny, 'Notkh.— 'flie No. 2 car for \Vallace «Jm1 

May Ward, ritagerald and Otldays , 'Francla Hoatock's Clrcua was here, 22, eloayly fbl- 

M. "Clark. Mrs. .Inles I^>vy and family, and lowed by ltlngllng Bros' car. The Wallace 
Will II. Smythe. 

1 b v 1 

pir«i(«»'i:, April 21), for n two weeks' stay. 
The sfnr ensi Includes : UTIIan ltlnuvelt, 
Cecelia IjOftus, OtJs Harlan, Mndelyn Mar- 
shall, William llo(l;;e, MaurlcK I'arkiu. anil 
Lillian Lee. "The Snow Slofi" concluded, 27, 
a. two weeks' engagement to, fair nOUBes. 

liAUkiuK (I'rank Howe Jr., mnnnger). — 
Olga Nelhersoli! gives lis her llrst view, 2D, 
or •"J'he Awakening." l-'or Ihe second week 
she will he seen In "Adrlcnne Lecouvreur," 
"Carmen," "Sapho" and "Cariilllf." Itobert 
)1. Mnntcll departed, 27, after a highly profit- 
able fortnight. Tho star's efforts In tpe vnrl- 
huh plays Won hearty recognition frinn the 
j.ress mid nubile. Harry Bulger, In "Xooh'S 
Ark." May l.'l. 

llno.vh (Nixon ft Zimmerman, .managers). — 
J-'rank Dnnlels, In. "The Tattooed Mttri." won 
Innumerable laughs fnst week, and drew 

Striking mechanics have cmised n cessation 
of Work on the William l'enn Theatre, in 

West riilliidelnliln, bill, nnl withstanding Ibis. 
It is expeeteil that the playhouse will be 

ready for occupancy by nexl Septohilicr 

The Edwin, I'orreot nnd the Ailelpbln. are nlmi 
looming up. mid will be ready iilimit the 

same time Kluikcspcnrc's bin Inlay was 

npprnprlnlelv celehrnteil bv Ihe residents of 
the Bihrlu l-'orreat Home on April 2:1. Mem- 
bers of the profession mnile a pllgrlinnRt to 
the Institution In the afternoon, while at 
night tho veterans listened to readings from 

the poct'g plays "The Snow Mnn" closed 

Its schson nt the Lyric, 27 ...., ..lulin Mq> 

Kiifriitawn,- At the Grand Opera llonso 
(Chaa. M. Southwell, manager) the Unlvarsl- 
tv or I'ennsylvnnla Musical Club hnd 8. II. O. 
ou April I'.i 'l"he Allmnibra Stock L'n. .pleased 

good business, week of 22, In the fallowing 
Ills- "A Secret Service Moh," "Jim Hind- 
so," "The Uiiilnvv's Daughter," "A tlenlle- 
luun Burglar. ' "The Hold Melds of Nevada" 
hnd- 'Her Double Life," Nellie .Kennedy's 
Stock. t>. week of S!>, except May ;>, when 
Yorke and Adnms, In "Bankers and Brokers," 
Will bold the boards Kellnr, the miigkiaii, 
11, and Humcnt's Mlnntrels IS. 

Uaiini-.m ft Hailkv's ClliUliri pleased two 
extta large nudlcnccs here April 24. 
; Moths, — The Star Opera Co., while playing 
t'hopnlxvllle, t'n., April 22, stranded. A benellt 
wfcurarrhnged I" order lo provide Hie mem- 
bers, tvllli funds tiulucltlir to leave Ihe 

Hhow will he Willi up April 21) nnd Illngllpg 
Uroa.' early In May. 

« ■ ■ 11 

Kvnaavltlr The I Ji'nud ( Vedley ft llurcb. 

managers) has been dark <or. altuoat two 
weeks, and there Is no Indication of (iny 

IHueUf* (l'eilley ft llurch. mnnnger), — 
I'ncked houses nl both performances of "As 
Told In. the Hills," April Jl. "To Hie at 
Dawn" 28. 

1 Wi:l.i.s' Jli.rot; (Allen- Jeukltis, mniingari. 
- — ,'The llftvernor'a I'ardon" called mil S,.,l!. 
0„ hoUiafteruoon and evening, 21. »H<' Kvit- 
eral sal 1st action was given. The Kour Hunt- 
ings 2S-May 1. 

Jlupii, icol. Jack Itopke, mauuger,).— The 
manngement, by sjieclnl 11 guest, niiiile ar 
ranscmctits wltli 

^.^^NaHe^racemnpaiLyte Wi&i'ff ^^^^"tl^pfiyS Bagement oj 


coined by their 

inuest, niade 

Alchard Saint Vrrfln and 

>end fuiir weeks here, ;ln 

turn to Kvanayllld Is wi'l- 

ny admirers. 'J'bolr :en- 

Violet llnrney, lo spend four weeks here. In 
repertory. Their relit 


have sailed for 11 European trlji 

hew they 

were iVaaiite to put" up ihelr uml \ Itmrn.—'ai* 'Ireiis season opens Imro April 
late In the iiflermmn.' mill Ibe 21), nnd i'uwune Mill s_Cltctis will be seen iim 

innrient iileiuiiire parks, to be known by Ihe 11 highly profitable fortnight s business, 

name of -fnncltles.' in aultnble parts of the „«SAR0 <, u - *• H "V' pt V', th '.. m i5 n i , " f 5 n r) .m ^f. 

country. ..Those, who have seen lainn Park If. Wll[s, In "A Lneky^yog.'JS herc^D.Jor 

and Di-enTiilana, on Coney Island ; White City. "■ return engng 

In Chicago, and WonderlaniL In Boston, will * i,rl and 

have irn Idea of What Wo intend to arjcnjn- ltt8t .. w !f' t ., 

win be «lea." May 11. 

Slanley and Wilson, Melrose Troupe. Newell ''"'I »J«*h '. lT{" l ' * * ,l> ' 1 " "** A '"" 1 ,S "" 1 ''' ' 

"A Lucky uog," IS nere » gr gg ^^ nP J°!; nu ,n tt V v a e ™i Vhe'va l"lleJ J |he xSm&E^SMi ft Jlalley, Clnua 

.. ngement Vloll Oll.etle In "The ** « \\^\ X,^ 6 Comedy Four '"(Ireat «2" 2 Al.ooim 2U . . Adi^Starrtca 

the Bandit, pleased big bouses . i,.bAnio mil -ibe einemiiinirriinb appeared nt the Academy of Music, Tyrone, 

, Bblv II. \Sin, in "Patsy In Nil- ,M .' *™$ • , U ,r\ih,,llcki Co managers) — »,, . . ..Jack Lelnfrtld will close St eiucmr 

.. m ' _**'I* ! 1_S?»! ■"? ". U, .'. , . K I '-O., llllllUlXBro I . m „if „, ,|,„ il.nnH <>1 tn »Hnl thn posl til 

riiirtlcuhirly easy reach of a poi... 
tlnn of nop.lMJO. So yon see the Available 
alien are limited, and that la why we nre 
only, arranging for six of 'cities.' We 
have already secured two very suitable sites, 
building operations will shortly lie com 
menecd, " 
for. ihe 

tre of each 'eliy' will be ji grand entertHln 
meni, In, which the , circus element will 
predominate. This will be free to all who 
pay ihe six pence fee.. .for admission to. .Mils 
'fun city.' All around will be permanent 
buildings, in which. the side shows will be 
arranged. Of, we nre arranging for 
first, class bunds, of music, nnd a special 'fea- 
ture . will, ne the merry-go-rounds of tne 
crem-h fantastic pattern. An excellent ball 
room will be another prominent feature." 

\esla Victoria Is due .hack In this country 
early In Jjine. , Her brother. Lawrence Bar- 
clay, Informs me that there Is no foundation 
whatsoever for the rumor that his sister la to 
he man-led In America. Mr. Barclay, by the 
way, Is. responsible for many of hlB sister's 
song successes, He has Just finished two 
songs. "The Pet of the Ballet" and "Oh, 

Kiln Shields returned to Kngland last Sat- 
urday, nfrer a very successful South African 
engagement, .Her success was even greater 
1 his time than. on her previous engugenionf, 
when she firmly established herself as a fa- 
viii'lli- coon singer with the .South African 
public. Miss shields on .Monday opens at 

next week. 

Rmxky'h BmiMiik fXVC.TVrtgnor, manager). 
— "The, Sign of lh« .Cross" 20'' -and week. 
Last week "T|ie Way of Hie Transgressor'' 
had good business. "The Arrival of ' Kitty" 

Opera House 

Kerry Oow" 

Allen Do one 

Joseph Murphy's 

fumoiM'ipluy In a, pleasing manner. He was 

well supported, and the audience was liberal 

In applause. "The Two Orphans" 20, "blast 

Jiyiine" 1 May a. local Knights .of Columbus 
lliiKtrels 0, 1(>, local Fraternal ' 
Kagle Mlnntrels 15. 

FAMILY (!•'. L Blair, manager) 

Nirrns. — 1'. Hans l-'lnth, .pianist, nt the 
Crystal, litis married Blossom llohlnsnii, a 
very talented soprnnu. Mrs. Math will sliig 
nt the t.'rystnl Indnflnltely Show mnnn 

tiers arc spanking vary complimentary of Jo» 
Itnnlngs, manager or the tlrnnd. I- nun Hit 
standpoint of an Inexpsrlenced mnn, Mr, llen- 
nlngs Jumped Into the .work and made ihe 
season the most successful ever shown by Ihe 

and week. List week Hie New Century (llrls 
packed the bouse. CnrV's Thoroughbreds 
next week. " 

Hlt'l'onuOMK (I. M. Moshor, manager) . — 
This week's bill : lliiyden nnd llnyes, the 
Great Williams. SHitxmhii and Crawford, 
Bert Marshall, Wm. J. ICIIIck and Hie ITlpjsv 

1'he Brothers Byrne, In "Might Belles, hnd 
Mir returns week of 22-27. Dan Sully, In 
"The Match Milker," May «. ;• 

Xatioxai. (Joseph M. Kelly, manager).— 
,,,,,,, Charles T. Aldrlch. In "Secret Service Slim. 
and tltesV. pldneVr 'cltieH' will be ready April 20. .following 5 week of good bimhMM %$ ^ k ;"" 

Summer senson of 100S. in tho, ten- done by '"lexas. 'ITic Sign of tbc cross QAYRTt (Jns. R. Orr. manager). —The 

""^J- ., , «,.... : «.\ c i„.^ llalnty DiiclU'ss Co. 21) nnd week. Lost week 

Habt s (John W. Hart, manager).— Mma 1hp tf HrM neuters gave a jrood show in soils- 
lloinmn begins her second week 20, In lioi flK ., OTV |„|„| n eiis. The Hon Tons ijfext week. 
Her (.'hlldn-n is Sake. ' Lust^ week, the mti Auapkjiy t» -Music (II. ty.. Williams Jr., 
erforts. In "Wedded, But No "ifo.^ *wy»°; mnmigei').— 'lie Colonial Belli* relumed 21) 
ductlve of big returns. Next week, "Last 
Lynne." .' . 

KouRrAfau's (Miller ft Kaurmnn, munii- 
lien). — Kugcnl: Blair, In "The Secolid Mrs. 
TnmjiiernyT' 20-May 4. Last week, "A Ilace 
lor Life" wns highly appreciated by good sized 
houses. "Ten Nights In u Bar Room" follows. 

l'toi'LE's (K. (J. Nlxon-Nlrdllngoi', mann- 
•ei.). — "Women Who Dare" April, 20-May 4. 
Last week, "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak. 
Model," played to good business, "Tho Oii(- 
Inw'a Christmas" next.: . 

Bi.anky's (J. P. Eckhnrdt, mnnngor). — 
Allen Uoone. In "Kerry Oow,',' April 20. "The 
1'cd-dlcr," with I^uls Hartman, was liked by 
the patrons, who turned out In large num- 
bers last week. "Tho Pirtal Wedding" follows. 

SrANtiAim (Harry ft Speck, managers).-^ 
N. S. Wood nnd the Standard Slock, In "Lost 
In a. Big CItV." 20. "Tho Orphans of New 

of 0r NewTor'| l •' ,, M« < 'v e « VC<, " lSt ""*' " . "&«»■* <R". Moxart, manager). -The reJ igt ; -Urge audience, nt every pertomance 

ifflJiAii! T 'Jordan manager) —Vesta «'"»! orgnnlacd stock company which la to greeted the following bill week of 22: Ar- 

ninory loancxtensivo viiiT X miicTnrtSi lilt sit present drama for the balance of tho - 

...nnt dates for the next V ^ orl "' ?,™. " m '' e h,,, P SiTner for the scored n wonderful success, In "The 

m.r years, during Which time she will fulfil w '* k ' , f eo "." n k uc,J o^he™ are" I ce and Pre* tlnn." 32-27. Kvery porforraance was 
Ihrec pantomime engagements With Itobert 2I»*JU53r 

Alfred Moid,, the managing director 

:r;i[ili, lluslneSH continues good. 
Co 1. n Bin 


rlBOTUDUl' Siiov,', April 22. did nice- 

April 22, capacity business. The following 
appeared: William Kemp, pianist; A-iaeta, In 
her beiistlfiil mirror dunces ; Waldron Bros., 
the Three (Hhbri Sisters. Chris, flreene, Wil- 
liam Similes, in songs Illustrated, and klneto- 

Nom — Pnrepflilgh ft Sells Brothers' Oreat 
Show Is advertised to appear June 1. Ad- 
vance ermrlcrs have thus early heralded the 
grand pageant and street parade with gorge- 
ously colored billboards. 
1 ■ 

.ToiiiiMtosvn. — At the Cambria (Harry W. 
Scheie r, manager i Adelaide Thurston, In 
''The tilrl from Out Yonder," did a good 
business April 112. David Illgglua, In "Ilia 
Last Iwllnr," drew a . large house 29, The 

],> rnvi'lte. — At the Onind (lion. , I,. 

Manderbnck, managon ".'nte Time, thti piaen 

and tlio tilrl' gave Immense satisfaction 

April 10, In S. II. O. Tho 'house was entirely 

sold out two days before tho performance. 

. "Tho Clansman" S3, "When Knighthood Was 

f oS» 'I Slower" Slay I, "lite, I Jan and the Mouse" 

ml Order of n "At Vale'' II, Dramatic Club .(local) LI, 

-v sb..i. -.» "Phi 1 President of Onloug," by Ihe llnrlcuulu 

5?r5r£SiS Club, of Purdue University, Jr.. HI. 

I'a.mii.v ill. IV, Maurice, malinger).— Weak 
of April 22 : Mr. uml Mrs. Ontloh, Mexican 
Herman, Cooper nnd Wilson, Kflial 'Vming, 
Kellx Illce nnd the klnodrome. Kxi'ellriit 
business and bill. 

Notbh. — The Krn-Wnldn recital pleased 11 
enpaclly house nt Kowler Hall, 211. This Is 
the lust number of the season's lecture 

course I.n I'lirdelte 1111dUa.ppy.Uulf 

Hour continue lo satisfactory business 

The new thenlre (Majestic) Is rapidly Bear- 
ing completion, and will open about May 
20. It will be a Ian cent hnuao, wltb three 
shows a day. 

Frnnkfort \( Ihe llllun (Langabrnlie 

ft llufford, managers) 11 recital, under the 

Lnnt'untrr. — At the Kulton Onera House 
(Chas. A. Yecker. manager) "Mr., 
drew well April 22. Mario Cahlll 
lug Mary." had a very good 
hlograph 26; 27, the Boston . 

tra, assisted by the Lnncastor Choral Society. Brokers' 20. l«:al Ivlk; Minstrel benant 80. Uta moiiko" II, "Tho C.lft ol the (Jultleu 
matinee and evening. 20. The entire hoiiso Primrose's Minstrels May 2, Mclnlyrc and West" 0. 
wns sold for both performances two days Ini Heath (1. 
advance. 1 .. Park Pamh.y (Harry W. Bcherer, mana 

hrcc halls, ns 11 preliminary to an extenslvo 
tour. She has no vacant 

CnvsTAi, (Chns. Welch, manager).— Tho 
Illll-Kdmiinds Trio. Jcnni'lte Ashley, the Mu- 
sical Milleri:, Chas. and Jennie Welch, uint 
the klnodrome. 


AllianiDrn, Is now In Italy looking for hit 
lions for ! thtit house. -He " 

... has arranged 
lae-^nnelgs to reunpear at the Allinmbrn 
June. .Preparations arc already Being mi...^ 

for 11 ;ricW ballet nt this establishment. Ar- klnctogroph. ir„„ H1 . (Klvm, * 

""III He BI6re, the Illusionist. Is In his sec- . Cimwsui Smbet Opkra II usk (NKjn ^ft 
mid week, and is crentlng lots of talk by bis Zimmerman, jnnnngors).— Aho Song 1 ras, 
••lever work In the I 
his woi'k by comedy, „ 
lluslon follows another 
»i front do not get a 
mere s egg and bng trick Is, perhaps 
his muslerpleces. .The Mlllmnn Trio still 

Blcnards, f homes nml Payne, nnd the lllus- 
t rated songs and moving pictures. Hilled for 
week of 20 arc : Tho Myaierlons crucible, 
the Allinmbrn Comedy Pour, the He Voe Trio, 
and Tommy llnyes. 
NOTtM. — Cole Bros.' Circus will appear In 

this clly April 27 ltlngllng Bros, nro 

billed for May :i. 

remain one or -the fentures of tho Alhambra 
snow, the Wire Walking of Mlas Mlllmnn being 
voted marvelous by nil who have soon her 
J.ennle Jacobs arrived In London on Tuea- 

J. our Aionons, .iimi-u 11 uiniuo&o.», «*«m,«iv 
City Quartette, Green and Werner, and mov- 

'" Bijnii ,t0 (fleorge W. Rife, manager) .—The 
Miss New York Jr. Co. *J0-May C Charles 
,1. fliirkhardt Is the feature in the hurloanue, 
die Iho olio mentions: lileanqr Kevere. 

not eumtnence until nearly four o'clock. 
Tbc roster of the new stock company nt the 
Fnmlly Includes: Frederick Huiiinor. West- 
thropp Saunders, Preilerlck 13. Wright, Law- 
rence Wisdom, Illchnrd Tnbor, IVlwnrd An-, 
gust, iTanlel Bruce. . Itoynl Byron, Rachacl 
Acton, -Lucille' Hplnney. Fuhhy Stephens. 
Bertie May. Corinne Cantwcll, Eleanor Hdll 
and Jane Archer. 

lteudl "ir. — At tho Academy of Music (John 
D. Mlshler, munager)"TheSf|unw Man" April 
24, "The Two Orphans" an. Howe's pictures 
The Heir lo the- 

l"'r men, and has miiled off some Aicellent 
Milags. The He p'rece loilr Is Increasing all 

,'oh Biirtesipiers gave spirited per 

o good business, Inst week. The OetorOons 

. here 
flie big show bus many 

'lie lime, 'niuplbi're seems lobe no limit as next. .......i , 

I" Its siopi,li E iiiiue. Willier Pe 1'rece. I Cshixo (Kilns SKnenlg. nMnoi^Li-^riia 

«'" '"Id. is ne«oli!,.lng for' « slle in Caidlff, VrnnH^ttmW^tlt^*^ln^Omf, 

wlieK-he'lniemis 10 hiilid n. hew. music ball, net comedy, "Ihe Miihbnnbb (nnspiracj. 

At the momeut lliere Is only one music ball 
in Cardiff, itfid that Is managed by the Moss 
& "loll syndicate. . 
As slated last week the arbitration pro- 

S2,'2I1. lo rnuiK'lty. 

novel fenliii'is. 
Kotk. — An Important deal was closed by 

the 'management of the BIJou Thenlre, by 

which llpdcgriilT ft llmwnell sold Ibclr bur- 
wUhVeii'st'consiallng' "at ' : Friend hnii Down- lesiiiie fruuciilse lo Ihe Colninhlnn Amiise- 
Hut Fennel and Tyson. Hm Itlckells, Joe lO.ner- inent Co.. which wlli Imiisfer It. to Willies. 
m and the SesaleTel "r Trou|>e. Boh Mam llnl-re. Herenfter Ihe BIJou will be conilucle-l 
SWt^i-CrtckfWncft gave a lively ahow, by I'pdegraff A Urowucll M M all-year voude- 

lliiilrii.n, — At Ibe ilrnnil Opera House 
(Ceo. Albert Haley, resident manager) open- 
ing week of April 22, and for nil Bummer, 
Archie L. Shepnrd's moving pictures. The 
Sextette Club, has seaured Prank Dumont's 
Minstrels as a benefit attraction May 20... 
- Famii.v (Knohluuch ft Hersker, proprie- 
tors). — Bill for last week Included: Mnn- 
tague's Cockatoo Circus, Oracle and Bennett. 
Mons. Herbert, Black and Leslie, Prof. Fred 
1'nrrell, Skntliielll and klnetogrnph. Hood 
business rules, 

Lmh\ Di.c.aj! (Freeman ft doodmnti, pro* 
iirlelors),, — McKay. Mclloso and MoLeruey, 
llliislraled songs and klnetoacope. 

. < - , * ' " ■ 

Wllllnin»|iort. — At Ihe T.vcomlng Opera 
House (L, J. Flak, manager) "Under South- 
ern Kkles" had fair returns April 20. Mnrle 
Mnry," drew nnd pleased 
' ' urston 2(1. Han 
Sully, io "Tile Matchmaker," 27: "Are You 
a Mason'/" May 4. 

Family (Fred M. Lamnde, manager).— 
Bonked for week of. 20 are: Miubnv-rinnkei 

cahlll-. In "Marrying Mnry, 

n hlg house 2B. Adelaide Thurston 2(1, 

.*, »» ,. 

The Cr la r«. 

At the mealing of the Friars, held April lil. 
niiiKiiiticitineiit was made that tile supper In 
honor of Victor lliirbori wlli proilaldy ba the 
biggest arfnlr of tho kind ever given by this 
club The supper will take plum nt eleven 
o'clock, on the night of Friday, May Hi at 
tho Cafe des Beaux. Atts, Sixth Avenue aud 
Fortieth Street. A small stage will be erected 
In one corner of tile Imiiijiini hnll to accom- 
modate llftenu uiembera of Mr. Herbert's or- 
uhestra, who will piny selaotlons from his 
operas during the evening. Four librettists, 
who have been nssnclntoil with Mr. Herbert, 
have accepted Invitations to sit at the nnme 
table with him. Theso arc tleorge Hohrtrl, 
Henry Blossom, Harry B. Smith mid (lien 
McDonmigli. Ivdilln rldgeon will speak for 
tbo press, nnd Hy Mayer, the enrtoonlst. will 
also ba one of the speakers, and will nsalsi In 
the antertiilnmeht. 

The price of tho tickets will bo «2,o(i, end 
this will Include the liest supper ttint has 
yet been served at the Beaux Arts to tho 
Friars. Tlic tickets aro now ready, nnd can 
he obtained from Wells Hawks, care the Em- 
pire Theatre, .Broadway and Fortieth StK'ot. 
No member can bring more tlinh two .guests 
without special permission of the committee 
In chiu'ge, and members. request Inu tlckelu by 
mall mii'it give tjlo names of their guests at 
the same time, and should send check wllh 
the order for scuts. Tickets wife himght lunar 
bo paid for whether must or not. ns the '.-iim- 

uml romimny. Itedp and Hertman, Toy and, niltt e has lo guarantee a certain number i>f 
Toy. Mr. mid Mjrfr Mliuirt Harrow, nnd Hie piati-s, uml mnnot refund any money, Only 
IHnflKlos. Buslnaks Is excellent. 

. ■ -' ' ■♦«» 

.Mini, (Mi* BimiiKf.i, MrCtiATii has Issued 
Hie oilnrMiiicoment of tha marriage of her 
drmiililer, Louise Vnllentliie. tn Harden Hie- 
veiison, 011 April 2i», hi New York City. 

12," 1 1 eke Is will be Issued, so applications 
should be made early. 


Jl.'t.KS OAlitiisfi.v has been griiiited a di- 
vorce from F.lla (larrlsoii, by Judge Joel U, 
Heed, at South .Sol walk, Conn. 



May 4, 

"The Little Cherub* 


SONITA'S Big Hit in 

"Wino, Woman and Song" 


f\Jf)\A/ nriMp FEATURED BY Kmpir0 Cily Quartotto, Elizabeth Murray, Torothy Drow, Lona La Couvior, Kathyrn Miley, Vaaco, Exposition 
■P"™ OKIW%* rtMlWi^tM Dl f 0UF) Clarence Sisters, Emperors of Music, Flo Adler, Jeanne Brooks, Pauline Moran, CharleB P. Somon, Matthews 

and Ashley, Lynotte Sisters, Friend and Downing, Howloy and Leslie, Majestic Four, Emerald Trio, DeVoy and Miller, Tom Oillon, Cox Family Quartette, Bessie Crawford 

MeQrath and Paige, Llbby and Trayer, and hundreds of others. 


ion ram iran bsh! 









Hear Broadway 

15 WEST 30th ST. 


PHI rred. Day. Win. Jorome, Jean Hiihwartr, Tom Qiiiglny' Geo. 
uIlLL Offcntiaii, Harry Joiici, Horry Pruilmi always on linml. 






I'VE HILT 1 linn HKIUf 

ira ;■■ 




WM. THLL IIOU8B, Howard Mid Somoriot 
Sla., Uioion. Vicinity of nil vaudeville theatre*" 
About H week. KMII.Y UANNWAKT, Prop. 


Wabaea Ave,. 


WANTKU.-ltcp. |ii-.i|ilc nil lines. Will feature 
leading I Ally, Uoiil, Comedian or Hoiibrollc with 

-lv small C'llSt HrrlpK l.iulv for ill. HnllgS Ultcl 
I i.i i !"• llano Plnver 1 1 ml cuii double hiiihII purl.', 
lady in i'Iii ml. ilnv for props, mul snuill irarls. 
Wool stands, Hummer anil u inter. <:ii up In six 

filers, thru mi more study. Answer quick, staling 
owcsl ; pay your nwn. I jid lis send phut os, which 
will he returned. All toilers answered, except 
those wild I'litn'v salaries. No llckcl*. Can also 
use iiooil specialty (uaiu; niusi play pans. Open 
May W; Rehearsal Hay 111, lingers Couicily Co,, 
Montgomery Hold, Montgomery. Ala. 


$1.00 per Day. 

Europun. pur Weak. 

■l'HAi-'Ai.iJAH.iii. in K.l4,N.Y.,nr. Keith's 

Avail, of Music, Howry. Hoi. ins Wo.. Ida., II, 
ll. Mdnyi |2,Mto|Bwook. w,l),IIANN10AN,Prop. 

II Wabash A Madison, OHIOAQO, 
II O. O. Vaughan, Prop. Strictly 
JIL American Plan. $1-111 slnglo; 
it-Ill dmi brb, V nudovll lo patron»ge Invited. 

PALAOH IIOTKL, 101 N. Clark St.", Chicago. 
Kuropoan, 18.50 porwook; with private bath, IT. 
Turkish limn, too. U. li. humpukky. Prop. 

(Copyrighted), tidlflorent books, loo. All kind* aot. I 

i uumcth Foil HALK-Bargain« In now 

anil second hand instruments. Catalogues frco. 
bury .St., Boston, Mnan, 

hanjon-tiio world's flnoat. Tho celebrated 
wiiytn Lnvdle. Catalogs and llair-Tmies of 3S 
Artist* free. TIIK A. C. KAIKUANKH CO., M 
Hiidhu ryjtt. , Boston. Mass. ' 


Krunt and Bauk Bending, each trlok illustrated. 
Wg. Morpliot'H School, 637 N. U l li Ht., Plllls., Pa. 


ooks, 100. All kind* aot, 
N; Uttn 8t, Plilla., Pa 

money makor. OT1IKR8, CHEAP. SLOAN 
N OVKLTV CO.. Station B. Plilladelptila, Pa. 


VKNTKIL0Q0I8M TA0011T. For terms address 
Prot. Llngo rman, TOO N. etli at., Philadelphia, Pa. 


fur any instrument or numtior of Instrument*. 
Hoiigs,wor(lH and music, sketches, olo. Bond stamp. 
OIIAB. I.. LEWIS, p.-.i hluhmond St., Cincinnati, 0. 

futchk iitiHii. or wire piioiiix r«i- Palinltti 

PiirkH, etc., I'.'.ou pit; ll.tts pit :<w. iiontpalil 

CAUINKT I'liuroN, I'opk'il, H". I'J; 1,000,11,1. 

l',l>i:XA 8TUIH O, :ciia N. Ilruml .St., I'lilln,. P a. 

UKOHBl$nti IM^endu«alBliiK«>ptk < ou*,|||lio 

AitiUlMN huh Maklnir Uutllt mid HuruorK, *«.,'.». 
('.(•.it. Allow oxiiinlimtloii. Si'inl roriMim. (iroutivrtt 
.siiTi'upil.'iiii MIk. f" , itiix IU«. Now Ufleans. 

• at'mbkRtv* a miit may ;>. wiii bummku 

si.ii'k, lHlHH I.AUHKI. IIMNNKTTN, llciiviOK, 
l.iiads or JuvoulH'!'. AiWivw rare or Helta or 
.i.ipun Co., Hwlgltl, 111.. I; i'iimI City '.', .lollet 4. 

Anrorn '■. 


Ih-nn, Cilli-llllll .li-l Hint lias (IHIIII, Willi Clll'lllli'ill. 
$ OA. HAI11IAC I1 i CO.. Wti KUbWI. PhIUIm I'S. 

I'AIIIN CO.. tuiilur cuiiMU, t'li'fiil Totn I'coplo who 
■inutile lirii*": NuflclaitH ror II. aud 0. Opiru May 

if. t:«u nlarc Kuber (Hiok m ouce l.ow, sitro 
HrtlnitiM. Whkoii show. Wo pay nil. People In 
Now York City unit Brooklyn ontt apply In newon 
toll. A. BARKKII, llauil U'liiU'l, si HIJiiii Tltuallo, 

in i ink I vn, ' tiv mall i-rnius. L. I'lXN. Prop, anil 
Mgr.. I*-.j <eU'a(|M._N. Y. 

WANTKIJ. foi ulnillhi.i M.a.i.i, 

CiiuiuiKliriiig ai Niagara KsIIh, Msy •--.', iiuam ai i t: 
PKOPLK.Coul.pli'itiiHUl, prollliililni iiHiiui'iiiiiin. 
Allows IIIMIA MY8TIC I.IKOI.KY, Crlslleld, Mary- 
land, open tor parks hi Caiisda. _ 

; f>H$$a-4 YKH8K. S CHOKlw" PARODY, AND 
;, ii.viis. Sriitl Mump ror po.<iagi<. MARY K, P. 
TUAVKH, ilw llruatl 81., Proi Itlente, li. 1. 

NKW Kll.MH to HKLL. Teddy Uiiuih, Tin- 

i Borrowed ijohh-i , sii-kiiem uaime ror Hclliuir. 

| KIIIiit Mini $40. Hend 111), 1 will slilp-wilijert to 

i:\iiiiilniitloii. Mint havo tint money. Flrtu inoin v 

getall. K, g. TIIOMA8, Klngitlolt, M<b*. 

WANTED (tVICIC.I'ur.oriiieratulMusiqlim. 

Hkelolt Team that can cliange ror a week, iIiIiiIMch 

anil HlngluH and put. on ads ami aluule aclx, 

MiihIcIsiin to double II. mul O. Mention all In Unit 

| letter with lowest salary, ami be ready to Join on 

I rerelpt of wire. Vauilevlllo under eauvm. Week 

stands:. No ticket* advanced. ' Addross Kl>. 

! SIMPSON", Kiilton, N. Y. P. 8.-llllly flbbsi-wlre 

I or address. 


[ ni uviin, OvtueiiV Skoluli 'l chum, CinuodlaiiH, Nov- 
elty Ai;ts. piano Player, Violin, Cornet and Trjip 
llruuuuur tor Oeelieslra; all In double bund. Hot 
AilvuniT Mini. Two night sbiltdH. Salari llrsl 
letter. No l'. 0. I), telegrams. 

JAOK ARNOI.Il, (llcimllln. N. Bat. 

A I I It hi I I. ASK 



Bolte & Weyer Lights. 

Apply lo JI, II. KtNliKlA, 

li.MS.uilb St.., New York I'll)'. 

PAY $250.00—, 

and gel n (sketch lor male utnl femaln not 
one Willi better Hum "Tho XeW lloelor," 
wblcli iiiiiiciiis euinplute In MAHIMDN'ti 
Hiuiii'Vl' No. 10. It ulsii eiiulalus Ml prize 
purodlcs, It lea lv funny monologues, 8 line 
sketches lor'2 males, ami M outers for mate 
anil roiimie, M Kretleoiuedlesnud tiurlesiiucH. 
Iiealdes a iremeiidnun lot or new inlnslrel 
gags, sidewalk niiitor, encores, olc. 100 
pugvs. $1 l',c Copy. 




rheatrical and Circus Trunks 

Now Located at 01 W. 29th St., New York. 

-W AVl'KII -I i.plos or < ■I.IPPKU liefore IWJ 
also CI.1PPF.I! Alumniies. 
s MAMi;s MAIIIKUN. 141)1 Third Avenue, N. Y 



licit. Ill Wis, Per or Sulurv. Must look the part. 
Address MAVK MAUI.OW. lone Hock. Win. 



to ride In parade, llglil work; an Assistant iieneral 
Supcrlniemleiil, CiHik, Cowboys, lloss Hostler, 
Boss t'auva-tiiau. 1 1 live a liulue for a few more all 
'round prorcsstntml puople. Parks anil Kali's all 

season. Out nlltiiml holiday. Address RKlCis 

AHHSKMKNTCO., Wlillo City, Louisville, Ky. 



Also Arts ror Hurlesi|iie olio In Boston, com- 
nieiiclnu Mar 1.'). Mall terms and open time. 
TIIK OHAIIAM'8 AOHMV. Hotel Ceell, lloslon. 
can use ,'s) sim w titrls fur Musical 1'oiucdles, ,U> o 
nrm class Sister Acts. 

Hire Are the Kings of Song Hits : 

"The Little Country School House" 


Full or Heiiliineul ami sweet melody. 

'•lilvi- Mo mi Aiiioiirnn Ulrl," wall/, song; 

"Coiau llmk, Sty IC v.,1 j «," lininllfii] tmlliul, 

and "Tho Alligator*' Parade," two-slep. 

I'rof. rnpies and orciiesiratlons, inc. 


P.O. Boi 11 i:l. PIILlmrgU, Pa. 

WANTED ,forB. A. Walker's 
Ten Nights in a Bar Room. 

Man ror Morgan and Slndi-, Cornel, Barilone, Blldo 
Troiulione ami Tuba players wanted. Other 
musicians, write. Also want Uoss Csiivasuian. No 
lime to dicker. Address .u ... 

M.O I1ARKNK H8. 11$ Mil JL, PiM.rla.TM.^ 



AI I.i VIOLIN io Uoubl« Alto. 

No iiarades. Name lowest salary. We pay nil. 
Address V. K. BHrttlH, 

iTIlerlon Theatre, '.Clilcngo, III. 

irliiii for General Business. 

Prercr onuwIlhSueelnlllcs. Other iiscrul people, 

Kil. II. Urane.b, )lgr. 

Mlilillc Midi.. April ••m -May I; IliibbiirdsUinO-ll, 

Burton Stock Co., 


Join quick. People In all lines who doubli' brass. 
('. STOCK KP.LU, Sidcni, III. 




Plku tioiilii T'li«i«l»e, lloanokn, Vw. 




Armiigor. Composer, olc. Member A. t, M. Can 
Join on wlro. statu your limit. Address 


Cor . Clark uml Lake, Chicago, III. 



.state lowest price and full dluieusbius, a|iproxl- 
luate weight. Alio -{r.Kut 1,'up. ' 



Wnnls KxperlencriT Mnillulnc People, Oood Tcuni 
who play, musical Instruments and do coined v 
preferred, nw mom lis' .work. Join at once. 
State plainly what you euu ilo and salary wanted. 

AiIilroMs nil. 
\ nn.l.illi., . 



good MonkciH at lowest prices. 

.1. iiiiit:. it'i n. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


and a good sllemc man. ror Med. Co.. Address 

SllpiMin Kock. Ilutler Co.. l'enu. 

lUlUTCfl DCriDI C Two or Three ComleTurua 
nnrllCUi rtOrLC'-'win, .s a ,„n wagon Show. 
FOR SALE— Somersault and High Diving Dogs, 
troupe I ruined doves, or exchange for magic or 
lllui". PROP. HARXY SMITH, «"l» *■>. 

kUlUTCn S- "t" 1 "• I'oiiieilinii. i.ignu flayer, 
n"H I Cu.— ,„ |„,|. M t „i, people wDocan chauge r»r 
one week. I wuut peoplo who are mil arrald lo 
mako thciuscive< u»efui. State all. Address 
Kit. HKNIIKHSOK. lull l.lnd SI.. WlivollU'. SV. Yu. 

III HOCn II.— versatile Skeleh Team, Black 
Vice, Irish and hutch. All Around Dancer, Pake 
O.gan, llsnjo, Singles ami Doubles. Pat on Arts. 
Address r'ONTANKT, Vigo Conuly, lad. 



Buss Canvas Man. Man with Picture Machine, 
who Is capable or making iiiiiiuiiuecuiciits. Wire 
iptlek. Stale salary, we pay all. 


Tllb MhiIom 81. 



Wants Bass Player, Baritone, 
and Slide Trombone 

Tii enlarge band Tell all first letter, with salurv 
expected, aud lie ready lo loin on wire. Week 
stands. . A. L. PH-iBCK. WILoii. y. c . 

? e ACTOR an Actreas 
An IV B VH. or Orator 

Koirageiui ins secured when i|iiaililcd. Write for 
KHKK hook let on Draiiialh An l,v . in rcnpon<l- 
encc. Neli.,,,1 or K lor lit loll, 4HO 
Ohli-Hgo Optra Ilou.n Blk.. Chicago. 

WiNTFI) ..' u McU. Comedlau, Irish, Dutch anil 
WAR I cu. |i. p., Hot Dancer and Act Worker. 
To an up-to (lute m»n that In sober and reliable, 
and will hustle- (or my Interest, I will pay 16 and 
all. Tlokets, yes. Wlro quick. ' ' 

POOF. SAMlKIt, UleuUcId, >, Y. Lewis Comity, 



An AutomaUu Orcliestrii, Piano. Drums, Uhl'ites. 

Cymbals, used very little; cost 17-10; will take |(W. 

One Sel ot Deiignn's organ Chimes, 4A chliucn, ill 

must new: cost S4N0; canvas cover lo Hi same, ,f Is; 

will lake -f :.o. one sel or Deagau's Organ Chimes, |H 

chimes, bland new, cost fJlu; will lake *i;,u. Due 

I Itoyal PholoOpllcon, wllh doublo IcuaoHot lltelal- 

I eat, most Improved, double combination uchroiual- 

1 lie, adapted mall brnssslldlng tubes that will draw 

i out, giving various local lengths for dlUeiciitdl- 

I lauces. Price, laao. Prlee, Including uA mounliil 

i views, At. *l..M) each, and 'jo views unmounted nt 

II each, with Taylor made. trunk to III lump m Included at |4MI. Will lukcflMi. Wrltcur 

call for list. Over 90 or Ihu llncst 8. S, Stewart 

and J. It. sciuiii Haiijns, and other makes, Willi . 

leathor cases ror same: will sell at grealsacrlflee. 

Also Sleigh Bells, Sluir Bells,' Wooden Xylophones. 

Organ Pipes aud Wire Dulcimer. Two Mills llhw- 

I trilled Song SlolHuchlncs, cost 1125 each; will Infer 

ITI, One Mills Diiiiil. Bell Lifter, cosl #PJU; will 

take $;:.. One Mills Kleetrlc Chimes, lirlp mul 

Lung Tester; cost UK); will (like tW. These mil- 

I chinos have boon used verv Utile. One Mirror. 

; ii'ift. XtklU, In Hottii wiilnut fniine, handsomely 

curved, Htaitdlug 14ft. X tt ' | ft., seal nt tsitlotu. 2 

drawers, $150. One Mirror, lift, high, 'I'.fi. wide. 

In solid oak frame urt. high, Tfl. wide, wllh raney 

! Khoir '.'ft. from bottom, fw. One Mirror, HI. hlgl>, 

4>,ft. wide, solid oak frame. Its!.- One Mirror, 

! 7.1. x •:«;, Tin. frame covered silk plii8h,.ttiO. 0\ cr 

100 Oak nml Qilt Frames with Pictures, will -e I 

these mirrors ui a great sacrifice. 

H i W. Madis on SI., Chicago. 


AI Skekli Team, Piano Player, 

Musical Team and 
Novelty Man, 

Tlml chii chungc for one week. Matt'tu put mi 
Acis and make them go. Also Canvas Nan. 

II. 0. MIILVKV. Aurora, 111., Lock Box WL _ 

Wanted Quick, 



Comet, Double Violin, to Lead Orchestra: Truiit- 
iioiii.. for small Part; Singing and Dancing Suti; 
brctte, llaiiloui). Double Piano. Address OSI At. 
O'SUEA, Almonte, Out., May I; Morrlsburg, Old- 
May «. 



Sixlli Regl. Roller Rink, Pliila., Pa. 

AFAY, JrjN« ;i and Id OPK". 

Per. add ress. FKASKPOItlU'"-. 


ladles' towns. Slightly worn. 


'■ We- »lso Carry flentlotnen's crmthl'itr. . 
310 Slule Street CIlItAUO 1 

May 4. 




This Summer's areatesf Waltz Song With Which BILLY S. CLIFFORD Started Everybody Talking, Whistling and Singing. 

in Bon ml. mi ■ 


Words and Music by 


On the board walk after nine, yon are with your baby mine, 
Ton can see the fellowi gating aa we past down the line, 

Then I pnt my arms around her waist, and say will yon be mine. 
She will slyly torn and whisper, "I'll be on the board walk liter nine." 


All ginger. Who Blng This Htylo of Sons; Should Send In and Get It. Yon Can Pnt It On Any Way Yon l.lkr. It Will On. 
Professional Copies anil Orchestrations In All Key. to Recognised Performers or Those Bending Un-to-Dato Programmes. 

Published by NATHAN BIVINS, Music Publisher, 

DAN VON Wl EN, Manager. b S \A/ EST 26th STREET, IM. Y. 





COLLEGE Students are mighty 
^ shrewd judges of tobacco. 
They Want the most for their 
money, and it must be good. 
That is why most of them smoke 


Sliced Plug Pipe Tobacco 

Fine aroma, easily handled, (in 
thin slices), gives a long, cool, 
delicious smoke. 

Does not bite the tonrue. 
Pocket aixe, tin box, 10c. 

Altor SHAVING nse 



Nothing else In ro soothing and 

so beneficial to iiii' .kin. 

Nothing cite li .0 


Refuse all substitutes. Man; 
are adulterated with active 


Insist on having 



The Standard 

for 00 V ™ > k . 

Lamont, Corliss 
.v Oo., Agotit«, 

78 lluil 8t.,N. V . 


Allen's Foot- Ease, a powder. It cures painful, 
smarting, nervous feet and Ingrowing nails, and In- 
stantly takes the sting out of corns and bunion.. It'. 
TO greatest comfort discovery of the age. Allen's 
root-Ease makes tight or now shoes feelCftBy. It Is 
a certain cure for sweating, callous, swollen, tired, 
aching feet. Try It to-any. Sold by all Druggists 
and shoe Stores. Dy mall for Mo. In stamps. 
Mm acopl anv mitnttnle. Trial paokiigeFUEK. 
Address Allen 8. Olmstoad, Lo Hoy, N. Y 


Send for Booklet, 

€. w. in a 1 1\ rant co. 


World of Players. 

James H. Bouhke, musical director, closed 
his fourth successful Bea.on, comprising 
nlnety-rlve weeks, with Chas. H. ItossKam'a 
Chicago Stock Co., at l'eeksklll, N. Y.. April 
27. After four weeks' vacation he will open 
with the above company at the International 
Theatre, Niagara {'alls, N. ¥., where the 
company will go Into stock for the Summer. 

Kknrst Siiu'man has re-engaged Alfred 
James for the role of the Jester. In the forth- 
coming revival of "Dorothy Vernon." The 
tour opened April 22, at the Academy of 
Music, Jersey City. 

Abthvr Seymour Is manager of Josop'a 
King's "East Lynne" Co., featuring Ger- 
trude Ardcu. The company report big busi- 
ness. Walter Morton Is manager of Mr. 
King's "East Lynne" Co., featuring Estelh! 

Notes from the Burton Stock Co., sup- 
porting Jeouetto Lester. — We wilt open the 
season at Salem, III., April '20. The company 
has been strengthened by several addition, 
since last season, and Is stronger this year 
than ever. We hold the best of reputations 
through Southern Illinois and Indiana, and 
the outlook Is bright for a long and prosper- 
ous season. The repertory Is all new, and 
we arc carrying special scenery for every 
bill. The company will be under the personal 
direction of C. Stockfeld. 

Veva M. Conway, musical director of "The 
Holy City" Co., under the management of 
i.e Comte & Flesher, closed a very profita- 
ble season of thirty-seven weeks, at Vnudalla, 
Mo., April 27, and will spend the Summer at 
her home, at Troy, Kan. 

Notes fiiom the Stewart Stock Co., pre- 
senting Harry B. Yard. — We will open our 
Summer season at Ogdensburg, N. Y., and 
will play the best New York and New Eng- 
land time. We open at Ogdensburg, May 27, 
and are booked solid. Tho repertory will In- 
clude: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "The 
Foundling," "Tho Favorite Son," "FrlendB," 
"The Brand of Cain," "The Banker's Fate," 
and several other of the latest successes. 

The Musical IIanbys have been engaged 
as ii vaudeville feature with Eleda Page Cox. 

ViniNA May has engaged Ceraldlne Russell 
for the role of Grace Badger, for the Summer 
tour of "Border Bess." 

D. A. Hbilman Is now doing advance work 
for North Bros.' Comedians, For the past 
thirty-six weeks Mr. Hellman has been ahead 
of the Jewell Kelley Stock Co., playing 
Southern time only. 

1'KOBIA, III'., Notb.— Stone Hill Garden 
opened for the Summer on March 11, with 
the strongest company that ever appeared 
at this resort. It has been doing a good 
business, considering the cool weather. Ros- 
ter • Frank Grave, proprietor jCarl J. Brick- 
ert. stage director; John Thobe, musical 
director; J. W. Carson, Frank It. Dare, 
I'mncis J. McCarthy, Nelson A. Lawrence, 
Hurry Langland, Uelalne Harte, Madge Car- 
sou, Crete Williams, Erna Steck and Mary 

The Taylor Stock Co. (H. W. Taylor, 
proprietor and manager), closed its sea- 
son of thirty-eight weeks at Bellalre, 0., Sat- 
urday, April 27. Manager Taylor reports a 
successful season. 

l iiEiiKinc W. Thompson has Just sold to 
J. C. Williamson, of Australia, the uetlni: 
rights of "Brewster's Millions,' 1 which will 
bo presented In all the principal cities of the 


We are still doing a good business In Iowa. 
We have four more weeks In Iowa, then play 
Missouri. Mr. llnerlng has Just purchased 
a new 03ft. round top, with a 40ft. middle 

glece, with scenery, etc., and will open bis 
ummer stock a. soon a. weather will per- 
mit. The past season for this company has 
been a good one, and all are looking forward 
with pleasure to the tenting season. The 
roster of company Is as follows: Edgar 
llaerlng, proprietor and manager; W. K. 
Mnxnui, business manager; Jack Brooks, 
l'uul Harland, Carter Edwards, Wm. Amann, 
Geo. Dolati, Will Sherry, Geo. Brockbolm, 
C. Murrey, Olga llaerlng, Maude Brooks, 
Edith Harlnnd, Emillne Mills. 

The Sisters La Tour, comediennes, having 
finished their season In vaudeville, have ac- 
cepted on engagement with the Wells-Dunne- 
Hnrlnn Co., to appear In their production of 
"Nancy Hanks," to play parts and do their 
specialty. They will go with the company 
for a tour of the South, opening at Norfolk, 
Vu.. April 22. 

Notes from the Locker. — We closed our 
road show, "A Kansas Sunflower," Feb 10. 
We had fine .business through Nebraska. 
Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Our stock 
engagement opened at the Grand, la loin, 
Kan,, Inst February. We opened with "The 
Princess of Patches," Jessie Mac Hall's sue- 

"JntHi from KF.nnv" Notes. — While play- 
ing at Lamar, Col., tho F. O. Eagles, of 
that city, gave this company a banquet and 
dance. In honor of the Eagle members of 
the company. It wus a glorious night for 
all concerned. 

Notes from tub DonA WoonnuFF Co. — 
Lew E. Harrington, agent, writes that this 
company ha. been breaking all records this 
season. At Marlon, I rid., week of April 8, 
at the Indiana Theatre, we showed to capa- 
city all the week, and at Champaign, 111., 
week of April 13, we played to S. It. O. 
every night On April 22 we played a return 
date at Logansport. Ind. Manager Johu 
Dowllng, of the Dowling Theatre, that city, 
pronounces this tbo best repertory company 
that has ever played hi. house. Dora Wood- 
ruff Is one of America's brightest soubrettes. 
and never falls to please ber audience.. We 
hare two more weeks in opera house., and 
then we go out under canvas. We will have 
one of the finest pavilion theatres on the 
rood, carrying a sixty-foot round top, with 
thirty and forty foot middle pieces, and will 
carry thirty people, a challenge band and 
orchestra, playing Southern Indiana and 
Illinois. We will open May 13, at Clinton, 

Kittanninq, I'a., Notes. — Two new opera 
houses ore now under way In Klttannlng. 
Two yenrs ago the Opera House was trans- 

formed Into nil apartment house, slnco which 
time the town has bid nothing but tent 
shows. The Immense skating rink of Wcyl- 

man & Shaukcl's will be transformed Into an 
opera house during the Summer, und be 
owned early In August. The stage will bo 
35x05 feet, and will accommodate the large.! 
scenery on the road. The first floor will be 
so arranged that the .cats can bo removed, 
nnd some used for conventions, dnnces, etc. 
A balcony nnd gallery will complete the 
house, which will scat 1,500. The other 
house Is to be erected by C. A. Itcplogle, for- 
merly proprietor of the Hotel Alexander. Ills 
house will bo an entirely new structure, and 
will .cot about 700. Work on same I. now 
under way, and the house will be opened as 
soon as completed. 

Tut: Ci.iri'omiH write that they nro An- 
Wilng n very successful seiison In vnuda- 
vllle, ami Muy 1 they will be lu llarnboo, 
Wl... to Join the Golluuir Bros. Shows. Mur- 
guorotlc, their throe year old daughter, mudo 
her debut week of April 13, at the Ihnplro 
Theatre, Mllford, Muss. 

t'AMt'Ki.i. ami CoI'hi.and write: "Wo have 
Just played a return engagement at tho Star 
Theatre, Chicago, where wc uindo such n 
lilt three weeks ago. We are more than 
pleased with the way our net ha. been 

TllH Vai.AD0.NH, sensational aerial cyclists 
nnd tight wlr« performers, report big suc- 
cess on the Keith circuit. They were at 

Huston week of April 22, with Philadelphia 
■>• will open In London, lung., 

■n piny 
on Michigan time, reports scoring a big lilt. 

to follow. They 
next January. 

Annum Bikiwmno, who has been playing 

Sid Fek.n writes tin will assume the man- 

- ngctnent of the Alhnmlirn Theatre, Atlantic 

Ududcvillc dtid ftliiisircl k^^x V'"r *hejVitig s" «io win™! 

Ds Witt Young, the "College Boy Jug- 

ind Vlirenrrv c .cencfv*frir u en^h"antf e'er." reports meeting with great success us 
Production 7he "Man In " WW!?" ap- *■•«*«• attraction with Miner's Amerlc.u. 

N ,a Y 

Ind., and will curr 

every uroduetlon. The "Man In White" ap> 
pears every Tuesday with this company, and 
everybody Is happy. 

Jack Ds Castillo has closed a season', 
engagement with tho "Black Spider" Co., and 
has joined the Heycr Comedy Co., for the 
Summer, making his fourth Summer engage- 
ment with that company. 

Notes from "Gay New York" Co. — Willo 
ylng it Harmanus Bleecker Hall, Albany, 
Y., Harry Emerson, tho comedian of the 
attraction, was given a pleasant surprise by 
tbo members of the orchestra. Just before 
Emerson sang his "Hlnky Dee" song, the 
leader, Jot. Grosclo, banded him a large 
bouquet, to which was attached a largo im- 
ported German stein, of the pretzel style. 
After the play, Mr. Emerson acted as host 
at a spread, which was enjoyed by the fol- 
lowing professionals : Manager Jos. Pet'ln- 
gill ; musical director, J. F. O.terbout ; Ollle 
Oinego and Mae Collier, of this company ; 
Messrs. J. Groscla, A. Groscla, Wm. Bacon, 
J. Donlon, W. Donlon and 10. M. Heckwlth, 
of the orchestra, and John Salt, chief clerk 
of Itenssclear, N. Y. 

Notes from Henderson Stock Co. — Lee 
Orleans and wife, who recently closed a suc- 
cessful season In vaudeville, have Joined this 
cnuipmy, and tbelr "Silence and Fun" act 
makes a big hit. Charles Ohltnyer, a popular 
song and dance comedian, closed recently, 
and left for Kockford, III., where he goes 
to manege an open air theatre for the Sum- 
mor. Ida Brown, a former character woman 
of this company, has returned to the com- 
pany for the Summer season, ltlcbard It. 
Henderson, our genial manager, received 
over a hundred answers to his recent Clip- 
per, "ad," and be is now arranging for 
his featuro team, as a result. Tbo roster I. 
as follows: W. J. and Richard It. Henderson, 
managers and owners; Ed. F, Feist, repre- 
sentative ; Eleanor Hardy, musical director ; 
i'Iiiih. It. Phipjis, Guy Beach, Geo. A. Law- 
rence. Cbas. Courtney, Lee Orleans, Edith 
I'rcttyman, Jane Griffith, Byrd Chambers, 
Ida Brown and Faith Gardner. 

Claudia White has completely recovered 
from an operation which confined ber In St. 
Joseph's Hospital for sixteen weeks. She Is 
now at her home at St. Joseph, Mo. 

Harry ('happm.i, writes that tbo Cboppcll- 
Wlnterboff Co., for the Summer season, will 
Include: Marlon Hyde, Marie Reel, Esther 
Hoggs, May R. Davis, Carl A. Wlntcrhoff, 
Tommy Hoyer, William Sancbe, Orrln Knox 
and Clyde Hess, under the management of 
Ilnrry Cbappell. The plays will Include: "A 
Soldier of tho Empire, "Tho Iron Master," 
"His Resignation,'' "Everybody's Friend," 
"Snow Ball," "Dad's Girl" and "The Mon- 
tana Outlaw." The season will open at Pitts- 
burg. Kan., Mny 20. 

Joseph Abrahams will star In a new piece 
next season, entitled "Tho Scalper." It was 
written by Stevo Sarsneld, nnd will be staged 
by Charlie Has., Tho company will open 
on or about Aug. 26, with all special scenery, 
and will be routed by Messrs. Randolph and 

Price and Botler closed their first season 
with their own company at Greenfield, 0., 
April 27. The company has remained Intact 
ever since the opening, last Fall. The roster 
included: Josephine Worth, leading woman; 
Lotta Chace, heavies; Anna Thornton, sou- 
brette and ingenue ; Cordn Hughes, musical 
director : Fred G. Esrle, heavies; Henry Pear- 
son, Bnm'l B. Price. Robert Gray, Bert Car- 
penter, Robert Boebme, Wm. G. Price and 
George Butler. 

Haii:iy Emerson, principal comedian of 
"Gay New York" Co., was presented with a 
stein by the orchestra, at Harmanus Bleecker 
Hall, Friday night, April 10. 

Burlesque Co. He sails for England In June, 
to open on tho Mobs tour. 

Roy O. Myekh, musical director, with the 
Murrny-Mackey Western Co., writes that he 
closed a very pleasant and successful sen- 
sou at Wtlkcs-Ilarrc, Pa., April 27. Ho will 
open with an orchestra of seven pieces at 
Olympic Park, Chattanooga, Tcun., Mny 0, 
where high class vaudeville will be the policy 

Zaiitoi.u, mental telepathlst, write. : "1 am 
a featuro with the Vurplllnt Medicine Co. 
We have two weeks more, then we close and 
open our Summer season at Wnterbury, 
Conn. Wo will carry about thirty-seven peo- 
ple, Including the band and orchestra. I am 
booked solid. 

Roster of iiaiuiy Ward's 
Ing Lost after an extended tour of tho far 
West: Harry Ward, N. W. Ward, George 
Manvro, Muster Carl Fletcbflr, Leroy Alex- 
ander, Many Brown, C. Galbralth, Allen Sum- 
mers, lla.-iv Felling, Fred Cook, Geo. Clinton, 
the Columbian Comedy Four, Chas. Curott, 
Vic Graham, W. K. Krnmer. Harry Kramer, 
Ld. Doyle, R. Hollowed, Elmer Pierce, Ed. 
Andrews, C. Cameron, Ed. Stltiel, and F, C. 
Whitney, In advance. The company goes 
under canvas May 2. 

Hrmain Stuart and Pearl Turner bar. 
Joined hnnilH again, after n separation of 
eight months. They aro booked solid until 
April, 1008. opening on tho Sulllvnn & Con- 
sldlnc circuit early In October. 

Tim Heim Chiuhibn havo Just finished the 
Nash circuit, being tho feature on every hill 
nnd huvlng worked solid almost three your. 
for tho International Theatre Co., under the 
uianugemcnt of Crls. 0. Brown. 

Miih. John J. Cobubtt, of Corbett and For- 
rester, who has been laid up for aomo weeks 
with typhoM fever and peritonitis, says sho 
will not be able to re.umo work for at leust 
two years. John J. Corbett will work single. 
Mrs. Corbett If at Toledo. 

Geo. F. Wilson Informs us that be closed 
with Clu.1t . Jersey Lilies Co., Saturday, 
April 18, at New Orleans, La., after a very 
successful season, and opened for tho Western 
Vaudeville Association April 18. at Decatur, 
III., not loung one day. He savs : "My act, 
a Gorinno comedy playlet, 'A Thanksgiving, In which I am assisted by my wife, 
Camilla Da Monvtlle, bos never proven any- 
thing but a success." 

Chas. (Ahiiib) Allman, who closed with 
Beach & Dawns' Minstrel., April 2, Joined 
Armln Player., for two weeks, as a vaude- 
ville feature. He then opened at Parsons, 
Kan., April 22. 

Walt M. Hydi writes that he ha. en- 

f raged tho following people to support him 
n hi. pastoral playlet, entitled "The Min- 
ister. Why?" It Is In three scenes, with all 
special .cenrry and electric effects. Harold 
J. Itehlll plnys the title rolo, while Mahlc 
Conawuy Is the Ingenue. Miss Conaway Is 
an accomplished contralto and pianist. The 
act Is now being rehearsed, and will be pro- 
duced in Now York at an early date. 

Susin Goopwin and May Howard, while 
playing at Peoria. III., wcro iniide honorable 
member, of tbo T. If, A., Local No. 4*3, on 
April 14, 

Wm. I. Fi.aoo Is to have complete charge 
of the Wildwood Crest I'lcr Opera Co., at 
Wlldwood, X. J., this season. He Intends 
putting In a company of thirty-five singers, 
and sny»: "From the present Indications I 
think my ruccess here will far surpass all 
previous records." 

iiaiuiy and Mat Howard aro resting for 
several weeks at I'corln, III. 

Kuobnk Pippin state, that bo did his last 
female specialty on April 12, and In the 
future will do only bis mustcal novelties, and 
play the piano. 





Woman and Song Co.'. run at tho New 
Circle Theatre, New York City. Ho also 
sintcH that ull booking, will be made direct, 
and tho opening on or iibuut June I. 

Chas. and Jiinki'ih.nb Summers report 
meeting with hlg success, bonked by tho 
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association. 

Huoiirs and llnows drive nut Hcparnted, 
as was reported, but have signed lo play 
forty-two week, of vaudeville time, commenc- 
ing Mny 27. 

Jack Momiihii, n performer, formerly of 
the Dreamland Skating Itlnli, nt Glubo, Ariz.. 
Is dangerously 111 In Sac City, In., and would 
tlko to hear from friends. 

Phaiil JO, La Hum ami Maiuiuiiith T.aihi- 
ELLA aro demonstrating for tho iiloliu Music 
Co., at Atlantic ICty, N. J. They hnvo Joined 
hands, nnd will be seen In their new net In 
the Full, entitled "Demonstrating." 

Maiiik Uo.hi! I. Ill nt her mother's homo In 
Stnfen Island, N. V., und hits been obliged 
to cancel nil dates. Mho Is suffering from 

Mil. AND MRS. Maury IIouc'l.Rlin (.Mildred 
and lioncicro), nnd their two children, nro 
enjoying a few week.' rost nt Atlantic City, 
N. .1. They return to Kldgrwoud, N. J., about 
M'l.V 1, when) th-y oiitiiluct the Hotel lion. 
cloro for the Hiimer. Their ronil season upon. 

Oct. 7, I I'ho Flight of Princes Iris." 

They nre fully booked In tho Kluw & Er- 
lunger nnd Julius Cnhn'. theatres. 

Wu Ai'K.vowi.niKiB nil Invitation to he 
present nt the opening perfoi'iniinees uf the 
HIJou Amusement Co, . new theatre, nt Ra- 
cine, Wis., Monday evening, April 22. Messrs. 
Cnmphell A iMuforth <iro Die inniiageiH. 

Guy linos.' Minhthhi.s played Curthngc, 
Mo., April IN, to n rapacity house. 

Al.t.HN and Dai.H appealed. April 10, at 
the Y. M. C. A.. Morrlstown, N. J., with their 
comedy musical uct, which wns the feature 
act of tho entertainment, under the direc- 
tion of Walter Wudc. 

Lillian Smith, who hits tnken the ploce 
of Geo. v. Curroll'. former lody partner. In 
hi. net. "MiNulty nnd the Spurting Dutch- 
ess," played a return dale with Mr. Carroll, 
nt Tony Pastor's Theatre, April 22. Tho 
lenin report huvlng won n decided lilt. They 
are known ns Carroll and lloylo. 

IIi.anciiaiio Biiotiimiis. after a prosperous 
vaudeville season, hnvo joined J. W. Vogel's 
Hlg City Minstrel, for tbo rust uf tho season. 
After closing with the show thoy will go 
East, und play In Summer parks. 

I.niTiH MEANBl will shortly produce her 
new sketch, entitled "The iiowory Hud." She 
will be supported by Jos. J. llannwny, for- 
merly of tho Lltt and Dlngwull force*. 

I'm; IIiiaiii-uiiiih, colored singers und danc- 
ers, who hnvo been appearing for tho past 
season ns n special vaudeville featuro with 
llii! Illnunelulti Ideals, will open tholr vaude- 
ville time week of May 0, at the Bnyonne 
Divnlru, lluyonno, N. J., losing only one 
week. They have plenty of good tltuo lo 

KOMI Martin, formerly of Martin and 
Lonsdale, or anyone knowing his whereabouts, 
I* requested to communicate with Ed. Mar- 
tin, nt the Mountain Vlow Hotel, Hamilton, 
Out, Ciuiaila. 

I »♦ 

Unite.— At tho Ilroadwoy (J. K, Hosier, 
iimniigiT) "tjle Olson" draw h good house 
April 2U. "The Free Lnnco" bad rapacity 
business 27, 28. 

Grand Oi-hiia Houne (Dick P. Button, 
iiiniiagor).— Week of 21, the Lulu Sutton Co., 
In "J'ho Henrt of the Klondykc," hud well 
paying houses. The vaudeville numbers In- 
ruileif: Harry Lu Hallo, "King of Clubs;" 
J eddy Duffy, Illustrated songs and tho mov 
ing pictures. 

Family Of, Nel.onla, manager). — Week of 
April 21 : Tho Four Masons, Jns. nnd Sadie 
Leonard and Richard Anderson, the Lutu 
Brothers, Cnptnln Henry. Dclinoro and Dor- 
roll, Mabel Hudson, Walter Jeffry, Iho blind 
vocnllst, nnd tho motion pictures. 

Note. — The Fninlly Thontrn building hern 
wn* partially destroyed by firo on April 18. 
Hi" audience wn. dismissed with no trouble, 
mid no one wus hurt. Manager Nelsonln's 
llro drill was largely responsible for this. The 
vaudeville showed at the Rrnnilwny for a few 



performances, opening at tbo Family ■gain 
Hundiiv night, without missing a show. While 
the building wns bnilly damaged. It wn. found 

that tho theatre portion suffered but little. 
♦ »♦ 

Hiuitli MeAlPNler. — At Iho Lnngsdalo 
Operu House (A. Hert Estes, malinger) tlext- 
Law Stock Co. April 22-2-1. 

Lyric (CIuih. K. Hodklns, director).— Rill 
week of April 22: J. H. Shaw, In Illustrated 
songs; llollnnd nnd Vernon, and Lyrlcscope. 

Notb. — Gentry Bros.' Circus gave two per- 
formances, IS, to lurgc audiences. 



May 4. 


Ottr Nn 



:i-c»uir itt'j wear longer, cost less for re- 
pair! and a re more popular with akater*. 
Information and catalogue* frit. 

<nt mnmutL wihhlow skmte mra. co., 

tfakm of let and Kelltr SkaUt t 

wtmumrtH, mnam. 

1. 1. mitt. If III— II at. >.MKi ancf . I lmh uh. it. 

music ana Sm 

Foou JOS. Stmn & Co. — Loulf Mann's sue- 
ccm la hla latest musical comedy, "The White 
Hen," la to i great extent due to the book 
and lyrlci of tbli production, tbe former 
being provided by ilodcrtca* C Penfleld, and 
the lyrics by Paul West. The entire muilc 1* 
by Gustavo Kerker, who seems to write what 
the public want, and who bag composed for 
this production melodies that will live and 
will be sung In many climes. There Is an 
Irresistible swing to his waltz song, "That's 
Why the Danube Was lllue." The melody he 
has supplied for "At Last We're All Alone," Is 
so perfectly Sued, that the words and music 
form a most happy combination. Tbe little 
love song, "Edelweiss." Is conceded to be tbe 
prettiest number of the better class produced 
lu any musical show since the days of 
"Violets." Iteeves and Halley are meeting 
with great success on tbe western circuit, 
featuring the great Irish number, "Pretty 
Peggy," and "l like a Little Loving Now and 
Thou." Carter and Uluford, playing the 
Keith & Proctor circuit, are scoring a big hit 
with "I Like a Little Lovlug Now and Then, 
and "Southern Olrl," the new march pong, 
by Bryan and Solman. The Texaa Steer 
Quartette, with "The Four Corners of the 
Karth" Co., are featuring four of the good 
ones from the "House of Hits." entitled 
"Broncho Buster Jim." the catchy cowboy 
song; "Southern Olrl,'* the big march song: 
"Down Where the I'asslon Flowers Bloom. 
a love ballad, and 8. K. Henry's great child 
song, "We Have No One to Care for Va 
Now." Dorothy Drew Is featuring 'W h 
You In Eternity" and "Southern Olrl, with 
great success, on the Keith * Proctor circuit, 
lienaro and Bailey are meeting with tre- 
meudous access. with "Find Another Tree 
to Itulld lour Nest" and "I Like ft Little 
Loving Now and Then." On top of the 
ciltlclfms In tbe New Haven papery extract, 
from the Boston press would jnd oate that 
Staiige and De Kovon's new fantastic musical 
plav, "The Snowman," Is quite the biggeat 
auccess that De Kovcn sn3 his MtMffl* 
J»n W Stern & Co., have ever struck. The 
piece wa , reviewed at great length In all the 
papVrs AH the prlncfpal numbers are pub- 
lished, and a beautiful score Is now In mew 
and promised by Stern & Co., In about a fort- 


—Edith Helena, the American soprano, 
uossesslng the great vocal range, has been 
SeSnf audiences, singing for ***** 
nig number "The Nightingale." Lillian D. 
Lee late of the Joe Weber Co., who has gone 
into vaudeville. Is sinking with .great success, 
"I'd Like to Know Your AddreBB and Your 
Name/' and "Let's Hold IlnadB in the Moon- 
Uijht, Marv." Victor Vftmont wrote us thst 
•^omewlie^" nnd "Just One Word of Como- 
iHtlou" are the biggest hits of bis life. Mr. 
Vamont Is fast .becoming popular ■■ ht 
possesses a wonderful voice. 1 .. u *, b *L w V. 
llanw, late of "The Student King Co.. Ii 
nbiut to make her debut In. vaudeville, 
ud ItB introduce Mr. Harris, now ballad 
"Just Because I Love You So. ine siiaes 
Pre now ready for the "Best Thing In Life. ' 
No t'eVrtoYy Is comnlete without a Hsrrti 
song Diamond and Smith, song MmstTfttfttS, 
cannot say too much n praise of OlIM 
nud slides of the "BeBt Thing In Lite. 
Frunklyn Wallaco has introduced Mr. Har- 
i-Ih' new ballad, "Just Because I Love You 
So" This song will sweep the country as 
It Is the kind oi n wmg singers love to sing, 
either In. concert, minstrels or on the vaude- 
vile stage Harry Henry, baritone, la meet- 
7*8$ success featuring "The Best Thing 
In. Life,'; "Somewhere" aud "Dreaming, Love. 


—"San Antonio," the new cowboy song, by 
Williams and Van Alstyne, has proven one of 

hi quickest, enslost hits ever published by 
i« house Every day br ngs enthusiastic 

epurt, Tom VhT W be«lff M rs wljo are 
featuring this popular numl)er. Among the 
many nets who feature "San Antonio are . 
Mnvnio Kemlngton nnd ,'>« D, 2 M Vt.X55 
Lew, Iloberts. Ilnyes nnd Roberts, Murphy 
and Andrews, Bonlta, with the Wine Woman 
mid Song Co. : the Two MngB, the Six Musi- 
cal Cuttys, Spook Minstrels. Wffifcnl 
many others. The new coon Bong. ' He Never 
Km Raid Good Bye," by A . Gumble and 
Have Clarko, la n coon song hit. MIUs ana 
Morris, the Female Minstrels, the Nichols 
Sisters, the Baileys. Harry Sliunk. wtti ithw 
Al O. Field Minstrels, nnd many other promi- 
nent acta have put this song In their reper- 
tory. "The Tale the Church BeHs Tolled." 
the new Williams and Van AlBtyne ballad, Is 
bolus featured by ballad singers In vaude- 
ville and burlesque, as well as the many stock 
companies. "The Tale the Church Bells 
Tolled" la strictly n "story" song, set to beau- 
tiful melody, and one of our singers- writes 
us: "You could hear a plu drop when we 
finished the necoud choruB, bo closely MW 
audience follow each word." The Qua*" 
Cltv Quartette, Century Comedy Four, the 
Young American Quintette, are a few of the 
many acts using this number with marked 
"uccess "SomevWs Waiting for You." he 
waltz song success, by Al. Oumble. continues 
to bn an encore winner for the mnny people 
who have put the soug on Prominent nmong 
those arc: Mitchell and Cain, Jules Misfit, 
with the Kstello Wordette company, In vaude- 
ville : Dorothy Kent, with "Old Isaacs from 
the llowerv :' r Chnrlotte Havcnscrpft, James 
McCool. with the Dumont Minstrels; Russell 
nnd Held, and many others. 

From this F. ft. HAViLANn Pub. Co.— 
Vllllers nnd Lee are using "Arrah Wanna, 
"Nobody's Little Olrl" and "Loving Time 
Donovan nnd Arnold, Flemnn and Miller, 
Fitzgerald and Ollrtny, nnd Lillian Tyce re- 
port grcnt success with Morse and Drlslane « 
l.lg song hit. "Arrah Wanna." Virginia Ty- 
son Is fcmurlng "Arrah Wanna' during her 
vaudeville tour : so Is Viola Van Ordler and 
VA. Boyd. Wood, Stone and Coal are sing- 
ing "Mavbe Sometime." Among the new 
publlcnllons from the F. B. Hnvllsnd Pub. 
t'o ire: "Loving Time," "It's Great to Be s 
Soidlor Man," "Arrah Wnnnn." "Maybe Some- 
time" nnd "Nobody's Little Girl?' all by 
Morse and Drlslane, nnd a few of the per- 
formers itslne litem ore : The Bell Trio, the 
lingers, Frank Boss, nnd Dalton and Allen. 
.Inmes Robinson Is singing "Nobody s Little 
Olrl." a new imby song, by Drlslane and 
Morse. Alice Jennings Is singing "Arrnh 
Wnnnn." with slides. The Clarence Sisters pro 
rehearsing "Won't Yon Be My Honey? Mini; 
fred Stewart Is featuring "Arrnh Wanna. 
Ed Joyco continues to meet with hmcni 
singing "Arrah Wnnnn." "Loving Time. 
"It's Great to He n Soldier Man." "Nobody's 
Little Girl." "Won't Yon Be .My Honey? 
"isle of Dlng-a-LIng" nnd "Mnybc Some- 
time." Kitty Morris writes us Hint "Nobody s 
Little Olrl" anil "Arrnh Wanna arc the song 
hits of her not. 


Bongs My Mother Used to Sing," which is 
one of the great song hits of the year, ll 
going bigger than ever, and every day In- 
creased demands for It are received by ths 
Wltmark House. John Baxter, who la ■ 
favorite singer of illustrated songs, writes 
from Youngstown, O. : " "Those Bongs My 
Mother Used to Sing' Is the biggest success 
I have had In weeks." The big mlnlstrsls, 
given by tbe Wabash Athletic Association, 
at Wabash, Ind., offered a programme of va- 
ried and Interesting character recently. Ths 
opening overture, given by the entire com- 
pany, was a rousing number, and the con- 
cluding solo, "The Rose and the Violet," 
received a full quota of applause and appre- 
ciation. The Wltmark House has recently 
published a rollicking song, which did not 
have to wait to become popular. It I* "Roll 
Along," the great skating song. The com- 
posers of "Roll Along" are Harry B. Smith 
and Max Hoffman. Eleanor Kent will appear 
In a new act featuring the Wltmark songs: 
"Those Songs My Mother Used to Sing," 
"Invitations and "My Dear." Thelse's 
Harmonists, In the "Wine, Woman and Song" 
Co., at the Circle Theatre, are making good 
with "I'd Like, and I Would Die for You," 
'Smile On Me." "I Slug as I Sail with the 
Ilolllcklng Gale" and "My Dear." The 
Ileardsley Sisters are singing "Carlsslma," 
"Moon Dear" and "Won't xou Be My Sum- 
mer Girl." The Casino Comedy Four are 
using a specialty song which takes finely, 
"Where the Swallows Build Their Nest" In 
"The Tattoed Man," which Is having a New 
York run, the music Is distinctively en- 
dowed with the Victor Herbert spirit, 
which means that the subject Is thoroughly 
exemplified In tbe music. One of the most 
fetching songs of Iho production Is "Th« 
Benutlful Land of Dreams," while "Tbe Lily 
and the Rose," "Things We are Not Supposed 
to Know," "Watch the Professor," "The Kit- 
ten that Couldn't Be Good," "Sleep, Sublime 
and Perfect Poet," "There's Just One Olrl 
I'd Like to Marry" and "Galloping, Galloping 
Over the Desert, I Ride," are the numbers 
that have met with decided success. The firm 
of M. Wltmark & Sons are the publishers of 
"The Grand Mogul," and also of all of Fix- 
ley & Luder's productions. Pierce and Mal- 
ice are making good with the new version of 
"Smile On Me." The Bachelor Club Co. are 
meeting with continued success in "Star of 
My Life" and "Cupid Is the Captain of tbe 
Army." Helen Vincent Is making a specialty 
of "Love Me and the World Is Mine," and 
states that not in years has any song seemed 
to reach the hearts of the people Tike this 
Wltmark favorite. Anita Bonamour, Jennie 
Edwards and May Morgan are also specializ- 
ing this song. Felix and Barry, In "Smile 
On Me," which Is one of the ballad hits 
of the year, state their act continues to 
grow more popular with each succeeding day. 

New Songs from the Qua Edwards Pub. 
Co. — Conlln and Hastings scored one of the 
hits of the bill recently, at Pastor's, with 
Gua Edwards's famous Irish march song, 
"Karwell Klllarney ;'* and Lew Edwards' 
novel duet, "You Can't Give Your Heart to 
Somebody Else," which tbey claim are the 
best songs they have ever used. Nan Ryan, 
of the Ryan Sisters, with Weber & Rush's 
Parisian' Widows Co., are making a hit with 
"Farewell Klllarney." Max Witt's Colleens, 
who are touring the Poll circuit, report suc- 
cess with that king of all march Bongs, 
"Farewel Klllarney." They have the au- 
dience whistling the chorus In every town 
thoy play. Harry Ellis, of "The Quartette," 
wired that ho never had as big a hit as 
"Farewell Klllarney," In ail his career. The 
Quartette are obliged to encore the song 
half a dozen times. This song is deBtlned 
to become ths biggeat bit the House Melodi- 
ous has turned out. 

Notes rnnii tits Popular Music Co., 
Chicago. — We continue to be successful In 
selecting gome winning numbers. "Simple 
Little Mary Ann," Flo Adler's favorite song. 
is predicted to make a national bit. "Tell 
Them I'm the Same Old Johnny," has won 
i host of friends, considering Its short time 
before the public. 

A petition in bankruptcy has been filed 
ngnlnst Sol Bloom, dealing In phonographs 
and records, at S East Forty-second Street, 
by these creditors: William H. Pcnn, $3,000 
royalties an songs ; Lee Hechhelmer, $1,278 
money loaned, and Railway Advertising Co., 
ST7S for advertising. Judge Hough appoint- 
ed Eugene N. Robinson receiver, with a bond 
of $.1,000. Tbe liabilities are $20,000, and 
tbe assets are estimated at $8,000. 

"Comb Back My Kvelts" Is the title of 
a new publication Issued by the Magbee Music 
Tub. Co. 



6th Ave., bet. 271b and 28th Sis., New York. 




Folding portable telescope organs, baby grand 

f ilanos, 2.400 folding chairs, folding torches, Baker 
Ights, Kidd lights, black tents, pillows, blankets 
cots, cleutrlc piano, spring motor piano, opera 
chairs; 40xiw, 40x80, Wxso, also larger and smaller 
R. H. ARMBRU8TER, Bprlngueld, llllnola, 


queers coram iocket club. 


L. I. B. B„ 34th St. ferry. 




■With lirooklyn, Piny 3, 4, O, 7. 
With Pltmlmrg, May 8, W, 10, 11. 

A Tooth for a Tooth 

If there is one member of the 
human system that will pay you 
back in full measure for all the 
injury done it, it is the teeth. 
Neglect is not worse than experi- 
menting with unknown, untried and 
worthless Dentifrices. Either will 
hasten the day of your bitter regret. 
Sozodont is the friend of the teeth, 
and is an essential in millions of 
homes in all parts of the world. 
Stand by Sozodont, and your teeth 
will stand by you. 

' Three forms 

Liquid Powder Paste 




6th Ave. and 20th St., New York. 




Theatrical Catalogue 
Mailed Free Upon 

Can FltOnt Com- 
panies Witliout 
Any Delay. 



But for a Dollar and a Half 

You Can Own a 

Star Safety Razor, 

The Headliner of Safety Razors. 

It Fits in Your Make-up Box. 

It is Simple in Construction, 

It Is Reliable in Its Work. 

Shave When You Like. 

If You Want a Clean, Velvet and 

Perfect Shave, Use the 

Star Safety Razor. 

Sold Everywhere by Dealers, or 

Kampfe Brothers, Manufacturers, 

Ten Reade StreeL. New York City. 

Money Back If Not Pleaded. 

United Stat** Ttmt Sid AwsUi Co., 

Randolph snd Union Stmts, CHICAGO, 111. 

SMnme red HEimur 

Thia Silety Lcck ra.'.et 
UW lr..el.r perfect V ••!• 
Ill Mr room. AttftcKod io> 
•laallytoanrdMr. Weigh. 
/ om Ol. Should |fj la In* 
pocket al titrf trtveliag 
etftnoa the road. 
Sari SOc Is ihsspi far est. 
LOCK CO, EnniiMi, W 
4<j urn wanss 


Ess; to get at everything with- 
out disturbing anything. No 

fatigue In packing and unpack- 
ing. Light, strong, roomy 
drawers. Holds as much and 
costs no more than a good 
box triiiik. Hand riveted; 
strongest trunk made. In 
small room eerves as chiffonier; 
0. O. 1). with privilege of ex- 
amination. 2c. stamp for cata- 
log. F. A. STALLUAN, 
86 W. Spring St., Oolumbua, 0. 



Twenty years' experience In getting up produc- 
tions—stock. Studio, Itoad or Contract, 
LOUIS DA VIS, 210 Russell St., Nashville, Tcnn. 


Theatrical Lawyers, 


Magic Lists ot Tricks, 10c. None Free. 

The Devil's Own Trick, SOc. Only N. E. Agent for 
Magic, Wizard. Magician, 15oench. 

W. H. LBItDV. 1U3 Court St.. llostnn. Mass. 


ELW 144 LA SALLE ST. «=2L 


TOUPKE8. Paint, Powder. Stamp for prloo list. 
O. SOUINDUKLM, 118 W. SMh St., New York. 

Experienced In all lines. 


W, II 1-OLI.I1T, 

■Mi. 1 , K. Commerce St., San Antonln, Texas. 


BLACK TENTS Oar Specialty. 



Poles and Stakes, SEATS, Flagi, Etc. 



W * «1 W. Washington St, OHIOAOO, ILL. 




- 5£A50N5MJ/TS 

7/8 W/LLOmS 


Large Stock 80ft. and Under 

New and Second Hand. Write 



Successors to the T. W. Noble Co,, Tent Dept, 

Detroit Bag and Mfg. Co., Detroit. Mich. 

SUkoltna Tlzhu, tn.ou; Wonted 
Tights, ja.OOi Cotton Tlghta, 
ll.VOt Silk lights, from $'a.95 up; 

*htrta to match, all itnt price 
as tlghta) Putnpa »6 cents: Gait- 
era, il.OO: Elastic Supporter*, 
•l.UO; Cloth Supporters !•& cents. 
Send for catalogue and aamplos 
of tights, freo. Positively a de~ 
poalt required. Satisfaction guaran- 
teed or money refunded. SP10ER BROS. 
M Woodbine Street, Brooklyn. N.T.; New 
York Office, Lincoln Bldg., 1 Union Sq. 



^-asR of Theatrical 
A. — *»« BhV Boota & Shoea 

£gf$e%0?4&S& clog 

^V .a^fc'-'^tliW,- ■?? B ALLET 

■W^ dmfnSOPm WW [SHOES a spe- 
M \mW^^^a\W clalt 7- All work 

^U muT kWW made at short 

^•*aa»wa»»W ^""*^ notice. 

203 W. 23d St., New York. Tel. loo Chelsea. 



A fow bargains In Films, Song 
Slides, Stereoptleona. Mowing 
Picture Machines, Etc. 

I UTT7 301 E. Mi STREET, 

flie Magical Apparatus, 

Grand End of Century, fnllt 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA- 
LOGUE, Me., free by mail 
Oatalogoe ot Parlor triekB tret 

49a sixth Are., N. T. 


One 60ft. Sceiery Car, S350 
One 60ft. Scenery Oar, $450 
One 60ft. Flat Oar • • $550 

Cars stored and repaired. 
N. J. CAR WORKS, Passaic, N. 3. 


00,000 feet of Films at genuine bargain prices. 
Large lot of pose and serpentine slides, richly col- 
ored and blocked out; comic, lecture, advertising 
and miscellaneous slides ot every description at a 
very low price. Send for lists. 

C. L. HULL A CO., 
S09 East S7th St., Near Jackson Park, Chicago, ill. 



We have made the rare ot Blood Poison a I 
specialty. Wood Poison Permanently Cured. I 
You can be treated at home under same 
guaranty. Ca,.l(al 1500,000. W.i solicit the 
moat obstinate cases. If you have ex- 
hausted the old methods • f treatment and 
still have nclies and pnlus, Hncns l J at<:hee In 
Mouth, Sore Throat, Pimples, Copper-Colored I 
Spots, U'cors on any part of tho body, Har ( 
or Kyebrowg fa'Ung ont. write tor t>ro?fa o: 1 
onres- 100-page Book g'-se 


HI) Miiir >'■ • »m >a Osnsoo I ■ ■. . u ,S » 





And make rod a fortune. If yon have a 
SONG or BOOK tbat Is worth anything, 
70a should copyright It. Don't take 
chances wben you can secure our serr- 
Icesat small cost. Scndfor onr SPICiAL 
OfftiJ TO INVENTOflS before applTing for 
a patent, it will pay you. nAMfBOOK on 
pattntt jentfWZ. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not. FREE. We incorporate 
Consult us. 


Ci'smlli Copyright A Palest Ca. lac, 

*XS*WGT0N, D. C 




Miniature Railroads for Park., Summer Retorts, etc. 

The Oreatest Money (lakers and 
best Attraction In the World. 

No Park complete without them, earning $1500 
in aix days. With proper care, will last 15 yean. 
Bind roa Catalocub. 

Every Train a 
Two-Hour Train 

From 7 a.m. tot p.m. 

Train Every Hour 
on tho Hour 

Leave W. SW St. 10 minutes before the hoar 


f ■vooBswui |» T ° DU (tSQ SERVICE' 



And All Others 

Stc! fsr UTUOS. Mcollsa KM fflilca 

Special Attention Clvto the Prolession 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 S. CLARK ST. 



KumouaTnea trica! 



Bet. 28th and'2SttiSts. 

new yoKK* crry. 
Best of Food, Perfect- 
ly Cooked, Dellciously 
Served. Prices rea- 
sonable. Special Din- 
ing Room for Ladles. 

V*' LVesignS ;:*" 



Chemical E.ngravi/ng(o. 

18'-" 20 0AKSlPltT, t «c5^.°c«v S t 

8. 81.25 Per Pound. 


Cotton Tlfthts, pair 11.00 

Worsted Tlghta, pair 3-00 

Plaited suit Tights, pair »0 

Beat Silk Tights,! 800 

9 Inch cotton tops,|" 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and silver Trimmings. 
Send Deposit and ronte with order. 

tST Washington Ht-. Boa ton. Mass 


All kinds— the cheapest and best trunk scenery In 
339 Sycamore St., Columbus, Ohio. 



B. and O. PEOPLE 

That double stage; Good Stock People that do 
Specialties. Long, sure season; Slake Summer 
salary low; Pay own hotel. All week stands. Ad- 
dress or call HARRY SOUTHERLAN'D, 
76 Plymouth Place, Chicago, Illinois. 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter what yon want In tbat line I can 
supply It. New or second hand. Send for 
catalogue. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

833 Sosth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



(.'lmnBO for ten days. Salary sure. State nil 
Ilrst letter. Alt. Dougherty, write. Address 

Lock T.ox 77. Wnterbnry. Conn. 


For Piano, Band and Orchestra, w. H. NELSON 
53 West.-Mth Street. Ne# York. 


ATTORNEY, U68 Broadway, New York City. 

May 4. 



Uandepille Route Cist. 

Bnajka * Clark. Lyric. ClareUud, 20-4. 
Brugkii ft Jcanctte, Family, York. Pa.. 29-4. 
Browu * Wlloiot. Majestic, Houston, Tex., 29-4; 

Ft. Worth, 0-11, 

De Holllx • Valors, Esyraarket, Chicago, 201. (Jonlun. Laurence. Howard, Hunllnglun, W. Vu.. Ln N»l<> Mim«.. O. H.. Wuonsucket, II. I.. 29-4 

2«F , 5i r iiTr«. Mil*'!' *ic»aa»»ny 
Hooking leut n». 

»WI «s> r rciUfi wiuiivuui, 41 vn vin«»ri 

Forest Park Highlands. St. Louis. 13 IS. 
Droa-itlmr. Arthur, BIJoo. Muskegon, Mich., 29-1 ; Dlxoo. Bowers A Dixon, Lyric. Danville, HI 

Lansing. 0-11. 
Brown, Harris ft Browu, Keith's, Utlca, N. Y 

Dutrars Dutrs. Academy, cumisrrlkiid. aw., 20-4. 29-4; Uraml, Newport, Ky., C-11. 

Do Bnti, Cuunt, ft Bio., Orpbeum, New Urinous, tlrreno ft Werner, ■• MM St., Phlla.. 39-4. 

20-1. Orient, Clirla, Family, Chester. Pa., SIM. 

PHI ft Ward, Kelth'a, Cleveland, 20-4. Green Bros.. Orptioum, Reading, l'o„ 20 4. 

Dillon, Win. A., Patcrsou, X J.. 29-4. Grossman. Hurry. A. ft »., Bnaton, 311-4. 

Dillon Broil.. K. ft P.. Jersey Ctly. N. J., 20-4. tlrnyoe, Mnrgurot. Mlspah. Ottawa, III., 20-4. 

Dixon ft Fields. Orpheum. New Orleans. 20 4 ; Gray A Grausm. Dewey. Minneapolis, 20-4 1 

' Dominion, Wlnnepeu, Can., (III. 

4; Olympic Park, Chattanooga. Tcuu.. oil. 

Diamond ft Smith, SSrti St., X. T. C, 2V-4. 

Don ft Thompson. Columbia, St. Louis. 20-4. 


20- Graham ft Randull. Gotham. N. Y O., 20-4 

Lancaster. Turn, Crystal, 8t. Jowb, Mo., 20-1 . 
Lumbert ft Williams, Family, Chester, Pa.. 28-11. 
I.n Bunt ft Uvcmon. Orpbeum. LeaTeuworth, Kan., 

20-4: Family, Davenport, la.. 0-11. 
I.. 1 Veen ft Crusa. Keith's, Columbus, 0., 20-4. 
I. [Hubert, Maud, tl. (1. II.. Pittsburg. 20-4. 
Lnhakant. The, Columbia, St. Lonls, 20-4; 0. 0. 

II., lutllnnauulls. 0-1 1. 
I.akola. narry. Orphlum, Lima,, 0., 20-4. 

Gross. Win.. Dehnar Garden, Oklahoma City, Laurent, "Lent, llljou. (Julncy, III.. 29-4 

"inelin." BIJoa, Plqaa. O.. 20-4. 

AdaSw * Mack. 125th St.. K. T. C. 29-4. 

lljms A White. Lyric, Ml tie Rock, Art, 29 4; 

Wrist's. Peoria, 111.. 0-11. 
Adams. E. KIrke, ft Co., Auditorium, Norfolk, Va.. 


Adams, Mistical. ValentUre. Toledo. 0.. 29-1; 

Part, Wheeling. W. Va., 1218. 
Aiuust Lonlae, A Co., Orpbeom, Lot Angeles, Cal., 


Donobue ft Nlcboli. Temple. Detroit. 39-4. 
Donalds, Peter ft Nettle, Auditorium, Lynn, Maaa., 

Donovan, Fanule. Orpbeum, Lima, ().. 29-4. 
Bnsch, Johnnie. Trio. Crystal. Kokomo, Ind., 20-4 ; Dockniy, will, Proctor**. Albany. N. V., 29-4. 

Isjgausoort, 0-11. Dounette. Ira. Family. la>biDou, Pa., 29-4. 

Burton ft Vass, Star. Seattle. Wash.. 29-4. Dorsch ft Bnsaell, Hatbaway'a, New Bedford, 

Bmko ft Dupree, Uohawk, Schenectady, N. Y., Maaa., 20-4; Keith's, Boston, 0-11. 

20-4; Armory, Binghamtou, 0-11. 
Burke, Dan, Orpheum. Kanaaa City, Mo., 29-4. 
Bubler. Richard, Orpheum, New Orleans, 29-4. 
Burke ft Urllne. Pastor's, N. V. C, 29 4. 
Burns, Harry. Majestic. Chicago, 29-4. 
Bodworth ft Wells, While Bear Lake, Minn., 29- 


Jim i* I ' l I T ' u f,i? n - 8 {- 1 le8 " <: ' *»**>**< °" W - Burton & Brook*. Orpbeom. St. Paul, Minn.. 28-4; 

4 ; Bijou. Loralnc. u-ii. . _ . , . Dominion. Winnipeg, Can.. 0-11. 

Abcni * Bailee, Crystal. Pocblo. Col.. 28-4. nurt{m & BucWD >, • , Montreill . ca„. t 20.4. 

Trinidad. !M 1. pitianur* 20-4 Bwh * Gordon. People's. St. Joaeph, Mo., 20 4. 

A«'« ,l '^ c ? l ^ r u' wr V.^^. U w.%iVS^ W -rS7- Bush. Frank. H. A B.. Bklu.. 29 4. ' 

Doyle ft Kuieroon Trio, Family, Kluilra, N. Y., 

20-4; Pastor's, 0-11. 
Dorel, Klcanor, Shea's, Toronto, Can., 29-4. 
Donlana, The. Oetu, Lyon, Maaa., 29-4. 
Drew, Dorothy, Orpheum, law Angeles, Cal.. 29- 

4 : Salt Lake City. U. 18-18. 

Okla.. 20 J: St. Joseph. Mo., Oil. 
Graham ft Lsvng. Star. Salem. Maaa.. 29-4. 
OnlM. Johnnie, Interuuilonal, Niagara Falls, X, 

Y„ 28-4. 
ilarloch A llorrls, BUun, Flint. Mien.. 211-4; 

Adrian, nil. 
Uallco t Fuller, lliiyuarkel, Chicago, 29-4; Olym- 

Ba*i Cblcaim, Oil. 
Havfpii; Al, Bennett's,, Cau., 21)1; lieu- 

ii.'tt'*. I/imhiii, 0-11. 
Ilallen ft Huvih. Savoy, Ilanilllon, Cau.. 20-4. 
Ilnlah ft Thomas. Star. Muncle. Ind., 20-4; Or- 

phtuiu, Lima, (>.. fl-ll. 
Hatbitway ft Slvgel, Benuctt'a, London, Can., 20- 

Haines, Lola. Scenic Protldcnce. It. I.. 29-4, 

AMI*"'. Mr. * Mrs., Jacques', Waterbury, Conn. 

"iM; New Uaeeu, 0-11. 
Allou A. ft £.. Boston 29-4. 
lb viiidcr A Bertie, Orpheum, Boston, 29-4. 
Alvinus (41, Ulpuodrorae. Lomloo, Eng.. 20-31. 
Alexander A ScoitTFainlly. lilmlra. N. Y., 29-4. 
Alrura, The Great, Trocadero, Chicago, 20-4; 

(lately, Detroit, 3-11. 
Alien, Nfla. A Co.. 08tli SL, N. X. C, 29-4; 12311) 

St.. 'N. Y. 0.. 0-11. 
Allue Mile-. Olympic Park, Chattanooga, Tcnu., 


Diitry. Jas.. Pastor's. N. Y. C. 20-1. 
Dnubars, Cutting (4), Colonial, Lawrence, Man., 

Dumouds (31, Keith's, Clef eland, 29-1. 
Du Buls, Ureat. ft Co., Family, Eric, Pa., 20-4; 

0. H.. Tltwllle. Oil. 
Duncan. A. O.. ProeWr'a. Newark. X. J., 29-4. 
DniKint. Mary, A Co., Vulciitlne. Toledo, (i., 20-4. 
Dnnedlu Troupe. Academy, Pillsuurg, 28-4; l.y 

Byrne. Kenyoh, Four, Orpboum, LeaTOiimtb. jJ-gf F V rc ," 1 U ; 1, g t . r ;i^ L°l'Li, Pel.. 0-11. 

Dumont, Nellie, K(ii|ilrc. Frankfurl, Phlla.. 29-1 

Drooet, Robert, ft Co., Proctor's, Ncrrark, at J„ Hay, Kd.. O., Star, Beaver 1-alla. I'a., 20-4 

30-4. Orphlum. Turtlo Creek, 0-11. 

Dubois, Pro!.. A Monk, Dennett's, London, Can., Hardin. Virginia, Anbeuaer. Aberdeen, Wasb 


Barton ft Primrose, Grand, Alloona, Pa.. 29-4 
Biiruell. Joseph, People's, St. Joseph, Mo., 20-4. 
Durnell, Lillian, BIJou, Streator. ill., 29-4. 
Buckley, Laura. BIJou, Whirling. W. Va.. 20 4. 
Buckley, Joe, Orphnim. SurUiipVld, U.. 20-4. 
Byrou ft Langdon, Colamhla. Cincinnati, 0-11. 
Dyrd A Vance. Crystal, F.lkliart, Ind., 29-4; Ir- 
win, OoHhen, 0-11. 

AllturtiiB A Millar, Hippodrome, Huddersfleld. Eug- tunSZmi'*** ,,,„, ,, 
land 20-4: I'olaee. Manchester. 0-11; Lyric, C "J}^.", n " i ; P. c .' «« n «»». 
Bm* bS! Hlpp«lrome. PorUKnoulh. 20- Ca IT*Vn,»V, Saroy. 1 

Kan., 2S-4. 
Carroll. Joe., Bijon, DcKalb. III., 29-30; Bclolt, 
Wbt, 1-4. 

Minn., 20-4; Family. 

Alien. Scarl A Violet, A Co., Kcllh'a. Clcrcland, 

Aldo ft'Vanoeraon, Clrco Bell, Mexico City, Mexico, 

■29-Oct. 2T. _ 

Alrln Bros.. Palace, Boston. 29-4. 
Vllalre A Wild. Muskegon. Mich.. 20-4. 
Aldetut, The. Lyric. Cleveland, 29-4. 
Amcta. Family. Plttstou. Pa.. 28-4. 
America Comeily Four, 23d St., N. Y. C, 20-4 ; Gates. 

KehhVs, Phlla., 0-11. 4:Fi 

American Newsboys' Quartette, BIJou, Lincoln, ( 

Atnahuiy, Bruce, Mujeallc, Chleagu, 311 4. 
Antrim A I'elers. BIJou, LansLig, Mich., 29-4; 

Ksluunittio. 0-11. 
Anderson & Cohics, O. O. U., Wheeling, W. Va., 


Itnnllloo. Can., 20-4. 
tjsaaaj ft Do Verne, St. Louis. 28-4. 
Carlotta. Colonial, ft Y. C, 29-4. 
Carter ft Barlet, Boohua'a, North Beach, N. Y., 

Carlllo, Leo, 23d M. N. Y. C. 29-4. 
Carroll A Cook. Shea's. Buffalo, N. T., 29-1. 

Carroll A Clarke, Family. Carbondalc. Pa., 29-4. Eberts, I'rani, Shea's, Toronto, Can., 29-4. 

Dunbar's, Ooat Circus, BIJou, Dnlulli. Minn., 211- 

4 ; Superior, Wis., 0-11. 
Duffln-Itedcay Trouiie, I'roctor's, Albany, N. Y., 

29-4; Ncwurk, X. J., 0-11. 
Duston A Leslie. I.ufsrette. Detroit, 29-4: 
Dyllyn, J. Bernard, Sacramento, Cal.. 29-4. 
Early A Late. Temple, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 29-4; 

Grand, Marlon. 0-11. 
Karl & Wilson, Star. Seattle. Wash.. 20-4. 
F.arl ft Curtis. Savoy, Hamilton, Can.. 29-4. 
Karl ft Bartlett, Pastor's, N. Y. C. 29-4. 

Ilareourt. Frank, llrernwahrt. New Orlcaus, 29-4; 

Majestic. Kalians City. Mo.. 5 11. 
Hull ft Pray. Gem, Lynn. Mass., 29-1. 
Hawthorne A Hurl. Colonial, N. Y. C. 20-4. 
llnlsrd, Gniev, Colonial. N. Y. C, 29-4. 
Hares, Tommy. Perk, Jolitistown, Pa., 29-4. 
Hull. Muriel. Pustur's, X. Y. C, 2V-4. 
llurrlngton A Lester. Auditorium. (Justice, Can., 

29-4 ; Beinietl's. Ottawa. 0-11. 
Harris, Charles, Itljon. Duluth, Minn.. 29-4. 
Harrison. Ue. aionlal, N. Y. GL 29-4. 
Hainlltoii A Mnssey, llowanl. Boston. 211-4. 
Hansel. Howell. A Co.. Keitli's. Boston. 211-1. 
Ilaerlson. law I'.. O. II.. Cobalt, Out,, Can.. I 110. 
Iliiyes A Johnson. Keith's, Columbus. O.. 20 4. 
Ilayaiait A Frunklln, Pavilion, Luudon, England, 

Harris A Lewis, Orand, Alloona. Pa., 20-1. 
Hanson A Drew. Lyric. Cleveland. 20-4. 
Haley A ilarly, Pastime, Lowlstoii. I'a., 29-4. 
Harris,. llcauregarde. A Co.. Olympic, Bellalre, 0., 

20-4: Marlon. Marlon. 0-11. 
Haskell, Loney, Young's, Atlantic City, N. J.. 


La Zur A La Zar, Calumet. So. Chicago, 20-4) 

BIJou, gnlncy, 0-11. 
Lnvlgne, Ann, Lyrlr. Cleveland, 29-4. 
1 .tt Vlni'-C-lmunui Trio, Keith's, Boston, 20-4. 
l.ii Hon! A Ityerran. People's, St. Josopb, Mo., 

Luugblhi. Anuu, I.'uliiti Square. N. Y. C, 29-4. 
Lsmuiit's Animals, Schlndlcr'a, Chicago. 20-4. 
Lsngilun, Ilanllc, BIJou, Auu ArlKir, Mich., 2n- 

4; Lyric. Cleveland. 0„ (Ml. 
La Tell Briw.. KelltiV. I'llea, N. Y. 211-4 j 

Kellb'B. Phlla.. (111. 
Latlella, The, Atlaiillc Garden. X. Y. C. 20-4. 
I.lovrt. Alice. Oi rheum, lltln.. 29-4. 
Ulglilons (ill. Ilayniarket, Chicago, 29-4. 
Ia> Clntr. Unrry, Young's. Atlantic City, X. J.. 

20 4. 
I.i'vlna A Mlllourne. Windsor, St. Paul, Mluii., 

Leonard A Louie, G. O. II., Grand llnplds. Midi.. 

Leonard. Eddie. A Co.. Foil's, SprlngDcld. Muss., 

Leuiiunl. llus. Acme, Sscrnmeuto, Cal.. 20-18. 
Lev. Fllnlmgli A Bessie. Grand, Newport, Ky., 

20 1: Colonial, Camlirldae, 0-. 0-1 1. 
Lo Fevrc A St. Ma, Ilayniarket, Chicago. 20 1. 
U'vhiua, Tin'. Poll's. Brldjn'port. Conn., 20-4. 
Le Dent. Great. Poll's. Hartford, Coiui., 20v; 

Brldgeisirt. 0-12. 
Levey, Ethel. Victoria. N. Y. C, 20-1. 
la-sue, Eddie Orpheum. Vancouver. 11. 0.. VIM. 
Le Hoy A Woodford. Poll's. Worcester, Mass., 20- 

I: Porllaiid. Portland, Me., n-n. 
Leslie A Wlllliiius, Star. Oblcugu, 20-4; BIJuu, 

Kalniiiinoo. Mleh., 0-1 1. 
I.isllo, Uerl. A Co.. L'likm Square. N. Y. 0., 2IM. 
ifstlls. The, llljou. Buttle Creek. Mich.. 20-4. 
Le Coy, Josle. Iltulto, Klmlra. X. Y.. 20-4. 
Lesl.- A M'lnnlng. Orplieutn, Ilklll., 20-4. 
I.n Clair A IVowon. Kcelioy's. llklu.. 29-1, 
levy, Mrs. Jules, A Co.. Family, Scranloii, fa., 

20- 1. 
Lewis A Chopin. Crystal. Milwaukee. Wis., 20 4. 
U'ounrd A Willllps. U. U. 1L, BeUefoulalue. H-, 


Crystal, Trinidad. 6-11 
Capllalnc. Alcldc Victoria. R. T. 0.. 20-4 

Faliuunds Slslcrs. Float's, Madison, wis., 29-4. 
Ely, Edjtar Atchison, Olyiuplc, Clilcagu. 29-4, 
Klliolt ft West, Grand, Ncw|wrt, Ky., 29-4, 
Entcruld, Alice, Kansas City, Mo., 2S-4. 
Kmiuutt, Uracle, A Co.. Victoria. N. Y. 0., SO- 1, 
Eupervrs of Music (4), Young's, Alluuttc City, 

N. J., 20-4. 
Empire City Ounrleltc, Chestnut St.. 1'liJJa.. 29-4. 

lleury. Cuptulu. Waslilngtoo, Spokane, Wash., 20 

■ i.M.i n s« U Trhr a V>sblili.nea Clrcns Havana Cuba. Llliow, The tinsit. Illjoil. Dnliilh, Minn.. 211-1, 

"n'lu Inblllones ClrtuH, iiuvaua, uuua, f MUmn „,„„.,„, Mtt |„ si.. Peorln, 111., 20-4. 

Iledrix k Prescoll. Main SL. Peoria, 111., 304. !«'»• PfJctoi's. Newark,. N. ^..20-4 


liHlule's Animals. Trent. Trenton, N. J., 29-4; Campbell A Johnson, WInlcrgarden, Berlin, Ger- 

l*ructor's.- Newark, Oil- • inauy, 1-31. 

ArdelbS A Leslie. A. A S., Bostou, 29-4; Gem, Castaaos. The, Family. Butle, Moot., 0-11. Kiumelt, Oracle, A Co.. Viclorli.'K. Y. 0., 20-1, "™ r, .'<, *., , :i!^ u "ii ,i'i™' SuV'"'""' '"" *"'*" i« A l.ucle'r, Majwlltf. Uullas. Tex.. 

Uaverhlll. 0-11. _ , „ . Uanaya. Les, Academy, Newport New;s, Va., 29-4. Emperors of Music (4), Youug'a, Alluutlc City, J}™^ 1 '■•.., "^ '" ,*' . ,0 » , ",'. -Ji'lj »„ 00.4 Rrfc Mineral Wolfs. Oil. 

'f Tp-IW SR ££&.""* ^ ! S's^^SSSSsftk^ Em N ; r, U y Vletlc, Chestnut St.. PbJJa, 29-4. ftS-ft^ °«s K.^!? 20-4. IjJB^E R T. ^Isv.He. P,,.. 20-, ; „a«ol 

ArSslmnl' A f Holly. Empire. Des Moines la.. 20-4. Carlrrry A Stanton, O. IL. La Salle, III., 20-4; '-English Rockers" (0). Valentine. Toledo, O.. '""?. $:*1 ^»; Vejjpl? DcltillT'ail-4. I.uby. Ednii. Kcllh's. Coliiiuluw. O...I9-.L 

irtlelle. Jeanne, A Co., Orpbeum, Ueadlng, Pa., bijou. WabasJj. Ind.. 0-11. 20-4. • ma - * lUl • r " ■* 1( ""■ " c " w ?- -"'-. 

2ii..(. Cniitniell ft Harris, Orpheum, I/js Angeles, Cal., Englctoii. Nan, A Co., Grand, Taeoinu, Wusli., 20- 

\rbcrg A Wsgner, Gem. Lynn, Mass., 20 I. -H I. i; Portland, Ore., " ' 

I rl bos, Les, Orpbeum. Boston, 20-4. Carleton, AL, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 29-4. Errol, 1/eott, Bon Too 

'4rtisuerK'A Moretle. Star. Coiiuellsvlllc, Pa., 20- Chester, Mile, A Dog, Poll's, Springfield, Mass., Keuierulda, Olympic, I 

U liljmplc, Bellalre, O.. 0-11. 29-4. _ ^^ Esmeralda Slaters, Mohawk, ScbeuocUOy, N. Y., ">™i *•"•"•» "' '""•• •-"' -— — MiijcsUu 

A nsdd, Artie, Crystal, SL Joseph, Mo., 20-4. Clirlstopl'or, Chris, Colonial, Cambridge, O., 20-4; aO-4. ,, l V; . _, „,,„, srtn.n.. w Va oo.a 'JOIN. 

Arnold ft Artie, People's, Leavenworth, Kan., 28- Colonial, Coshocton, 0-11. vv Eaterhroolu., The, Main 8L, Peoria. 111., 20-4; i,^.*S;j^ Mujesll, Trio, Ornlieain, llkln.. 204 

I: Yule':i, Kansas City. Mo., 0-11. Chanlu. Bcnjiiiulu. A Co., Proctor's, Troy, X. X., BIJou, Decatur. 0-11. 

20-4; Albany. 0-11. Evans, Gussle, Schiudler's, Chicago, 20-4. 

Chapman A Nelson. Gaiety, Galesborg, III., 29-4; Evelyn Sisters, nth Are., N. Y. C 39-4. 

Orplieutn. Madlum, Wis., 0-11. Evans, Chas. E., A Co., Olympic. Chicago. 20-4. 

Chluko ft Co., K. A P., Jersey City. N. J., 20-4. E Tcr M, (.leu. W., Star, Seattle, Wash., 28-4. 

Chadwlck Trio, Orpheum. Reading, Pa., 20-4 ; Brans. Cbcrlcs K.. Olympic, Chicago, 29-4 ; Co 

luniblu. Cincinnati. 12-18. 
Erans, George, Chestnut St.. Phlla.. 20 4. 

llel^r^A'FrlmW^iloll'M^vSr^ r.ucln A"viI.te7"Wnplr.V PaicrHm.V'NrJ.. 2I..4. 

Co., u Grand, Tacoma, Wash., 20- |&*ftjg» o° IL. oSSSi. vZ' tSi ; Jo-rj- LWcdy Kour.^BUm,. MlntK^polls. Mini,.. 

S^SS & N- J " 2W ' 4- IleeK^A'M..el^ rl ^liMs 1I |VKle. Itrusstds. Belginm. Lynolln HtotecW l'eo,.U"..' Cincinnati. 20-4 ; Star. 

ftS&SL**. M. Y., "7&?dSS-M Purls, Paris, UTanee. IT-Jun. aaflM^ SMMh 0urUcll , W „ WMtot . 

Anion. Abel. & Co.. Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 20 

4; SprloinVld, Mass.. 0-11. 
Arnold A Olaxler. Union Square. N. Y. 0., 20-4. 
Aslitnu A Martluc, Chicago Muislc Hall, Havana 

Cuba, 20-4. __ 

Auer A Dc.Onro, Schiudler's. Chicago, 29-4 

Poll's, Worcester. Mass.. 8-11. 

Austins. Great. Gaiety, Gulesburg. 111., 20-4 ; Bl- Chatham, James K. . Orpbeum, Seattle, Wash., 20- 

lou. Dubuque. la.. 0-11. 11. 

Arolos. Musical (4), Shea's. Toronto, Can., 29- Chefalo. 5lh Ave., N. Y. C. 20-4. 

4-'G. 0. IL. Pittsburg, 0-11. Cleveland. Claude A Marion, Omnium, Newark, 
l-.srds. Four, Keith's, Boston. 29-4. O., 20-1: BIJou. Wheeling, W. Va., 0-11. 

Ballus (4). Hippodrome. N. Y. C, 29-4. Cllve, Keeney's, Bkln.. 20-4. „._..., ^ 

liallev. Austin A Co., Hathaway'a, Lowell, Macs., Clans A RadellfTe, Pueblo, Colo., 29-4; Trinidad, 

29-4. oil. 

Bailey A Kickclt. Empire, Frankfort. Phils.. 20-4. Clinton A Jerome. Keith's. Columbus, 0., 20-4. 

Barry A Wuolford, BIJou. Decatur, III., 20-4; Ma- Cllvettc, Majestic. Chicago, 20-4. __ 

iceirc, Mndlson, Wis.. 0-11. Clayton, Una, A Co., Bennett's, London, Can., 20- 
Baxter. Hid. UIJou, Duluth. Minn., 20-4. 4. 

Barnes, AL, BIJou, Bay City, Mich., 29-4; Flint, Clifford A Burke. Poll's. SpringOeld. Mass., 20-4. 

0-11. ... ' _ . Clifford. Dave, Orphlum, ChUllcothe, 0., 20-4; 

Barry. Mr. A Mrs. Jimmy. Sheas, Buffalo, N. Y., Portsmouth, 0-11. 

_ :{M '.. . „ . »^. .,„ . Clarke A Temple, Crescent, Champaign, HI., 29-4; 

Barry,, Katie. Keeney's, Bkln., 29-4. lyr lc Kensington, 0-11. 

BurHioldy's Cockatoos, Keith s, Ullca, N. Y., 20- (;„„,)<., rohy, A Co.. Kccncy's, Bkla.. 29-4. 

il. Clarke, Wilfred, A Co., II. A B., Bkln, 29-1. 

Bnrluir A Darling. BrndciiuurglFs. Phlla., 29-4. Clark. FranclB M., Family, Scranlon, Pa., 20-4. 

UaineyK (U). Schiudler's. Chicago. 20-4. Colbnru A Francis. Lnbln'n, Baltimore, 20-4. 

Rarucs, Paul, Temple. Detroit. 29-4. Cotton. Lola. Allmmhra, X. V. C. 29-4. 

Baultt Bros. (4). Novelty. Pueblo, Col., 28-4; cowan, Frank, Rlalto, Elmira, N. Y., 29-4, 

Crystal, Lincoln, Neb., 12-18. „ Courtland, Grace, Park, Milwaukee. 20-4. 

Barter A GarOeld, Orphlum, Newark, 0., 39-4; cottrell, Powell Troupe, Cbeetnnt St., Pblln., 

BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 0-11. 20-4. 

Bsrlow, Wicks A Reed, Orphlum, Spriuglleld, O., cook, [crank. 

Erans. Uddle. Gem, Lynn. Mass., 29-4. 
Exposition Four, Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y.. 28-4 
Falkc, Elenoor. Orpheum, New Orleans, 20 : 1 

FatiUts (21, Crystal, Martinsville. Ind.. 29-4. 
Farley, Js.mes A Bonnie, Family. Butle, Mvnt. 

29-4: Washington. Spokane, Wash., 0-11. 
Fnrraula. Mlpc's. Kokomo, lud., 29-4; Dowllnfs, Htaatan. Harry, Haymnrkcl. Chlcugo, .0-4. 

ckmun Tlris Til Tent Tren ou" N J.. 20-4; Mnjiidle Musical Vour, Oljuipln, Chicago, 20 -i, 

[•oil's Now 'lis veu Conn. ™11. Mnaon-Keeler, Co., Oriilicinn. Heading, I'a., IBM. 

lllnman' Ca I 3 Ulney O I '.. Nangntuk, Conn., Mutlelles. 0. O. IL. VllWxiW. 201. . _ 

"n i"'uiriv 51 kuukuios, vo -—j. |)(||ii| ^ ,,, ||m| , y tjSSSSUr. Pa., 20-4. 

lllll Edmunds Trio. Crystal, 1'ruukrort, lud., 20- Mnck. J. C. A Co., Citsltio. Phlla.. 29-4: Star. 

H?^ U &,riW^ Poland, «, ggffil^SWaV^ 


Hoch-Emll A Co., Orpheum. Alleiitowu, Pa,, 29- 
4; Orplisuin, lteudlng, 0-11 


liiiggessens. The, Orpheum, Bkln.. 29-4. 
Batiks-Bieasenle Duo. Trent, Trenton, X. J., 20 4. 
Barry A Hnlvera, Columbia. Cloclnnatl, 29-1. 
F..irues, Stuurt. G. O. IL. Pittsburg. 29-4. 
Bartlett ft Collins. BIJou. Battle Creek, Mich., 

ik'iiu A Hamilton. BIJou. Wheeling. W. Vs.. 29-4. 
Be-J'ii'e, 'Geo. A., ft Co.. Orjiheum. Leavenworth, 

Kan.. .80-4; Family. Davenport, la.. 0-8. 
UeaHIes, The, Verback, Oil City. Pa., 29-4. 

.. A. A S., Bostou. 29-4. 
Codlii A BoUlnsou, IHchmond, No. Adams, Mass., 

Oorwey. Ferry, I.'nlon Square. X. Y. C 29-4. 
Cooke ft Miss Uotliert, Olympic, So. Bend, Ind., 

20-4. M 

Connor & Ituyiuond, Empire. PlttsOeld. Muss., 29- 

.4: Mohawk, Schenectady. N. V., 0-11. 
Conuolly, Hugh, 0. H., Reading, Pa.. 29-4. 
Colonial Septette, Ye, Temple, Detroit, 29-4; 

Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y.. 0-11 

Loganspert, 0-1L 
I'ogln. Ben. Schlndler's, Chicago, 29-4, 
Farrell, Billy, Moss ft Sloll Tour, Eugland, 20- 

Juue 30. 
Fcrreros A Dog, Richmond, North Adams, Mass., 

Ferguson A Mack, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cat., 

Ferry,' Tnuipo, Fix, 29-4; Star. Atlanta, Ca., 0- 

Fields A-Uansou, Gaiety, Galesburg, 111., 20 4; 

People's. Cedar Moulds, la., 0-11. 
Fisher, Mr. A Sirs. Perkins, Crystal, Milwaukee, 

Wis., 29-4; BIJuu, Dubuque, la., 0-11. 
Flake A McDonouuh. Bennett's, London, Can., 20- 

4; Trent. Trenton, N. J.. 6-11. 
nitwit. The. Orpheum, Kansas City, Slo., 20-4 ; 

Orpheum, Omaha, Neb., 0-1 J. 
Flttgcrald A Gllday, Family. Scranlon. Pa., 20-4. 
"I'lshlUK," Chestnut St., Phlla., 20-4. 
[■'Itsirerald. II. V., IHchmond. No. Adams, Maaa., 

29- 4 
Fields, Will IL, BIJou. Flint, Mleh.. 28-4. 
Fields A Ward, Chestnut St., Phlla.. 30-4. 
Fllkliis A Home. Union Square. N. Y. C 20-4. 
Florence Sisters (3), Casino, Buenoa Ayres. so. 

America. 20-80. 
Piemen A Miller, K. A P.. Jersey City, N. J., 

Flood Bros.. Valentine, Toledo, 0., 29-4. 

lloudlul, Harry, SSIti SL, K. Y. C, 20-4. 
Hodges A Launclnnere, Uidon Square, N, Y, C, 

Holland, Doc, Pcoiilc's. St. Joseph, Mo.. 29 I. 
Howard Bros., Grand, Tacniua, Wash., 29-4 ; 

Grand. Portland, Ore., (111. 
llolfqians, Cycling. Industrial. Malouc, III., 1 1 

Orplieutn, Davenport. la., 2-3. 
Howard A Howard, Columbia. Cincinnati, 211-4 ; 

Forest Park, St. l-uuls, Ml. 
Howard A North, Shea's, Toronto. Can., 211-4. 
Holmes, Taylor, Ornliruin, Rending. Pu., 20-4. 
Howard A Cobb, llrailenburgh'x, I'hlla., 20-4. 
Howe! A Scott, Columbia, St. Louis, 211-4 ; G. O. 

H.. Indlauaimlla. 0-11. 
Houston, Frll», Bradenburgh'a, I'lillu.. 29-1. 
Huward A Bland, Orpheum, Omaha. Null., 20-4, 
Huston, Arthur, Parlnr, York, Pa., 30-4. 
Huntress. Majestic, Houston. Tex.. 20-1; Majes- 
tic. Ft. Worth, 0-lt. 
1 lulchlKuu, i. U„ A Co.. Howard, lloston. 20-4. 
Ilylandt (31. BIJou. Wheeling. W. Vs.. 29-1. 
Hyde, Mr. A Mrs. Ilobt., Camdcu, Camden, X. J., 

20-4; Funilly. Chester. I'a., 0-1 1. 
liimuit, Win. A., ft Co., Pastor's, X. Y. C. 211 4. 
Inneas A Ryan, Lyric, Lincoln. Neb., 20-4. 

... Bfiiduiiliuruh .. 
Mslloy, Mart, Umphe. Vrnnkford, Phils., 20-1. 
Macks (2), Uarrlck. lUirlhigton, In., 20-4; 1'vn- 

ple's, Cedar Itaplus. (Ml. 
Martha. Mile. Howard, Boslon, 20-1. 
Mn jus A Maxctle, Cook 0. II. , Rochester. X, Y., 

Maddox A Melvln, Columbia, Olncliiiiiill. 201. 
Muthews A Ashley. Orpbeum, Deliver, 20-4; Suu 

Fran.. CnL. 12-28.' 
Matthews A Harris, Ortdieuiu. Hoslon. 20-1. 
Matthews A Matthews, I'eoptn's, St. Joseph, Mo'., 

Msnlell's Marloiivtles, O. II.. Lynn, Muss,, 211- 

4 ; I x, well, Oil. 
Martin A Cmiich, Standard, St. Louis, US I ; Intt- 

pint, Chicago, 0-1 1. 
Martini, Dors, Proctor's, Albany, 20-1. 
Marquis A Lynn, lluymnrki'l, Clilcagu. 204, 
Marcillllie, lllplHslrnlllt 1 . X. Y. U., 20-31. 
Mocnrt Family, Klinlru, X. Y., 20-4. 
Mack. Wilbur, A Co., Bennett'", Ottawa. Cau., 

Mayne. Frank. A Co., Hutbunmy's, New Bedford, 

Mass.. 20-4. 
Marco Twins. Proctor's, Newark. X. J„ 20-1, 
Muck, CIiiih.. ft Co., II. A II;, Bkln,, 20- 1. 
Manning Trio, Unique, Fan Claire, Wis,. 211-4 1 

Unique. MlimsdtioilH, 0-11. 
Mason A Shannon, SSIIi St., N. Y. 0,, 20-4. 

^■^1&!¥&&&Um ST.. 20-4. «•«««}' IgSi »«-- W«t Ktaisvllle, 

.lacksoii Family, Keith's, Columbus, O., 20-4 ; Val- 
entine, Toledo, OIL 
Jarrla A Tudor, Novelty, Oakland, Cal., 20-4 ; 

Iki Ands, - l'he, Pastor's, X. Y. 0.. 20-4. 

Bell. -Crystal. Wheeling, W. Va., 2-4; Orphlum. 

Marfelln, O., (111. „ , _. 

Beard, Billy. Idea, Foud du Lac, Wis., 20-4; Bl- 

Jun; Oshkosh, 0-11. 
Heiloiig Bros.. Orplieum. Los Angeles, Cat, 20-4; 

Salt: Lake City, U.. 13-I0. 
Bennett 'A Wallace, Muuhaltuii. Norfolk, Va., 20-4. 
Beech ft.Moutugue, Manhattan. Norfolk. Va.. 20-4. 
Bertram,. Helen, A Co., Chestnut St., I'lillu.. 20-4. 
Ueecher A Muye. Auditorium. Auburn, N. Y., 20- 

4; Ms Jostle. Plltsuurg. 0-11. 
Ilia-ley, Lublu's. Halllioore. 20-4. 
Mellsli.v. Claire, & Oils. Huymurkel. Chicago, 2111. 
Urduiln- Arabs (Si. C. O. II., Indiaimiiulls 20-4; 

(Jolqinblu. CliH'limnll. 0-1 1. 
lkliolHlrc Bros., Keith's, Phils., 20-4; Vlcturla, 

X. y.c. C-lf. 
Uelfort. May, I2Stli St., X. Y. C. 29-4. 
IhtiHsUet, la-w, A. ft K,. Boston. 20-4. 
BcTiit- ft Johnson. Lyric. Little Rock, Ark.. 20-4; 

Olympic. So. HeiHl, Ind.. 0-11. 
Besmtb.A Miller. Valentino. Toledo. 0.. 20-4. 
Bcriar, Great, Proctor's, Troy, >". Y„ 20-4. 
Ben Ali'e. Hassan, Arabs (24), Hippodrome, N. 

V. C„ 29-4. 
Uerzuc's Circus. Keith's, Ultea, N. Y.. 29-4 

Wondeflnnd, Wllmerdlng. 6-11. gm, «!^x Si 'l JJJJ" 11 ! ^ ^Sl ^Tf ...,„ „. JobiisoiL Ben,' Howard. Boston, 20-1. 

CrandaU, Harry, ft Co., Family, Elmira, N. Y., Fox A Du. Ball, Rlhni, Iron Mountain. Mien.. 20- ,| olHon |, UIrr ' „, . „ pnt, turK , ajjM 
oa.4 4; Mslestlc, Cbleuvo, 0-11, 

-'' ^- _ .. * .... ,- _ (Hill ,, ,,,.., ,.. V \- . . .!■. A 

Lyric. Lexington, Ky., 0-11. 
Crane Bros.. Empire, I'nterson, N. J., 20-4. 
Cralne, Long A Cralnc, Crystal, Klwood, Ind., 

Crcssy A Duyne, Aliinmhra, N. Y. O., 29-4. 
Cummbigs Trio. Schlndler's. Chicago, 20-1. 
Daly- A O'Brien. Umi Ion, Jersey City, N. J., 20 

4; LoihIoii, ,N. Y. C, (ML „ , 

Haluly Four, Union Square, N._Y. G, 20-4 

Johnson A Dean, Yards, Huecun, Eiigluml, l-Jniin 


Johnson A Unity. G. O. II. . Pltlslmrg. 20-4. 
Johnstons, Musical, Temple. Detroit, 20 4 ; 

Keith's, Syracuse. N. V., tl tl. 
Joliiis, Abruni I-. Crystal, Nt. Joseph. Mo., 20-4. 
Juseiyii Trln, Keith's, Utlea. N. Y., 20-4. 

Crawford, Clifton, Proctor's. Newark, N. J., 20- Fox. Will n... Victoria. X. Y. C.. 20-4. 

4; Colonial. N. Y. C. 0-11. „ m , ogarly A Addlnglon. Olynmlc, Chicago, 20^4. 

Creo A Co., Howard. Huntington, W. Va.. 20-4 ; Foreman, Edgur, A Co., BIJou, Kuluniusoo, Mich., 

Fortune A Davis, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 20-4. 

Frederick, Helena, Keith's. Boston. 20-1. 

Frederick Bros. A ******* Purk St fsiols. J^/'i ',[„'. ■ 11 ^,'„ 'Cmr£2?Uuta>\' O." SO-I I Ma- 

28-4; East End Park, Memphis, Teun., fi-11. b,«ili. Siiiiiliiaki- 

Frovoll. Ired. 0. H.. Mlddletown. N. Y„ 20-4. j u I|, ft' \V 1 1 Blum Oiilney 111 20 4 • Eninlrc 

Fmicls, Kn.u.«, ft Her Arabs, Colonial, N. Y. C. Ju ^; \£2Sk ut \fl . * ' 

Egf^fflB.1*. FffleurL-^^ook'^^ l|ti3 


BIJou, Belolt, Wis., 0-11. 
Dayton Sisters A Do Vuy. Lbicoln, Neb., 28^. 
Dareiiport. Alice, A Co.. Olympic, Chicago, 20-4 
Dancing Dabfles, Oridieum, Omaha. Neb.. 20-4 
Dale, Violet. Orphenm. Kansas City. Mo.. 29-4 

Gunlner k Stoddard, Colonlul. faiwreiiee. Mass., 
20-4; Cook O. IL, Rochester, N. T.. 0-11. 

Gaylor, Grant, Grand, Alloona, Pa.. 20-4. 

Gunlner A Buyers, G. O. IL. Pittsburg, 29-4. 

Gardner, Happy Jack, Temple, Detroit. 0-11. 
Damw7t?Edna.~a 0."h"„ Grauu'llapiiis, Mich.. Gartner A Vincent. G. O. II.. Syracuse. N. Y., 29- 

"n-4- Ulloo Phlla 0-31. *'• Orpheum. Utlca. 0-11. 

Dagweli. Auric, Orphenm. St. I'nnl. .Minn.. 29-4. Gabriel, Master, A Co.. Poll's. Worcester, Mass,. 
Davenport. Lena. BIJou. Knlatnazoo. Midi.. 20-4. 2M. 
T* faye Sillers (2), Kecuey's, Bkln., 20-4. Gnne, Marvelous, La.Salle. Keokuk, _I«„ 28-4 

S-* T _ ..L. tll^kaMAhfl at*-. ft ilmnu 

Joyces. . The, Stir-, Mnrlolla. 0., 20-4. 
.lupller lln*.. Savuy. Ilamlttun, Gun.. 20 4. 

' Chicago, 20-1 ; Columbia, 

... A Roo'uey. Keeney's, llkln., 204, 

Kudcr. Abdcl, A Co., Armory, Bliigbniulou. X. Y., 

Kaufman Sisters, llljon, Lincoln. Nub.. 20 4; Ma- 
jestic. Tnis'kii. Kim.. 0-11. 

Kaufman, Minnie, K. A P.. Jersey City, N. J., 
20*4. • 

Kurno's Comedy Co.. 123lh St., X. Y. U., 20-4. 

Kurrera, Pastor's. X. V. 0.. 30-4. 

Karvlys (41, lllpisslromc. St Y. C. 20-1, 

Keene, Mnltle, A Co., Orplicnni. Kniitna City, Mo. 

Tenu.. 20 4. 

Muck A Elll.ilf, Emidre. Des lli.lues. la.. 20-4. 
Maxwell. Joe, A Co., utth SL, X. Y. C, 20-1, 
Muck, Finest J.. A Co.. Castor's, N. Y. C„ 20-1. 
Macy A Hull. Pull's. Worcester. Mass.. 30-4. 
Matthew i, Elmer. IIIJoU, Kalainusoo, Mich., 20-1. 
McDoisjugh, Ethel Orphcntn, Now Orleans, 29-1 ; 

San Fnu.. Cal,, 0-ltl. 
MeSorley A FL'stiore, (,'ocuf D'Alcue, Spokane, 

Wash., 20-25. 
MeDulY, James K.. Empire, lies .Moines, In., 20 4; 

Hlar, lliiiiiiilnil, Mo., 0-1 1. 

MeWsters A Tyson Co., Olympic. Chicago, 20 4. 
Mi'Douald, Jus. I'., tviluinljla, Clnelnnatl, 20 I. 
MeNinneo. I'roctor's, Troy, N. V., 20-4. 
McNaughioii lii-os.. Orpbeuiii, llkln., 2IM. 
McCoril, Lewis. A Co., Orpheum, Minneapolis, 

McLaren Family, Orplieum. Springfield. 0., 20-1. 
McClclhui, Jus., llljou. Duluth. Mfiiu.. 20-4. 
Mrl'bee A Hill. Aitilllorluiu, Lynn. Muss., 20-1. 
Mi'Muliun's Minstrel Maids, Colonlul, Lawrence, 

Mass., 20-4. 
.McMulmii A Clmppclle, Colntilnl, Liiwrcm.'c, Mass., 

McKay A Cuiitwcll. Polls, llildgepurt, (Amu.. 20-1. 
MciJmm A (lenat, t'.Jcdlric, WatcrUw, In.. 20-1. 
Melrose Truti|s>, 0. (I. IL, Plllslmrg, 20-4. 
Merrltt, Raymond, Empire, Isis Angeles, Cul.. 28- 

4; llll.n, Marsballluwii, In.. 0-11. 
Mctiellf Troupe, Proolor's. Allmny. S. V,. 20 4. 
MelrltiH III, l.nlo.i Square, X. Y. U., 20-1. 
.Ksllcli, Albertlna. Empire. Puierson, X, J., 20-1. 
McnkiT. (leorKe. Bljun, Norfolk. Vu.. 20 I, 
Mereillth Slaters, Savuy. Ilamllum. Cult.. 20 I 
Melroy Trio. Lyric, clovelund, 20-1: O. O. II. , 

Elyrlu, 0-12. 

tX C A re <i^aKcr:^f& ^ 29-4. SfS. 3^JLxa»tW^»C£ » » 5 Madcaps. Young'., Atlantic Cty, N. J.. Keene. MnltU, ft Co.. Orpheum. Hansa. c„y. M,. Jj^gg* ^^fc^ 
Kt&S^hSSST^ tt. «M. ■&* Burn, A Torrance, A.bambf,, N. Y. C. ™^**^Xk£%: ?X*. "El """' * ^ ,^7', r r Z' «»'»- W Lt2h& MX !&&** 

?^&» TSSttfl: W8,DC! ^ 8,M: S^? ™ ; "^lJ?"M. Denver Od.. °^t^WS? ,SS ^ ftff * -t f£fc!tJLg&W tt2 * ^ ' MllSa Cn.n. H. A «.. Bkln.. 20-4, 

Devi-au, Hubert, Ggdeu, U 


20-1: Denver, 0-11. . ■ 

Do Fays, Mualcul, Crystal, St. Joe, Mo.. Oil. 
Desue Bros. (3). Keeney's. Bkln,. 20-1. 
Dervln, Jas T., Wigwam, Sun Fran.. Cal., 20-1. 
Deciie, Sidney, A Co.. Keith's, Uoelou, 20-4; 

Heading. Pa.. 0-11. " . 

De Cumo, Clmrles. * Dt«. Olymnlc. Chicago, 29-4. 
De laieeys, Dancing, Slur. Muncle, Ind., 20-4 ; 

Orpblum, Lima, O., 0-11. 
Do Varo A Curtis, BIJou, Jackson, Mlcb.. 20-4; 

Flint. 5-11. _. „ . ... 

Delavoye A Krllx, Hl|i>odroinc, Ht. Paul, Minn., 

Dexter' A Fields, Orpteum. New Orleaui. 29-4. 
Delinorc A Darrcll. Wasblngtln. Spokane, Wash., 

Delmar, Jennie. Star, Atlanta, Oj., 20^1. 
Dc Vrles, Henri. G. 0. U.. Pittsburg, 29-4. 

20-4: Deuvcr, Col., Fargo. 

(icllett Slslcrs. Schlndler's. Chicago. 20-4. 
tlelger A Walters, Itennelt's, Ulluwa. Can.. 20-1. 
•>lgcr A Wallers, llciinidt's. Ottawa, Can.. 20-4. 
Herman Rose. Empire. Mllford. Mass., 20 I. 
(Jeoritv, Edwin. Oiphcnm. Snlt Lake City, I'.. 0-11. 
(lenaro A Bailey, Keith's, Phils.. 20-4. 
Gilbert. Bessie, Young's, Atlantic City, N. J.. 

Olllen. Tom. Family. Butte, Mont., 20-4; Wash- 

Ulsselt A Miller. Poll's, New Haven. Onm.. 211-4. 
Uliinu. itomiii. D-r-r-r. (larrlck. Burlington, la., 

20-J; Family. Duvenport. Ml. 
HL- City Quurtelle, Jacques', Wtlurbury, Coun., 
■ 20-4 ; 'New Haven, d-ll. 
Uhmd. Dolly. Itlultu. Elmira. X. Y., 20 1. 
BlniMnblii A llelir Star. Atlanta. Ga., 20-11. 
Illesslng. Mr. A Mrs.. Lyric. Greenville, Tex., 20- 

L: Lyrlv. Gainesville. 11-11. 
"Bla.'k Hussars" (14), Alburnum, Paris, France, 

Blank A Jones. Procter's, Nuwark, N. J.. 20-4. 
"luck. A Leslie, Family. Csrbondnle, I'a.. 29-4. 
Hordi'verry, Col. Gaston. Majestic, Chicago, 20-1; 

Columbus. SI Louis. 0-11. 
Boyd, Archie, A Co., Acme, Sacramento, Cal., 13- 

llo.yd A Kuowles. Grand, Portland, Ore., 29-4. 
Howera, Walters A Crooker, Poll's, Worcester, 

.Mass., 29-4; Bridgeport, Coon., 0-11. Deltoreli'l A"Gllssando7 Pastor's, , N. ¥. 0., 29-4. 

UouMcn A Qulnn. Savoy, New Bedford. Mass., 29- i> mac(M The. Empire, Des Moines. la., 20-4 
. 4 ; • SIsM-dy's. New London, Conn., 0-11. nitou Lincoln, Neb., 0-11. 

Bond/Frederick, ft Co., Poll's, Sprlnfneld, Mass., DetHaven. Roac, Septette. Proolor's, Albany, N. Goss. John. O. H 

'J!M, Y "u 4 ISrlc. 0*1 It 

llowra Bros.. Alhambra. Chicago. 28-4. Dclwller. Geo., BIJuu, Wilmington. Del.. 20-lt. Gordons. Boundliig. Majestic. Chicago, 20-4;Olym- 

Hoolblnek Quartette, Orpbeum, Omaha, Neb., 20- rjo O-ach. Mamie B.. Apollo, Clileago. 29rll. „ plf. Ch caifo, 0-11. 

,4. v 5? cvuio A McDonald, IK-wey. Minneapolis, 28-4. Gordon, Cliff. Orpheum, Kansas Clly, Mo.. 20-4; 

J>yd. Unrry. BIJou. Bottle Creek. Mlcb.. 29-4. K f^.iiarry. BIJou riecattr, 111., 29-4: Gaiety, (linaba. Neb.. 6-11. aavt-'ot- 

Ilryaiit A Snvllle, Empire, Frankfort, Phlla., 20- SprlngBeld. 1 1. „ Gordon A_CbawMi,.Gayely, St. Louis, 28-4; Eu 

,. * De Dasslnl. Vera. Anditorlnm, Lynn. Mass.. 20-4. 

Uriiiw -ft Russell, Chase's, Wasblugloo, D. 0., Ud A I'l.ono. Orpheum. Salt Lake City, L., 20-4 ; 

-»•.' Denver. Ill 


Kucloy A Mntaey. Lnfnyelto. Delrult, 20-4. Mjmje Four." Hiirg's. f unilitw. Cuii.. 20- 1. 

Keii.ton. Durutliy. orplieam, Mlitueu|s)lls, 201: .Mitchell A llruiir.lng. Bumdnny, Mbldletonu, <)., 

Omaha. Neb., d-l 
Keller A Puul's Arabs, Valentine, Toledo, 0., 20- 

41 Keith's, Columbus, II- 1 1. 
Keslims (3). Keith's, Columbus, 20 1. - 
Kelso A Lelghloii, Doric, Yonkers, N. Y., 20 4; 

Keeney's, llkln., ll. 
Kelly. Frank, Moslyn, Orplieum, Kansas Clly, Mo., 

Keaops. The. Chase's. Washington. D. G. 20-1. 

20- 1. 
MIKlmlls. D-iiicliig. 23d SL, X. V. (.'.. 20 I, 

Mlltiw A Alvlu. llljou, Kiiliiiaaaoo, Mleli.. 211-4 
Mllllarr (Icletlf, 23d HI., N. Y. C 20-11 Ot- 

phenm, I'lli a, N. V.. 0-1 1. 
.Mlddlet'in A Shcllmyre, A Co., Audllui'luui, l.y on, 

Muss.. 20-1, 

Mlanu, Great, lifloti, .Norfolk. Vu., 20-4, 

Mince. Sieve, A nlteeii, Pns'tnr's, Nuwark, X, J . 

20-4: Allmny, X. V., Oil. 
Mortdand, Beatrice, A Co., I'auilly. Scriinton, Pit.. 


llragdvus (4), Grand, Ncwiwrt, Ky., 20-4 ; Kamlly, i»e VeldoA Zel'da. Family. >'. Y. C, 29-4. 

Demonlo A Belle. Flndlay. 

, Greenville. O., 0-11 

lirndfords. The. Bayonne. BayoDDC, N. J., 0-1 1 

(irphlnm. Sidney, fill. 

Flndlay. 0., 211- 1; 

Ingioii. Hiiokaue, Wash., 
Glrurd A linrdner. Columbia, St. Luuls, 20-4. 
Gllruy, names A Montgomery. Majestic, La Salle, Kelly A Vloletle, Ilo tnurkel. Cblciijo. 20-1 

HI* 30-4: Mnjcstlc. ailcago. 0-11. Kelly, Wulter C. Orplicnni. llklu.. 2H-4. 

Gildeii Slslcrs (3), Family. T'otlsvllle, Pu., 20-1, Kelly A Kelsv, Eus-reon. Murlelta, 0., 20-4. an, 

Gill A Aeker. Pslnce. Boston. Oil. Keeuc. Juggling. Crystal. Frankfort, lud., 20 I; .Montague's Cm-katoo Circus, Family. Curbi/iidsle 

Avalon, (Vlsiclon, O,. 0-11. „ ... Pa.. 20-4; I'ltlslun, O-li: 

Keller. Major, Madison Square Garden, N. Y, C, Mntuglrl. Lu, Touring India, UU-July 31. 
20-11. „ „ Mortons (4|, Chmttiint St., Phils., 20-4. 

Kennedy A Wllkcus. Armory. Blnghsmloit, N. Y., Morris A Kruiucr. Lafayette. Detroit, 20-1; Lyric, 

20-4; Proctor's, Allmny, 6-11. Cleveland, (Ml. 

Kennedy A Ibioirvy, Majestic, Chicago. 20 4, Morse, Hon. Empire. PlttsOeld. Mass., 20 l. 

Keeiy Bros.. Moliuwk, Selienectadr, N. Y.. 20-4; Morse, llllllo, Anbeuser, Aberdeen, Wash.. 20- 
Annury, Bltigt'amton, 01). Morse, lillllc, Aulunner. Als*rileeu. Wnab., 20-111, 

Klnsnns. The, Gem, Lynn. Mass.. 20-4. Mosher, lluiighluu . A Moslier. Temple, Deltolt, 

Klners. The. Orpheum, Mlnncatsills, 20-4. 20-1 

Klmbull * l-cwls, Savoy, Hamilton, fJan., 20-4. jina ft c<ss!rle'J.llroi(lws.v, N. Y. «.. 20-31. 
Knowlea. Hurry. Acme, Sternmeiito. Cat., 13-18. Morrises 13), llljntl. Dnlulli. Minn., 20-4. 
Kohl, (Jus A Marlon, Casino, Washington, I'a., Monroe, Geo. W, Keith's. Oulnmliiis. ')., 204. 
1 20-4. 
Kratons, The, Poll's, Hrhlgeisirt, Conn.. 20-4. 
Krelore. People's. Is'iiveitworlh, ICuii., 28-4 ; St, 

Joseph. Mo.. "'II. 
Kruiner A Bellilslr. Oriilieoiu, Denver, 20-1. 
liar lis, Basse, A Dots, Lyric, Joplln. Mo., 0-11 

Globe of Death, The, Armory, Dlugbainlon, N. Y., 

Golden Gale Quintette, Armory, Blogbamton. N. 

Y.. 29-4.' 
Gottlob. Mr. A Mrs., Majestic. Chicago, 20-4; 

llavmarkrt, Chicago, 0-11. 
Gould A Suratt. Victoria, N. Y. C. 20-4. 

' Tltusvlllc, Pa.. 20-4: Family, 

nradloy ac Dayla, BIJoo, Anderson, Ind., 29-4. Iteming, Joe. Proctor's, Troy, N. Y.. 20-4. 

"rvsiksi* Veflrter. Crvsfal, Detroit. 29-4. "* Pe Chnntal Twin Sisters, Family, Ulxnon, Pa 

Brlndanwir, -Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 29 1, <fjj , 29-4. 

son's. Clilcagu. .'-li. 
1 JoMeii, Joe. Kensington, 111., 20-4 ; family, Lita- 

iclt-. lud.. oil 
Golden A Hughes. BIJou. Decutur, III.. 20-4. 
Gornun, Doc. Empire, Frankfort. Pblla.. 2fM. 
Guide, Anna IL, Grand, AHontia, Pa.. 20 4; 

(Irani. Patton, 6-11. 
Gollniai's, Musical. Haymarket, Cbicagn, 29-1. 
Gray, Arthur, A. A 3., Bostou, 20-1. 

• m ... 

Morrisscy A llleh, Lafuyi'llc. Del roll. 204. 
Murphy A Nichols. VU-lorlu, X. Y. C. 20 4. 
Murphy, Mr. A Mrs. Mark, Keith's, Phlla., 20-4. 
Miirron A Schcllberg. Orpueuiu, Los Augeles, Lai., 

Murllni. Lillian, Pustur's, X. Y. flU 20 I. 

La Clair A Welt. Alrnzur, New Cattle. Ind., 20-4. Musketeers (3), Trocadero. Chicago. 20-4 

La IX. les. Fantastic, Bljnn, flint. Mlcb., 29-4; Murray, Clayton A Draw, Imperial, Provldeuoe, 

Muskegon, 6-11, R. I., 20-4. „ _ _ , 

Ladell A Crouch, l'JStb Street, N. Y. C 20 4. Uurpliy A Fraails. Alhambra, K. 1. C, 2V 4. 



— ir* — , i-4 I — f « y ii i i » » l ,« « M ,'». ■» " ' ■.■ i 


Murray Slaters, Portland, Portland. Me.. 2M. 
Murray A Ollllm, Family, M. *. 0., W-4; Lan- 

oaaler, P«., ft-11. „ " _ 

Miiller, Chunn * Mnller. Union Sqnsre, N. S. 0.. 
' iin-4 ; /velib'a, Boston, fl-ll. 
Xfuflrn ft Corelll, Keith's, Cleveland, 20-4; 

Keith's, rJolojnhiiu, 0-H. . 

Myera A rtoxn. Orpheum. Hprlngneld, O., 2tt-4. 

2(1-4 j Nov- 

Sn-4 ; 


Bljera * imn, iiriiivriwi, «I""!»'!""J , "y "J, TJ 
Notvii, Topi. * Co.iSheiPs, Hiifliilo, U. V.. ¥»•«. 
Nann. Vloln. Lyric, Jopllii. Mo., 28-4; 8jirln«c- 

* tm: mi. . . , ... 

Navnjn flirt*. Colnmliln, St. TxiiiIh, 20-4. 
NmlJI. Mile. 23.1 HI.. N. Y. 0., 2J-4. 
JJcnrv. .lames, Howard. Boaton, 2l)-4. 
Newell A Nlhlo.' n. O. II.. Pittsburg, 20.4. 
Nellos, The, Eniplr;. Dm Mnlnes, la., 20-4. 
Nlhho A KorilCTiiJC, PasMr'B. N. Y. C. 2D-4. 
NiuriK The. Hippodrome. *•■ V. 0.. 20-4. 
NlrlinU Slaters, sllrn'a. HlllTnlo, X. Y., 20-4; To- 

n.iiio, Oan., Bill. _. _,. 

Neliueyor & fhlftll. Crystal, Mllwniikee. WIh„ 2U- 

4 ; HIJoii, 1111. 
Norton ft Nlcholvin. Poll's. New lloven. Corn., 

Nor inn', Veil, Ben's. F.srniiiilio. Mich., 20-4; SI. 

('mil, Minn., il-ll. 
North, llol,t..v. Columbia, St. Louis, 20-4 ; (H»m- 

nil-, RhltWI, Ml. ,„ , 

Nome, Itnhert, Vlr|.lii>itin. Hull Lake, I!., 2S-4 ; 

Denver. <Vll. 
Norton 4 BjHinrll Kmplrp. Pnlorsnii, N. J., 20-4. 
Nobletto A 'Miir»hnll. Umpire. Fl. Madison, In.. 

2»-l; Family. Ihivenport. Hit. 
'Nnstfin! .1. (!.. A Co.. Men. Pnml ilu Lac, Win., 20- 

O'Cniincll * (inldfttnllli. Kllntrcr. Snlem, Ore., 20- 


O'Connor. Saunders, ft Co., Keith's, Baalon, 0-11- 

'O'Orouwir. .Iillln A.. Shea's. I»|in"pl.i. N. Y.,2114. 
(I'Uenni, W. .1., A Co., Oriilienm, Hnslon, 20-4. 
O'llnrn ft Watson, Memphis, Tenn.. 80-4. 
Ohm. Curl A Mnry, KpIiIi'b, flleveltinil, 20-4. 
Olncy * 'hniiilnghnm. IllJon, Qnliicy. III., ItO-l- 
Oltnlie Family, K. A P., Jersey (Illy, N. J.. M 4. 
O'Mnr. (inrry, Bijou, Wlfrnlngtnii, l)pl., 2I>1 . 
Or-rl, Allele Pnr«f». r'iimll>. Ix-luinoii, I'n.. iti-4. 
O'Sell. Tnm, (Ifplilum, Onllon, »|., 2U-4 ; Dreilin- 

Innri. Iniiimn; IMI, ' „ 

Onliiiv Trln. Clmwfi, Wn»hlnglon. »• «•■ 20-41 

((•Np1II, v k MlniitrPlii. Unique, Snn .Inee, Cnl., 20-4; 

I'poiiIp'h, l/w AnuPleii, fl-ll. _ 

irVelll, .1. II., AlSw, Crj-sliil. Amkrwin, Iml., 20- 

4; Chilli. l<i.kntno. C-S, * . 

(Irilwny. Ijnini. Armory, Bliifrtminlnn, N. Y., in-4. 
I'lvlh 4.1'Vi'ii. Pnll'n, WoriipHHT. Mnns., 2I»4. 
.Onlnriie, iliim. II. . .drawl, PnHon. I'l',., S1H- 
o»l»riie 1'iinilly. Aiulllnfliiin. Norfolk. V»;. 20 4. 
Otto BroH., cliase's. WHbMHMI. II. C, 20 4. 
(Horn Inn Bijou. Qulwy, III.. 804 
(IBfK. Tin'. (Ilolip, Sun I'rnn., Cnl. 

p|l>, Xmi .low, (111. 
Panhita, llli.i<. .urpbenm. Sun .Iran.. Cnl.. ,20-1 1. 
PoIIpisoii A Kayaioiiil, Amlllnrliini, Norfolk, Va., 

on.. I 
Pnrrj-. Oiihrlolle. A Co.. 12Clli Si., N. \. .€>., 20-4. 
Porker ft llnrvir, Miinlmlliiii, Norfolk, V(i.. 20-4. 
Panlrer 'l'r)o, flriiJiPiini. Sail. I.«kp, Ulnli, 20-1, 
Payne, Frank, tinii. I.yn", Alawi., 2,0-4. 
Perwinl, Cumlllp. MnjMlle, Toneka, Kan., 20-4; 

i;ni|iirp. Pea MoIiips, la., O--'.'- , „ „. , 
Perrv A Alii-lii. Oriihliim. '1'nrtle Creek,- Pn., 201. 
Perkins. Lnniiln, A Co., nieliinnnd, North Ailarns, 

Muss.. 211-4. „ ■- 

Peloi, Knil A Annie, UenneU'H, Ollawa, Caa., 

20 4; Lonilon, 11-11. 

perry. Ir^nk I,., I,yrle. I.lltle ltoek, Ark., 20-4. 
I'eni|lel(i|i<. T!ie, Niillonnl, Snn Fran., Cal., ?»-4 ; 

(llolie, fan Fran., rt-ll. . 

Pluiys. 'I'liii, Ilal.'iairny'a, l,owell, Maaa., 20-4. 
PIiIIIIiih ft li'nrliinlPiiii, nrpliltiin. I.lniu, O 

Npniirk. II II. „ ., „ 

Pleree A .Mnl7H-, Pnll'a, SprlnKllclil, Mnaa 

Woruealer, (Ml. _, . 

Pli'iiro Bros. |*l, II. ft II., Bl:)li.. .80-4. 
I'liier, Frniienv Co'imliil, N. Y. U. 20-4. 
"Polly Plekle'a PelH." «!ook «. 11.. tlmrlaislpr, 

N. V.. 811-4 I (!..«. II.. Syrni'iiae. Il-ll. 
I'olrlem '.':). Niijeslli!, Fj. VViirjli. Tex.. 20-4; 

Delntar ilcrrlen, Okln. City. Oklii.. ,11-11. 
Pmrer'M Klepliuiils. Hippodrome, N. Y. (!., 20-4. 
Pallfr A .Harris, Maryland. Bnlllnmre. 20,4. 
Prniullove. .lamps 1).. nlnllo, Hlhilra. .V. A., SO-4. 
Pi-ynrs, The, Slnr. Ilnnnllml, Mo., 20-4; tlajpatlc, 

Tnpekii, Knn. >M I. , .,„ . . 

Prlee A nlalon, (>, II.. (IrCMiTllle. <*., 20-4 ; Im- 

iwrliil, Fremont, IMI. 

Prnveninils (III, Hliea'a. ljiliynlo, N. 1„ 204. 
Pulien, Bahy I.aella, Mlclillelown, N. Y.. 20-4. 
I'liri'elln A Orlieii, Bl)nn, l.lnroln, Neb., 20-4; 

Umpire, Doa Moines, In,. 1111. 
(tiilnliiii ft Munk. Orphenai. Boston. 20-4. 
•■Quliiii'iie." The, Colmnlila, Olnclnnall, 

Ilnjnwrket, Chleago, (111. 
QiiIuk ft Mnek, Alnlome, l.cuvenworln, han„ £»■ 

OiiIkk, Alaekey. A Nlrkeraaa, Orplienm. Mlniiea- 

polia. 211-4: HI. Paul. 0-11. __ 

Bnymoiiil A Ojyerly, Alhniuhrn. N. Y. 0., 204. 
Itiilmunil A flood, Mnleslle, Clilcnao. 204. 
Buy, l-'rwl. A Co., 12Hlh St., N. 5. Cm 204. 
lliimrii ft Arno, Armory, lllngnamlon. N. Y., 20-4. 
llniiklii A Dnvenporl, Maryland, Bnltlinore, 20-4. 
Knllln's Monkeys. Pipclpr 1 *, Troy, N. Y„ 20-4. 
llnslus A Dunks, Empire, Croyilqn, Rnglaml, 20- 

4 : l-'mplie, IlollHirn, 0-11 ; Umpire, Stockport, 

lil-18; llneliVRs, Bolhnni, 20-2.1; Palace, Ohel- 

spii, 27-.lniie 3, 
ltiiyinmi'l A Cuverly, Alhainlira, N. Y. 0„ 80-4. 
llufiiyolle'a Ihiim. r.8lli SI., N. Y. 0.. 204; Proc- 

tor's, Troy, N. Y-, (Ml. 
llnlnlmw Disi, (Irplilum, Porlamoulh, 0., 20-4. 
liinlo ft IliTtinuu, Family. WIIIIania|iort, Pa., 20- 

l; F.lmlrn, N. Y„ Il-ll. 
"Rain Dears," Orplienm. Bkl|i., 204. 
line A Beneilclln, Oolonlnl. I.nwronce. Maaa., 204. 
Bawls ft Yon Kaufman, Acme, Hauramenlo, Cal,, 

"Reil Haven Cndels," Miner's Rlh A»c. N. Y. O., 

20-4 | lUiwpl-y, N. Y..C 41-11. 
Iti'ilinoiiil. .liilln, A Co., Bennett's, Qttawa, Can., 

2U-4 : London, il-U. 
lli'iui, ileorite II., & Co., Maryland, Bnhlninre, 20- 

Itwlford ft M'lneliesler, Union Square, N. Y. 0., 

Itelllv, .lnlmiile, IHJon, llelalt. Wis., 20-4. 
lli'im ft Anira, l.rrlc, Lincoln, Nch., 20-1 ; I'm- 

pill', J.'l. .Miullsnn, In.. IMI. 
liemiep, l'*iiiid|y. Teiiiiilc, l'l. Wnyne, lad., 20-1; 

OriiliPiim, Hoi'kfonl, 111.. 11-11. 
Ilelir IIims., Kellli's, Bi»|iiii, 20-4. 
Ilenr,. Will ft May, llacaii's, Kaat Liverpool, O., 

tleilPil ft nnilloy, Allniilli' Qnrdoii, X. Y. C. 20-4. 
Bi'VPllr, Mill'., i»l,vinpl||. Chlenao. 804. 
"Ile.1 Uivl, The," sin.'a's, Toronlo, Can.. 204. 
Ileiiiliuilnii, Mnyme. ft I'lcks, Pniclor'K, Troy, N. 

V.. 8111. 
Iteyniinl. ICd. F.. Oriilu'nni, llkln., 204 ; Al- 

liainlir.-i. X. Y. C (III. 
Bena. Theriisn, a:J.I HI., N. V. C. 811-4. 
Helllek, Carl F., ft Co., I'llWiuri;, Kan., 20-1, 

Ft. Soon. Il-ll. 
Itenla ft l-klwarda. Acme, Norfolk, Vn., 204. 
lllmildiis. I'ho, Family. Wlllliiiuspnri, Pn., 80-4. 
llldK". Mr. ft Mrs. A. 'P., Umpire, Sprlngileld, 

Pa.. 20 I, 
Itli'liiii'ils. Joe., (Jiilni'v. HI., 204. 
ltlee ft Prevrwl. Kellli's, plilla,, 20-4. 
IUi'p Tiros., Kellli's, I'lilln., 211-4 ; Kellli's, Boston, 

Itli'li.irils. (iivnt. (1. O. II., Pitlsliiire. 204. 
Bli'P. Fanny, (lliasi-'a, Wnsliliutlnn, I). C„ 204, 
llliiiina III, ilnni.l. Juliet, 111., 20-1; Shea's, 

HiilTnlii. X. Y., till, 
ninlm i.'flimil.v iiiiiiin-iii'. itrplipuin. Sua Fran., 

Cnl., 1'S I ; l.i« Aiiwiea, r, is. 
ItiliX ft Wllll'iins. 'I'emiile, Bmililer. Colo., 20-4. 
I! In Bros. (41. Paints lie Crystal, Marseilles, 

Fnini'p, 1.1.1; drum Pnrlah, Madrid, Spain, 


Ilolierly'H Anlmala, Colonial, N. V. ()., 204. 
Uohyiis, Mr. ft Mrs,, Main St., Pmrln, III., 204. 
Itossi ft. I'niiln. iiiplipuni, Denver, 204. 
Buses CI), I'ni'lland. Pnrlland, Me., 204; Keith's, 

Hi IF lllll, IMI. 

ltiws Hlsiers. Fruilly, Rrndiloek. Pa.. 20 4. 

Itoyee, Boy I,., Kellh'a, Utli'H, N. Y.. 204. 

Unla-rls, lliiyra ,V lliitierlH, Mnjealli', Clilcniai, 204. 

lloiililiui ft Slevrns, Orplienm, Allenlovfii, Pa., 
204; llailiiiwiiy's, New Bedford. Mass., 0-11. 

llnsnlre ft IVirelo. Poll's, Hnrlfonl, Oinn., 204; 
Woreesier, MafH., U-ll. 

ltonaldns l.'ll. West Side, Juiiesvllle, Wis., 20-4. 

lto<s ft la>wla, Frr.plre, New fiross. KnnluiHl, 0-11 : 
Fjpplre, Hlrr/ll'oM. Ill- IS; I'mplre, Shep. Busli, 
2«-2*ii F.niplre. Ciirdllt, 27 June 2; I'mplre. 
Siviinson. :t 7. 

Itnlierlann ft Fnnelielle, Orplilnni. Pnrmnioiilli. O., 
20, I; BrnnilM-ny, Mldillelown. (Ml. 

linhehs ft itnlalnti. Fiuiilly, linlonlnwn, I'll., 20.4. 

lloeera ft fieely, KpIIIi'n, Cleveland, 20-4 ; Tem- 
ple, Detroit, IMI. 

Knme ft Fiii'KiHoii, Umpire, Den Mollies, la., 204. 

Hose, Julian. I'lilnnliil, Liiivrenee, Mass.. 20-1. 

lloelieforl. May ft niaiii'he, Temple, Cleveland, 

Iloekwnr A Conway. Family. DoTeaporl, lo.. 211- 
4: Msjpsll,, l.n Halle, 111., (111. 

Itul.v. Dan, HIJoii, Amlomnn. Iml., 204. 

Holili-li ft CliOdreas, Lyrle, Terre llniile, lad , 
■fln-l; Temple,. PI. Wayne. 0*11. 

Jtoscoc (.Mima, Cooper. Ml. Vernon, O., 294, 




, SO 4. 

N. V., 


Rome. Mayo, A Juliet,' Lyric, Dsn? I lie, III., 294; 
BIyro, Decntnr, (Ml. 

ftPJI-XHfrffiWt'' MMM(*I f*„ 8»4. 
Ituaarn, Phil A Carrie, Ornbenm, Lima. O.. 
Ruaarila,, Cryslul, Elkiian, Ind.. 

nosVn, 11-11. . - 

Itnssall ft Held. Ornheum, Naw Orleans, 10-4. 
Rnaaell, -Bartlin Noaa. Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 

flron A RlcJinelfl, Colonial, N. Y. C. ■ 204 | Or- 

pn -um. Bkln., o-il. . 
Snndow Midgets. Bijou, Dululh, Mlnq.. 804. 
Halo. O. K.. Cnslno Kuraaal, Lucerne, Swltter- 

land, 20115. 
Savradns (.1). Portland, Portland. Me, 28 4. 
Snnipll, Dn-at, People'*. Clncloaatl, 204. 
flanford A Darllnaloo, I.nbln'a, Baltimore, 294. 
Hnlvnxgls «r>). Keith's, Boeton. 204. 
Babel, Josephine, Touring South AfrJen, 20-May 

Schenck-Marrelly Troupe, Hippodrome, N. Y. C, 

20-4. . 
Poliadca (4), Family, Fargo, M, D., 29 4; BIJou, 

Winnipeg. Gin., (Ml. 
Hrhlrhnr:, Anson, Lafiyette, Detroit, 20-4. 
Scnlt A Wilson, Shea'a, Toronlo, Can., 204; O. 

O. II., Syracnae, x. Y„ 0-11. 
Scott A Whafey. Kellh'a, Phlla., 20-4. 
Seymour ft Dupree, Armory, Illntrlinpiton, X. 
• 204; Family, Chester, Pa., fl-ll. 
Serrn, Clias. SlIUi Street. N. Y. C 204. 
Seymour Slaters,. Bljmi, Kenosha, Wla.. 204. 
Seymour A Hill. Orplienm, Bending. Pa., 20-4. 
Senrs, (Hadys, Bqn Ton, Jersey City, N. J„ 204, 
Hears, Maryland, ilnltlmoro, 204. 
Hemon, Chna. I'., yalantlne, Toleilo, O.. 204. 
Selhlnl ft Orovlnl, poll's New Haven. Conn., 20-4. 
Shannon. Larry, Dixieland Park, Jacksonville, 
Fin., 20-4 ; Olympic Park, Chattanooga, Tenn,, 
Shannons (4), O. H., Valparaiso, Ind., 20-4; Ma- 
jestic, Hlniur 1'nlls, S. I)., nil. 
Sharp Bros., Ornheniq, Denver, 394 ; Orpheum, 

Si. Paul. 13-1S. 
Shall. Miniek, Sinr, New Kensington, Pa., 204; 

Homestead. 0-11. 
Sheldon A Wilson, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 20-4. 
Sims, Reoiihle, Oalety, SnrlngHeld, 111,, 894 ; 

Qranil, Marloo, Ind., 11-11. 
Silver, Isadora. Bllon. Dnlulb, Minn., 20-4. 
Simmons, II. A-. Blnk, Montreal, Can., 29-4. 
"HlnRlnA* Colleens'' 4), Hennett'«, London, Can., 

Klinmn, Willnrd, ft Co., Alhnmnrn, N. Y. C 204. 
"Side Show. The." Kellh'a, Cleveland, 10-4. 
Sldonlns. The, Jacobs'. Paleraon, N, J., 284 ; Ban 

Ton, Jersey City, fl-ll. 
Slnsson, I'nullne. Lyric, South McAlealer, I. T.. 

204; Ft. Smith. Ark., fl-ll. 
Slnler, Finch, ft Co., Cook O. II.. Rochester, N. 

Y.. 204; 0. :0, II., Syracuse, fl-ll. 
Hleedp's I'nntomlme 4>>„.n, O. H., PiltahilW, 204. 
Smith ft Campbell, Maryland. Balllmote. 211-4. 
Hmllli. Sidney. Valenlloe. Toledo, O., 20-4. 
Hmllli Bros-. Fair, Jlockwell, Conn.,' 3-4. 
Smeilley, (lenrire, Jlehneil's,' lonilnn, Oaii., £34, 
Minylhe. Will II.. Family. Hcraninn. I'n., 204. 
Snyder ft Buckley, Lyric, Danville, HI., 204; 

Columbia,. Clni'lnnnll. fl-ll. 
Siithprliinil ft Curtis, (lately. Oaleslmrg. 111., 20- 

Snlllcr MihHpoI Bumpers (3). Grand, Taunton, 

Mnss.. 20-4. 
Spray ttlslers, fllnr, HI. Paul, Minn.. 204. 
SiiIhspII Bros. A Muck, Palace, Mndon. Rnit- 

lawl. 1-J|ine SO. 
Sneddon A Hereon, Slnr, Menoshn, Wis 

West Side, Junesvllle. 0-1 1. 
Snetirer. Wnlter, ('ryslnl. St. Joseph. Mo. 
"Slunnlnn; drenndlpra," Shea's, BiltTalo, 

204; Toronto, Con., fl-ll. 
RlentlPlt, Mike, /.nine, Norfolk, Vn., 204. 
Steele ft Miiyfleld, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Slevpna ft Keeley, Palace, Bostoa, 20-4. 
Stroller, Mildred, Howard, Boston. 20-4. 
Stuart, Arthur, A Keeley fllstern, Majesllc, Chi- 
cago, 20-4. 
Sllne A Kvnns Co., Paslnr'a. N. Y. C. 29-4. 
StecPr. Julius, A Co., Victoria, N. Y. C. 20-4. 
Slrlckl.iml, E. O.. Unique, Son Bernardino, Col., 
' 20-0; lliilque, l/is Angolan, tl-12. 
Klcin-Kreitii Co., Moas A Sloll Tour, England 20- 

Slnuley A Wilson. C. O. II., Plltshurg, '204. 
Hlutr.mnn ft Crawford, O. O. II,,, 304; 

Pnslnr's. N. Y. 0„. fl-ll. 
St. Elmo. Leo, Atlantic (larrten, N. Y. C. 304. 
Si. Jiiliun. M,. llljoii. Jackson, .Mich., 20-4. 
"Sunny South," Keith's, .Columbus, o,,' 204. 
Suglmoto Jnps, Crystal. St. Joseph, Mo., 304. 
SntrllfTe Troupe, Otfphenm, Minneapolis, 294; 

Orplienm, St. Paul, 6-11. 
Sully, L9w, Huymarket, Chicago, 294. 
SiillUnn. John I,„ 11, A B„ 'Bkln., 29-4. 
Sutton A Siltton, ltl.lou, Bay City, Mich., 394; 

Jackson, (1-11, 
Summers. Ohas. ft Joaophlne, Bijou, Oreen Bay, 

Wis., 204; Iron Mountain, Mich.. 0-11. 
Swain A Cowers. Gem, Monoagahelo, Pa., 29-4 ; 

Star, Jennette, fl-ll. 
Swartt, Frances, A Co , Howord. Huntington, W. 

Vn.. 294; Grand, NewnoH, Ky-. 8-il. 
Hymonds, Jack, Star, Milwaukee, 29-4 : St. Paul, 
. 8-11. 
Sylvester, Laurence ft Grace, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 

Sylvan A O'Nell, Auditorium, Lynn, Mori., 294. 
Talents, The, Wick's, Klttannlng, Pa.. 204; Ar- 
cade, Tnrenuim fl-ll. 
Tale's, Harry, Co., Kellh'a, Phlla., 29-4. 
'i'annen, Julius, Orpheum, Minneapolis, 29-4. 
T'anguay. K*a, Union -Square, N. Y. O., 29-4. 
Tuna, Hnthnwuy'a, Ixiwell, Maaa., 394. 
T'avlnr, Henry A Alice, Uenuett'e, London, Can., 

Taylor, .'.ells, Hotbaway'a, Lowell, Maaa., 294, 
Teal, Raymond. Gaiety, fialeabnrg, 111., 29-4. 
Texprkana A Walby, Family, PottsTllle, Pa., 0-11. 
TcnijK'.u ft Sunshine, Kellli's, Boeton, 294. 
Thurston, Upward, Cairo, Rgypt, 29-31 
Thome, II r. A Mrs. Harry, -K. ft ~ 

X. J., till. 
Thorne A Corleton, Conk O. H., Rochester, ■ N. Y., 

894. • •" 

Thompson, Wm. II., A Co., Majestic, Chicago, 

29-4. . 
"The" Qiiortettc. lVill'a, Bridgeport, Conn., 294. 
"That" gimrteuc, Colurahla, Cincinnati. 204 ; Ma- 

jesiln, Clilcago, 0-11. 
Thurher, Uonn, A Blackbirds, K. A P., Jersey 

City, N. 4., 394. 
Tlghe, Hnrry, and Collegians, pith's. Phlla., 294. 
Toy A Toy, Family. WllUanapoti, Pa., 204 ; 

l«banon. .0-11. 
Topea A Topea. Bijou, Dnltith, Minn., 20-4. 
Tana A Topay, Bijou, Do Kalb, III., 204 ; Ma- 
jestic, Lincoln, 041. 
Toledo Troupe, Keeney'a, New Britain, Conn., 

Toiirblllon Troupe, Orpheum, San Fran., Cal., 30- 

Toimi Btalers, Colonial, Lawrence, Mats., 20-4. 

Trptnvllle, Helen, Lublii. Balllmore, 30-4. 

Triifsdell, Mr. A Mra. Moward, K. A P., Jersey 
Ully. N. J., 20-4. 

Trovers, Loliind, Nnvelly, Denver, 20-4. 

Tracy, Mr. A Mrs. Dick. Family, Carbondale, Pa., 
20-4 ; Family, Oheaier, li-lt. 

TmutvidnurK fat. Park, Indlnnapolls, 204. 

Trnveii,. ft Landers, Olympic, Chicago, 204. 

Tsiula, Harry, r,arayetle. Dalrolt. 894. 

Turner, Hon, Csleon, New Kensington, Pa.. 204. 

Tulsn, Grand, Newport, Ky., 204; Colonial, Cam- 
bridge, O., U-ll. 

Ilesseas, The, Orpheum, Omaha, Nch., 29-4. 

Urchins CD, Majestic, Mmlison, Wis., 20-4; Crys- 
tal. Rock Islalid. 111., (Ml. 

UJhcr, Olnmlc ft Vannie, Orplienm, Reading, Pa., 
20-4 ; Alleutonn. 11-11. 

Usher & Pptcrson, Kellli's, Itoslon, SO-4. 

Vuncihii, line, lUnllo, Klmlra, N. Y„ 294. 

Vnlil.tre Troupe, Bennett's, Ottawa, Can., 20-4. 

Van Hpiia, jack, ft Sophomore Olrla, Keeney'a, 
llkln.. 204. 

\nn liorre A Colrely, Topic, Billings, Mont., 30- 

Vnr'damnn, Allnnllc Garden, N. y. C, 804. 

Vndei-, Marvelous, Sprlngfleld, O., 204 ; Union 
Cliy. Intl., fl-ll. 

Van, Hilly. Portland, Portland, Me., 20-4; Mary- 
land,' Baltimore, fl-ll. 

Van. Charles' ft Fahnle, Orphanm, Reading. Pn., 
2114; Allenlnwn. 11-11. 

Van. Charles C. Conk O. II., Rochltler, N. Y , 

Vnasac Girls, Alhamhra, N. Y. C. 20-4, 

Vnrlety yiiarteiie, Novella. Pueblo, Col,, 284; 
Crislal, Lincoln, Neb.. 1218. 

Vnrdclles, The, Gaiety. Alliance. O,, 204; Um- 
pire, Ashtabula, il-ll. 

Vnleclln'M l.eoparda, 'J'cnlro Morll, Havana, flnba, 

Vance. Cloriee, Alltamhrn, N. Y. C, 204. 

Vnseo. Orpheum, lloslon.' 204. 

Valvcnn Itfos.. iVill's. Worcester, Mass,, 894, 

Van Cletc. Wentwonh, ft 'Tete,'' II. ft B„ Bkln., 

Vngges, The, Yale's, Kansas City. Mo., 204. 

Ycola Bellp, nrplieuni, Kansas CJIty, Mo„ 294; 
Mijeslle. Chicago. (141. 

Vernon, Keith's, Itoslon, 304; Kellh'a. ProTl- 
ilen,\p. It. J,, (i-ll. 

Vldn,!. Baltic Creek. Mich., 294. 

Victoria. Vcsla. Kellh'a. Phlla., 294. 

Vlvlmi, The, Union Squire, X, y. O., 39-4, 

; P., Jersey City, 

RInlto, F.lailra, N. I.. 294. 
. National, San Fran., Cal., 29-4; 

Vokes, ifsrry. and Margiret Daly, Columbia, St. 

Louis, 1104; Olympic, .Chicago. 641. 
Von Hanf, Oeorge, Brailenburgh's, Phlla. 29 4. 
Von Klein A aloaoo, Issfayetle. -Detroit. 294. 
YVaterhury .Bras. A Tenoav, 08th St., N. Y. O., 

■ 804 ; iProctor's, Troy, N. Y., 0-11. 
Warren A Howard, Orescent. Champagne, HI-. 

294; Grand, Peru, Ind., O-ll. 
Warren A Blancnard, Orpheum,, New Orleans, 

Walton, Irwin B., Union Square. N. Y. 0., 294. 
Watson's Farmyard, Poll's. Hartford, Conn., 20-4. 
Wagner, Hans, Majestic, Chicago, 394. 
Wayne, A. J., New Turner, Oreen Bey. Wis., 394. 
Wallace. May, Bljoo, Battle Creek. Mich., 394. 
Ward, May, Family, Horanloo. Pa., 204. 
Wards, Al„ Crystal, Kokomo, Ind.. 39-4 ; Logans- 

port, ii-ii- 
WakoOeM. Wllla Bolt, K. A P., Jersey City, N. 

J., 294. 
Wayne, O. Christy, Crystal, Denver. Ool„ 39-4. 
Wagner ft Lawrence, Crystal, St. Joaepb, Mo., 

Waldron Bros., Fatally, Pottsvllle. Pa.. 39-4. 
West A Benton, Orplienm. Lincoln, Neb., 20-4; 

Bijou, Dubuque, la.. HI 1. 
Weher, Clina.. [>., palace. Boston, 394; Murray 

lllll. N. Y. 0.. Hi. 
West A Fowler, Summer, BlnRioa, Ind., 294. 
Weston, Al. It., A Co., Cook 0. If.. Rochester, 

N. Y., 294. 
Welch, Mwily A Montrose, Columbia, St. Louis, 

Weston, Willie, Orpheum. Qmnlia, Neb.. 89-4. 
Webb's, CapL, Seals. Il|npoilron>e. X. Y. C. 204. 
Warden A Oladlsh, Orpheum, Kansas City, Mo., 

Welch.' Lem, Mcs .ft Stoll ft Rlcarda Tours, Eng- 
land. 20-June 30. 

Whelan A Bearlen. Family, Seattle, Wash., 204. 

Whitman A Davis, Keith's, Boston, 294. 

Wharton A Ids Roy, Majestic. Dallas, Tea,, 200. 
-Whitehead. Joe. ft Orlcrson Slaters, BIJon, Deca- 
tur; III.. 304. „ _ 

Wliltmnn. Frank. Kellh'a, Ullca, N. T., 804; Pas- 
tor's, N. Y. C, fl-ll. 

Whitman Sisters ft Balilnson. Empire, Paterson, 
N. J., 20-4; 

Wlilllle. W. P.., Keeney'B, Bkln., 394. 

White A Snnford, los Angeles, Cal., 20-4. 

Whlleley A Bell, Cental, Loganspnrt, Ind., 294. 

Wheeler Slslera, SprlngOfild, 0., 294: Union City, 
Ind., 0-11. 

While Mabel, 

Windsor, Renn, 
. 4)l|aky, Sacramento, 0-17. 

Willnrd, Charles. Coshoetnn. 0., 204. 

Wilson Ri'OS., 23d Ht„ N. Y. 0., 804 ; Harlem O. 
II.. N. Y. 0.,-fl-U. 

Wltrnn A Knlon.: Family. PltUtnn. Pa., 204; Fam- 
ily, Chester, G41. 

Wilson. Jack, Marylnnd, Baltimore. 204. 

Williams A Pullman. Howard, Boston. 20-4 ; Pas- 
tor's, N. Y. G., O-ll. 

Williams Duo, Savoy. Gumherlaad. Md„ 30-4. 

Wlllla -Family. Keltb'a, Boston. 204. 

Wills A Hassan, Young's. Atlantic City, N. ]., 
204'. . : ' 

Wilson ft Xloran. Atlantic Garden. N. Y. C, 20-1. 

Wood-Ellis Quartette, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 

Wordellc, Fslelle. A Co., Keith's, Colnmlma, O., 
204. , 

Woods. Lillian, Bush Temple. Dallas, Ter., 20-18. 

Wood Bros.. Metropolitan. Dnlnth. Minn., 384; 
.Dawey. Mlnnee>(ioll«, Il-ll..- 

World's Comeily Four, Columbia, St. tavuls, 20-4. 

World ft Kingston, Bnyonne, Bnyonne. N. J., 6-1 1. 

Worth A Delmnr. Lyric, Danville, HI.. ' 294 ; 
Family. Lafayette, ind.. C II. 

Woodward, V. P., Empire, Colo. Springs, Col., 

i an-4. 

Woo.1, Fennels, Victoria, N. Y. C, 294. 

Work ft Ower, nrpheum, Bkln., 20-4. 

Wood, Mill, Halhawny'a. Lowell. Mass., 304. 

Yeoman, George, Bijou, l.n Crosse, Wis., 204. 

Young America Quintette, Altmeyer'a, McKees- 

. . port. Pn., 30- f. 

Young Buffalo, Lyceum, Troy, N, Y., 24; Royal, 

.Montreal, Can., 0-11. 
Yoiidg ft Mnqnlnp.- Cryatal, Elkhart, Ind., 304; 

IrWis, Goshen, B-ll. 
Yule, Arthur. Bennett's. Ottawa, Can., 204; An- 

.dltofliini, Quebec;. fl-ll. - • 
Zanelga, The, Free Trnfle Hall, Manchester, Eng- 

larid. 204. 
ZatiW A Vernon Co., Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 

7<enor, Great. Drenmlnnd, Ironton, O., 294. 
Zimtnmnan, Al. ft Pearl, Empire, BprlngOeld, HI., 

Etlska A King. 12Btb St.. XT. C. 294. 
Zolos. The. BIJon. Kalamaaoo, Mich.. 294. 


Sopplemental Llat <m Herel ved Too 
~. -3SW tor CI«a.lttc*lloO. 

Adams, Mamie (Charles Fronman, ttgi. )— Colum- 

hus, O., May 14, Cleveland 0-11. 
Allen Stack — Portland, Ore., 29. Indefinite. 
"Across the PnclOc" (Chas. E.' Blaney Amuse. 

Co., men..) — x. C, Cliy May O-ll. 
"Are You a Mason V — WUHninsport. Pa.. May 4. 
Ktirk? Stock (Frank Burke, mgr.) — Fall River, 
. Mass., 29, Indefinite. 

Rarcume, Myrtle, Theatre— Mlddleton. Mich., 39- 
- May 4, Hubbards ton rt-ll. - 
Cabin, Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.) — Atlan- 
tic Cliy. N. J., May 8, 4. 
Crestou Clarke (Jules Murry, mgr.) — Baltimore, 

Md., May 5-11. 
CalUorrvisoB' Comic Opera (Thomas Karl, mgr.) 

— l/ia Augeles, Cal., 29. Indefinite. 
Cnrtla Musical Comedy (Allen Curtis, mgr.) — 

Grand Junction, Colo., May 1, Spanish Fork, 

U.. 2, toean 3. Brlihnm 4, Pocatcllo, Ida.. 6. 

St. Anthony fl, Rexbnrc 7, Itlgliy 8, Idaho Falls 

ft, Blackfoot 10. 
Coliinihia Ktook (I.nckeit A Dwver, mgrs.) — 

Waahlnglon, D. C. May 0, lndellnlie. 
Callahur, ■■Drntnnllc — Muldron, lad. Tcr., O-S, Sal- 

llaaw 0. - . . 
"County Chairman" (S. A. Schloea, mgr.) — Chi- 

ea^o. 111.. May 5-}l. 
"Checkers" (Cornelius Gardiner, mgr.)r^Troy, N. 

Y.„ May l, Utlca 4. 
"Oounlry Jay". (J, Howard Bnuman, mgr.) — Des 

Mhlnes, la., May 2-4. 
"Clansman" (Geo. II. Hrenntm, mar.) — Detroit, 

Mich.. 39-May 4, Cincinnati. 0„ .6-11. 
Doun1ioii|y Slock— Chippewa falls, Wis., 28-Mny 

4, Qrand. Rapids Q-8, MarsbQeld 9-11. 
Elwyn, I/)nw — Ipswich, Mass.. 39-May 4. North 

Berwick, Me.,. 0-11.. 
Engllsb Grand and Comic Opera (Van Der Berg 

Opera Co., mgre.)— N. Y. City Moy 6, Inflou- 

tm, . - . 

Fulton Bros.' Stock — St. Joseph, Mo., M, Indefi- 
nite. . *" 

"I'itv Lance" (Klaw A Erlanger. jngra,)— Jnojea. 
town, N. Dnk., May 'X Jrargp 8. Grand Forks 4. 

"From Broadway lo tbo Bowery"— Brooklyn, N. 
Y., May Oil. 

Closer, Vaughon, Stock— Detroit, Midi., 80, In- 

HlBttlns. bntld (Stair ft Nicola), mgrs.)— Wheel- 

Injt. W. Va.. May 1. 
"Hottpst Coon In Dixie"— Hnhiltlon, Oat, Can., 

May a. 4- 
"Isle of Bong Bong" ID. C. Whitney, mar.) — 

Nov, port, R. I., May 2. l^nvell, Mass,, 4. 
JpfTerson, Tliornoe — Waahingmn, -D. C, May 0-11. 
Jossey Slnnk (Wm. Joasey, mgr.) — Minneapolis, 

Minn.. May 0-11. 
"Jnsllee"— Clevelnnd. O., May 11-11. 
"James Boys In Muuauirl''— Cincinnati, O., Mgr 

Knlr.Mn Sleek— Meridian. Miss., May fl-ll. 
"King of Tramps." Unstern— MHHa Ont, 

Cpn., Moy i, MorrlRbnfg fl. 
Lee .Urns.' Mock— Mount Vernon, Mo., May 1-4. 

Lyrfc Stock— Portland, Ore,, 28. Indefinite. 
Mack, WHlard, and Maude l^one— 81. Rani, 

Minn,, 2S May I. Minneapolis 24. St. Paul 5-n. 
Morgan, COiltlenay (R.p. Way, Mr, )— Calumet. 

MM]., 3liy U, Ironwooil 7, Superior, \*is., 11, 
Mallary. Clifton— Herklmrr. N. Y.. 810. 
Matllce, Slnck (W. B. Maltlce. mgr.)— Greene, N. 

Y.; 20-Miy 4, Watervllle (ill. 
"Mayor of Toklo" (Jos. M. Oallea, mgr.)^-Troy, 

N. Y.. May «- 
".Mlsannrl lllll," Western (M. U. Norton, mgr.) 

—St. nlnnd, Minn., May A. Staples n, A llkln 

7. Cloqiiet 8, Superior, Wis., 10, Two Uarbors, 

Mlhn., 11. 
O'Hara, Fuke— Lawrence, Maaa., May 1, Wor- 

■cester.4. , 
"Old' Homestead" (Franklin Thompson, mgr.)— 

IHlcii, N. Y.. May .1. Jeraey Oily. N. J., nil. 
"On the Rrldge at Mldnljthf'— Omahs, Mel.., May 

rti'kerls, the four (Wlllla rlckert. mgr.)— Fort 

Plain.. N. Y.. 20-Mqy 1, St. Joi.nsvllle 2-4, 

Conajolitirle OR. , . 

"Poar lVwu«n".(i.j A. Nelrha, ««.)-»*« Moines, 

II., Si-May I, Kansas OH*, Mo., h-fl. 
Roaa. This. W., (Htm s,.ft l*t> Shuhett, inc., 

mars, i — Washington, D. C, Ma; fl-ll. 

■ffi f " , l !) : -.!^ ,,,l * , R"" 1 ' mir.)— Brldfeport, 
Conn., 20-May 4. 

^^4^fiSn , Tty^r *"*• "*- 

Skinner, Otis ONM •'FrohasAn, mgr.)— Omsbe, 
Nebr., May 1 , Kansaa City. Mo., 94, 

Bpodn*.-, Cecil (Ghaa. E. Blaney Amuse, Co., 
mars.)— Brooklyn, N. Y.. May fl-ll. 

Stuart, I^jlph— N. Y. City Maf tt-11. 

Sully, Daniel— Utlca, N. Y, May 1. 

Seamon Stock— Portland. Ore., 20, Indefinite. 

'lite Threw or Ua" (Walter N. Lawrence, mgr.)— 
Brooklyn, N. Y., May fl-ll. ■ --i^_-. 

"Two Orwhana"— Harrlahurg, Pa., May 4, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y„ 0-11. 

"Tenderfoot" — Hancock, Mich.. May 11. 

"Time, the Place and (be Girl" (M. H. Stager, 
mgr.) — Boston. Maaa., May 0-18. 

"Tracy. ;l.e Outlaw" — Battle Creek. Mich., May 1. 

"Trjoroutfibred Tromp." Elmer Walters'— Battle 
Creek, Mich., May 4. 

"I.'ncle Tom'a Cabin." Sletaon's, Eastern (Geo. 
Peck. mgr. i — Gloucester. Maaa., May 1, Lyon 
2. Maiden 3. Lawrence 4. Haverhill fl. Ixiwell 
7. I^omlnaler 8, Nashua, K II. . 0, Buneook 10, 
Concord 11. 

Walsh, Blanche (Wagenhals A Kemper, mgra)— 
Cheyenne. Wyo.. May 1, H|oui City, la., S, 
Omaha. Nebr.. 4. Kansas Cliy. Mo., 0-11. 

"Wlaard of Oa" (Hurtlg A Scamou, mars.)— Mil- 
waukee. Wis., 2>i-May 4. 

"Weary .Willie Walker"— Omaha, Nebr., 28- 

. May 1. 

"Yankee fleas"— .Bayonne. N. J„ May 2-4. 


Gorton's (C. C. Pearl. :nigr.) — Bellefonte, Pn., 

May 2. Tyrone ■'). .Barneehoro 4. Utrohe 0. 

Blolravllle 7. Indfapn 8. ; Vanilergrlft 0. 
Primrose's. Geo. -M. (F. J, Dunne, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City May O-ll. 

Cole Bros.' — Moncnsen. Pa., May 3, 

Rocks 4. 

Cryalalplex Carnival (M. It. Walsh, 

.WlncWler. N. II.. 21e-May 4, Proclnr, Vi,. O-ll. 
Raymond, the Great (M. F. Raymond, .mgr.)— 

Fairmont, W. Va„ May 24; Morganlown t)-8. 

Ulilontown, Pa., O-ll. 

■ si.. i H ti n e* 

Boston. — The event of .the week in local 
theatrical clrciea Is the first presentation 
here jf "The Great Question." in -which Vir- 
gin lo Uurned la starred. The only other 
change at the flrst class hous>:B Itrlngs "The 
Rogers Brothers In Ireland" to trie IIollls 
Street. At the' Globe. John Craig opens his 
Summer stock season, with "The Heart of 
Maryland," nnd "Robin Hood" inaugurates 
(he st-ick opera season at the Castle Square. 
Continued attractions lire : Nance O"" 
"Cjeo," at the Tark ; Richard Carle., 
Spring Chicken," at the Colonial ; James 
llackett, In "The Walls of Jericho,'! at ... 
Trernoh-t, and VCQihlpi: Thro' thn Bye," at 
the Boston. Joseph Snntlcy, In "Billy, the 
Kid," Is the Grand Opera House offering. 
Business held up welllast week. 

Majestic (A. 1* Wilbur, manager). — For 
two wenks, taglhnlng April 20, Virginia Har- 
ned -will he seen In the tirst hostmi presenta- 
tion of "The Great Question," a dramatiza- 
tion of Tolstoi's novel, ''Anna Karenlna." 
The supporting company Includes: William 
Courtney,, 'Albert Grau, Albert Bmnn. Henry 
Cowan and Maud (.ranger. Henry WoodrtilT 
closed three -r/eoks of good business for 
"Brown, of Harvard," J7. 

Holms Btoritt (Isaac It. Rich, manager). 
— "JTie Rogers. Brothers In lrelnnd" "during 
the current fortnight. I<<l|en Terry scored n 

featorea. -The Nightingales found nrnch favor 

Mocre. Hickman and. Coleman, Annalte Wilt 

Mgt^eek Ihe Blue Rlbboa Co. enjoyed line 

Austin * groxr'3 Mlbeum (a. B. White 
manager). — "Old Tremont Bow" Is the blij 
curio nail attraction thin week. The features 
are: Youna; Sandow nnd Lambert,- athletes- 
the Blue Man of Persia, Hindoo 8am, wonder 
worker: Mons. A Ipbonse, marvelous juggler- 
(llenfleld, venrrlllqulat : TBI's Marionettes 
Topp'j Band, and Trlxle, snake queen. Iii 
the cozy theatre. are: Minstrel Maids, |p. 
traducing; Vlolctte Dale, Ktbel Norman, Dor- 
othy Norton, Bessie and Rtra nnd Zena ilorln 
Ida Campbell, Lottie Itlanchard, Louise Bran- 
don; Cnssle l'rench, Frank Cook, I,ew Bene 
dipt, John Harrington, Alton, and extra 
vaudeville by Harry Grossman, Arthur Gray 
William nnd Pullman, Ardell and Lester, nn'ii 
new motion pictures. 

Walkbb's Museum (L. n. Wnlker, mana 
ger). — In curio hall week of 21): Kola 
Tiros., Nlles Johnson, bag puncher: O'Brien 
one nnn pawn swinger;' 
nnd the trained ihonkeys. NJna Henrle's HIk 
Burlesque Co. furnishes the stage entertain- 
ment. Olio Includes: Nina Henries, PtaH 
(los«, Mny nussell. Houston Hlsters, I-'rotli- 
Inghnin and Ocnhom, Annie Walsh ami 
Howard's moving pliliires. 
' Nickklooeok (W. II. Wolffe, manager) — 
The Grnnd Soubreltes Convention, Agroue'lli 
needle king,' and StravclLi, l^sypllnn blink 
nrt, are curio hall cards this wee*. Htngf, 
show: Ijollie CIIITord, Beecher. nnd May 
George Bennce, amlth nnd Cooper. I'' 
tloodman, moving pictures and WolfTe's Bui- 

■Noteb.-— Tho final concert of the Boston 
Symphony Orchestra season will lie given Sat- 
urday uvenlpg, Jhf 4 The "pop" con- 
certs will begin at Symphony Hall, O. 
Richard Carle will produce "The lliirdv 
Gurdy Ciirl," a new musical comedy, at -the 
Tremont. June ft, for an all .Summer run 
Howell Hansel, formerly leading man at 'tiii. 
castle Square, Intends to open n. school n( 

nctlng In this cliy .Pauline Marshall 

.Of Dorchester, Is. meeting with much succeis 

with Itnyroond Illichcea I: In "The "YanLee 

Tourist.". . ..The MaasachimetN Theatre Co 

which is Incorporated for $:>0O,fk)«, has taken 

■n'Meil In-v. over ,h * pennd Opera House for Investment 

> in 'ThS^ Sw> - W :„ Mn * < "\, l , R tae P^W'tir of (|,e ,:Z. 

F pany. Tlicre will be no change In Ihe tiolliy 

,!>: of the house. Stair & Wilbur & Mngee will 

l " ' i'i-intlniifi iho moinlrnvrTifihl 


mgr.) — 

continue ihe management. 

SprlDtrilrld.— At the Court Square (|i 
O. . .Gllmore, .mnnngcr) the itr-Kcr-, Bros. 
April 22, si.^rod ajill. Marion Stanley made 
a most favornblo impression. "The tale of 
Bong Bong," 2.1, was witnessed by a good 
steed ihouae. Henrietta wan as charming 
as ever, nnd the chorus won quite comely, 
and did its share toward the nuccess of ihe 
piece. Kllep. Terry May I, Battle Williams 
2, Fay Temnleton 3. 4, HprJnglleld 
Festival 8-1(1. 

Pon's (Gordon Wrlghter, resident, mann- 
*er).— Mijater GnJirlel, with Geo. All as the 
log, "Spike," were the big cards of last 
week's programme.. -Bill week of April 2!i: 

personal triumph during the past fortnight, Frederick Bond and company, Clifford unit 
presenting "Cnpt, Fraisbonnd s Conversion" Burke, Dorsch nnd Kusscl!, Pierce nnd M»zl" 
nnd -a'ho Good llope" and "Nance Oldneld." Abdalloh Bros., i'Mdle l^onard and company. 

I'auk (Chris. J'lohman, Blch & -Harris, 
mnnngcre). — "Cleo." a new -play, by Kdwin 
Milton Royle, with Nance O Nell, wai well 
received last week, pad the work of the star 
and. supporting company was .warmly appre- 
ciated. The engagement is IndeflnUc. 

Couon'ia.!, (Chas.'.Fr61irnan. Kich & Harris, 
nianagersj.-rBlcbard'Carlc and '"Tlie Spring 
omcjtcn" aMracfed large and enthusiastic 
audiences last week, the first of a live weeks' 

j Tjiemokt (J. B. Schoeffel. manager). — 
Jamos K. IlRckett, in "The Walls of Jericho," 
is now In his second and final week bere. 
Business last week was very satisfactory. 
"The Time, the Place nnd the Girl" nexL 

Boston- (Lawrence McCarty, manager). — - 
The fifty-third regular season of this house |*J has returned-to his home in West Sprlng- 
wlll close with this week's performances of herd . . . Hargrcaves' Circus will exhibit here 

Mile. Chester nnd her do^, nnd electrngraph. 
(Jii.MOBK (J. A. Hennessey, manager i — 
Behman's Show, UP-IM, canceled. -Vankee 
Bess" was the attraction 25-'J7, nnd enier- 
tklned nicely. "Happy Days in Dixie" May 

Nelson (Geo. II. Miller, resident manager) 
— The bpuse was reopened Ajirll 23, by LVon 
Krelger, who will run a short vaudeville bill 
and moving pictures. De Forrest and Ken- 
nett. Ke Colonial Beeds, Reld Sisters, and 
Prof. Dodd and his dog were the -vauderille 
features }nst week. 

Ik thk Fotbr— The "Buster Brown" draw- 
ing contest, rtiii by the Poll managt?ment, was 
won by Inez Richardson, over six hundred 
drawings being submitted ..Frank Rain- 

performances ._ 
"Coming Thro' the Bye," now In Its fourth 
week of good average business. The house 
will re-open In September, ns a vaudeville 
house, under the present management, and 
booking -through tho United Booking Offices. , 

-iGwJiib (Stair, WJlhur ft Nicolai, managers). Mab ?i Montgomery, In "Za7.a," and Is now 
—The John Craig Stock Co. opens a Summer a , t his home In Chicopee. Mr. Pee expects lo 

season bere, afternoon of 20. with "The Heart P I la3 L st( ^ lc 6ur '"§ the coming Summer 

Marylaad;" -In support of Mi 1 . Craig are : **: T ;, Brewer, formerly dramatic editor of 
Mary Young. Thomas Maclarnic, William TA< «7n<oii, now sport ng writer on TAe ATeir 

May 4, followed by Buffalo Bill, 22. and Rlng- 

llng Bros., June 17 The musical team 

of Boutin and Tllison, after a year's rest at 
their home, will again take to the road hi 
the Fall John G. Fee has closed with 

lori- World, ,s quite ill at Bellevue Hospital, 
In New Tork City The Ble City Quar- 
tette rendered several numbers at the banquet 
of the Springfield Lodge of Elks, at the High- 
land Hotel; 18, and made a big hit The 

Hunter-Bradford Co. Is rehearsing at the 
Gband Omuia HoosB^tGeo. W, Mane, man- L 'berty Theatre, New York. The opening at- 

ager).— "Billy, the Kid'^ls the current at- Ijfct.loii wit! be "T^he Liars. \ ... ..George H. 

traction, with Joseph Sontley featured. Dur- Mll I? r ^ B Mjuraed to. die city from his home 

In Centerport, L, I., and will look after Ihe 
Shuberts' Interests In the Nelson Theatre. 

Kvarts, Ben Johnson, Frederic Murray, .Her 
. oert Yost,. Jarvls Jocelyn, William Warren, 
Mary Sanders, Mabel Colcord and Allene 
Dunn. ' Next week, "Old Heidelberg." The 
regular season closed 27, with the last per- 
formance of Flske 0'Hara. 

Jng (ho post week: good business ruled for 
Boo l'ltaslmmons, in "A Fight for Love." 
Next week, "For a Human Life." 

C«.8ifjj squawc (Boston Stage Society, 
Managers). — The stock onorn company, under 
management of W. C. Mason, opens evening 
of 21) rclth "Robin Hood." Among the prin- 
cipals me: Clara Lnno, Louise ' Le Baron, 
Ilattio Rijjle Lndd, Maud Earl, J. K. Murray, 
Harle Davlcs, Otis B. Thayer, George Shields, 
YV. U. F.Ugerald and W. H. Prihglc. In 
preparation, "Gondoliers." The regulnr dra- 
matic stock .company presented "Muck Ado f" - (local), in "Sowing; the Wind," May 2 
About Nothing" as the closing Week's bill. H1 Henry's Minstrels ii, "The Isle of Bon; 

Bowdoin HUM (G. R. Lothrop, mapa- Bong" 4 

fer). — Charlotte 'Hunt heads the Lothrop 
lock Co. this week, in "No Mother to Guide 
Her." During the past week large houses 
saw pleasing performances of "Two Little 
Sailor Boys." Next week, "At the Risk of 

His Uf.;.' ■ operator, and the Howard moving 

Kemps (B. F. Keith, rnanngcr).— Howell service will 4je nsed. Change of bill 
Hahwl, late leading man at tho Castle Square, twlcs each week, 
heads tho bill this week In the Playlet, "A 
Forgotten Combination." The Biirtoundlng 

Lowell.— At the Lowell Opera nouse (M. 

M, Bloom, resident manager) (Jus and Mux 
Itogers, April 25,' were welcomed by (he 
usual 8. It. O. house. "Mrs. Warren'B Pro- 
fession."' 27, -was ably presented by Vlrglnln 
Drew Trescott, Biuncn west, H. Ogncn Crane. 
Irving Lancaster, Edmund Forde aud Conrad 
Captzen. "Mr. .Blarney from Ireland" 2!). 
Francis Wilson 30, Cjarrlck Club Dromallc 

AcADLitv of Music. — Edwin B. Walker, Is 
to offer motion pictures nod Illustrated songs 
here. Those of last week were well re- 
ceived. The soloists were William I^veau 
and Alice Perkins. II. I.. Savage Is Ihe 
operator, - and the Howard moving picture 


show Includes : Four Bards, the Salvaggls, 
Sydney Donne and company. Helena Fred- 
erick, Vemon, Relff Bros., Ln VineCimaron 
Trio, Willis 'Family, the Karnes, Tempest and 
Sunshjn.\ Whitman and Davis. Usher and 
Patterson, and new moving pictures. Busi- 
ness 1r at top notch. 

OncliKUM (Percy Williams, rnanngcr). — A 
line Um for this week Includes: VA'sco. W. J. 
O'Hcnrn unil .company. Caron and Herbert, 
Qnlnlan i>iid Mack. Matthews and Harris, 
Madge Fox, Arlington Four, the Aflbos, Alex- 
ander and Bettlc, nnd the kluetogrnpb. The 
Sorformanoc on Monday evening will be un- 
er auspices of Mount Vernon Council. 
KftlgblB of Columbus. Crowded houses twice 
dally Is .the rule. 

llnvr'Aft.ri (Jay Hunt, business' manager). — 
Tho IllBlto Bounders this week. The conr- 
pany innludes i Carney and Frahklvn, Snm i. 
Howe, Martin nnd Meek, and the BlKOn Cliy 
Quartette. The Howard's' n<1ded cards are- 
J. K. ItutchlnBon anil company, Mile. Mar- 
tha, Mildred Siollnr, Bingham, Hamilton anil 
Mansey, James Neory, Heriella. Ben Johnson. 
nnd the llownrdscope. The l.onilnn Gaiety 
Girls fared well last week. 
■ I'aucb (O. II. Wftldron. mnnairrr). — The 
Rerttr. Snntley Co. this week. The olio names • 
Oollnn nnd narrow. Marshall and King, Mur- 
ray Livingston, Charles Weher, tLe Zabrrroi 
nnd others. The Palace's own vaudeville bill 
Includes: Moran and Wiser, tlamielta and 
Lyman, Cramer and Beverly, Wnrd and Bay- 
inona, Alvln Bros, and Charles Bndney 
llimnway fllrls prospered last week, 

Cfil.naiaiA (Harry N. Fpiten, manager). — 
The Brtmcjayay Gaiety .Girls, headed by 
Johnnie Weber, Ihla week. The olio enra- 
pHses .- Beairlee Haynes, Brown nnd Bragg, 
Mllf. Bcrtntette. and Johnnie Weber and 
company. Wrestling on Tuesday, nnd a buck 
and wing- contest on Wednesday, are extra 

Hatha, wav's '(J. I. Shannon, resident man- 
ager).— This week: The Thays, Tanna, the 

Juggler- Bailey. Austin and company. Milt 
Wood, Leila Taylor, rn'ul Ament, and the 
vltngraph. and ns an extra feature, May 
lCdiuiln and Feed ISdwanls. 

Bos-nix (J. H. Tebbetts, manager).— Nina 
Scarles' 'tiirlesqiiers gave an eircllent eiileir- 
lalnmeut Inst week, pleasing big audiences. 
Charles Hamilton and Herbert Whrrpn fur- 
nished nn abundance of fun. The /.ii,Ttmo> 
did a revolving glorie act that was worthy of 
special mnition. This week: Nellie Hart- 
ford's Tyrolean Btirlesnuo and Vaudeville 
Co. James and Babe Dallev head the olio, 
also tho arways popular Boston bioscope. 

TiiBAfhB antique" (F. N. Aliranu, mann- 
ger). — The motion pictures ana Illustrated 
songs are pleasing big business. Harry Wil- 
son and L'stelle Ballard arc rendering the 
latest picture songs successfully. Change, of 
bill' twice weekly. 

Roi.iawav Bink. — The Thaw-Whlto pic- 
lures drew nilch large crowds list week 
that they will be retained 29 and week, and 
In addition new series of Howard's 'pictures 
will be given. 

Mkmtion. — Advance car No. 1, direction of 
William snnda.' with n score of nsslalants. 
was in town 24, to herald Ihe romlng of 

Ilargreave's Shows, May B Tom Tier- 

ahaw. plnnUt-dlreclnr of llathnwny's Thea- 
tre, Inst 1wo seasons, goes In (Bert Haven 
Park. Itoehesler, N. V., for his second season. 

when closing here The Zovnrrns, al the 

Boston Thealre last week, hnve Just returned 
from a sun'essfitl lour of Onlral Atnerli-a. 
Ilnndiirns nnd Mexlro. . . . .- . Bnh OutbrlP. last 
twd pensona nlth "Flghl Bella" Co.. relurrted 

Id tlin Ilnthnwfiv singe fnn'e last week 

ChaHle) ijiudle. stage director, with John 
CosRriive for-aeveral venrs. will <llr>cl'pi*- 
iliiciloiis ni Whalom Park, Fltcbbitrg, Msks.. 
this season. Thomas Bulllfan. of th« Haiba- 
way will aceompahjr him. ... ..Hirry Thom»«, 




of -the Mogers Brothers Co., was In tosvu 
visiting borne and frttads last work. . . . . . 

James SpRlane, operator uf blograph at 
Walker's Theatre; ; Gloucester, -Mass., writes 

ihnt the' Bey house Is doing 8. R. 

fiddle Frevbst, late of Rice and Prevost, Is 
liome from New York City, where he has been 
receiving medical treatment for the past sev- 
eral- inou-ths. Mr. Frevost Is. soon to go. on 
the road again with a- now partner.... Her- 
bert Warren and Juck Labey, comedian and 
pinnlsl-dlrector, respectively, of the Nina 
Senrles Burlesque Co., are Introducing with 
success, .1 new song, composed by them. 
. , . ■■■■ i 

rail River— At the Savoy (YV. P. Mason, 
resident managor) "Mrs. Warren's Profes- 
sion" was well presented April 23. Virginia 
Drew TrcHCOtt, In the title role, was excel- 
lent. Blitnca West and N. Ogricn Crane are 
also* worthy of mention. "The Isle of Spice," 
'j't, delighted a large audience. "Forty-five 
Minutes from Broaaway," with Fay Temple- 
ton.- 26, played to capacity, and gave great 
satisfaction. "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 27, 
pleased. "The Isle ot Bong Bong" 30, Fran- 
cis Wilson May 4 

Academy of Music (W. F. Mason, resi- 
dent manager). — Week of April 22 marked 
the opening of the Summer season at this 
house. Shepard's moving pictures will be 
the permanent attraction, with a change of 
vaudeville each week. Jennie Girard, In 
Illustrated songs, and Margo's manikins 
pleased last week. Business was uniformly 

SHtKDV's (Chas. E. Cook, manager).— 
The J. Frank Burke Stock Co. gave a line 
production of "The Indian," last week, to 

food business. Ethel Elder and J. Frank 
lurke, In the leading roles, were most promi- 
nent, • while Florence Hartley, Alfred Mc- 
Uovem and John Daley were worthy of 
special mention. The vitagrapb pictures and 
Illustrated songs by Jcro Sanford, arc stand- 
ard, and' pleasing features each week. "Out 
of tho Fold" we** of 20. 

Boston. — Week of 20, stock burlesque and 
vaudeville. Business is good. 

Nickblodkon. — Bill week of 20 Includes: 
Harlem Brothers, Oilic Perkins, W. N. Smith. 
Tllllo Santoy. and the optiscope. Business is 

Notes. — Jane Fcarnley, a native of this 
city, has joined the Lelgnton Stock Co., now 
plavlng at the firand Theatre, Salt Lake 

City, Utah- Chas. P. Salisbury, business 

manager of "Red Feather" Co., was the guest 

of Manager Mason 10-20: Mr. and Mrs. 

Joseph jefferson and daughter, who have 
opened their Hummer home. Crow's Nest, at 
Buzzard's Bay, were the guests of Thomas 
Jefferson, If), 2«, and witnessed the perfor- 
mance uf 'Rip Van Winkle.". . . .George Hill, 
the popular treasurer of the Academy of 
Music, lias been transferred by Manager 
Mason, to Manager Calm's ixiwell Theatre. 
'.:... Bijou Washburn, who Is very popular 

here, joins' the Rtirke Stock Co. May 6 

James McUonnld has been appointed treas- 
urer of the- Academy of Music The local 

Order of Elks gave a reception and social In 
honor of William J. Bryan, 22. The Avon 
BauJo and Mandolin Club rendered a number 
of fine musical selections, and Philip Flaher- 
ty's vocal selections were greatly appreciated. 

The "Shack," at Tiverton. R. I., which 

Is well' known to members of the theatrical 
profession, will open for the season May !>. 

' Mildred Holland will open at Buffalo. 

N. Y., a Summer season of repertory, with a 
strong list of- plays. 

. . - ; s 

l.ymi. — At Wie Lynn (F. G. Harrison, man- 
ager) "In Louisiana." "Flrty-live Minutes 
troia Broadway," Mildred riollmid. In "A 
1'aradlsc of Lies:" the U. S. Marine Band, 
"Mrs. Warren's Profession" and "The Rogers 
Urns. In Ireland," were Hie attractions last 
week, and good business Is reported. Hi 
Henry's Minstrels April 20. The Lynn Stock 
Co.-wlii open Its season hero May K, playing 
"The Heart of Maryland," and It will be 
under the management of John Salnpolls, a 
former Castle Square Theatre player, of Bos- 
ton. •• 

Aumtorilh (Harry Katies, manager).— 
Business continues good. Bill week of April 
20; Sylvan and Ocelli, Vera. De Bassinl. 
the Mimic Four Quartette, Mlddleton and 
Shellmyrc and company, the Klnsons, Peter 
Donald and Nettle Donald, McPhee and Hill 
and the vltagranh. 

Gem (Chas. W. Sheafe. manager). — Busi- 
ness was nil right last week, the house being 
packed amateur algilit. Bill week of 20- 
11*11 and Pray. DcTlu and Chester Donlan. 
l-.ddlu Evnns, Harborg and Wagner, Frank 
I'uliio and Sheufr's moving pictures. 

RUK8, . Tiikatrb, Salom (G»o. H. Cheet- 
ban, ma nager). — "Itogers Brothers In Ire- 
land" Hait Ward and HI Henry's Minstrels 
all did well last week. Francis Wilson 2». 

Notbkj. — 'I'hc Theatre Combine, under tbe 
management of M. Murk, is doing a Bpleudld 
business,, and Ihc coxy little theatre Is the 
ItUk of lb* city. New pictures and new 

songs, a re .on this weekte programme 

theatre Dreamland, managed: by. Lord & 
Downing, is doing u capacity business, as Is 
also- Maunder Si-cafe's Electric moving pic- 
ture hous* All of the Salem moving pic- 
ture I heat res report good busluess 

Klngllug Bros. 1 circus Is announced to ap- 
pear here June 10 John Graham Mur- 
phy, of this city, tins closed with "The Vll- 
bjge Parson" Co., and returned to his home. 
He was on the Western circuit. 

i . Worcester— At the Worcester (G. H. 

J,,, K 'v. on, r « ll(I «nt manager), beginning April 
■10. Malcolm Williams and his stock companv 
Produce "Anne and the Archduke." By re- 
ams* the company played "The House of a 
i housdiid Candles," 20. which was produced 
umVi'i such success by them week of 22. Mr. 
vwillaius end trie entire company were highly 
complimented for their cfflelent work. 

r-KANKMx 8<juarb (J. F. Burke, resident 
nanager).— iMllen Terry. In "Captain Brasn- 
hountl • Conversion," ■ 20 : Dixie Minstrels 
i local) May 3, "Mr. Blarney from Ireland" 4. 
lingers Brothers In Ireland," 24: "The Isle 
"i Rom? Dong," 25, and "•Forty-five Minutes 
irom Broadway,'' 20, had excellent -business. 
»■ « n » , ' , ' H M- '-'• Crlddle, resident manager).— 
"HI for week of 20: Master Gabriel and com- 
pany. ,n "Auntie's Visit:" Carlton Maey and 
■Maude Unll and company. In "The Magpie 
MM the Jay:" orth and Fern. Valveno Bros.. 
inwot-K, Wallers ami Crnoker. 1m Itov ond 
Woodford, Henry and Francis, and tho dec- 
trogrupii. business continues excellent. 

.Nivjkh.— Mr. Williams Included In his cast 
"l Ann and the Archduke." some of tbe 

members of Hie Worcester Playera' Club 

J «i| lei Frohnian, and Meredith Nicholson, au- 
thor of 'The House of a Thousand Candles," 
wiinowed Mr. Williams' production of the 
novel, -JO. 


Iuiiii ton — At the Taunton (Calm & Cross, 
managers.)— "Mrs. Warren's Profession." April 
-'-'.nnd Mildred Hollondi 2.'t. pleased. Stet- 
son a "Uncle Tom's Cnliln." 24, afternoon and 
evening, had ils usual large business. "The 
""icluiiiin'a Honeymoon" cume ad. The reg- 
ii ,"''"s«n i-loRfM with •■The Islo of Bong 
"niig" Jti, •Che- Hummer season opens 30, 
wilh moving pictures and high class vaude- 
ville, || rctlureil prices. 

Niitkk — I'oliiniblnn Halt has been leased for 

mnv . ln B Idclm-CH mid illustrated songs 

Arr!i!e 1,. Hhopnnl Iibh remodeled a rorncr 
"wj and named It the BIJou. and gives 
55? P Pictures afternoon :ind night...... 

i tie skating rink hns been put In first class 
snane, and Is giving a moving picture and 
vaudeville entertainment dally. 
— — i a 

K«"W ll.dfurd — At Hie New Bedford 
then Ire (W. B. Cross, manager) "Mrs. War- 
ren g Profession," April 24, drew a good 
house. Fay Templeton, In- "Forty-five Mln 

Ji on 7, l,, SS n " *L Charity Minstrels (borne 
talent) a©. a«l, Francis Wilson May 2. 

U*th\way's (T. B. Baylies, manager).— 
Week of April 20, the last week of the vautlc- 
ylllo season, the following will appear: Pat 
Roobey and Marlon Beat, the Five Bonisct- 
tas. rrank Mayne and company, Dorscb and 
Russell, Katie Rooncy, the Sexton's Dream, 
lom Moore and the vitagrapb. 

Havoi (W. H. Shine, manager). — Continu- 
ous moving pictures, and Walsh and Thome. 
—— i 

Lawrence — At the Opera House (Julius 
Cahn, manager) United States Marine Band 
drew a good house April 22. Francis Wilson, 
in "The Monntain Climber," pleased an ap- 
preciative audience 2U. Hi Henry's Minstrels 
had good houses 27. "Mis. Warren's Profes- 
sion"^ 30, Flake O'llara. In "Mr. Blarney, 
from Ireland," May 1 : "U. T. C." 4. 

Colonial (J. -Fred Lees, manager). — Big 
houses still prevail. Booked for week of 20 : 
McMahon's Minstrel Maids. McMahon and 
Chappolle, Casting Dunbars, Tobin Sisters, 
Rac and Benedetto, Gardner and Stoddard, 
Julian Rose, and moving pictures. 

HolynUe. — At the Opera House (J. H. 
O Council, manager) "The Rogers Brothers 
In Ireland," April 23, played to tbe capacity. 
"The Isle of Bong Bong," 24, pleased. 
Pauline, tho hypnotist, week of 20, "Forty- 
live Minutes from Broadway" May 8. 

Empire (T. F. Murray, manager). — "Yankee 
Bess" April 22-24, and the Rentx-Santley 
Burlcsquers. 25-27. played to good business. 
The Octoroons 20-May 1. "In Louisiana" 2-4. 
The Empire closes Its season May 4. 

North Adams— At the Empire (John F. 
Sullivan, manager) the Danlcf Ityan Stock 
Co. gave excellent satisfaction week of April 

22, to well lilted houses. Shepard's moving 

Clctiircs and Illustrated songs week of 29. 
ay Templeton, In "Forty-five Minutes from 
Broadway," May 7. 

Richmond (SI. B. Taylor, manager).— A 
strong bill gave excellent satisfaction last 
week, .to One business. Week of April 20 : 
Perltlns, Tappln and company,. H. V. Flts- 
gerald, Ferreros, Jack Dempsey, Cooper and 
Robinson, and new motion pictures. 

. + , « » • 


St. Paul. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, 'manager) Diistlti Far- 
num. In "The Virginian," drew big houses 
Aprii 21-24. John Drew bad good business 
25-27. Wllllanl Mack nod Maude Leone ft Co., 
In "Madam Satan" 28-May 1: IsoJbelle Irv- 
ing 2-4, Wllllard Mack and Maude Leone, In 
"Janice Meredith," 5 and week. 

Miami (T L. Hays, manager). — Lilllon 
Mortimer, In "No Mother to Oplde Her." 
had' very good business last week. "Tbe 
Eye WKness" week of April 28. "Big 
Henrti a Jim" next week. 

Ot en elm (Mprtln Beck, general mana- 
ger). — Week of 28: James .L Morton, the 
Olilvottls. Royal Musical Five, the Freder- 
icks Family. Burtpn and Brookes, Auric Dag- 
well and Chas, I.edegar. 

Stab (J; C. Van Roo. manager. — Miner's 
Americans, with "Red" iliiillgaii mid "Kid" 
Cnrsev in- boxinir exlilbltions, drew well week 
of 21. Wiek of 28. the Merry Makers. The 
Brigadier* nc-it week. 

Wmnsott (Smith B. Hall, manager). — 
Business ruled good week of 21. Bill for 
week of 28 : Frances I.ewls, Dc Verne and 
Van, Lew Nelson and W. J. Sullivan. 

Empiuk (Sam FMuk, manager). — New for 
week of 20 : The Three Morrises and: Wells 
and Tucker. The only people closing will 
be the Daleys. All the others will hold over. 

Auditorium. — Conreld's Metropolitan Grand 
Opera Co. 23, 24. The Immense theatre was 
filled to capacity. Benefits for the Police- 
men's fund, afternoon and evening 25, drew 
big attendance. Mnie. Alma, playing at the 
Empire, made n. hit with her novel turn. 

The Great American Hippodrome began an 
engagement of three weeks, 27, with two 
performances dally. 

i ■ 

Minneapolis. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, manager) Isabel Irving, 
In "iJusan In Search ot a Husband." April 20- 
May 1 : Wlllard Mack and Maude Leone, In 
"Madam Satan." 2-4. John Drew. 21-24, and 
Dustln Farnum, In "The Virginian," 25-27. 
had fine business. William Josscy Stock Co., 
In "Sapho," will lie here and week. 

Bi-iqu Oi'kka House (Theodore L. Hays, 
manager). — Lillian Mortimer, In "No Mother 
to Guide Her," 28 and week. "A Marked 
Woman," 21 and Week, met with good busi- 
ness. "The Eye Witness" is the attraction 
and week. 

Oki'iikum (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— Bill for 28 and week Includes: Lewis Mc- 
Cord and company, presenting; "Her Last Re- 
hearsal ;" the Four Ford' Brothcra and Sis- 
ters, unsurpassed dancers : Julius Tanncn, 
that up-to-date mimic ; Qlilgg, Mackcy and 
Nlckerson, musicians ; I.cs Klncrs, Bcnsatlonnl 
European equilibrists; Dorothy Kenton, "The 
(ilrl with the Banjo:" Sutcllffc. Troupe, 
Scotch .-pipers and dancers, and the klnodromc. 
Excellent business rules. 

Lyctsum (I. C. Speers, manager). — "Uuclc 
Tom's Cabin" 28 and week. The Frawh-y 
Stock Co.. In "Why Smith Left Home," 21 
and week, had crowded houses. "Zaza" comes 
May U and week. 

Dkwkv (W. A. Singer, manager). — flic 
Imperials 28 and week. The Twentieth Cen- 
tury Maids. 21 and week, had good business. 
Miner's Americans arc due for 5 and' week. 

Umqi'k (John Elliott, manager). — The 
vaudeville bills continue with big attendances. 


lluluth At the Lyceum (C. A. Marshall. 

manager) Paul Gllmore. Ip "At Yale," April 

23, 24, did quite well. Al II. Wilson, 18, and 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," 20. had good business. 
"The Eye WllncsB" 25, Rose Coghlan 26, 27. 
Mmc. Schumnnn-Helnk May], the Bostonlan 
Juvenile Opera Co. week of April 2I>, Isabel 
Irving -May 0. 

Mbtropomtan (W. II. I.ongstrcet, msnn- 
gef ). — The Imperial Burlesquers week of 
April 21. had good business, and gave a 
good show. The Americans 28 and week. 

Bijou (Joe Maltland. manager). — The 
usual large business was done lust week. Bill 
for 20 and week : Charlie Harris, Hid Baxter. 
Lopey and Uipey. Chas. Bowser aud company, 
the l.eavys. the Great Upton. Three Morrises. 
Randnw Midget*. .las. McClellun, Isadora 
Silver, and the pictures. . 



Omaha.— At Boyd's (W. J. Burgess, man- 


17, 18. Rosclie Knott had' fair houses April 
21. 22. 

Bi'rwood (W. J- Burgess, manager). — 
"Itlchard Cnrvel" drew large audiences 21 
nnd week. "Why Smith Left Home" 28 and 

OnViiBt/M (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— The attendance the |«mt week was largo. 
Bill for 28- and week : The Imnclug Daisies. 
the Ueesem*. Howard and Illliud. Cameron 
nnd Flaungaii. Dave Nuwlln. Mrlglnnl Boot- 
black Quartette, Willie Weston, and the kino- 
drome. ' „.„ 

Kitun ("Doe" Breed, manager).— "Weary 
Willie Walker" opened a, four nights' engage- 
ment 28. 'iOa. the Bridge at Midnight" May 
2-4.. "The Cowpuncbcr" 5-8. "The. Banker's 
<-hl!d" 0V11. "Tile Pride of Virginia," 21-24, 
and "The James Boys," 25-27, had fair houses. 

Auditorium (J. SI. Glllan, monager).- 

Oninlm At Hoyors t w. .1. iiurgess. man- 
ager) Otis SklDner, In "Tbn Dud." SO-Slay 1 ; 
Blanche Walsh, In "The Straight llosd,' r 4 ; 
Dockstnders Slinstrels 11. 12. Viola Allen 

The Metropolitan Grand Opera Co. had large 
audiences innllni e and night 22. . 

Joseph Wiuth, father of Louis V. Wlrlh, 
en nc'.or, died on April 8. His remains were 

Jlns from Broadway." Imd n packed home Interred with military honors In Arlington 
H, -.Uncle Ifim'a UWtt" 2fJ,."A. DulvUluan's Ccjuelcry, Wanhlngton, D, C, . , .- ,-...*. 


Special Dt*»atvh to Thk Nbw York Cliitrr. 

San Krakuisco, April 30. — At the Van 
Ness, Annie Russell began yesterday a two 
weeks' engagement In "A Midsummer Night's 

Greater Novelty. — Yesterday marked the 
beginning of a two weeks' special engagement 
pf the San Francisco Opera Co. -Robin 
Hood" Is the opening bill. 

Davis, — This- is the second week of Kolb, 
Dill, Bernard and Aymar, In "Pousse Cafe 
•nd "Cleopatra." 

Central. — The ninth week of Walter San- 
ford'R Players began 20. Current play Is "A 
Desentod Bride." Roglning May if, the new 
stock company will open with "Anita, the 
Singing Girl." 

Colonial.— "La Belle Russe" this week. 
George B. Lask Is now stage director of the 
house, and In full charge. 

New Alcazar. — "The Admirable Crlch- 
ton". Is this week's attraction. 

-Aaisuican. — Monday. April 20. marked the 
beginning of * four weeks' special season by 
the atock company, the first play being 
"Snorting Life.'™ 

Orphlum. — Bill for .the week, opening 
Sunday. 28: Max Tourbillon Troupe, lUltn- 
bcth Murray. Kremka Bros., the !• our Har 
vcys, the Fadette Orchestra, the Rlaltn Com- 
edy Four. Bessie Wynn, Linton and Law- 
rence, and the klnodrome. 

Chutes. — Bishop's Stock Co., In "Shenan- 

Notes. — The fourteenth annual benefit >n 
aid of 1 Its charity fund, was given by the 
local lodge of Theatrical Mechanical Asso- 
ciation, at tho Novelty Theatre. In this city, 
on Thursday afternoon, April 25, at which 
every theatre and. place of amusement In this 
city v.-n3 represented by some act or acts. 
....Stewart Allen received a sudden stroke 

of paralysis recently, while walking on the 
street in Vallejo. It Is not expected that 
he will recover. For a number of years Mr. 
Allen -was In the theatrical business, and 
for a time was a member of Nat C. Good- 
win's company, as well ns that of Sol Stnltn 
Russell. Of late years bo has been city edi- 
tor- of KVifl Valte/o Chronicle ...... The Dm- 

matin Review'* theatrical balance sheet 
shows that twenty-one theatres and places 
of amusement were open In San Francisco 
nn the night of April 17. 190(1. and were 
put out of business by the earthquake and 
tiro on the 18th. The tire left San Fran- 
cisco theatreless. No performances of any 
kind were given in the city until the fortieth 
day after the fire. On May r>, Dion, D. J. 
Graumnn opened a theatre In a brick ball 
on Fillmore Street, near Sutter, hut, It bar- 
ing but one exit, the police closed the per- 
fortmin-cc. The first resume of theatrical 
business occurred on Monday night. May 28, 
the fortieth day after the fire, when Sld 
(■raiimun opened tho National Theatre on 
Post and Stclnor Streets, and Loverlch «: 
Lubelski the Novelty, ou Geary aud Stclncr, 
vaudeville canvas theatres, ana the Orphciim 
Company opened at the Chutes, all- on the 
same night, From these commencements Han 
Francisco had. on April J 8, 11107,' tho following 
fourteen 'theatres permanently opened, Ann, 
safe nnd substantial theatres, better con- 
structed, nnd of larger sealing rapacllv than 
the old ones. The list of- dramatic theatres 
Is:. The Van Ness Avenue. Central. Alcazar, 
•Novelty, Colonial (rebuilt), and Chutes. 
Opera: The American (re(itted). "Vaudeville 
theatres: Orpheum, National; Umpire, Wig- 
wam, Lyceum. Musical comedy : Davis. Bur- 
lesque : Mission. The balance Hhows that Han ' 
Francisco has built- since the Are, fourteen 
new theatres, all legitimate theatres, no mimic 
halls or variety houses in the list, agnlnst 
the twenty-one theatres of all kinds we had 
open before the fire. Nothing exhibits tho 
prosperity aud wonderful growth of the city 
more than this theatre growing. Our theatres 
now In course of construction show Hint the 
prosperity barometer has still an upward 
tendancy. The Just finishing- Globe Theatre, 
on Mission Street, between Twenty-third and 
Twenty-fourth, a reinforced concrete building 
with 2,200 scats, opens shortly as a vaude- 
ville house. It will be the largest theatre In 
San Francisco. Erected by the Globe Amuse- 
ment Co., Wm. Ii. Dally has supervised Its 
construction and will, be its manager. The 
Princess, Varney & Green's steel framed and 
balcony musical comedy theatre, on Bills 
Street, alongside tho Orpheum; wilt have 
2,000 eentlng capacity, and will open on Mon- 
day, July 1: Varney & Oreen's other theatre, 
on Fourteenth Street, has Its foundations 
set, and will lie ready for melodrama In Oc- 
tober. The Commonwealth Amusement Cor- 
poration Ir putting up a class • A balcony 
vaudeville theatre on the Nortlt side of Sutter 
Street. 175 feet West of Fillmore. It will 
be caliM the Victory, and opens July 1, un- 
der the management -of I. Coleman Levey. 
Charley Brown's Sixteenth Street- Theatre 
will he rebuilt and ready for business In 
October. And there arc still others. The 
new Columbia, Golllob, Marx & Co.'s new 
theatre mill block- on- Van Nch* Avenue, cor- 
ner of Geary, will not be ready until next 
Spring. II. W, Bishop, former manager nf 
the burned Miijcstlc Theatre, has leased the 
lot from- the Iftlo estate for twenty years, 
nnd will erect a splendid theatre thereon. 
The Orpheum Co. will- build a now Orpheum 
on Its old site on O'Farrell Street. It mav 
take six- or eight, month* to complete these 
big theatres. The Northern! Theatre, the 
Washington -Square Theatre, «t. the junction 
of Montgomery Avenue and Powell Street, 
will Ira completed this -Fall. These will give 
Son Francisco twenty-three up-to-date the- 
atres. A concert hall, the Star, Is now build- 
ing on Pacific Street, between Montgomery 
and Sansome. 



Milwaukee. — The big event of the week 
In theatrical circles was the appearance of 
the Metropolitan Opera Co., al (lie Alhumbrn, 
Saturday.-. afltrnoon- und evening, April 27. 
The entire house was Idled at both perform- 
ances. The balance nt the week was devoted 
to a strong vaudeville bill by IJie manager, 
.las. A. Higler. Violet Dale nnd Mi: Waters and 
Tyson scored the hits of the bill. "The 
Wizard of Ox" week of 28, followed by the 
Grace Cameron Opera Co. 

Davidson. — Win. C. Schnell, treasurer,. will 
have his annual benefit Mondav evening, 21). 
Johu.Drew, la "His House In Order," Is Hie 
nl traction fur the week. The Brown Stock 
Co. will rclnrn Mny 5. 

Paiiht. — The Kngllsh Slock Co, will open 
n season of slock, 2!). presenting "Mrs. Dane's 
I lefensc." The company Includes ; W. - i ■:. 
KDlbloc. Fay Wallace, IS. W. Morrison, Louis 
Bishop Hull, Kathcrlnn Grey, Robert t.'on- 
ness, George Henry Trader, Helen ■ Strick- 
land, Murdoch J. MrQiiorrle, Theodore Frle- 
bus. Janet Bencher and Theodore Holier is. 

Bijou Opera House (John It. Pierce, resi- 
dent manager). — "Kidnapped for Revoigo" 
had satisfactory business 20-22. "Big- Heart- 
ed Jim'' 28 and week. - 

Star i Frank K. Trottman, manager). — 
Ttin Merry 'Makers put In a prosperous week, 
ending 27, which marked the closing week (if 
burlesque at this house. Tile new Star, which 
'was Hooked tb open 28, will not bo ready 
until May 4. 

Ciivstal IF. B. >Wlntor. • malinger). — Tile 
bill for week of 21) Includes: .llmmle Wall, 
Mr. and sirs'. Perkins Fisher. Slrroiijc, Marie 
River*, nnd the CryslaJgraph. 

■Note. — Kryl's Band continues at. the Illh- 
podrome, and Kllory's Band at eicblltz Park. 
/ I » i i . ii ' . 

Shriioyctan. — At the Opera House (Wm. 
II. Stoddard) manager) "Bweet Clover," April 
21. gave a good show, to«ood business. "The 
College Widow" 27. Wlnnliiger Bros.' Co., lu 
repertory, 28 and week. 

r.MQt-E (Arthur Lane, manager). — Bill 
for 22-24: Billy Beard. Frances Itoyt sod 
company. Kolllns and Clifton, Hltnore Hatch. 
Illustrated sougs und moving pictures. Good 
houses rule, ..>..' • . i 

Notes. — The Unique will close for repairs, 
tho last week, of May, and, on Decoration 
Day, tbe new Lake View Park and Summer 
theatre will open; under the sold management 
of Arthur Lane, for ten weeks of musics I 

comedy Dreamland (Kugene MeCullum, 

manager) continues to draw good houses, 
with Illustrated songs and moving pictures. 

s» i 

Kan Claire.— At tbe Grand (C. D. Moore. 
manageri I'nul Ullmore, In "At Yale." April 
21. pleased a packed huuse. "The Eye Wit- 
ness'' 24, Rose Coghlan 26, Juvenile Uostou- 
ians May 0-8. 

Uniqur (Wm. Armond. resident manager). 
—Hill for April 22 and week: Delia Watson. 
Draculn, Hawioy and Olcott, Wm. Armond, 
llowloy and I.osllo, nnd Prof. Harrington. 


Kaunas City.— At tho Shubert (Walter 
Snnford, nmnngcrl, last week, tho long 
awaited engagement of David Wnrllclil took 
plncc, and It was a case of the public clamor- 
ing for admission at every performance The 
house was sold out for the entire week before 
the Drat night's opening. Tho receipts are 
easily a record for the liouse. "Tho Music 
Master," Mr. Wurfleid and the entire com- 
pany came fully up to expectations, and 
everybody pronounced It tho top hatcher of 
the season. This week. Btiennc Glrardot, in 
a revival of "Charley's Aunt." will close the 
season of the house, with the exception of 
the engagement of Joe Wubcr and company, 
June 2-5. 

Willis Wood ( Woodward & Iiurgess 
.'uiusetucnl Co., managers). —Lust week "The 
Lion and tho Mouse" came to good business, 
and repeated Its Inst season's success. Ger- 
trude Coghlan and Arthur Byron aro ex- 
ceptionally clever In their respective roles, 
nnd Joseph Kilgour and Matcolm Duncan also 
deserve special praise. Rosclie Knott, III 
"Alice SIt-by-lho-Flre." April 28-May 1 ; Otis 
Skinner, In "The Duel, 2-4. Next week. 
Blanebc Walsh, in "Tho Straight Road,' 1 
comes the last three nights. 

GUAM) ijpkiia llntJSH (Hudson & Judab, 
managers). — I'.nst week the ever popular 
"Tho County Chairman" came to good busi- 
ness. Theodore Hahcnck, In tho title role. 
Is Btill doing splendid work. Prominent In 
the company was Gene Gnultcr, n local girl, 
who played the purl of l.uey admirably. 
Charles A llurke, as Uncle lvk, was one of 
the hits of the performance. This week, 
"Buster Brown:" "A l"oor Relation" next. 

Or.riiKUM (Martin Bock, general manager). 
— Ijist week's bill was headed by Valerie 
Bcrgerc and company, in I ho one act play- 
let, "A Bowery Cuniille." Other clever ones 
completed tile bill. Tills week : The Fin- 
neys, Dnn Iturke, Clin* Gordon, Frank Mtis- 
tyu Kelly. Violet Dale, La Veulu, aud Wer- 
deii nnd GladdlHli. 

i: ii. i. is Opera Hoi kk (K. S. Ilrlghain, man- 
ugcri. — Last week "Lost in New York" 
proved as popular ns ever, and drew good 
houses. This week. "Tho Cow Puncher." 
"The Convict's Daughter" next week. 

■ ArmroitiiiM (Woodward & Iiurgess Amuse- 
ment Co., manngeru). — Lust week Lesler 
l.onergan, assisted by Kvn Lang and Geo. 
Arvlne and tho Woodward Slock Co., gave 
really lino performances of "If I Wero King." 
This woek. "Tlie Little Minister." Next week 
three of tin: season's most popular, successes, 
•;Doroth>r Vernon," "In the Palace of tho 
King" and "Zlrn" will he produced. 

Majemtic (Clinton Wilson, manager).— 
Last week the Jersey Lilies drew well nnd 
pleased. This week, the Rose Hill Co. Ca- 
sino Girls next. 

Century (Joseph Donegan, manager). — 
Knst week, lho Umpire Burlesquers drew well. 
This week, the Fay Foster Co. Twentieth 
Century Girls next week. 

Forest Park i.D. 10. Riisscl. mnungor). — 
Tho season will open Sunday, April 28, with 
many lidded attractions, In Hopkins' Thea- 
tre. Hie Boston Opera Co., will sing "The 
Mikado." ' 

Clipi'ehinos. — Gentry's Dog and Pony Cir- 
cus Is coming In May Gus Pltou Jr., 

manager of ''The Lion and the Mouse." wns 
busy renewing old acquaintances here last 

week Wm. Winch, press agent of Hie 

Orpheum, will act In a like capacity for 

Forest Park.; Walter Hunford, manager 

of Ihc Shubert. Is to he congratulated cm the 
nmiiner In which ho handled tbe Wsrneld 
advance sales. Speculation wns provented, 
mull orders wero filled after tbo first day's 
sale, and only a limited amount of admissions 
were sold nightly. Kveryone coming after 
the curtain was up. was obliged to remain In 
the reap until after Hie act was over, there- 
by making everyone In Ihelr seats feel com- 

Hi. Joseph — At Tootlo's (C. U. Phllley, 
mnnager) Isabel Irving hud ti largo und well 
pleased audience April II).- Tho County 
Chairman" did good business 20. Itoselle 
Knott 27, "Tho Lion and the Mouso" 
May (Ml, Vlolu Allen 1(1. 

I<xi:hum <C. V. Phllley. manager).— The 
Lyceum Stock Co. opened April 21, with "The 
Charity Hall." Business Is big. 

Point, Warwick,' R. I., under tile management 
of It. A. Harrington: crescent Park, K»st 
Providence, rt. I., under the same mstMtfc- 
ment, and Vanity Pair, Bast Providence. 
now building, the management of which hat 
not been announced. 


PwiwiIr. — At the Grand (Chamburllti, 
Harrington. A Co., managers) John Draw, in 
"Ills House lu Order," April 10. played to 
capacity. Dandy Dlxlo Minstrels, 20. pleased. 
"lho Village Vagabond," 21. pleased a good 
house. Otis Skinner, In "Tho Duel," 24. had 
large business. "The Belle of Japan 27, 
Black Puttl 20, Blanche Walsh May HI. 

Majnhth: (Al. !.. Wlawvll, resident malin- 
ger). — "The Convict's Daughter," 18-20, had 
good returns, erosion Clarke. In "The Ragged 
Messenger." 21-2-1, had good business, "itig 
Hearted Jim" 25-27, "Tho Bonnie llrlor Biwb ' 
28-May I. "Dorn Thome" 2-4, Livingston 
Stock Co. upcus ."■. 

Main Stnkkt (Frank 11. Weston, resident 
manager). — Bill for week of April 211: Mr. 
and Mrs. Wm. Robyns, Linstroui and Ander- 
son, I.ockhnrt Sisters, Hedrlx and Prescotl, 
the Kslerbrook* and the klundromii. 

Whant'h (Clms. F. Bnrtson, manager). — 
Rill week or 22 : Warren and Howard, Kin- 
uicyer and O'Dcll, Davis nnd Davis, Wortli 
ami Delimit-. Teddy Davles, and moving pic- 

Star (H, Walter Van Dyke, manager).— 
"Sapho" was given by tho stock company 
last weok. Bottle May. In the title role, made 
a hit, and was given excellent support by tbe 
company. Large houses have been tho rule. 

Stunk Hill Hardin (■Frank Grave.- mali- 
nger), — BUI fop last week was "Paradise Re- 
gained." Manager Grave has strengthened 
tho company, and his effort to give a good 
show Is being appreciated by the public. 

MiirliiH-flrlili At Clintterton's (Geo. W. 
Cliatlerton, malinger) Billy Link's Vaudeville 
Co. closed a very successful week April 20. 
Dixie Minstrels 21-. "The Moonshiner's Daugh- 
ter" 22, Otis Skinner ail, "The Time, tho 
Place and tlic (llrl" an, Creston Clarke 
( ushers' bcncllt) 20. 

(Iaiktk (Burton it Suillh. managers). — 
BUI week nf 22: Dawson and WIltllchT, Frank 
Marley. Kdi Jolly and Winnie Willi, Brown 
and Hchomnipp. und moving pictures. 

Olympic (Wm. Jackson, iiianilgCP). — Hill 
week of 22: Fcnsley Sisters, Bob nnd Daisy 
Cunningham, Isdllc Lee, Smith and Brown, 
Mr, and Mrs. Nick Hughes, Shadowgraphs, 
Julo liyniii moving pictures, nnd comedy, 
"Blftck MRU." 

Kmimrk (John Connors,' manager). — BUI 
week of 22 : Blil'lcttn, "Queens of I he Orient :" 
Illustrated songs, May Foster. All Kaila, Mil- 
lar HlHIera. Dunbar's Gust Circus. Bin '/Am- 
nierninus, Nettle Strand, and Twentieth Cen- 
tury optlscope. • 
■ s 

Dccntnr. — At the Powors Griinil- (.1-. V. 
Given, iminnger) Otis Skinner, In "The Intel." 
April 22, pleased. "The Time, the Place nnd 
Hie Girl, 24, played a return engagement, to 
S, It. o: "Tho Village Vagiiboutrari, Cms- 
ton (.'lark. In "The Ragged Messenger," 27 : 
Billy Link's Vaudeville Co. 20. .'10. "Lost In 
New York" May 1, "lliiuipty Dumply" 4. 

Hum; (A. Hlgfrled, manager). — Week of 
April 22: Gllmore and La Tour, Amillo Com 
cdy Four, Arthur Itlgliy. Knox'llfos., Dixie 
Harris and lho llljoiidrome. Good business 

NicKHLOMioN (II. W. Kilts, manager). — 
Full houses for two weeks, presuming (tin 
Passlou Play pictures. 
... . s 

Alton.— At the Temple (W. M. Sauvagc, 
manager) "Tito Corner Store" (local) wns 
very successfully und crcdltHhly given April 
10. "Fnust" had capacity at two perform- 
ances 20. "The Clansman" hud two good 
audiences 21. "The District Lcador" 28, Sey- 
mour's First Regiment Hand 110, "Tho Girl of 
the Golden West 1 ' May 0. 

Notk.— On May 1 W.' M. Sauvage, manager 
of the Temple Theatre, will Itiaugiirnte nna 
of his best of Hteamlioat excursions. 

<tui»«y._ At the lOinpIre (W. L. Husby, 
manager) "The Umpire'' played a return 
date April HI. "Tim District Leader" was 

9 rooted by a good house 20. "The Hello of 
span" pleased 21. A good house, 2fi, for 
the " 

wliUoT aSp - "Tho~Llbif "and Ule Mouse" May 

Lyric (.L A. -Donncll. manager),— Tho Kill- 
ton Stock Cot continues to pleusc. "The fllrl 
of tho Golden West" had good business at 
three nerfurinaiieCH, opening ail. 

(.'Ri'si'Ai, (Fred Conmu, manager). — Bill for 
week of 28: Wagner nnd I>awrcnce, Walter 
Spencer,- Steel and Msyllold, A. K. Johns, the 
Great Suglmoto Troupe, nnd Cosmau's mov- 
ing pictures. HuslncHS continues good. 

Pkopi.k'n (J. A. Jackson, manager).— dBIl 
for woek of 28 includes: Labord nnd Rycrson, 
Doc Holland, Joseph Burnell, Bush and Gor- 
don. Mathews and Mathews, and the moving 

. .i n i 

SiirltiRfleld — At the Baldwin (Geo. Olon- 
dorf, manager) bile house was dark last week. 

Dikmkr (F. W. Dletnnr, manager). — Tho 
Dlemer Stock Co. closed for the season April 
10. During, the last week tho largest busi- 
ness of the scuson was done, with S. II. O. 
at every performance. The Lyric vaudeville 
circuit will be moved lo tho Dlcmcr until 
the Summer house at White CRy Is completed. 

Tiikatoiiium ( j: H. Doggrell, manager).— 
Moving nlctui'cs and llliiMtratrd songs opened 
Wednesday, 17. From Uio crowds since that 
date It Is evident (bis Is going to be one of 
the moKt popular places of amusement here.' 

Notes', — Tho Gentry Bros. Dog and Pony 

Show. - two performance!). April 2.1 M 

Burao's Carnival Co. opened 'SI, nt Central 
Park, for a. week's engagement, with eighteen 
shows and seven free acts. 



I'rovlilenoe. — At tin) Providence Opera 
House (Felix R. Wcnilelschaefer, manager) 
Virginia I lamed, In "The Great Question, 
pleased week of April 22. The tluintrc Is 
dark week of 20. 

Kkitii's , fChns. Lovenbcrg, munager).— 
Vaudeville closed 27, and a four weeks' sea- 
son of comic operu. by a stock company, 
opens 20. with "Robin Hood." "Tho Sore- 
nude" will follflw. 

P.Mrutr. (Npllz & Nnthnnson, managers).— 
"young Buirsln, King of thn Wild West." 
pleased hundreds on his return visit, 22-27. 
'•G«y Now York" 20 and week. "F.lght Bells" 

iMt'KRiAf, (L. It. Curtln, manager).— Sam 
Devcre's Own Co. offers the bill week of 20. 
A souvenir. In the shape of a china night 
lamp, will be given to lady patrons Mny 27 

WrsTHissrun (Geo. II. Batchclter, mans- 
gar).— The Greater New York Stars April 20 
and week. The Boston Belles May 8-lf. 

Notkr. — Jnracs Kennedy lias been engaged 
for the ISmpIro Theatre Stock CO.. the season 
of which opens 11 Harry Mellaa Web- 
ster has been engaged as stage director for 
tho Albee Stock Co.. the coming season , . . . 
Thorn will probsbly »« vaudeville perform- 
anccK st Ilirec shore resorts near Provldoiice 
tlut'Ing -ibtt couilug'bcanuito 'i'hey tin U/xky 

Chicago String Quartette, brought hern 
[■'red Plain, a local musician. Porter J. 
to. 28, "Tho Lion und Uie Mouso" May 
3, 4' i "The District Lender" ( return data). 0. 
I! i.i on (Patrick & Met 'onncll, raunugois). — 
mil week of April 20: Ureal. Litiireut, Jullv 
sod Wild, Olney and Cuntilnghuni, Jon Itlck 
arils, Ana Mae Llcblg and moving pictures, 
Tho Bijou Thcrttrn will close for tho spasoli 
May 12, anil the Msidwln Wondcrlntid, under 
the management of Messrs. Patrick & Me- 
Connoll, will open May 2(1. 

Belleville — At lho Lyric (F. It. llnllnra, 
manager) Purler J. While, In "Fnust," htlil 
big business April 10. "The Village parson," 
20, scored ii bit. "The Clansman" main tu 
big business S3. "Midnight Flyer" 27, "The 
District Lender" (return) UO. 'Ilils Blmw 
will close the season of tho house. 

Hen Mttlnes. — At the Audllorlum (Will, 
I'ViHler, raiinngrr) "l.n Tmvlula" was pre- 
Muted here. April 22, by tint Han Cnrlos 
opera Co., to n huge and appreciative audi- 
ence. Al*<:e Nielsen sang Vloletta. . 

Fomtkii's.Opkiia IIoiisk (Win. Foster, mini- 
user).— oils Skinner, In "The Duel," 20. 
"1*11 District Lender" (return) Mny ID, 
Blanche Walsh II. 

HmuiKiiT (W. U. Henry, inuniigor). — Mrs. 
Flske. In "Tho New York Idett," U, 1G. 

(Jiiami . OrtSA IIoiisk (Wm. Foster, mann- 
ger),— The Grace Haywood Slock Co. enjoyed 

frosperous business woek of April 21. "A 
•oor Relation" 2N-Mny 2, "Couniry Jay" 3,4. 
liMi'ins (M. J. Ksrger, nmnuger).— Iluul- 
nessi for last week wns excellent, BUI for 
week of 2R : Armstrong und Holly, Riimc- and 
Ferguson, lho Demncos, the Nellbs, Mack mid 
Mlllott, Jmucs MeDuff, and Miss Vivian. 

N'ort. — Do* Moines has a new oleetrlc 
theatre, Hie Colonial, which openeri April 25, 
under the management of C. L. Mnti. This 
house seats 2M), and gives a 10 cent show 
of moving pictures. 

i o 'i »W iii, 

Cedar Itniilds. — At Greene's Opera lloiine 
(Will H. Collier, msiliiger) "Tho Isle of 
Kplcn" drew n good huuse April 22. Oils 
Skinner 27, Grace Hsywnnl Co. 2H-May 4, 
Mmc. Hchiimann-Helnk May 3, Henderson 
Block Co.. 0-12. 

Peoplh'h (Vie llugn, mausger).— Hsiiiil 
big business, and this line bill weok of April 
22: Ulnnldo, violinist (second week) : Bltum, 
Hounii, H-r-rr Trio, T'hreo Dancing Kelloys, 
Josh Dreauo, ll»ntz and Pautter, Ray W, 

1'llv. and tho Rlllltlnsi'opc. 

Notch. — At lho BIJou (II. F. Pocock, man- 
ngeri. penny ,urcad«, moving nlclitrcs and 
Illustrated songs by (he Strickland Sisters. 
. ... ..Dolnhiis (Williams Bros,, managers), 

moving pictures and Illustrated songs, by 
Harry Moles, i . . . . Honey's Boys Concur! Co. 

civ a nle'isliig programme April 20, nt Y, M. 
C. A. Auditorium. 

■ s 

linrtluuton. — At Hie Grand (Chumhfirllii, 
Harrington At Co., managers). — This house Is 

(Uiititi.'K (J. M. Root, manager). — Current, 
ntt ructions Include : lllnim, Itnaim, ll-rr-r, 
Joe Dreuno. and Mepla. nnd.-Magce. 

Clips, — The Madison Avenue. Park .will 
open I hi- season May 30, with the Chicago 
Ladles' Band, for a four days' engagement. 
This attractive resort hns undergone many 
changes. Another stags in the open has been 

erected Harrow and Mitchell, who made 

such h hit at the Currick last week, will pro- 
duce a sketch after their Chicago engage- 
Uli'Hl. ■ . - ~ . 



MAY 4. 


Di)bnaiu>< — At the Grand Opera Honse 
(Wm. I.. Bradley, manager) "The Village 
Vagabond" eave two performance* 1 , before 
well iile.iscd hooses April 20. "The Jul* of 
Spice' - had a full hoime 2H. 

Ki.toii (Jake Rosenthal, manager).— S. R. 
0, nil last week, presenting Nohlelle nnil Mar- 
tin and Knight. Lloyd Spencer, 

Ltatc (J. F. .Furlong-, manager).— O'Hara wanager).— This week: Edward Davla Cpjn- 
and Watson, Klppy, Oladya Davidson, Ulna- pony. Otto Brothers, Chris. Brano and Ma- 
trated sonira, and Dave Wblttlngton. bel Russell, Onlaw Trio, Kempt' Tales of 

Nora— The Southern Trost Co. Building, jthe Wild, Donat Bedlnl and dog, Fanny 
ten stories tafsh, will lie equipped for a root^Vlee, and tlie vJtngrnph. Capacity audiences 
garden, and will be completed by July 1. The- rule. 

>tinll. Knight _ 

Fdwnrd McDonald, In Musi rated songs; the 
I our lilunue, and lite klnodrome. With the 
Itlnnos ns honrtllners, one of the biggest weeks 
Iti iho reason resulted. 

OskalooNu.— At the Masonic Opera House 
(A. P. Owent". manager) "The Girl of the 
Gulden Wert." April 24, had a large house. 
- Human. Hearts'' will WJIW Hie month. 

Fo.nh (Hewitt ft Duncan, maiiBgets).— 
Tula imsy theatre Is doing atal business. 

.Son:.— Mtthlnn William* left April 14, to 
Join rorepaiigh ft Hells Bros,' Band, at 
uiliiinhus, 0- 



i»ridi»eiiin*4. —Al Smith's (E. C. Smith, 
mnunger) "The isle of Spice," April Mft 
plaved to big business. •Queen of the White 
Slave*," 24, did the usual good business, antl 
flic Smitirt Set, 2fi-27, did exceptionally well. 
D.iulel Ityao'n big stock company week of 

Pom's (P.. B. Mitchell, manager).— Big 
business week of 22. Rooked week of 21): 
The Kntrons, Al. Cnrleton, McKay and Cnnt- 
well, Abel, Ardon and company, Woods-lulls 
«jiiBi(etto, I)olph and Susslc Levlno, and 

'xoms.— 'hie Buffalo BID Wild West Show- 
In hilled here for .May :!0 John W. 

Harry wan in tills city April 27. nnd hooked 
Florence iliimlllon m play leads In "The 
Ulrl 1 J.eft Behind Me," which is lo lie pro- 
duced lit Ilatlmway'H Theatre, New Bedford, 
tor Hevrrnl weeks. Miss llumllton, who hns 
lieen louring tinder the management of Oar- 
land (Iiuien, wnH called lo this clly three 
months ago by the death of her mother and 
earlier, and Juts since been suffering with 
liervoiiH prnslriitloii, cancelling nil her book- 
ings. Hhi bus now recovered mid will 
resume Iter theatrical work. Mr. Barry 1h 
tilso innnnger of Blieedy's Theatre, In Fall 
Itlvcr, where he will piny stocks nil Summer. 
In the Fall he will take. lite Kiislorti and 
Western circuit with "The Girl I Left lle- 

Innd .Me." .Hthel Uttby, or thla city, 

who has appeared In all of Kols*rt M. Bper- 
t'.v'M closing productions in Smith's Theatre, 
will loin Florence llumllton, in "The Ulrl 

1 reft. Behind Me," at New Bedford 

•■Tim Olrl and the Student" Is the title of 
tho now drama lo Ik? presented by Bobert M. 
Spnrry, tit the closing. of Smith's Theatre, 
this season. It Is the product, of the pea of 
.Mr. Sperry, naif will be played May 18-18. . . . 
Oil. will him F. Cody Is to he made an houory 
member of the' Bridgeport Aerie of Fagles, 
nl l meeting of tho nerle, to lie held here, 
May 11). At the same meeting "Jake" Posey, 
one of Col. Cody's lieutenants, will bring a 
number or the Indiana, cowboya and rough- 
riders to parl'.clpiile In an> entertainment to 
Ik; given Ihe members. Mr. Posey Is an en- 
thusiastic Kaglc, and nearly one hundred 
members of ihe Wild West -Show belong to 
iiiM'tea throughout the country Paul Boy- 
ton, of Coney Island, Is to be the manager of 
Steeplechase Island here this season, lie 
recenllv mtide a wager In Now York, with 
George C. Tllynii, that lie rniild muke the Is- 
land liny it lurgcr dividend this season, by 
charging a single fare, In and fruui this city 
i IHi.) I liun Mr. Tllyon did lnsl season, liv 
eburglng double fare (20c). The seuson will 
n|ien at Ihe Island lite latter part of May. 

Tho new Bridgeport Theatre, In course 

of roiwlruclloii, lu this city, Is now well under 
way, and will he opened lu August or Sopli'in- 

\<iv Loudon. — At the Lyceum (Ira W. 
Jackson, mauajiur) "A Dutchman's Honey- 
moon" April 21t, tin; Octoroons 2(1, Marine 
Band 27, "Forty-five Minnies from • Broad- 
way" aii. 


1111 IIIUAN. • 

Detroit.— At the Detroit Opera House (B. 
C. Whitney, luimiufpr) Suit Carlos Opera Co. 
received an enthiiHlnstlc reception April 24- 
27, and good attendance was the rule. "The 
Clansman." with George II. Brennan In tbc 
title role, week of 21>. 

LYi.iit.Jl (M. 1\ Stair, manager). — "Fon- 
t.tstua" played lo good patronage weok of 21. 
(Vaughfin Glaacr and company o|H>n the Spring 
rvason week of 28. 

Wiiitni:v (R. D. Stair,' manager). — "The 
'Four Camera of the ISiirth" drew the usual 
packed houses 21-27. "A Millionaire's Ke- 
\enge" week of 28. 

Lai'AYkttr (Dr. Campbell, manager). — A 
pood bill drew well Inst week. Bill week of 
:'M IiicIuiIch: Morrlsey und Kill, Von Klein 
and Gibson. May Keslnjr, llnrrv Tsudu, Kelle.v 
nnil Miissav. Morris and Kramler, Anson 
Sclillinrt, Ditstnu und Leslie, polyscope and 
Ihe vltagrapll. 

Tiimn.u (.1. ' 11. Moore, manager). — Last 
week's bill was first class, nnrt S. K. O. was 
the rule. BUI tliln week: Robert Ifllllard and 
eniupiniv, Ye Colonial Septette, Kdlth Helena, 
lllee anil duly, Donahue ami Nichols, Mosher. 
liotighlnn and 'Mnshcr, Paul Barnes, Musical 
JohtiHions, mid the klneiograph. 

(Javktv (II. H. Hedges, manager). — Bice 
,V Burton's Big Gaiety Co. offered a plenslng 
enlevtiilninenl 21-27, nnil good attendance was 
the rata, City Sports and Aim Attell week 
of 28. 

■I- . i « 

liny «l(y.--At the Wtishlugton (W. J. 
Dtnint. luunnger) Mclntyre and Heath. In 
"The Ham Tree," packed Ihe house to the 
doors,. April III, nnil pleased. "KnuUtmna" 
did goad business .20. "A I'nlr of Country 
Kids." 21, 22. canceled. ''Tracy the Out- 
law" drew lop hfnvy houses 2:i, 2-1. Tho 
Kuyft Mny :i. 

Al.VARAOO (\\. 3. Diumt, malinger). — Tho 
Curl W. Conk Majestic Stock Co.. In reper- 
tory, did gonit business April 21-27. 

Iluoti (J. I). t'llniore. manager). — Bill 
week of April 22 Included : Hharpley nnd 
FlyDii, Musical Carters, Allire and l.lnil. W. 
H. Fields, Arthur Browning, Truman Sey- 
mour, and Ihe BIJnuscope. Iltislness con- 
Uunen good. 

NiiTPk. — Bonnie F.dwntds (nee Bertha 
Cook), of the May Irwin Co., visited her pa- 
rents, Mr. and Mrs. I'd. Cook, of this clly. 

April 21 Hell liensiiii, of tills city, has 

heen appointed chief of the detective staff 
hi' the llngcnhvck- Wallace shows, and left. 
April 2>", for the Winter quarters of Ihe show 
lit Peru, Ind., to take up Ills work. 

lint tie Creek.— At the Post. (R. n. Smllb. 
manager) "The Foul's ltevenge" pleased 
April 20. "The Warning Bell" 21. The Hunt 
Sloclt Co. pleased 22-27. "Tracy the Outlaw" 
Mliv 1. "The Little Homestead" it, "A 
Thoroughbred Tramp" 4. • 

Bi.101' (W. 8. Buiterllelrt, manager),— Bill 
tor week of 21): May Wallace. Vldu, Hurry 
Boyd, the l.emonls. llarllett and Collins, and 
cllntoaiiipe pl(<tt>res. 

Noti:.-— The HIJon Thealrlcal Knlerprlse 
Co., W. s, Butierlleld, tnanager, with head- 
quarters at Botlle Creek, has leased the opera 
houses at Mind, Marshall nnd Albion, Mich., 
where Mr. Btltterllold will book one night, 
"rnnd nttrnrtlons, as well as book for eight 
nr leu other one night stand houses lu Michi- 

■ » » » 


Mill* ltiicu. At the capital Theatre 
(l -has. T. Taylor, manager) "Buster Brown" 
came April 24, inntlnee and night, to B. It. O. 

Majkstic (Sol S. Harris, manager). — Week 
lit 22 :,Mr. nnd Mrs, Itnlivus, In "Tiie Counsel 
for the Defense. :"• Leonl and \Dnle, nnil ■four 
other lilg acts. Btishiess of this house for 
the lu»t month has been simply Immense, 

owners will seat and eqnlp to' suit tenants.!— 


' Portland.— At the Helllg ( W. T. 1'angle. 
manager) a testimonial concert was tendered 
to Klrzabelli llarwas, soprano, April 17. 
which was attended by a very large audience.-- »«» 
Tbc concert was tinder the direction of Geo.; 
L. Baker, of the linker Theatre, and Miss 
llarwas was assisted by prominent local mu- 
sical talent. Except for this concert the the- 
atre has been dark since HI. Nat C. Good- 
win, In repertory. 211,. 24 ; Raymond Hitch- 
cock, In "The Yankee Tourist," 20-28; Walker 
Wliltestdc. In 'The Magic Melody," Sid-Nay 
2 : Murray nnd Mack, In "Around the Town, ' 

8' *• l ~ (Oeo. L. Baker, manager).— The 

Baker 'Hieatrc Co. had two hie houses April 
21, to witness "The Prodigal Son." "The 
Admirable Crelghton" did fairly good busi- 
ness week of 14. "The Cowboy and tho Lady" 
and "Never Again" are In preparation -<-,:. 
K'Mi'tiu) (Milton W. Seaman, manager) 

tiTCROM (Rngene Kernan, manager). — Thla 
week, Ihe New Century (I Iris. Last week 
Williams' Ideals hart deservedly excellent 
business. Colonial. Belles and John L. Sul- 
livan 0-11. 

Forpaugr k Snrr.p Circus April 20, SO. 

The Scnmon Stock Co. opened Its season April 
II, wlih "Tho Black Hand." A beautiful 


Hamilton. — At the Urand Opera House 
(A. II. Loudon, manager) Wm. Favcrshom, 
In "Tlie Squnw Man," pleased two good slsed 
houses Aiirll 20. "Painting the Town" en- 
tertained a large audience 22. Bafael Nava's 
Elnno recital and concert (local) had a big 
ouse 2,1. "The Mocking Bird,'* 24, 2S, by 
Lyric Club (local), had excellent support by 
the public, and gave very creditable, per- 
formances. "The Royal Chef" 26, 27,. "The 
Hottest Coon In Dixie" May 3. 4. 

Savov. (J, O. Appleton, manager). — Bill for 
week of 20: Wheeler Farl and Vera Curtis, 
Kimball and l/^wla, Jupiter Brothers, Caron 
und Fannim, Bertha Noss Russell, and tlal- 
len and Hayes. 

Notbs. — Arrangements are being completed 
for the opening of the new Mountain View 
Park, on May 20. Webber Besscy Is proprie- 
tor, and Fred Weaver, manager. There will 
Is? a roller rink and a tent for -vaudeville, 

with a seating capacity of 2,000 It is 

rumored that Oeo. H. Summers and his com- 

Spring; Sunday kept the attendance from lie 
Ing much more than fair In the afternoon, 
but there was n good audience n the ^veil- 
ing, and the company pleased nt both per- 
formances. "Bc-wnre of Men" 28, and "The 
White Caps" May 6. •'■ , 

Lvtttc (Keating ft Flood, managers). — The 
Lyric Stock Co., presenting "Snowball,'.' 22 
and week. 

Staii (James H. Frrlckson, manager.).— 
The Allen Slock Co., week of April 22, pre- 
venting "Hearts of the Blue Ridge." 

Uiiand I, lames II. Frrlckson, manager). — 
The bill for 22 and week Included : Lav Ins 
tad Leonard, in "Tho Troubles of an Anto- 
mohlllts:" Bawls nnd Von Kaufman, J. Ber- 
nard Dyllyn, ihe (llsleys, Ida Howell, the 
W.vmiew,sids nnd the (IrnndlRcope. 

Pantaorh' (John Johnson, manager), t- , eanor; Falke, Count Do Butz and Brother, War- 
Bill 22 and week: Le N'olrs Marionettes, ren ivnd JUanchard, Rthel MacDonougb, Itus- 

• pany will again occupy tlie East Knd Incline 
Theatre for the Summer. 


New Orleans. — At the Oreenwald (Hy. 
Oreenwnld, mana»cer) for the farewell week, 
beginning April 21, at thla popular burlesque 
house, the Casino Girls played matinee and 
night to capacity business. 

OitriiHOM tMartlr. Beck general manager). 
— (food business ruled week of 22-27. Bill 
for week of 20 Includes : Klchnrd Itubler, 131- 

the Kings, Bernstein Duo, Cole and Cole, 
L vn ns and itarr, Leo White and the blograph. 

l'Ki-iz's (Joe J. West Jr., manager).-' 
The hilt 22 and week included . Claire Stan- 
ley. Jerale Klrkwood, Fay Leslie, Virginia 
Verr.on, Wallace and Reach, Larry and Alice 
Weaver. Mae N. Vernon, Marlon Atwood, 
Mat tie Maibeson, Jesae Meyers, Bonnie Bon- 
nie, Adelaide Stewart, Lu Petite Alexander. 
Wilson nnd Leister, the Orent Humboldt, tile- 
Urent lllli, Klsle Lninnre, Jones and R41- 
velle. Ktliel Smith, Mickey Feeley and the 

H m.ii's Spknic TmiB or thr Wont.D (Fred 
I'rliz, manager) continues to do good busi- 

Notes.— The Lyric Theatre has undergone 
a partial chunge of management. Thomas W. 
Murphy has purchased the Interest of Dim 
Flood, of which Keating & Flood have been 
proprietors, and the management of the house 
will henceforth be In the hands of Keating & 

■Murphy The Allen Stock Co., which has 

been playing for a number of inonlhs at the 
Star Theatre, will close Its season May ft, 
and on it will open at the Lyric. The com- 
pany will be augmented and strengthened, 
and will carry out n four months' contract. 

presenting high grade stock plays only 

Tlio links Summer Park appears to he with] 
inn a manager. The Oaks Amusement Co. 
lessees In tho Summer of 1000, of which S. 
II. Krledlander was manager, will probably 
not continue. The Portland Railway. Light 
and Power Co., proprietors of the park, have 
not yet announced their plans for the coming 
season, but the park will probably be open 
lo the public within a few weeks. 

« »» r 


Baltimore. — Thomas Jefferson will be 
neen April 20 and week at Ford's (Charles 
K. Fori], manager), In "Blp Van Winkle." 
"The Old Homestead" drew good slued audi- 
ences 22-27. Crestoa Clarke, m "The Ungitert 
Messenger," next. ■•.,.■ 


l.ehmuyer, managcrl.— With the production 
of "Noah's Ark" last week ihe season of this 
house mini' lo an end. Full houses ■ ruled 
nnd ihe reception accorded It was most Hal- 
tering. . ' . ■ 

Ai.tutmii'K (lleorge Fawcott, manager).— 
"All Ihe Comforts of Home," which opens 
:.'!i, will bring to u close the very successful 
season, the feature of which has been the 
great popularity of Percy Haswell. ''Rast. 
I.ynnc" drew large audiences week ending 27. (James L. Kernan, manager). — 
Oeorgu II. Keuo nnd company are the special 
t nil are of the bill week of 20. which also 
Includes : Phyllis Itnnkln and Hurry Daven- 
port. Jack Wilson, Sears, Smith and Campbell. 
Put ice and Harris, and Meanings, Lewis' and 
Hennlngs. ' 

Ai'iirrniiirM (James I,. Kernan, manager). 
— With Billy B. Vau'e appearance tills witefc. 
In "Patsy In Politics/' will end a very 
prosperous season here. A supplemental Sum- 
mer season of opera, by the Auditorium Opera 
Co.. under the direction of Milton and Sar- 
gent Ahoru. will begin May 0. "Tom. Dick 
and Harry" closed n good week April 3T. '■'•« 

Hiii.i.iii.w Stiikkt (Oeorge W. Klfe, nutnai 
ger).— ^"A Fight for Love" brings Bob Fltz- 
slmmons back 20. "The Sign of Ihe Cross" 
tilled the house Inst week. May «, "Kerry 

Ili.AN-ev'a (Charles K, Blaney, manager). 
— Williams and Walker begin a week's ou- 
gngiuueut April 20, In "Abyssinia." "The 
Master Workman" closed a good week's busi- 
ness 27. May 0. Ituasol! Bros. • 

Oaykty (W. In Ballauf, manager) .-'-The 
Bou Ton Burlcaqiicrs open April 20, follow- 
ing the Dainty Duchess Co., which bad Ihe 
usual big attendance. The Casino ftlrlsfo. 
follows. • 

NkW Moniimrntai. (Sam M. Dawson. 
tiiiiiiiigcr). ■ --Williams' Ideals are the enter- 
tainers week beginning 20. The Jolly'Qrass 
Widows closed 27. The Ceutury (Ilrls next. 

Lrins'H (Fdward ('. Rarle, manager). — 
Sanford ami Darlington, Bensley, Colburn 
and Francis, ami Helen Tretivllle are new 21). 

comes May .1, 2. 

♦ «» 

WiistiiiiMtoii. ■ -Al the New National (W. 
II. Ituplcy, manager) Ibis week, Harry Bul- 
ger, In "Noah's Ark." Last week, Olga 
Nethersole iilsyed a repertory, Including 
••Stiphii," "Adrlenne" and "Cnmllle," to capa- 
city hiislneas. Thomas Jefferson, In "Rip 
Van Winkle." May 0-11, which will close the 
regular season. The house will remain closed, 
except for local events, until May 27. when 
the Bummer season of light opera will open. 

Cum miiia (Luckett & liwver. managers). 
— This week opens wllh the llrst of n series 
of Sunday night "Pop" concerts, April 28. 
"The tilngerhiend Mini 1 * 20-Msy 4. Lnsl week. 
Kzra Kendall, In "Swell Klegunl Jones," 
pleased greatly. Tho Summer comedy MnttHl 
opens May n, with u stock couipnny, headed 
hy Hilda Sponge, supported by a llrst class 
company, presenting ' ! The Firm of Cunning- 
ham," as its Initial offering. 

Bm.AHi-o iL.Sioddnrd Taylor, manager). — 
This week, De Wolf Hopper, In "Wang," and 
'Hunpylnnd." I^ist week, the Triangle 'Criyk. 
of Prlnceioii, gave a single night's perfor- 
mance. April 22. and the Musk nnd Wig Club 
gave another. 27. Otherwise the house was 
In "The Other Olrl," 

dark. Thomas W. Ilms. 
May Oil. 
jlAJKHTK (O. u Rlsler, 

sell and Held, and Dexter and Fields. This 
will bring the season to a close, which resi- 
dent manager Tom Winston reports the 
Oniheum's banner season. 

WiiiTH Ci'J'x (C. C. Matthews, manager). 
— This beautiful Summer park, formerly 
the Athletic Park, will open Its season IT, 
having the Olvmpln Opera Co., with Lottie 
Kendall an the star. The Initial hill will 
he 'Kismet," and popular Rd. P. Seamous. 
iho well known opera producer and manager, 
promises a high class presentation. Many 
other side attractions are promised hy the 

4 i » 

WlieelliiK At the Court <!■:. B. Frans- 

helm, manager) "Mrs. Temple's Telegram, 
April 22, had good returns. "The Man on 
the Box." 24, did nicely. "The Bohemian 
ulrl" (home talent), SB, did well. The 
Horse Show had fair returns 2(1. Yorke and 
Adams, 27. did well. "The New Minister" 
20, David Hlgglns Mny 1, Tbos. Ross 4. 

HRAKR Ol'BRA IIOU8B (Chas. A. Felnler, 
mnneger). — "linns and Nix," April 22-24, 
had big returns. The house was dark 20-27. 
Taylor Stock Co. 20 and week. 

Bi.rou (Schuck & Bcarlcy, owners). — Bill 
for ' week* of 20 : The Three Hylands, Laura 
Buckley, Heath and Walsh, Bean and Ham- 
ilton, i.nd the moving pictures. 

Wiikki.inii Paiik (Frank J. Maker, general 
inaiiiiK'Ti. -This park will open the season 
on May 0, with the following : Dimlevey and 
Bnrrctt, Josephine Bell, the Four Comedy 
Acrobatic Hills, Hurt Marshall, the Oreat 
Holt, nnd Burton, Ilugbcs and Burton. 

• •» 


WllmlDRton. — At the Grand Opera House, 
Rll Smith, In lecture, "Travels Through 
Alaska," April 25. I'eruchl -flypiene Stock 
Co. (fourth engagement tbls season) 22-27. 

Noti:. — At tho BIJou, moving pictures, 
with change of bill semi-weekly. 

Charlotte. — At the Academy of Music 
(O. V. Kesslcr. manager) "The Old/ Home- 
stead" pleased April 18, as did "What Hap- 
pened to Jones" 22. "The Gingerbread Man" 
played to a large audience 24, and pleased 
Immensely. Billy Korsands' Minstrels 20, 
Waller Damroach's New York Symphony Or- 
chestra 27, "Around the Clock" May 2. 

snil«iior>. — At Meroney's (Le Koy J. 
Moloney, manager) Kilties Band pleased a 
fair sized audience April 13. "What Hap- 
pened to Jones" gave a good performance IB. 
'Around the Clock" May 1. Walter Dam- 
rosch and the New York Symphony Orchestra 



Atlanta. — At. the Eldorado (W. K. Thomp- 
son, manager) Mary Mannerhig April 26. 

Bijou (Jake Wells, manager). — "Around 
the Clock' 1 was the attraction 22-27, to H. It. 
O. "The Little Duchess" 20 and week, 

■Staii (J. B. Thompson, manager), — Good 
business prevailed 22-27. The bill Included : 
Hlumphln an J Hear, Delia Rarle. the Flor- 
rellos, Dva North, Bennington Bros., Qeo. 
Milton, J. B. Morris, Jas. Humphrey, Jas. 
Lewis, Oeo. B. Gardner, Llzz Parker, Belle 
II. Milton, I.iltlc May. Dally De Matt, Low- 
man Slstors, untl moving pictures, 

Home. — At the Borne Opera Mouse (Joe 

Spelgelhcrg, manager) Mary Mannerhig April 



M.oil Hsrrlioa, 
Maud Harrison, well known In ner day as 
an actress of ability, was found unconscious 
on the floor of her apartment at the Hotel 
Wlllard, West Seventy-sixth Street. New 
York City, on the morning of April 28, and 
died on the afternoon of that day, wIMioiit 
regaining consciousness The cause of death, 
as stated by the examining physician, was 
piiralvsfs. Maud Harrison was about flfty- 
one years old. Her last role was In "Naughty 
Anthony." produced in 1000. at the .Hera d 
Square Theatre, New York City, by David 
Belasco. She InleDded to enter the company 
supporting Grace (feorge, in "Clothes, but 
gave up the. role after a few rehearsals, Mlas 
IlarrUon began her theatrical career at the 
Madison Square Theatre under the lateA. 
M. Palmer, appearing as a" boy, In The 
Lights o' London." She was the Orst Mrs. 
Brown, In Bronson Hownrd's "The Banker s 
Daughter," and appeared as, the Queen wheu 
Annfe llitssell starred lo "F.lalno." She was 
the fltst to appear In this country as Rosa 
Guerln, In "A Parislon Komancc," with 
Mrlnsfie^d. She was for some years a member 
of the Daly forces, and wllh Daniel Froh- 
mnn, nt the Old Lyceum. Other plays In 
which Miss Harrison acted were: "Saints 
and Sinners." "Aunt Jack," "One Touch of 
Nature," "Jim, Hie Penman:" "Broken 
Hearts," and "Tlie Purple Lady." 

John A. Avery, formerly of Heuck k 
Avery, successors to the late B. Harris, la 
Cincinnati, when the dime museum business 
was In the heyday of Its prosperity, died 
suddenly from heart disease, at Cincinnati, 
O., April 25. For several years, ever since 
relinquishing the lease of the old Vino Street 
Opera House, now the Standard Theatre, at 
Canal and Vine, Mr. Avery was advertising 
representative for the Heuck-Fennessy Inter- 
ests (Heuck's Lyceum nnd People's). He was 
a native of Avon, 111., flfty-nlne yenrs of age, 
nnd a newspaper, man before he went Into 
the amusement field. He was once associated 
'with Kohl k Middleton. A widow, whom he 
wedded thirty-two years ago, survives him. 
' The funeral occurred at Klk's Temple April 
27. with James F.Fennessy and Will S. Heuck, 
old theatrical associates, among the poll 
bearers. Interment was at Spring Grove. 

The liody of Rimer S. Dandy, who 
died on Feb. 5, was taken from the receiving 
vault In the Moravian Cemetery, Staten 
Island, and hurled at 4 p. m. on Sunday, 
April 28. The grnve Is beside that of Mr. 
Dundy's father, Judge Dundy, of Omaha. 
A few dose friends of Mr. Dundy witnessed 
the burial. 

Edward Clarke, stage carpenter, died 
from heart disease on the stage of the Provi- 
dence Opera House, Frovldence, H. L, even- 
ing of April 23, while the scenery for "The 
Great (Question" was being set. He waB 
forty-flvo years old and was well known as 
a master propeity man. having held that 
position with many prominent companies, in- 
cluding Mrs. Flskc s. His wife and two chil- 
dren survive him. 

.lob ii ii j i'okc well known on both the 
vaudeville and the legitimate stages, died In 
Butte, Mont., on April 26. He had been HI 
for more than two years. He was liorn at 
Smith's Lending, H, Y., on Aug. 20, 1809. 
nnd entered the profession when a boy. For 
veins his work in vaudeville brought him Into 
iu'omlncice, and later he scored a hit with 
Ward & Yokes, the Rogers Brothers, and 
other companies. His last New York City 
engagement was with "The Beauty and the 
Heast" Co. 

Mr*. Nellie gully, formerly on ac- 
tress under the name of Nellie Gor- 
inon, and wife of W. I, Sully, the come- 
dian, died at her home, 114 West New- 
ton Street, Boston. Mass., last week, from 
paralysis. Mrs. Sully was a native of Balti- 
more, und a daughter of Mrs. Jane Germoo, 
who' Is still acting at the age of eighty-eight. 
She was a sister of Utile Germon, long promi- 
nent In theatrical circles. Interment was In 
.New Calvary Cemetnry, Mntlapnn, Mass. 

New* <>r the death of Frederic M. 
iiiiKi-r, which ocurrert at the residence of 
his sister, at Washington. D. C, on March 
1 1, has just reached tbls office. His age 
whs thirty-live years, and be was well known 
In the profession. For several years he was 
one of the managers of the Dllger-Cornell 
Co. The remains were Interred at his old 
home, Alexnudila, Va., on March )7. 

Tom Uniiim i > no, famous In New York 
City as a humorist, died at his residence, 110 
West One Hundredth Street, on April 2D, 
nged forty-one years. 

Jay Morn, a former theatrical manager, 
was found dead, lying face downward In a 
bathtub, at the home of Dr. Pewey, In Wor- 
cester, .Mass., on April 27. 

Fran Helnrleh Knot*, wife of the 
lending tenor of the Boyal Court Opera, at 
Munich, Bavaria, died on April 22. She was 
a native of America. 

Catherine Morion, once famous as I'. 
T. De muni's original circus queen, died ou 
April 20, at the City Almshouse, Spruvgslde 
Home, Now Haven, Conn. It was about 
forty years ago when P. T. Barn urn tlrst 
lu'ougln Miss Morton before the public with 
the announcement that she was the tlrst 
woman circus rider to perform without a 
saddle. For years she was a great feature 
with the show. She and George Morton, also 
ii circus rider, were married, and her hus- 
band died about twelve years ago. Interment 
will he ut the expense of the city of New 

mnnnger). — This 

week, the fourth of Ihe supplemental season. 
ihe Kalliryu Cornell Co. presents "Roanoke." 
Last week "Faust" was well nut ou by Ihe 
same compnnv to excellent Jinslness. "The 
Two Orphiius'' 0-11. 
Ciunk'a (Miss H. Winnlfred De Witt, 

mwittfl Pictures, 

The Ki.kinr Opticai. Co.. of Chicago. Is 
about to open a suite of olllces at No. 002- 
it'll Sixth Avenue. In New York City, prin- 
cipally for the hale of moving picture films. 
The New York branch will be In charge of 
Mr. Davis, formerly with the People'* Vaiide 
vlilc Co., although Geo. Klelue, president of 
Ihe company, will divide his Horn hereafter 
between Chicago nnrt New York. Mr. Klelne 
states that the transactions of his company 
cover so wide a Held that It was found Im- 
perative to open au Important office In New 
York, to give necessary attention to custom- 
ers located nearer that point than Chicago. 
The situation is such In the middle and 
further West, that additional offices may be 
opened at two points West of Chicago; pos- 
sibly Denver, Minneapolis or Kansas City, 
and San Francisco. Among tbe newest films 
handled by this concern arc: Great Boxing 
Contest, a Pig In Society, The Smugglers. 
Clowns and Statue, the Terrorist's Remorse, 
Chasing the Si. usage, The Stolen Bi Ide, Cur- 
few Shall Not King To-night, First Dinner 
With Ruther-ln-laitv, Take Good Care of Baby 
n hd The Curving Doctor. 

••Too Much Mothkii-in-Daw." a new 
comedy flliu, has been Issued by 8. Luliln. 
"The Hn written Law" continues to he a big 

•Tub I'litATE'R TMIMITmT" is a new film 
showing tbe progress of n sailor's love story. 
The tlndlpg of toe treasure Onally solves the 
problem. "'On tlie stage" and "The Flat 
Dwellers" are other successful Vltngraph 

<IK0. has originated a new comedy 
111m, entitled "The Skipping Cheeses," which 
is creating roars of laughter. "The Rogue's 
Trick" has also proved to be a big success. 

"Daniri, B'nini:" nnd "Teddy Bears" are 
Micmissful Rdlson Dims. 

Under ibe Cents. 

Haoe.niibck-Wai.lack NOTR8. — The Hageu- 
beci: Wallace Combined Shows made their 
ilrst stand at Peru, Ind., April 27, and the 
opening of these consolidated enterprises 
a it reeled «how-folks from many parts of the 
Jnlted Stntes The concensus of opinion 
among those who ought to know Is, that thin 
la one of the best circus alliances that, has ever 
been brought about. It Is really a big double 
•iggregntlou In every sense of the word, nnil 
not simply a merging of two titles, Tim 
series of rings, atugec, etc., were completely 
idled with brilliant Kurnpeon and American 
novelties and exceptionally One acts. The 
trained animal department, a show la Itself, 
presented many new nnd astonishing tricks 
by ihe world famous trained wild beasts. 
One of the latest animal accomplishments Is 
ii riding sea ilnn which astounded the stu- 
dents of natural history, At the conclusion of 
ihe performance, which ran nearly three 
hours without n hitch anywhere, the great 
audience united in three cheers for Col, B. 
K. Wallace, director general of the Hagcn- 
beck-Wallace Combination. The parade In 
the morning was a beauty. It was far away 
from the conventional, and Is said to be the 
longest offered by a tented enterprise thin 

Bausiim * IIaiijjy Noth. — We had a blow- 
down on Tuesday, April 28, In Reading. 
A few were slightly hurt, but Toto Slegrlst 
received a painful bruise on his left eye, 
and cannot work. 

Chah. Gkyrii wires True CLirPRn, from 
Roseo. Tex., under dale of April 27 : "Chas. 
HeyerV Uallrnad Tent Shows were totally 
destroyed hy Are here to-dny." , 


icttffi M.\ftTKi!" la supplied by the 
"\ Co. It shows the 
of Honor" In Paris, 

American Blngriiph Co. It shows tbe de- 
tails of an "Affair 

"Rip Van- Winkle" la to be given In Paris, 
In the French language, and the title role Is 
to be played by Thomas Jefferson, who will 
give the play at the Clnny Theatre. The 
French version is by Leonce Ttobllllon, French 
Consul nt Baltimore, nnd is nearly completed. 

Lorrtn Zenobia ano 'Mattif ' Stanley 
have Joined lllnney's "The Hired Girl's Mil 
linns" Co. for the rest of the season. They 
wilt piny Summer parks for the Summer, with 
a new act, carrying their, own sceoory, 

Wild West Opening;. 

"Once more to tbe breechloaders, and the 
cry Is, 'Still they come,' " at Madison Square 
Garden, where Buffalo Bill's Wild West and 
Congress of . Rough Riders of (he, World 
opened a three weeks' engagement on Tues- 
day. April 23. 

Male New Yorkers, although sometimes 
loth to confess It, have all been steeped In 
Wild West lore at some time during their - 
lives, and they all like a' taste of the thrill 
thai goes with the Buffalo Bill ' sample of 
life on the plains In pioneer days. Hence the 
big attendance that Invariably greets Col. 
Cody's aggregation whenever we can gee 
within calling distance of It. 

This year the thrills dispensed by the show 
are as many and as agreeable as ever, and 
some new features that have been added to 
the performance are responsible for even- 
more Interest than Is usually occasioned by 
the advent of the cowboys and Indians. 

There was not a mediocre feature on the 
long and varied programme, and what was 
especially pleasing to the big opening night 
audience was tho smoothness and despatch 
with which the different numbers were carried 
out, and the rapidity with which the large 
arena was cleared after every battle scene or 
exhibit, thus doing away with any delay. 

The biggest cards of the evening were the 
riding of the bucking horses, the shooting of 
clay balls by Col. Cody and Johnny Baker, 
and the new big fighting scene, entitled "The 
Battle of Summit Springs," which was warm- 
ly applauded on the opening night hy Gen. 
k. A. Carr, who commanded the Unlled Htates 
troops during that battle. In I860, and who 
watched with Interest its reproduction at the 
garden on Tuesday night, In company with 
Gen. Nelson A. Miles, another distinguished 

Annie Schaefer, a cowgirl, who' was Intro- 
duced by Col. Cody as a real wonder, lived 
up to tbe high praise her chief gave her, for 
she rode one of the wildest and most energetic 
bunkers In the whole collection of untamed 
horses, and got some of the heartiest applause 
of the evening for It 

In the scene showing "The Battle of Sum- 
mit Spring!!," an Indian village, erected in 
full view of the spectators, and peopled hv 
the redskins as they were la the days of 
savage uprisings una slaughter, proved niosi 
entertaining, and the entire exhibit, from the 
raising of the tents to tbe charge of the 
United States troops and the wiping out of 
the savages, wan cleverly arranged and of 
absorbing Interest. , 

Another feature that was thrilling antl 
well liked was the daring riding of a former 
pony evpress rider, who dismounted from a 
Hying pony and remounted another horse 
with lightning-ilk" rapidity. 

The show has undoubtedly taken the town 
by storm, and tbe big Garden should be ton 
small for the crowds that the exuihlllnu 
deserves to attract. 

The programme as given on the opening 
night, and which Is to be continued through- 
out the season, follows : 

Overture by the Cowboy Band, Wm. Swee- 
ney, leader. 

Grand Review — Introducing rough riders 
of the world, genuine Sioux nnrt Cheyenne 
Indians, cowboys, Cossacks, Mexicans, scouts 
and guides, veteran members of Ihe United 
States cavalry, a groupe of Western girl 
I'oiighrlders, and a detachment of color-guards, 
soldiers of the armies of America, Hnglaud, 
(iermnny, Japan, ltussla. Arabia and Mexico. 

Race of Races — Race between a cowboy, 
Cossack, Mexican, Arab and Indian, on Mexi- 
can, broncho, Indian and Arabian horses. 

U. S. Artlllary Drill— 'Showing the old 
muzzle loading methods. Tlie guns used am 
relics of the Civil War. 

Pony Fxpress — A former pony express 
rider, showing how telegrama of the Republic 
were distributed and carried across the con- 
tinent, previous to tbe building of telegraphs 
and railways. 

Emigrant Train — Illustrating a prairie 
emigrant train crossing the plains, it 1st 
attacked by marauding Indians, and they are 
repulsed by the scouts and cowboys, while 
In camp there Is a quadrille on horseback 
and other campflre amusements. 

Arabs and Japanese, In various feats of 

An attack on the Deadwood stage coach 
by Indians, repulse of the Indians and rescue 
of the stage, passengers and mall, by cow- 
boys and scouts. 

Col. Wm. K Cody, In feats of marksman- 

The battle of Summit Springs, one of the 
deciding conflicts In Indian warfare, which 
was fought on July 11, I860, In Eastern 
Colorado, near ihe border line of Nebraska. — 
A realistic representation of this interesting 
event Is given. The command Is composed or 
tbe Fifth United States Cavalry and Pawnee 
scouts, under the command of Gen. K. A. 
Carr. of the United States Army. Buffalo 
BUI Is chief of Gen. Carr's scouts and guides. 
The Indians aro renegades from the tribes of 
Sioux, Cheyenncs and Arapahoes, banded to- 
gether under the leadership of 'full Bufl. 
und are known as "The Dog Soldiers." 
These Indians hove been murdering nnd com- 
mitting depredations on the borders of Kan- 
sas and Nebraska, and this command has 
been sent to discover and annihilate them if 
possible. After several days' scouting. Buf- 
falo Bill Bnds the Indian traH, which the 
command at once follows, and after con- 
tinuing for more than 200 miles. Buffalo Itlll 
locates ihe Indian camp, and In a spirited 
assault the forces under Geu. Carr completely 
routes Tall Bull aud his "Dog Soldiers, ' 
capturing their village, killing many of Ihe 
warriors and capturing the Indian women 
and children. They also rescue two while 
women which the Indians held ns prisoners. 
During the engagement, • Buffalo Bill shoots 
and kills the Indian chief Tall Bull. 

Devlin Zouaves, In manual of arms nod 
lightning drills, finishing with an exhibition 
ot wall scaling. 

A group of Mexicans from old Mexico, Hliw- 
tratlng the use of the lasso. 

Veterans from the Sixth United Stales 
Cavalry, In military exercises and exhibitions 
of athletic sports and horsemanship on West- 
ern range horses. 

Johnny Baker, the celebrated American 

Indian Boys' Race— Raving by Indlnn boys 
on bareback ponies. 

Cowboys' Fun — Picking: objects from IBs 
ground, lassoing, and riding wild horses, 

Cossacks from the Caucasus ot ltussla. In 
fcata of horsemanship. 

The Great Train Hold-up. and Bandit 
Hunters of the Union Pacllflc — A scene rep- 
resenting a train hold-up In the Western 
wilds. The bandits stop the train, uncouple 
the engine from the coaches, rob the express 
car ana blow open the sate. Meanwhile ibe 
passengers arc. lined up and despoiled of their 
vo litanies. The scene ends with the arrival 
of the bandit hunters of tho Union Pacific, 
who capture or kill the robbers. 

A Holiday at "T-J3" Ranch, in Wyoming— 
A holiday ut "T-K" ranch, (he home of Bur- 
falo Bill. The frontiersmen nnd cowboys 
have assembled for an afternoon of pleasure. 
Incidental to tbls scene will he Introduced 
the Cowboy Octette, the arrival of the mall 
carrier, which la. always an Important event. 
and a troop of range horses In blgh school 
acts. The' festivities are Interrupted hy an 
attack on the ranch by a band of Indian'. 
and they arc repulsed by the cowboys. 1 1«' 
red and white men then line up In compact 
friendly mass to effectively give the audience 
a finale online. 

Tbe business stafT of the show foil"*" 1 
Proprietors, Codv & Bailey ; director. Col. » • 
P. Cody (Buffalo Hill); manager, I. J 1 ; 
Hutchinson ; srenlc manager, Johnny Barer , 





* » 





s*s»^«» ■** 1 , BrVBiBil^ ■*•*,■'— Bar 1 — w — ■ ■ — I ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ 




41 West 26th Strggt, IM 

York Oity. 

...,pral ngent. Louis 15. Cooke; traffic mnna- 
B5 j5 t'ovlo ' ; VNm representatives, John U. 
u.oV/ Whiter K. Hill ; contracting agents, 

lMrke, Waller 

1). !•'. Lyneh^nnd S. 11. 

Semon : excursion 
ra >; (Too. H. P^ BWlt CbtlWMm, L. II. 

\fonterey ; manager advance car No. I, H, II. 
u-VJ. 1 • manager advance car No. 2. Da.11 De 

Wood; manage 

tin wh- manager advance cor No. 3, not an- 

Cced yet; billposters, D. Knowles. II. 
1 i, "ch? W V- Morrison, C. C. Nail, D. W. 

iromior, J). W. Perkins, h. Protean, .T. K. 
i'nw"r" John 0. Iteppert, H. Rutter, B. Scott, 
1 "ullivin. .1. .1. Sullivan. V. C. Tumor, A. 
v*tn P Vnndevoort, II. Welsenbach; lltho- 
in-inhers- onrt bannermen, B. 8. Bulger. P. 
,'rswford. 1'. J. O'.Velll, F. L Smith, K. A. 
Wilson. The second week of the engagement 
iWan Monday, 211, with capacity business 
still ruling. ^«fc___ 

John Robi nson's S hows Open. 

Joint Rotilnson's Ten Shows— the climax of 
tbr"c iterations of circus men— opened the presentation or legitimate 
entert season of 1007 at the new Cincinnati both parties will doubtless 
u„"lc grounds, on Heading Boad. April 28. it Is also stated that tl 
IVsnlle a rain storm, the canvas city was 
ueonled with a magnlflcent multitude of 
ileasert people. After three days on this lot, 
the circus moved out to Cummlnsvllle for a 
two days' stand. Business was tremendous, 
nnri on several occasions enough people were 
1 iirned away to fill another tent. It was Cla- 
elnniiH's greatest tribute to the Queen Cltys^ 
"home grown" show founded by "Wide Johny 
Robinson," and now olBcered with QOfOTfsMr 
,lahn K. Boblnson as sole owner; John G. 
Ilohlnson, manager, and Oil Robinson, New 
York and foreign representative. 

l-!lghry-sevon years of circus experience are 
crowded Into the Robinson Show, nnd all the 
magic of the spangles and sawdust rings are 
10 be found beneath the great eanvnsed cano- 
pies. The parade on the morning before the 
opening was the largest and most pretentious 
ever nuirie by Boblnson's, and several of the 
untune features brought out applause from 
ihc onlookers. Under the great tent are three 
rings and two stages, while the troupe of 

who lifts heavy weights by rings fastened lo 
Ills lire-ist; Zt Mo. strong act; the Donatella, 
impalement net: P. Douatello. musical uct; 
Otto and Aga, mind renders ; Amy, snake 
charmer; Cnpt. Harry Iteed and his' den of 
trained linns; Maybell Albright, serpent en- 
chantress; Prank, the broom king; William 
11. Iteld's colored band, jubilee singers and 
minstrel Om part, and the tallest horse In 
the world, an equine ten feet high. 

In all the years of Robinson's triumphs' the 
Inaugural of IbOT, In the face of bad weather, 
was the most successful. 


Klnw A Erlanger and the. Shaliert. 

The long expected combination of Inter- 
ests between Klnw & Krlanger and the Shu- 
borts, which has so frequently been the sub- 
ject of newspaper conjecture and unfounded 
announcement, has at last come to pass, and, 
although the statement of the new company 
explicitly states that the deal Is to advance 
the Klnw & Krlanger vaudeville Interests 
alone, n more amicable arrangement In the 
presentation of legitimate productions by 
s result 

the Shuberts have 
by uo means lost their Identity, and tbat the 
rivalry between the separate combinations 
Is not at nn end. Rut It is the Impression, 
however, that the Shuberts may book over 
the Kmw & Erlnnger circuit of legitimate 
houses. If they so desire. 

The new merger was incorporated In New- 
Jersey on April 2T, as the United States 
Amusement Co. The deal was engineered 
liy George B. Cox, of Cincinnati, and Con- 
gressman Joseph Rhlnock. of Kentucky, both 
of whom have been associated with the Shu- 
In'i-t enterprises. 

The following officers were elected : A. I.. 
ftrlnngcr, president : !.<■<■ Sbiibert, vice-presi- 
dent ; Marc Klnw. treasurer ; James P. Mc- 
liovern, secretary: Levy Mover, of Chicago, 
general counsel ; William Klein, of New York, 
attorney ; Attorney General Robert II. Car- 
ter, of New Jersey, the New Jersey attorney. 
The executive committee elected consists of 
A. Ii. Erlnnger, Lee Shubert, and Marc Klnw. 
The board of directors Is composed of A. I.. 


Wti.t/ J. WiKotT, .general manager of Dr. 
Itucker's Famous Korak Wonder Co.. writes: 
"It never rains but It pours, and things have 
certain lv l>een coming my way for I ho past 
few weeks. When Dr. Rucker returned from 
Kurope ue presented me with an elegant scarf 
pin ; on April 17 my little daughter presenter! 
roe with n beautiful gold watch, and on April 
18 Al. Harris and Marie Dc Lnno presented 
me wltn a solid gold Kagle ehnrro. The com- 
pany hn« been In Houston, Tex., for the past 
twenty-two weeks, and has done a record 
breaking business all that time, but on April 
20 It brought Its long run to a close, and 
moved on to green fields and pastures new. 
The members of the company arc well and 
happy, aim It takes Just one dozen and a half 
of The 01. r> Rki.uiii.k to supply tbo demand 
every «m" ,, 

CHAFffCKY R. MdBLAXi the "Indiana Pat 
Man." writes: "Afier iwenty-flro years on the 
road, I nm retiring from the business, nnd 
will locale at Klwood. Ind. Will try my 
luck selling furniture. Have formed a part- 
nership with a brother, nnd hnve opened n 
house furnishing store. Have Just finished 
an eight months' tour of the South, with 
the Alabama Cnrnivnl Co." 

JJOCENTHfor a Honk of 10 A Acts I -THE NEW EMPIBE THE ATHE, Spring- 

if 1 male. 1 female. 4 Acts for 2 males. Noiib.v traid. Illinois. Johnnie t.innors, Prop.; Irsiioe*, 

for. . 

enter or 2 cent stamps. Address 

Plavwrlght, HI Jay Street, Rmoklyn. N. Y. 
Sketches and Plays written lo order. 

AT LIBERTY. -Young Juvenile uiul Krnn 
ilnnal Lending Woman. High class experience: 
lie 1 references. None hut well established com- 
panies considered. Address PROPKSSIONAIi, 
ricneral Delivery, Springfield, Ohio. 

Pgjggjj jjj lttitttrel. 

Nat M. Wilts has Just signed a contract 
with Percy U. Williams to return temporarily 
10 vaudeville, appearing in theatres booked by 
the United Booking Offices for seven week*. 
Mr. Wills will make his first appearance 
under Mr. Williams' personal management in 
the Allimi lir.i Theatre, New York City. May t;. 

Ctn. W. IIiihscv, ventriloquist, ployed the 
Broadway Theatre, Brooklyn, Sunday, April 
21. making a return dale Inside of five weeks. 

Kick ami Wai.-itiix arc In their thirty-sixth 
week with Bntcheler'g Boston Belles Co.. pluy- 
Ing the Columbia Amusement t'o.'s lime. 

Aftrr clommi with A. D. McPhee'B "For 
Her Brother's Sake" Co., May 4, Jimmy Rego 

Bag Itinchlng Machines In perfect working order, 
%■!!• each. Also one hundred other Arcade Machines 
for sale. Address 
OT1H l„ S MITH , BOX 201 Plica, N. Y. 

Dunce and Plav Organ, lirunka and cigarettes, no. 
lilt. M. X. I.aCKRS, New Bedford, HurcnuLV, III. 

WANTED, MANAGER, For Moving Picture, 
Vaudeville and RnrlesqueTheatre in thriving idly, 
;i minutes from Boston, that can buy half Interest, 
requiring $1,300 10 »i,6iio lit an established propo- 
sition, a good one to the right party— a good oppor- 
tunity. Those not meaning business need not 
reply. Addre ss "PARTY." ca re UIJI'PKR . 

WANTED-Sllcnt Man who can change for 
week; also Pianist, read and fake, work acts If 
needed. Tickets, ves, it not over mm miles. Slule 
lowest. Ji in on wire. Flying Numan, Jimmy 
I'hllllpa.write. Rellu's Vaudevilles. Lake City, Minn. 

WAOTWr- Few more All 'Round Performers 
for summer sensou. Change Acts nightly for week. 
comedians nnd Silent Acts. Violinist and I'lnilo 
I'aklrlhatdocsspeclaltlcs. Money sure. Penobscot 
Medicine co„ Mlllcr stnwn, Pa. Past Hlaek write . 

"A~TSK"W iNVENTMXK.-alll-ltiK PtltiMt 
iw West nth mi,, N. Y. city. 

Hgr. openyear'Munil, Wanted at all times. Head- 
llnnrs, NovelUry, Aerial and Musical Acts,sk«lcbe«, 
Sister Teams and .Hlnglc Acti Also Producers 
and Slock Ihirlcsnue l.adle-, eunalile of dulnw 
Singing anil Dancing niiinhi'rs. silence a poll' 1 ' 
negative, »ml write in later. Stage large enutigli 

to play any art. , . 

POR HAItR—Nnw WMI«- Moire Sllkolclic Bfsr- 
pciitlnc l»ress»H; Black Art Oittlll, $ls; Pose Out- 
fit, Silk Dress, Velvet Clonk, in etrccis, $is. Lot of 
Tricks and two Hide Tables cheap. Knclnse stnnip 
for list. Mrs.Win. Carl, 2M Court St., Koebeslar.N.Y. 

inent. In which the great menagerie, with Its 
new cages, many of novel shape and design, 
was drawn upon. Elephants, camels, U. S. 
cavalrymen, cowboys, cowgirls and Indians 
trooped behind the performance. This Intro- 
ductory feature closed with a ballet, in which 
tlt'iy gorgeously costumed dancers took part. 
Nenrlv one hundred acts are crowded with 
rtHftjmfJ hrllllnnry In the series of fifteen 
illsphtvs that make up the programme. In 
the lliiale Is Introduced a tronpe of United 
Stales cavalry rough riders, under Cuptaln 
James ' 1'Yench ; exhibitions of riding, a 
monkey drill, Indian scenes from a Sioux 
rump, will! Wild West Incidents put on by 
1*. P. King, who concludes with "Trapper 
Tom's Cabin," and a stirring battlo between 
soldiers, cowboys and Indians, 

Tin- Minerva Sisters, 11 vine; ladles, created 
• tremendous sensation with n novel Kiiropcan 
nerliil act — absolutely new — In which tbey 
are flung through the air clinging by their 
teeth alone. Another thrilling act was tbo 
leap Into a forest of horns of Texas steers. 

(in 1 lie 'ranter of riders were: George 
Holland and hln family, Holland and Hollo- 
way, Kale Holloway, James Dutton, Kflio 
Dulton, Winnie Van, Kate Lelpnlk, Gordon 
Orion, Slclle Coyle. Tom lllsplng, Irene 
French, Addle Lelpnlk, Geneva Davis, Rich- 
ard Farmer nnd Al. Johnson. The triple car- 
rying east act, by Rfflc Dutton, Winnie Van 
nnd James Dutton was one of the tremen- 
dous hits of the bill, 

Carl Nygaard's liberty horses, G. M. Burke's 
ponies and dogs, Dick Jones' performing 
elephants. Gcorgo Mot/, and his clown clc- 
plinth, "Tom," and Fannie Burchell nnd her 
clepiiinit, "Bnall," ntul two ponies were seen 
in trained animal fi.un. A complete roster 
of acrobatic and uov-ilty acts follows I Bound- 
ing Rope, itnrrle and Hicks ; Juggling, James 
riizuernld: slack wire, Mies iteno ; double 
lolling globe. Schroder Slaters: slack wire, 
Miss i,oh Cnrajs ; tight wire, Tokl Muratl ; 
ilotillle slack wire. I.euolo and litmolo ; carry- 
ing perch act, De Hollen Brothers ; louhle 
slack wire act, W. I.undermun and White: 
juggllnff, 'M, JJe Armour; swinging ladder, 
stellii Coyle: suspended globe. Marvelous 
Melville; balancing trnncxe, Fred Bouen ; 
aerial liars, Kllet Troupe ; swinging lud- 
der, Kate Lelpnlk ; bounding somersault 
wire act, James Dutton ; cloud swing, Gordon 
Orion; balancing trapeze, Mons, Lenolo; 
Roman Jaridors, Sister .Lamlson; trick, ring 
act, .Two Nelsons; S punish rings, ]*enolos ; 
Hotnna rings, Two l.midermans; muscular 
deve|op(. m (>nt display, August I.egert : Spanish 
riiics, llontntn nnd Campbell : Roman Indders, 
Jbe French Sisters; Roman rings, Two Steorl- 
litg Brothers: unsupported ladder act. Art 
I'orbes; foot Juggling, Tokl Miirnta; boxing 

requiring a resident director. 

The new company immediately acquired 
fourteen theatres controlled by the Messrs. 
Shnhert, In as many cities, and four theatres 
controlled by Klnw & Krlanger. In taking 
over these various properties nnd interests, 
the new company agreed to aid the respec- 
tive parties In every way, to enrry out. all 
existing contracts. 

It is slated Unit the company Is Incorpor- 
ated for *!, ii(io,(iii(i, nnd both Messrs. Klaw & 
Krlanger, and the Messrs. Shubert express 
themselves as highly pleased with the ar- 
rangement which, they state, In nn way 
violates any of their existing obligations, 
which will be carried out to the letter. 

♦ »♦ 

Max AiiilerNon Withdrawn from the 
Shubert Cmniinny. 

Max Anderson has resigned as vice presi- 
dent and director of the Shubert Theatrical 
Co., but will retain IiIb Interest In the New 
York Hippodrome, and will be one of the 
active managers of same. 

In a statement which he gave out this 
week In' stated : "I have withdrawn because 
of prcv'uis obligations to other vaudeville 
managers with whom 1 am associated In 
other CUm. Mint and West. Now that many 
of the Shubert theatres are to be devoted to 
vaudeville, I would be' In the position of 
opposing ray own theatres, had I continued 
lo retain mv interest In the Shubert The- 
atrical Co. Henry Zlegler, who Is my partner 
In many vaudeville enterprises, and myself 
have been heavy stockholders In the Shubert 
Theatrical Co. Since Its organization. Wo 
could not nee our way clear to continue 
tinder the now management. 1 wish to say, 
however, thut my wllhdruwal does not In 
any way affect my harmonious relations with 
l,ee inuntrt who continues as my pnrtner 
In the management of tbo Hippodrome. 

♦ «» 

The Siiooner Stock Come* to Ness- 
York City. 

Mrs Spooner will move her stock company 
from the BIJou Theatre, Brooklyn, where It 
has been a favorite for years, to Keith & 
Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York 
City, on May 18, , 

The BIJou Theatre, Brooklyn, will lie de- 
voted to melodrama under the management 
of llvde & Dehmnn. Mrs. Spooner announces 
that she left the BIJou only because the rent 
was- raised. She does not Intend permanently 
to remain In Mnnhattnn. On the contrary, 
she expects to build a theatre of her own In 
Brooklyn. .. .. .. ' . 

Mrs. Spooner stntcd In an Interview that 
she had already begun planning for a new 
Brooklvn playhouse. Within a year, she 
says, ahe hopei once more to be g-lvlnjf the 

throat trouble. I am under 11 specialist's care 
In Boston, and hope to be able to resume 
work In about two weeks." 

W. J. sn.uvAx, late of Vogel's and HI 
Henry's Minstrels, writes from St. Pnul. 
Minn.: "Am located Indefinitely at tho Wind- 
sor Theatre here. I became a member of St. 
Paul Lodge, No. 0, T. M. A„ last. April 10 
In company with feu others. Have signed 
with Hap Ward's 'Not Yet, Rut Soon' Co., 
for season of 1U07-08." 

Ajjikiit JtmiiiiTofv writes: "Myself and 
wife (Klslo Wrenn) hnve Just closed 11 long 
engagement In Florida, playing 11 repertory 
of 'On Barry,' 'Resurrection' and 'Under Two 
Flags.' Hnve signed contracts with Will A. 
Peters for Summer stock, In Charlotte, N. {'., 
nnd will return to New York about Bcpt. 1. 
Business In the South has t>eeu very fair. 
and the demand for Tut: Ot.n Rki.iaiii.i: Is m 
great as ever." * 

Vicion f.i: liov- writes : "I nm In my eighth 
week with 'The Matinee Girl' Co. I closed 
Cob. 17. with 'The Oay Old OltT Co., and 
Joined this company at Sioux City, la, We 
open at Delmar Gardens, Oklahoma City, 
for two weeke. I am doing Juveniles and my 
specialty. We all get Tun Acrons' Bibi.i: 
every •week, and It lit welcome." 

Hinii. Kt.KiN. an actress, and niece of 
Charles Klein, the playwright, was married 
In New York City on April 28. to William 
Harris Jr., son of William Harris, the well 
known theatrical manager. 

Tun Yediieim write : "We want to thank 
Thr Ci.n'i'Kii for tho many answers we got 
to our rtyent ad., as wc received over a hun- 
dred good offers. Wo have been clutch 
readers for twelve years, and never fall to 
get Tiitf Ot.n Rrliahi.k." 

Irvino WaltOn, who writes that he has 
been dabbling In musical and farce comedy. 
melodrama and comic opera for years, Is 
again back In vaudeville for a change. 

Tim tkam of linnlnn and Baskott (Jack 
llonlon and Willie Basket) will be known In 
future as the Three llanlons, opening as u 
trio weak of April 20 t ft t the People s The- 
atre, Omaha, Nell. 

Al.. Ok on/ii ami Kmiti: McDo.n'alo, com- 
edy barrel Jumpers, will close a succcsslul 
season of thirty-nine weexs with Williams 
Imperial Burlesquors, at Minneapolis, May 4. 
They nre booking vaudeville lime for the 

Jon HinNRR, manager of the - Trocadero 
Quartette, with Primrose's Minstrels, writes : 
"Wo aro all doing nicely, furnishing from one 
to three of tho. ballads In the first part, nnd 
closing the olio with our specialty. 

Majiv v.. V. TuAYKit, writes: "Among the 
numerous acts 1 hnve written lately were : 
A Sketch for Richard N. Harlow, veatrllo 

World of Players. 

Ai.K'i: Kikiikk ItAimiUHT Is in Chicago ar- 
ranging with the munngci'H of nil the theatres 
In that city In devote 10 the Actors' Fund IP 
per cent, of their receipts on Monday, May 
il. Theatre managers throughout tho country 
are to be nsk"« to give similar rontrlbiill'ins. 

Mil. ami Musi. Ciiannino 1' k sailed for 
Knglnnd on Saturday, April 28. Before leav- 
ing New York Mr. Pollock turned over to I Ho 
Shul'eriH his new plnv. 'The Se.-ret Orchard." 
which they will produce In Sepleuihcr. He 
expects to return with the complete manu- 
script of a new comedy for Cohan A Harris, 
and to liegln work on u four net play fur 
Wagenlials * Kemper. Tho itinerary for 
ills present .rip Includes Knglnud, Frame, 
Holland, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Morocco nnd 

llAiinv ConsjoN Ci.aiikr closed April 28, al 
llamiiieiMieln'r Victoria, Mew York city, a 
vaudeville lour that has extended from const 
to const and lasted sixty nine weeks. 

1K1V. Ciian. H. I»!NKKN,-of Illinois, signed 
on April 22 tho theatre scalping hill, which 
forbids. In Hint State, the sale of theatre 
tickets through brokers at prices other than 
those primed on the tickets, or those obtain 
Ing at the box unices of the playhouses. 

Mkmiiiuik of tbo company who are lo pre- 
sent "Mrs. Wlggs of tho Cabbage Patch," al 
Terry's Theatre, arrived In London, Knglund, 
Inst weak. 

William T, J. DAViimo, the actor, wns 
sentenced on April 22, la the County Court 
of Brooklyn, N. Y., to serve one year In the 
Raymond Strict Jail. Ho had pleaded guilty 
to I be charge of assault In I he first degree, 
In having shot. Uosille D, Wilbert. a nurse 
girl, who bad refused to. marry him. He 
shot the girl on March 18. While he was 
uwaltllig I rial Ills mother, Margaret Harold 
Dav'dge, n well-known actress, died In Brook- 

Maiiik OiiKHRi.Kn sailed for Kurope last 
week, and will be gone for several inontbs. 
Her health has not MM of tbo host, and she 
seeks rest and recuperation. 

Katk Santoso Wymm anp Wif. Wyur, 
hnve returned lo their farm, In liclllnghum, 
Mass,, after an eight months' season, as Aunt 
Dosthey und Col, Ounlmnoy, with liOltln Blair 
Parker's "Under Southern Skies." TI10 com- 
pany closed Its season al Allenlown, Pa.. Sat- 
urday, April Hi. During the season the com 

n-t«d Quick, for 


PIANIST tn double Tronihone or llnil- 

toiifi, «J(miiI. Sirong < (>lt\i;r unit 

CI.A lllsjkl' fhi Hand aad Or> 

rhealra on Long Island. 

Pay your own. Salary every week, so make It low« 

Thos'o who wrote lieforc, write again. 

Trah ern Stock 1:0., httiil iogtie. I.. I., m, V. 


ft Repertoire People, 

To complete my Two cmnpuuica. Stale very low- 
est Kuninier sslarv. Two liilH 11 week. .Mblre-H 
fflliMAM OUHHMAK, Ceni ndla, Ills. 

"23" III Jvtlfflf 

Tbo bti'st in the \iiiiisi'iiif lit Line 

Send *.*. for oiiinpleto plans him lu mnM met ami 
operate. Hinall Invest uicill. P. T. 1111,1.1AM, 
Xn.Wl Knst Klivf_w„ Waterloo, Iowa. 


Want General Business Han 

WITH HPIWIAI.TH'X WW ago, lielght, vvlglit, 
experience, salnrv, all liiM Idler. PIANO 
Pl.AVHIt in double stage. 

I'l.iiA K. WRIIIIIT, Rnjcliiusnn, Kansas, 



WITH HI'KOIALTV. Miiuimer saltir.v. 


ft roc no, X. T. t wewj| IfB: Wnlervlllc. N.V.. we ek Msv f, 


A (load Jiiveiitllc Mmi, cn|iulile of playing one or 

twiiVinavlcs; a flaiicral Itiisinoss Man- I mill innsi 

iln/peelsllli-*: Al I'lnini I'laver Who call pltiy line 

(T two bits, M. I'. Man. Stale Imvcsl Hummer 

Mary: you get II. Nollnkels unless we kuoWyou. 

_Mgr. King Stuck Co., Kidney. N, V. 
. XA/AM - r|co ,r OW 

Stetson's Uncle Tom Co. 

ilmiil Lead and Tenor Singer, colored; also Unotl, 
Reliable Hom» Oanvustnaii for Hummer season. 
Address as pur route, statu salary. 
. '.". , (ll!0. PKCK, Manager. 

pany pltiycd principally In the South and 
middle West, nnd only saw two very slight 
falls, of snow the entire Winter. Business 


tlVAUi &* KAISER, 

4i8!tA1diirHi.,Hcmiiton, I'u, 

Waolil, lor Olnnivan's Dramatic Co., Unlir 

('aliens, wontlin for HTRONO linn or Juveniles; 
man for heavlos, also cornet playnr. Musi, jnln hi 
once. We iiiiv all. Reference: Vorgy's bank. 

L W. UINNIVAN, New C'ltrll sle, (llilii. 

Prof. Wiseman at Liberty After Bay 1. 

Will take position ns ring inuslor to perform nil 

kinds of stock. Also have a dog act nf my own. 

Permanent ml., '/.'iHtlHOL HT„ lirnoklyii. N. v. 

was -vvrv good oil season. The entlro com- 
pany gave satisfaction, and have nearly all 
rcttirn listen over the same route for next 
season. This Is the fourth seuson of Mrs. 
add Mr. Wylle with the 'Tinier Hotilluvn 
.skies' 1 management, They will attend the 
Summer on tnclr farm. .Mills writes: "I closed a pleas- 
ant nnd successful season of thirty-four 
weeks with Angcii'H Comedians (Southern), 
nnd Joined the line ring Stock Co. for the 
Hummer season, after which 1 will spend my 
vactatlon at my home, London, (Int., Can," 

Jomhpii Hii.voiman, manager of "Tim King 
of Kokomo." writes that Clarence M. Mu»- 
well will star In that musical comedy for 
the. next two years, supported by an mccelleiii 

. family. Six Tossing 
original act, .Toe Avolctte and Son: ncrobots. 

I hree De Bollen Brothers : double trapeze 
net, the O Armours: flying trapeze, Marvel- 
ous Melville; double trapcxe. Two Kllets; 
WUJO for life, Toki Murafa ; single trapeze, 
■M«iid Lelpnlk : halnnctng trapeze, R. Nelson ; 
ha lancing tMnfiu, John Wazard ; Spanish web 
net, Allle. Zento, and flying trapeze, loop 
waking, leaps and catches, Rig Fred Bouen. 

I wcnty-slx girls were seen In a grand 
march nnd drill. Tho fun makers put on n 
entitle arm, and Johnson and Mtearling made 

II "it. In a mule hurdle act. 
I ha managerial beads of this Cincinnati 

date. Miss May retires to wed Oscar Lewi 
solin. Enthusiasm readied Its climax when, 
by request, she sang "Follow Me," from 'The 
Belle of New York," in the second act of 
"Nellie Nell." 
Joseph Coyne, on behalf of the members 
I the company, presented to her two loving 
cups and a dozen bouquets. Mr. Coyne and 
Klttv Gordon also received ovations. 


"Mrs. Wlffa's" Score* In London. 
'Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" was 

on a sketch for Klllott and N'eir, and n 
comedy dramatic playlet for Leah Winston 
and company." 

AMiriAHiiLA. 0„ Notts. — At the Empire 

Theatre, the following people opened week of 

josepn uoyoc, on oeiiRn «i <■•«= »«=».«j-- April 22: The Dancing Johnsons, Bay 

of tho company, presented to her two loving Hamuela, Nellie Zaman, Robert King, Madeline 

._« __ i „ <i n «AH hnii/uinta Mr I "nvrt A ann ei. t- '««■ a. r* ' a _■ _ u! . *"* z! ~ 

Stuart, Flossie Cray. Ada Young. (Jeo, r 
Howard, William O. Green, musical director. 
On April 10, Moxle Wolfe, one of the attaches 
of the thrntre, received n handsome watch 
fob and eagle charm as a birthday present 
from his friends. .William O. dreen made the 
presentation speech, und a supper followed. 
: Is very good. Mrs. Jf, B. Foley, 
some strong at 

Tilt) Cl.ll'l-KR Is 

always a welcome visitor. 
Wnnnn Mack and Minthornk Wortrlrt Holuea and Holmlh, after four seasons 
renort' mee'tlng with great success In their with Block companies, ns vaudeville features, 
new act "The Bachelor and the Maid." They have returned to real vaudeville, and are 

presented by the American company, at 
Terrv's Theatre, Ixindon, Kng. on April 27. 
"IK Show'trrV'*Ollver" u SeoVt «nera?'a»enV' "n d l"-«* n0 enthusiastic reception. The play Business here is very good. 1 
'■'wee Ai w » n e UmemMm^armtSSm: mine a line impression, and gives promise the proprietress, has booked 
'■■ 11 IlecLo^. NT ™ wfllUm DaTe*No! "I "t « ">"* »'"• . . fraction, for this season, 

and Cuddy Servlc?, °No. 'sYtr^m ftiSkdiS 
i.essleyf business manager, Kd. Cullen: "tuc 
story man;" Doc Waddeti ; advance press rep- 
resentative, C. L. Springer: representative 
ahead, George S. Cole ; chief of staff at the 
iioor. Harry Kxley : manager of reserved 
"cats, Ed. Van Ukalk; legal adjuster, Dan 
oaie, and superintendent or privileges, Harry follow, April a°. 
Lumpkin. IUbiiy II. l„utoNT, formerly connected with 

Robinson's carries a minister, snd has done the Grand Theatre,' at Elndlny. O.. and 
so for three years. Hnbhath services are al- Defiance, O., la now resident manager for 
ways held under the tents, conducted by Sun ft .Murray, at Portsmouth, O. Mr. f.a- 
R'v. .1. Stanley Wellington. mont has been managing Hie Orphlum foi 

•lames Dutton, the rider. Is captain of the six weeks, and renorts big business, 
circus hall tenm, composed of riders nnd aero 

ore introducing four of Mr, Mack sown songs. 
Week of April 2'J they were at Bennett s 
Theatre,- Ottawa, Can,, with London, Can., to 

-- ™.. .,.„.., composed of riders nnd acro- 
bats. Last season this team won orer thirty 
Wjnpa from clubs around the country, 
i. L. ""hex Is managed by a veteran of Ihc 
unhlnson forces— Cnpt. Cnl Towers, with 
' harles Brnsle and Harry Xestleliud. ticket 
'"Hers, and "Blackle" Hognn. boss cuivna 
•aap, The acts are .- itoruiiiaun, magician and 
wctiirerjCftptatai "Rln»mal^■•• Mach, freak, 

C/iiihib M. -Scott, exponent of physical 
culture, closed n twenty-four weeks' engage- 
men! through the South, April 2i. She 
plays Eastern parks nnd fairs until October. 

The BAiiTKt,«i».s, I.nuls nnd Bessie, head 
balancers and Jugglers, close on Hie Sun 
circuit. April 27. snd open on the Nssh cir- 
cuit at La Cross, -Wis., April 28, for eight 
weeks. ' J '.'.... . 

real vaudeville, 
meeting with success on the New Knglnnd cir- 
cuit. Their two new, original novelties. "The 
Teddy Bears," and "Musical Wheels," are 
said to he a decided hit. 

Miss Thomas, of Stclnert and Thomas, the 
"Real Germans," has fully recovered her 
health, nfter a seven weeks' Illness. The team 
wll start their Western trip .May <J: al Cin- 
cinnati. Trty are booked In the West fill the 
end of August. 

Jamcs Wiuin, of MB Delenore Ave.. To- 
ronto, Can., desires information of bis broth- 
er. Walter Webb (stage name. Vernon), who 
was with Ihc .Diamond Jack Medicine Co., at 
Eriglcwnod. N. J., recently. 

<jAnNOi,t> ami Madcap write that they 
closed a very successful week at the Howard, 
Bostmi. recently. Week" of April 2» ?KoJ' are 
booked st young's Pier, Atlantic City, N. J. 

In Cincinnati, on May 2(1, 

Joi: K. ami Viroinia Kiii.hv are 
In their fifth week 'With the Ralph Emerson 
"Hooligan's Mishaps" Co. It In a two set 
musical comedy, from the pen of Joe K. 
Kelly. There are fourteen up-to-date big 
numbers Introduced In the comedy. Joe k. 
Kelly Is doing Mr. Chesterfield Skinner, 
nod Miss Kelsv, Pauzy Blossom. 

Chxunckv Oi.cott, who closes his season 
May IS. In Brooklyn, will then lenvo for Eu- 
rope, where he will Join Mrs. Olcott. They 
have planned to spend the Summer atttonio- 
blllng through Ireland, nnd In August Mr, Ol- 
cott will begin his season in Minneapolis. In 
u new romantic Irish drama, by Theodore 
Burt Hayrc. 

Louis S. Oiii'.nnkii Is lessee anil manager 
of tho Asbnrv Pnrk Opera House, nt Asbury 
Park, X. J. 


With M. I'. Machine. Francis Muck Tent. Hliou', 

WKH'i'JIHHKN 1ST., HlHlkf lisack, ,N. J.'« 

MUSICAL ARTISTS Would like to buy a 

Hncotid lluild Hid of OKU AIM CIIIMDM. Hlalo 
lowest price and pnrllnulars lu llrsi letter. 

M. sll WART/. Wl E. sum Ml., New York City . 


i <>fformer« and Lecturers 

Km 'No. j(i|iiiii Air Lots. Tell all III first. Join on 


_ W. II. IIA/.LKIT, Tcrre llmile, Ind. 


LARY PIANIST. Experliini'od. for .Siitniacr stock. 
On« Piece Co. Hummer lloiel. 

KI.HIK ALI.K.N. I BS Irv lni/ HI.. N ewark. V. }» 

fa Antra For Safe. ti!i; , %,;!raH , ;:,'!i 

cities. Wll) sell cheap for cash. Address 


IT-IH Htlpcrlor Htreet, Tuledu. Ohio. 

(iiMili (JHMEIHAN 
AND ItANCKIt. Hiule If you play Piano, Nothing 
too good. MilllKHN Itl'MEl) Y CO., 
Care of United Stales Hotel. Kingston, N. Y. 

Wanlel it Once, Lady Clarinetist an. Flulltl. 

Also (Adics Playing Hand or Hrchestrsl Instru- 
ments. ftKUKR LsfllEH' COLONIAL Oflcllr> 
TIIA, Ilrciiniliiuil. t'.'i: Market HI,, I'blla., I'n. 



Al Dewey Music Hall, mini, N. Y. 
JOHN HKII'EIIT, Hgr.and Prop. 

Waited, Dileh or Jew Comedian for Vaudeville 

Act. LAWRKNOK, care'PEIl, 



Yob arrive • - - where I - - - wfhen I 

I l> In dalf- profe..lo.i«l. are o.tng Oil. KIDHK TIII'NKH. 


Makers nt 
110 West 40th St., New York Oily. ' 




UtfAY 4. 

nkHr. yo'mk city. 

Keith & broetor'b i Colon St|nitrc 
Theatre (!■:. F. Albee. general manager).— 
l''cw scats were unoccupied at. tag matinee, 
Mrnid.iv, April I'll, and a moat 1 entertaining 
bill m'*:t with decided approval. Kva Tan-' 
Kuny, "Tte Snaibi> tllrl." with her many Bongs 
und a number of changes In costume*, proved 
as well liked as ever, and gained much ap- 
plause, tirace- Fllklns and .lames Home, m 
a delightful one act comedy, entitled "A 
1 'roper Impropriety," scored well, whllo the 
Dainty Four, a "girl act" of clever dancers 
nnd singers, met with much appreciation. 
Dainty Anna I,aughlln, assisted by. Muster 
WD He Solar, also came In for much of the 
heartily given approval. Others appealing tp 
ami advantage were: The Four Mplvlns, 
milium acrobats; the Two Vivians, sharp- 
shooters ; Kelly and Kent, thoiie "Funny J un 
Makers ;" lledtord and Winchester, burlesque 
Juggler" : Ferry Corwcy, the musical clown: 
Arnold and Ulaxlcr, novelty dancers; Muller, 
Chunrt and MuMer, hoop manipulators; Irvln 
It. Walton, Hodges and Launchmere, and the 

New Ainaterdsun TlieaUre (Klaw 4 Br- 
lunger, munilgersl. — .Shakespeare has by no 
invaus lost his drawing power, particularly 
when his pluys are put on with due regard 
to scenic investment, ns was proved on April 
211. when Jtnbcrt Mantcll played Brutus. In 
"Julius t'uisar." Iieforc no audience that 
tilled almost every seat In this big house. 
William A. Brady, who present* Mr. Mimtell, 
lias staged Urn production beautifully, . and 
' Imx glveii It a "loob" of size and lung power, 
drilled tu the minute, and Acting as though 
they really knew how. Mr. ManteH'a work 
ns Brutus, although now to Broadway, was 
shown here lust season, nud then won com- 
mendation for Its sincerity and clociitlouary 
' force. It Is now ns Impressive as ever, show- 
ing llils actor in advantage, although being 
by no means his best rule. Gordon Iturtiy 
was well Ukeil for a capable performance 
of CimsIiis, and Francis McGinn won a 
uuii'keil sl'iucess us Mark Antony. "Julius 

Cicear, I'he .Merchant of Venice," "King 

illi-liui-d III" and "Mnoucth" will make up 
•Mr. Manlell's repertory for the Week. Cast 
of "Julius t'uisar :" Marcus Ilrutus, Mr. 
Mnntell : Casca, George Hllllwell ; /A Com- 
moner, Jackson Hrlggn ; Trcbonlus, Norman 
Hacked ; A Cobbler, Franklin flnndtscn; Ju- 
lius iVsni , i iny Lludslcy ; Mark Antony, 
Francis Mctilnn ; A .Soothsayer, Hamilton 
'Moll; Cuius Cassias, Gordon lliirby; t.'lnna. 
Wnller Campbell; Lucius. Allien Bcrtelle; 
1 icclus Urulus, Mr. linndtscii ; Mntcllus din- 
ner, Alfred Cullender : Flavius, Henry Mull: 
l'opllus Lena, Gilbert Hells ; Servlus, Louis 
Thomas ; A Clllxen. Flnlcy lieu re ; Another, 
Alfred Hustings ; l'ludarus, Mr. Cuiupbell : 
Oi'tiivliis I'tcsar, Mr. Heere; Strulo, Gould 
Sears; Calpurnia, Lillian Kingsbury; l'orllii, 
Marie. Booth Russell. 

Astor Theatre (Wagcnhals & Kompor, 
inuntigorii). — "Before and After," originally 
produced two seasons ago. In (his city',' cas 
revived at this hoiftic, ■ Thursduv evening. 
April 2(1. Alt bough I he text of the play re- 
iniiliiN the saim' there were many changes in 
l he ciist mid all were favorably received by 
a large audience. The Mist : Dr. George 
l'llgc. Dltllclistoln: Dr. 1'blllp Latham, 
Charles Dickson; Col. Larlvottc, It C. Hern : 
.lames Jeffrie*, Henry V. Donnelly: Kdgur 
Di'Uuoll, F. Nowton-l.jntlii : Anthony, Charles 
Itowan : Cnssliis, .lohii Arthur; Mrs. I'ugc, 
Julia Taylor: Cum Belle, Kenyon Bishop; 
Odette D« Vere. Gcorgle Iialireuce; Mrs. 
Taylor, Belle Daubc ; Louise, Mabel Flndley. 
The- second week began April 20. 

Irving- l'lncc Theatre (Hclnrich Conrled, 
Manager) — "Das Bluuieuboot" ("The blower 
Host ). «. four act drama, by Sudcrmaii, was 
acted here for the libit time Tuesduy, April 
T.\. The occasion was a lienedl for Hedwlg 
Von Osterrouu, mid the house was well illicit. 
The cast : (lull. Kuinerzlcnrutii Hoycr, Adolf 
Wnds; lldi'onln KrDllngcn, Marie Inuulsch ; 
HnlTaelu, Joe Hcgyl ; Tfiea, Heilwlg Von Os- 
lennniui : llarot) Krllllngoii, Frtedrich Holt- 
hatis ; Leopold llrocscman, Cnrl Macliold : 
Fi-ed Hover, Otto. Treptow; Graf Spcrncr, 
Willi Kafscr; Doktor.Bollmaiin, Otto Meyer: 
Slroessi'l. Max llaenseler: Grlrsllng, Willi 
Frey : Scnjn Grlbojeff, Marianne Bratt: I'aula 
Diilibellay, Trudo Volgt ; Cora Malnardo, 
Murle Uelcliardt : Arthur, Adolf NeunedoriT : 
tiottlleh, Louis Koc|i ; Sophie, Aultta Herbert. 

Fourteenth Mired Thru t re 1.1. W. 
llosempiest, (miiutgor). — Hurry Clay Itlauey, 
uhly supported' by nti excellent company, 
opened lo a well tilled Ininse at the Monilay 
iiinllnoe. April 2!t, In •'The Hoy Behind I he 
llttn." The show whs warmly applauded and. 
Air. llbney. as Wl'lle Live, loucthcr with 
pleasing. Klltv- Wolfe, wens the bright spots 
of I ho iiej-foimnncc. Next week, "l'nrleil iu 
Her Bridal Tour." 

t.rnnil Opera House l.lolio II. Springer, 
malinger). — Hohei-l Loralue, In "Man anil 
HlinMiunn, ' supported liy till excellent cusi, 
was. warmly greeted ai Hie Monday evening 
■ performance. April 2!>. and Ibis clover come- 
dy, proved us uniUKlng. as ever by the large 
iiudlcuce atlendliig. Next week, Chuuncey 
Olciitl, In "Kl'i'en Astlioriv 

< oloiilnl Theatre ( Percy G. WlllhiiiiH, 
inniiugor). — The ntfetuhmec capacity w«k 
fully ienlcd at every ticrfurtuuiicc here during 
the we.'k nisi past. This statu of affairs was 
occasioned' by the engagement of Klsle Janls, 
one of America's brightest young actresses, 
who. hi her special line of stage endeavor as 
a mimic. Is at the very front. Miss Janls 
wilt give new Imitation* tor this, her Until 
week here. The hill opening April L'li Include* : 
several of vaudeville's best features, em- 
liraclnit acrobatics, musical and comedy 
sketches, olsu the scnsntloiiiil net of Car- 
lot la, who looiis the loop op a bicycle; Tims. 
J. Kyan mill Mary Itlchtleld, In their delight- 
ful fnrcchl. "Mug- Huggi'rty's Visit;" tirace 
Hazard, the pliiuunt comedienne, In "I'lve 
Feet of entitle Openi .;" Lee Harrison, who 
oilers a new monologue : Franco I'lper, the 
hnnjo expert ; lOiuinu Francis and Arabs, In 
ii llvelr ui'i-idnillc act; Hawiliorne and Hurt, 
llelnew comedians, singers and dancers; Ito- 
berty's animals. In a novelty act, somewhat 
iliffereiil from ihe usual animal acts, mid Hie 
vlliiKi'Upii. which display* a complete change 
of picture* Horn those of last week. 

Viet or In TlicRtrt* (Oscar lliinmunsteth, 
iiianngerl. — The hill for Mil* week al tills 
impillni' house Is well enlculaled In plinme lis 
legion of pillions, us. hi lis imiko up, It em- 
braces neni'ly ihe entliv gam ul of up-to-date 
vaudeville. Aaollier fuel. which adds lo the 
prngtiiiiime's enterlnlnliig merit Is the ilrsl 
nppotil-ance ill till* llientrn of Ihe taleiileil 
tind popular comedienne. Klhel Levey, who 
was given a warm recepllmi on Monday. .11'. 
Her Kinging and dancing were vigorously ap- 
plauded and her success wn* fairly earned. 
Also on the capital bill were: Win. Could 
nnd Vnleska Surttl. In n comedy aiusb-iil 
skll : Will II. Murphy anil Blanche Nichols, 
In "From '/Mia lo 1,'nele Tom :", lirncle Km- 
ell and company, piTsi-nlliiB "Mrs. Murphy'* 
Second ilusbaiul-" llluus, Illnn* and Itliius. 
musical conicdlniis; Will II. Fox, Iho original 
"I'addywhlskle :" Alclde I'aplialne. In her 
inlil-alr teals- Ihe Itrlllim*. iidoiiii enter- 
liiluei-s; i''i'uiiels Wood, e.xperl hoop roller, 
uml i lie vliagiuph. 

\nv I'lrflr Tli«>«trp (Fulled Thotilros 
l'o.. manager*). — The long and very KUreeas- 
fill ■■iigiiuement here of M. M. Tlilcse's Wine, 
Weinaii uml Song l'o. giH-suierrilv on at Ibis 
Ibcali'e, and Botllta amliAlex. Carr. Ihe prlu- 
i-lpals, are II i inly esUhllshel Iu popular 
invov wllh Die large clientele of Ihe New 

Yorkvllh' Thentre (Frank tiersten, 
malinger i. — J. .Mnnlilln Petal's American 
play, entllled "Texas." holds the hoards here 
Oil* week. N-xt week, .luiues O'Neill, In 
"Manic f'rlslo." 

l.ineiiln >.ioi,re Thou I re (West Side 
\miise, ct>.. lessees). •- The William Mer- 
lin Slock l'o. opened the week, .Monday 
evening. 'April mi, wlib "Cbrlslophcr Jr." as 
the iittiuctlon. 

Krllh It l'foetor'S VUlU Avenue 
'I'heattr* faUfe Alb*e, general manager.).-; 
"Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" Is revived 
by th-2 house stock company this week, with 
a good- idzed audience in attendance, matinee 
of April -'U. ■ A moat commendable pnrforui- 
anee was given, with Henrietta Browne In 
the title role, which she played with clmrm 
nud cleverness. Cecil Owen gave another of 
Ills Interesting portrayals, and the other big 
favorites of thi' company, Wilson Melrose, 
Bmlllc Melville, . I-orcna Atwood, Ocorge I). 
Maelntvre nnd Krnest Anderson all did ex- 
eelleiM work. The caHt : Sir Ocorue Vernon, 


Ctiatterton ; Sir VVIIIIam Kt. I.oe, Harry Mac- 
Aulinc; Will Dawson, Kolx>rt Atlion ; Mark. 
Herman illrslila rg; Oregory. Mr. Alhon : 
Kllzabelh Tudor. Bmllle Melville: Mary Ktu- 
arl, \Mvena Atwood: Lady Vernon, Grace 
Hherwood ; Jcnnlo Faxton, Lydla Dickson ; 
Bess. Annette Huntingdon : Dorothy Vernon. 
Henrietta Browne. In the vaudeville are: 
Chcfalo and company. In. a clever act of 
magic: F.vclyn Slaters, singers nnd dancers, 
and Keith & I'roclor's motion pictures. On 
Sunday, April 28. a new sketch, entitled 
"The Master of Arms," by George Foster 
Piatt, was given Its first production, by Rich- 
ard MnMilem and company. It tells un ab- 
sorbing little story, Is handled in clever style, 
nnd has a logical and well devised fencing 
boat as He thriller. In Its story It appoars 
Hint a master of arms, who la losing- Ids 
sight. Is about to lose the girl of his choice 
through Ihe 'machinations of an unscrupulous 
pupil. The master, however, tights a duel 
with the pupil, overcomes him, gets back his 
sight and. wins the lady. These Incidents are 
all cloverly brought out, and the sketch made 
a big hit. Mr. Malchlem. Katberlnc Angus 
and John W. Wchb played It delightfully. 

i*nsior'« Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger l — Monday's matinee.. April 21). found the 
usual good crowd of vaudeville lovers on hand 
in enjoy a most excellent bill. Karl and 
Bartlett, in a sketch full of comedy, brought 
out many hearty laughs, and earned the'r 
share if applause. Charles Stlno and Moll I e 
Hvuns. In their new comedy, "A Bachelor's 
Holiday." -wore a roar from, the start, and 
scored a pronounced lilt. As an extra at- 
traction, William Imnau and company, In a 
sketch, "Hvlo Jack apd Ills Game." were 
warm favmltes. Others who came In for much 
appreciation were: Nlbbe and Bordeaux, 
"Tiie Two Italians:'' Burke and ' Urllne, 
singing and talking comcdlonncu.; Karrera, 
female Impersonator; Lillian Murtha, In 
stories and songs: Muriel Ha|l. assisted by 
Ida Gray. In a refined conjuring and: Orien- 
tal sack mystery ;' Deltorelll and Gllssando, 
the musical clowns ; Krnest J. Mack and 
coinpnnv. Iu a sketch, entitled "A Page from 
Life ;" Ihe Be Anus, James Duffy and the 
motion pictures,. , 

Dnvey Theutre (Union Theatre Co., 
manager*). — Win. B. Watson's Biirlcsqucrs 
Is the ■r.ti'iictloti here this week. The show 
was well received, and starts with a roaring 
farce, called "The Mormons," with Won. B. 
Wntso.i and an excellent company. The olio 
Include* : Mlllershlp Sisters, Yamanioto Bros., 
and 'Oracle and Beynolds. "The Bashful 
Venus" closes the allow. Next week, Jolly 
Urnss Widows. 

Iiuber's Museum (John II. Anderson, 
manager). — "Teddy," the original I eddy bear, 
Is the feature attraction here tills week. 
Others arc : The Stanleys. In n new and 
novel act. uud Grace Gilbert, bearded lady. 
in the theatre an, excellently arranged bill Is 
given to fine business. 

Murray 11111 Theatre (Fred Irwin, man- 
ager).— Polcr S. Clark's lliinuway Girls are 
playing a return date here this week. The 
first part, entitled "The Sultan's Dilemma," 
includes Frank Damsel, lii a capital presenta- 
tion, of the stiltini: Fred Slater has n fnnuy 
Dutch character, and Bert Wlggln plays 
llllev, lost In Turkey. (Tarn Ilurg acts and 
sings energetically as Cleclnn, a dancer of 
the harem. W. F. Sherwood. Frank.Fox. Win. 
Matter. Frank Peck. Itogcr Kemp, Larry 
Kerry, Pearl Turner, Hattle, Del Znrlo. Lottie 
Livingston, nnd a. showy bevy' of chorus 
ladles, give good support. "Little Gome of 
Tag," a Juvenile number: "The BqWcry," 
and "A Song of Nations," with various na- 
tional characters in spectacular groups, arc 
uniting the telling numbers. Stuart and 
Turner, in a lively soubrctle act: Bert Wlg- 
glii. the Juggling cartoonist; the Livingstons, 
in their scrolls tie accomplishments, find the 
Bowery 'Comedy -Quartette of singing come- 
dians, supply the special ties which split the 
two acts. The second division gives oppor- 
tunity for uiore good eincmfc/r work. "The 
Copper Colored Squaw" I* a rousing kpcc- 
laculur tlnlsh, led by Frank Damsel and Miss 
Burg.' Next week, the Itcntz-Santley, Co.,' 

Amerlcnn 'I'henlre (J. M. Ward, mana- 
ger). — Tim iihiiii' large audience was on baud. 
Monday nmllniM!, April til), to see "Custer's 
Lrtst Fight" usher 111 the current week. 
The cast Is strong nud Ihe work of Charles 
F. Kcttttc, John Arthur. .1. Louis Ung'ercr. 
Baby (Francis) Abbot and Margaret HJrJSqti 
was repentetlly elicured. During the' per- 
forma nee Mint Iteiigmi offered a specialty 
whlvli wn* viiirmly npnlanded. Nest week. 
Gen. Primrose Minstrels. 

Timlin Tlii-atre (Sulllvnn & Woods, 
miuiiigiirs). — "ijneen of the White Slaves" 
opened to a well tilled house April 21). The 
cast included: Win. Lang. Joseph Carter, 13. 
F. Nannary. Oeorgo It. Raymond, George Geli- 
liart. Jack Morton. Joseph- Crane, Jack But- 
liunit, Charles McDonald, J. O.. (.'alitor. Chas. 
Illllimin, Hurry Wnltham, George Kremer, 
Jean Woods. Herbert Wilkes, Grace Vinton, 
KlUalH-tli Hess, -Hattle Decker. Lily Hart. 
Madeline West. Hose Ilrahaai, Lydla Powell 
and J. IC Mllti'i'ii. Next week, "The Queen of 
the lllgl>L>lndei-s." 

Third Avenue Thentre (Martin J. 
lilxou. ma miger). — Moving plclures, selecteil 
from the Vltagraiili sublwt*, were presenteil 
hero Monday u ml Tuesday evenings, also Il- 
lustrated songs by llarrv Marlon. The 
house closed lis season April tit). Mr. Dixon's 
lease having expired on liiat dale. 

It,- In sen Thentre (David Belasco, nniiia- 
gert. — '"Hie Itns -. of the Unncho" iK'gnn, 
April 211. Its twenly-thlrd week. 

Ilnilkoii Thenlre (Henry It. Harris, man- 
iiger). — Mihvacd Alleles entered his tenth 
week Ml this liuiise, April 2P, In "Hitwster's 

.Savoy Thenlre (Frank McKee, mana- 
ger). — "Tli,» Man of the Hour" began, April 
SB, It* Iweiily-secoiid week. 

Ittjoii Thenlre iA. C. Campbell, mnnii- 
ger), — Mine. Alia Vn/linovn begun, April -1'. 
her fourth, week, Iu "('!nm(esae Coqlietlo," 
and eighth week i.f her rim. 

I.yrle Theatre I Sam S. & Lee Sliubert, 
tnaniiger*). — "Tiie Itoiid to Yesterday" en- 
tei-ed Its third week, on Monday evening, 
April 2P. 

New York lltpiioilrmiie (Sliubert k An- 
ilerson.- managers), — "Neptune's Dangliter" 
and "Pioneer Buys" rnnthiiie. and with the 
numerous arena features, draw large crowds 
at.eacli iM-fformnuve. Tiie tweiily-liilrd week 
began Am II 2D. 

I.llierly Theatre (Klaw & IU lunger, 
lininiigersl. — Kleaiior llobson liegeu, April 
21), the thlrty-llrsl week of her engngi'liienl 
here, and her fifteenth »'wk In "Kalouiy 
Jane," "Merely Mary Ann" Is given Wed- 
nesdny mill hires. 

(inrrlek Theatre (ChnrlcR Krohttiaii, 
nuiuhger). — William Collier- ■altered h|s 
eighteenth week on Monday evening,' April 
21). In "Caught In the Knlii. 

nrunilwny Theatre (LItt & Dingwall, 
mnnngcrs). — Anna Held began, April 211, her 
thirty-third week In "The Parlamn Model." 

M-»il»i-— "'li-Mlre it'lms. Kriiliiiuiii ill""- 
agcr). — Kthel Ilnrrymore begun, April 20, 
her fifth and Inst week in Tills Hjcellency. 
Ihe Governor," and the eleventh week of 
Per engagement lure. "Cousin Ivate" will be 
glveu Moudii.v eveulug, . M«.v l). 

„i«h & Proctor's Blftlr, - elBhth 

Street t lieatre iB, F. Allicc, general man-. 
ugcr).— UUM crpwds were present Bfternoon 
and evening Mbuday, April 21), and the hill 
was vcrv cordially received. Charles, 8«rru, 
in tils clever gymnastic act, put the house In 
(uo'l humor; Diamond and Smith, in their 
.llupliateii songs were good, the Illustrations 
being specially fine; Xltn Allen presented 
Will M. Cressy's one act comedy, "In Car 
Two— Stateroom Ouc," Frank 1$. Uodolph 
lielag a good second to Miss Allen, the pano- 
ramic nnd light effects catching the house. 
Mason and Shannon, In their creation "'Ihe 
Astrologer," proved acceptable; Itafayettc s 
dogs pleased young and old, the efficiency of 
their training being readily apparent ; Water- 
bury Brothers and Tcnney were clever and 
pleasing musicians, their act going big; Joe 
Maxwell and his company of ten, In the 
musical comedy "A Nfght In a Police Sta- 
tion." were compelled to respond to Beveral 
encores, the singing being especially good : 
Harry tfoudlnl was apparently the big hit of 
the evening, his freeing himself front band- 
cuffs nnd straight Jacket mystifying the 
house. The motion, pictures closed the show. 

Keith. A Proctor's Twenty-third 
Street Thenlre (E. F. Albee, general man- 
ager). — A big bill this week Introduces some 
most worthy acts, and on April 20 the hearty 
applauso given the various entertainers spoke 
vu, limes lor the appreciation In which O^e 
audience held. them. Julius Stcger. assisted 
by Win, H, Pascoe, Helen Mar Wilcox and 
John Romano, the harpist, presented "The 
Fifth Commandment," and duplicated the big 
hit which the act made, at this bouse when 
It was originally presented here, some time 
ago. Mr. Steger has a delightful little playlet 
In' this offering, and his work, together with 
the efforts of Miss Wilcox and Mr. Pascoe, 
add much to Its effectiveness. Theresa itenz, 
the famous high school rider, offered her gilt 
edged, and thoroughly delightful act of ser- 
pentine dancing and skipping rope specialty 
on horscoRck, and was roundly applauded. 
The Amcrlcus Comedy Four (Scott, Karl, 
Westma'i and Lvnnc), In an act away from 
the ordinary, and high class in' every par- 
ticular, fully earned the plaudits that were 
showered upon them, and the Military Octette 
and "The tllrl -With the Baton"- also caflne bi 
for their Just meed of praise. Others on the 
bill were: The Wilson Brothers, In Borne very 
good Dutch dialect twisting?; Dancing, Mit- 
chells, well, styled the "human tops.' in a 
capital specially; Mile, tfadje,. In equipoise, 
and Leo Carrillo, mimic. The motion pictures 

Miner's Boivcry Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, manager), — The Innocent Maids open- 
ed here, 2fl, to fair business. "Seeing China- 
town," the first part bad Larry Smith, Eddie 
Convey, Harry Seyon, Jos. Hazelton, .las. 
Hughes, Cloy Smith, Sadie Huested, Julia 
Seyon, Mamie Champion, Klva Payne, Violet 
Warner, Jeau Carroll, and the chorus girls 
busy from start to finish. The olio Included : 
Harry and Julia Seyon, In "The Census 
Taker:" Smith and Champion, In their funny 
offering; Hughes and Hazelton, travesty 
duo; Sadie Heusted, singing commedtenne : 
Hill and .Hill, bicycle experts; Clay Smith 
and Eddie Convey, in a funny singing and . 
talking act, wblcb earned them several bows 
and a speech of thanks. "The Art of Making 
Love" is exemplified In a laughable way In 
the burlesque. Next week, the High School 
Girls. Chas. F. Guthlnger and James Rus- 
sell w)|l. benefit May. 21. 

London Theatre. — The Alcazar Beau- 
ties moved down town for this week with an 
Interesting programme. It includes "Sulli- 
van's Chowder/' with James V. Leonard, 
Billy Hart, Anna Yule, Lawrence. Crane, 
Clara. Whitney, .Jennie Gladstone, W, II. 
Davis, James Young, Joe McDavett and 
Andy Kelly, In amusing character, roles; an 
olio, presenting McDaveU and Kelly, clever 
dancers ; Etta- Victoria, In graceful feats of 
contortion; Billy Davis and Billy Hart, in 
a double "BUI" of comedy ; Lawrence Craun. 
magician, with three mystifying Illusions : 
Interesting moving pictures and tlia bur- 
lesque) entitled "Sullivan On Guard In tan 
l'blll-iplpos." • Next week, tbo Parisian Belles. 

Mliipr'* Eighth Avenue Theatre (Ed- 
win D. Miner, manager). — -The High School 
Girls came, for a.week's. stay- at this house, 
opening to the usual big crowd at the Mon- 
day matinee, April -2». The two farces 
"Mixtures," and '"Cupid iu the Philippines," 
were full of ginger, and met with much ap- 
proval. In Ihe, olio, Lllla and George Bren- 
nan kept things on the go with their clever 
comedy and singing. - Kennedy, Evans and 
Kennedy. In n humorous skit were also In for 
a good share ot the "big noise." Alice Wlllard 
and Madge lluglios, In their character sketch 
"Prom the Bowery to Broadway," were well 
appreciated, while: Hilda Carle and her twelve 
"lteil Haven Cadets," In a unique zauave 
drill, scored n big hit. Howard and Lewis, 
"A Pair of Cons," made good la closing. 
Next wccl:. the Tiger. Lilies. 

Ilnukett Theatre (James K. Hackett, 
innnager). — ltose Slnhl began, April 20, her 
twenty-eighth week. In "The Churn* Lady." 
The closing date lias been postponed to June 

Veiiileiny of Mimle (Gllmorc & Tompkins, 
managers). — George M. Cohan entered his 
second nnd Inst week, April 20, iu "Little 
Johnny .loucs." "The Prince of Pllscn" be- 
gins, a short engagement here on, May 0. 

Wiilliu-k's (finis. Biirnham, manager). 
— Oraco George, In "Dlvorcons," began, April 
20. her third week 

Lew Fields' Herald Square Thentre 
(George M. Saiumls, resident manager). — 
Eddie Foy, In "The Orchid," began bis fourth 
week. on Monday evening, April 20: 

Cost no (Sam 8. & Lee Shubort. inc., man- 
agiM'S). — Louis Matin, In "The -White Hen," 
t'Cgtin, April 20, hie eleventh week. 

Manila Itnn Theatre. — Shepard's moving 
pictures continue popular at this house. 

Lyceum 'I'henlre (Daniel Frohinan, man- 
ager). — Arnold Daly began. April 20. his 
fourth week, In "The Boys of Company B." 

Mnjenlle Theatre (W. L. Knwhmd, man- 
ager). — Cyril Scott began. April 20, his third 
and last week, In "The Prlnco Chap." Mar- 
garet Wyclierly, In "The Prlinrosu Path," 
rollowa .May (I. 

HiuIIhiiii Square Garden. — Buffalo Bill's 
Wild, West opened Tuesday. April SB, A full 
account nf the performance will bo found 
In another column. 

criterion, Daly's, Onrden, Madison 
Square. N'vw York, Princess and Weber's 
Theatres are dark. 

Aliunde (.nnleii (W, K rumor's Sons, 
malingers). — The La Dells, gymnasts; Bo- 
ded nnd Hudle.v, "Soldier Figure and Mili- 
tary Maid," Wilson, and Moran, In a comedy 
sketch, entitled "Our. First Quarrel ;" Lon 
S. Elmo, musical eoniedlnn ; Vnrdaman, and 
new moving pictures are here this, week. The 
forty-ninth anniversary celebration will take 
plate May S. An elaborate musical and 
vaudeville programme has been arranged, 

Knlekerhoeker Theatre (Al. Hnyiinin 
& Co.. managers).— Montgomery anil Stone 
and company. In Ihe "Red Mill," began, April 
20, their thirty-second week. 

Harlem. — At. Keith & Proetar'a Harlem 
(liters House ( E. F. Albee. general mnimgcr) 
■"run Jungle" I* Urn offering for this week, 
with Ihe same scenery, and stage effects that 
were used at the Fifth Avenue Theatre Inst 
week. The principal roles were played by 
Alphonx Kthler, Geo. Howell, Wm. Norton, 
Dudley Ilnwley, Agnes Scott, Louise Ran- 
dolph and. Dorothy Rossmore. The vaude- 
ville offers Louise Rcattdct (her first Har- 
lem appearance) and new motion pictures. 

Wkst Ksn (,T. K. Cookson. manager). — 
"Sunday," wllh Jessie Itimslelle •is Ihe star. 
opened to n crowded house April 21), anil 
prospects are bright for a big week, us Miss 
Itiiustelle is a great favorite In Ilarlam. She 
Is a clever actress, . nnd . her host of warm 
friends here woli-nined her cordially. The 
play is (tcllgultulJ.v rcudeixd. Kext wuo^ 

"lLTrovaiore," with a. change of nH^amnnj 
weekly . by the Von Den, Berg Uper* Co;, 
which opens May B. 

Metwh'olih (Hurtlg A Seamon, managers). 

"Dorothy Vertoon, of Hadriea Hall," with 

I.aura .Burt and Henry Stanford bi the lajd- 
Ing rolcfl, opened to a good sized house, 20, 
•with bright prospects for the week. Ralph 
Stuart, in "By Right of Sword,", next week. 

Hr»n iWm, T. KcogU, manager).— "Parted 
on Her Bridal Tour"- opened well 29; and 

Save gneat satisfaction to a large audience. 
mslrcBB should, .be large all week. "Amosb 
the Pacific" next 

Kkitii & PaocTon's O.ns Hunubbd and 
TwENl'Y-KirTH Street Tubajm. (E. T. Albee, 
general manager).— Business continues up to 
the standard, the house being well filled nt 
every performance. The bill for this week 
offers soino very strong turns, such, as Fred 
Karno's English company. In "A Night In a 
London Music Hall ;" Wm. J. Kclley and com- 
pany (third week), Fred Ray- and company, 
tadell and Crouch, Charlotte Parry and com- 
pany. May Bclfort, Zlskn and King, and 
Keith & Proctor's new motion pictures. am mi a- (Percy G. Williams, manager). 
— This house was packed, as usual, 20, when 
a llrst class hill was offered, headed by Will 
M. Cressy nnd Blanch Dayne. Others are: 
Wlllard Slmms and company, the Eight Vas- 
sar Girls. Loin Cotton, Clarice Vance. Ray- 
mond and Caverly, De Witt Burns and 
Torrence, Murphy and Francis, the Mac 
Smith Duo, and American vltagraph. 

IIuiitii; & Seamon'h Music Hali. (Louis 
Hiu-tlg. mnnuger). — The Lid Lifters week of 
20, Tbe company pleased In .every respect 
and met with a rousing reception on the 
opening day. Next week, the Trans'-Atlnntlc 
Burlesquers. - ■■ 

Uotham' (Dave Kraus, manager).— The 
Star- Show GlrlB opened to n good 
sized audience, 20, and presented a most 
enjoyable performance from start to tlulsh. 
Good comedy work prevails. Next week, 
the Champagne Girls. 

Kamii.v (Al. Onken, manager). — This 
week's bill • Develde nnd Leldo, Oarlleld 
and Mead, Baker and'Manlcy, Boyd and Veo- 
iti. Lester and Qulnn, and Mort Fox, Ed. 
Dunhorst and company. 

Brooklyn. — At the Montauk (Edward 
Trail, manager) 'The Graud Mosul" April 
20 and' week. "Madam Butterfly" drew to 
capacity 22-27. Next, "Mrs. Warren's Pro- 
fession. ' 

SHimHUT (Lew Parker, manager).— Mur- 
garet Wycherly, In "The Primrose Path," 20 
and week, Joe Weber's Co. did One business 
22-27. Coming, "The Three, of Us." . 

Majestic (w. C. Frldley, manager). — 
James O'Neill, In "Monte Crista," 20 and 
week. "Sunday" last week. "Buster Brown" 

GnAM) (Jas. Hyde, manager). — "The Out- 
law's Christmas" this week. James J. Cor- 
bet t scored a success 22-27. "The Two Or- 
phans" next week. 

Bijou (Mi's. Spooner, manager). — "Dr. 
Jckyll and Mr. Hyde" -20 nud week. "Ohlui- 
mle.Kadden" did the usual big business 22-27. 
Next,' "The Duchess of Devonshire." 

Cor.t'.MiitA (Chas. H.' Wuerx, manager). — 
Howard Hall. In "The Millionaire Detec- 
tive," week of 20. "Queen of the Hlghblnd- 
ers" 22-27. "From Uroadway to the Bowery" 

Obphkum (Percy G. Williams, manager). 
— BUI 20 and week: Alice Lloyd,. the Bagges- 
sens, Walter C. Kelly, Work and Owcr, the 
McN'aughlons, Lester and , Manning, Ed. V. 
Ilcynard. the Alva. Trio, the Rain Dears, and 
vltagrapu. Crowded houses last week. 

Hyde & Beiiman's (Nick Norton, mana- 
ger). — A. big bill Is presented for the current 
week, which Is the closing one. It. Includes : 
John L. Sullivan, Frank Bush, Three Roses, 
Van Cleve, Wentworth, nnd "Pete," Wlirred 
Clarke uud Theo Carew, Mitchell and Cain, 
Three Plcara Bros., Chas. Mack and com- 
pany, and klni'tograph. Good bouses past 
week. - 

Kkbnev's. (Theo Winsllb, manager).— 
Katie. Barry, Three Deane Bros., W. E. Whit- 
tle, the Do Faye Sisters, Kane and Rooney, 
Henry til ve and company, Le Clair and 
Bowen. 1'nby Claude and company, and the 

SrAn (Archie Kills, manoger).-r-Trocadero 
Burlesquers this week. Gay Morning Glories 
played to good business last week. Irwin's 
Alaleatlc* next. . . , . 

iMi'Kinii, (W. T. ,j rover, manager). — The 
Tiger Lilies 20 uud week. Wrestling Mon- 
day, Thursday and Saturday nights. The 
High, School Girls drew welt 22.27, 

Hkimuw.iv ( i;. Teller, lessee). — Willi 
"The Lion nnd the Mouse,", this week, Mr. 
Teller says, will create a record. Matinees are 
given every day, except Monday,- and the 
house htm been practically sold nut for 
the week. A return engagement will lie given 
week of June. u. Lust week "In Ihe Bishop's 
Carriage" did well. Next, "The Walls of 

FOLLY i Iteiiiiel Wilson, malinger). — "Me, 
Him and I," with Watson, Kelly uud Arling- 
ton, this week, "truster's Iaist. Fight" had 
a good week, ending 27. Next, "Billy the 

G.u'kty. James Clark, manager.). — Sam 
Scrlbner's Gay Morning (Doric* tills week. 
Good Iiusltie8s last week, with- the Lid Lift- 
ers. Next, Hie Trocadoro Burlesquer*. 

Novelty (Charles E. Williams, manager). 
— The season was brought to a close here 
night of 27. 

Bi.axky's. (Morris SeblesBinger. manager). 
—"Young Buffalo, King, of the Wild West'' 
this week. Sunday night, April 28, tbe em- 
ployee*, of tbe house benedted by a vaudeville 
entertainment, the list of volunteers was 
long, and the financial returns most grati- 
fying. Cecil Spooner, In "The Dancer and 
the King." next. week. . . . 

Gotham (Edgar P. Glrurd, manager). — 
The Clarendon Stock tin. opened here night of 
20. with "Northern Lights." Next week, It 
will produce "The Power of. the Cross." 

Paytun's (S. S, Allen, manager i. — "The 
Merchant of Venice" this week, '"i'he Con- 
querors" met with much success lust week. 
Next. ."Zaxn." 

Lvi-ki.m (Louis Phillip*, manager). — "Down 
Mobile" this week. "'The Avcuger" had a 
good week, endlpg 27. 

News Items.— The -Spponcr Stock Co., 
which for the past six years has been In this 
borough, pluylng llrst nt the Park Theatre, 
l hen .it the BIJou. will cross thu bridge May 
IB, nnd open at Keith & Proctor's Fifth Ave- 
nue Thentre. Mrs. Spooner will lake her 
entire Brooklyn company with her, and -will 
follow tbe same policy In New York which 
made her and her company so popular In this 
burg. Mrs. Spooner hhs plans for a Broad- 
way house, which she states will he built and 

ready for occupancy In tllo Fall of 1008 

Hyde & Beiiman's will close Its twenty-ninth 

season nf vaudeville on May 4 On Julv 

IS Hie Gr.ind Lodge of Elks' convention -will 
be bold iu Philadelphia. Tim Brooklyn- Lodge. 
No. 22. It. P. O. inks, -will- leave Jersey City 
on a snecinl train, and will he led. by W. F. 
Sinter and Ids Brighton Beach Band, com- 
posed of one bund red pieces Manager 

Nick Norton, of Hyde & Beiiman's, will closo 
his forly-Kevenlh consecutive sen*on In the 
show business on May 4. nnd will spend the 
Summer .it ills home In Mt. Clemens, Mich. . . . 
Treasurer Kdwurd A. Bohroan will bo assist- 
ant chief ticket seller at the race track. 

The New .Montauk closes May 11. . . . . 

J. P. Hill, stage manager, for Hyde & Beii- 
luaii's Adams Street house, will have charge 
of the vaudeville stage at tbe Actors' Fund 

Fatr At i P. M., Sunday, April 28, the 

body of Fllnior S. Dundy, formerly of Thomp- 
son & Dundy Co.. was Inferred Iu Ihe Mo- 
ravian Cemetery, Stolen island. All work al 
Luna Park ceased between 4 and 4.U0. and 
Hags were at half mast. All of the places 
of amusement stopped nt 4. o'clock, for live 
minutes, ul Coney Island, out ot respect for 
the deceased Ueink'isuu'» Music Unit 

#ni- boirtt^foef thn: season May dl 

l.up^WJ* wlljfttrjm open Its gates May la, 
. . .".WceplccTlngc Park will open 11. ' ri,e 
"Human Iloulette Wheel," sonicthlnic new 
will be' seen for the first time there. 
» " 

TilK ANNOUNCEMENT of tbe last weeks of 
tbe engagement of Eleanor Robsen, at i)i,. 
Liberty Theatre, baa indicated a renewed in 
terestln her successful. piny, "Salomy Jane" 
and arrangements: have already been eon. 
plcted by the management by which It |j 
made certain that Miss ltobson and her plav 
will be seen In New York for au extended 
run at tbe beginning of next season. 

. " Uouno thh CutctiB" Is lo be the new pro- 
duction that M. M. Thlcso Is to open the Xo, v 
Circle with, next season. The new piece 
which Is nearly completed, Is by James Mo- 
ran, nutho- of many clever vaudeville acta 
It Is a uatlrlcai musical frivolity, m two ucis' 
the scenes- of which are laid around tin! 
Circle, and In which all the current succosm-s 
of tbe season will be reviewed. The produc- 
tion will require a large array of comedians 
and Manager Thlete promises a few coined v 
surprlses and many original and novel stuu'c 
effects. " 'Round the Circle" will opcu tin- 
new season about Sept. 1. 

THE FimnTii AN.4UAL Fuu, lines* III:- 
iin.inHAi. of the Green Room Club, an organi- 
sation composed of managers, actors, dram- 
atists, librettists ami musicians, look place 
at the . Liberty Theatre, Sunday eveulni;' 
April 28, presenting one of the strongest 
bills that has been seen on tbe New York 
stage In a performance of this character 
The fund derived from this performance Is 
to be devoted: to the library: of the Green 
Room Club, which Is now one of the most 
complete of Its kind- !n America. A large 
number of well known players and vaude- 
ville performers volunteered, their services, 
and tbo entertainment was made up of num- 
bers by members of the club, after the slvle 
ot tbe Lambs' Gambol, nnd vaudeville fea- 

Tiik stmscitwTiON of stock for Iho Now 
German Theatre Co,, which will take over 
ihe Irvlnu Place Theatre, and also erect a 
new und larger German theatre uptown, was 
started by $1,000 from Consul-General nueiiz. 
at a meelJng held last week, at tbe Hotel 
Astor, g'he. New German Theatre Co. will 
be incorporated shortly, according to Br. 
BaumOeld, with a capital of $50,000. About 
half «f this sum will be used for rehabilitat- 
ing the Irving Place Theatre, and putting it 
mi a more attractive basis. In the two year* 
the Irving Place will probably be run before 
being torn down, the company will be in 
creased to a half million dollar capitalization. 
.according to present plans. With this sum u 
magnificent theatre will bo erected, which 
will be the home of the New. German Theatre. 
, Tiik Lamhk had their gambol at the Astor 
Theatre, afternoon of 'Tuesday, April 23. Six 
sketches were presented, the ones scoring 
particularly well being "The Case of Eniclhi 
Capeilu," by George. firoadhurst. ; "Peaches: 
An. Episode in tiie Life of John Henry," by 
George V. Iloburt, and "Looey," a one act 
play, also by Mr. Hobart. 

M.mi:. Eu.y Baknato, of the Oiicra Combpie. 
Paris, a niece, of Barney Bumato, lias lsrn 
engaged: Itv Jose Van Den. Berg as one of Ills 
prima donnas for the season of grand and 
comic opera to be Inaugurated nt the West 
End Thc-itrc, on Monday evening. May (1. 

Although, tub Actons! Fund Fair will 
not opt n uqtll Monday, May U, on tbe after- 
noon of Friday, May K, a baseball game will 
be played between. "The Bed Mill!' nine und 
the Yunkee Doodle Boys, of. George M. Co- 
han's company, for the, benefit ot the fund. 
— — - — . » »,♦.. , 

.....:. NEW YORK STATU. 

HufTaio — At the Star (K C. Cornell, 
manager) May Irwln : April !!»-Mity I. Frank 
Daniels 0-8, John Drew -W1,- Jessie Bon 
stclle Slock Co. IB, Indefinite. Amateur local 
attraction!, occupied this theatre part of Inst 

Lyric (J. Lnughlln, manager). — Joseph 
Hartfncr (deeeasedl benefit, April 211. "Brown 
of Harvard'.' 'May 2-4. "The Powers That 
Be" pleased fair rlzed audiences last week. 

L'ONVHNTJON Hall (H. Ii. Mecch, custo- 
dian). — .Manilla Berabrlcb, assisted by Kill- 
son Van i loose and Frank Lit Forge. April 
20, Lillian 'Wiener (Vienna), Mnennergcsiiag- 
Vcreln, April IS. Nordlcn X The Buffalo 
Kennel Club's annual bench show, last week, 
was- highly successful. 

SliKA'H.— Bill for week of April 211 ; The 
Shinning Grenadiers, Howard and North, St* 
Glinsercttls, Six Proveaubls, Nichols Slslers, 
imposition Four, Mr. and Mrs. Jlmuilc Barry, 
Totn Nawn uml company; Carroll and Cooke, 
and Julia Agnes O'Connor. Busluess Is to 
capacity twice dally. 

Laitavkttk (Chas. M. Bilgg, manager).— 
(,'herrv Blossoms week of ' 20. Di-eambiml 
Beauties next, itcllly & Wood's Big Show 
did splendid business last week: 

Gaiiukn (Chas. E. White, manager).— Gay 
Musiiueraders Vo. week of 211. Harry Bryant's 
Extravaganza Co. next week. Fred Irwin's 
Majesties gave a good show to good receipts 
lust week. 

Acapk,uv (P. c. Cornell, manager). — "The 
Great Wall Street 'Mystery" week of 29. lo 
be followed by "A Millionaire's llcvonge." 
"Across tbe Puclllc" maintained Its magnetic 
power last week. 

TBCK (P.. C Cornell, manager). — This Is 
the finishing week here, with "In Old Ken- 
tucky." "Sis Hopkins" did nicely last week. 

Washington Theatru ano Mubeum (Lewis 
P. Llnni manager). — The current leader Is 
Mons Caroll, "man with the steel skin." 
. i i ■• 

Rochester. — At the Lyceum (M. li- 
Wolff, manager) Dosscnbucb Orchestra (lo- 
cal), April 22, had a good house. "The 
Prince of Pllscn," with Jess Dandy mid an 
excellent supporting company, had S. It. <>• 
business 2.'», '**■ "The Ham Tree." wllh 
Mclntyre and Heath, and the same flue sup- 
port its seen hero o.i Its Inst visit, turned 
1 hem. away 20, .27. May Irwin May il, ' 
closes the regular, season of- this house. 

National (Max HurtJg, munager).— "In 
Old Kentucky' 1 seems to have lost none of II* 
drawing powers, good houses being the rule 
April 22-24; "Gay New York" had line re- 
turns 2(1-27. Hose Melville. . In "Sis Hop 
kins." 20-May 1 : "Across tbe Pacific" 2-1- 

Bakkb (Mrs. T, J. Boyle, manager).— 'Hie 
slock waB. well cast last week, "The Factory 
Girl" belug Ihe bill, with the act of Foster 
und his dog "Mike" as au added feature. 
Scverln He Dyne, the leading man, suc- 
ceeded 'Clifford Stork, who closed 20, aiul 
made a most favorable impression. Ills 
engagement, however, Is for two weeks only- 
"We 'Una of, Tennessee" 20 and week. 

Cook Opera House (J. IL Moore, mana- 
ger). — The - Colonial Septetto proved, to be 
an agreeable and entertaining act. topping » 
fine bill last week. S. It, O. business ruled. 
Bill wees of 20! "Tlio Bed Owl." with Ber.v 
Hope an J company; Polly Pickle's Pet*, Hem' 
French and company, John T, Thome am 
Grace Carleton, Little Hip, Al. Weston am 
company, Mazuz and Mnzette, the Kemps, nud 

CoiilNrilUN (II. C. Jacobs, uianager).-- 

The Bowery BurleKquers -played to S. II, •'•• 
week ot 22, giving h capital show. I'"' 
comedy work of Ben JanBen and Llstle rrcii- 

llgh scored heavily. Irwin's Majesties week 
of 20. 

.; — ... 1 

Ailmiiy. — At llormumis Bleecker Ha" 
(II. R, Jiu'obs, malinger) Louis James mail'' 
n distinct Impression on large audiences. 
April 22, 2.1. In "The Jlerry Wives of Wind- 
sor." Nat'-M. WlllRiamused a large crowd Hj 
Kellnr, 2(l, 27. had good business. "Checkers 
20, Buttle Williams 80, '"ITie Prince of I'll 
sen" Mnv 1. annual Alay festival of Aloanj 
Musical Association tl..7. Wm. Faversharu f>- 

Pnni'T(iR.'it (Howard Grahnni. resident uia in- 
ugot).— For April 20. uud week:. Meuotti 

Hay 4. 

THE 3$1%W YOpiv CI^BPiEft. 


«*$% D1 " 011 nrc| thera, Wflla Holt Wake- 
J eld. <Mr. and -Mrs., Howard Trueadell 
thinner, Flomen and Miller, Minnie 
matin and Chlnko 


Tronic. Will Dockruy, Empire Comedy Four, Tarlatan Deltas 29-Moy 4. Yankee Ooofllo 
tS;*iMlWTla, J Ctaude*ndI 1 'M g lel]ih- Writ- on. flag Weem' JuS5 w«V5?2 ° 
ir? Bora M#rtJDl«nd Rom de Haven Septette. corded a rousing reception last week. 

EMMM . (Woe. B. Henry, resident inana- Wuh * Fmciob j » (P. Burns, resident 
VrrC-The burlesque season hero dosed l April manager).— For week or April 3>: Okabe 
■>JM wlth.-flu): BonU-8antle>y Co. Malm- '■' 
rajah', Hindoo Hypnotist. 211 nod week. 

iuisw (-11. H. Nichols, manager).— Merry 
Maidens. 22-24, scored a hit. The Champagne 
Girls followed 20-27, with a. noticeably Btrong 
hill Business continues good. Kentucky 
Belies 20-M ay 1. Dainty Faree Co. 2-4. 

Elm Irs- — At the Lyceum (Lee Norton, 
manager) "Are You a Mason?" pleased a fair 
died audience April 24. "Mr. Hopklnson" 
cave excellent satisfaction 20. Adelaide 
Thurston, In "The Girl from Out Yonder." 
Sj * "Kellor" May 4, and May Irwin Is 
Tanked lor. the near future. 

Family (O.' W. Mlddleton. manager).— Bill 
for week of 20 : Harry Crandall ana company, 
Morarto, Alexander and Ucott, Doyle, Emer- 
son Trio, and the motion pictures. Business 
■ \t hlg. The illl last week Included :- Master 
nichard«on and company, Mr. and Mrs, 

Poulard :" Cantmell and Harris, Morrow and 
Schellberg, and the -motion- pictures. 

n il » I 

Oakland — At tha Micflonough (Ctia.'. P. 
Halt, rtuhoger) flat C. Goodwin, In repertory, 

iJi«„ drew splendid business, at advanced pTlces, 

»' K?,?f Al" 11 1! >--0. M. B. Curtis, In "Sam'l. of 

s Muf - Posen," drew a fair house 21. -'Peck's Had 

-iJW"fc-rW» NWu Amusement Co, has ZCrf- *"&&£ i' ' " 

n«l Sr ~ lease of the hall In the rear of the B "fSSw i# V ; 

Bon Ton, fronting ou Gregory Street, and ■JH"tELiELi™~ 

Hoy;' 22 and_ week, Lillian Ktisaell, In 

Bishop, manager). — 

Clipper Post Office. 

la ardfT (a avoid mlitili« «iin t* 
iBSsrr the pmntul Urltfery _Sf »»• 
letter. m<l In llil> till. •■> 
MNlM plainly- «rt.lre»«rd must hr 
cent far »ncb Idler, nud S ivrltlru 
order fax* tit* iMttir, altttteu with the. 
tall nam* aaa ndtlr<>»» and the Maa 
or bnulneaa followed by tha sender, 
must also lie enclosed. 

Please luentiuu tlit- date (or nun- 
berj «l "he CMPPHU In wbloa tha 
Iritrrt irui tor were aurertlacdt 

Xa-MBT liMT. 

I«lrliu>." Cbnn 
U Huron. 11. B. 
lr»«iM>«. Toe 
— i.indiev. Harry 
Lewis. J. II. 
luirrlvre, A. C. 
'Ijrft K. 
l.aliill.U'.l. J. I. 
I*)-. I.. J. 

I. n v«en, r", 

outflt, opened his Wild West for a limited 
period it Jackson, Clinton and Montlccllo 

I Ilea.— At the Majestic (K. L. Kotlckc. 

manager) Not M. Wills pleased n good 

P. r i! l ,S.r J Mui * James packed the house, 

(1/ 1 111 ' ' I'llr, >lf.--.. tlTt.. ,* 1111. .1 •■ . . 

smart Dfirrow, Klnp; and Stange, the Ulce with "The Merry Wives' of Windsor," at two 

' ■• .. .. ., ,1 ilir. Dlnn Mna n/isfn w inn n ..-w. ■ i - in<. . i . » .... 

proudlove. Big -huslness rules 

Troy.— At Band's Qpera House (H. T. 
son, resident manager) (,ouls .lames, 

i n ..'eh 

in "The Merry Wives of Windsor," drew a 
large house April 24. "Checkers" May I, 

••The" Mayor of Tbkio" U, "The Trlnco of 
pjis»ll" 4. 

' pitiicTOit's (William II. Graham, resident 
manager). — Mill for 2fl nud week! Benjamin 
riinpln and rompinVy, In "At the white 
House ;" Joe Doming, Mnymc Remington and 
her vpleks," timUt Brnnnellc, Rnffln's own- 
liev, McNnmce, and Barnar'sMnhlklns. 

l.vctiiiM (It. H. Kel|cr, manager).— TJic 
Olinmpngne (ilrls did good huslness 22-24. 
The Alerry Maidens und John I,. Sullivan 
paeked the llieatre 25-27. Pat White an' ' 
tiillety Girls til-May 1, and the Ken 
Belles 2-4. 

K , E . 1TI . 1 ,?. ' Fled Borgor. manager).— T.ast 
week s bill enjoyed .a big attendance. This 
week s lill Includes : Bflriuic's Comedy Clrtus, 
the .Tosselyn Xrlo, Frank Whitman, Brown. 
. n . r ,." ,. and Brown, Armstrong- and Clark, 
l.alelt Bros., and Itoy I.. ltoy«e. 

OjtfHRuii OS, J.. Konekc, manager).— At- 
tendance Is good, and the pictures euntinue 
to draw larp^ crowds and please. 

Notes.— By invitation of Manager Berger, 
the members of the Utlca Haxeuall Club oc- 
cupied the boxes as Keith's, li.'i The pre- 
sentation of "Prlselll«," 1n the Opera House 
at Watorvllle, N. Y., w«s a success 23, 24. 
...... rho .Summer stock company at the Ma- 
jestic will Include: George Irving, Edmoml 
AWiey, Cyril llnymond, Harry 'Hector, Italph 

IK Opkba Hnn.ii: (H. W. nlshop. 
manager).— The Idora Opera Co.. In "Wang'' 
(second week), drew excellent attendance 
week ending April 21. "El Canltnn" 22 and 
week, •'.riie Fortune Teller" 28- .May 4. 

Hki.i, <Fd. Human, manager). — Attractions 
22 and week Included : Coin's trained dogs, 
the Marrelll Trio, musical artist ; Havcrly 
and Mellure, presenting "'I'ln; Actor otic) the 
llalrlip Boy; Jas. Hennessey, monnlqglsl; 
the Thorns, Wtnlc It. Mel'hcrson, with .illtis- 
i rated s'dugs, and the latest motion pictures. 
Business continues good. (Tony l^ubelstl, manager). — Bill 
22 and week: FuJtmo'N Itoynl Japanese troupe 
if acrobats, the Pendlctons, xylopbnnc play- 
ers : Joe And Oln Hnyden. cuincdy team : 
(Imur. j.ernli.ii; Kugenii Mmmet, comedlnn : 
Juek Golden, monntoglsl, nnd motion pic- 
tures. Iluslnoss was good last week. 

Hnn |llt)K«.— At thu Pickwick Theatre 
(Palmer Bros., managers) Del. Lawrence 
Stock Co. did grout hiisfiieHs, In "Jane," week 
ending Ajirlt 21. 
ers'. In 
Same playi 

low. Col. Sloner Is manager for Miss Thomp- 

tJiiANti Thkatui: (De Lncour A Field, man- 
-TJin rngnlnr stock played to 8. It. ".. 

' i.v 

Anil* Mrs Belle- Kdwnnh. Paula 
Alton. MWV Rvelyn. Alice 
Adams, Flo Kdonln May « 

Atktlne, l.surs i FixhI Unworn* 
Ailurcl Sisters iKhnrnlll K*UM 
Aililluau, (Earle. Dully 

Mrs. A. 8. | Fields. Ili-rilia 
Ashley, l.lllliu iFrsnklln l.Hllsn 
Amlerson. iKowler Kaiuinor 

Virginia! I^tna Lawraic 
Atrlr.ii Aurora tuyiclle, Dcll.i 
Awry, Fanny l-'ertj, Anns 
Hcrniml Bessie FlliKerald, May 
lllalwlell Miss M|l'luu.l, Alice 
BarUuiik, Mamie (Iraliaiu, 
lieunett. Jluy , Mrs. Oscar 

llrauregsnle, .il.salwtn. IClsle 
RltiUlajlur. IVunile 
lliiibir. May .nllmnii. Ida 
llicivnnl, Mrs. iilomlwlii. Irlne 
Itlaeclinrtl Nellle'llj.rtilea*. Mrs. 
Hrwiks. Jeuaae |tlllaiure. fllailys 
lleai-tt. l.llllan lllanellu. Olenna 
I-.lmiciuinl, Sne ,li«lidy,' 
Hnroahlll. Kva lleiidersoa. ■ 
Itsssett, Mrs. .11 MadHM 

Barns -Flu (Se.jlllKrttm. 
Itenii Mrs.Wni.i'; banaw* S. 

BliiBbnmtnn.— At. the Stone Onern lloust' 
(J. P. K. Clark, .mnnnger) "Ave You a Ma- 
son n pleased a good sized audience April 
'20. Kellnr had big business 2.1. Louis James 
drew a laiye audience 2«. "A Wise Mi'm- 
her" 27. Adelaide ThnrMon 2(1. Adam Oood 
Stock Co., In repertory, MO-Muy 4. 

AtiMi-iuv (II. A: Bailey, manager).— Bill 
week of Anrll 3D: Kennedy and W'ilkens, 
JtauUi and Arno. Laura Orrtway, Abdul Ku- 
der nnd wives, Seymour and Dupre, (inlden 
tjuic Oulnteit", nnd "'lite (llolie of Deulli." 

Syrarane. — At the Grand Opera House 
<ChBH. H. Plummet', manager) vaudeville, 
week of April 20, with the following: Joseph 
Hart und uotnp'uny, Tom Jiidwai'ds, Haulier 
and Vincent, Jim Hnrrlgan, Six Juggling 
Mnwatls, Ida O'Dny, Orletta, Taylor and 
Given, and Irving Jones. 

Wkitjnd tlKKRA-HniiHR (John L. Kerr, man- 
ager), — "TheJhilnce of J'llsen" 27. 

Hastari.i: (Hurry A. II lift Ig. manager). — ['!(' t0, ' y ..^. nl ' 
"hi (lid Kenlucky" had big buslneHs 2,1-27. r'.'cnt Wnn 
"Across the Puclnc" 2n.May 1. !. yil0 . f '.". flt ! 

■ i . i . — s 

Auburn, — At Bnrtls' Auditorium (10. S. 
Newlon, manngcr) '"Jihe Prince of Pllsen" 
drew a line house April 20. Henry Woodruff, 
in •Brown, of Harvard," May 1. 

Btmi'iH OfBiiA HdL'st! (B, S. Newton, man- 
ager) Is dark. 

• Notes. — The skating rink Is closed for too 
season. ...Nickel shows are crowded nightly. 

Summer theatre, at Lake, will .open 

the lust week In May, with moving pictures, 
Illustrated songs and vaudeville, if. A. Hen- 
nessy, owner of same, -will lie the manager. 
'■*— — . 

Ponoiik«epMl<>.— rAt the Colllnwood Opera 
House (W. B. Millard, manager) Chaunccy 
Olcott, April 24, had top notch business. 
Nat M. Wills 2.1. 

Notk. — The Family Theatre Is closed for 
the season. 

»» » 


Newark.— The Newark Theatre (Lee Ot- 
tolengul, manu^er) was closed for the season 
Saturday night. April 27. Bobcrt Loralne 

filaced Bernard .Shaw's "Man and Superman" 
n a most favorable light, before good sized 
audiences, week ending 2T- The season at 
this theatre nas been up to the usual average 
of success. 

Siiijiikiit (II. M. Hyams. manager), — The 
Hlrdsill Stock Co. this week. In "Leah Klesch- 
na." Marlon Barney takes full advantage of 
her Hue opportunities as Leah, and the entire 
company Is iwell cast. "In. Mlszoura" was 
well given week of 22. "Mistress Nell" next 

PiiocToit's (R. C. Stuart, resident mana- 
ger). — The first appearance here of Robert 
Drouet.ln vaudeville, gives the current week's 
hill special Interest. The skit, "A Bit of Act- 
ing." gives hint ample scope, The others are: 
Knlgmurclle, Clifton Crawford, Little Bo- 
Pee.p, A. O. -Duncan, Italian Opera Trio, Black 
and Jones, nnd Lois. Business Is good. 

CoMimbm (M. J. sTncobs, manager). — "At 
Cripple Creek" presents some hits of West- 
ern Hie this week. Dolly Kemper, :lu"Sweet 
Molly O," scored well 22-27. "The Peddler" 
next week. 

Husky's (J. II. Bcttkcn, manager).— The 
irst appenrnnce here of .the Russell Brothers, 
Itt "The JUred Girl's Millions," brings these 

April 21. Mnhle Thompson and play- »«'» Mf'-J) '"'•' l,,,^, ^"T'imiI.' 

"Little Miss lloblnson (''rusoe." 2 l 2-28. ^' *';,,'"[« 'E^'iS 

layers. In "The Colonial (!lr|," to fol- }£ «,'■ ,^1 ^'..MaV 
I. Sinner Is manngcr for 'Miss Tliomp- 

in TitnATUit (He Lncour A Field, man 
"."Jj'iK 10. BrbwnrGeorce"l'"i'tflndnif fieion"r.^V, , .7 agers). — !l'Jin rngnlnr stock played to 8. It. n 

fen iJky CbAotte'lSSSiS. lilliaS'il n'^ano'Sol: J" J^ » ™X.™£ «■«' Th '- «-• '"» 

viniiKsy h||lc x , f|ce The stage will lie In charge of >o be repentetl 2J-28. 

.1. Sydnev Mneev The (lrst nrmlnctlon will Kwi'lkB ill. II. Itooley. mniinget').- Suai 

- „„..... I" ""« i-r£,,^nf ^nd'a.'^ScTr'r^O WU1 l**'™"* «*«»« £*$L „F ««' 

lining I 
> ■ 

Allniitlc City.— At the Savoy (Fred K. 
Moore, manager) "Hnsi Lynne" had hhiIs- 
fitctory huslness April 22. "Joshua Hlmp- 
klns" iinnentetl 2«. 24. "Tlic Souaw Man" 
drew well 2.1. '"I'lie Two Orphans" had two 
good houses 2(S. "Kerry Oo'w" was well re- 
ceived ■•■;. -I'lu, ci,„| r singer" alt. SO, 
cimiincey Olcott. In "Klleen Asthore,'' May I, 
2; Marie Cahlll, In "Marrying Mary" it, 4. 
VntiNft's Piku (W. 10. Shnckelfoid, mana- 
ger). — Excepting night of May '£, when 
.Mary Mnnnorlng appears, in "fllorious Hetsy," 
(ho hill for (lie current week includes: The 
Four Emperors of Music, tiarnnld nnd Mnd- 
ctip. Loney flasknil. He Lorn. Hurry l.e Clair. 
Bessie (..'Dhert, U'IIIh nud llnssuti, arid the 

i » 
Bajoiiiie — At the llnyonne (E. A. Schil- 
ler, mapneer) "A Puico foe Life". proved -satis- 
factory April Ig-'JO. ,1. Kennedy, In "The 
"' ness," hud good business .22-24. 
the While Slaves" opened to n 
record house J.1, and llnlshcd the -week. "The 
Fatal Wadding" 20-Muy J, "Yankee Hess" 2-4. 
Nqtks. — The Buynnnc Theatre has Iwon 
secured for week of 'May '0, for the benefit of 
the police benevolent fund. Vaudeville will 

be tin' feature Under the auspices of 

the Republican Club, the Groat Hippodrome 
Amusement Co. will have a carnival, and 

other features May 13-25 The attaches 

of the llnyonne Theatre had their first hall 
at -Columbia Hall, Jersey city, 20. 

).— Susie 
songs and latest, moving pictures. Business 
Is good at till performances. 

lOi.i-i-ritinoM. — Elaine Edwards nnd Ethel 
Itose. in duct* nnd illustrated songs and mov- 
ing pictures. Splendid business rules. 

None, — llel Lawrence nnd players, pftcr 
nine months of success, leave for an elglH 
weeks' lour through the State, to return to 
the Pickwick again. 



Mciuitlilx. — At the Now Lyceum (Frank 
•li-'U.Y, lixacc) the Mol'llllier Hiuiw Slock Co. 
opened the Summer seoson week of April 22- HSK-'^E 
27. presenting '"Win Clirlstliin" to spli-ndld H VJ' „, i|» 
business. The Mai liududeil : Mori Inter Snow, ' 
Win. Hurley. Clinton Lloyd, tllnnln Sncolu, 
.lonalhoii David, t.'luis. P. Ulce, Frank Hean- 
Lliumji, Wnt. Post, Itolierl Lawler, George Hu- 
voltt, Grace Atwell, I.I//.le Conde, Grace Well- 
by. 'Mary Anderson Hough, Myrtle MacGrnln 
and Jnmcs Mara. For week of 20, "The Three 

IfOfKiNH' (A. B. iMnrrlmn. malinger). — 
Bill for wi.cli commencing 21, which opened 
at East End Park, lint on itccniinl of the In- 
clement wcnlher, the programme was trans- 
ferred to Hie (inind Opera House, where 

Iturkhari UttaB.lnrprr. May 
llryan Kilyilie.M.jllainmarlvrk, 
Itettwlek Plullbl K'>»» u 

Orler. L. H. Illngle. I M 

Cranna Virginia llnllniiil. Nellie 
<5mlv, Tessle lliili-onih Orayre 
(bailey Utile M.lH«*K. Flbel 
Ciiiilwell, lllarrls. lOelina 

CorlnaeillnlK Vlnlcilc 
«.'.«iker MrK.Gen. Hill. Marlon 
i'-:ui|iMI Mm. JUarhMffl, Alice 
Uhm, Mabel iJiawon, 
('niwlcy. Mrs f'arroll 

• Constance j.lcwcll, Helen 
t 'nr I on. Mile. b'eno, Miss 

iirnill. .Nellie 
llinrrtiNI. Misc. 

frawfutil llessle 
flnrke. Kw* 
c.siiih, M axle 
I'ecll, .Mini" 
fuoke, Plnkey 
Sisey, Alien 

KciiiHsly Krrlyn 
e.lli- llnsals-lli 
l.aiiuley, l.onlm* 
l*Blle, Mrs. II. 
LaPfarle Sisters 
t laiiiii. May 
I.W. Alice 

!.: I- l..r, I'i 

li>-.|.'i-. Kiln 

l4'Wls, lloanie 

liavle-., Mini ||j>tgl>liin l.yllnn 
IlnVisiiK Hbiilysil.nviilr, i.'iniillle 
Iiiii»i-I,.MIs* llil^l"'!. Mrs. Mat 

business continued good. -The nrogrumme In- Ivsiglns l.lllliui 
eluded : Walter Benmer and Girl, Chas.. Sharp, Dayinu. Mijinl 

Pateraon. — At the Empire (A. M. Brug- 
gemsn, manager) satisfactory returns last 
week. The following people comprise, the bill 
for week of April 29: Simon-Gardner Co., 
Crane Bros., Village Choir, Whitman Sisters 
und .Boblnson, Albertlnu nnd Mellrh. Norton 
and Biissell. Wnt. A. Dillon, Lucie and Vlate, 
sad the Empire motion pictures. 

Lyceum (V. 1. Gllliort, manager).— "The 
Choir Singer" did well 22-24. "The Man of 
Her. choice^' had good houses 25-2". "A Race 
for Life" 21). May I, Byrne Bros. 2-4. 

J.u-ons' t.Msurlce Jacobs, manager). — 
Parisian -Belle.i " 
Doodle Girls 

He. G raw Trio, Dixon und Fields, Ollle Young 
and Bro.. Flo Ailter. Otis Edwards' Type- 
writer Glris, nnd Hie klnodromc. A s]x:rlal 
feature was Van Ostert nnd his band. 

lii.ion (BenJ, M. .Stnlnback, manager!. — 
"The Night Before Christmas," (he bill of- 
fered week of 22, drew splendid nudlenes. 
nnd pleased. "Mystory, Mirth. Music" 20 and *|bnrtu» &Allu» 
week. a l bur ins * 

Note. — I'mvnoe Bill and his Wild West ■ Qulnlnii 

Show gave two performances dally to large Alius, Sum 
uttendnnce 22, 2B. Ascott, 

Freske A: Co. 

l.nciis. Mark* i 
l.i'liil Hlsicrs. 4 
I.eiKlitnil, linll 
I ee, Irs-iM' 
.Marshal. Scion 
Moris. Kilty 
lii-tiin. Alva 
yierlHiimli Katie 
Ml l lei- Mrs. F..I. 
Movrlsser Kittle 
McCiirltiv .Miiyi.i 
Moeie. Lucia 
Miilkln. Mile. 
Melville, Miss M 
May. Helen K. Wlilley, KnPi 
PuMnrl (li-rtrmllMoiler. Idu |\Valsli. .tlarle 

iMIIIinrn Mny " 

Ik'lnsirc, Mill' 
pulley, ■Br)'*' 
tleii;s\ Paid I ne 
Iiuiirre, Minute 

Mrs. Marry 
PanlH-r, Helen 
Pe ArniiHid 

Us* Corlet. Clen 

ttowd, S»clln 
Pislson, Nan 
IieVere (Jnrullue 
Deroselt Mnrlc 

McNutt Sisters 
Muikleii, M.ii-1' 
Morrison. Itelte 
Mornn. I'snllne 
Muj, Itviitrlce 
Merlou FrniicrK 
Miiriyu h'Uinniv 
.Venn, lie I 
Ollfsn. Mrs. Al. 
O'llrleu MrsWW 
Pkaaqt Crystal 
Pliinkftt lllancli 

Prelyiniii Killili 

Poll, l.lllhn V. 
Iteyiio. lOMclle 
ItoSlniHl MliK'.ll 

Paget. Miss F. 

It lug Miss V.. A 

It.iBi tin. Win. 1 1 

lllvers M»r«4iei 

Rose, Marie 

Klili. .Mrs Jis- 

Itcynnlils, llmli 

itMitiviil. -Nellie 

Itissl. Miss ft, A 

ttaniforil. Nellie 

Samplers. Bella 


SI mi el Marie 
Heynwiiirc Lilian 
St Oenrec Jennie 
Sictt'nri. ' 



SI. I. v»i i Mrs. A I 
Soullntls. I uiiii.i- 
S.imini'1'Vlle Ad.1 
Sl.iiie tlrncle :',. 
Sierllnc. Nellie 
sliiltk. Aside 
Smrl. Mnrle 
Sinlili, Fllle M. 

Heme >'. 
Hlrli'k. ttlnra 
St Clulre Miilse 


Saekelt. Minute 

K.lllll M. 
'I'llcUer. Xlllill 

flaw, pearl 
Tally. Mny 
lltm-H. Uirrlii'.* 
veiiisi. -VleliirU 
Vlvleiine. iltelsi 
Wells, ISimiliy 
Wisnls (bsimn I. 
Welniers. .\im|e 
\Vlll|i|ile llaynue 
Wliileford Nirnh 
Wlneliell. tlnrrle 
WniN-. Mr». I'd 
YVcllei' Mrs.M.J. 
xVIKin. Hurls 

VV Ills. |.i)|ii 

tvnelibiirii Iteule 

Wlilltnan Slater-- 

* W. Itoldnuiii 

startap, 11. 
-ti»* * Kvini 
'unttsm. Som 
'irslloa, win.l'. 
whaaltin, I'.H. 

l.aiitibtR Henry 
I. likens. .Wni. F 
l«we. Great 
l.ivver. Ia'W 
I, niie, Italph 
l.arkln. F. I. 
I nke. U. K. 
l.j ter. W. 

1. 1. yell. 10, 
l.unitiit Tlrtis. 
L>e. t.'hss. V. 
I.evltl, The 
Levy. Max 
Lyceum, Tlie 
LeteliAre, II. J. 
I.iiiiiiini. F. X. 
Murphy, Frank 
Alaiivllio, 0. Y. 
.>lurr;»sey, 4 
Mn.iirose. Murks 
Mauley, Jack 
Aliuirue, M. I.. 
AlcCnrthy. T. .1. 
Moor. Warren 
Miller. Clou. 
Mslley. Wm. 
Morse, II. 
•tack, J. I). 

ConsHly Four 

Miiekliilosti Frni 
Muriiliy dins. K 
Mnikciiilc, )>. 
MetJaiirrle.M. J 
Madilen, Jim. 
Mnriiliv, llert 
Mnriiiii. Ph|| 
Mrt'hiln. ('Inn 
Merrls AKcanMi 

Morris, l.isiu 
Millet. Kam It. 
Maya, 'l'ho«. (\ 

xiarrln. .Mm 
Mllkin Waller V 

.'ilell.ui. Paul 



Miiwiii. (i ,1. 

Melville Harry 

Mamma, ('cell 


1 In met 

Mlllar.1 tiros. 

Mntins.' W. !■•. 

Aleliityre Frank 

Mars. L. W. 

Morion. I'lins 

Mepluill. A. W. 

Ma li Icy, J|. 

M.irllu. I.. J. 

.Mini, Simi'l 

Monre, '('niii 

Mellon, J, A. 

Miller, Nam 

Marlon Harry S. 

Mark, Harry 

Morii.n, Waller 

Nelson, I'llp 


North \\rn*. 

Nllier k Nlner 

Veir. Inlin 

Nevta-ker, W. 4. 

Nelson, K. F. 
Newbold a 

■ . Carroll 

Najlor, WIIIU . 
New** wall. I.. 

iiilvei. Jack 
ipiieiilieliiior Jss 
.milii, K. 
.IsaiQu, I. , 

jslnrne Clias.H. 

on. a. it. 
,iir, Waller 
.nt. J. I'.ii. 
.irtttii, Otto 

I'llllHll, C. 

t'nrolln, II. 
,'rrntlce HarryG 
I'litnnm, O. S. 
I'elrce Alliertus 
I'rrslivlcli Wmll 
.'llllni, Wm. 
t'o«ers John T. 
I'erclvnl, W. O. 
Palmer, H. '-• 
.'resloii Jolin A. 
Pucks. 'Itie 2 
I'uner. Fred J. 
Payne, Oliver II 
Fatlcr*.*! Sam 
l-.m-ell, MrAMrs 
Jnlsley. Itolsrt 
tlikwu tc 

lbr» (2e.) 

Jlllllll. Jos. 
Jiilierts A 


llii«e, Jin. 

.te mollis, Mr. 
telil. Harry W. 
Rivs. K. C. 
itisleil, runs. 
lleKlnrtT Henry 
Itolfsoii, A. 
Ibms, O. II- 
lliHl.M.v, Harry 
Itch. J. I.. 

ite\ ft Diiiinii! 

Ilenii. Win. 
Illxley, E.lgnr 
llccaliy Slniiferil 
Itlun. •:. 
Ilyuii, l>. II. 
Itu«etiilil. J. W. 
Iltijnli nt 

llhoray, Ms:- 
ItutH-ris 'loin W. 
Illtiv, Lis. I., i 
Itnll, J. W, 
4nlllrau Hen. A- 
Sic iv al V. V. 
sylwler, Joiie*. 

Pt)iigle«'Miirre! Hiirrle 
41 t i—iii Itek'lnhl 
Suillli, II. A. 
Snor, Hurl I(. I>- 
isi'iiliui, F. It. 



<cllloll. IllSI. 

snilili, liny 
SHVt'l. tie". 
sinillicr. A. II. 
4|iellliiK, W. J. 
.Jis-. N. 

Sivau Alhiuilinril 
"In i luck, .las A 
Sloan, ,1ns. 
Snouii. II. 
.Mhlnl.ll Frisllt 
Sinners, Harris 
-I'llen. Morn, ii 
Hiallmi, v. 
4eMMiqr. Dave 
Scllell. RA ; 
Norton A nussel.Hieiiuu. t!lms. C.i/liiiincr, F 
,Miii|isoii, F, W. 

.4m(th. B»y 


smith, Wic ii. m 
<bavr.-A 8lin\v 
JuJUtan T. |i. 
jetloii. I lurry. 
Mantcu, Jack 
• linnsini, K. J. 
*lniowu. K. W. 
ltoviu, r„ J. 

ieilley, Harry 
itanley Forest 
Stewart. Cnl 
t'aylor. A. T. 
I'eipiler, Wm. 
I'homns, (I. 
rtioinnsnii Jolm 
I'lmonr. J. 
enney, K. 
riiskef, II. J, 
t'en flratik, 

- I-iiiii A I'll, 
1'iilley. Wm. A. 
I'ewkshiuv II. |t 
Furncr. Fnink.1. 
W. A. * It 11. 
I'hninpsoh Jas.W 
niomik-mn, ;wm. 
fleriiey tiro. A. 
I i linn, Frank 
Valentine, S, 
Vliilu,. Oliii 
Van. t'liaa. A. 
Vale, T. 

V0VH», Tolll 

Vernon, II. II. 
Van, Arthur 
Van, Harry r. 
Vcnmn, lierk- It 
\eililrr». Tim 
W»)d, B. J. 
Whr.rluii, V. K, 
Wl Iklniin. .1. 
Wanils. will 

Wtminan (tliriun 
Wllhem, A. K. 
Westell I, O. .1. 
Wallers, W. 
Wilson, J. ||. 
His>\er, .ICdslii 
Willis, Aivln 
tVn'lel* MuKlll 
Welifr, W. II. 
VVInlertiurii K.I. 
WIIm.ii .DWlnler 
While. Jack F. 

uciK mils 

Willie. IllUll 
Wilder llerheil 
Whllleu. lieu. 
VYiuilcll. Hsi-rv 
Whbli, Muurlee 
Wiilil, II. I.. 
iViillaee, Kimlk 
Walker. Will . 
iVIIhei's, A. K. 
Wlkulli, lien 

l\'.l|h||, .lolm 

iVrlglit. Ite.'i. W 
Will, rn I I,. 
Wall Imp Min-i 
tin ml 1*11. 1 .r 
A' I allium ii 
\V a I sena hi, 

t.iiss. \. 
n'eslln, Grenl 
Velftrr. Chlls. 

Vosrary, A. 
Yule, Arllutr 


Nn ah Mile. At the Vendome (W. A. 

Shoetii, -ninnager) "Dumon and Pyrhius" was 
a delightful performance, to good business, 
April JO. 

Buou (Goo. H. Hickman, manager). — The 
Oreat Lafayette opened with u good perform- 

TlEES-ZFzSi, n ??,S^"l£Z •»«• and ''"B business. Week of 2u, Mary 

H * e ]l wwk nf "' * ,,nkce "arble and Ottle Chip, In "Nancy rfanks!" 

.u and week. .HiprooBOMK (W. H. Bordleser, mapager). 

eiwor comedians torwnrd In a new light this ..^ e , o uu " niu, ess • 
vreelt. "rnrt«i qn Her >Bridal Tour," 22-27, tf.'.guSi ST „r"wnt "The 
pleased. "The Millionaire Detective" next SWi^lin.WJTW . ™. 

Wai.imiann'.i (W. S. Clark, manager).^The 
Moston Belles exploit some new ideas In bur- 
lesnue this week, In addition to an iintisunily 
varied and capable specialty olio, which 
MUta Clarence Wilbur and entnpapy, Me- 
i'ttrlnnd and Murray, Haitle Mills and Clam 
AUiuhs, Harper, Desmond and Hllllnrd, Bice 
«nn Walters, Hurry I'ji Mar and Black und 
MeC.ine. Frank lc Bailey nnd her Gingerbread 
niris are also featiirod. The Trocaderos drew 
the usual good business week of 22. The 
cracker J neks next week.. 

-noti:. — '■Ahs. Warren's Profession" closed 
here April 20. 

' ; - I i]l in ' 

rni/nUetii. — At the wann of the season 
there is mticli for those inlcrested In Q» 
aU'lcal flflalra to ponder over In. Hllsnboth. 
iite change of the mnnngement of Jacolw' 
inetilre in thnt or Keith & Proclnr, and the 
remodellni! of I lie same, and the purehMSO of 
the Lyceum Theatre by 'Drake A lolrny, lis 
rnrrtier tnimnget'M, who will romodel the house 
at llto-exnense of *ri,()0O, nnd re-nnmc It the 
-New Lveeiim Theatre, bus caused no little 
talk. Fllzdlielh, with its net work of trolley 
cars, tux railroads. and u ferry to Stnleu 
'island, seems destined to become a power In 
theatricals in Mow Jersey. i 

LvtmiiM (Drake & Klroy, mnnagors). — 

vattlly Ti'nlr Co., April 22-24, had Inrge bus!- , 

"nlh; r? .!" c , om Patiy Ib Biroilg, and Tileiised. )|rc fc„ t iires In new drills and dances. 

With nit 11 "*: " t . l ! rlHtm . a ' , '7, -V-' 7 ' S 1,d . W S"' wudevlile aria nnd mollon pic 
with litis attraotlon tlie llieatre closed for 

Camden. - At the Camden (M. W. Taylor, 
manager) Jos. Hortlz, In "Our Friend Fritz," 
made ;i return visit here April 22-24, and du- 
plicated bis former success, playing to ca- 
pacity, "Kunntng for Governor" 20-May 1. 

Note. — Dell Taylor will remain la Cam- 
den during the coming Summer, undilonk after 
the business of .the theatre here. , Ills ser- 
vices were formerly In demand as manager of 
suburban p irks. The change Is made neces- 
sary by the absence of M. W. Tnylor, in 
Southern California. 

ii » 

Hobok»n.— At the Lyric (II, P. Soulier, 
manngcr) business has been good. "Fight 
Hells" April 28- May 1. "The Choir Singer" 
2-4, "The Boy Behind the Guu" fi-8. 

Bmi'iiir (A. M. Bruggemnnn, proprietor). — 
The usual excellent variety offering for the 
current week. Business continues lorge. 

t i » 


Lns .tnirele*. — At the Mason Opera House 

(II. C. -vVyutt, manager) Lillian -ltusscll, in 

"The Butterfly," dosed ber engagement April 

"'he Augustln Daly 

Country Girl" and 

The Clngalce." 22 and week, and are play- 
ing to Aoort business. Henrietta Crouman 
will be step In "All-of-a-Sttdden Peggy" and 
"Tito Almighty Dollur," 20 and week. 

Arm rum I'm (Sparks Jl. Berry, manager). 
— ^rhe Ferris Stock Co, closed their season 
week ending 20, presenting "The Holv City" 
to crowded houses. The season of comic 
opera, under the direction of Tom Karl, will 
commence 21), when the Cuilfornlnns will 
present "Bohin Hood." 

Brwni'o (John II. niuckwonil, mnnnger). 
— "The Undertow," as presented by the Be- 
Inseo Stock Co., week ending 20, was such a 
pronounced success thnt It was continued a 
second week. "A" American Lord", being post- 
poned until 20 und week. „ ' 

MonOHi'n'K-BuulMNj; (Oliver Morosco, autn- 
n ™,.)._"ChlthmIo I''n(tden,"hy the fliirbnnk 
— lrtf 

— Nellie Donlgan, In fancy skating, (a the 
principal attraction, and Is playing to a 
record breaking business. Week of 20, Hnrlle 
Davidson, the racer. 

AUDiToniUM (D« Long Bice, manager). — 
Crentorc nnd his band opened to a big crowd, 
for a week's -engagement, 2'.'. 

Notks; — ^The White City Hippodrome 
opened 22, at 'Athletic Park, to good business, 
with a high class performance of twelve sen- 
sational outdoor acts. J. F. Staloy, of 

the Novelty Amusement Co., has closed con- 
tracts with the Crystal Theatre to furnish his 
novelty illusion acts. 

Jackson.- -At the Athon»um (H. J. Por- 
ter, resident manager) John Griffith, In 
"Richard HI." pleased April 20. Portnr J. 
White, In "A Fool's Btrvcngo," 22, stored 
well. German Stock Co., of Milwaukee, 26 ; 
"The Little Homestead" 27, Mrs. Flske .28. 
Void's Minstrels -Mny 6, Mnry Mannerlng 10. 

Buou (W. s. Butterfleld, raanngeri. — Bill 
week of April 22 : The Great Onvo, plclurc 
song, Sutton and Sutton, Brooks nnd Clark, 
Bay Ogden and company, nnd Itljouscope, 
i . . i j" . 

Saginaw. — At the Academy (Gins. W. 
Porter, manager) Molniyre and Heath. In 
"The Ham .Tree,'' came to capacity April 
20, giving a good performance. "Tracy, iho 
OulluW. pleased ffl, 22. "SI Plunkard" 2K, 
"The Time, the Placo and the Girl" no. the 
Bays May 4, Blrharils & Prlngli.-'s Minstrels 
if. Porter J. White 10. 
■ ■ ,■ ' " ■ • 

K'nliiiiiutim. — At the Academy of Music 
(B. A. Rush, mnnnger) "The Warning Bell" 
hud good houses, miitlnce nnd night, April 
20. ^Tlie Uoesler Girl." Ti, pleased. Mnrlc 

the season, with the execution of a renlnl, 
wei>k or \i\\, with Huriislom h moving pliilttres. 
niul Pauline, mind reader, week of May (I. 
May .in the theatre will lie in the hands of 
lite 'contractors, nnd will open In August. 

JACOBS'. — Chaunccy Olcott April 27. 

.\OTK. — Leon Washburn's Anlmnl Show 
May 3, 4. .. 

Jersey rityr-At the Arndemy (P. K. 
rtenaersim, ruuiuigeri ••tiilppn ol lie iiIku- 
blnders" April 20-May 4. "Tl|« QM-.Home- 
Btetd'' «-n, "Dorothy Vernon, of Hnddon 

"all," eibplnyed a line en si nnd closed a 
■Plendld week April 27. 
Box Ton (T. W. Dlnklns, manager). — 

Stock Co.. drew well week ending 20. 
Sporting Duchess" wns lltejr. offering 21 and 
week. -'When Knighthood Wits. In Flojvcr" 
Is In premirailon. ~ 

Gkand Opkiia Hotisn (Clarence Drown, 
manager).— The Ulrlch Stock Co. presented 
■Ia Mnrked Wnrann" to good business week 
ending 20. "The Cowpunchers" was their of- 
fering 21 nnd week. "The Little Church 
Around Ihe Corner" 20 and week. 

Finciikr'n (A. K. Fischer, manager).— 
Fltti'her'a ' Comedians pfesented "My Uncle 
from New York" 21 and week, 'lite Jiirdln- 
erro HlHlern and Fischer's Beauty Chorus. 
d dances. Now 
ctures complete 
the hill. 

BMriau (Billy Ilnnks, rerldent. manager). 
— Ninv vntidevll e ue(s. Illustrated songs by 
Liiliiii Bunks, .a sketch by Ihe Umpire -Stock 
Co,, and the cinematograph were features Si 
and week. , , 

IInioiii: (llenta & Zitllee, proprlelors).— 
Bill for 21 ami week Included: Hugh Mr- 
Cnrmifk. venirllnniilsi: John und I'hrlB Mar- 
tin. -bHlanerirH: the RelmtinH in n comedy 
shit: Homer l^ing, In Il|tislrntea songs, nnd 
Ihe tltilfliic-o-srone. , , 

nf,l'ilF.i'M (Miiriln Rertt. general _rntina - 
get).— Bill fnr 'Jl» and week: Tin 
Bros.. -Kergitson nnd Mack, norot 
Btnekman and the Phillips Sl«. ........ «--.--, 

plnta, Louise Agoust and company, in "Mile. • 

Seliude, Ibuilsh pianist, iisHlslod by Jlme, 
Morence Plerrnn, vnenllst, dellgliied all i'.'i. 
"Triiry, ihe Oiitlnw," 27. 

iBuoii (TI|os. Beed, mrtnagor).— Big husi- 
•iohs eonllnucF. Mill week of 20: Mllitno 
and Alvln, Lena Diiveiliwrt, Hie /.obis. Kliner . 
Mathews, lllnsii-iiieil songs: L'dgdr Foreman iiiirnes. Jimmy 

AbUte, Chas. 
.•nulla i-Uurke 
Ariralilii, Hcnor 
Aieluml r.lcli.ini 
Arn. llrnwnle 
Adams, Harry F 
AiHileby. Jss. 
Ayera, Walter 
Adams, Gil" 
Adams Clarence 
Alierui, The 
Armstrong Mori 
AlTiu, I'ele 
Aiulrrseu, Carl 
Bolley, Crogon 
llrowne ltolit H 
Hunks. J. C. 
Brooks, I. 
Bowman, Frank 
Henlinni, Harry 
Buckley *_ 

' Do Wolfe 
Baker, A. I.. ' 
Uiil.i. Gil. C. 
Ilrlndoimiar Geo 
Ihiyio, Put 
llrawn. C. A. 
Buruells. The 
Byrne, .-loliu F. 
Bryants. 'Ilia 
Black, Geo. 
Bllyek. •!). • 
llowen, K. K. 
Brooks llcrls-rt 
Bradley, J. F. 
Hell. Nelson II. 
Bradley, M. B. 
Hleelow, Frank 
Burton, Al. il. 
Black. 1. i. 
Ilsrlow Lnfirenc 
Barrett, 'J'ooi 

Sucklcy. Floyd 
Mk, H. L. 
llresiiah AtMlllor 
Henten Howard 
Belmont. Air. 
Burt, II. 
Hfslllc, Wm. 
Byrne. J. II. W 
Hiirnnrrl, Chas. 
Itlssetl, Thos. 
Henttl. Hilly 
Drown. -il. 
Bnrliiw. Hilly 
Dnrrrll. Dan 
IMIley ft Austin 
llrpvrne, F. A. 
Dalllolls. Thu 

nt in .-, Air. 

Ills J. 0, 

Cmwder Waller 
I'asvan Ailiiliili 
(.'hnriion. Win. 
(Hyde. Joint 
Chrlslonbct Mr. 
Cooke. Hurry 
CaW * Haves 
Cnrier. i.'tian. It. 
Couuolly. W. I. 
C'jrrllln, [.en 
1,'lark, llligllisc 
Iraurher. Will 
furicr A 

Clltfonl * Burke 
CalllKiiou .'lurry 
Caiihoii JAdllrla 
Carroll, Jolm 
Clciiienso Hurry 
(;tark'« Hoi; k 

Pony Act 
Oavles, K 
i)uy. P. M. 
Doriii, wm, r. 
Baley J k Pub* 
Donley, J. F. 
UlckHoii, A. I.. 
Dlx. E 
Dalb-ys, The 
Dansoii, Hen 
lianxini. I'hlllp 
Uclinore, L. 

The and company, nnd clliietbHi'npo. 

Mnnlstre.— At the llnm-srlell (It. II. llnms- 
dell, innnngeri Pnbsi TJienire Co., of Mil 

waukee, in "Alt llledellierg." April 24. scored 
iipnvtl v. "The Count of Monte Crlsto" Mny 
2, .The Morgan Comedians begin n weeks 
return engagement, II, The Mnclt-Lconc 
Slock Co. 12-1S. 

lii.ion (K. J. Illnghflni. manager). — This 
popular place of dmusemeni It breaking nil 
records ns nn iiiniiseiiu-nt resort nt live and 
ten cents. 

flnldshiiH', Jack 
llriuiH K Nina 
Duker fc Mono 
llrennnns, Tho 
llrafle, K. 
Helnls, Gus 
riis/ty. Hi S. Chns, 
Htnwn. Tht«. A 
lllshnn, Mr. 


( linllnniionn. —At the Wells lllloil (llolit. 
L. Wnyttj, mtmuger) "The f .11 f It- Initchesa" 
week of April 22. 

N'nn:.--<»lvin|iln Pnrjc wilt open April 28, 
with several new nniiisi'inenlH. 

; '4 . * ♦ — ■ 

At tiik ci.DHt.Mi of Ihe sensun. si Frle. I'a., 
of "Tlic (Hrl of Iho Hnnny Koulli" Co., of 
wllleh Grnce-MiinnlngwiiH inc. nine, under Iho 
dlrecllbn of Trnvers Vile; Tot Young, of Ine 
nrime compnay, optwii 'Hiss Manning In aup- 
t hltn In a plntil.'illnn onrtiedy uel, enlltlisl 
Coon's Ti'inptallon." Mr, Vo)ing dnes three 

port hltn in a plarjlallnn cnrtied.v uel, enlltlisl 
"A Coon's Teinptallon." Mr, Yopng dues three 
different cliflrncu-rn In Hie net. nnd Miss Man- 

col Ins, Fd'iy 
i.late, Harry 
(Vsike, II. M. 
Corks. II. 
Curtis, Ha in J 
iVihley, Win. P. 
Clark, Duncan 
awry Al. 
»*«. John 
t.'lsns * Itadcllfr 
t'liainhers, II. 
Dh'iimrroy.-M. V 
Carroll; Frank 

( 'll:,l|.v :i. J. II. 

Crelir. llleliy 

OlMrr Musical 


Cite A .tohnwin irjnnl 

fill I/. !/•» ,rtft ' 

Cllflun, .Ins. 

Cnllniuiii A Grdrit. 

St, Geolcejflflr- 

(Kinnclly. Tom 
lKjyle, Ju*. 0. 
iiiiiiouliiH'. .L'W 
IK'illn. Jos. I. 
DiHiglns A Forile 
D/ivvsoii. Burl 
Drew. Chns. C 
Iliniis llertuaiin 

Slplley, F. <:. 
lavennort WraH 
xdurie llerht. 
Inyle. Mil. 
Doty. K. .. 
Detaiir Trio 
Davis, F. K. 

Brake, J. T. 
II inn. J. II. 


li o- L. M. 
KiiJlnuil. A. D. 
Kllfall. nillle 
mitoas, The 
jUrati. J. F. 
ktiins. b. 
Frwiviil. It. J. 
Klilihljie. Press 
F.hlieclie Tlieo.H. 
F.mmerson, It. 
ICnallsh. W. P. 
l-'.ruitu. F.. II. 
F.versole. Wm. 
Kvuns. Allen 
KilnlomlH, l/si 
Fliod. F. A. 
Pnrrssler. Chns. 
Fitatr, Bud 
Field Norinnnlt 
Fox. K. K. 
F»rli«, II. H. 
ForlH-s, Hurry 
I'litilkliMsr V. W 
Flynn, J. 11. 
Francis, Geo. 
Fields, Bitrry 
I'lynin Joe 
Fax, lien 
Frankfort. Jne 
I'liiHlhlinn, Ned 
lent. Hen 
I'rnshm, J. 
Freeman, Jolm 


Sirinniiil. In-- 
Miluii illrnnrt 
ilrlllui, Italph 
Gray, Julian 
ih-r-inii. Paul D 
(lllileii, Mack 
Grorte * 


', Jas. 



(lagiuoa Al'iiluali 
(llileii K.I. A 

(lunhirr FraukA 
ilmlfrey, Hal 
(lunch, Arthur 
llnlitley. J, II. 
Illglry. Karl 

Geo. W. (He.) 
Illmiuolelii, John 
llastliii:«, Hen 
lliiylxirs, l». 
Hewn, 1 1 on i it 


Harris, D, K. 
Henry, Jus, K. 
Iliiniisoii, Harry 
ilolilis, Fred A. 
ihilmnii |lru«. 

Harlaiul. Itolierl 
ammund, J. II. 
Iluvi-rly, Billy 
lleiily. John 
llnsllaxs, Fi-eil 
jjiiilsoii, Harry 
Hnrrliiidoii L.X. 

Rati, Hilly 
oiaii, Freest 
Kill, Walter 

1 1 nye- lill. J. 
Bonn-Miii, CIibs. 

Hyile, llots-ri 
nrilliiK AAliKId 

Ileum, i'oui 
llollleii. J. M. 

{loruhruok Chiin. 
iunli'V, M. K. 
".01111*% W. G, 
iiyiililiiu li- Cull 
eywisMt. li. V,. 
tilnlln Illchuid 
llnrlnnil. Uolicri 

iK.R'uni. Jos. ;-:. 

Husiiiim, Freil 
Hall, Jefferson 
Hurt. A. J. 
Hartley Win. F. 
'lollnway F. C 
larrle. J. il. 
larltli'sou C. K. 
llehi, Wilis - !- 
Ijocriii, P. G, 
Indian, Harry 
Irwin, J. W. 
Ills. J. J, 
llullnii l.yrlct.'n. 

"The pellong ning Pitiys Ihe If 'I ?r,*J>Mlr teili^. girl. ,^'iJ. rap8.ffi 

riotolHr Pre*. They open oil Ihe. Cryklnl .rlN-llll ApHI 22. ,t| IM) r. Chntlle idollm, til 

Slstern. Pa- under lite direction nf John Amnions, al ormnilj, Jn«. F Glltc) - .. Cd 

riiitr w. 




-loyie, ICdwiu 
Jefferson, 'I'hos. 
Jcffei-iou. Wm. 

Joimw, Dli'lianl 
iniHer Bros, 
leflilllm A .leuel 
Junes, Itoy 

Joiiio-nii, tiro. ('. 
lohliMin, Honey 
niinwii (JiirroU 

JllllllSlOIHI. H. 

Jsi'ksiiii. Hnrr. - 

Kll'iWIl'H. U, I'. 

Kahictslus. Mr. 

Hells, .1. W. 

k'lrwmi, i', II. 

Kolrey, itlchard 

Kllvcs, Olio 

Killll, N. J. 

Hell, j, w. 

Kruger, J, ■ 

KlmlMll llcmuiti 

King, lllrt 

Krcniir, Win, 

Klownns Hani T 
lelley, J.i 'I'. 
(olilcr, Otto 
Gelile, Frank 
(rllrlier, M. .1. 
(niiiui Arch. II. 
ir-llv. finis. .1. 

it^ble, Frank 

ili'-fliliin. It. I„ 

I-: i. Julius 
King nf Kokoiuo 
Co,. Mur. 
Klmho|l. ,Ht|lns 
" 'Icey, Joe 
•iliiMly. .lolm 
Inc. Chas. 
KliOTVlMI. K. h. 


Kin ilnld, nilly 

K0|.pe, H«l 
'.'lag. Artlliir 

vjrurlers, UmU 
l*o, -Prink 

Cilllcotto (.'. B.liorMlule, lieu'. (Jil.wi'Un, Usvl.l 

Si-nMlc. -At Ihe Grultd ' Oiiern lloitsi" 
(John Curt, uioniigerl "The Ftiv Uittee." 
wllh Nellii llei'gen, .lennette Lowrlo nnd Jne 
Cayylhorn, ninitti it big hit. April U-17. ".Mrs. 
Wlgirs, of ihe Caldmgc Pnlcli/' 21-21: Wnlker 
Whlleslde, In "Hie Magic Melody." 2fi-2N : 
Nat C. ilonilwlii. In repeilnry, itl-Muy 4; Hay- 
mnnd Hitchcock, III "The Yankeu Tottrlsl." 


• Hhattu: (Bussell It Hruw, inunngers), — "A 
Striingor In New York" proved very enter- 
lulnluu week of April 1.4. Weak of 'Jl return 
ungagomcut of Murray nnd Mack. In "Around 
Gift Town" "Heidi, lllll," 28 and week. "The 
Doof Uarden Tntgodv" May .VII. 

Lvntf illugscll k Drew, managers). — /inn's 
Ttaveaiy Co. pri-aonled "Glrolje Glrofln, 21 
and week. Tlin niiinugeiueui luis beon |ne- 
vailed upon 1o hold this populiir company for 
due more week,'' presenting it dliublu bill, "Ve- 
nus - ' and ''The llaymnkeis." T|ie Lewis k 
Lake Musical Comedy Co. come. May. ft. far 
an Indefinite engagement, opening with "The 
Ten Thousand Dollar lleauiy." 

Loin (Alex Piiniages. mnnnger j,-- The Pun- 
luges Htoi'-k Co., Ill "An American Cltl/.en." 
had ejicellenl nltendnlice April H nnd week, 
"The Adventures of Uidy Ursula" -.week of 
21. ".Hm. the Pcniniin," week of 28. 

Htaii (G. .1. liiiiieiliiii, niiiiiiigeri. -Tlie bill 
for week of April 22,in"liided : F. >J. Powell. 
t'.urtlH niul cnnipany, Miller and MeCatiloy. 
Mnr«nt">l Webb and company. I'"t Dailnn, 
Kddle Hoeseh and tho moving pictures. 

iiiii'iim m (t. J. I'onstdliiu, maiuigur). - 
lllll week of 22 iin inticii : ensiling nnd Mer- 
rill. Annette llnnnetle, Notion and H|iiaue, 
.lames li. liny, llnvorsltitnl nnd llolmon, A. 
G. I'ryc nud the tnnvlng plelures. 

P.ts'T.wjKK' (Alex, 'I'nnlngox, tnnnugori. 
lllll week of 22 : The Ilni'lonos, Hnlniuu mill 
(.'hoster. Diiikl'iwn Hoclcty Kings, Hndlfl liny- 
nolds, George Arinsu-'iiig, Arthur Klwell und 
Ihn moving pictures. 

XoTliri.— Aelttal con:d ruction work has be- 
gun on Mannaer Con's new Moore Theatre, 
which. It Is c si limited, will east flllio.illiii 
when llnlshed. It In expected to be completed 

lor opening about Sept. in Manager 

Pnninges Is the proud possessor of niioilo'r 

■ _— i. S i 

Taeonin. — At the Tncoinii Tliculre ((?. IL 
Ilnraltl, manager) Harry B. l.lntnn's "A 
Htrilllger III T.iwn." April 21, did nicely, ,1m. 
Cawlfuiriie. iii "The Free Ijitiec," i'-). 

llnvMi I lionn II. Worley, mnnnger ). — Archie 
Boyd, Three Flying Vaieiilcenes, Cm 1 1 Nice, 
Kmmons, llmersqii and Kminuns, Two ('as- 
inttns, Harold Hoff, nnd Grttndlsi'opi'. week 
of 22. 

MAvnv.— "Milsl. Lynne" week of 22. , 

Ktaii (A. I'ngnl. lilitnngnr). — Allen Block 
Co., In "Iteuj-rled nt Ihe Allnr," 22-27. Clw». 
King. Iliu nnpiiiur lending limn, lias Joined Ihe 
Allen Stuck Co. 

■ a 

NlMikliiic. — Al lite Sjmknne (linn l„ 
Weaver, nintlllgei - ) the I.MI.Odll ('lull Mlnsi roK 
local inlenl, played lo packed houses. IH. Ill, 
giving excellent nIiiiivm. Wnlkei' Whlleslde, 
In "Tlie Muglc Melody," pleased III. 17. "Tlie 
King nt Trnlnim" 24. "The Free Lnncc" 2d. 

At iiiToniltM (Hurry C, Haywanl, iiinnii- 
g«ri. — "Wlltehester" bud big business H-2U. 
■Johs of Bar Z" 21-27. 

(Vii.l-MltlA Cleo. M. Dreher, mnnnger). — 
'.'A Cltwlsiy's Girl" wfts well presenied 1 1 -an, 
lieu Hnlldrlcks. In "Oln Olson," 21-27. 


Piirsoiix.-- -At, tlie I'.lks' Theatre IF, L. 
WnonhiiT. iiinniiaet I "The Convlut'M lifiugli- 
Itil" A|iril 22 "We Are King" 27. Tim 
season of Hie liopse will close with the Wood- 
ward Klnek Co. -ifl-Muy 1. 

Mown.— The Lyric Thenlre will coollnne 
HI lllld 211 vaudeville III lis present bruise lis 
long, lis Ihn wentlier will peruili, utter which 
Il .Will move Into nn open Hummer garden unit 
coiiilrluc Iht'oiigli Ihe Hiiinuier, under the 

tiliiniineineni or C. L. Cnrrell II Is m- 

nlhrril I but Hie Mleclrlc .I'prk Thenlre will 
nlii.Bliu'k Ihe ciiiuliig Hummer, lull no fir- 
rnngemeni, eliliec ps lo loinnnny m tuiiiiiige 
ment, tins iih yel henn inliile. 
ti " i 

WlnUeliL— Al i In- Griiinl G|ii;m House 
HI. ,.«. Gary, mnnnger) I'lnekslnder's Mln 
sti'elK pleased n cruwded house, April 22, 
i 'losing Ihe sanson, 

Gl:vtiiv Hhoj-i.' Htiowii 24. .-....'- -■' 



May £, 


Our Baffalo, If. Y., oilier U now open and ready to farnliih roa Acton and Musician, i., 
every line, an Irk nn<l KiXi.r.nwj -results. VVrll., »rlr.«, nr 'plion* y"»r ««"l« : We r,„i, 

place Immediately actors and musician, for Summer Mock and eanvai thowi. 
deter niton ^" q , n k, (lpAIlK:g t „ FjATi B XCH., D. «. Morgan llldg., llufTalo, N. Y. 
Alio 00 Washington St., Chicago, and Century Blrig., Hunana City, Ma. 

Semi Ail I 



HKEUS OF K.«l«'llIW UMtlM. 





See The Wild Suckers 

Two IViniriiiHiiif « Unity, M mid 8 P. M. 

A Vivid Scene of barbaric War rare. 

A Realistic Review of Western llrlgindagc. 

Sports unrt Pastime* of f lie I'liUriHiimii. 

Rouah Hitlers Assembled from All Nations— 

Cowboys, liidlitliH mill Wild Went Girls. 

COL. WM. F. CODY (Buffalo Bill) 

POSITIVKLV APPKARS ut Kvory Performance. 
Review., lirlllM'inid Pageant.. 
Hatllo Scenes and Cavalry Charge.. 
Am. ill ii ii History Shown In Tabloids. 
An F,« III 1>I lion of National Interest. 

Admission, luoliidluu t ■ 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 r • ■ <J seals. He, and 
MS. ('.'Dill una !fith HI. KUlraiH'cn uilly). Reserved, 
"On. (mi cull only when iIihiiii unoin, turn, * I ..'.n. 
according lo location. Hnx Seals, %-l.W, r.'..M 
iMiiilliuii Av. entrance mitv). Mull orders, accom- 
panied by currency, receive prompt ullciillnu. 
ll ox oilier open ii A, M, to I) P. M . _ 

Bo I naa-»n T,,B atre, «im st. 
"!■ 9\, W WEST OF tlROADWAY. 


A NOW Amcrhjan I'lny by IIAVII) BKLASUO 

nnil Itlllll Aim WAl.TON Tli|,l,Y. 


MDCBTV THKatrk, M St.. waetol Mm 

LlOCtl I I Kvon., H.ld. Hatluco SsL a.16. 


In Hid nmrif'HM iir iho Uonlui-r, 

1*5 I'iiiiI Armstrong, Pounded on llret, llarto's 
California Idyl of tins sumo name. 


and 4 lit at. 

Kronlnirs 8.10. Fashion Matlnao Saturday, 2.10. 



The Incomparable Hand Balancer. 


Address, per route. rORF.PACOH-SELLS BROS.' 



Must have good appearance mill l>(: BUCCOSsful 
oillcc men, hill no grafters, Slate nge. 


Rolling Ball Game, 
Fish Pond Game, 
Cane Came, Etc. 

MOGI. M0M0N0I & CO., Importers, 
1 1 Barclay St., New York CHy. 

Special Attention Paid to Mall Orders. 

Send a Postal for Particulars. 





That cult change oflvn anil work Iti 11. n. Stale 
salary, nil yon <lt>, mid iryoupluy organ ornot, 
Do not write unless you are experienced, sober 
H ml reliable people. Piano Players that work on 
slagc, write 

NAl'DRK'S liKM i;i»V CO., Philadelphia, Pa. 




HiRKFTT THBATRK, t2d 81., West of Broadway. 
nnvntl I Ky'ga, 8.80. Mam. Tlturn. A Bat, 2.20. 
MR. 1UUKOTT Bole Louee aud Manager. 

KOS10 JSi^rAHIv 

MaiiHguiiiiiui lluury II. Hurrh 


NEW AMSTERDAM Wual or iiroadwuy: 
Mv'aa. N.I0. Mat. \\ • a. and Hut. 

MR. W. A. BRADY Presents 
.11 r. Holier! lli.iitVII 


For a brief engagement only. 


STINE and BVAN8 and CO., In NEW ACT. 



Deltoi elli and OliSBando, Toe Be-Anos, 

Nibbo and Bordeaux, Karrera, 

■nriel Ball and Co., 

Lawrence and Oraoe Sylvester, 

Lillian Hurtha, Bin kc and urline, 

TravelHoope, Tho Vitagrapb, 

Extra Attraction WM. A. INMAN and 00. 

Main. Mini,. Wod. A ha I. 
M. M. 'I liclio presculH Slxlli Month. 


I Hull- 


Third iiumial Summer tour. Relieareala heiln 
Mar 15. Want people who are, urm of all, ladlei 
and gentlemen willing to take direction. Ward- 
robe, ability and KKPKRTOIRK Kxl'KKiKNri; 
highly CBHetitlal. Miml .have mimii-i'-cut. State nil 
In Mrsi letter, height, weight, age, anlary tun I 
UXPerluMO. Phutoi returned. 

niMI'ANV ltl-:i|i:||tl-;|i: Heavy Mali ami Wo 
two oxeellont lines of pari m : i nnieilhiu ami 
drelle. both liiual. have good specially, giaid line 
or comedy anil soli, purls; clnir. Mail and Woman, 
line Hue of part*; Char. Woman, iiiimi be ublo lo 
play grand ilaiues; (.'en. Bus. Man, for strong Hue of 
parts; Juvenile Man, for an excellent Hue of parts 
Hen. Bus. Woman, for small char, part : 
Piano I'liiycr, who knows his bus. thoroughly; 
Agent. Season opens at Uelluws rails, Vt. Tickets 
lo those we know only. All two week alatids. 
Address i' siminaiiki,. 
2i» Booth Itll St., Broo klyn, N. Y . 


- NEW- 


rPwa y .v witii iionii'a, ai.kx. ' f.utR *■ Ureal uwt 

-THE- • | KasllltliSl.l.adlus'Mal.To-daj 

i.ciiiIiiil' l.iulv. .Hotilnelte, Man lor Juveniles and 
Cenlevl llcuvlea, Specially Team, Moving Pictures, 
Piano Player (leader). Oilier Useful People, write. 
open at Sprlnglleld, Ohio, May 'J. 

W. A. liniii-;iiT.s, Freeporl, Pa. 
JOH N IIUI.I.AX1). Duii'l foigel the "gag." W rite. 

Vaudeville Acts 

Fur Wilmington, Del., Ilallliiiorc, Mil., Iiiirliain, 
N. (!., Uharlolle, N. C, uud a number of other 
Huulhern parks. Sister Tcums and (llrl Aula write. 
tilvo open lime and lowest salary In first tetter. 

Kcvsloiii! Vnuilcvillo Itoiikiiig Kvdwiigc, 
m Sor ing harden St., Fhiladflnliia, Pa. 


Two Young, Sober, Reliable Men. 

HrotlierH, Play Double Buss ami flannel. Desires 
| (oinil Summer Urehcstm Job. Mniiibers ofA.F. of M. 
| AltTllUlt PAIMT. Anderson, linl. 

Wanted Quick, 

Norfolk and Jamestown Booking Agency, 

I'lim-iis Ulrls. First Part Womeu, SMer Teauui, 
Single Couiudlaus. Also all other lines. 

I\ K. FARUEI.I,, Mgr. . 
Manhattan Theatre Mldg., Norfolk, Va. 



Teams aud Singles, to work In and put On acts 
and change specialties twice a week. Also good 
riiinisie. All Summer work In one town to the 
right people, Address W. K. HAWKINS,, care 
New Poland T liealre, Marlon, 111. 


UEO. M. KOII1.ER, .IESNIE I ;1» W A It lis 

i-HAiiAi'Ti;its. UKK. nr.sisos. 

Waidiolic, Ability. Kxiicrlctlco. ; ' . 
Slock or one pierce. 
Address 2JI W. a*lh St,. N. V. C. 




l-'KUM July i TO 111. For li'i-nis and pari iculars. 
address K. L.IJRKICNIN, Hillsdale, Bergen Co.. N.J. 






Specialties, Al Hcrlpii. 

Wanted Quick 

Leading Man, l.lghl Comedian. wDh Speelally, 
Juvenile and den. Bus. Man with Specially, Actlnu 
Property Man with Hnoelalty. Repertoire. City 
Time, tiulck Study. Vou must liavu experience 
aud ab lily. Pay your owu. 

May 4, ,'■, !.. Trinidad. Colorado; May 7, aud week 
C olora do Springs, Colorado. ■ 


A I Vaudeville Performers 

Also a flood llos* Canvasman. Salaries must be 
low, but. sure, tlood Ireatmeiii. Season never closes. 
No time to dicker, stale all In llrst letter. Want lo 
i in v 2 good beacon Star Ilnriiers, must be In Al con- 
illiion and cheap. Opening May is. Addrcs 
Carnival and Concert Co., Uerlln. Md. 


Thoroughly aeqiiululed 
U people ore 


Proprietors and Managers 
• Booking Manager 




The Fiiiifiimi Military Band. The Elite Lady Orchestra. 


AH iiiilsia n |i|Hinriiig iiiul i i lining are Klmlly re«|ueateil to i.-poi I for relivursnl 
II A.M. Wed,, May 8. AH communications to lie addressed to 

CI1AS. It SCI IBRT, jBoolciiiK; Manager. 



SI'lTK fin. H7, -a-SH, UU BROADWAY .... M.\v HiiltH 


Can Place Big Feature Acts for Summer Engagements 
write f-or -tiivie:, QUICK! 

At l.liii'il v after May 10. 

In Med. niz. Can get the uoln U 

brought to the oiilce. Reg. in Ohio, Mich., Co'o., 

New York. Only relluble persona worklngluStates 

named answer this Ad. Ilefereuee Al. Prefer 

lu work mi percentage, lilt. 1IACF.. Lanc aster, O. 

Stoddart Stock Company 


Al lleav.y Man, uol over fifl. lo; Clever "en. litis. 
Man with specially, flood wardrobe uecessary. 
All Siiinniei work at park. Make salary reason- 
able Pay own. Others, write. W. L. STEWART, 
Bay City. Mich., April -M and week. ■ 

Pur., I.AN8INU, MI OII. 

FOR SALE, WONDERLAND, Ollawa, Ontario. 

Over *n,uoo populallou. Only live and (cu ceul , 
moviug picture hotiso In Ottawa, tiood business. ; 
Loug lease. Kverythlng up to dale. Over j.ikki 
opera ehulrs. Also lease on store In Hull. 1'Tve 
minutes' ride on clecirlc curs. Population ' 
Not fitted up yet. Must sell— going lo Australia. ; 
I.. DAN1KI.S, Wonderland Theniie, Ottawa. Onlarlic 


Mile. Falardaux $ W. H. Bohme 


Oll'crlng for next season n decided novelty In one, -A GERMAN IN PARIS." (Written by MATT 
WOODWARD). Curry special UK"!', slnnving "I'arls 1 ' as Hcen bj n eross-cyeil nrilst. An Inniivallon 
bused on new Ideas for laughing purposes ami elegant costuming. Play pans, principal comedy and 
m >u livedo. Some open time juno and July for vaudeville. 

Permanent address, OAltK CUITKlt. 47 W. ->th si., N. Y. fll.v. ' 



Improvements mil. contemplated but utready established. '■ ■ minutes', by elevated, fruni New York. 
i 1-lve cent tare. Trains all night, lleforc you purchase elsewhere let us send you illuslraled Imuklet. 
References: Fred Stone, Gen. Felix, .loliu Cunlleld. Ralph Delmore, The Fords, Titvlcr, Mrs. 
I Arthur Sldiuuu. Address PENNOCK «k JOHNSTON, vtib St. and isih Ave., Ilrouklvn. N. Y. cin 

I — ■ 



WANTITl QITIPIT •'uvimlle I.eudlng Mun, Comodlnii, Soiiliielli' niiii 
II A1I1LD IgfUIViIV, „,,, rhiiti.-H, jiv.i I., ii. iins. ii, ,1. Pfefvrence given thiMK 

. doing siiet'lultles and doubling brass. Muka •uiiioi low Ibr M weeks. I puy nil. 

I btoii at aood iioic u. Address JACK PERCY, Mt. Sterling, Ohio. 


Good Agent Wanted f- 1 1_ rvi s rented 

C. It. RENO (mall) 11170 llroadway. New York. 


VtAia VsMI ll'N 10 OUDlll, fOUOItr AMpltOlb 

<0mn-St • MUiS A V BBO/NC son troiion si 

[•.„'.!..''' MAM WITtM'APfO 128 MOO WHW 




{ Cor. TremonI and Beacon Sis., Room 96, Albion Bldg. - - BOSTON, MASS, 


I>K\VI^Y | ^^l^ 1 vlSl^ TRAINED ANIMAL SHOWS translated French novels <som e ihus 



Locate, for Mininier engagement, . Address 
_AL, R. WOKCKIvNF.II. IM> K. «lh M., jg rty. Pa. 


Cuuictlluii and Diiucer. Put oil acts. Solid MnL 
Co.. write. Address MKIICKR CO.. Sharpsvllle, Pa. 




i Open iiboiii An;.', l:. (sriiuud lluur house. I'ireproof. stetun heal, clectrlr. lights, i 
: in i!i|ulpment. Stage, uox.'lu; sealing capacity, 7.10. Special arriiugemeuts for clean, comforlatili' iiuar- 
) tWV at A tow rale furnur perfonuers. Wunf- llrsl class STACK CAHPKNTIilt. Some good tlnin oplm 
| for Oct,, Doe.. Jan. Write lor time. Own orchestra. I'OLLAK. A UOSKNTHAL, Lessees undMnungers. 

Iiorouglily modern 
eomforlaldi' i|nar- 


K. li'dh si. Ladles' Mat. To-day 


Dopey ban. 
Cuuulng Jail llreaker. 

— . Loeul Contractor. Also tlood Train Man. Address 




as per Runic. jJCOW WASIIHURN. 

For Stetson's Uncle Tom Co. 


At jL,it>©rt;v 


First Class Corncllsi. Soloist, Kxnerlenocd In Band i 
and Oielieitra. Al.HKIlT W. 8CUMI1T. 
an W. Main St.. Jetrcrson City, Mo. 

a5 ^^^5?lUditf OrrMra at Liberty. I 

Suite lowest salary. Pay your own. Photos, Proerunis llret letter. Musi Juiu on recellM of wire. 
Lew Aucker nnd wile, wire at ouce. Would like to hear from VKNTRILOljUIST, PUNCH, MIND 
IIKADL'K for Vaudeville Annex. No time lo eorrcspoud. Kcbearsnls Monday, Mav 20. 

WAI.TKRS A CIIAI'PLKS' PROURKSSIVK STOUK CO., Frauk Wallers, Mgl'., Tttveilttllll. Pa. 

tatiili II I 1.1 Mil. I BOSS « A NV ASM AN Iter 
Summer sea.on- Slntiisalnrv. Address as iter I 


All 'Round Character Man, Musicians that double, 
illhorx, write. Car show. Sure salary. lAing 
season. Illg Callahan Dramatic Co.. en roule, 
Muldrow, I. T., May <i to b; Sulllsaw. I. T., May o. 

or lllub Lima Vnmlrvllle Theatr*.. 

M. MIOVI'.ltl'l.'l-l) JR.. I'RI'JS.: 
All Apiillenllotis for Tlmr Muni. Be Addreaaed 
to li 11. lilt AY. 1 look lug Manager. 

Majestic Theatre Untitling, Chicago, 111. 

Huber's^'^Museum I First Class Lakes' Orchestra. 


AiUbcss J. II. AN DKRSON, Mgr., as above. ; 

'The Besi." Address LAWKS' 
uiro uf CLIPPER Olllee. 


It A Ml. 

ail (I Kit AUO ST.. LONDON. W. 


Arllsta wanting Kuroiiean tlnie ivrltc, staling open 
lime anil ternm. Cable. "AtlONIC," LONDON. 


47 W. '.'8lh ST., RKW \OKK. 

I >» it l>eyil ftvhreyfsT. 

Again The SensaMnil of 'Knmpe. 

Doubling Band, ileslrc eng. Address ALHF.RT, 
care Ladles' Otiihestra. Uun. rtcl.. I'litladelphla. Pa. 

Novelty Per for mors In steal' Prelerred. 


Can use good amateur. 

PROF. HUIILKR, Reading. Pa. 

Wanttd, Man for Juvinilas and' Light Conatfy, 

Also Pianist. No boonura. Summer's work. JOHN 
li. RAK,, Ouldu Rock, Nebr.; May fl, HO' 
publican City, Nebr. 

At Liberty. Experieuced Comet 

! can ilmibli- skcond VIOLIN*. Address 

Mi'SiOIAN, No. »»a Kasi aoth si„ N. v. Oily. 


I People lu nil Hue''. Those doing specialties prefer 

I red. Ilcliuarsals May ii. nulden RuluMud.Cu. i-;ai, 

(lordlnler, Tilgr., Newark, Mo. Tell all Urst lette r 1 


''at nnd Sleep on Lot No fancy salaries. No 
tickets, unit scasoi. This Is a family show. 
THOS. II. WOOD, Tuiilen, 111. | 


Oood Med. People that i"»n change for week. Also ' 
(ionii Silent Acts. Telil Show, l.oiti! Season. Ad- 
dress W. J. MANSFIF.LD, Tldloulc, Pa. 



AuuKEss. p3 BERGMAN, 



people writ.-, sialiug all llrsl letter 

To Strengthen Buckeye Stock Co., under Canvas, 

M'sillng Woman. Ileuvy Man, Staler Team, hi cliauge 

fur week, Speclaltv Ciuucdlau and dn blls. Oilier WKW 

Pay own hotel. Address liiicivKYK STOCK CO., Colliliwood, Ohio. 

immii. mm mm snow people op all kinds. 

Doing two or more acts. Man with Tmnpo of Dobs; Man wltii Ponies, or both. SflWAW 
PEOPLE FOR CONVERT. A. <■ I. ASM oui), i j Uracil.,, , .1 Ave., New York CHy- 

ArrHugcd, comnoscd. 


Low lenus. 

K. 1.1th St., 

N. Y. 

Waited, Pianist (Male), to Double Stage; 

Hood Juvenile and Light Coined v Parts mo boo/.- 
ers wnhted). JOHN O. RAK. wk. .11. i;, title Rock, 
Nebr.; May U. Kepublleaii City. Nebr. 



Aels, Slmlghls, Speeiiilllon, Ilnglc. ttll.lA lltllt- 
DON, -.'i's Cjisi Miilll SI., Columbus, Ohio, 



Stale what you ran do snd mention salnrv. 

JOHNS. MIAN, Hand slet, vt iliuluplon, Del, 




Wll* WIHTBSIDK A STRAUSS. SouthliiKlou. Ci'll"- 

Q U 1 O K I 

■wMI** • 

May 4. 




e © o o u haif 



Our specialty U value for your money 
at one-half the price others ask for 
the same {rood*. Perfect satisfaction 
guaranteed or your money back. On 
receipt of $1.00 deposit we will send 
goods C« O. D., subject to examination. 

Remember the Name 
and the Place 





FREE— Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 

HOW READY — "Until Papa Comes Home from Work," "My Jcmle Darling," "Don't For- 
get to Write," "The Coon That Carried a Itaior," "The Little Irish Mother," "Viola," "My 
Pretty Mary Jane," "While the Shadows Play." "The Darkey's Recollection," "A Dream of 
Love," "Their Sliver Anniversary," "Twenty Years Ago We Parted, Jane and I," "I Loved 
You When We Played the See Saw Game," "Never to Love Again," "Sweet Onorell," "I Got 
All That's Coming to Me. and I IJuess III Say Good Bye," "The Shamrock." "The Call of 
tho Sen," "What Would We Do Without You? ,r "In Dear Old Teni 

"Flora Dora," "Sweetheart," "Brown Eyes." 

Tennessee," "Teddle Is True," 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO,, 55 West 28th St, flew York. 

vaudeviuTTbest legitimate musical act 



Under Management of W. 3 Oleveland 

M08 Ilrouiltvuj , Suite 835, Knickerbocker Theatre Dldg., New York. 



Wire description. Also Advertising Privilege for rent. Address 

J. It. W. HENNESSEY, Care Fashion Plate Shows, Geneva, Ohio. 
Can use a few more Drivers. Wire WILLIAM FORO.UKK, Geneva, Ohio. 

X. B.— All communications sent to Geneva, Ohio, will he for warded after the bIiqw leave*, May J. 

Chris Bruno and Mable Russell 

In THE INSURANCE AGENT. C Ivc the audience 20 minutes of clean slid .prlKnliml eolMdf. 





l>r»MH|lK!> OK ROY»t.V*. 

We write Music to your words. Introduce and 
popularize. Send In MSS. 
POPULAR MUSIC PUB CO. (In*.). f»nl*e fl13. >o. IW Dwrhnrn i»i- rhlcngo. 

Olulw" Hatons, Guns, Holllug (Holies, Hoops. 
Wlrewalker*' Apparatus, Hainan Axes. Stamp far 
Catalog and list. Hv. van Wyck, Cincinnati. O, 

'■■ ,■.,,-./■.■ •- ■. vv;-^;^^-'-'-" >'T-^-;.-.'-.^-:''.-A.^^ ■-• 
:•.•■;■ :v. : . .: /.■iflrpj ' **>.»>•:•,( " ■•■■'. . : 4-^V ■ 

■■■■■?::■ a- ■■: " ;- '<$ - 

. ■. ■;'.■. 

■ "••■ . ••■■.. : .•■ .' . 

• '■ ■ ■ ; ;■ 




.. - 
• . 

""■• ■ ■ ■ i • . 


fc ■>';■. " 


■ .' ■ 







;Pour Rquarr. From Canal St., In Barnnne. 

Dimensions: Ground Floor, 100x185. 

SB foot gallery around Interior on three sides. 
Large .tug. can be arranged tor theatricals 
with little exrpenae. Theatre, bar and restau- 
rant licenses all paid for 100T. Write for terms. 


This is the Firm that 
Sells and Rents 





and rental terms. We will send you tho 
newest lists and the closest prices. 


" Roof Garden Tragedy/ 1 

Special engraved One-color Block. 


Cash with Order. 

8 .40 Each. 
.20 Eaoh. 
7.00 per IOO. 
7.O0 per 1000. 
8.00 per 100. 








131 EAST 14th STREET, 
T«1. 3812 Gnasrer. HEW MM, ».Y. 

"Tell It To Me" 



For sale on ell trains and news stands, or br 
mall. asc. Address BZBA kknuall, 
a Oadwell Are., Mayflcid Heights, Oleveland, O. 


HENNEOAN & CO., (27 East 8th Street, Cincinnati, 0. 

Col. Gaston Bordeverrv 

Not the CONJURER, But the 


Inventor and originator of playing tho piano and disrobing of lady In full evening dress with bullets 
from repeating rtflo. Receipt rocord breaker of tho two homlsplieros. All communications to 



Faoifio Coast Amusement Co., 


-%-sr-r ■* TVT^l>ri ■ t "" " m **> FIRHT CLAB8 ACTB OF ALL KINDrt 
W.^lkJ^V JL 1VJLP* Uiat tan deliver the goods. 

BOLE BOOKIKQ AGENTS: FREEMAN HEKNHTEIN. IMS Uroadway, Hullo B, » 10, New York City: 
PAUL OOUDllON, No. ZOO American Hank Hulldlng, Seattle, Wash.; CUIUS. 0. IIROWN, 07 S. Clark St., 
Chicago; ARCHIE LEVY, No. 1SE07 Oolden Oate Ave., Han Frauolsoo, Cal. 





1 4 Leicester St., Leicester 8quare v London, W. C. 



8s. Hil. PER sEAR., Single Column Inch. 


Write for Samples and Prloea. 







GET our prlceB on soap. TUEY will Interest von. 
Special Dopt. for making private brands with at- 
tractive labels. Money-Betters of big value for 
canvassers and fakirs. We satisfy and bold our 
customers. E. 11. DAVIS SOAP CO., 

40 Union Park Court, Chicago. 


210 E. 47th St., N, Y. City. 



Booking 84 weeks, llallroad fare In Ohio So, por inllo. Exclusive Hooking Agent for Sprlngfleld, o. ; 
Portsmouth, Cbllllcothc, Mansfield, Limn, Newark, Cunbm, Marlon, Sldnoy, (JoHliocton, Ml, Vernon, 
Steuhenvlllc, Klndlay, (Jullon, Lorain, Ureoiivlllu, (Cambridge, Hliolby, Pruinont, Ironton, Sandusky, 
Ht'llulrc, Dayton, llumllton, l'liguit, Mlildlutown; Hlohniond, Did.: M uncle; Nowiiort, Ky.; Whuellng, 
W, Va.i Huntington: Honors, Pa.; Monessen, Monongaliela, Juanelte, llraddock, Turtle Crook, lleavor 
Falls, Now Kenxlngton, Littrobo, llrowiisvllle, Unlouuiwu, HoiiicHtcau, Krlu. 

Impossible to answer all mall. Silence a polite negative. Address 0U8 SUN, Springfield, o. 





1687 1. 10th It, PhllAdelpMi, Pa. 


Why handle rocky goods when you can handle goods that will sell themselves. 
Electric liclts from f l per iloz. up. Ijtrge variety to solcct from. Electric Jars, 
J6c. doi.; Electric Insoles, 87>;o. doz. pairs. Simp |X3» per gross. Kino Medical 
batteries. Send Tec. for Samplo No. u E. II., ozp, prepaid. Latest out, Oue-thlrd 
cash required. Trial order will convince, target Manufacturers of Klectrtoal 
Helta and Appliances in U. H. A. Eatabllshoa 187S. Lecture and price list free. 



Largest mfn. of OK0AN8 In the world, for Skating lllnka, Dance Halls, Merry a o Hounds, all kind 
of shows. NKW YOIIK OPPICB, :n MM D ST. 


Stage Lest, alwsys on hand. Mall orders Oiled. Fit guaran- 
Tel. 008 Madison Hguare. SOU Hlxtb Ave., near 81st St., N. T. 




Largest stook In America. Wigs made to order. Full line or paints, 
powders and cold cream. Send for Catalogue "C," to either place 

134 WEST Mth ST., N. V.; Chicago Opera House Ulock, Chicago. 

FlnCHt theatre In COLON, 11EPUI1LIC OP PANAMA. All open time. Will hook one tilghters 
or week stands. Capacity of house, fourteen hundred. Addreua 

JOHN sky MOCK, Colon, Republic of Panama. 



May 4. 


"Th er^siRoom For liiilp i i i i^ 

GET ABOARD! Leaves 4< Feist Building , M34W., 37th St., N. Y. C M LEO. FEIST, Conductor. 

Special transfers adverHsing performer's sinying the song. Ask for 'em NOW. 




Professional! (Underwear House of America. 

SEASON 18 7. 

A storeful of suggestions for the Spring Season of 1907. Complete Varied 
UNDERWEAR, HOSIERY, etc., all at our well known Low Prices, 

CUAET nCDT Originator, of our Famous SHORT VAMP Show for 
WmUC L/Cr I ■ Stage and Street wear, Eitlmatei freely flven on 
^™" "" Quantity Order*. Complete Stock.. Dp to Date Htylea 


Made from the Tery be*t tin. an black enameled. Ra- 
cially made tor professional dm, having a tray wltk 
compartment, for Oreaae Pnlnts, I'ow- m w 
dcrH, Comb and Bruah, Wigs, Etc.. Etc, 4.1*1 1* 
Ha. double action lock, with two key., at ™ ** ^ • 


Expressly prepared for the Theatrical Profession, 
guaranteed to be absolutely pure and never became 
rancid In any climate. Pot up In pound Screw Top 
Tin Cans at Mo.) half pound at SOo. 







36 B. Randolph St.. OHIOAOO. 131 W. 38th St., NEW YORK, N. Y. 






BBLBER TRUNK AND EAS) CO., IBB ColaUHhla, AT*., FMladelpkUk, 

Leatheroid Trunks. 



639 Il'WAY, N.Y., near Spring St. 

Bend for New 
Theatrical Catalogue, 


•J81n., IT.BO ! 1MB. $8.50: 801a., I9.B0; (Bin., I 10.BO; 401n., I12.B0. Circu. Trunks 34x18x18, 

1T.B0. Hill Tmnia, 80*28x16, Inalde, $12.00. Lit ho. Trunk., i2<J,x?Ji%xl2. HE S16.0U 
ped on receipt Of 18.00, bal., C. 0. V.. except over 100 miles, then remit whole amount 


Shipped on receipt of 18.00, bal., C. O. D., eicept over SOO miles, then remit whole amount 
SIMON 8 * CO., CENTRAL TRUNK FACTORY, Kit. ISM. H. W.cor. Ttb and Arch St*. Pblla 


Builder, and 8elter. of Baggage for 40 yean. Our professional trunks nre lighter, stronger 
end cheaper than any on tbe market Ten year.' guarantee given. Send for complete catalog. 

412 Sixth Ave., cor. 26th St., New York. 


FREE-Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. ! 

NSW READY— "If I Had Curie," "Dady and the Baby," ; 'My Love for You, Bwecthcart, 
Can No'er Bo Told." "The Echo Song," "My First Love," "The Man In tho Moon's Not 
Illlnd," "I Don't Know What to Do." "Only My Love for You," "Tho Millionaire," "By the 
Snowy Fields of Cotton Sho Is Waiting." "We Must Part," "My Love Is All Around Thee," 
"The Little Village of Mnnltoii," "The Violet and the Lark." "The Little Grass Ring," "She 
Sleeps Beside tho Hudson River,' - "The Hunter's Song," "When We Together." "My Sweet- 
heart and 1," "A Little Orphan Boy," "Wise Old Moon," "Kissing Good Bye at the Depot," 
"Fair Maiden," "Tho Long, Long Ago." 

MELVILLE MUSIC PUB. CO., 55 West 28th St., Sew York. 

i n 



To apply tor lowest raw. m 
101 East 14th St., New York, German Saving. Bant 
Building. Telephone, SON Orameroy, ' 

dress Hfaneelg. 

Cable ad 
All printed matter and Inf. free 



Aid ta. Latiit and Ptular Stylet Id Lad!.. Hair Drtula* 

A. 1H. BIJCH Sc CO.. 

119 H. Hlnth Streot, ..... Philadelphia 




Canvas pnmps 36c, with leather soles Mo.; leather pumps, canvas shoes tl, 
with lcatlior soles 11.(0; leather shoes 18.60, elastic, supporters tl, satin trunks with 
collar and ouns to match, spangled and trimmed $6. Canvas pump, and .hoes son 
by mall, propald, on receipt of price. Deposit required on U. 0. D. orders, 
and send slao. Send for catalogue. * . „ „ _ 

R. B. CALL. U44 «.!■ Rtre.t, Bprlngflald, Ma... 


For Stock Companies, tor Repertoire Companies, for Amatiir 

amusement Negro Play., Paper. Scenery, Mr*. Jarley'. Waa 
Works. Catalogue Free I Free I Free I 

SAHUBL FRENCH, 17 W. 2St« St., Saw York. 

A Ureal Fa ir 


Actors' Fund 

Will be held at ttt. 





MAY 6 to 1 1 

Thin splendid charity expend, over 140,000 
annually to relieve sick and disabled players, and 
maintain worn-ont veterans at the Aotors' Fund 
Home. It's disbursement, in It year, have ex- 
ceeded One Million Dollar.. 

Send Oontrlbnttons and Suggestions to 

Actors' Fund Fair Committee 


DOUBLING B, and 0. 

Violin Doubling Barltono or Alto, 'Cello Doubling 
Burltone, Alto or Clarinet; Viola Doubling liurl- 
tonc, Alto or Clarinet. Men on all Instruments, 
write. Steady, permanent engagement. Salary 
low, but sure. 0. 0. MAO EH. Hot Springs, 8. Dak. 


Have on hand a large assortment of .lightly worn 
Evening Downs, Dinner, Reception andTea Gowns. 
These robes are perfect In every respect, and are 
especially suitable for wear In HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC PRODUCTIONS. We have a foil line of 
Seal 8kln Ooata and Fnraof all kinds. 

MBS. B. STARR. M7 South State St.. OHIOAOO. 




sBaBss sssanMssrt as. 


Two Good All Round Repertoire 
Actors for Jessie Colton Co. 

Week stands. Season ttiirty-Hvo weeks. State low- 
est salary first letter. Season opens May 14. I pay 
transportation. J. B. RICHARDSON, Orion, 111. 

Great Western Printing Co., 



Stock Hangers and Poster, tor Dramatic Com 

Sanies, circus, Minstrel, Wild West, Roller Rinks, 
:ovlng Plotare., Etc. Bend tor catalogue of .bow 
printing of all kind.. 



Free samples, Contracts, Tlokets, Envelope., eto. 

8TAOB MONET, Ho. Book of Herald Cote, 310. 


PASSES, CARDS, Etc. Write for Samples. 
Webb Ptg. Co.. 3BS Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 


130 N. Seventh .St., Philadelphia. 

Write for Catalog and Estimate. 


Manufacturer of Gymna.tle Apparatus, 

333 K. 40th St., N. Y. Horizontal bars, leap- 
ing boards and bars, barrels, crows, ulobcs. etc, 



St^a» Instruction. 

What Acts to Lenrii and How. Points on Salary. 
How to obtain enuuiiements ami many other 
essential points evory beginner should know. 
l-.'lce -a cts. OU Co, 210 W. 39th St, Now York. 


r High Class Vaudeville. 



91 Dearborn Street, Chicago. 

















The bestof service and prices consistent with the times always guaranteed. Latest subjects always on 
hand. Operators, machines and dims furnished for Sundays and all othoroccaslons. Send for list and 


SB* Washington St., Opp. Adam. House, Boston, Mass. 


Amusement parlors and penny arcades are the greatest money makers. 
Start one now and reap a fortune. Edison Coin-Slot Machines draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity, and require prac- 
tically no attention. Write for full particulars to 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 




CONSOLIDATED FILM CO., 143 East 23d St., New York. 

1*7* flpMWHfft; 









f3!Ktp^C>^i^CHICAfflO ;g 




Music Printers and Engravers 

5th and Sycamore Sts., CINCINNATI, O. 



We Are Constantly Originating New Designs and Making New Plates of Our 

Soubrette Dresses and Ankle Length Gowns 


Hand colored plates, with complete description and nit measurement card, sent on request. 
Kindly state style and color preferred. 

WOLFF, FORDING & CO., Theatrical Outfitters, 61-65 Eliot St., Boston, Mats. 


Come and Inspect onr great assortment of .lightly a.ed, up-to-date GOWNS for street, 
reception, dinner, tea, and stage wear, and vre will save yon a lot of money. Also fnrs, 
hats, shoes, eto. 


HE. D0KT0R, 481 Sixth Avenue near 29th Street, N. Y. 




P. KELLER A CO., 246 West B'way, Now Tork, successors to Stereoptlcon Department of J. B. Colt * Co- 

31 AY 4. 






L ■^ : ^ ^^^?^*i^ i ^ S!SSL¥^ LJIS.* b t**»^ of Now .lei«e>. lioaU and Trolley. ...n Into lb. g i «,,«,!.. Any niTvel.y yo» M W« «-an malt* rem r»« . Hotel, , ll,.< l ,.ur«nt. Hon) .».,( 

100 TIIIltD AVE., K 


I'l.KANtiitK hay. lmu mi w< u, n, •>. 



European Novelty Dancors. 

Suw KiLllnu llirlr second MUKOMftll season Willi Jacobs * Jeriluni's COI.IIKN CKOOK CO Hot li pluy 
parta. Address a* per Itoutc. I'crimtnciit address mii W. THIKTY-EKillTH HTIIKKT, New Vork city. 


Suite 705 and 706 Keystone Bldg., Pittsburg, Penna. 


[ D 


Vaudeville Attractions 

nil: tub mm season, he to svihib.. 

rlililrm lillCS W. I IDIOTS. .SIccpinlMi Pier. Allniilit (Sly, 1 .1. 


Good All Around Advance Agent, rri/ilegc Man Useful Rep. Actors, 
Musicians, Vaudeville and Circus Artists. All Kinds. 

uiif l" llireu day Htonds. Tent uud two Cur Show. Sure sulnry: lung MUM. I pity nil irtler Joining. 
SUtic lowcat Milary and lull particular* llrsi corrtispoiideiiee. 



XV A. IV T 13 13 . 

Have irrt'Ht. Iiiruilnn fur up-io-ilite*4nft. i'»ri>ii«ol 
on percentage. Answer iiuluk. Mint) t purchase. 
Itiaun 114, S t. Jamc. llnlltllnu. New York City. 

. J. MINA 

.Mil Ill, (H,t,ll'«T llf 

< y II, lit, i- Pin no 
New mill Second lliuiil 
I J fnr Shows. Mcrry-Oo- 
,' : 'Rounds, Mimic Hulls 
and y kilting Rinks 
j Marking of Cylinder* 
a Specialty. 
New Vork 


Lee Bros.' Stock Co. 

ItciHTloii'i' IVi)|ilc iii All Lines. 

ivopic wiiti specialties preferred. w« never close. 

Mil luwcst for Summer. Tim ilm-si Pavilion 
Theatre In Hit- NiMitliivi'Hi. 1IAHRY I.KK, Moiiui 
Vernon, Mo., Mil} 4; (Incullf Id, Mo„ May 01 1. 


ing Stock Go. 

. lo in All lines For Summer tan 

Than doing specialties iitid double luiiiil nmi ur : 
oliesirn preferred. Mtato nil II M Idler. Long 
season to reliable people. UuMuu. la., Mu> .', i, 4: 
ItusHov, In., u, 7. H.' 



(Vlolliii lo Double Anything In II. , ml, 


Po.'U. and ii. 

Week kIuimIh. Pay vnur own. Write or win*. 
II.SI Tlli;tt l,ASI), ". I'l vtu,,iiHr Place. Chlciigii, I II, 


mi; Till-; 



United Booking Offices 

Of America, 


Western Vaudeville 

Managers' Association, 





Al Heavy Man. doubl. baud; Holier mid Kclliihlc 
Hoas Canvas Man, sevcrnl OimkI Musicians, double 
II. A II. Week HllllldK. 




PltvlUaaa pianist, Light comedian wlili «|utIuI- 
Ilea. Cliurucier Mini. Cooil wardrobe, sobrlclv and 
ability required. Those who wrote deforr, Write 
imam. Our lant nit. leilcrs wrtil HHlrav. 

Al.. H. KVAN9. Lenoir, X. C. 


Including every eity in the United States, North, South 
■; East and West. 



Bissett ■ Scott 



liio biircsenliitive Diiiicin^; IViiin of America. 

KverylhliiK new ami orluliuil. HiHikud moIIiI mull Juh, plnjliu (lie Uriiliuiim, Kolil A I'nrlle uii'l olliel 
•-ir.'iiltH. Now liookluit aeiiioii IIhit-h. HIiikIhk Uio xoiiK lid, 


iMHKfTinv F.U Vltl) I), IIAYHAN. 





Like to li car from people iloiililliij; tana*. Mention lowest Summer Mian llr«l Inner; pity your own j 
Itolel. Week Btatids. .Statu nite, weight, lielglit mid lull parileiilurK lli-t Idler. llelirni-HiN nl 
Aekler, In.. Mny 11. Addrimn Sll ANNUS IIKUTIlKlts, I.iiiIIiikioii, Mlrli. 




Morrison Show Print -n.',;., 

Detroit, Mich. 


WANTED, Medicine Performers. 1 A 1^ A iVI S 

iii.ack I ■Ari;ci)Ml-:i>lAX. wlioeun luke iliursu ui stiiKC pul on iie.l.->. relienrne Ilium until perfected 
mid ninke llio hIiow ko. MK KTCII TKAM, Ijotli nitiHt work in litis, iniiii fur strnlKhia, Iml.v, clianwlen" 
and soiilueile. v URSA'l'll.K si i i:nt MAN w|m can work In aula. VAIillKVlM.K I'lAMW, must lie 
II. To uliovi; people inn oiler pirn mini eiiKuueiuetit ii ml ritre puy. K»t on lul mid Bleep al liotol>' 
Hliuw opeiiH May 'ill. Write lowest nud lull piirtloulara Iiml Idler. 

I'lHiF. JACK TltOV, l'lirkrldniril, \V. V.. 
Htdcreuccs: Modern Kemeily Co., I'ln., Olilo; Citizens Nnllonnl llank, I'nrkersliiirir, W. Vti. 


' On Hrouiut of clinngc of'plnug mldress nil eoiiiiiiunieiilloiia illllll Julie ill lo II. M. I.OHIlKT'l'i;, 

36 Rue de Londres. Paris, France. 




.'liveiille Mho, Soiiliiille niul CoiiKilluii wllh Siie-'InllUfl, IIiiiio Player, Mini Willi IMetii" Mnelilue. 
Sa'HryiiuJrMCllculnrH lliitt. lei Ler. IIOV 1). WAV, M«U.,-t:0UllTKSAl-jiOllliA.N CO., Cnliimol, Mleli. 
M iy IV .Ifi.mvooil T, Hiiperiur, Wis., 1 1. •. 


A Good General Actor, A I Character Man, 

For n Umt cla9H Repertoire Co., piny Iuk good time, Summer uml leKiiliti' acamii. A<ldre«« 

DOUGHERTY STOCK CO., Jim Dougherty, Mgr., 

Chippewa KiUln. Win., April iio to May 4: (Irand Haplda, Wis., May c. 1, h; Mnrslillulil, Win., Maytf. m. II. 


Piano, Violin, Cornet and Trap Drums 

lor thr MaJpMIc Thcalre, ntuiiiirir. Oprnft May (I. Also booking Vniidfvllle for the entire clreull. 
twenty weeka. Ad 'ress iiuv Kit .* . IiaUsimiN, Mnjesiie llieiilre, Krank»t«wn Ave., rilUburg, Pa. 



T. V 1 I, IV (I I, A 

7r. Hi.i, .in.,,, si. - - Albany, it. V 


HlrotiK Cornet (iluiilde Violin), Cornel lur II. iiuiIO., 
I'l'iiiniiiiiie. 'I'uliu. Oilier iiitiHlrliitre, write, line 
(wo good Aelon wlio duiilik: Hand, liaayM'nrk. 
One allow ■ day. Week stands Kalary an AHMO- 

1.1 IK OKHTA I NTV. HO lllllke It 111 ri'llsoll. llelll'UI > • 
nh Aug.lil. 'I'o I lit) rlglttpeiiplen pli-n-aii! eiiunue- 
meiil. IIARHY J. IKI.TUS, lllwiiilngloil, IiiiIIhiih. 

C. We Park Dramatic Go. 

Al lienleel lleavv Man, good size: A I Cliuineler Women '<> plu.v some lleivles, iloud lllnek I'nea 

Coilieilliill Willi Sjirri„|ly, I I KST CI.AHS ST All I', lllllKITOll, Clllltl for pnrN. Oilier IIMeflll people, 
iv rile. Slinw never eloses, OiHili Niimtniir mid Wlliler, Address 

f. W. I' A UK, "It. Hilling. KriitBchy. 

WaaW, br tke Umt Mkn ty ^ mm V ™Z 

Ulreiis AotHof all klmls, AerhiiisN. I'ontiiiiiuiiiHi", Aidiilmls, liar I'eiforiiiiirs, clowns, . I ugglers, Aiiliital 
Aels of all kinds, cspevlally Iroupe of ponies, dog* ami imiuks, performers lining two or nunc litnis 
given prefer mine. Useful people nil lines wauled. Hand of six lo eltfht pieces. Individual unislulaiia, 
mile. Mu-t in: iililii lo plnv "Inn sloir." Also llms Cumin Man (tt'lilly (Jiiliiliin. w rile, wire or eoinel. 
Muke salaries right Ural .feller. Kveellunt emik Iioiimi>, ilun aei'ninuiodulloui'. I'lay iittly eltles. Oiien 

i ■in,- in, O., May 14. WANTKD TO lll'V, Hmall Hand Wngoti, Tiekoi Wagon, llaiul l.'iilforuta mid otliir 

show slulf. Answer iiulek. Hank refereiiees. 

(IIIKAT HOCTIIrillN H1IOWH. ,114 Marllsmi Ave., Cuvllluliill, K y, 





Musi Join ui mien. Writ • or « Ire. Addre, 

(ISIMIt V. COOK., Ohio. 


To doiilde Alio, Willi silver, plated Instrument. 
MUMMHIl STUCK eugiigeineul and next season. 
Slum nun, iielglil, weigh), lowest salary.' C'aimlile 
I'euple nud Musleluns lieuleil »|i|i ni all I lutes. 
Address IIKNTKIIOW'8 Hill 8TOCK CO.. 
1. X. Ueitlfrow. Mgr. Peiisoeola, Kin. 

Experienced Trap Drummer 

Wlsltuslnluml Summer locution. Tymps, drums mid 
hells. HClrTO. HlliiWS, mi K. STIIISI., New Vork. 

Moving Picture and Btereoptioen Macbiio. 


IIOX 47S, flRKK.VWICII, s.y. I 


Have a M. I'. Maehlno, and would like lo alart In 1 
huslne'H with a yeliaiile party. For p rileitlarn, i 
addreaa M. I.. jlllOWN, Ho.\ Wi. I'llUfle'd, Mws. 

At Liberty, Clarinet, II. ami 0. 

Unie experlonee. Only good eompaiiiea answer. 
Amwer to THOMAS OKAS, PHlahurg, KansaH. 


To corropunil with nitislu imlillshers who do not { 
chaw Ute author Willi pari of the expcusi! of 
publishing his song, Until Box 4.11. Use (Tly, Iowa. ! 



i'Alil.nll Til DATUM, OMAHA, NEUJ1, i 



high eiv^v»« v^jiri>E>viivi^K> 

Tills Is the. FIN'lvHT 'iflK.Vl III-: IN ANY I'AIIK IN A.MKIIICA. VaiuUwIllii Aelors will plcusu slnte full 
partli'iilai-s, open lime and lowest salary In tttva teller. W A NTKU— .Novclly Oiit-iWnu' Aels nud (Iap« 
tlvu Malleoli. AiIiIuhb nil lullvrs lo 

J. W. III.SMMIMItV, I'l iHldelll, Tile Olenlaii gy Park Co,, Collliuhilii, O. 

Vaudeville People Wanted. 


8MMtM opens May i). Setnl III your open (line. HAI.AHV IJI'A HANTi:i; l». 

A.l,lie»s NAM II ANA! Kit, lleitvel Pulls, IV. 
I.oi'slcd .10 mill's from I'll n,, nsi from Cleveland, on I'. II. II. uml I'. & I.. I.. II. II, 



for Mnniner season ilir.uigli Maine, New llninpslilre mid Veniioui, lluti'h Comedian, Irish Comedlun, 
Light Comedian, Juvenile Woman, Moiilirelle. l'ro|H-n.v Man. who can ml, I'luno Pli.ver, In ariaiige, 
iranapuse, elc. Peuple must all do speelullles and In) Hldelonel. T'liose making good tills Siiiiiniui, 
Will he re-engaged lor regular seuaoii. Tell nil llrsl letter. No llek>'ls. .summer snlaf), so titaki' U 
ueeorillnglv. Address PIIANK I.. WIII'ITIKII, Mny 4, I'elerlsiri), A, II.; Ma) J, l.tldlnw, VI. | May V, 
Rutland, Vt.; Mav 10, fair Haven. VI.; May II, Whitehall, N. V. 


Comedy Acrobats. 

An KimhI n» Ihe Ian I, IIih.ii lime Mm u, un, and Inner. Invlle cirer for Kutiirmir and Wlnler -«-,i,r ns. 

. Per Hdd., #llk K.KNKI NtlTON A VK., I'hlladelphlii, I'ii. 


iSRH... 3R5PJW.; ?TGWB3K e^ipppsjH. 

•JVI-AY 4. 

gQge ffoaii 

fltatt Bait unlays FtWeUiu* «»«• 
Date uilHUf, 

Cor Supplement al jjajjg Anolner Colamo. 


Allen, Vloln (Charles W. Allen, mgr.)— Cincinnati, 

U, 2S-Ma) 4. 
Aldrtrh. CIuih. T. IA. II. Wood*, nurr.) — I'ltila- 

dclphlo, Pa., 20-May 4„ senann euda. 
Albomhrn Slack (Phil I.ery, ingr.)— Kaston, Pa, 

2ft Miiv I, Hs-rnnlim O-ll. , ■ • i 

Angell's Comedians, Central (Jack Emerson, nigr.) 

- -.Snlliin. Kim., 211-May .-4. , . 
"Arlaona" (David J. Kamage, mgr.) — Boston, 

Mass, 211-May 4. . 

"A« Told In Dip Hills," \V. F. Mann's, Knstern 
(Ncsblt SCOvllle, mgr. I- --Malone, N. Y., May 1. 
Poftsdnni 2, Onrllinica 3, Uouvencnr 4, Brock- 
vlllc Oiii., <.'nn.. il. Kingston 7, Belleville 8, 
Colnurg *i, Lindsay 10, Petersburg 11, 
•'As Told In tin- HI IN." W. F. Mann's, Western 
iDon a. Mncmiliiin, ' nigr.) — Blooinlngton, III.. 
Mm- 1, Htii-tilni] 2, Knnakec PL riilcngo .'.11. 
"Arouml Hie Clock" (Walter Westcott. row.) — 
Salisbury. X. C> May 1. Charlotte 2, Charlottes- 
villi-. Va, 4. Klflinminl II 11. 
"At Cripple Creek" (Jan. A. Onlvln, nigr.) — 

Newark. X. .1.. 20, May -1. 
"Arrival «if Kitty." C. A, Williams Ga.'MW, J. 
llcnedlc/, 'mar. I— Toronto, Call., 20-Mny 4, 
Plllahlil*. I'n,. IHI. 
"Across Mil' Pncllir" (I'lini. V.. lilnlie.v Amuse. 
«'».. ingrs. I—Syracuse, X. V., 20-May I, Roches- 
ter 2-4. ,-> 
...... «... 

Blanche llnlw (David Belnwii, mgr.)— Cleveland, 
II., 2l>Muy 4, Grand Knplds, Midi., fi-H, Frulik- 
fOfl. lllil. 11. ►., ' «,-•" 

lliirmimiv. Klbcl IfliiirlcH Frnhiunn, mer. ) — N. 

V. City I'll, Indellulli'. 
Bernard. Sum H'hnrlcs l' - n»lininn, ingr.) — Chicago, 

III., 29. Imli-llnlli-. .-•.•■. 

Hurt, Laura, mill Henry Nlnriford IKrnosI Ship- 
miiii. mm.)— H, V. Clly 2!lMny 4. Pittsburg, 

I I'll., I)-I|.; . . , . . 

lllnlr, Kiigeiile (WagenhnlH & Keni|ier, mar*. ) — 
I'tilhiilflplilo. I'ii., 20-Mn) 1. 

ISnunlelle. Jc*sle (IT. V. Lawrence, mitr.) — N. If. 
. CllV gti-Miiy 4, Rochester. Si V., «-lt. i- 

Bulger, Harry— Washington. D. C„ 20-May I, 
I'lillinli-lplilii, Pa., il-ll. 

lliislnn IiIpiiI Cimilc Opera [MflH , Patterson, 
mar.) — Kansas City. Sin.. 2s Sent, .!. 

llli-ki'l, Wnlioa mill WimIMp (A. II. Woods, nigr.) 
— I'lllshiirir. Ph., 20-Mny 4, season ends. 

Black Piilll Tnellsulnurs, Vnt'lrkel A N.. Inn's (It. 
Yneickel, .ingr.)— Terre HaiUe, luil.. May I,- 
lmllnii.i]i'ill» M, CiiliiinliiH, I). 0-8, Dnylwn Il- 
ll. i "j ■■■ 

Brown, Kirk I.I. t. Macnnley, milt.)— Kail River, 

• MnKH., ail-Mny 4, HI. .Mia. N. II.. Can.. MS, 
llnrw'sa. Kirl (Oen. V. Ilnllilny, mxi'.) — Nlajnra 

l-'allH, N. V.. SM Mny 4. 
lliirm'MK. Karl III. W. Alexamler, mur.) — Ollawa, 

iimi., Can., 20, Imlelliilti'. 
Hnrile Stni-k (linrrle * llriiliain, mara.) — Pin-M", 

(Viiii.. un-hiiii' is. 

l(lri|K|ill j4|oek--..Xi'ivark. N. J.. 211, In.lefllillc. 
In, .mi rlUk'k . ( Ulfrl Blown, timr.)— Mllwank.'e. 
:■ WIh., 20, 'iniMltilte. .-. , './ '■'■■ 

Bi'iilnii- Sink ((.*. Mini'liMiI, War.)— Snli'm. Ill,, 

U!) May 1. 
Ik-iik'nr Prliu-e 0|a'rii I Harry |j>a Velle, mar.) — 
i Piiilnriili, Ky., >!>iy illiine I, . n -. 

Keiwle BtiiiM-ll l.aillo' tin-liemra— I'.nlllmoro, Mil., 

20, .... .... 

"Iln'WHter'a Ullllana" ( Kreilerlt; Tliomiiwin, tusr.) 

v-rN. \. .Clll 211. InilHIlllle. .. . 

"Jlimter Brown," 'Kaaterii l(llnater Brown Amnae. 

Co., umn.) — KniiHaH City, Mo., 2»-Mny 4, HI. 

.I.O'llH ,'i.U, XI'IHIIII PllilK. it .. .,-. 

"Bn»ter .llrowii," .Woilvrn (Kuater Brown Amu»e, 

Co., irtjiin.V— lin.vion. rt„ 20.Muy I, Coliimhnii 

24. Ilri.nkiyii. X. V.. 11-11. : 
"Belle rtt .MnVfnlr" (Tlios. W; Hyley, inor.)— 

Clevelnml, O., 2n-May 4, 1'lllnmira. Pa., H-IK. 
"Ilonnlp Brier Itnitli" (dliliimaii H Colvin. mitra.) 

— Peoria. III., 2«-.Muy,l. Tnleilo, <!.. 2-4. 
"Boron' anil ABey" . (WmrctilialM A.. Kemjier, 

■iijtm. » — N. V.. City 211. Iwlc-flnlle. 
"Barilla, Hie Howjua Machine iilrl" (A. II, 

Wooiln. inpr. I - Cliniliiiioogu, Tcnn., 211-May 4, 

Naxlivllle 11-11. - . ■• 

"Boy Il.'hlml Hie linn," C. K. & II. C. .Blaney'i 

— N. V; City .Ifll-Jlay 4, Ilolxikcti, N. J.. .1-8. 
"Illlf llrarleil Ilm." Kllmt It (Innnln'H (Daniel 

lteo.1. mar.)— Milwaukee. Wla., 28-.Mny 4, SI. 

Paul. Mi fi-ll. 

"Belle nt Jaimn." (il. Hnrrlf likWu,,. ingK) — 

Dwlvlit. III.; May I. cool city 2, MorrlK 3, 

Juliet 4. Aiirorn n, Hraaoit enda, 
"llanker'a Clilkl." Kaxlern tllarry . MmDUOU, nigr.) 

■ I .ii .Mara'. Cain:, .May 1 . l.uh Anlihaa 2, I ,n 

-Inula :i. Itneky l-'nnl 4, I'uelilo ft, I'lorenre (I, 

Canon City Y, .Hnllila S, tltenwoml U. . 
"Bnnker'H Ciillil." WealeruMti. H. perry, roar.)— 

Outlirle Centeri ■ la.> May 1, Vuntauelle li, 

lln-endelil 4, OhccoIii t), demon 7, Omaha, Nehr,, 

n-i i. 

'■Bohiih- Prliiee" (Ii'eraer & Xuttlna. ■- nigr.) — 
Bakcriiflehl, Col., 0, llanfonl 10, Vlaalla II. 

'. - . C . . . . . 

Curler, Mm. U'alle (Win. HI. Ciruy, mar.) — 
- HrnVer, Colo., 20-May 4. Halt ,1-ake Clly, (I„ 
. (I-SI, Oir<len 0, Hiocklaii. Cul.. 11. , , 

CroHinani Henrlella I, Maurice Campbell, mar.) — 

I/ih AnoelCH, Cul., 2i)-Mny 4. 
Collier, William (UliarlpH Kroliinan, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City 2U, Iiiilolinite. ... 
Carle, Itlehanl (Cliarliw MarkH, mar.) — floslon, 

MM*,, 211 -May 2.1. 
CoKliInn, ItiiKe (Urnent Slilpniuu. ma'-) — Wliilil- 

pen,. Man., (Jan., May 1; rirnfton, x. nak., 2, 

Crooksion, Ml II, l-'aran. X. Dak.. 4. 

Cuuierou. tnwM (C. II... Kerr. roar. ) — Clileaao, 
' III., 2(1 M«V 4. Milwaukee. Win., nil. 
Colian, (hii. M. (Cohaa & llurrla. niorx.) — N. Y. 

City SlkMay 4, ■ , 

Craiu St.x'k (Ji)lui Cinlu, niiir.)— Jtoslon, Milan., 

20. Inilclliilie. .. . ... 

Cliiuineey-Kelffer (I-'red C. Cliauncer, mar.) — 

VoTk. Po. ( 2I)-Mliy 4: HarrlKliurg 11-11. 
Cutter Hloek (Wallace B.Cnlter, mar. V — Traverse 

City, Mich., 20-Mn.v 4. Cuillilae II- II. 
Cwnlore anil lila llnml (llownnl Pew, niar.) — 

U.nlHvllle. Ky,, 28-May II.-: - ■: 
"IViinlna Thro' Hie Hjc-' (Will J.. Block Aniline. 

lit,, ninrH i — Ikwloii. Mm.*.. 2U..\lav 4. 
••(.''H Aunt" (Wilfrid Norlli, inar.)— Kiiiihoh 
! CIlv. Mil, M May 4, St. Ixnila fill. 
■•Convlcl'H. Iiuukhler" iJna 1». llartou, mgr.) — 

St,l.oitlH- -Mo.. 28-.Mny 4i- Kuiikhr City fi-ll. 
"Cow-Piniclier," W-, I'. Mniui'a (K. V. Maxwell, 

mgr.) — Kiuihiih Clly. Mo.. 28-May 4, Omnliii, 

Nehr., n-K, ))ch Moiae». la., nil. 
"Coaler'* IjhI KlirhlV (J. K. CHIToril. mar.)— 

S.X. Clly 20.Ma,v 4. 
"Claiimuaii" (Ceo. II. Ilreniinn, mgr.)— Norfolk, 

■Vn,, 20, Judrllnlle. 
"Choir Singer"— llidioken. N. J., May 2-4. 

Port Jerrb, N. T., 3, Delhi 4, Troy 0, Cttecuti 
.7, Bin«liamton 6. OSMko 9, Btttaria IT), Hl- 
i«feari Kail: II. ■ rj,.. t. 

"Etui I.ynne."* .Toreptt KiU'C (Walter Morion, 

n"jv;i— Cat^tlll, H. V„ May I, Wlusle.1, (V,nn., 

-• l-lri- !.. I 3. 

P . , .. . 

rink'e, Mra. (Ilnrrlaon iii« flake, mgr.) Tahiti'. 
O.. Mny I. l--ln.ll n i- 2, il, 4, Ilii'mll- 
I0h:7. .. , ■ ' 

KoverjiUam, Win. ll.lohler-, A .Cln., rnara.)— Jl.m 
treal, Cnii.. 20-Mny 4, ' 

Kleldi' All Hlarn (Lew rielila, nigr.")— Chieago, 

ii'-IH., 20May 1*, 

"Kin? of Tramps." ViVMorji (J.eon Alien, mtr.j 
— .M'nnlric:, III.-,., . .May 1, Burt/- 2, Mifj.iuia, 
Mou|. 1. iiano'llf.n, 4, Butte.. S, Soulier '-. 
HrSrt Fa*' 7. f-lcleLff £, BaBBtm h Bia Tluiljdr 
In. Ullea City II. 

Bao-eil Broj. (Char. E. ninney Amote,Co., rogra.) 
— Newark, K. J„ SS-Uo 4. Baltrmore, Mil., 

Ijirolne. Ilolvrt IC, 

Clii la- Ma) 4. 
I*wlrf, J. C. . (W 

P. IHIIInglinin, mar. I— NT. Yi 


iv m. . w, . \n . .v. iiihi-t. mgrU) — Alnei 
Mleh.j Majy-.l. tiiinwiijr 2. ChMoygan 5. 1'pIob 

A, Junker. 





Wn»li., May 

Pielita, mgr?)— Clih-i 
i.'-iii., 2i>-Aiay rae js 

rnniim. Dmtln (Klrke l.a SMIe Co.. m«ra.)-*i, May fi, Inileflnlie 
Ctllcnta). Ill, 29-May 11. ■&* t "Um anil the Mow 

I'm. Kddle ismii.s. L l-ee Mhuhert, Inc.,- nigra.) 
" vl fr &• IiMleflnH*- . •....; w. 
«le (John CoTt. mgr:) — ItoclieMcr." '«. 
Mogiini l-'allH 2. St. Catherine-,. 

.key - 4. , IJornej It. Mutt Jordan 7, K»U»«Xa 
Trnverae City 0, Manlalee 10. T.udlnrlon 11. 

MvPigalon Slrn-k— Peoria. HI.. Mav .1-11. 

1-ewlx * I-aka'a Mimical Oomeily— Seattle, Wanh., 

«u»«" (Henry B. Ma'rrla, mirr.)— 

I ' » 

lirew, Joim (CliiirlcH Krolinian, mgr.) — MllWiillkee, 

Wla.. 20-Mny I, Sniilh Ik'tul. Ind.. 2, Oraml 
. ItuphlK. Midi... 4. BulTatO. .V. Y„ 0-1 1. 
Ha)}', Arnold (Daniel I'lohniau; nigr.) — N. Y. Clly 

20. linli'ilnllc. 
Ilanlolx, rrnnk (C. Ii: nillliigbnin, nigr.)— Plilla- 
■ ilelphln. Pa., 2w-Muy. -i, llufloki, ,N. v., tin. 
nuir rtta-ra (J. C. Duff, mgr.)— Salt Lake City, 

l'„ 20-Mny I. 
iVwiilng. RolH'i'l (II.' It. Ki'hiiltcr, mgr.) — Cam- 
den, X. .1., 20-Ma.r I. 
Day, -Anna I Sneely, ' niilpimui & Co., mom.)— 

Frankfort, linl.. May 4. 
' Donne. Allen— Phllailelphln, Pa.; 20-May 4. Bal- 

lluioi-e. .Mil., (I'll. 
Ik- Pew-lliii-iletle S!(m'I; t'thoa. K. De Pew. mur.) 

• -spi-ingiu lii, <)., iOMiiy 4, l-nlon Clly, Ind., 
. tt-ll. 
He V(k«. Plora (J. II. Iliiliiour, mgr.l- -MmiclieK- 

ter. la., I'liMny 4. 
"DlKtnh-l leader''— Qnlney, III., May B, Ilea 

Molnen; In., 10. 
"Down Mohlle" (.Ins. D. Barton & Co.. nigra.)— 

I.nulavllli', Ky., 2H-Mny 4.. 
"Dora Thorn*. ' Ilow.lnnd * Cllfrord'a (Hurry 

Uiaiipell. .mgr.l— I'eorlu, III., May 2-4, Hca 

Moliie.i. .In., fi-8. 
"Driven lie Slnrm" (Seeley A Wonda. nigra.) — 

Jiitnej.tiiWil. X. Y.. May I, Cnrry. I'a.. 2. I'nlau 

city .'I, Klglu 4, rrniiklhi II, Wirren, <).. 7, 

I'linlorhi 8 

"Diiti'lilnnii'a Hniieyinoon" (Prank I.. Whit Her. 

iiiKi-. )— IVinkllii, .Miihb., Mn,V 1. Piiiiimii, ('.inn.. 

2, Welailer, Miihb., il, . IVIerlairo 4. - - 

— - K — 

l.ilem.ii, Ilolk-it (Henry II. Ilnrrla, mgr.) — Lon- 
don. Kng., May ii. Indefinite,. 

"Fto. Wlfee«," l.llii'Olu J„- UarlerV- Kl. Paul, 
Minn.. UNMay I. Mlimea|HillH fill. 

"i'.luhi Ik'lla." Ilima. .llyrtie^llnlaikeh, x. J.. 2s- 
Mar I. Plilersnii 2-». I'rnvlilenei-. It 1.. (l-il. 

"Kast l.ynue," Joacnli Klng'a (Arlhitr Seynioiir, 
wnr-1— I'iltatiiii, Ph., Majr 1, dirbMidalc 1, 

I'enly, Maude 
Y.. May 1 

Ont.. Car., .a, . Iwi.lon 4, Stratford U, Wood 
atook 7, JlomJIIon 8, Toronto 0-11. 

I'llMlinmoha. Ikil, (J. C. Mallhewa, mgr,)— Bui- 
llnmre. Mil, 211-May 4 ,. , 

KenUrg Sleek, RaaWM (neorge M. Fenherg, mar.) 
— Klnnaton. K, Y., 30-May 4. - . 

I"enl*rg Stock. Weatern (Oeorge M, l>nherjr. nigr). 
— hlainford, Conn., 20-Mny 4, New Britain Oil. 

Ferrla Slock (Plpk I'errla. mgr.j— l,os Angelea, 
CaL, 20, Inncfliilte. ... 

roni'talii. Marie oih! Bnldir (Omcr.J. Kenyon. 
mgr.) — Colorado Sprlng.i c Coki.. 2A-May R. Trini- 
dad 4-0, Colorado Spring* "June 1, , 

Pnwcvlt Sl,a-k (flwi. Fawcett, nigr.) — niclnnond. 
Ya.. May d, Indcllnlte. 

I'rnaer Stock. (B. W. t-'rn«er* ingr. )— St. Iguace, 

Mlcli.. .20-.MHV 4~. MiillWIiille ll-ll. " '<: £ > 

"rifiy MII.-.h from Koaton 1 ' (Cohan A Ilnrrh, 

nigr».)— Chleiico, III., 28. IniMliilie. 
"Koriy-live Mlniilpa from Brondwny" (Klaw A 
Krhinger. ingra. I — Akron. ()., May I, Cftulon 2., Krle, I'n.. 4. 
"Knr a Ilimian Life," Wm. T. eKogh'a (I,. J. 
l-'iiiw. nun. i - 'I'.iinn iii. Cnii, I'll .May 4, Boston, 
Alnaa.. Ur.ll. . • : 

'.'l-'oiir Cnr»ieiia.»a*<lko Kitrlb," Klluit A (inzzoln'K 
(Jnlm J. Ilernem, mgr. ) -Toledo, o., 2N-May 
I, llriind itaplilH. Midi, M, 
"l-'or Her Ilrullier'a Sake." A. D. Mel'hee'a 
(K'rnnk Dodicr. mgr.) — Imnwnoil, Mich, May 
1. WnshlHirn. Wla, 2, Ihtyfleld il. Iron Itlver 4. 
Two Hiirlair*. Mliin... (I, Tower 7. Blwuldk 8. 
Vlralnln.o., Kveleih'Uf). lllhliliig .11. . .„, 
"P'alnl. Weihllhg"— Bnyonne. N| • *., 2ii-M"ny 1. 
Wilmington, Del., 2-4,. Philadelphia, Pa., ill I. 
i.. ,- . • lll^i O '-.- ■„ . 

Coodwlh, N.iC— Seattle., Wnali, 20-Ma'y 4; 
(Irai-e Ceorge (Wm. A. llrody, mgr.) — N. Y. Clly 

20. Indelliill". 
(ilhnore. Paid (Julea Murry, mgr.) — fdifuyelte, 

■ Ind,, Mny II. 
flllmore, Barney (llavlln A Nlcolal, mgra.)— I'llla- 

lairg. Pa, 211-May 4. 
Crapewln. Cluirf. I Wella,. Dunne A Ilnrlnn, mgm.) 
: —Noi'fidk, Va., Mjlij 4< ..■,-.- 

tlrahiuiie. Ferdinand— Snndanky, 0., 20-Mny 4. . 
liny,. Stock (Clin»« W. Mercer, mar.)— Worthlhg- 

ton. lnd.\ 20 -May 4... 
"(Irand Mogul" (Klaw A F.rlanger, mgra.) — 

llraoklyn. N. V.. 20-Mny 4. 
"fllrla Will lh! Hirla" lllrady A Hart, nigra.) 
--'.'Iiii-liinall. O.. 28-Mny 4. I'lllHlinrg. I'a, IM1. 
"llmreriinr'a I'nhkm" (II. II. Whlllnker. nigr.) — 

SI. I.oiiIk, Mo, 28-Mny 4. Chicago, III, fi-ll. 
"(lay New-^ Ywk" IJoaepli I'cilloglll, mar.) — 

ProvldeAfl", ff. I, 20-May 4. . . • * 

"lihigei-lawiil Man"— Wnalilngton, D. C, 20-Mny4. 
"fllrl rroro I'lilll" Uhury I,. 11I«hi.ii. rasr.l— 

Heaoh. "Nehr, May 3, Fnllertou :i. BclgrlMe'4. 
"flrent Wall SlreefMyalery" (Vance A Sullivan 

nigra.)— Ilaffulo. N. Y, 20-Mny 4. 
"(Mil hud Hie Stnmiaile" (,V.:K. Ijiuibert,, nigr. . 
Kiilrv.U'W, II.J'May 1. Whir CII>';2; KtBirtii'm 
Hnlllin 4. Illelillcld II. Klaluore 7. Mount Plena- 
am N, Provo Clly 0, Sandy lo. Illugliani Ciinynu 


lliickclt, .JiuiiOi K. — Ikialon, 

Krnoklyn, N. Y, (111. 
Mar mil. Virgin In (Sam S. A 

nigra.)— Bnatmi, Maw, 20-May 11. 
lldd. Aima'-IKI ircht /legfeld, ingr.)— N 

Jill, liidellulle. .. . ,.„.. 

HoiHier. De W.df ISAUI S. A Stinlart, 
• nigra.)— II aaliiuglon, D. C. 2l)Muf 4. • 
HIU;licock, llnyinouil (Henry W. Savage, ingr.)— 

HeaUle. Wnah., 5-8. • .... 5J , . 

Hntiford, Chnrlea B, (I'. Lawrence- Walker, • ingr. ) 

— Salld.1, Oolo, Jloy 1, Canon City,:2. pueldn 

!l, Victor 4, Crliiple Creek 5, Colorado Springs 

0, Boulder 7, I lie-ley 8, ■ Cjievcimc, Wyo, II, 
. Kearney. .Nehc. 10. tlrorul IslnnU 11,. .„. 
Howard Hull (Cnaa. K, Hlnhev Amnac. Oo„ Mir*.) 

—Brooklyn, N. Y„ 20May 4, Newark, B. J. 

tl-ll. ,. . 

Hciidrlcka. :Ben (Wm, Oray. ..Imjrr)— Bnxemnn, 
j .Manl.,..May 1, Livingston 2,'QBunarck 4. 
Hnll. -lien,' -P. (Frank. \V. Nason.- nigr. ) — Pllla- 

llcM, llr„ May 1, Dexter 2, (, Dover 

4, MiMhmi'kvt 0. llnnllnn 7. I'reaijiie late 8. 

Carlhou 0, Fort Fulrtleld 10, Woodatnck, N; B, 

Cau, 1). 
Haywunk flruce — Cedar llaplda, la, 28-MaT 1. 
llanler-llnll (ftipenp J. Hall, mgr.)— IniUunaifl. 

Ha, 1ml., 20, Indefinite.' 
Ilcinleraoii. ..Maude* (Joseph Paient, mgr.) — Uun,t- 

liigtpn. Hid., 28:May 4. ... . .. .7\'i j 

Hnerlna Slock (Kdgar llaerlng.. ingr. > — Allilo. 

la, 20-May 1, Buxton 2-4, Buaaey (1-8, Moravia 

Henderson Slock (W. J. A R. K. Ileudemoii. 

nigra.)— Maniieo, la, 20-Mny 4, Ceilnr Rbpl.H 

fi'J". '..4*i. , 

lllckriian-rirufjr IV. A. White, ingr.)— U Ciwse, 

WW., 20-M:ly R. 
Ilerahl SUpinre (UlUer A Fanaho-we, micra.)^!^- 
' lilghtou, Pa, 20-May 4, lloyeraford 1111. *. 
Howe, Ia?nua. Lcdlea'Orcliealrn— Worcester, M»a», 

28; liidefliilte. . i . ■,. v.. 

Ilnilerniaim, Jennie, Chicago ladles' Orcheaira (D. 

■•Hi llailerninnn. mgr.)— Dallas. Tex, 20May 25. 
"Helr.lo the He - 

— Iteaif 

"Ills Honor the Mayor" 

rogrj — Philadelphia. Pa, 
"HiniLiii Hearts." Hostei'ii, 

Montreal, Cnii, May tl-ll. 
"Iliimnn llearlH," Hinitliern (Jay Slmina, mgr.)— 
, Clnelnnall, 0.. 28-May 4. Cleveland 11-11. •■ • 
'•Hiininn Henrls." Western (Wm. Franklin Bllev, 

mgr.) — Webmer. la. May 1, ■ (llniicll 2, 01- 

Inmwa 3, llnnulluil, Mo, 4. St. Louis fi-ll. 
'Hani y HtoHgnn" 1 1 Is try II. tllll, mgr.)— OIil- 

cagii. Ill, 28-May II. 
"Hello! pill"— Senllle. 

. Brooklyn, X. Y„ 2Q-Mai.4,c , .,„..'■„, 
"h u >l',«!^ l<«* Mow*' 1 (l/enry B. IJartiH.mar.)— 

Haalnuw, Midi, May 1, Anderson, Tnd., 4, 

Frankfnrt II. Lnfayetle 0. 
'Lion niul the Moffa*'' (Henry B. Hnrrla. mgr.)— 

St. l/>ula. Mo, e«-May 4. St. Joseph nil. 
'Utile lloincalend" (Wm. Macmdey, mgr.) — Beld- 

lug. .Mh-h, May 1. Battle Creek 3, Kalauuuoo 

4, Muskegon ', season ends, , 

Lost in New York" (I, X. Bronaon, nurr-) — De- 

cninr. ll|. May J, Bloomlngton 2, Danville 4, 


Chicago fi-ll. 

Mahtell. Robert B. ( Wii 

Clly 20-May 11. 
Mnry MaMlnerln*- (Bam H. A 
' mgVH.)^-Jack-iori, Mich, 10. 
Mann, Louis (Sum S. A- Lee- Hliuhert, Inc 

— K..V. City 2l». Indeflnlte. . 
Mclntyre.a/id, Heath < Klaw A Ilrlnnger. 

Plllalir.n;, I'a., 20-Mly 4, Jo'instown 0, Al- 

Slnilfgoinery nud Sloiioi.ijC. B. Dllllnghnm, in(p-.) 

N.:X- Cijjr.,20, !nilcllj(i«evv;ii,r.s'.' 

ii. tlrady, rajfr.)— N. V. 

I^e STiphert, Int., 



ingr.) — Mlnne- 

A, M IwMikee. Wis, r. 1 1 
IflHW,' m»r. )— Rooliestor, 
■Ml i2s4,. New Brans- 
in 7, Dover's, Palersnn 

Milie -iihl'ii IWellK, Dnniie A 

.,„ rnato. can, .:i-.\ 

' "Moupjdilner'H l)i.t 

) Kingston, mgr )- 

■ ., "Mayor (if l.inwulu 

' ' ' i .«.,-, l,l.ll n .l..l. 

Mass, 211-May 4. 
law Sliuherl. Inc, 
Y. City 

n.irxiNioi,,, uiicr. I— ifaiias, iei, ^ll'.lluy 10, 

o the lliioriih",(Klrkel.n Shelle Co, nigrs.) 

tilling. I'n., .Mny 1, Harrlsburg 2, Wllkcs- 
► >a, Serautnn 4. . .. 

(Win. Kayinond Sill, 

20, lnileflnltc. 

W. K. Nnnkevllle's— 

.. Wash, 28-May 4. 
Hans null Nix" (C. I,. Walters, mgr.)— Scratt- 
t.ui, I'n., 20-May I. Wllkes-Barre 2-4. ' 

"Hiimply.I)itiii|ily'.' (A. I,. Savlllo, nigr. )— Lintmi. 
hid, Alny 1. Purls, III,, 2, Muttoon il, Deeulur 
4, Peoria fi, Itlonniliiglou fl, Danville 7, Cllnlon 
8, Lincoln 0, Jacksonville 10, Sprhurftcld 11. 

:, I .. .■.-..-.. 
.IriVln. May (Harry Sloan. tngr.)—Biin*alo, N; Y., 

20-Mny 1. Krh'.Pa.. 'J, ■ Rochester, N. Y„ il. 4. 
l-uM. I new Ii oilier A Mi,, ihgi-s.)— ljliiiien[s.lls, 

■Minn, ail-Siny I, St. pnm 2 4, Dnlmlul. 
Irine Ifciiilr <l|iera (Win, lleywooil, ntgr.)— Anna, 

ll|„ May 2. . . . . . :.»' 

"IMe of S|.lee" (B. C. Wl.ltiiey. mgr.)— Porilnnd, 

Ma. May 9. 
"In Old Kenlncky" (A. \V. Dingwall, myr.l— lluf- 

(aid.-. N.. y, 20-May A . ■ '■ 

''In Louisiana"— llolyok". Mass, May 2-4. ■••■■■.. 

- - i-.M ■■ .. . •.,. •*« 

Jefferson, Tliomris — Baltuiwre, Mil, 20-May 4. 
Juvenile RoKloiilauH (KrneatA. WoltT, mgr.)— Bu- 

intn, Minn, 20-Mny 4, Knit Claire, Wis, lis, 

-UertlU.ft-ll., .,,... . .. ......... .,.,. 

"Jerry from Kerry" (Patten .A Fletcher, mgta.) 

— Preiloola. --Kan.. .May 2. fjunilinldt I|. Moliml 

city 4. Pnola 7, llolden, Mo, 8, rattan 10, 

Vandalla 11. 

. . "K 

Knoll,. Itonelle (Sweely. Milnmnn A Co., ingrs.) — 

Kaunas. Clly, ,Mo„ -2S-.\lu,v 1. ltronk(Ield 2, «. Sliflnifllelil, 111, 4, Dei'iuur (I. 

Chniuiuilgii 7, Ulooinlnulon 8, Juliet 0, Aurora 

HI. KlWn II. 
Keller, the Orenl (Dudley MeAilow, mar.) — llllca, 

X. Y, May 2, Klmlra 4, llurrlslmrg. Pa., il, 

. Nnri'lsliiwn II 

Klol. nml Dill- Sin Francisco, Col, 28, Bute- 

Knlckorhockcr. Mlock.lW. It. lliimllton. mgr.) — 
-. :i,ewlstoii. Me, 20-MKy I. IMrllund ill I. 
KtMiuedy, Nelllo IT. II. IKduvun, ingr.) — Norrla- 

town, Pa, 211-May I, 
King Slock (W. Fjirl King, mgr.)— Sidney, N. Y, 

211-Mn.v 4. .. • 

Kliigsley's Slock (I'lerep ft. Kln'galey, mgr.)— 

Diihlnili'lle. Ark, Ma,v 21. ,. 

"lylilghl fnrn Dae", III.. C. ttlillney, Mjir.)— Wil- 

•tigo. Ill, 2H. Indellalle. 
"Kldiinppeil fur. U o V f UW " (Clins. K. Blalicr 

An. use. Co, mors. >-- IndliiiiHiHilla, lml, 2'J-May 

I. Dayton. (K, '1.4. . ...... ;-.. 

"King of Hie Cilllle Illtig." Kller'a (Jon lln-ter. 

mur. ) - -llrirrhitiii. 11^ . .Mny :2. ; 
"King uf Hie 'Mllle'llliig.'' Kller'a, Knalcrrf'di. 

V. Unit, nigr I^Vnrurt. 111.. May 2,' Larch 3, 

HImiii T. lie Kiilh V, llclolt. Wla., 10. 

Mnrtlowr,. LllJIaii (J: ,1. 

spoils. M|iin.t SS.Mai,,.. . 
Melville. Hose (J. tt'vfffl 

N. Y, 20-May 1<,:|ijf 

wick. X. J., II, I'laii™ ' 

.11-11. b ... ' I. 
Jlerrllt. (Irnce (F.raesl 

iHirl. ' Ind, May 1, 

l.iifnyelle 4. 
Mary Marhln and 

■llurlau, -nigra. I — Nashville), "Teiin, 20-Mny 4. 
Murray and Mnek mule. Mack. mar. )— Olympla, 

Wnali, May 1, Vnncniirer, B. C, Can, 2, Aa- 

torln. fire., ,'t, Portland 4. r>., <or- 

mllls 7, Kiigenc 8, Medford II, Roselmrg 1U, 

.Dnklaml, CaL, 12 .,.. iEi . 

Manliiiilnii Oi>ern— Charleston, S. C, 20, Imlcfl- 

hllp. ■ 

Morris siock '(Wm. Morrla, mgr.)— X. Y. Clly 

20, -Indennlle. ..- . .,. 

.Mj-rkle-IInriler. Siock. Enatem (W. II. Harder, 

mgrs.i — llnllfnx. N. S, Can, 20May 1. 
Murray A Mnrkey,. Western (John J. Murray, 

■ingr.)— Ymiiigstowu. O, 2fl-Mr)y' 4, Akron till. 
Marshall, Tully, Stock— Plttslilirg, Pa, 20, l(i- 

dettnlle. ...... • ■■ 

McDonald. Stock Id. W. McDonald, mgr.)— Bnltll. 

Tex, 20-May 1. Cisco 2. Terrell ll-ll. 
Morrison Comedy (K. II. Stcpath. hns. thar.)-i- 
i IfprrlaoptMirg; Va, 20 .vlny 4; Winchester 6-U. 
Miller Bros.', Slock (Lee' stnnlon, mgr.)— Fort 
- Midlson. .Ia,,2p-M»y 11.:. ■„ 
Morgnii's Coiiiisliniis — Mnnlatee, Mich., 0-11. . 
"Man. of the Ihiur" (Brady A Orlsnier, nigra.)— 

N. Y.-.'CUy 20. Indeflnlte. ■■■■ •-- --i ■-,, '. 
"Mrs. Wlnjw of the ..Ciibhage Patch" (Llelder A 

Oh,, nigra.)— Helena, Mont,, May I, Anncoiutu 

2, Butte il, 4, Ogdcii, 11, 8. ; 

"Mr. Hi.iikliisi.u" (.las. K. Jlackelt.. mgr.) — To- 
ronto. Can, li'.i-Mav 4. Montreal 0-11. - , 
.ngtiler,".: W. F. -Mann's (Tiny 
I— Clllea«o..,lU„. 28-Jiine I. 
land" (Fred O. Nlxnh-Nlrclllnscr, 

•mgr.;)r— Plillnilehihln.,.P«, 30, lodennlto; ,. .- 
"Mimtajin" (Jas. D. Carey, mgr.)— Cleveland, O, 

20-Mny>4. •■ . • -•. 
"Midnight Flyer" i Mil Anderson, mgr.)— Spring- 

Held. HI., Mny .1. Itenrilstovvn 2. Kownoee I. 

Itoct laluud fi, Morrison il, Bochclle 8, La Suite 

tl. 'llinwii III. Strr.itor It. 
".Missouri rjirl," I'red lluyiunnd's. Knst (Cihi. 

Hwtee. mar.) — Lyiichlairg. Va, Mny 1. ■ 
"Millloiinlre'a Ilcvengr" IMIttenthal-Bma. Amuse. 

Cn., ingrs. I— Detroit. Mick, 28-May. 4, Buffalo, 

"My Wire'-a Vimilly." Wealern tW. Mciinwon. 

mgr,)— Itegemi, AIM., Can, Mny 2, Prince fl, 

Soeknlonn 19,. 
"Mail Mlllliiiiiihe" (W. W. Lapolnt. nigr.)- St. 

Itcgla Falls. .V. Y, May 1, NnrwisHl 2, MiiBseifa 

8, Sneket.lJarlmr 4. 

"Me. IllmjMMl I." IIurllB A Seanian'a— Brooklyn. 

K 1, 2p-May 4. 

• ,-. ■- - ■•: ■ •-. .. *.i..:. .- -■ I 

Nelliersok?, Ohja (Lgmla Nethersole, mgr.)— Phlli- 

dclphln. Pa, 20-May 11, ... 

Naalmova, Mine. Alio (Henry Miller, mgr.)— & 

Y. Clly 20. Indeflnlte. . ... 

NeilHon. Alice, Opera— Portland, Me., May fl, 4. 
"Nclll*, the Beautiful -Clonk Model" (A. II. 

.Woods, mgr.l— Wnshlnston, D. V, 20-JIav 4. 
'Night Before Christmas" (Jaa. D. Barton A Co, 

mgrs.)— Birmingham,, Ala, 20-May 4. 

Olcylt. Cbaiineey (Augustus PI ton,, mgr. )— Allan- 
' lit Clly. X. J, May 1, 2, New Brunswick 3, 

Trenton 4. X. Y.Clty 6-1-I. . - * . 

O Nell. James (Kdgar Forrest, nigr. )— Brooklyn, 
. N. Y..-26-May 4, N. Y. City 0-11. ' -' 
O'Neill. Nance. (C. B. Dillingham, mgr. )— Boston, 

Mobs, 20. Indeflnlte. .... 
Osaum. Stock (John Oamon, mgr.)— Tollasaec. 
- Ala., 20-May I, lot Fayette 2-4. . 
0""f New. Minister" (Joseph Convers, mgr.)-- 

ClrclevllIe..o., May.l, Portsmouth 2, Chilll- 

cotlie Si'XMU 4, Cincinnati fi-ll. 

°,? % v ?! e " .<"»"»■ Miller, mgr.)— Clnelnnall, 

().. 28-Moy-4. - . 

"Oar Old Kentucky Home" (Wm. Heywood. ingr.) 

—.Superior. Nehr, May 1, Nelson 2. Hehro.i :l, 

lulrbury .4. ; . . 
"(lutlaw'a Clirlstniaa^ .(P. II. Sullivan, mgr.)— 

Ilroklyn, Ni Y, 20-May 4, Pblludelplilal Pj, 

"Old Arkfinsnw," I'reit Ilayinniul's (L. A. Kil- 
wurds. i :nlgr.)-~Oolfax. Wash, May 1. Pomeroy 
2. Walla Walla il, Proaaer 4, Yakima Ii. Miens- 
"}!*,,"', O'jW'u 7, Anacortes 0', Wcitmltistcr 
10, Blulne 11. 

F«r{i<i . Ka.lhryn (W. D. Fitxgerald, mirr.)— 

Wash ngtou, D. C, 20, ludeUnlte. 
Pay ton Siatera (U. S. Payton. nigr.)— South Mc- 

Aleatrr. Ind. Ter, May fl-Fl. 
Page. Klecl* (W. W. Lapolnt, mgr. )— Maloue, 

N. _Y., 20 Jltiy -I. Massena. ,(1-11. 
Pnrtello Stock (W. A. . Partcllo, mar.)— Dover. 

N. J., 20-May 4, Trenton Oil, , , . " 
"Prince. of Plisen" (llcnry W. Savage, 'nurr.)— 

Aillmrn, -X. Y, May I. Ainslenlnui 2, OsBON il, 

Troy 4, N.Y, C|ly 0-18. 
"Iiainih.w lhe.Town," Cliaa. II. Yale'a— Montreal, 

.Can, 20rM'i.V 4. •• .. . 

'(Powers That. Be." .IB. F. Boalwlck, iiurr.)— 

'N-..Y. .Cllir ailMuy M, . 
"I'rlmrnsc Prilh'.' (Mnyard Veiller. mgr.)— drook-, N. Y, 20-Mny 4, N. X. City 0, ladeOnltc. 
"Peck's llnd.Boy";(C. S. caUnhmi. mgr,)— Sac- 

ratncillo, Cat, May fi, Ashland, , Ore, '8, Itosc 

hui'g 0. Kugetie .10, Vancouver.. Wash, 11 
lillei"— W"" 

IChna. K. lllniiey 
Ingrs.)— N. Y. City 20-Muy 4, N. 

"PediHel"— Wllliefc-Barrc, Pa, 20-May T, Scran- 
Inn 2-4. Newark. N. J, 0-11 

"Purled on Her Bridal Tour' 
Amuse, Co,. 

"Prlpcu of SweOeh," C. S, Primrose's— Rhine- 
hinder. Wl«„ May 4, Tomahawk. 0. ,i 

"Pnjr o( Couutry Rids" (C. Jay Smith, mgr.)-- 
Ainlierat, Wis, -May 1, Slovens, point 2, Clin- 
tonvllle-ll, 'Koilkaunii 4. Two nivefa fi. Mani- 
towoc n, .Lmllnmoii, Mich, 7, Reed Clly 8, 
Aln'ui 0, Hajtliwk- 10, 11. ' 


"Otieen of (he White Slaves" (A. II. Woodn, mar.) 

■— N. Y. Clly 20-Mny 4, Benson ends. ■■'""' 
"Qileen.of the illglililnderaf (A. II, Woods, mgr.) 

—Jersey Clly. N. J, 211-May 4, N. Y. Clly ll-ll. 
Itoliprtaon, Fori**, and (lertmde Klllolt (Klaw 

«, Brln nger, mgrs.)— Clileako, III, 20-May 11. 
Iluaaell, Lillian (Uon, 1\ lllhh.n. Wgr.)— Onklond, 

Cnl, 20-Mny I. Ran Jose 2, Stockton, it, Sncrn- 

nienln 4, Portland, Ore, 0-0, Tacomu, Wash, 

10. II, 
Itohwn, JQleanor (Llelder A Co, mgra.)— N. Y. 

Clly 20, indefinite. 
Unwell, Annie (Wngcnhnln A Kemncr, nigra.) — 

Han Francisco, Cul, 20-Mny It. i 
llmw, Thoa. W. (Sam S. A lav Shnhert, top, 

idura.)— Iioulsvllle, Ky, 20-Mhy 1, Wl'ieeiing, 
.W. Va, -4. • 
Itiiya, The (Slalr A Nleolol,, mgra.)— Grand 

Rnpltls. Mich, 28-Muy I. Buy Clly It, sngliinu' 

.4. Cleyelinid, I),, fl-11. 
ROfa Artillery Biti)H Una. De- Vita, liigr.)— 

illnnllc C1|y, N.I.. 20. ihdeonlle, . 
"Buffers Bros In Ireland" (Oil* 'A Mux linger*, 

Ingrs.)— Uouloii, Mass ' 
"Bose of i (lie RBMtWf .. 
.Ji.,y, City 20. imlefllille. 
W^^O^#** 'MlWtai mgr)'— Chicago, 

ill., 20, liideOuUe. 

ad to Yesterday" (P. W. 

N. V. Clty.2!l. Indelliille. . 
"lUJili oY.Bkftiill! .Tl'.uiiifne 

iimalio. Nehr, 28-,l((ay I.'. 
"Bace for .Life" |p, II. Sullivan Amuse, 
• Bun-n.1 — Poier-sai. N. J., 20-May 1 
"hviVf Harden" 


Soihern. K. II, and Julia Marlowe (8am 8. A 
l-ce Sbnbrrt, Inc.-, lugra.) — London, Kng, 20, 
Indefinite.- i - .. •• >. , 

Stuhl, Boko (llcnry B. Harris, nigr.)— N. Y. City 
,,/BO-Jurai 1. i ■ I . ■ i ■ i- ■■ 

Sharif, Mary (Erneat Slitpman, mgr.) — Iiitllanan- 

nllJ, Ind, May 1. Dayton. (>.. 2. Wheeling, W. 

■ Vaf. .1; Alfodna.' Po,' 4. Brooklyn, N.Y.. O'll. 

Scott, Cyril (Waller N. I.nvtrence, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City 29-May 4. ■ , ■■■.. - 

Shea. Thomas E. (Nlion A Zlnmerman, mtrra.) — 
. Ottawa,. C«p,» May 3. 4. Moiitreal 0-11. ...... 

San Carlos Opera (Henry Russell, ingr.) — Mon- 
treal, Can., Mny 1, .-..-; • ., 

Sidney, Oeorge (A. W. Herman, ragr.) — Mont- 
pelier, Vt, May 1, Concnril, N. H, 2, Porta- 
moufh .1. Lynn, Mass, 4. 

Son .Fraaclaeo Opera (Frank; W. Ilealy, mgr.)— 
San Francisco, CaL. 20-May 12. 

Kohl ley. Jnarpb (11. H. Hancock, mar.) — Boston, 
Mans, 20-May 4. Brooklyn. N. Y, (Ml. 

Star .Opera. (Herman N'ooell, mgr. )— Toinadba, 
. Pa, 20-.May 1, Maucji Chunk 2-4. ... 

Smart Set: (J. K, Comerford, mgr.) — Provldeuca, 

' B, I, 20-Mny I , ■ ; 

Suowj Mortimer, Slock— Memphis, Tenn, 20, In- 
deftilte. , ■' '-,. 

Sheldnn's Comedians (0. H, Sheldon, ingr.) — Near- 
port News, V», 20, Indefinite. 

SiMihleii-Pnlge Stock (S|sslden A Pnlge tngra.) — 
Slerllng, III, 20-Mny 4, Frerport «1V^ - 

Strong. Klwiii, oiul-I'laycrs (Waller Savage, mgr.) 
—Sloita C(ly,1a„ 20-May 18. 

"sign of the. Cross" (It. O. Croerln, mgr.)— 
Plltslnn-g, Pa, 20-May 4. 

"Straiigar hi Town" (IL II. Union, mgr.} — Lady, 
Kiiillh. II. C, Can, May J. Nanalmo-2. New 
Westminster .;, Blaine, Wash, 4, Belllnghom S. 

.., - *• , 

Terry, Ellop (Charles FroWiati, mgr.)— Spring- 

Held. Mass, Mny l; Wnterhnry. Com, 2. Wor- 

•i-sler. Mass, ii. New Haven. Conn, 4. 
Thurston,. -.Adelaide (Franelk X. Ilope, mgr.)— 

Wilkes-Bnfre. Pa,. May ), Mananoy City 2, 

Bailoa 3, Allentown 4. .,- ' . . . 

Templelon, Fny (Klaw A Krlnngcr, nigra.) — Hurl- 

for,]. Conn, May 1, 2. Siirliigdeld, Muss, 8, 4, 

llolyoko 8. 
Taylor Stock (IL W. Taylor, nigr.)— Parkera- 

hurg, \y. Va, iO-May,4. 
Trnheni Slock (Al. Traliern, mgr.)— Sag Harlsjr. 
- K.-Yii May I. Palchiigiie 2, Boy Shore il, Oyster 

Bay 4, Snyvlllc it, Southampton' 7, Sag Harbor 

8, i'uti-hi-«uc 0, Bay. Shore 11),. Oyster Bay 11. 
Trousdale Bros.'; Theatre, Eastern (Merle Trbns- 

dole, mgr.)— Chanute, Kon, 20-May 4, Cherry- 
■ -vnle Ml.. ..... . ■ -, . . ... 

Tiittlc. dare. Stock— Zaneavllle. 0,-Moy fl-11. - 
"Time, the Place niul Hie Old" lit. II. Singer, 

mgr, )— Chicago. Ill, 20. Inilcflnlle. , 
"Two l.lule, (Jlrls" | Augiistin UnlV Musical Com- 
• -inly CAi, mgrs,)— 43ilcouo. Ill, Hn-.iiine 1, 
"Tukna." Ilnniitlhiiist A Cnri'Ic's— N. Y. Clly 20- 

Miiy 4. 

u : x V ■ 

"Pnele Toih'a Cnhln," AL W. Martin's (161. S. 
Mnrlln. iiurr. )— (,'hlcngo. Ill, 2S..\1ay 4. Ke- 
nosha, Wis, •',, Junesvlllo II, .Madison .7, La 
Crosse S, Kail Claire 0, Mcnoiumilc 10. Bed 
Whig. Minn, IK 

"L'nele ,Tom'a C«h|n," Terry 's : (W. fl, Dicker. 
mgr. |— ..Marcus, In, May 1... Alia 2. Ahthon il, 
lino J'. SinltHJhuil (),■ ,|)nhwii 7, Missouri Val- 
ley 8, Woodbine 0. Dow Clly 10, I/igun II, 

"Ciicle SI IliiskliiH," C. S. Prlmnwe'irr-Fond du 
Ijicv Wla,. May 4. Oshkosh C, s.Waupach. 0. 

"L'hele Tom's Cnhlnt' (JO. ('. Smith, nigr. I — Cadil- 
lac, Mich,. Mny 1, Big llnpldn X Alma -4. I.u- 
neer 0. Tort Huron 7, Pontine fi. Mount Clemens 
0,'St. Cliiirlea 11. . , 

iMgi ■»■ ■ .*: > 

Viiii. BIHf B. (P. II. Sullivan Amuae. Co., ingrs.) 
j-Raltliaore, Md, 20-Mny 4, Dhllndelplila, Pa, 

Van llrke A Katnn (P. Mack, mgr.)— namllton, 

0, 20-May G 

Van Bureu Stock (W. W. Lapolnt, mgr.)— Char- 

Inttelown. P. K. 1, Can, 20-May 4, Amherat, 

N. S, OIL. 
"Village firoccr" (Denton A Lapolnt. mgra.) — 

Montrose. Pa, May 1, Sidney, N. Y, 2, .Wal- 
lace il. Delhi 4. 

W ,'i 

Williams, liattle (Charles Frohman, mgr.) — 

Sprlngfleid; Masi, May -2 -. . 

WarOeld. David (David Belaaco, mgr.)— St. Loula, 

Mo, 20-May 4, Pittsburg. Pa, fl-11. 
Wilson. Francis (Charles Krobman. mgr.)— New 

Bedford, Masa...May 2, Newport, R. I„ 3, Fall' 

Itlver, Mass, 4. 
Welier's. Job. M, All Stars (Fred Peel, mgr.)— 

Pliiladelphls, I'a, 20-May 4, Washington, D. 

Wilton, Ai H. (Sidney R. Ellis; mgr.)— Madison. 

-W|a, May 1, JanesviUe 2, Freeport, 111, 3, 
Jhickford 4. 
White, porter J. (Wm. A. Tulley. mgr.)— Cold- 

wnter. Mich, May 1, Three Blvers 2, Con- 

arautlnc il, Auderann,. Ind, 8.. 
Walker Wliltesldes — Portland, Ore, 20-May 1. ' 
Woodruff. Henry (Henry ... Miller, nigr.)— Buffalo, 

X. V, Mny 2-4. Cincinnati,- 0,5-11. 
^ffikaBLJr 1 (Bfoodhurst A Currie, mgra.)— 

Phlladelpliia. Pa, 20-May 4. > - - " 

W 2S-Ma JUC ] l lJ ° S ' A ' ' MaClr ' mST - > ~ **■»* J"-, 
Wlliiams, Initio (H. H. Wlnchell. mar.)— nich- 

mond. Va„ 20-May 4. .. . ~* ' 

Wills' MiWlcnl Coineily (John B. Wilis, mgr.)— 

Wllllnnisond Walker— Baltimore: Mfl.. .20-May 4. 
Wlnnlnger Drop.' Own (Frank Wliinl'nker, mgr')— 

Shehpygau. Wla,.20-May 5, Oshkosh Oil. 
Whlimau'a .Comediana '(Jack. Rosclclgh, mgr.)— 

Weatherfo,d, Tea,, Mav 0-U. - 

-Tex I 20-May C 4 ( ° - ''■ Wby ' e " mgr - ) — CMm "« ! - 
AVoods. Arthur .1.— Clinton, la, 20-May 4. 
Wallace's Theatre (DUWnHky Bros, mgrs.)— Rock 

Island, 111, 2D. indcllnlte. T. 

Womlwanl Slock— Pantons, Kan, 20-May 1. 
"We Arc King"- .(A. ,W. Croaa, mgr.)— CUnlon, 

Mo, May 1. Columbia 2, Fulton 3, Mcilco 4, 

St. LoiiIh fl-11, ....... . 

"Way odlhe Trnnagresaor," Cliaa. II, Ynle's— 

Uevelonil. 0, 20-May 4, Drnnd Ilnplds, Mlcb., 

"Women Who liarc" (A. K. Pearson, niar.)— 
PhllailelphU Pail S»-May.4,. V. * City ™?11. . 

"Warning Bell," Clarence Bennett's, Fast (K. T. 
■JHWl^jl^fWJW. Ind.i May 1. Kendall- 
Vllle If, Decnlnr 3, ilnrtforil oily 4. Porllaml (1 
Alexandria 7, Tlnlun 8, Crawfordsvllle D, 
l^linnou 10, Klwood 11 ' 

"Vlf , i rt o 0f ^ VnlI ^ ,r t l ' , i siTO*'. Pntlersoti'n-- 
,*»• ?,' />•!"•. M*y 1. Dellc Fouche 2, Stnrgla 
il. Rapid City 4. . : - ., 

"Whjt llitppcned to Jones" (N. I,. Jelcnko, mgr.) 
— leiidersoii. N. 0, il, N«w|»rt Hem,, Va, 4, 
Salisbury, Mil, 7, Havre do Grace if), Burling- 
(on, N. J, 11. 

*-, 2-4, NcWntt 
-Detroit, Mich, 
msr.)- Kan-i* 

Pa, 20-May 1. Trenton, N. 

Clly apr.rti! (Phil aherl.lan, tan.) 

i-SMay 4. Toledo, 0, HI. 
Casino (Jlrls (Robert Mriiirhest.r 

CliyyMd, All. •;: ■ 

Ciilmilnl Hellfti (Ctian. J-'ulke. . inar.l — l'lii«i„„,. 

Pa, mSKU, WashliigloJitlLC, l-jl ,; ' 
Cherry Rlnssoin). (Will. A. I'yit. mgr )— Buffalo 

N,,Y, 20Mi 4, Dftroll. iSllch, r7u. " ' 

Dainty Ductless (Bush A Weber, mgrs ) pi,,. 

hurjr. I'a, 20-May 4. Akron. O, us 
Dreamland Beauties (Bert Kendriek. mer 1 

Toronto. Can, 20 Mny 4, Buffalo, N. Y « |7 

.D"W>, ijSuro. Own (John „Clark, mgr.J-lprnVh 

r «1encc. K. J, 20-Muy 4. Bosioh, Mass, n!|T 

Dainty Pnree^Snrlngrtehl Haat, 20May I ii 

■ Mnyi N. V.. 2-4; Heading, • Pa, Oil • 

Kmplre Burleaqiiera (J. Fenneaay, • mar )_«, 

l^iila. M0,,28-May.-1. IndlnnapoTjs, InV, O-ll 
lay Foster (Joseph Oppenhelmer, mgr.)— Jtan... 

Clly, Mo, 28 -.M^ar 4. St. Isvuls fl 11, lv, " , "" 
Greater New Yhrk.Sfars tJaeoli* A Jermon, mors 1 

— Provklence, B. I, 20-May 4. Boston, Mo", 

Oay MoriilDg Olorlcs (Sam A. Scrlbner. mer i 
Brooklyn. N. Y„ 20-May 4. N. S. CIlyTi-il 

Mr & { T&?Jr™L *« ,.)-ch!c.g„, 

High School fllrls (T. W. 

. City .20-May 11. 

Horkuess A Fog's .(Boy E. Fo». m*r 1 h.„ 

: it.s^m^e 2 »:r c #«ipBa. 

I 7li.'.'"28.Mn? i, lT. ( " rt,, '" , ' i '' *"K'-->— fchl<--->C0, 

Weals' (IL W. A Sim Wllllonia. mgrs.)— Bulii 
moi-e. Md, 20-Muy 4. Philadelphia. I', ,, ', 

Inilaceiit Mnl.Is (T. W. Dlnklua, aig )-x y ,. .': 
.JO-.Mny 4. PhilndelidUn. L'n.. O-ll. - M ' 

Impeiinls (II,. W. fc «lm willlHrns, mgrs.)— mi,, 
uenis.lls, Minn, 28-Mny 4. 

Jolly Gills ((ins Llenlug, nigr.) 
May 4, Milwaukee, Wl«~ 0-1 

Jolly. On 

Dink Ins, mgr.)_N. y. 

•Chicago, III, 2k- 

lly Oraoa Widows- IQm W. Hogon, nigr.)— Phil, 
nilelp ila. I'a, 20-Mny 4, N. YV oily (1-1 1 
ELgf'P'Jk Fn'fjdu, nigr.)— St. I^,,l 9 , u- . 

s (J. 


IS-Mdy 4,.Chlcngo. Ill, p-is. 

Knli.kerlKs-kers (Louis Ruble, 
■ leans, T.h, -28-May 4. ' ■ ■ 
Kenlncky Belles (ItolsTt Cordon 

jngr.)— New Or- 

,,».'Y.;. 20-May L^W^XiioSt^QS^f' 

Lid Mftera Ii. ». Wooilhull. mgr.)— N. Y c It 

2»-May 4, Provlilence, ft, |.. tfli. ' 

Merry llnrleaqncra (Rias. f t. Mills, nigr.)— lndlnn- 

apolls. ind, Mny 2-4, l/mlavllle. Ky, r.ii 
Miss New York Jr. (I. I|, Herk, mgr I— Phil. 

ilel|.hla. Pa, 2»-M«y 4. l'rovldeliee; 1 R I, (V 
Mer« Maidens (Chna. W. Daniels, mgr.)— Una 

trenl, Cau, 20-May 4 Toronto ll-ll. 
Merry Makers (It. K. Patloii, higr.)— St Paul 

Mlnh, 28-Mny 4, Diiluth li-li. "'"• 

MtilesiJcs (Fiyl ■ Irwin, nigr.)— Rochester, N. Y. 

20-May 4, Albany ll-ft. 
New Loiidon Gaiety flirts (Cliff W. Grant, mgr , 

jrTWiX. Y, 20-Moy 1, AHiahy 2-4, Scranlna. 
•. i.a,- i»-i i. 
NiEl'llnguIeK (A. J-ick Fnust, mgr. )— Wiireestpr 

.Maas..20 ; M».v 4. Brooklyn. N. », Tfl 
Se X. *>t»»"iT O'.rls (Jidul. J. Mnynibpa,. mgr.)- 

Wajldnglon. D. C, 20-May 4, BaMinWro, il,l. 

Taylori nigr.) — jersey 
N. J, 20.»ay,4. N- f. Oly^-fV. i ' 

-N, V. 

Pinlshui . Belle: .(Oh 

■ Oily. N. J, 20-Sli... 
Piirlslnn -Widows (Itiisli AAVelii-r. nigra.)-- 

Milss, 20 May I. Spllngll,.|.|il.S, Albany, S i% 

Illallo IhihuderH (Chos. i'ruiikllu. mgr. )— Itosloii 
Muss, »-Mr.tJi Troy. N. Y, d-s, Albany o.|,; 

Reeves Al— linllnuniKills, lml, 20-Muy i, Akhm. 
.0., 2-4. Clevelnml HI t. . ,.- •; 

Rase. Hill Knullsh-iFnll? Illli-e A Burloii. uigrs.i - 
Kansas City. Mo, 21-MAy l, Si. Linila S-ll. 

Lenti-Salitleyj Ahe la-vllt. mgr.)— Boston, Muss, 

. ^JO-May .4, N. Y.Clty, O-ll. . ... ; 

!I P fL 1 !/'''?",'?. tt ' e flulety— Toledo, 0, 28-M,iy 

■ *• . A u rnii ;jr" 1 1. ■ 

Rose Sydell's London Belles (W. S. Cnninliell 
ingr.)— Blrmliighnin, Alh, 20-Miiy 4, -New Or- 
. Walls, l*„ nil , 

"*.'!'. y , *J^ M \ ( . Pnf **&?• mgr.l— Delrolt. 

.. Mlcli., 28-M.iy 4. Indlaiiaiwdls, Itnl 0-8, 

Runaway flirts ( Peter. S. Clark, riiur.)- 
a ;.«»2,20-May J. Philadelphia, Pa, O-ll. 
Slur Sliow Girls (W. Fennessy, mgr.) — H. Y CIlv 
. BO-MSy 4. ..'iitcrami. N...t/. ll-ll. " 

Twentieth Century Makla (kluitry Kraiis. mgr.)— 

Kunsns City, Mo, .May n-tl. 
Trnns-Atlantlc Btirlesniiera, Hurtla; A Seaiunn's— 

Philadelphia. I'a, 20-May 4, Reading 11-8. 

1 'S?F.!' llle ? ".^'T fl r "i*. mgr.)— Brooklyn, N. V, 

20-May 4. N. 1. Clly (118. 
Trociileroa (Chus. H. Waldron, mgr.)— Brooklyn. 

,N.,Y, 20-M.iy II. 
Thqroughhreds (Wash. Martin, mgr.)— Cleveland, 

O,. 20-May 4, Plitslu.rg, Pa, fl-11. 
Vanity Fair (Robert Manchester, ingr.) — Phlla- 

de||ihla.,Pa.. 28-May 4, Baltimore, Md, 0-11. 
Watson's Bnrleuiuersj (Sara Hoblnson. mgr.)— N. 

Y. City 20-Mhy 4. Boston.' Mass.'. «-ll. 
World Beaters (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.)— Akron. 

O.v 20-May 1, Indianapolis, Ind, 2-4, Clncln- 

s M*ti, o„ a-ii. =, . 

Wine, Woman (M. M. Tbelae. mgr.)— 

KaTi Clty-20; IndeOnlte., 
Washington Society Olrls (W. B. Watson, ingr.)— 

Cincinnati. 0, 28-May 4. Cleveland fl-11. 
Yankee Doodle filrls (Alf. G. Herriuglon. mgr.) 

— Paterson, N. J, 20-May 4, Jersey Clly 0-11. 

Alas*., Jo-May ,1 1 

(Drivld Ri'lusco, mur)- 

Ynrke and Adnms (B. E. Pofresier, mar.)— Harris- 

S!I*:JIl!" v?'"5' 't T-rtMinon 2, Norrlstown 3, 
hllaabetll, N. J, .4, sensoh end; . 

Ve-CotlMaiil Slock (C. W. Benner, mgr.)— Utlca, 

..3?" 2B-SIay.4. . . 

'Youna^lilhalo, Kliig of the Wild Wm" (Clias. 
I" ffiref *■■» Co, inirra.)— Brooklyn, N. 
Y, 29-May 4, 

. , V, . .... 

ZlnnTk .Traventy— Seatllei Wnsli, 28-Mny 4. 

AiaerlcnitH, Edwin. D. Miner's— Dulu'th. Minn, 28- 
May 4, Mlnnennolla.O-11. 

A, .fi"l? '"I 1 "..! 000 ' Unl *A mar.)— Louisville, Ky, 

28-May 4, Clnelnnall. O, n-11. 
Alnitar Bcmitles (T. W. Dlnklna, mgr.)— N. Y. 
■ Clly ^D-Miiy 4, Alhony, .N. Y, tl-S. Triy o-ll. 

*■»'*[;«■»•»«• ''of** J-\. Kxtravagnnta— Cleveland, 0„ 
; BO-Msy 4, Buffalo, N. Y, O-ll. 
Bowery Biirlesqiters (Joe Ilurtlg, mgr.)-Albany, 

N. Y, 20-May 1, Boston 0-11. . 

Xtaalsomlnns* ( Harney lllrurd, mgr.)— Indianapolis, 

Illd, 20-May 1, Chicago, HI, fi-ll. ,..-.'■ 

,k, {'i | ,ftl !S w ( i ,,l "." ,Vi.^T* b< ' r '. n1 lt«')— Baltimore, 
Mil, 20-May 4. Plltsburg. I'll, 0-11. 

BrlBiulters Kjlins. Cromwell, mgr.)— Mllwhukec. 
Wis, ai»-May 4. St. Paul. Mlon, ll-ll. ' 

1,n ? to 1,n , l!" p " J ' , !? < ' k ? 1 "R<'''' mgt.i-^Ncwnrk, N. 

J, 20. Mny 4, Brooklyn, N. Y, (i-lS. . 
Brondwny Cutely IHMs (Janiea II. Curtln. mgr.) 

lloslon. Mass, 211-May 4, Worcester d-ll. 

,, ".^.. C, 2i(^^l!,i , r y .ilf^n&,X!^ , , DC,,| ■ 
Brady, lleiiuclt ,*. Brady Viiudevlllp (J.', J. <;ill 

nitr.) -^leiiniielle. Pa, 20-May 4. 
Crocker Jacks (lluny I.wnl, nisr.)-Rcodlog, 

.11 l>S'i -KKI-s, 

Doekslnder's, ta- (Cliiirli'S I). Wilson, mgr.) — 
. D»>n\'er.. Colo, 20-Moy .4, Omnha. .Nehr, II, J2. 

De Rue Bros.' i Billy De Rue, mgr.)— Lebanon, 
Junction 3( WoodvlUe. ;X. II, 4. Moiitisdlci'. 
Vt, 0. Barrio 7, Waterbury 8, Bethel 0, Wlnd- 
■tS>r,ld. ;•: :;... 

HI Henry's— Salem, Mass, Jlay 1, narerhlil 2, 
Ixiwell 3. • 

PrlmrnselH. Geo. H. (F-. J. Dunne, mgr.)— Johns- 
town. Pa, May 2. Allnoua .1. 

Richards A l.'rlngle's (Krnest C. Fllklna, mgr.l 
—Charleston. W; V«., May 1, Huntington 2, 
Ironton, O, 3. Pnrtamontii 4, Jackson 0, Cldl- 
llrotlie 7, Clrclevllle 8. Lancaster 0, Upper 
Salidiisky 10. Fostorla 11. 

Vogel's (Jolin W. Vogel, mgr.)— Salein, O.-. May 
1, Mnaslllnn 2, Akron 3, Canton 4, Toledo .".. 
Jackson. Mich, 0. Coldwuter 7, Adrian 8, Fre- 
mont, O, 0, Norwalk 10, Sandusky 11. 


Barniun A Bailey's— Pittsburg, Pa,. May 1, New 
Castle 2, stculicnvllle. 0„ il, Zanesvlllo 4. Cin- 
cinnati 0. 7, SprlngOeld 8, Dayton 0, Hamil- 
ton 10. Richmond, Ind, .11. 

Biiirulo. Bill's Wild .West, Col. Wm. F. Cody (Fred 
B. Hutchinson, ingr.)— N. Y. City 20-May 11. 

Col? Bros.'— MOuot Pleasant. -Pa, May 1. 

FhrejialU/h l(t.Si'l|s Bros,'— Bnlllmore, Md, Mny 

1. 3, .Wllniliigioii, Del, il, Chester, Pa, 4, 
Philadelphia 0-11. 

Oollmer Bros.' Show — Rnmlioo, Wis, May 4. 

Holder's— Cincinnati, ,Q„ 20-May 10. 

Lucky -Bill's— KBltighnrii, Kan, May 1, Mnacotuh 

2. Whiting il, NeliHKikn 4. Wet more 0, Oolt 7. 
(kirnliig 8, Cenlfnlia 0, Vermillion 10, Frankfort 

Pawnee Bill's Wild West, Col. IJIIIc'a— Terre 
Haute, ind. May 1, Casey. HI, 2, Robinson II, 

, Bast St. LoiiU 4. Kt...Loula,. M0...D.1I. 

KliicJIng Bros.'— St. Loula, Mo, 20-May 4. Aa- 
WM, Hid, 0. Plqlln. O, 7. Collltnlaia 8, 
llhrlclisvllle !i. Wheeling, W. Vn, 10, Wash- 

".IMtoa, Pa, II. ,...., 

Itohlilila'.. Frrtnk'A.— Pcrlh AmJioy, N. J, Slay I, 
•I lalHfleld 2, Bayonne 4. A : . . -, ; 

SelU-Flalo'a— Fresno, CaL, May 1. Oakland 2. 
SollbVira, Sf.wStim 4. PIncerVllle fl. Sncrahietito 
7.i<S>lfax 8, Reno, Nev.. 0. Ha«en 10. Mlua II. 

Waslihurne's. Leon— Boitnil Brook, N. J, May 1, 
Westfleld 2, Eliinhelli 3^4. Crartford d, Pfjln- 
lleld '7, Somervlllc 8, Dover 0, Ijaston, Pa, 
10, 11. ' . .. 

Amerlcau Trouliniibiira fl'oy Elliott, ingr.)— I'ella- 

Ion. Midi, Mny 1, Ht.-'tgnaco 2. Newberry 3. 

Germfnsk 4. Biliary II, Miinlstlnue 7. 
Crjilkshiink— ilnilon, o. May 2. Canton -4. 
Ddnvllle A lCnsiier AMutirnMt Ou.— Piltslmrg, 

Kan, '20-Mny 1. ..( . 
Fllht. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert h, (n. U Wllif. 

mgr.)— Rwl Wing, Minn, 20-Mny 4, Stlllwoler 

Fulist Llfenrnma (H. Powell, nigr.)— M linn. Mo, 
20-Mny 1. Trenton 2-4. Princeton n-S. 

Ilhvpnilrnmp Show— Fretlonlu, Kan, May 8, 4, Klk 
iJlty„0, Heilun 7. Peru 8, Caney 0, Ooffeytllle 10. 
Independence II. 

Heber Bros.' .SIiow T -etIeTnpldih'nhT..-0, M«y 1. 
Bryee 2j PIclicrlngtnirlJ.lBaltlmone 4, Pataakala 
il. llssli 7, AllllerkiMirt*, Newark 11, Monlgoiitciy 
•O.-Hnnnyer 11. 

llunller'a Knieiipliierri (lien A. ltuMley. mitr,)— 
Osage, la, 20-M«y;l,.Sr. Anii«»ri3. 3,iS)ne)y- 
rtlle -I. Le Roy II, 7. Blflwiirtvlire'8, 0. Ilistflcs- 
ler 10, II. i ;. -• -. 

Jaiav iryhoHlli'in Shows (Johnilv J. Jones, mgr.) 

. — Dntliam, N.C., 20 : May 4, Tarlnro 0-11, --i 

Jar i„. u ,v — siiiim Clly, la, 20-May 4, Man- 
chester- 0-11. 


May 4. 


. ,315 

OO ^O I»£>«»OY 










. PUBLISHERS, iOH-jQA Vr>. 38th tt<L |\j,V. 6BAND OPEBA H008E, CHICAGO. 

KliiK of Ko-Ko-Mo (Jos. Nllvcriiinii. mgr.) — 

KiilRlttRVllIe, Hid.. 2»Mny 1, Onklanil, III., 2-4, 

Harvey 6',S, Dwnlnr 11-11. 
MrVnllv Troupe — Amherst. X. S., Gin,. Mny l. 

Ml. John 2. Micibrookc. Que, 4. Berlin, X. II., 

15, SI. Jolinabury. VI., J, Barre 8, Montneller a, 

llurlliiRlon 10, 11. 
Parker Amusement Co.— Macon, On.. 2f) May 4. 
Pauline. .T. B. (Stewart l.lthxow. mgr.) — Hol- 

yoke, Mil'"-. SU-Mar 4. Ellcatielb. N. J.. 0-11. 
KoMuHou; I>a» A.. Carnival Co. — Somemet, Ky., 

Sill-JUV ••. Lexington 0-11. 
lteno. Hdward— Dangeroehl, Tex., May 2, JefTer- 

koii 4. Mlndcll La., 0, Arcadia T. Burlier S. 
Sevcngala (Wilier C. . Mack, • mgr.)— Tirentum, 

[M.. MM«y », Columbua 41-11. 
Smith Greater Show — Washington, D. C, May C- 

Thompson Entertaincra (Frank H. Thompson, 

nmr.)— Kersey, Win., May 1, 2. Baldwin 3, 4, 

tl umn.oud 0, i. ■ . 


Cincinnati. — Kyldeneos of Hip waning 
pennon came bunched with flit! Stories of peace 
between the conflicting' lntercMs of Klgw & 
Krlnager and the Hhuberta. i.'lnclnuatl, us 
the home ȣ George B. Vox, pictured as the 
agent of theatrical pegfc, was, of course, a 
storm centre of rumors. Mr. Cox put Ms 
O K. to 1 the talc while the sir was tilled with 
denials, i. -Murray Allison was berc ou a 
hurry-up nilsslon last .week, and Mr. Cox 
moved on to New York shortly afterward. 
Henry M. Ziegler Is also In the metropolis. 
The V'orepnugh Stock Co. ■will scatter 
after the closing of the Olympic, May 4. On 
the same hlglit both the Lyceum and Stand- 
ard seasons will end. The Walnut Street mid 
llenck's Opera House will close with the psr- 
formsnee, May 11. the day Hie first Summer 
amiiHcment gun will be fired at Chester l'ark. 
Hv the middle of May all the theatres will tic 
dark. Of the Kurepnugliltes, Managers 
(joorge E. and I,ucUa : l''orcuaugb-Li'lsh.wlll go 
to Che Jamestown Exposition before proceed- 
ing to their Summer cottage at Ocvau Hay, 
on the Jersey toast. Herschell Muyall and 
bis wife <Kdna Klsrocrcl arc going to St. 
I'nttl. Minn. Ida Adair will rest at St. t-ouls 
during the Summer, while ber htisuand, Wal- 
ter Ollbert, will enter a Summer stuck com- 
pany. David Kdwln and bis wife are booked 
for a sojouro at -Jamaica liny. Jennie 101 II- 
son Is going East, and Anita Hendrle will go 
lo Denver. Mrs. Gilbert Ely will conduct a 
ladles' orchestra at : Place Island. A ntmiber 
of new faces and 'most of the old favorlics 
will he seen nt the Inaugural of the next sea- 
son, 11HJT-V8. 'There Is sotne talk of a sea- 
son of 8ammcr drama at Koblnson's Opera 
Hame, with Luviuht Shannon as leading ludy, 
hut the Idea hasn't passed beyond tbc stage 
of Slimmer gossip. 

(iiiAM) Oi'Ktu ■llot'.sB (Harry Italntortli & 
John H. Iluvlln, managers). — Viola Allen 
comes April 21), appearing tliat night In 
"Cymbellne." During the week she will bo 
seen In "Twelfth, Might," and on one night 
and nt the nmtlnee u reinarknhle hill Is 
promised — scenes from "Komeo and Juliet." 
"As Yon Llko It," "The Merchant of Venice" 
and "School for Henndnl." Last week Mntitle 
Adiiuis did a tremendous business In "1'etcr 
)'an." M#ude Adams, gruccful, bewitching, 
lovable ns ever, marched right Into the hearts 
at" greats throngs. Krncat Ijiwfori), Mildred 
Morris, -Martha MeGraw and Grace Hender- 
son were vamong the chief characters. "The 
Clansman" next. 

Untie (Sum «. & Lee Shubert & Heuek'B 
,'»|icra -House Co.. directors). — "On 1'arole" 
28" und week, with Charlotte Walker and 
Vincent Serrano. The sojourn of De Wolf 
Hopper, In "Wnng" and "lluppylanil," was 
pleutiu ruble nnd profitable. Marguerite t:lark, 
Hie little Cincinnati girl, who is the tall com- 
edian's "chief of' stuff." wns given a welcome 
Hint must have stirred her cheery heart. Ada 
Heaves. -Mute! Wllber, William Hanfortb and 
■1 0)111 Hendricks- are member* of the company 
who showed to best ndvuntage. Hurry ft ood- 
rittT, In "Brown, of Harvard," next week. 

Walnut Struct (M. C. Anderson & Henry 
M. Ziegler. inanugers). — At Leech and the 
Three Hoscbuds, In "Girls Will Be Girls." 2S 
nnd week. George l'rlmrose's Mlnstreln did 
nicely, last week. Mr. T'rlmroao must have 
entered Into compact with Father lime for 
kind treatment, for he donee* -villi the llght- 
nrss of youth. Neal Abel made 11 vociferous 
hit. "Our New Minister" next week. 

Oi.niMtv (George F.Flsli & I.uclla I'orc- 
paiigli Fish, managers).-— Tim Forepitugh 
Stock Co. will close the most Bticressfnl sea- 
son In lis prosperous Cincinnati history, with 
a double hill, week of 28. "A Boer Angel" 
will be offered us u'curthln raiser, followed 
by "Turned tip." "Thelnia" was put on last 
week, to overflowing business. Herschell 
Mnynll and Wilson Hummed all guv.c line 
siipiMirt to Idn 'Adair, who wns admirable In 
Hie .title, role. At the. last performance of 
Hie week. Ida Adair was presented with I 
silver boudoir toilet set, which came to her 
w'tii the enthusiastic best wishes of those 
"In front' — 11 bridal remembrance from her 
devoted '•constHucnls." , 

Comjmma fJI. C. Andci-Mon & Henry M. 
«lglcr, managers). — The Eight Bedouin Arabs 
will be Hie star feature ofllie btll week Of 
28. together with the I.askv-Jtolfe (Julptettc. 
I'hnt Quintette (Sylvester, Jones, l'rlngle and 
Morrell), Charles Barry and Hnlda Hatvers, 
iMigeno and Willie Howard. Jessie COuthotil, 
J iimes F. McDonald itnd'Maddox and Melvni. 
"Her Sunday School Boy." the sketch in 
which Fred Hnllen and Molly Fuller ap- 
peared, made a hit Inst week. Klennor Fulke 
received many ontbuslastlc recalls. -mid the 
J'lceolo Midgets proved a splendid mugiur. 
Bnsluesg wns good. , 

Hkiick'h Ol'Kti.v Hinrsi: (Heuck, Kennessy 
* Stair, managers). — W. II. Nankevllle la to 
present "Human Honrfs" 28 and , week. . 
Down Mobile" drew well last week. The 
scenic effects were exceptionally good. J. I'. 
IXK'kney, Ellenore Correll, I'oiillnc Fletcher, 
nnd Hose Bergere were clever members of the 
supporting company. "Tlie James Boys In 
Missouri" next. 

I.VCKl'M (Heuck, Slnlr A Fennessy, mana- 
gers).— Robert B. JnpM.n's musical comedy, 
A Cuban Belle," will be seen 2S antl week. 
1' nhlo Uomanl" wns staged by'Miiy Hosiiwr 
hisl week, nnd business was splendid. George 
A - Hayton, nnd Robert Van- Sklnskl gave ca- 
pable leading support. The season ends here 
on Slav 4. . . . 1 

I1:opi,k"s (Ilwlioi't Henck. wnnagersl.— The 
"nshlrlgton Socletv Girls April 28 and week. 
followlnR a >week- or Frank H. enrr's Thor- 
"iiRhlireds. Cnnctiltn. the ilflneer. wns nil 
nililed iiltrncllon. I.llt|p .losle Flytui nnd 
llelle Ik'lford scored a lilt. The i.nurent. 
n*> do a novel act. Business Is good. Ave- 
nue Girls neat week. 

Stanpaiid (Charles It. Arnold, manager).— 
HI nek t rook Jr. 28 nnd week. Last week, 
Hose Sj-Dells London Belles Bbnwd to big 
business. "The Prince of Petticoats" proved 
clever. The Weston Sisters. Harry ilnrks 
Stewart, and Zenda were the lilts of the olio, 
heuson ends Muy 4. 

Thk Zoo iWiilter A. Draper, innnagerl. — 
Hie musical season begins May 12. with. 
Crealorcs Band. Howard Pew closed the 
contract during the week. 

Mvsiu Hall. — Mmc. Scliumaiiii-llelnk's 
song recital, 1). should draw a tremendous 
audience. Mall orders are already large. At 
the Pure Food Show, opening April 277 Mnd. 
Dc Rout's Womans' Orchestra, Flvlng Folk, 
Almee's Ilrenmlund, l,a Carmontella, Genesee 
Trio and Moorctilsters took part. ■ 

Odhon.— Commencing April 2T. the College 
of Mime has booked twenty-one entertnln- 
nients, ending with a piano recital, May 31, 
by pupils of Romeo Gorno. 

Auditorium.— The. last Orpheus Club con- 
cert of the season was given April 2.*>, with 
Claude Cunningham and Maude Corney as 

GosHir ok thk I.oniiy. — Walter A. Draper, 
secretary of the Zoological Harden, has been 
promoted to the post of secretary of the Cin- 
cinnati Traction Co Madge Cornell, nn 

actress, at the Standard, was rubbed of her 
purse containing two gold rings and SIO In 
mon.'.v, us she wus leaving the stage entrance. 

"Norwood Folksong," written by Mrs. 

William Greenland, will be sung for the llrsc 
time nt the dedication of the Norwood Li- 
brary "Stranded." n children's niliKicl 

play, written by William Smith Goldenburg 
and wife, will be presented for the first time 

at Columbia Hall, April 211 Douglas 

Boxall will present u Hue programme nt Con- 
servntory Hall. April 211 Toroasu Had- 
dock Hunt ii|i|u-.irod nt the last concert given 
by flic College of Music Chorus nnd Orches- 
tra Pietro Florldla Is in give a public 

musical evening of his own compositions ut 
tho'Odeon. 'May 2 Helen Merit Schus- 
ter Is giving a clover dramatic reading ot 
"The Prince Chap." with marked success.... 
Mrs. J. J. Monnhun. the burlesque actress, 
nnd wife of the manager of the New Century 
girls, lint recovered, after a serious surgical 
upurntiou. at the Good Samaritan Hospital. 

Margaret Johnston McAlpln's pupils. In 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," llllnl the 
ftootrMl Kite Cathedral..'.. .'.. .Theodore G. 
Mltchcl', dramatic editor or Tin: Enquirer. Is 
home from 11 loug furlough, spent In Arizona 

and California, fully restored to health 

Frederick Forester und Frank K.. Aiken, with 
"On Parole," are Cliiclnmitlans. . . ."Dorothy" 
nnd "Roosevelt." lions with Robinson's show, 
were presented Willi a Utter of cubs Inst week. 
Dorothy made a meal of two of them, nnd 

Hie survivor was named "Tuft" Hans 

Binder, who returns to his old home In Ger- 
many, will be given a farewell testimonial. 
at I he (Meon. May 1. lie Is to appear as 
(he "great player" at the Court Theatre, at 

'.'in Isnlie ■ r.itckuktii Ben's Wild West 

nnd Flying Kugene Fiilk are features of the 
Spring Festival, under the uttsples' of Hie 
Advertiser's Club of Cincinnati. May 8-18. 
a ■ 

Columbus. — ,\ t the Great Southern (Win. 
Sanders, innnu wi Maude Adams, In "Peter 
Pun," May '1-4, will close the house for the 

Shi -iikiit (Frank O. Stiller, lnaiingerl.— 
Blanche Butts. In "The Girl of the Golden 
West," entertained capacity houses April 22- 
24. Mrs. Flsk\ In "The Xew York Idea." 
Muy ,'l, 4, will lie Hie last attraction for- the 

Hunt SiiiKi.T (ChiiH. W. Harper, iuiiiiii- 
ger). — "Happy Hooligan's Trip Around the 
World" drew well April 22-24. Cwll Spooner. 
In "'I'll:' (llrl Rallies," . pleused gisid houses 
20-27. Cole and Johnson. In "The Rhoo-Fly 
Regiment." 211-Mav 1 ; "llusler llrown" 2-4, 
Black Pnitl Show ft*. 

Kkitii'n <\V. W. Prosscr. uiniiager). — An 
excellent hill, headed by "That" Quartette, 
and Including -Mary Hnpoiit anil company 
anil Neil Waybiii'li's Side Show, scored 11 de- 
cided success, mid drew large houses last 
week. BUI for week of Apgll 23 : The Sunny 
South, Eslelle Wordetle and company, the 
Jncksou Family. George W. Monroe. HUM 
and 'Johnson. Clinton nnd Jurmon,' Lfl Veen 
mid Cross, and F.iinu I.ttliy. 

Notkb. — Htngllng Bros." Circus May K. 
Ilarrj' James has left Hie Keith to Join the 

llagenberk- Wallace ( ircus Fire visited 

SelVsvllli Atirll 21. uiwl destroyed a couple of 

the animal burns C. E. Miles, manager 

of Ini! lunula 't'nru. has gone lo Hostiin to nr- 

rntige for snino ntl ructions for tlie park 

Saul H. Plekenn, Who bus hi-eh dsslslnh'l inn li- 
nger of Olentiingy Park for the past several 
seasons, wltl manage Hie tuculre there this 
season. The park opens ."i. with theKirnlfy 
production. Al. IS, Field's Minstrels closed 
11 most successful season, hud returned here 

tor the Summer Donnelly & lint Hold's 

Minstrels were the allravtiun nt the cere- 
monial session of Alludin Temple, (>. M. S., 
of which Al. G. Field Is tlie Imperial poten- 
tate. . 


Dnnton. — The Victoria ffi. ('. Miller, 
manager ) was occupied by the Dayton 1'urn- 
gemelnde Society April 2:1. Francis McMillan, 
violinist. 24. Tills was a return engagement 
for Mr. McMillan, and also his last perform- 
ance In this country, ns he closed his Ameri- 
can tour here. .Maude Adnms, In "Peter 
Pan." 21). .'Hi: Mary Shaw May 2. 

National (Gil Burrows. manager). — "When 
Knighthood Was In Flower." with Grace Mer- 
rift as Mary Tudor, ramc to satisfactory 
nnd -well deserved business April 22-24. Bar- 
ney Gllmore. tn "A Rocky Road to Dublin ' 
25.'.27: "Buster Brown" 2I)-May 1, "Kid- 
napped for Revenge" 2-4. 

GitAXD (Selirnm & West, managers) Is dark 
this week. „ . 

Xotks.— The best Indication that Spring 
has really arrived Is Ilia liberal posting of 
the city with large ten and twenty sheet 
posters, representing the Carl Hngenljcrk fc 
Great Wallace Shows, combined, which will 
r.piiegr here Msy II. followed by Hie Harniim 
.t Rnllev Shows ^lay »..,.. .The llolsleln 
String Quartette, one of Hie lineal string or- 
ganizations In Hie city, will close Its, serf.-:. 

of 'concerts here, next month •Jt**' 

Rosalrc (lloaalre Kueagli). the talented Duy 
ton bov, has returned home, after a successful 
season In musical comedy nnd vaudeville. 
Mr. Uosnlre's Imllallons of famous stars bns 
Isvnlliefnlknf flientrh'iil erlllcs. ,Afler ■ 
few weeks' tn eft Him, he relurus lo the l'.ns.. 
to fill eiigngemints al several of the Wt 
v..<, lot .f gnrdens, ami the piers al Atlantic 

— j8 


-J J. UX. 


Clovelmul.— At (he Opera Honso (II. D. 
Kline, manager) •'The Belle ot Mayfalr" week 
of Aprl : 21). May Irwin Jammed the house nt 
eveiy perforninnce week of 22. Maude Adams 
next weak. 

('o].o.vui. (Drew A Cnmpliell. nuinagers) . — 
Rianc he 'Hale*. In "The Girl of the Golden 
Wfst," week of 2f). ' Margaret Wycherly, In 
"The Primrose 1'uili," liad good crowds week 
of T£. "Justice" nex I week. 
' Lrcfi'M (Geo. M. Todd, muuugei i. — "Mon- 
Intin" week of 2P. Vaughau Glnser nnd com- 
pany had good receipts week of 22. Johnny 
and Finmii Rfty next week. 

Ci.uvEHxn (Geo. M. Twld. mnnnger). — 
"The Way of the -Transgressor" week of ■:!!•. 
"The Great Wall Street Mj.stny" draw well- 
week of 22. 'Human Hearts" next wsek. 

Kkitr'h (If. A. Daniels, nmnager). — Hill 
week of 211 : N'ed Wnylmrn's side show, Mul- 
len and Cnrelll. Scnr! and Violet Allen. Curl 
and Mary Ohm's animal. nrl. Rogers and Dee- 
ley, June Coitrthnpe and company, Dill and 
Waul and Three Dumonds. 

(■TOM -(M H. Anthonv, manager). — Itlll 
week of 21) : Arthur Beauvals and company, 
the 'AldiMns, Ah l.uvigne, Melroy Trio, ami 
Brooks and Clarke. 

Staii (Drew ft Catiipbell. managers).— The 
Thoroughbreds week Of 2P. The Colonial 
Dalles proved milte a magnet week of - 22. 
Washington Society Girl* hist week. 

I-Jjififtr (Geo. Ohenet, manager). — Hurry 
Rryaitt'a Kxtravagansa Co. week of 21). Gay 
Miisouoraders had good houses week of 22. 
Al.' Rev-res' Itlg. Beauty Show next week. 
' 1 » » . 1 

Tvlnh. At the Valentine (Otto Kllvcs, 

manager) the bill Of 'April 22 and week was 
fully up to the high standard maintained 
here, resulting In good business Bill for 211 
nnd week: Besnah and Miller." Mary Dupotit 
nnd company, Flood -Bros.. Keller's Zounvos. 
Cbns. F. Semon. Six English Rocking Chair 
Girls anil Sidney Smith. 

'l.YCKl'll (K. It. KMsey, mannger|.--Bsr- 
nev.'tJIInKiri. In "A Rocky Road to Dublin." 
21 -24. -enjoyed 'excellent business. Primrose'.-! 
Minstrels 2S. 

'AiutAM: (Abe SI|splro, manager). — 'Jllnnehe 
Bates, in Till' Girl of the Gulden Wost." 
5rt. 27:"Mrs."Flske, In ''The New Vork iaeu," 
30. May 1. 

Kmi'Ihk (Abe Shapiro, manager).— Al. 
Reeves' Rig lienuly 81h>w. April 21-27. ployed 
. a successful engagement. Rice & Burton s 
Big (javely Co. 28 and week. 

Una's (Furl Karnes, manager). — Al. W. 
Martin's "uncle Tom's Cnblu, one of Hie 
best companies on the road, revived Interest 
here. 21-24. Hie receipts being unite snllsfnc- 
tory. "Montana" iUttiT, "The Four Coruers 
of the Karth" 28-May 1. 

lliimlUon. — At the Jefferson (TuUI A. 
Smith, manager) Primrose's Minstrels, April 
21, matinee nnd night, gave a good sIioa*. 
Van Dyke *. IliHon Co.. In repertory, opened 
to good business, 22, with Ollle Futon us the 
slur, presenting first class entertiiliiinent. lo 
dellghled audiences. The siieclnltles protiid 
except lonnlly clever. Mrs, Flake Slay T. 

Giia.vp tSIi-Carthy & Wurd. iiiuniigers). — 
Rill week of April 21): Wilson and Hawthorne, 
Muiie Huvs and liraluim, Frank Gibbons. 
Bassett and Becker. Harry lladglns and the 

Xiitkk. — Harry llodglns was married lo a 
Miss Francis t non-professional 1 Just week. 
.-.;. .Itarmuu &. Hnlley's Clretis Mfly 10.... 
At the Coliseum (Jacob Mllilers, iiianiigeei 
Holder's Housler Indoor Clruns played to 
cii'iuiclly business Inst. week. 
• . ' " ' a 1 

T»«u|tstuivii. — At the firuiul (Jm- Srbu- 
grin, uiniiager) moving phi urcs Sunday. April 
21. drew well, line of the best local per- 
formances ever given In the elly, wns Clint 
of Barber's .Minstrels, which took place 24. 
before a well filled house: The show made 
n big hit. und proved 11 surprise to Hie large 
audience. Bailey, mid Lewis scored big. uml 
every iionilier wns good. "The Curse of 
Drink" 2i>-27, Murray tt Muckey Sluck Co. 
week nt SB. 

Paiik Thlatw: (Will Deshoii. iniinnger). — 
"Hi-ollgnn In New York" scored 22.' Iloricnse 
Nielsen canceled 211. \Y. II. Pallcn. In "The 
Slow Puke." 27 : moving pictures 28, "Forty- 
live Minnies front Briinilwnv" May It. 1 

NoTKS. — Itlnglliig Bros.' Circus Is billed 

fur May HI The new vaudeville house 

being erected by George (llnhatisen und asso- 
ciates. Is now In course of 'const ruction. The 
new house will have a seating capacity of 
3W, und will Ik- one of nrrhllocliitw Is'Bitly. 

I (lorn Pnrk opens for the MMHtf Sfuy 

2(1 ; Wellington Rogi-rs, whti.hns l^.eii 

treasurer for Weber & Hush, at Sehi-neefad.v. 
N. V.. Is homo greeting friend*. Sir. Rogers 
wus formerly Irensuier nt (Its Pink Theatre. 


SprliiKflclil. — At Ihe Fairbanks <C. .1. 
Miller, imtniigerl Al. G. Field's Minstrels gave 
n good show •and drrw gissl attendance April 

GliANii (Sprlnglleld Theatre Co., uiana- 
gersl. — Sheldon's Comedians. 22-24, pleased. 
Tllnuche Bates. In "The Girl of the Golden 
West," filled the house 2.V "A Thorn In Her 
Ileiirl" 27. the IX- Pew-Burdette Co. 211 and 

I.vckum (C. 11. Fisher, manager).— Robin- 
son's Slock Co. 21) and week. 

iiiinni.'M (Gas sun. manager). — Bill for 
week of 211: Joe Buckley, Mcl.nren Family, 
Barlow, Wicks and Reed, Myers und Rosa, 
new songs und pictures. 

Grand Opera House 
Hie I.ltHe Home. 

Siiuiliisls). — At the 
(J. S. Hanson, malinger) 
nfead," April 22, plonred. dole nnd Johnson 
24. Loudon (lalety'HIHs 20. "Ole Olseu" 27. 
The Ornhum Stock Co. week of 20, Hn reper- 

I'.v mi i.i' (Oscar F. Cisik, manager). — The 
house stock ronipnny, In repertory: iiideflnlle. 
, SIa.iks'Hi' (W. ('. Dunn, nijiisgeri. — Hill 
for week or 22 Included: The 1,11 I telle*. 
Chris Chrli'to|ihpr, Roy Couant, Gladstone 
SlsleiH, l,o Vanjn nnd Howard. 

Z«uc-svllle. r At Hie Weller Theglhe (J. 
G. Ilngland, liinitagerl "The Lion uml the 
Mouse jilnyeil 11 return ilnfe April 20, to 
I ivy packed houses. Kveryinniy wa« well 
pleased. Reiiew-Bindntle Stork ill., week of 
22. was well received. Primrose's Jllnsfrels 
:i(l. Clnre Tnllle Stock Co. May Oil. 

NiiTK. —Tli" Bnrnnni k llnlley Shows will 
he at Guilt Park May 4. for I wopcrfnriu:iii"c*, 

TUB MltJ.Alin BitfiM.i "Those 'Cycling Re. 
eriilts." have signed for another season with 
Bob Manchester. 

Decreed By Fashion 

Best For Style 
Best For the Feet 

Now that fashion anil good (astc require shoes to he rr.i 'c of 
Gluzed Kid in "GvMtn Itmvn Color A<\ j/," it is k«:o<I to know thnt 
lh »se who havn Ibng worn GUuttd Kid have found it mora com- 
fortable than c tir or prttetU I *ather. 

Ola/el Kid is as flexible as cloth. It Is wn urproof and re- 
quires nn dressing to keep it looking br^ht as new. 

"Golden /irmvn Color Ni>. _»/" innkts the feet appear mnal'er 

and dainiier thun any other slutdc Dressmakers have d scovered perfect'y' with all this tcasan's color combina- 

the be»t of everything ha" Ifs imitatprs, it's best In bs i 
ecify'thtt whole linlnc, "Gotten Bnitm C-i/or No. */,"» 


and fpfci 
ordering shot s 


1 tin 

A saw f>t 1 of I fie correct shade anil Ike correct 
leather will b?, soil free on ap/ilica'ion to 

The Genera! Sales Co., 42 E. 23d St., N. Y.OIty. 

E>-3K t J? 0i v a gg et i4o© 

Vou wi 1 finii no extravagance in trading with us. Our $2fi Suits or 
Overcoats made to incisure cost double elsewhere. The stylo nnd tailor, 
ing are perfection. We take your order with the understanding they are to 
remain here if not satisfactory. 

Making of Evening Clothes is ART with if*. 

■Cal\ phone or write for samples and our illustrated booklet, "Elegance 
at Moderate Cost." 


. Broadway and Ninth Street, flow York. 

Perfect FOOT COMFORT Sure Relief for WEARY FEET 

"'A'Suro lieiiicrly Air Corns, IIiiiiIimis wml nil olhei ullllil li>n« of Hie f««< 


eluiionuiiiiiil only liy ' 

THOS. GILL SOAP CO,, Inc., Dopt. C. Ill Kent Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y 

At all Drug nnd I lc|>arliiinnt Stolen: iJirgo Cake, 2.1 rwija, or (Ills nil., your iloulei's iiume 

• nil mlitren anil I4U ciinla, In colli or flumps will lirlttg It. Pi you. A ge ill > Hnill eii. 


Theatrical TI^IiIm, 

Hilli ll<Miery, 
Hi Ik* and HatliiN. 

Make-Up Deputtment ('omj)leto 
In Kvory Detail. 

Special Diaconnt to the Prnfes^lon. 
Mall order* promptly filled, 

Broadway, 8 and 9 Stg. 


Oalolum Gas and i 

Moving Picture Outfit 

i)i:i.\v* aiii;. 

\\ llniliiui .11. — At the tlrniid Oiiei'ii lloiihe, 
Ihe lloHtou HeiliH, April i't-'it. o|iened lo it 
hlg holme. llowe'K moving plclurea May II, 4, 

IMllllOllt'K .MIllHln-|H In. 

I.vckum.— "Tlw (.'holr Hlnger," April S3-ST. 
nlenaed. I.lheriy moving plelurea 211-.Mii>' I, 
-Tlie l/iitarWoihilng" 84. ' 

(iAliiin.'K.— Illll week of April I'D: Kph. 
ThonipKnn'H el,-|ihuiitn. Vloln •!*• 1'oaln. Miixl- 
liiilhili, vIollulHt: Ihe l.llelers. I'renehelll unit 
l.ewla, riioin.ii Kcoiigh and einniiiiiiy, Mini 
viiil.- I inly. 

l' - oui;i'ALiiii-Si;i.i,» llitoH.' ClHt'UH np|ienrM 
May •■). 

lioMKir. — H. I.uhln has opened a moving 

plclure allow, with ndmlrwloii ill ,*i cent* 

Ilynip. thfe pioneer here, haa reduced hi* 
price io ji'.eet (he l.uMn price, and In uiliji- 

llmi pnriioHeH lo mid VHinlevllle Till 1 

I.uhln Hrcflintiind Iiuh a aentlug eapnelle of 
,1">(). Tlie Lyceum 'I'henlre alan confeiiiplnleH 
preaenllng moving jilclurea after Ihe mmihoii 
cIoscm, with n u cent ndmlxHlun. 
<»♦ ■ - - • 

.Initknon villi*. — owing to the fuel that 
Dixieland l'ark Wua partly wrecked liy n I 
aevere hale and wind atorm. on April IN, lliu I 
Hlile Then-Ire will he rlo*»d nt least I 
three weeks rroni l hat dale. 

» ' ' ) < i> • 

Jki>m;tti: i.k iimii' i<Ioim>h u long nnd , 
plen-iimt m-iiMin ivljli the llenneit -lliuilinii Co. 
I A. A I'Jllloi. miiiingorit nlayiiig KOiilirell"" 
roles, and doing tier lilngliiK and iltniclnj.' ' 
K|ieehtllt.. She will reit fur 'the Kiituniei , et 
her home lit Wuut'Kter, Mima. 

Bniartelnlng to* Public. 
with Kltupln anil explicit Initruntlona. 
The field la Largo, comprlalna Ihn 
rraiilar tlientro anifloeliirii circuit, »Hn flclda In ('loirvbna, I'nlille Hnhnrn>, 
1,<>i\un> anil (Innoral 1'ulillit OnUiirloK". 
■Nothing iifTonJii tiottor upportnnlttea for 

%%Sm Our Outfit Gomprisas 

the O. P. CO,'* model, PWM 

ajreateet on ndle powar.the mfast 
and mootcconomlonlaaa-mrtklna; 
Outfit ever Invented. WatihlMlaa. 

Slifwptlcon, Muting' Picture Nicfifmt, 

,,„, rpij., and every arecHorf 
HlnW, SIIOIE nomlril lor cniDplot" 
entcrtalntncntt, Ahaolutely the latMt 
fllniaiml vlewa on tbo tnbrkot, lacludlng 
all aubjecta for tha puhtlo'a' eojoyment. 

rmi antertalnmant eupnty oatataaue toil 
. SPICIAL Orf l(* fully oiplalna evervthing. 

ewC.BOrMJKTH0C<)., 2JStMfHtnll.,0i»i, 207. CUIeige. 

Lcidirg men's I'ashion magazines Snd 
ihe Now York ncvi- papers designate 
Brill Modelf "NEW YORK'S COM- 

Write for Booklet, "nrill Clothes," 
hnl U am whitt's right to wear along 

New York City._ 

1 f I inrDTV ' ' " •» »'•• * VKM . Kll>e; I- 

AT IiIDbBII, eiu-eil. riri'ii. or Viiiulerllle, 
C 1'- II KATUN, 1« HaluutSt., I'uludam, N. V. 




May 4. 


Responded to our Great Slide Offer announced in this 
paper a few weeks ago. ' - 


We repeat the Offer for the benefit of those who may 
have overlooked It. 








Has been such an en or mo as hit from one end of the country to the other 
that M. WHITMARK & SONS thought it unnecessary to illustrate same 
We have had so many calls for slides of this universal success, however, 
that we have persuaded the publishers of same to allow us to illustrate it' 




(NEW PLACE) 120-122 WEST 31st ST., NEW YORK. 












































Western Dramatic Agency 
Circulars Free 

Vaudeville Sketches, Etc. Written 

Small and Leading Parts Rehearsed 



Buck, Jig, 

Skirt, Noval, 

Cak« Walk, 

Chorus Work, 

Sister Acts, 

Rag Tims 


Dramatic Art, 





PETER J. RIDGE. Mrr. °P« ra » 
Western Dramatic Agency *»■ 

127 La Salle Street, Chicago, III. 


*>*>*>*S*^t*i*S ttf*jjsV«sf* 

The Asbury Park Opera House, 

Asbury' Park, New Jersey, is now 
under the new lessee and manage- 
njent-.of Mr. Louis S. Grenner, now 
bonking combinations of companies 
playing lliat way. Please send open 
time to this office and address. 

Metropolitan Life Bklg., 
4th Poor, Room 4012, 

1 Madison Ave., New York 


Managers of Nickelodeon a, Penny Arcades, 
Moving Picture Companies, Vaudeville Com- 
panies, Parks and all other Amusement Enter- 
prises are requested to communicate with us. 



WEST 38th ST., 
• N. T. CITY. 

CHICAGO; Or. Op. M. Bldg. SAN FRANCISOO: New Alcazar Theatre. 


E^fperieiiced People 

for a First dim Itoportiiirp Company 

Preference Riven to those who do Specialties. 

Musieiaiis, iv«*m<im. 

Salary must bo low as It Is sure. .Management 
pays iimrcliiiiil traveling expenses. 

BOVI> BtHRUWM, Loup City, Neur. 


Consisting. of cornet, Trombone, lii-uins, chirlnct, 
and Violin. Write ul. once lo 
JOHN 8. WILSON', sugiiMlowl, Unslng, Mich. 


(Iiis mid Hut Air, Parachutes. Open 
time for n limited number of (ins 
llulloon Ascenslou.s, hydrogen or com 
Kun. on Pool Air Ship, Bag ,ui. 1 Net 
for wile, cheap. 

fun Sheffield Ave., Chicago, ill. 


llus. Mgr. or Agi. Jiisi closed 40 weeks Barlow Jt 

Wilson's M ins! ids. Sober, honest nuil rellnlile. 
UImo contractor. For tont show, iiliond or hack. 
Sell U ikets on door »nd genemlly useful. Parks, 
l( suilsluclon . I'lilni banner-, .1 sheds etc. 
Address Oil AS. K. IIOI KM AN, Ashliinrt. I'D. 

Cart- o f Opera House O rug Store. 


Mow n 

Pnftl those Doubling Brass. Man with Troupe of 
Dogs, Man for Trapeze, etc. 

KARMONT, llercii, Ohio. 



Good wardrobe, .Must do 1'lrsl Class Specialties 
Saint/, fifteen and ex|Kinscs. Stateroom on car. 
Long season. W. 1. SWAIN CO., Dublin, Texas, 

WANTED, Two Good Comedians, Change tor 

week; S. and I). Sketch Team, sister Team, or 
Two Mingle Ladlc*4lint van sing or dunce. Tell 
all first, letter Join or wire. 
LKN CALVKKT, 224 Somerscl SI., Plalnlleld, N. .1, 

Wanted Quick, for Dilnont's Merry Makers, 

Irish, Hutch, Mack face, Singers, liaiieers. Organ 

Player. Kugeue Wood, t'rof.Vou Heck, write. Add, 

fttOF. U. DKLMONT, i'liimrtiie, Indians Co., Pa. 


Aubrey Stock Co.'s 


IV'j.lci ii Company Opens Aug;. 1 i at New Brunswick, X. J. | .15 Week* Hooked 

Eastern Company Open* Auk. l '-' "' New Bedford, Mass. | Kaeh Company. 

Two good STASH MBBOTORB, two Agents, two Children who do Specluliles, two Clever UmnerihUM 

Lending Men and Women, etc., Organized ((uarlclte who can play parts. Stale salary and iKiiilniiuis! 

SAM C. MILLER, Opera House, New Brunswick, N. J. 

A Clever Singing and Dancing Comedian Wanted 


Wanted, Responsible People, All Lines, for 


Sto ok: Oo 



i\ W. ST ATI] It, - - Oklahoma City, O. T. 

Take Notice!- LOOK! LOOK! Take Notice! 




'' Address »ia TlllltO AVKNUK, New York Cil.v, X, V. 




Performers and Musicians, Hun that has good singing voice to put on and sing In number*, also put on 
good thirty minutes clean comedy. Sister Acts and anything good In Vaudeville; Musicians (or Uaudiiinl 

orchestra. Address 

J. K. McXAIM, • - OfillipoUHa Oliio. 

Ament's Air Dome Theatre. 

Clean Vaudeville Acts or all Descriptions, suitalile for ladv audience, for the opening wock Similar, 
May 1 1 anil tutor. Can also use operator with his own Picture Machiue. I'iaim flavor who i i 
read and execute vaudeville music at sight. Artists playing the Mo. mid Tex. circuits will Hud this a 
splenold point lo break tliu Jumps. Wltc or address 

CAPT. W. D. AMENT, Mgr., - ■ Oklahama City, Okta. 

Mabel Paige Company 

First Cliisu Comedian, with speciulllcN; Hovnr Churarter Nan and Woman 
A No, 1 Kiiik^ Director, Man or Woman WITH SLIDES, to slii« Illualrnted Song*. 
State everything, in, lulling Summer Milniy, first letter. 

HF.NRY F. W 11.1, Altll, 
, Address after May 1, Avogon Hotel, .liick.onvllle, Fin. 


Man With Picture Machine. 



I). I.. >V|LLIAMS0K, Mgr. Cairo Opera House, Calm, Illinois. 

Musicians Wanted 

CAN PLAGE THE FOLLOWING for a long, sure season; TUI1A, OLAKINET, TMMBQNB: ,im 

also placo an ITALIAN HANI) of 10 or 12 pieces for u long, sure souson. Never close liiTore Xnins. 
Shows and Privileges, l( you have something new, write. Address JOHNNY J. JONKS, mgr., week "f 
April 29, Durham, N. C; week of May c, Tarboro, N. C; week of Mnj 13, K ingstou, X. C. 

\*tajlv^t:i£:d quick, f^or 



I German Comedian to do specially anil double brass, slide trombone preferred. Slide trombone to **•■ 
! hie either comedy or Juvenile and do specialty. Good speclnltv man to double stage and brass, i»m*i 

Join at once. Salary aurc. Otlierswrlle. Address 
! 0. S 1'IUMHOaK, P rop, Primrose Atlraclloua, Iji t'rosse, Wis. 




Skotelies, Monologues and Parodies Written to Order. 

•ins reaaonahle. Parody Singer*, send J1.00 for Ii»im'I« " f 

First Class Material. Term 
original, red hot parodle* 



'.HiimrliodyrH Walling r.n- Yon " "Si'liniiNUays," "Arrnli Wannn." "LHtle One, l'«°*" 
Bye » "When the Flower* Bloom In Springtime " "I Juat tiin'l Make My rVf* 
Behave." (This last, specially wrllteu for- aud now being auug hv IIIHR. ANNA 11ELU Hi "** • 
\ork.) S 8m | f 1 10 MATT. WOOIUVARH, 'M W. tilth Street, New York t'ltr- 


May 4. 



(~)F course Chiclets are popular! The delicious chewine 

^ gum In its dainty candy covering ani the six dropa of pungent peppermint 
which fUvor it. are the very good reasow why you will be benefitted no less than vou 
will be pleased if you buy a 5c or 10c packet of CHICLETS to-day. Should vour 
druggist or confectioner not sell Chiclets now send us a dime for a sample and a 

CHICLET > PALMISTRY. Look at your hand! 'f you have a crow on the Mount of 

Jupiter (the cushion at the base or the first finger) you will have a happy marrlane " , " 1 "" OI 
If your life llneithe line forming a seml-clrcle around the thumb) starts 011 the Mount nt 

Jupiter It denotes you have great amlilllon which will be fully rewarded. " ul 

When the heart lino (the line running across the palm along the base of the Mounts below 

the Angers) Is well-defined with a triangle near the end of the Life Line, It shows bmlr 1 nou-»r 

klndnessa otheart and tact.; '"' ' UB er > 

lYoujcan read any hand with tluf CHIXXKT PALMISTRY.* 

CHART— sent free with every ton-cent packet. 

FRANK H. PLEEK & CO., I' a, 620 No. 24th St, PhlltidelphiaTursTX 



Is always the 
appearance of 
the woman 
who uses La- 
'blache Face 
Powder. • A touch 
of Lablache will protect the 
skin from the sun, wind and 
dust which cause tan, 
freckles, redness and rough- 
ness. Lablache absorbs per- 
spiration and will be found 
cooling and refreshing. La- 
blache is invisible, yet it keeps 
the complexion clear, soft 
and velvety as an infant's. 
It is pure, healthful and at all 
times a marvelous beautifier. 

Rffuu tubtUtulet. They may be dlngrroui. 
Finn, White, Fin k or Cr«ci t 50c. • box, 01 druggtiu 
orb/null. 8tndlOc./or lampte. 

BEN. LEW CO, French Perfumers 

De-pt a8 lafiKlna.ton St., Boston, ktMi, 




and Insist that your barber 
use It also. It Is Antiseptic, 
and will prevent any of the 
skin diseases often con- 

A positive relief for 
Prickly Heal, Cnillni and 
Sanborn, and all afflictions 
of the skill. Removes all 
odor ol perspiration. 

(let McnncQ's— the original. Sold 
everywhere or mailed (or 3ft cents. 


X. llazin'B, the 

original Depilatory, 

removes the hair 

f rum the face, neck 

or arms without 

fall. No Ul tiffeetij. 

Used by women of 

retluement for over 

Huventy years. For 

mile at all first class 

toilet counters, or by mall In 

sealed packages, for Ufty cents, 

including postage. 


New York City, 
Makers of Sozoclont, 


DAjorjilfbl. Yoncaown.DlMMSl 
•Qiut In briUlftocj to Bar fraolol 
ISIom •tooo-tblrtlaUi UMtort. 


rt»od Kid twt sod oxport •iimKn 

tlon. W«toamat*»ib«n. So*ts» 

Lflnrt, thtp p.f. OtUlMM IVw RIdi Umiji, IndJdKl to 

rvm two-evnt pwnM. 


9*1, k. >IUl.n*BIM<gL,<xUMri. 


^fprfolk. — At the Academy of Music (Otto 
wells, local manager) "Princess Bonnie," by 
local talent, was presented, April 18, f> a 
well filled house "The Nancy Banks" played, 
22-25, to very good returns. "The Ginger- 
bread Man" 27, "The Clansman" opens 20, 

Granby (Otto Wells, local manager).— 
Business week of 22 was unusually good. 
Charley Qrapewin, la "It's Up To You, John 
Henry, 1 ' week of 29. 

Majestic (Bert Qagnon, manager).— "Bast 
Lynne dtew well last week. "Sheridan 
Keene, Detective," week of 20. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). — People for 
week ot 20 : Inez Lee, Elsie Fay, Mnble 
Brown, Pearl Davis, Eva Dubois*, Julia 
Stewart, J. R. Prior, Ed. H. Roach, John 
Leslie, the Great Mlamo and George Meaker. 
Business Is good. Stock company. In "Going 
to the Jamestown Ball." 

Acmb (Wllkerson & Manzle, managers).— 
People for week of 20 : Flora Esmond, Gard- 
ner and Hess, Babe Wilson, Mike Stennett, 
Binney and Chapman, Mamie Dushan, Sykos, 
and Rents and Edwards. Business is good. 

Auditorium (J. M. Barton, manager).— 
Attractions for week of 29 : Kirk Adams and 
company, the Osborn Family, Carrie Scott, 
Guy Johnson, Patterson and Raymond, Cap 
Snyder. Anna Belmont and Minnie Patter- 
son. Business Is good. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers). 
— New people week of 29: Beech and Mon- 
tague, Parker and Harvey, Sheldon and Wil- 
son, and Bennett and Wallace. Regular stock 
Is held over. 


Richmond. — At the Bijou (Chas. I. Mc- 
Kee, manager), week of April 22, Charles H. 
Grapewln played to 8. R. 0. at every per- 
formance, giving "It's Dp to You, John 
Henry." Week of 29, Lottie Williams, In 
"My Tom-Boy Girl." "Around the Clock" 

Academy of Mdsic (Jake Wells, mana- 
ger).— "The Old Homestead" played to 
crowded houses at both performances, April 
20, giving a very good show. "The Ginger- 
bread Man" bad a splendid advance sale for 
26. Week of May 6, the Fawcett Stock Co. 
will open for a Bummer engagement. 

Idlewood Park (Jake Wells, manager) 
opened April 26 with the Hatch Carnival 
Shows, which Is attracting extremely large 
crowds every night. 

Notes.— At the Auditorium SkatlngRInk 

(Louis Myers, manager) the Twin Taylor 

Sisters, In their new and attractive skating 

feats, are scoring a hit. 



Mobile.— At the Mobile Theatre (J. Tan- 
nenbaum & Jake Wells, managers) Lottie 
Williams, in "My Tom-Boy Girl," came, April 
22-24, Inclusive, and met with liberal patron- 
age, "Hooligan's Troubles" 25-27. 

Lybic (Leon Neubrlk. manager). — This 
house closed the vaudeville season April 6. 
Damroch's orchestra played to capacity busi- 
ness 12, followed, 13, by Mary Mannerlog, 
In "Glorious Betsy/' to a large and appre- 
ciative audience. The Summer season opened 
22, with the Lyric Musical Comedy Co., In 
"The Girl from Paris." The company Is a 

good one, and Is composed of some of the 
est talent on the opera and musical comedy 
stage. Bills will he changed weekly. The 
opening of the Summer season was greeted 
with splendid returns during the entire week. 

Monroe Park Theatre (M. A. McDermott, 
manager). — This Summer playhouse Is being 
put In readiness for the Summer season, 
which opens May 6. Opera chairs are being 
Installed, as well »b electric fans. The Olym- 
pla Opera Co. will play here, and the prin- 
cipal comedians ana singers will alternate 
between New Orleans and Mobile. 

Notes. — The Blehl Family Orchestra closed 
a six months' engagement at the new Caw- 
thon Hotel, Sunday, April 21, and left lor 
the Jamestown Exposition, for an engage- 
ment of six weeks, after which time they will 
spend the remainder of the Summer in New 
Mexico, where they will fill a return engage- 
ment. They have been engaged by the Her- 
vey Hotel Co., for a return engagement, oe- 
glnnlng next Fall. Upon completing their 
contract, 21, the Blehl family were tendered 
a banquet by Manager Hervey, sb an evi- 
dence of appreciation of valuable services ren- 


Manchester. — At the Park (John Stiles, 
manager) the house Btock company gave 'Out 
On Ball, week of April 22. it was a revised 
version of "The Ticket-of-Leave Man," ar- 
ranged by Roland A Osborne. "Colleen 
Bawn" 29 and week. 

Notes.— The Nickel (formerly Keith'*) 
moving pictures and Illustrated songs are still 
In evidence A. Paul Keith, James Moore and 
Treasurer Donovan, of Keith's executive 

staff, paid a visit to this house, 28 

The Al Matti Specialty Co. has the follow- 
ing people: M. A. Burnell, Pagan and Mcr- 
rlamT Lcola Weston, Lionel Paris, Thomas J. 
Towle, Kenneth Stuart, A. F. White, M. 
Whiting, Chas. Whiting and Al. Marts. Tim 
McVIcker will be In advance. The company 
will open at Raymond, N. H., May 1, playing 
Danville 2, West Danville 3, Deny De- 
pot 4 Tlgue & Hoffman's Scenlctorlum 

Is touring In New Hampshire, and reports 
good business. It will go Into Western Mas- 
sachusetts after May 15 C. U * itzpat- 

rlck, the old time showman, is very 111 at 
his home In this city. 



ottden.- At the Grand Opera Houso (It. 
A. Grant, manager) Charles B. Harford April 
24, Annfe Russell 25. "Mrs. Wlggs of the 
Cabbage Patch" May 8, Nat C. Goodwin 18. 

Utaiina (Consldlne * Sullivan Co., mana- 

Sera). — For the week commencing April la: 
:urtlss and Busse, Morey Long. Chss. II. 
Duncan, Williams and Rose, Will am Win- 
dom, and Frank Coombs and Muriel Stone. 
This last act deserves special mention, It 
being one of the cleverest seen on this stag!. 








QUEENSLAND f|lHf?Il#1f||AftT Jm 

PHILIPPINE ■■■■■ II UV ■"llnl su ""™ 





Will present, In the beat theatres of tile United States, the 
biggest, grandest ami most speetacnlar Mngto Perfbimanee 
ever produced. 



H E 





The Biograph's latest produc- 
tion, tells of the Affaire de 
Coeur of two French swordsmen, 
both rivals for the same fair 
Parlslenne's hand. In a dnel 
between the two the rejected 
suitor falls, apparently, a self* 
designed victim of a rapier 
throat. The scenes are typical 
of the French Capital and the 
acting sterling to a degree, mak- 
ing it the most thrilling dra- 
matic production of the season. 



THE TRUANTS • - • 638(1. 

SCHOOL .... 751ft, 
MR. HURRY-UP ■ ■ • 625ft, 
TRIAL MARRIA8ES • • 765ft. 
SKY-SCRAPERS - • • 610ft. 







By New Discovery 

"I have de- 
that deaf- 
ness can be 
cured/'- Dr. 
Cuy Clifford 

Tbe secret of how to use the mysterious anil 
itivisiblo naturo fortes for the cure of Deafness and 
Head Noises tins at last beon discovered by the 
famous Physician - Scientist, Dr. Hoy Clifford 
Powell. Deafness and Head Noises disappear as 
It by magic under the use of this new and wonder- 
ful discovery. lie will send all who suffer from 
Deafness and Head Noises full Information how 
they can be cured, absolutely free, no matter how 
long they have been deaf, or what caused their 
deafness. This marvelous Treatment Is so simple, 
natural and certain that you will wonder why It 
was not discovered before. Investigators arc aston- 
ished and cured patients themselves marvel at the 
quick results. Any deaf person can have full Infor- 
mation how to be cured quickly and cured to stay 
cured at home without Investing a cent. Write 
today to Dr. duy Clifford Powell, 674,';, Dank Iltdg., 
Peoria, 111., and get full Information of this new 
and wonderful discovery, absolutely free. 

IdTsnc. Privilege, BilfMi, Stock, Au- 
tomobile and n.n y-Oo-lloand Can. 
too. long. Desirable for Snow and Carnival Com 
oanies. Reasonable terms. Write for parttonlan 


Wn I** MVwi.rtnnAlr RnlMlnff (Dllcago. 111. 

Theatre For Rent 


18th and Harney, center of city. 
Good stage, new; garden attached 
mcr proposition. Only cash rent considered. 

N. P. DUDUR A CO., Omaha, Nebr, 

Splendid Hum 




Trade falling away and patrons not pleased 1 W,«ll, what th« use at worrying I 
"There's a remedy for every 111, 1 ' And oar professional uilvln. I* to give the peo- 
ple In your neighborhood a trlnl of 


Vou may be surprised to hear It, but It's u fart, that your patrons are 
mighty good Judges of films The best Is none loo uood for them, anil It's c»r» 
talnly up to you to give them what they want. Wliut we can promise for our 
18 PROMPT 1>K 

service Is 



Let's get acquainted. Call on us now or write giving full particulars regard* 
ing amount of reols you use, number of changes (te.lred, etc. It will be <o your 

The Greater N. Y. Film Rental Co. 

£S4 Union, 

^©■w York. 


Man for Light Comedy, Juvenile Lead, to double Cornet, Trombone or Alto; Vauilnvlllo Acts, to piny 
Small Parts and Double Ifruss: Trombone, Cornet and Trail Drummer, Willi full line of traps. Statu 
lowest (I pay expenses) and when can loin, In first letter. Tickets to reliable peoplo only. 

Address HARRY I.A HKANE, Manager. 
KOUTE.— Chatham, N. II., May 3, 4. Backvllle 0, Londonderry, N. H., 7, Kcntvllle a, Bridgetown », 
Annapolis 10, 11, Dlgliy III, Weymouth 14, 10, Yarmouth 10, 17, Liverpool IS. 



Two good nketoh Team*. Comedy Mimical Act, sinter Hinging and Dancing Art, Comedian, that can put 
on acts; Contortionist, Club Juggler, and any good single set, Al I'lnyer, must lie sight reader. 
Musicians for II. and O., man with Moving Picture Machine, burnt have good Films and lllmit ruled 
Song Outfit. Hliuvv makes week stands under canvas, playing mountain resorts. 'All people must. 
change for one week. No matinees. A pleasant W weeks' engagement. Make your salary low and 
mention all In first letter. I pay all expenses. No tickets advanced. Open second week In May. Per- 
formers do not have Ut work around canvas. Iloozcr* keep away, no place for you. Kalary with this 
show sure. Address JOK LKVITT, loo >; Helden Ave., Hyracuae, Now York., care of House Host. 
I'. 8.— Kd. Zo va, Emmet Doty, Joe Hates, write. 

Waited, for De Land's America, Minstrels 

(under canvas) Cornet II. k »>.; Uarltone, double 

2nd Violin 

JAHKM UK LAND, <W0 Fast Clinton Ht„ Klinlra, N.Y. 



Also a few other Arcade Machines. Price low If 
iHjuglitatonee. Apply K. H. IIUWK, 

41 Union Square, New York City. 


"WillanJ'8 Model Shows," 

SMALL uavd, six or seven nieces; also WIKK 
ACTANDconToutioniht. Wire at once. Know 
opens West Monterey. May 4. 

LKBOY WfLLARD, West Monterey, Pi. 



May 4. 



OP* THE i 

20th CENTURY! 

By S. R. HENRY and WM. C AHILL, 




ios.W. Stern & Co. 

102-104 Weit 38th St., Hew York City " 


All our subject* are with titles and bear oar 


Tlili la a good onet Funn j- from beginning to end. 
LENGTH, 980 FEET .... PRICE, #33.00 


A Film That Will Ciaii ahouta of Laughter. 
LENGTH, HOB FEET ..... PKICE, 131.80 


204 Ei»t 38th St., New York City. 

62 Stat* St., Chicago, III. 



[sworn MARIE LaTOUR 

The Young Emotional Actress, In Productions of 







WANTED, Al SCENIC ARTIST. Please to bear from Repertoire People Id all lines. 
CIIAH. TEAFF A II. ELDON, Mgrs., Room S, 266 N. Flftli St., NEWARK, OHIO. 


Good, Clean, Up-to-date Medicine Performers, Banjo 

Players, Singers, Comedians, Sketch Teams, Novelty 

Aots, Moving Picture Man, with Machine; 

Illastrated Songs, Etc, Etc 

Work from big electric lighted plaftorm, on lots In big towns. Tell me what yon can and will do, 
in first letter. Btate your lowest working salary, as I have do time for lengthy correspondence. 
Open early In stay. I pay transportation after Joining. You pay your own board. Address 

THE GREAT ANSBLME, 1013 Central Are., Cincinnati, Ohio. 



Our Professional Dept. on and after May I, 1907, will be located in 


You are cordially invited to call. 
' v.Get our list of reputation-makers— -mailed free. 


Chicago, 111. 


Rip Van Winkle Company 

People who doublo band, man for Rip and la*y with children for Ilclnlo and Menlo; people doing spe- 
cialties given preference MuhIcIiuih for B. A O , who handle standard music; 0. ft 0. ladles with good 
Hue of music. We feature our band, ao you must deliver tho goods to last long here, lie able to Join 
on receipt uf wire. No tickets to parties unlet own. Wanted, nun lo handle small top. State all drst 
letter and lowest salary. This is a ttnt show, so make salary to correspond. Show openB at llloomlicld, 
May lift. Address PAUL II. McNEILL, Uloomflelri, Indiana. 


Are you having trouble on account ofvnur Rheostat? We are making the REX. It has been a hit 
from the Jump because IT DOES THE WORK. It makes a steady, white light, saves current 
and doe:) not get red hot. Connections aro made of steel, and do not melt. Can be used with cither 
current. 110 volte. Price, •10.H0. Order at once and got rid of your troubles. Orders tilled In 
rotation. Kexlble Rheostats are the only ones la the United Mutes positively guaranteed Order at once, 

GRAND RAPIDS FILM EXCHANGE, 48 Canal SI., 6riid Rapids, Mick. 

Tried, foun d Guilty, and Benteneed lo Salary Confinement, 

IBVING WALTON, the Man in the Misfit Suit, 

Displaying an assortment of vaudeville Btnuts In one. 14 minutes. K. A P. Union Squire Theatre 
this week. Address APT 6-331 KAST Slst ST., NEW YORK. 


Drop com In the 
slot, the machine 
does the rest Ma- 
chines made for 
any coin. Regis- 
ter a clean glass 
and a clean drink. 
For delivery this 
Summer, orders 
must be received 


Machines at 48 
East 14th St., N.Y. 
City, are earning 
from $30 to $40 a 
day daring Win- 
ter, selling elder 
at lc. per glass. In 
the Summer eam 
from $40 to $80 a 

One machine at 
31 Park Row, N.Y. 
City, la now earn- 
ing $20 a day. In 
Summer months 
will earn $40 a 

Ten machines at 
Coney Island took 
hi $3,oco in so 
days, selling ice 
cold water at lc. 
per glass. 

These machines 
sell all kinds of 
drinks — Lemon- 
ade, Orangeade, 
Root Beer, Celery 
Tonic. These 
drinks cost to 
make 4c. per gal- 
lon. When sold 
through the ma- 
chine will pro- 
* dace 35 drinks to I 
the gallon. 

Order now for next Summer's delivery. 
415 Broadway, corner Canal, New York. 




Likewise Machines and Supplies, are always right t our customers say so ami 
that tickles us to death. We made the OTHER FELLOWS sit np and Ink e not In 
and we propose to make them spend more money for advertising than ever befoi ,' 
If they want to be In the running. 


Make them prove it If any other firm In this city makes that claim. Don't accept 
laat year** catalog, with green cover, or this year's with a label pasted over 
some other firm'* name. Come here and we'll show oar credentials as 


SPECIAL — Blograph's Late Comedy Headllner, "Eights of Nation*," 730 feet 
BRAND NEW, never used; cost, (90.00; oar price, 900.00. BE QUICK. 


Al way ■ In stock. We carry the largest and only exclusive stock In this city, 

USB, $43.00 EACH, OR SIX FOR $1930.00. 

Swaab's Bargains Are Real Bargains 


^ 338 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


EVER V l_l NE 



Sett rhe holr-fonea WE 
make for THE CLIPPER - 
llfyounre going lb have, any CUTSl 
I madat write us first WE MAKE 




Our 1906 STREET- 
now ready for distribu- 
tion. Write for It to- 
day. You cannot afford 
to ba without a copy. 
Mailed (res. 

30c. per 10O. 



Summer Outings. 

Three Marvelous 
Folding Organs. In 
advance of all, the 
iill.HOHN Tele- 
scope, Portable and 
Champion ORGAN. 
Just what yon neod 
for circuses, carni- 
vals, street fairs, 
merry-go-rounds, concerts, concert troupes, and all 
Summer outings. Full descriptive catalogue and 
prices free. BILIIORN BROS., 1M Lake St, Chicago. 



The average town or city will readily support as many "Automatic VandevlUes " 
as It does theatres. Dozens of Arcades were opened last year by men of no previ- 
ous experience with coin-operated machines. 

Do yon know of a good location? If so, don't hesitate. We have a splendid 
new model Mutoecope at 930.00, and bargains in used machines as low as $a». 




11 E. 11th ST., NEW YORK . 



Ladies or Gentlemen. 

one* that can sing Illustrated Songai Men for Moving Picture Sound 
i. Good Dramatic Lecturers, Sptelera and Operators. Addres* 

0. T, CRAWFORD FILM EXCHAH6E, Sayetr Tfeeatn Blig., St. Loils, Mo. 




WOMAN for Topay, with Strong Specialty! 
MUSICIANS for No. 2 Bond (white) except Tana and Baritone. 

Those doubling stage given preference. Wire lowest salary, quick. 
fill,!. All people engaged for above company report at Homer, N. Y., early Monday momlnp, 
**•* •A^U May 0. Answer this call by letter, at once. J. W. SHIP WAN, Homer, W. Y. 




JOE. RIKNE8, Rep. 

"Individual Vocalists and Collective Harmonists." With Primrose Minstrels. Summer and next 

13 T T E 

ViiMloqulil Figures, Wood Heads, $11 Per 

PAIR. KIR1IR0, IS Frank St., Rochester, N. Y. 

season open. 



Tall Juvenile Woman, (icn. Dus. Man to direct stage. Must have A 1 Wardrobe on and off. Other use- 
ful people, write. Long season to right pconlc. Btate lowest Summer salary. Payiounwn. No tick- 
eta advanced. P. H. MURRAY, Mgr., Rostcll Sto ck Co., Lcwlst on, Maine. 

Trap Drummers and Leaders 

ORCHESTRA HELLS (Steel or Aluminum Bars), two chr. octaves: 
ORCHESTRA TUUAPHONES (Metal Tubes) two chr. octaves, ami 
ORCHESTRA XYLOPHONES, two and hair chr. octaves. All Instru- 
ments arc OPERATE!) BY PIANO KEYBOARD. Entirely metal action. 
Everybody can play my new patent novelty with the roost artlstl'-' 
effect. Send for free catalogue. 
«I. JOSEPH, 139 West 117th 8treet, New York. 

The kind that get the money. CaU or writ*. P. ". ZIHMKKMA*, S K. !«■ "t 
"• *• *•* York Aateats for Tki Callle Bre*. Cat,, off D»t**tt. 

MAY 4 



You all hare, at one time in your career, sung a HARRIS ballad, and never failed to make good. Now, what is the reason. It is just 
because you have sung a song by a composer who writes both his own words and music. His titles and stories are taken from real life, and 
his music is an inspiration, and not rehashed from some old time, long forgotten popular song, and foisted upon the public as original. That 
is one of the secrets of the HAR R IS ballads successes. 

Composers are born, not made. Song imitators may strike it once, perhaps twioe, but do they? or oan they strike it year in and year out 
for twenty years, as HARRIS has done and is doing year in and year out? 

His latest and most beautiful heart story love ballad, 



» • » 4 ' — p V- 


— .-fr. 


i. "Good-bye. lit-tle sweetheart, forev - er. I'm 

3. She read his note while tears were fall-ing, The 

t £3~a r-1 - -J=— N 


^=-^= fe 

-m 1 1 I 

¥—\ — i — t 











-g ■ --A V 



go-in? a-way."so he wrote, "The deep blueseasion will di-vide us, 

love-lignt had gone from her eyes She cried, "I was teas icg, come back, dear, 

I've tried to ex-plain in this note;.. 
You shall not my heart's love de-spise.". 








thought that an - oth - er will claim you, 
'twas not to be, his ship foun - dered ; 


i t 

Has caused me the deep • est of woe I could not re-main for his tri - umph, Be - 

The sad truth he nev - er would know He went to his death like a he - ro. Be - 








-r— t t ■$- 

-f—t i 1 

i 4*& H 








REFRAIN. Rather slowly, with expression. 




I F ' 

n r ■ • 






-#-*— F 

cause, dear, I loved' you so.". 
cause he bad loved her so. ■ . 




m i & :E 




4?— *fe 



I left you because, dear, I loved you, And I could not see you wed ; 












g — zr- 

P r 

















e; E 






told me that you loved an - oth - er, 

*-h r-t- 

I wish that I 



-i — 

were dead. 



I tried, oh, so hard, love, to tell you, 

But I 



-I :>^= &~ j r 






-x— •- 



J I. 





•i « <- 






? g * 











Mr f'.Eir r-(! 

rru— i 



vowed you'd nev - er know, How my heart longed for you and was ach - ing 

Copyright, mcmvii, by Chas. K. Harris. British Rights Secured 


As printed upon this page, 
both words and music, speaks 
for itself, and MR. HARRIS 
predicts that in a few m onths' 
time it will be sung, whis- 
tled, hummed and played all 
over the entire world. It is 
so simple and catching that 
it oan be sung by any singer 
with any kind of a voice in 
any kind of a theatre, and 
will undoubtedly prove the 
song hit of any aot or any 
programme. Full orchestra- 
tions in any key free of 
charge to singers who are 
known to the HARRIS house 
or agencies throughout the 
world. This page answers 
for a professional copy. 

If you are playing in New 
York and wish to learn it, 
kindly call up to the New 
York office, where compe- 
tent pianists will gladly teach 
it to you. The same answers 
for the Chicago office. 

Address all communica- 
tions to the main office. 



3 1 West 3 1 st Street, New York, N. Y. 




rV1 K r. 



May 4. 



• LIFE MOTION PICTURE MACHINES^ FILMS • ai-23 sontu Eighth str" 


This film, from the first scene to the last, will keep the audience 
in a roar of laughter, and, while it tells a funny story at the 
expense of "Mother-in-Law," it is without suggestion of malice. 
It is a roaring absurdity at which no one will laugh more heart- 
ily than "Mothor-in-Law" herself. 



LENGTH, 7 00 FEET, PRICE, $77 





The ArtliCi Hturilo; Preparing for the Stage; The Voting Millionaire; Martin 1 * Cafe; 
The Fight; The lloom with the Velvet Swing; Drugged; A Flendl.h Deed; The Wedding; 
The Thau ■«• Home; The Tragedy at the Roof Garden; The Tomb* Prlaon; On Trial for 

The Fight; The lloom w 
The Thaw.' Hi 
Life; Klc, Etc, 


PRICE, $104.60. 

The Blggeat Attraction In New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, 
Pltteburg, Etc., Etc., Playing Everywhere to Standing Room Only. 




Including Klectrlc Lump, Culcluin 
a Lamp and Adjustable lthcostat. 

All Our Films.Class A. Price, 1 1 Cents Per Foot. Our Beautifully Illustrated Catalogues Free of Charge 




Anoth«r Splondld Story Picturo, 



Copyright, tUfl, by tho Titograph Co. ot America. 

Tho sailor hoy una till Hwuothonrt moot at their trjutlnir placo— Tho betrothal— Girl 'b ratlior 

forhlria (lie inariliiKo mnl look* her In Iter room— 8ho oscapoH and runa away with her Bailor 

hoy- Tin.' marrliwo— Two ycara inter- in nnvorty— Tho Hullor'a dream of Captain Ktdd— Search 

(or and discovery ot t lie troaaiiro— lloconclllatlon with father and happy ending. 



Copyright, 1907, by tho Vltagraph Co. of America. 

A uurloBqtio melodrama from tho "llowory," In 5 acta and So scenes. Ono ot thoxo 
thrilling aoonlo productions. A earload of ancclnl scenery, and all tho latent theatrical 
orrecti. An all-star east. Tho hero, horolno, (llndyn, tho darling child, the villain, the nd- 
vouturesa, tho linrglar, tho liankor, tho dotcollvo mid the acnsntlonai, ncroliatlo "human 
chain" strotelicd acroaa tho roaring waterfall. 



Repoied on account of great demand and wearing out of the negative. 
Better than ever. Fnnnler than before. 



Selling Agentai 

Chicago, HI. 
Snn Franelaco, CaL 

NEW YORK, 110 Naiaati Street. 
CHICAGO, 100 Randolph Street. 
LONDON, 10 Cecil Court. 
PARIS, IB Rao Balnte Ceclle. 















Film Renting' 


62 X. Clark St.. 
Chicago, 111. 


A PIG IN SOCIETY - - - 167ft. 
THE SMUGGLERS - - - 260ft. 
THE STOLEN BRIDE - - 687ft. 


(Sensational) - - - - 742ft. 




- 7BOft. 

- 314ft. 
> 464ft. 

- 694ft. 


38 STATE ST. I Opposite Masonic TtHPlE 


NEW llllllii 004 Sixth Ave. 





Copyright. 1807. by th« Frtnk Queea Pnbllihlng Company (Limited) 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, MAY 11, 1907. 

VOLUME LV.-No.18. 
Prloe, 10 Centa. 



May 11. 

^55 CKpP er '5 


■ ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


To continue tbe subject of naming popular 
musical compositions, both lyric and instru- 
mental, the fact may be repeated that nearly 
every one of tbem has an incident, eltbor 
humorous or aerloua, connected with tbe title. 
Herein are recorded a few anecdotes con- 
cerning some of "the popular bits of the day." 

Fells Kelst, of tbe alliterative cognomen, 
has a large slxed mental repository for these 
concerning the music of the Leo Feist brand, 
and particularly the titles belonging to his 
own compositions. 

The theme of "Tbe Bullfrog and the Coon," 
music by Jus. B. Nathan, and words by Felix 
Feist, one of tbelr greatest song successes, 
was conceived away up In the Maine woods 
where Feist and bis friends were resting 
from the arduous duties of producing and 
popularizing music. 

One night In the deepening twilight tbe 
two writers were strolling along tho path 
that bordered a pond, trying to forget busi- 
ness, and gathering ozone from the fresh air 
which should add to tbelr vitality for tbe 
next season's light for musical supremacy. 

"Chunk-chunk," croaked a young bullfrog, 
about a stone's throw away, as he sat In tbe 
usual squat bullfrog pose upon a slippery 
boulder, close to the water. Then, at the 
nearer approach of tbe two young men, be 
gave another "ca-cbunk," and, with a splash, 
disappeared Into his protective element. 

"Did you see that frog?" exclaimed Nathan. 

"Yes," quickly replied Feist, "and I saw a 
song In blm, too." Thereupon ensued a deep 
discussion between the two, which resulted In 
tbe evolution of "Tbe Bullfrog and the Coon." 


To digress moment from the Feist stories, 
one recalls another musical composition by 
Howard Whitney, who was Inspired by a 
puddle full of these batrachlans, the mourn- 
ful croaks of which are also referred to by 
no less a personage than Oliver Wendell 
Holmes, when he wrote of "the batraohlan 
hymns from the neighboring swamp." 

Howard Whitney wrote many characteristic 
pieces tbat were Immensely popular a while 
ago. Tbe "Frog Fuddle" headed this list, 
which Included such suggestive titles as "Mos- 
qultos' Faradc," "Donkey Laugh," "Lucky 
Duck," and others of peculiar and amusing 

Whitney related the Incident of a railroad 
wreck near Qrccnvlllo, 0., In which be took 
an unwilling and unexpected part. It oc- 
curred In a swampy district, whoro both 
sides of tho track sloped down into water 
that was literally full of tbeso croakers. 
Kumlnatlngly observing this fact while, await- 
ing release from the delay of the wreck, 
Whitney's musical senses wero Inspired by 
tho peculiar vocal sounds, splashes and gen- 
eral confusion that reigned In tho nearby 
swamp holes. Therefore, "Tho Frog Puddle." 


Some time ago, when the Feist brothers 
possessed not the commodious qunrtors they 
now occupy, and when each member of tho 
company had to "get In and dig," thus saving 
tho length of tho salary list, among other 
things, thoy had a march all ready for the 
engraver. Hut thoy could not decide upon u 
fitting title, bo Abe Holzmann's lively two- 
step was held back for that simple, though 
effective, reason. 

Those most concerned In tho Fclst houso 
were straightening up tho confusion of the 
place, after business hours, ono nlgbt. The 
senior member was hustling things at tho 
desk, Abo Iloltmann was sorting and piling 
up disarranged sheets of music In a Iclsuroly 
manner that did nut accord with Edgar 
miner's quick methods. Tbat young twin, 
slnco graduated to the front part of tho houso 
which he so well represents, was anxious to 
hurry tho process, so I hey could leavo for tho 
night. Holt In fun, halt In earnest, ho ex- 
claimed : 

"Come, there t Blaza away, now 1 Blaio 
away I" 

"There's our title for the march I" quickly 
exclaimed Ilolsinnnn, catching on. Anil 
"ltlaic Away" has slnco blazed a wide trail 
along the march line. 


"Anona," an Instrumental piece, by Mabel 
McKlnloy, was named by her publisher. It 
had no special meaning, but since Its pub- 
lication tho peculiar name has been promi- 
nently placed, evidently possessing an at- 
tractive power, felt by several applicants for 1 
tho ubo of It In a business way. 

Leo Fclst took an hour off ono afternoon 
and began figuring on a title for the popular 
singer's composition. Ho was fishing with 
bis pencil and paper for a namo that would 
spell tho same both forward and backward. 
The above named word was tho result. How- 
ever, tho clover publisher wns not aware that 
I his was tho namo of a Texas town, and so 
the coining of the attrnctlvo namo was really 
original with him. 

"Aninm" has since been bestowed upon a 
special brand uf cigar. It also llRures us the 
namo of a New York apartment louse, mid 
Is painted upon 11 fine yacht that cruises tho 
waters about tho big metropolis. A few days 
ago tho house of Feist received an applica- 
tion from a chemical company for the use 
of the namo for a newly Invented antiseptic. 
This Is only ono of a long list of applications, 
which prove that there's "something In a 
name," and that "Anona" by any other nnutc 
might not have been halt so successful. 

There Is a laughable Incident connected 
with the song, "There's Itoom for Us All on 
tho Trolley," successfully introduced by that 
clever duo, Melville and Stotson. 

They wero singing It as Proctor's Fifty- 
eighth Street Theatre. According to well 

known methods of the vaudeville singer In 
Inciting the sympathetic part of the audi- 
ence to Join in tbe chorus, they passed the 
usual invitation. Somehow, there was not 
the usual hearty response, and Miss Melville, 
In encouraging voice, addressed tbe gallery: 

"Come on, Join In," she exclaimed; "this 
Is a nice little family affair — let's all sing 

But her appeal did not gather many voices 
at that time. Then Bvie Stetson, the rotund 
comedienne, took a hand. 

"Come on, all Join In," she said In ber 
mirthful manner; "now, speak tbe song If 
you can't sing It," and then she began 
"There's Room for Us All on the Trolley," 
In the lead whlcb still was not followed. 
Then, stopping short, the plump, pretty 
singer said In a disappointed, serio-comic 
voice : 

"Haven't any of you anything to say ?" 

"Yes," came' a reply from the gallery tbat 
broke up tbe meeting, "there ain't no more 
on the trolley If they're all your size." 


"Could You Loam to Love a Little Girl 
Like Me?" Is a musical appeal tbat was most 
successfully put from the stage of Proctor's 
Newark Theatre, at a recent matinee, by 
Sue Hlnlth. 

She sang the chorus to a gentleman, ac- 
companied by a lady, In a box near tbe stage. 
He seemed very much embarrassed, and tried 
to slide his cbalr toward the back of the 
box. Ills companion was seen to lean toward 
hlpi with a smile, and Felix Feist, sitting 
close by, heard her say : 

"Don't let her feaze you — take the tun and 
don't mind 1" 

At this encouragement the man braced him- 
self for the next chorus, and when the appeal 
was again made by Miss - Smith, bis unex- 
pected, quite audible reply, was : 

"Yes, Indeed, I could!" and a big laugh 
surged around the auditorium. 

At this the lady, whoso advice had been 
literally taken, attracting more attention 
than she had anticipated, made a precipitous 
exit from the box, perhaps further Impelled 
to do so by some slight feeling of Jealousy 
at hearing Ibe warmth and heartiness In the 
reply of her escort. 


The Friars. 

The last meeting of the Friars, held April 
20, was largely attended. Henry Miller was 
elected en honorary member, anil the election 
fff the following new members was announced: 

Active — Edward Schsfer. Albert Dorrls, 
A. Levi, Joe K. Richards, Thus. Hodgeman, 
James Slevln, Wm. II. Walsh. Robert W. 
Priest, William Munster, Ocu. S. Wood aid 
Hamsay Morris. 

Associate — Kowland (1. Pray, Max Arm- 
strong, J. P. Muller, Ueorgo B. Hunt, Wm. It. 
Clayton and Harry Docl Parker. 

J. \v. Itumsey, treasurer of tbe Friars, re- 
ported that the organization was a huge finan- 
cial success. Remittances from members have 
been coming In steadily. 

The chrb has grown from a handful to a 
membership which Includes nearly every agent 
In the business. The club has reached tne 
position on the firing line where it Is con- 
stantly attacked by schemes and propositions 
fur the future. The strict policy of the Hoard 
of Governors Is to proceed with caution, snd 
no move Is considered until a careful survey 
Is made of that chart upon which are marked 
the rucks which have wrecked so many organ- 
izations. However, the Friars want to roach 
out and look ovor every posstblo opportunity 
for the enlargement of tlic scovc of the or- 
ganization and tho development of Its use- 
fulness for tho future. Acting on this desire, 
the Friar president has appointed a perman- 
ent ways and means committee, to whom all 
such natters will bo referred, anil upon which 
the committee will report. The committee 
comprises : Charles Emerson Cook, chairman ; 
ilcorgo W. Siitnmis, Harry 0. Summers, J. D. 
LcfDngwcll and W. K. Semple. 

All Friars doslrous of keys to the club 
rooms In tho Knickerbocker Theatre Build- 
ing; should apply to Friar Phil Mimlil, Room 
230, in the same building. Keys cost 2Sc. 

The president has appointed Friar Llpraan 
Keene acting secretary, during the absouco 
from New York of the secretary. 

' ■ »» 

liiiini) (Jets Lincoln Square Theatre. 

Charies E. Rlanoy acquired, by lease, on 
May 2, the Lincoln Square Theatre, situated 
at Slity-tlfth street and Broadway, this city, 
The hnuHO comes Into Mr. Biancy'e possession 

Mr. Illanev's lease was made with tho Em- 

ill re Square Realty Co., of which, John L. 
illller is prccldent. It Is of ten years' dura- 
tion, with a further option of live years, 
thereby giving Mr. Illuncy possession for tbe 
next fifteen years. 

Beginning Sunday, May 6, the nnino of the 
house will bo changed to 'Illaney's Lincoln 
Square Theatre, thereby con form lug with tho 
system of nomenclature prevailing at all of 
Mr. Illaney's theatres, This house will be- 
come the producing homo of a number of Mr. 
Illaney's stars. Including Cecil Spooncr. Harry 
Clay liluney, 1 .tit tie. Williams, Pinko (I'llnra, 
Howard Hall, tho Russell Bros., and a num- 
ber of other Blaney stars, In now produc- 
tions, for engagements lasting from one to 
four weeks. Mr. lllancy himself has now on 
tour about fifteen attractions, most of which 
will visit this houso In tho course of tbe sea- 
son. The house will bo booked through the 
utllccs of Stair a Havlln. 

Tho Wm. Morris Stock Co., which Is now 
playing nn engagement nt tho house, will con- 
tinue there for n few weeks longer. Mr. Blaney 
expects to keep the house open all Summer 
with his own attractions, or those furnished 
by Stair « llrvlln. 

Mr. Blaney now controls lllnncy's Theatres 
In llrooklyn, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Newark, 
Phllndelphtn and New Orleans. 
Miue. Calve Sails fop Europe. 

Mine. Emma Cnlvc left for Europe on May 
2. She will enjoy a rest until Sept. 10, when 
she will return to New York and begin a 
concert tour under tho direction of John 
Cort. .She may be heard for a few perform- 
ances at the Manhattan Opera Houso during 
the latter part of next season, but as yet 
nothing has been settled concerning her opera 

«*» : 

Jiittsiit'rite Clark tor London. 

Marguerite Clark, at present of tho Dc 
Wolf Hopper company, will appear In "The 
■toad to Yesterday," at tho Waldorf Theatre, 
London, following tho engagement there of 
Hoihem and Marlowe. Miss Clark will piny 
the rule played here by Minnie Dupree. She 
will leave for Kngland Immediately after tho 
close ot ber season with Mr. Iloppcr, on 
Juno 1. 

"Brewster's Millions" 

Well Received In London. 

"Brewster's Millions" was given Its first 
production In England nt Hick's Theatre, 
Ixuidon. evening of May 1, and met with a 
line reception at the hands of the audience. 
tJeralrt I)u Maurler scored a hit as Brewster. 


Made her debut In the profession as Little 
Lord Fauntlcroy, on tbe Pacific coast, at the 
age of seven, ixitcr on she played child 
parts and Ingenue roles In stock companies 
In Western houses, Dirk French's, Russell 
k Drew, Connelly's Theatre Co. and Daniel 
Prowler's Co., being some of tbe organiza- 
tions with which she connected. She 
inme East In 191)0, and bas been with 
"Just Out of College" and "Tbe Spoil- 
ers" companies, and leading woman wltb 
isdwln Arden, In vaudeville. Miss Kclley 
Is engaged for tbe Summer stock In Washing- 
ton, t>. C. 


I. una Park, Coney Island, to Open Its 
Fifth Season. May 11. 

Thompson A Dundy's Luna Park will open 
Its regular season on Saturday, May 11. 
Since the park closed last season, a big force 
of men bas been employed building, recon- 
structing, renovating and beautifying tbe at- 
tractive enclosure. 

Outside of the numerous special pleasure 
diversions, "The Court of Luna" will be one 
of the most resplendent creations In the 

Since Its Inaugural, Ave years ago, Luna 
Park bas each season undergone transforma- 
tions and Improvements, and when It will 
reopen to the public, It will again have been 
materially reconstructed, and will present 
a number of novel and attractive feat- 
ures. A score or more of the biggest shows 
that have ever been conceived, and all of 
which owe their origin to the genius of 
Frederic Thompson, will constitute the In- 
dividual attractions for the ensuing season. 
They Include "The Trip to the Moon," "The 
Mountain Torrent," "The Moving Picture 
Theatre," "The Parisian Cafe," "The Dragon's 
Gorge," "Mollycoddle" (mirror Illusion), 
"Days of '41)," "Kansas Cyclone" (electrical 
scenic panorama), "Marino" (Illusion). 
"Laughing Gallery." "Scenic Hallway" (third 
loop), "The Hhutes," "The Great Shipwreck," 
"The Tickler" (human bagatelle), "The Red 
Mill." "Autodrome" (a new device In a 
"merry-go-round." representing an Investment 
of $45,000), "Niagara Falls by Wire," "Night 
snd Morning," "lltlter Skelter," "The Brownie 
Theatre." "Japanese Gordon," 'The Free Cir- 
cus, " "The Musical Flower Gardea." "The 
Ostrich Farm" and "The Animal Show." 

< «» 

Opera Singer* Leave for Europe. 

The Spring tour of the Metropolitan Opera 
Co. having ended, many of the principals of 
the organization have left for Europe. Among 
those who sailed on April 20 were : Messrs. 
Caruso. Van Hooy, Stracclarl, Rclss, Hertz, 
llov.v, Dlppcl, Muhlmann, Nepotl, Vlgna, N'a 
vnrlnl. and Misses Alten. Egcner and Pel- 
llxatto, and Mr. Bond and his family. Most 
of the members of the chorus left on May 1, 
and Miss I'nnar, Mmc. Fremstad and Messrs 
Scottl, Shiiu.-d. Morganstern and.Elsler sailed 
on May 2. Mmc. Sembrlch will not depart 
until llay 14. 

Ernest Goerlitz, general manager of tbe 
Conrled company, will leave May 23, and on 
May 7 Mr. Oorltz, Mr. Burgstaller and Marlon 
Weed will sail. 


Sonthern Hallway Lines Abolish 

Special Rates for Theatrical 


Following the action of the Interstate 
Commerce Commission In declaring that where 
transportation lines afford reduced rates on 
party tickets, as for example, to amusement 
organizations, these reduced rates must also 
be open to the general public, railway lines 
south of the Potomac and Ohio and cast of 
the Mississippi Rivers, filed 011 May 1, at 
Washington, It C, with the Intel-State Com- 
merce Commission notice, cffectlvu June I, of 
withdrawal of all such reduced party rates. 

After that dnte amusement companies will 
he referred to the regular prevailing tariffs of 
Individual fares. 

♦ « » 

Richard Mnnatlrld Will Not Act Next 


Richard Mansfield has canceled his book- 
ings for the entire season of 11107-08, and 
will spend the greater part of the year In 
KnglnniL This Is by order of his physicians. 

Mr. Mansfield Is now at bis home on River- 
side Drive, New ^ork City, slowly recovering 
from tbe Illness which brought his season 
lo a sudden ending. If his physicians con- 
sent be will leave for England Mny 11, ac- 
companied by his family, and go direct to a 
place lie has rented on tbe Thames, near 

New Vaudeville Theatre for llrooklyn. 

A new vaudeville 1 heat re is to bo erected 
'u the Ureenpolnt district of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
by Percy Williams. Mr. Williams bos pur- 
chased property In Calyer Street, between 
Mniiiiattiiii Avenue nnd Lorlmer Street, as 
a site. 


Grace Genryro to Present "Dlvorcons" 

In London. 

William A. Brady Intends to send Grace 
(Jrorgo to London to play "Dlvorcons" at ono 
of the Frohiiiiiu Theatres. He expects Miss 
Oeorgo to he accompanied by Frank Worth- 
ing as lending man, but otherwise to bo sup- 
ported by nn English company. 

4 «» 

Frltsl Rcheff Goes Abroad. 
Frltxl Schcir sailed on May 2 for Havre. 
Though she Is convalescing from her long 
Illness, she Is still vory weak. From Havre 
she will go to Paris, and then to Biarritz 
for. a few days, before settling for a long 
stay at Carlsbad. 

4 »» 
Sothern'n Hamlet Praised lu Eiiirlnnd. 

E. II. Sothem nnd Julia Marlowe produced 
"Hamlet" nt the Wnldorf Theatre, London, 
Eng., on May 1. and Mr. Sothem's conception 
of the title role won tho hearty praise of the 
majority of the English critics. 

4 « » 

Hlchard Pltrot's New Office. 

On Mny 1 Mr. Pltrot removed his office, to 
the ton door of 'I'm: fi.a-mi Building, 47 
West Twenty-eighth Street, New York. 
» ■ > 
Gay Standing to Star. 

Guy Standing will star next season In 
Eugene Presbrey's version of Parker's "The 
Right of Way." 



Butte.— At the Broadway (J. K. Hosier, 
manager) "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cnbbagc Patch" 
drew houses that appreciated tho play, May 

a, 4. 

Oiianii Oi'kha I tonsil (Dick P. Sutton, man- 
ager). — The Lulu Sutton Co. filled the houso 
every night, week of April 28, with "On tho 
Bowery. Tho vaudeville numbers at this 
bouse lira always a feature. 

Family (F. Nclsonln, manager). — Week of 
28 the following drew capacity : Harding and 
Ah Sid, Mr. and Mrs. Swlckard, Jns. and 
Bonnie Farley, Herr 8nonn and company, 
Tom Glllcn, Mile. Olive, motion pictures, and 
Walter Jeffrey, the blind singer. 

Nan. — "Undo" Dick Sutton has secured a 
location for bis new Lulu Theatre, on Broad- 
wu.v. The building, when completed, about 
Sept. 1, will coat In tho neighborhood of 

" notice . 

Ins; pases of THB CLIPPER will be 
laser ;ed at these prices 1 

Single Column. ...... . ST.UO 

Donble Column 918,00 


Seattle. — At the Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, manager) "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage 
Patch" had fine houses April 21-24. Walker 
Whiteside. 25-28, In 'The Magic Melody." 
made a big hit. Nat C. Goodwin. In reper- 
tory, 2D and week ; Raymond Hitchcock May 
5-11, In "The Yankee Tourist ;" Lillian Rus- 
sell, In "Tho Butterfly." 1217. 

Seattle (Russell A Drew, managers). — 
Week of April 21, Murray and Mack, In 
"Around tho Town," packed the house. Week 
of 28, "Hello, Bill: week of May 5, "The 
Roof Garden Tragedy ;" week of 12, "Peck's 
Bav Boy." 

Lvkic (Russell ft Drew, managers). — Zlnn's 
Travesty Co.. In "Glrofle-Glrofla," bad good 
business w.'ck of April 22. Tbe company's 
closing bill was "Venus" and "The Hay- 
makers," 20 and week. Tbe Lewis & Lake 
Musical Comedy Co. comes for an eight weeks' 
engagement, opening In "The Ten Thousand 
Dollar Beauty, week of May 5. 

Lois (Alex. Puntagea, manager). — "The 
Adventure of Lady Ursula," week of April 
21, wss greatly enjoyed. Week of 28, "The 
Cowboy and the Lady." Week of May 6, "Du 

Stab (E. J. Donellan, manager). — New 
people week of April 20: Parisian Grand 
Opera Co., Earl and Wilson, Clever Conkey, 
Burton and Voss, Geo. Evers, Whelan and 
Searles, Eddie Roesch, and moving pictures. 

Ohi'hkl'm (T. J. Consldlne, manager). — 
New people week of 20 : Trask and Gladden, 
Bessie Biihb, Harry W. Babb and company, 
Walton Elliott, the Mortons, Tom La Rose, 
and moving pictures, 

1'antaoks (Alex, Pontages, manager). — 
New people week of 20 : Banna w Club Swing- 
ing Trio, Haydcn Comedy Bicycle Co., the 
Bernstein Dancers, Le Nolr's marionettes, 
Daisy McCormlck, Arthur Elwell, and moving 


Spokane. — At the Spokane (Dan L. 
Weaver, manager) "Mrs. wlggs of the Cab- 
bage Patch" drew heavily and pleased" April 
27, 28. "Tne Free .Lance," with Joseph Caw- 
thornc," came to capacity 20. 

Columbia (George M. Drcber, manager). — 
"Ole Olson" 21-27. "Old Arkansaw" 28-May 4. 

Ai.'uituriuu (H. C, Hayward, manager). — 
Shirley Stock Co., In "Jess of the Bar Z 
Ranch." April 21-27. 

Washington (Geo. C. Blakeslee, manager). 
— New acts : Whelan and Searles, Conkey, 
George W. Event, Parisian Grand Opera Co., 
Burton and Voss, and Karl and Wilson. 

Tacuma. — At the Tacoma Theatre (C. II. 
Herald, nmnngeri Murray and Mack, In 
"Around tbe Town," April 28. Raymond 
Hlchcock, in "A Yankee Tourist," 20, 30. 
"The Hoof Garden Tragedy" May 2. 

Star. — "Devil's Island," with Charles King 
In the role of Captain Dreyfus, week of April 

Savoy. — "The Sign of the Four" week of 
20. p 

Grand (Dean B. Worley, manager). — Har- 
ry La Rosi and company, Howard Brothers, 
Nnn Knglcton and company, Tanner and Gil- 
bert, Harold Hoft", Sousa and Sloan and 



Portland. — At the Jefferson (M. J. Gar- 
rlty. manager) the Kirk Brown Stock Co. pre- 
sented "Under the Red Itobe," "The Eternal 
City," and other plays, before good slxed 
houses, April '.'ll-Miiy 1. "The I»leof Spice" 
came mntlnee and night. 2, to excellent re- 
turns. 'The attraction, 3, 4, was the San 
Carlos Opera Co., In "II Trovatore," "La Do- 
hemme'' and "Faust." Tbls attraction was 

much enjoyed by tbe large audiences attend 
lug. Knickerbocker Stock Co. 0-11. 

Portland (J. E. Moore, manager).— Hol- 
eoinbe, Curtis and company headed a goiHl 
bill last week, which attracted One business. 
After the week ending 11 this house will 
change from \audevllle and feature moving 
pictures and Illustrated songs throughout 
the Summer. Manager Moore will open with 
vnudevll/e In September In the new Keith 
Theatre now building. The bookings for the 
closing week, (Ml, include: Ben Welch, 
Knight Brothers and Sawtelle, Le Roy and 
Woodford, Lues and Luce, Onlaw Trio and 
Whitman and Davis. 

01 » 


Oklahoma City. — At Delmar Garden 
(Slnopoulo ft Marre, managers) "Tho Mati- 
nee Girl" optned week of April 21, and had 
fair business against cold. "The Man from 
Nowhere," 27 and week, opened to good busi- 


Norfolk— At tbe Academy of Music (Otto 
Wells, local manager) "Tho Gingerbread 
Man.' April 27, bad very good returns. "The 
Clansman" opened for an Indetinlae run 20. 
Buslnes since the opening night has been very 

(Jhaniiv (Otto Wells, local manager).— "My 
Tom-Boy Girt" sjm| or May 8. Business last 
week was unusually good. 

Majestic (Bert Gagnon, manager). — The 
Gagnon-l'olloclt Stock Co. will present "The 
Little Minister" 0-11. Business continues of 
a most satisfactory nature. 

Acme (Wllkerson ft Mantle, managers). — 
People week of 0: Gardner ft Hess, Lllllc 
Gardner, Blnncy ft Chapman, Autle Sykes, 
Mike Stennett, Rents and Edwards, and 
Thomas and Hall. Business Is good. 

Iiuiitr (Abb Smith, manager). — New peo- 
ple week of : Thompson and Lorlng. George 
McComb, Uohhlns nnd Robblns, lnes Lee. 
Elsie Fay, Pearl Davis, Eva Dubois, and 
John West. Business Is good. 

Auditorium (J. M. Barton, manager). — Tho 
bill week of 0: Kirk, Adams ana company, 
Snyder and Belmont, Osman and Barton. 
Johnson and company, Minnie Patterson, and 
Nellie and Dave Osman. Business Is good. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers). — 
People week of : Frank Leahy, Klngsley 
Bros,, Wallace Sheldon, Emma Wallace, Ida 
Bennett, May Lemuels, Hattlc Wilson, and 
Lane and Downey. Business Is good. 

Note. — John A. Leslie, who has been play- 
ing a vory successful engagement at the 
BIJou Theatre, has gono to nls home In Wor- 
cester, Moss., In order to look after his In- 
terests In Rome property left to him by the 
recent death of his mother. 
» «» 

Nashville.— At the Vendome (W. A. 
Sheets, manager) "Esther, the Beautiful 
Queen," with local talent, was the attraction 
April 21), :il). to good business. 

Bijou (Geo. II. Hickman, manager). — 
Little Chip and Mary Marble, In "Nancy 
Hanks." opened week of 20, to big business, 
giving n pleasing performance. "Bertha, the 
Sewing Machine Girl" May 0-11. 

Ilii'coiuiuMK (W. II. Bordleser, manager). 
— Good business continues to prevail. The 
principal attraction for week of April 20 
wits long distance skate races. Week of May 
Adolaltlo E. Do Voruk, fancy skater and 

Nutke. — The Crystal (Wm. Wnssermun, 
manager) opened week of April 20, to big 
business, with moving pictures, Illustrated 
songs, and Illusions. Otto Itlchter Is scoring 

a hit with his singing Gentry Dog and 

Pony Show, May 4, for four performances. 
Tho Casino Stock Co., under the man- 
agement of Y. C. Alley, opens the Summer 
season May 20. The opening bill will be "Old 
Louisiana." Manager Alley has secured a 
good company, and promises to give first class 
productions. Ellnorn Westrott will be lead- 
ing woman ; Harry G. Keefer, leading man ; 
Arlatte Shaw, soubrctte : Maude Folsom, 
characters ; Walter M. Hnmmett, stage di- 
rector; Thos. L. Dodd, Juveniles. Washer 
Bros., comedy boxers and acrobats, will be 
the first vaudeville attraction tbat will be 
used between the acts. 


Is often hard on his linen. So, also, Is 
"strenuous" acting. For saving expense, 

fire serving appearance nad Insuring coin- 
on, no linen equals the 

They cannot wilt or lose their shape, and 
are wiped clean with a damp cloth. 
Being linen they look like linen. 

COLLARS, 25c. CUFFS, 50c. 

1) not at dealers, send im style, size, 
number wanted, with remittance, and vie 
tout tna/f (0 mt|/ address, prepaid. 
Oatalogite/ree on request. 


10 Waverly Place, New York. 


The Bent 

Public Music 

Send for our New Big Catalog of 

Mechani cftl Pianos 
Circus 0^ ^V Organs 

Military Band Organs 


J Majestic Pianos, Pianettea.&c 

Suitable tor Tent Shows. Sldo Shows, Arcades, 
Nickel Theatres, Cafes, Roller Skating Rlnka and 
all Amusement Places. Send for catalog. It's 
lull of Information, and our prices are the lowtut 
In America on Musical Instruments of high grade 
and unquestioned durability. 

LYON & HEALY, Chicago 

'» Lsrstsl Hub Horn, Is Us Wcrll 



Or, Daniel Boone, the Avenger. 

The o-lslnal version, as produced by 
Messr*. Peck &L Fursinun, bas been 
leased for season 1007-08 to 

The Leander Di Cordova Amusemoal Company 

Any one pirating this play will be 
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the 


T. H. WINNETT, Sole Agent, 

IsOa Broadway, New Vork City. 


First class Leading Lady, Leading Ban, 
Heavy Ian, flood flonoral Business Ian, 

That oan do Strong Tramp Part, with Swell Line 
of BpoclsHles. Specialties MUST ho good. Btate 
into, height, weight, lowost salary; pity your own. 
Other people, write. Ono night, three night and 
week stands. 


"THE STEELBMITHS," Bethany, Missouri. 

At Liberty, 


EXPERIENCED AGENT, for Hummer engage- 
ment, on account of show closing. Route, hook, 
wildcat or list, Flvo years with one company. 
Ullt-eilged references, tow, Summer salary. Write 
orwlro B ENBCA FA 1.1,8 , N. Y. 

No Stitches. 

Must be seen to believe. Costumes, Ilrn- 

Serles, etc., EMBROIDERED and SPAN- 
STEEL, JET and COLORS without sew- 
ing. Grandeur of effects never befbre 
equaled, yet much lets expensive. Re- 
liable testimonials. 

1*31-3 B'way, Rooms 014 and IB. 


POR COMING SEASON. 1'onulntlon to draw 
rrom, 8,000. Spoclal trains for over thirty miles ot 
It. R. For iluti's tiiidriiHs at once, V. I. MATEEIl, 
Mgr^Loclc Box 06, Hendricks, W. Va 

Atlantic Highlands Lyceum, 


Scats 600. stage, ;h x 30. 20ft. opening. Scenery. 
For Oiien Dates, address 


WANTED, For The F. S. Birgir Comely Co,, 

Man With Moving ricture Machine and Silent Acts- 
Address F. K. MRCrf B, Milwaukee, Wis,, Genersl 
Delivery. After May 14, Uox lt», Appleton, Wis. 


.av.errv.M.Y ^^^ 

A scene Avm the b*ttieofSUmmilS}mn£&* 

The Great 7hazn Mold - Up. 

O.S.CkvalryJn militeiy exerc/ses ■ 
Sketched by fi£ichAi*ct*> 



May 11. 



ograph— Optlgraph No. 4— Power's CAMEliA- 
GRAPH-NO. S, Etc., With or Without Fire 


800 feet o( Film »M 

2,000 feet of Film Its 

Btcreoptloon, Motion Picture Hsoblne, Cal- 
cium and usb Outflt $76 


Everything In NEWandS.H. 

Motion Picture 

Film., Stercoptlconn, 
Hong Sillies and Sup- 
plies. Same wanted. 
Catalogues free. 
809 Filbert 8t., Phllu., Pa. 

HARBACH & CO. Fi.rtst.Phila., Pa. 


SKETCH lino. 

I want the best comedy sketch that 
can be written for light comedian and 
soubrette. Have my own Idei, and 
want the best sketch writer In the 
business to work it out. State price. 

Address 2ME*> I*-, 
Care Clipper Of lice. 

Stlkollne Tljghts, M.OO; Worsted 
Tight., $a.OOi Cotton Tight,, 
II.TjOi Bilk Tights, horn f».G5 apt 
Shirts to match, all same price 
tlghtai Pampi HO cental 
„., gl.OOi Elastic Supporters, 
•l.UOi Cloth Supporter. 95 cento. 
Bend for catalogue and sample* 
Of light*, free. Positively a de- 
posit required. Satisfaction gnaran 
teed or money refunded. SP10ER BROS. 
88 Woodbine Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; New 
Tor* Offloe. Llnnnlo Bids.. 1 Union 8q 

Gems of Art 

A book containing 24 of the moat 
entrancing Photyne Pictures ever 
shown In one publication. All from 
famous paintings. Worth ten tlmen 
what wo ask for It. Slzo of book 
Is 8X9 Inches. The Artist's Dream 
Realized. Bont postpaid, together 
with 60 llfcllko miniatures of other 
beautiful art pictures, for ou)y 26o.. 
coin, stamps or money order. Bend 
at ouco today to WILL J. WELSH, 
#| Dept. I, Mt Vernon, 


Good Novelty Ads, Teams and 
Single Specialties. 

Wire for week of May 13. Open nil Summer. 
C. A. STARKS, Manager, 

Auditorium Annex, Auburn, N. Y. 


WANTED. Vaudeville and Musical Aots, Novel- 
tlos, and everything and anything moral to amuse. 
Salary must bo right to recelvo reply. You must 
qualify. Illiterates ami dubs, save stamps. Ho- 
iked society lady soloists and inlimlrols, write. 
Address, by mall only, 0. W. KNOLBBIIETH. 
First Nat'l Batik BJg., Cluclnuall, Ohio. 
P. 8. Will put out llvo big park mlnstrol shows 
nnd for Winter Beason. 






lie t. 28th and*20tli Sta. 
Itestof Food, Perfect- 
ly Cooked, Dollclously 
Served. I'rlcos rea- 
■nimble. Special Din- 
ing Room for Ladles. 


„ wHiTf. ; Tbn'i ■pmeb - 

(mimical E/NGRAvi/NgO>. 

IH-" 20 OAKil«I.T„.X.«SM 


Substantial, tond, pure 
In tone, easy to tune and 
play. Photos, references, 
catalogue, with full In- 
formation will be sent on 

reoelptof stamp. A. Bran 

nelis.aiasaophoue Hf| 

4M FlatbusD A venae, 

Brooklyn, N. T 


RED BAND COATS nnd CAPS, In goud condition, 

JIB: also one Folding Organ, as good as new, li». 
till. SAM L. BAY Lisa, 

Montgomery Co., New Richmond, ind. 

Moving Picture 

21x28 4-color LITHO. No. 1326 

100, M.OO1 200, $7.00i 600, $15.00; 

1O0O, $25.00. Send foi Catalogue 






Chart and Diagram 


Enables anyone, without 
former experience, to be- 
come an accomplished 
danoer. Send 2 -cent 
stamp for Circular, Proa- 
pectus, etc.. to JOHK 
P. IIOOAN, Teacher 
of Stage Dancing, 
Elk.' Hall. Majestic 
Theatre Building, 
50th St. and Bth Ave., New York City. 



YOST A COMPANY, 900 Filbert St., 
(Established 1870), Philadelphia. 

»s- New, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 

advance. Privilege, Baggage, H tack, An- 

tomoblle and Illerr jr-Oo-lloanil Gar*. 
Hft. long. Desirable for Show and Carnival Com- 
panies. Reasonable terms. Write f or p&rUoolsxi 

No. ISM Monadnook Building. Ohtoato. 111. 

aider tbe Ceiu. 





1637 N. 10th St., PolUdelpMs, Pa 







Slate your lowest flrst letter. Capacity, 7,000. 

Season opens May 20. Address 

L.J. 8YMOND3, 820 D St, N. W., Washington, 1). 0. 


Young Man between age of 17 and 20, who 
can do a refined specialty In one, of not 
less than fifteen minutes. Send photo. Ex- 
penses paid. State lowest salary. Address 
WALDBN, Magician, 1'alatka. Pin. 

Notice to All People Engaged for the 

Highland Park Stock Co. 

at York, Pa., 

For tho Spring and Summer season, opening May 
27. All people report for rehearsals at York, Pa., 
Friday, May 17, at 10 o'clock A. M. Acknowledge 
this call at once to AL. BKABKLY, Mgr., York, Pa. 

Caliope Player 

FRANK A. ROBRINS SHOWS, as per Route. 


In the medical line. Street Medicine Men, 
Please Take Notice. For information, write 
to the Qfflj ItKMKDY CO., Huntington, Indiana. 



Roster of the ring acta of tho Carl 
lingenberk & Great Wallace Show com- 
bined : C. II. Sweeney, equestrian director ; 
W. N. Merrick, musical director; Herman 
Boger, director of animal displays; Golden 
Troupe, Russian dancers; the l'etrolsky 
Troupe, Russian dancers; Reuben Castang, 
elephant act; Charles Judge, animal act; 
Percy Phillips, elephant act ; Winnie Swee- 
ney, rider; Lulu Davenport, Millie Glnnet, 
Lillian Davis, riders: Frederick Drabn, 
trained zebras; C. II. Sweeney, animal act; 
Capt. Alaska's trained seals, the Savoys, 
boxers ; Harry Schubert, animal act ; Reno 
and McCree, Jockeys; George Rowland, 
rider; John Swallow, rider; Okabe Hacba, 
Japanese slide ; the Kings, revolving ladder ; 
Anita Faber, trapeze; Emma Donovan, flying 
rings ; Stella Mlaco, revolving ladder ; Horace 
Webb, revolving ladder; Tasmonlan Trio, 
high wire ; Slcneko, Japanese slide ; John 
Dudak, polar bear act ; Art and Dot Adair, 
ladder perch; Delno Troupe. athletes; Hstura 
and Kawara, double perch ; Three Alvps, 
athletes; the Rowlandes, equestrians; Ka- 
mekechu and Kanko, novelty acrobats; Pla- 
roondon nnd Amondo, on the revolving 
ladder; tho Raven Trio, acrobala; Ida 
Mlaco, and Grace Jenks, riders ; Miss 
Connors, rider: Miss Taylor and Hoy 
Splkcr, riders; Carrie Norenberg, rider; Sa- 
voy and Lltchel. riders ; Taul Brachard, con- 
tortionist; the De Vcrnes, double contortion; 
Hashimoto, Jap Juggler; Chas. Chester, con- 
tortionist; the KelTs, skaters; Great Stoutz, 
contortionist ; Mntsumoto. contortionist; Fred 
Delmont and company, skaters ; Keshl, high 
wire ; Joe Lltchel, mule act, and the riders 
In the Royal Roman Hippodrome. 

Mixb. Rose Bnrrir. premiere danseuse and 
ballet mistress, who was last season with the 
Carl Hagcnbeck Circus, has been engaged for 
the Great Fashion Plate Circus, opening at 
Geneva, O., May 4. Her principal dancing 
will be featured In the ballet and big show. 
Mme. Thompson will costume the ballets. 

Manages Abonson, of the Gollmar Bros, 
side show, has book »d Silvia, a snake charm- 
er, with on original act. She handles from 
seven to ten of the longest black pythons in 
America, and has la her collection a genuine 
black African boa constrictor fourteen feet 
In length. 

Roster of Cole Bros.* World Toured Shows : 
E. C. Knupp, general agent; John D. Corey, 
general press representative; Harry Potter, 
railroad contractor; Robt demons, yard con- 
tractor ; Harry B. Curtis, manager car No. 2 : 
Fred J. Bates, manager car No. 3; Root. 
Simons, opposition agent; G. C. Moyer, spe- 
cial agent ; B. N. Waters, route agent 

Zech and Zicb write that they opened 
their Summer season with the Al. F. Wheeler 
New Model Shows, at Oxford. Pa., April 20, 
and their high class feature ring act is 
winning applause at each performance. 

Notes fbom the Rioos Wild West. — We 
left our Winter quarters at Parkin, Ark., pn 
the evening of April 19, arriving at Louis- 
ville, Ky., the following day. Immediately on 
our arrival at Louisville the cars were un- 
loaded and the stock and white tops were 
taken to tbelr new quarters at the White 
City for two weeks, opening 27. About three 
hundred negro tenants from the Wales-Hlggs 
plantation gathered about the Winter home 
to see the ^'wheels go 'round" for the first 
time of the big show. Our show consists of 
the following: Capt C. W. Rlggs, president 
and manager; Harry Overton, general super- 
intendent ; the Feagans Family Band (ten In 
number) ; Glenn T. Rlggs, cowboy barrel 
lumper; J. F. Brackenrlge, trick and fancy 
lariat twlrler ; Kit Carson Jr., rifle shooting 
on the slack wire: Old Chief Black Cloud 
and his band of Navajo warriors, with Frog 
Foot, their medicine man ; Capt. C. W. Rlggs 
and his cowboys, Prairie Rose and her band 
of cowgirls, wild Llllle, Navajo Bonlta, Chl- 
nulto Belle, Mexican bucking horse rider, and 
Cliff Dweller Annie. Mr. Brackenrlge has the 
song hook privilege, while Hippodrome Jlm- 
mle will make fun for the children through- 
out the performance. 

Notes from the C. T. Bnncn Shows.— 
Rosier of advance of the shows: Owner, C. 
T. Burch : general manager, K. M. Burk ; 
general agent, J. H. B. Fltzpatrlck ; roalroad 
contractor, William GHson ; press represen- 
tative, Harold Carpenter; local contractor, 
Victor Stout : car manager, Truck Williams ; 
boss billposter, Tom Scanlan; billposters, 
Chas. Scrsggs, Edward Redmund, Jim Oll- 
lett, Harry Bowers. John Peters, Wm. Car- 
penter, Harry Williams, Slim Johnson, Red 
Harris and Bob White ; excursion men, John 
Johnson, W. H. Cooms, Ed. Russell, Will 
Dixon and Cbss. Birmingham. Among the 
audience at tbe opening performance of the 
Burch Shows, at Sacramento, Cal.. on April 
4, were Governor U N. Glllett, Lleut-Gov. 
Warren T. Porter, Atty. Gen. JackBon, Mayor 
M. T. Land, Hon. Jacob Zemaasky and Sena- 
tor John Norton. 

Geo, Pabbnto, sensational high ladder and 
table performer and hand equilibrist. Is one 
of tbe principal features with Jones Enor- 
mous Shows. This Is his fourth season with 
that show. 

Notes from the Silver Family Show, 
Bert Sliver, manager. — We open our tenting 
season at our new headquarters. Crystal, 
Mich., May 8. Our route Is all In Michigan 
time, being the same route the Silver Family 
has made for twenty-five years. We carry 
thirty people, twenty-two horses, ten wagons, 
two Bleeping cars, two advance wagons. All 
the wagons are painted a bright red and 
aluminum. We claim to have tbe finest 
twelve-wagon show touring Michigan. We 
return to Crystal July 4, where the Sliver 
Family own a large Summer resort and will 
have a celebration July 4. Then our route 
lays in Eastern Michigan. Roster as follows : 
Silver Family of elgbt musicians, singers, 
dancers, magicians, Jugglers, etc., also a solo 
band and orchestra ; Mont Peters, triple 
bars, wire and rings; Degalda, equilibrist, 
trapeze and comedian ; Jack Lynch, singing 
and dancing comedian : Ed. 'Lee. contor- 
tionist, perch, traps, etc. ; Geo. Clow, mu- 
sical act; J. Slgsbee, musician, and A. J. 
Preston, with W. D. Hlllman, in advance, and 
teamsters and working men. Our top is 
70x100. We have all new, special paper for 
a good show, and hope to get oar snare of 

At the conclusion of a performance at 
Hyrop'a Palace of Life Motion Pictures, 
Wilmington, Del., Harold R. Downing, of the 
Downing Bros,, who was closing his engage- 
ment to rejoin L. W. Washburn's Trained 
Animal Shows, for the third season as the 
black face concert team, was presented by 
the owners, management and employees, with 
a beautiful gold watch. 

HtsnmsRT. "Tbe Frog Man," Is with the 
Sells-Floto Shows, and reports meeting with 
his customary success. 

Punch Wheblbb. the veteran press repre- 
sentative, now with the Sells-Floto Circus, 
writes as follows : "The circus had Immense 
business, three days nt San Francisco, and 
two days nt Oakland. All California dates 
have been to fine attendance." 

Dan Ducnow returned to the United States 
April 27, after bis tour of Cuba with the 
Columbia Circus, and is located at Brooklyn 
for tbe Summer. 

Ton L. Wilson Is again with the Walter 
L. Main Shows, as contracting press agent, 
bis fifth consecutive season with that circus 

Son tu MoAIeater. — At the Langsdale 
Opera House (A. Bert Bites, manager) Rod- 
ney Stock Co., April 22-24. scored well. Pey- 
ton Sisters May e-11. The Law Stock Co. 
canceled April 22. 

l.Yiuc (C. E. Hodklns, director).— BUI week 
of April 20 : HcKlnnon and Reed, J. II. Shaw, 
Mr. and Mrs. Blessing, and Lyrlscope. 



treat the revolver as roughly or carelessly as you please— it can't go off until 
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Iyer Johnson Safety Hammer Iver Johnson Safety Hammer- 
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plated finish, as run-fire cartridge. « pl«ted finish, ia or 38 center-fire 
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For .ale of nardwsre and Sporting Good, doaler. everywhere, or 
sent i>repold on receipt of price If your dealer will not supply. Look 
for the owl's head on the grip and our name on the barrel. 

Iver Jobases's Anas aid Cycle Works. 1&5 Urer Street, Flfcbbari, Miss. 

New York: 99 Chambers Street. PaolOo Onset: P. B. Bekeart Co.. 

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tercsting re- 

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New York: 131 W. 38th Bt. 36 B. Randolph St., CH1CAC-*'- 

May 11. 



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M Bf ' JmW ^sisayr ' 




Used and endorsed by the leading members 
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We want every member of the pioleision Id 
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Send as your name and address, and we will 


Summer Parts. 

The Hat tit-low given la not last 
year's list reprinted. Each manager 
has been lndfvldonlly communicated 
with, and we believe the list 1* as 
nearly correct as It la possible to 
matte It. It Includes Summer parks, 
roof Burden., and other resorts 
where vnntlevllle, dramatic or oper- 
atic performances are given or are 
likely to be given. 


Anniston.— Oxford Lake Park, H. W. Sexton, 

BiBMiNORAii. — East Lake Casino, 3. P. Arnold, 


BuNTsntxJL — Summer Theatre, John L. Bar, 

MoNToouKur, — Electric Park Casino, 0. A. Nesl, 

mgr.; Picket Spring Park. W. H. Ragland, 

Bigr; Washington Park (Negroes), Cbaa. B. 

Jones, ratT. 
Sheffield.— -Trl-Clttes Park, J. W. Blesman, 


Fobt Smth. — Electric Park Auditorium, Lyric 

Park. Charles E. Hodklna, mgr. 
Little Rock. — Forest Park, Chan. T. Taylor, 

mgr. ; Wonderland Park, M. Jcnuen, mgr. ; 

Majestic Theatre, S. S. Harris, mgr.; Lyric 

Park. Charles E. Bodkins, mgr. 
Beelin. — Bridgeport Park Casino. Berlin 4 

Bridgeport St. Ry. Co., nigra. 
Eeantfobii. — Victoria Park, Frank E. Johnson, 

Cobnwaix. — St. Lawrence Park, Wm. Hodge, 

Cbybtal Beach. — Crystal Beach Park, John Ken- 

stock, mgr. 
Fonr Ebib. — Fort Erie Beach Theatre, Cbas. B. 

Bowe, mgr. 
Hamilton.— East End Park, Geo. B. Summers, 

mgr. ; New Mountain View Park, Fred Web- 
ber, mgr. 
Kinoston.— Lake Ontario Park, D. P. Branlgan, 

UoNraiAi.. — Riverside Park, Al. K. Read, mgr.; 

Sohmer Park, Lavkrne & Lajole, tngrs. ; St. 

Lawrence Park, T. Butler, mgr. 
Ottawa. — Brltannla-on-the-Bay, J. E. Hutchln- 

Bon, Bupt. 

Petebboeo Jackson Park. 

Quebec. — Montmorency Park, J. W. Baker, mgr. 
St. Thomas. — Pinafore Park, J. E. Turton, mgr. 
Toronto. — Monro Park. Win. Banks, mgr.; Ban- 

lon'a Point. 
Thousand Island. — Tremont Park, A. D. Brown, 

Three Kivebb. — Lnvlolette Park Gardens, R. B. 

Blair, mgr. 
Tnono.— . Metropollti.n Summer Park Theatre, M. 

P. Lahey, ingr. 
Vancouver, B. 0. — Recreation Park, James W. 

Ivans, mgr. 

BBiDOBi'onT, — Geo. C. Tllyou's Steeplechase Is- 
land Park, Paul Boyuton, mgr. 
Danbdbt. — Kenosla Park, F. A. Shear, mgr. 
Hartvord. — Luna Park. 

Mbbidbn. — Hanover Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
MIDDLBTOWN.— Lakerlew Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
New Briiain. — Whlteoak Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
New Haven. — Momaugln Pitrk, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Nxw London. — Electric Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Putnam. — Wlldwood Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
South Nobwalk. — Roton Point, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
SouxniNdTON. — Lake Oompounce Park. Pierce A 

Norton, mgrs. 
Wist Haven. — Sarin Rock Park, J. A. Blake, 

Winbtbd.— Highland Lake Park, J. A. Blake, 


Pcsbla.— Mlnnequa Park, J. D. Qlasi, mgr. 

BlHOBOTH. — Horn's Pier and Pavilion, 0. S. 

Horn, mgr. _ 

Wilminoton. — Shellpot Park, James E. Benry, 


Wabhinoton. — Luna Park. Cbas. J. Ooodfellow, 


Atlanta.— Lakewood Park, I. M. Poole, mgr.; 
Ponce de Leon Park, Jake Wells, mgr. 

Auoubta.— Lake View Park Casino, S. H. Cohan, 
mgr. • 

Columbus. — Wlldwood Park, T. E. Richards, mgr. 

Macon.— Crump's Park Casino, J. W. Belsman, 

Sous,— De Soto Park Casino, J. W. Belsman, 

Savannah.— Thunderbolt Park Casino, J. W. Bels- 
man. mgr. 


Bellbvillb. — Bndwelser Park Garden Theatre, 
John F. Meth, mgr. 

Bloominoton. — Lake Park Theatre, Cbas. 
Schneider, mgr. 

Canton. — Bijou Theatre, R. S. Hook, mgr. ; Grand 
Theatre, F. B. Powelson. mgr.; Main Street 
Theatre, Brunnell A Hyama, mgrs.; Van 
Winkle Park, J. H. Bennett A Sons, mars. 

Chicaoo. — Belmont Park, H. Wolllser, mgr. ; 
BlBinark Park, Leltel Bros., mgrs. ; Chutes, 
W. H. Strlckler, mgr. ; Coliseum. Stewart 
Snauldlng, mjr. ; Fort Sheridan Park, J. J. 
Munlock, mgr.; Lnna Park, L. R. Lauttcr- 
stein, mgr. ; llarlnla Park, J. J. Murdock, 
mgr.; Rlvervlcw Park, Wm. M. .lohnson. 
mrrr. ; San Soucl Park, Leonard Wolf, mgr ; 
White City, Paul D. Howsc. mgr. 

CifAMPAioN.— Wcat End Park, Matt Kusell, mgr. 

Dbcatuh — Drenmlnntl Park, A. Slgfried, max. 

Kankakee. — Electric Park, Chas. W. Burrell, 

Mabion. — Marlon Park, Matt Knsell, mgr. 

Peobia. — Al Fresco Park, Vernon V. Seaver, 
mgr. ; Central Park, 4'lilllp Becker, mgr. ; 
Pfelfer'a Pork Garden, Chas. G. Pfelfer, 
mgr.; Stone BUI Garden, Virginia Beach 
Park, Frank A. Helneke, mgr.; Pallsadis 
Pork, Harris .Amuse. Co., mgrs. 

Qdinox. — Sherman Park (West Qulncy), John A 
Frowren, mgr. : Highland Park, By. are- 
del], mgT. ; Baldwin Wonderland, Patrick & 
McConnoll, mgrs. 

Rook Island. — Black Hawk Watch Tower Park, 
F. W. Bauerrann, mgr. 


Anokrbon. — Central Park Theatre, W. W. Mc- 
Kwen, mgr. ; Mounds Park Theatre, G. 0. 
Carlisle, mgr.; New Bijou Theatre, Davis A 
Kane, mgrs. 

ErANsriLiB. — Cook's Park, Felix J. SletTert, mgr. ; 
Oak Park, Edwin F. Galllgan, mgr. 

Eaton. — Riverside Park. B. D. Bewail, mgr. 

Fobt Watnb. — Roblson Park, Fort Wayne 4 Wa- 
bash Valley Trac. Co., mgr*. ; Summer Thea- 
tre, Geo. H. Fisher, mgr, 

Indianapolis. — Wonderland Park, Frank M. 
Wicks, mgr. ; Falrbank's Summer Garden, 
White City Park, Riverside Psrk. 

Madison. — Beech Grove Park, L. V. Craerns, mgr. 

Marion, — White City Park, John B. AmmoDs, 

Michigan Citt. — "Washington Psrk, I. I. Splro, 

Muncii. — Electric Park, Fltihugh A Shortrldge, 

Pebtj.— Boyd Park, J. A. Erwln, mgr. 

Txbbb Haute.— Lake View Park, Geo. J. Breuug, 

_ mgr. 

VmcxNNBS.— Lakewood Park. I. W. Matthews, 


ABDMoaa.— Electric Park, 0. W. Stater, mgr. 

Mchkoobe. — Lyric Park,- Charles E. Hodklss, 

Sooth McAlestxx. — Sans Soncl Park A. B. 
Estes, mgr.; Lyric Park Theatre. Charles E. 
Hodklns, mgr. 

Tulsa.— Eagan's Roof Garden, Charles E. Bod- 
kins, mgr. 


Bublinoton — Coliseum, C. H. Walsh, mgr. ; 
Ebner Park, O. F. Ebner. mgr. ; Madison 
Avenue Park, Scbafler A La Frnnx, mgrs. 

Cedar Rapids. — Alamo Pnrk, G. K. Barton, a-gr. 

Davenport. — Suburban Island Park, Clans Kuehl, 
mgr.; Schuetsen Park, Ladwtg Berg, mgr. 

Dubuque. — Union Pnrk L. D. Matties, mgr. 

Keokuk. — Casino Theatre, C. H. Dodge, mgr. 

Watirloo. — Electric Park. Johnson A Nichols, 


CoPKBrnu.1. — Electric Park, 0. W. Stater, mgr. 

Fobt Scott. — Vers lake Park. Hafer & Lote, 

LaAraxwo.trR. — Air Dome, Chas. T. Keane. mgr. ; 
People's Summer Theatre, M. J. Cunningham, 

Parsons. — Electric Park, C. W. Stater, roiir. ; 
Lyric Park. Onarlia E. Hodklns. mgr. 

Pittsbubo. — Idle Bour Park, Charles B. Hodklos, 

TorRKA. — Vlnewood Pnrk, F. G. Kelley, mgr. 

Wichita. — Wonderland Park Theatre, J. T. Nat- 
tie, mgr. 


Louisville. — Nlnaweb Park, Henry J. Summers, 
mgr. ; Fontaine Ferry Park, Wm. Relchmsn, 
mgr. ; White City, J. H. Labb, mgr. 

Paducau. — Wallace Park Theatre, Wm. Malone, 


Albxandbia. — Electric Park, Edwin B. Flagg. 

Lake Charles. — Shell Beach Park, R. 0. Scott, 

New Obxeans. — West End Park. 

Madison. — Lakewood Grove, H. L. Sweet, mgr. 

Norway. — Central Park, A. P. Bassett, mgr. 

Old Orchard Old Orchard Street Pier, Gates A 

Rundle, mgrs. 

Pobtland. — Cane Cottage Pnrk Theatre, E. V. 
Pbelan, mgr. ; Jefferson Theatre, M. J, Gar- 
rlty, mgr.; Gem Theatre (Peak's Island), 0. 
W. T. Coding, mgr. ; Rlverton Park, D. B. 
Smith, mgr. ; Portland Theatre. J. E. Moore, 
mgr. ; Underwood Springs Park, E. A, New- 
man, mgr* 


Baltimore, — Flood's Park (Curtis Bay), W. B. 
Trut'lieart, mgr. ; Electric Park, Scbauberger 
& lrwln, mgrs. 

Frederick. — Braddock Heights Park, Jos. F. 
Ileacht. mgr. 

Oobah Citt. — New Windsor Pavilion, Daniel 
Trtmper, mgr. 

nosaviLK. — Bollywood (Back Blver), Ed. Lowry, 


Athol. — Brookstde Park, Maurice Boom, mgr. 
Auburmdalb. — Norumbega Park, Carl Alberte, 

Gbbat Babbington. — Fountain Park, J. A. Blake, 

HotroKB. — Mountain Park Casino, Louis Pellls- 

slcr, mgr. 
I.BXINOT0N.— Lexington Park. John T. Benson 

Lowell. — Lakevlew Park Theatre, J. J. Flynn, 

mgr.; Wlllowdale Park, Bowers Bros., mgrs. 
MsxiroBD. — Boulevard Theatre, J. W. Gorman, 

Mxndon. — Nlpmuc Park, W. L. Adams, mgr. 
Naiiant. — Relay Park Theatre, Ohas. W. Sheafe, 

Nantaskbt. — Paragon Park, Geo. A. Dodge, mgr. 
Naw BsDroBD. — Lincoln Park. 1. W. Phelps, 

mgr.; Marine Park, John I. Shannon, mgr. 
North Adams. — Hooslck Valley Park, J. A. 

Blake, mgr. 
Obanoe.— Brookslde Park, W. D. Smith, mgr. 
Oxbridge. — Lake Nlpmuc Park, Maurice Boom, 

Palm eh.— Forest Park. J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Pembroke. — Mayflower Grove, A. B. Warren, 

PtTTBnxLD.— Berkshire Park, J, A. Blake, mgr. 
Rbveiib.— Point of Pines, Point of Pines Attrac- 
tion Co., mgrs.; Wonderland, J. J. Biggins, 

Salbk. — Gorman's Summer Theatre, M. J. Doyle, 

Soutbhridob. — Lakevlew Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Taunton, — Dightou Rock Park, Old Colony St. 

Ry. Co., mgrs.; Lakeside Park. Old Colony 

St. By. Co., mgrs. ; Sabbatla. Old Colony St. 

By. Co., mgrs. ; Nlppenlcket Psrk, Daniel F. 

Lehan, mgr. ; Talaquega Park, R. A. Harring- 
ton, mgr. ; Woodward Spring Park, Norton A 

Taunton St. Ry. Co., mgrs. 
Webster. — Beacon Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Westfibld.— Pequot Park, J. A Blake, mgr. 

Citt or Mexico.— Luna Park, 0. Le Boy Scott. 


Battle Creek. — Cognac Resort Park, L. A. Kert- 

son, mgr. 
Bat Citt.— Wenona Beach Park, L. W. Richards, 

Detroit. — Empire Pavilion (Gloucester Beach), 

James E. O'Brien, mgr. 
Grand Rafidb. — Rninonn Theatre (Reed's Lake), 

L. G. Dclnraoter, mgr.; Godfrey's Summer 

Park Pavilion, Clins. Godfrey, mgr. 
Grand Ledob. — Seven Isles Park, J. S. Mudge, 

Jackho.v. — Wolverine Park, T. W. Brockman, 

Lansino.— Waverly Park, John 8. Wilson, mgr. ; 

Hasten Park, John S. Wilson, mgr. 
Manistee. — Orchard Beach Park, Matt Kusell, 

Port Huron. — Keewshdln Park, A. A. Groves, 

St. Joseph. — Silver Beach, Louts D. . Wallace, 


DulBTH.— White City Park (Oatka Beach), J. B. 

Somes, mgr. 
Minneapolis — Wonderland Park, F. H. Camp, 

St. Paul. — Phalen Park, Jacob Barnet, mgr. ; 

Wlldwood Park, H. M. Barnet, mgr. 
CoLUiinus, — Summer .Theatre, Louis E. Crook, 

Gulitobt. — Summer Theatre, Louis E. Crook, 

Hattibebubg. — Summer Theatre, Louis E, Crook, 

Jackson. — Auditorium Theatre, Louis E. Crook, 

mgr. ; Century Theatre, S. 0. Marshall, mgr. ; 

Coliseum Summer Theatre, Ligon ft Dupuy, 

mgrs.; Livingston Park Theatre (West End), 

John Moeal, mgr. 
Meridian. — Auditorium, Ed. Gallagher, mgr. ; 

Coliseum Theatre, Vivian Whlttaker, mgr.; 

Hlopodrome. Louis B. Crook, mgr. ; Summer 

Theatre, 0119 Williams, mgr. 
Natchez. — Summer Theatre. 
8CBANTON. — Anderson Park, 0. B. Chapman, mgr. 
Vickbbusc. — Summer Theatre. Louis E. Crook, 

mgr. ; Suburban Park Theatre, Jas. E. Moles, 


Hannibal.— Star Theatre, J. B. Price, mgr. 

Joplin Lyric Theatre, Charles B. Hodklns. mgr. 

Kansas Citt. — Electric Park, 8am Benjamin, 

mgr. ; Forest Park, D. B. Bnssell, mgr. 
Nevada.— Like Park Springs, John A. Taylor, mgr. 
8 boalia.— Alrdome Park, Geo. F. Olmdorf, mgr. 
SFUNorntLD.— Alrdome Park, Geo. F. Olendorf, 

mgr.; Auditorium, Doling Park, Cbas. E. 

Biooke, mgr.; Nickelodeon Park, M. Fisher, 

mgr. ; Theatorlum, J. B. Doggrell, mgr. ; 

White City Park, W. E. Haines, mgr. 
St. Joseph. — Crystal Park, Fred Oilman, mgr.; 

Alrdome, C. U. Pbllley, mgr.; Casino Park 

Theatre, Palmer Clark, - mgr. ; Lake Contrary 

Park, Palmer Clark, mgr. 
St. Louis. — Lamp's Park, J. L. Wallrapp, mgr, ; 

Forest Psrk (Highlands). 
Webb Citt. — Orpheum Park, Charles R. Hodklns, 


Fremont. — Lyric, W. J. West, mgr. 
Omaha.— King Park, W. W. Cole, mgr.; Mana- 

wa Park, W. P. Byrne, mgr. 

DovEn. — Central Psrk Theatre, J. J. Flynn, mgr. 
Hampton. — Hampton Beach Casino, J. J. Flynn, 

Manoukstsb. — Massabesle Park Theatre, Frank 

Q. Mack, mgr. 
Salem. — Conoble Lake Park Theatre, N. H. Trie. 

Co., mgrs. 

Atlantic Cttt.— Steel Pier, J. Bothwell, surr.: 

Steeplechase Pier, Giles W. Clement, mgr. ; 

Savoy Theatre, Fred E, Moore, mgr. ; Young's 

Ocean Pier, W. B. Shackelford, mgr. ; 

Young's Pier Theatre. W. B. Bhackelford, 

mgr. ; Yonng's Million Dollar Pier, A. T. 

Nichols, mgr. ; Doyle's Pavilion, 8. 0. Blatt, 

mgr. ; Inlet Pavilion, Wm. Wasman, mgr. 
Bbidobton. — Tumbling Dam Park, Howard L. 

Tyler, mgr. 
Camden. — Woodlynne, H. D. Le Cato, mgr. 
Capb May.— Scwell'a Point Pavilion, M. Rudy 

Heller, mgr. 
Ketport. — Pavilion Beach Theatre, Frank J. 

Knapp, mgr. 
Miu.vii.le. — Union Lake Park, Boward L. Tyler, 

Nbwaek.— Electric Park. 0. A. Dunlap, mgr.; 

Hillside Pleasure Park, W. E. H. Thaller. 
Nbw Brunswick. — Yeagher's Park. 
Ocean Citt.— Young's Pier, Chas. H. Breltbsrth, 

Sea Isle Citt. — Ocean Pier, M. Ruddy Heller, 

Wildwood. — Blaker's Theatre, M. Ruddy Heller, 


ALnuquBSQua— Traction Park, Crawford A Rich, 


Albany. — Al-Tro Island Park, Max Rosen, mgr. 
Binohauton.— Casino Park, J. P. R. Clark, mgr. ; 

Bass Park, J. P. E. Clark, mgr. ; While City 

Park, L. E. Wagner, mgr. 
Brooklyn. — Coney Ishtnd, Dreamland, Wm. J. 

Buttling, mgr. ; Henderson's Music Hall, 

Frank McFaber, mgr.; Luna Park. Fred Mc- 

Clellan, mgr.; Brighton Beach Music Hall, 

Wm. T. Grover, mgr. 
Buffalo. — Athletic Park. Robert MacBroom, mgr. 
Catskill. — Nellda Park Theatre, Felix Bid, mgr. 
Eluiba.— Ehlrldge Park. E. M. Little mgr. ; Ro- 

rlck's Cllon Park, Harry L. Taylor, mgr. 
Jamkstown. — Celoron Theatre, J. J. Waters, mgr. 
mechanicsvillk. — Park Ave., Felix Blel, mgr. 
Middletown. — Midway Park, Felix Blel, mgr. 
OaDENsnuBo — Sandy Lake Park, Felix Blel, mgr. 
Olcott.— Oleott Beach Park, Charles Amuse. Co., 

Olban.— Rlverlitirst Park, Chas. E. Davis, mgr. 
Oriskany. — Summit Park, 8. W. Bilker, mgr. 
Rye Beach.— Rye Park, J. A. Blake, mgr. 
Sylvan Beach. — Carnival Park, M. Cuvana, mgr. 
Ticonderooa.— Union Park, Felix Blel mgr. 
UncA. — Forest Park, Frits Brand, mgr.; Summit 

Park. S. W. Baker, mgr. ; Utlca Park, Scray 

A Donolme, mgrs. 

Durham. — Lakewood Park, B. L. Lindsay, mgr. 
Salibbubt. — Fulton Heights Psrk, E. L. March, 

Wilminoton.— Wrlgbtavllle Beach Park. S. A. 

Schloss, mgr. 

Akron. — Lakeside Park, Harry A. Bawn, mgr. ; 

Sliver Lake Park, 0. B. Wllford, mgr.jNo- 

land's Park, John Noland, mgr. 
Ashtabula. — Woodland Beach Park. J. C. Kurd, 

Cincinnati, — Chester Psrk, I. M. Msrttn, Burr.; 

Coney Island, Malcolm Mclntyre, mgr.; Lud- 
low Lagoon. (Ludlow, Ky.L J. J. Weaver, 

mgr. ; Zoological Garden, Walter 0. Draper, 

Cleveland. — Lnna Park. 
Columbus. — Olentangy Park, J. W, Duienbury, 

mgr. ; Collin's Garden, Herman Collin, mgr. ; 

Indlanola Park, Chas, E. Miles, mgr. 
Datton,— Falrvlew Park, J. Elmer Bedelle, mgr. 
Findlat. — Reeves Park, W. H. 8cboo1ey, mgr. 
FoamiHiA. — Beeves Park, W. H. Schooley, mgr. 
Oalion. — Seccalum Park, D. J. Qnlnn, mgr. 
Hamilton.— Llndenwald Park Casino, Cook A 

Mover, mgrs. , 

Lima.— White Cltv Park, W. II. Schooley, mgr. 
Mansfield. — Lake Park Casino, B. B. Eudley, 

mgr. ; Luna Park, South Side, G. W. Bafal, 

mgr. ; North Side, 0. W. Statler, mgr. 
Mboway. — Tecumseh Park, J. M. Wiener, mgr. 
NawABK. — Buckeye Lake Park, Cochran A John- 
son, mgrs.; Idlewlld Park Theatre, Cochran 

A Johnson, mgrs, 
Sandusky.— Cedar Point Park, Geo. A. Boeckllng, 

mgr. ; Johnson's Island Resort, Geo. A. Boeck- 
llng, mgr. 
Spbinofibxd.— Spring Grove Casino, 0. F. Powell, 

Tiffin. — Riverview Psrk. John W. Bowman, mgr. 
Toledo.— Lake Erlo Casino, Kllvea A Rosenthal, 

Younostown. — Avon Park, Jos. W. Wess, mgr.; 

Idora Tark, Robt. W. Cunningham, mgr. 
Zanbsvillb. — Grant Park. F. M. Townsend, mgr. 

Enid. — Electric Park, 0. W. stater, mgr. 
Oklahoma Citt. — Delmar Garden, John Slno- 

poulo, mgr. ; Putnam Park, 0. W. Stater, 

mgr. ; Alrdome, Lyric Park, Charles B. Hod- 
klns, mgr. 
Shawnee. — Electric Park, 0. W. Stater, mgr. 

Altoona. — Lakemont Park Theatre, 8. B. Crane, 

Ashland. — Woodland Park, Manrlce Boom, mgr. 
Ohambebsbubo. — Dreamland, Wolf Park, M. H, 

Welsh, nigr. 
Columbia. — Chtckles Park, Conestoga Trac. Co., 

Baston.— Island Park, H. Bart McHugh, mgr. 
GRBBNRBUnu. — Oakrord Park, M. A. Coffey, mgr. 
HAunisnuHO. — Paxtang Park, Felix M. Davis, 

Johnstown. — Luna Park, P. H. Oaulfleld, mgr. 
Lanoasteb Boor Garden, Ohas. M, Howell, 

mgr. ; Rocky Bprlngs Theatre, H. B. GrlOths, 

MoKbufobt. — Olympic Park. 0. 0. Hartley, mgr. 
Mauob Chunk. — Flagstaff Mountain Park, A. II. 

Bowman, mgr. 
Oil City. — Monarch Park, Guy J. Hecker, mgr. 
Philadelphia. — willow Grove Park, F. H. Lin- 
coln, mgr.; White City (Chestnut Hill), H. 

M. Anchy, mgr. ; Woodslde Park, W. I. Deer- 

Ing, mgr. ; Washington Park (on Delaware 

River), Wm. J. Thompson, mgr.; Tomsdale 

Park, 7.. M. Welner, mgr.; Beeebwood Park, 

E. E. Downs, mgr., 
Pittbruro. — Kennywood Park, A. F. Megahan, 

mgr. ; Southern Park, A. S. McSwIgaa, mgr. ; 

Luna Park, Elmore E. Gregg, mgr. J Dream 

City, Stanley 0. Vlckers, mgr.; Weatvlew 

Park. 0. 0. McKalllp, mgr. 
PorrsTovrfr. — Banatoga Park, M. Body Belter, 

mgr. ; Tumbling Bun Park, H. D. Le Cato, 

Rsadin ■]. — Oarsonla Park, Getter A Laonun, mgrs. 
RrrrsaaviLLB.— Central Park, M. Body Heller, 

RocTHEatEx. — Junction Psrk, M. J. Maxwell mgr, 
Sobanton. — Lnna Park, James Athertoo, mgr. 
Bhabon,— Rosevllle Park, Max A. Arnold, mgr. 

Tamauua. — Manila Park, H. D. Le Cato, mgr. 
Wilkes-Uabbb — Sans Soucl Park, Geo. K. Brown, 

WiLLiAUSPOBT. — Vallamont Park Pavilion, ani- 
line Glsiimlre, mgr. 
York.— Highland Park Theatre, David Young Jr., 


East Providence. — Crescent Park, R. A. Har- 
rington, mgr. ; Vanity Fair. 
Newport. — Snevdy's Frecbody Park, Cbas. 1". 

Cook, mgr. 
Warwick. — Rocky Point Park, R, A. Harrington, 

Woonsocket. — Hong Like Park, J. A. Blake, 


Columbia. — Hyatt's Park, 0. D. l'erucbl, mgr. 

Chattanooga. — Olympic Park, Jamea A. Dakln, 

mgr. ; Iiljoti Theatre, Robert T. Wagner, mgr. 
Jackson. — Highland Park, John Wlnlom, mgr. 
Knoxville. — Chllhowee Park Theatre, Harry 

Bernstein, mgr. 
Memphis. — Illjou Theatre, Ben], M. Stalntmck, 

mgr.; Hopkins' East End Park, A. B. Mor- 
rison, mgr.; Fair) land Park, 0. B. Beach, 

mgr. ; Lyceum Theatre, Frank Gray, mgr. 
Nashville.— Glendsle Park, Y. 0. Alley, mgr. 

Austin.— nyile Park Theatre. 
Dallas.— Lake Cliff Park, Chai. A. Mangold, 

mgr. ; Cycle Park, 0. R. McAdama, mgr. ; 

Lyric Theatre, W. II. Rice, mgr. 
Dsnison. — Woodland Park, Charles R. Hodklns, 

Foot Worth. — While City Park, Jake Bchwarts, 

mgr. ; Lake Erie Park, Lee Fleming, mgr. ; 

Lyric Park, Charles E. Hodklns, mgr. 
Oalvebton. — Chutes Park. 0. H. Nlemeyer, mgr. ; 

Electric Park, Charles Freuckle, mgr. 
Houston. — City Park, J. B. Marmlon, mgr. ; 

Highland Park, T. H. Keenan. mgr.; Lytic 

Park, Charles E. Hodklns, iiier. 
.Midway. — Midway Park. W. G. Ilsrg, mgr. 
Mineral Wells.— Beach Amusement Co. Park, 

Dr. J. M. Ledbetter, ingr. 
Paris. — Warllck Park, John A. Porter, mgr. 
San Antonio.— Electric Park, Sidney II. Wcls, 

mgr. ; Wonderland Park, James L. Glais, mgr. 
Salt Lake Citt. — Lagoon Park, J. Bergerman, 

mgr.; Ballalr Beach, J. E. Langford, mgr.; 

Bait Palace, Nelson A Halverson, mgrs. ; 

Waiidaruero Park. Fred McClelland, mgr. 
Barre. — Park Theatre, Felix Blel, mgr. 
Bellows Falls. — Barber Park, 0. M. Cus'er, 

Rutland — Park Theatre, Felix Blel. mgr. 
St. Albans. — Park Theatre, Felix Blel, mgr. 

LYNCHBURa. — Rlvcrmnnt Park Casino, Corbln 

shield, mgr.; Fairmont Park, Jake Wells, 

Norfolk. — Ocean View Park Caalno, Otto Weill, 

I'XTtasDuna. — FernAale Park, Virginia Passenger 

and Power Co., mgrs. 
Richmond. — Puckroe Beach Park, 0. W. Rex, 

mgr. ; Idlewood Park, Jake Wells, mgr. ; 

Casino Theatre, Chas, McKee, mgr. ; Idle- 
wood Amphitheatre, Frank O. Dostock, mgr. ; 

Academy of Music, Leo Wise, mgr. ; Reservoir 

Park, .Tnkc Wells, mgr. 
Roanoke. — Mountain Park, Jake Wells, mgr. 
Staunton.— Highland Park, J. M. spoils, mgr. 

Spokane.— Natatorium Park, Adolpb Klrchner, 

Tacoma. — Point Defiance Park, Msnley ft Co., 

mgrs.; Spanaway Park, T, R. ft P. R, R. 

Co., mgrs. ; Wappato Park, Woppato Park 

Co., mgrs. 

Chester.— Rock Spring Park, J. H. Maxwell, 

Wheeling. — Wheeling Park, Frank J. Baker 

gen. mgr. 

Marietta.— Lakeside Park, L. J. White, mgr. 
Milwaukfii. — Pabst Park, Frank Harlan, mgr. ; 

Wonderland Park, Richard Kann, mgr. ; 

Schlits Park. 
Osiikosh. — White City Pork, Winnebago Amuse. 

Co., mgrs. 
SnEBftYOAN. — White City Psrk, Arthur Lane, mgr. 


MUSICAL, BUREAU t Voice, Piano, Band, 

or OrolieBtrtt Arranging ; prompt survive, ac- 
curate work. 

Topmaraliig itlTCjoiigH of MvuBliSSetn. Pro- 
fessionals cordially welcome. 
BOOKING AGENCY; Providing Talent In 

nil lilies. Vaudeville, Mlnslrcl, or Dromullo 
Entertainments. Pianists and Singers Wanted 
for Immediate positions. 

Newest, latest Hat test snMmtSd song slides, 
bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Send (or 
list and terms. 
LEN. SPENCER, 44 West 28th Street, 

Hot. Broadway and Sixth Avenue, N. Y. 





Three Pianists and Musical Directors, 

Summer. Good 'salary; line treatment. If you 
sre clever, write quick. 

Wonderland, Itovcrc Beach, Boston, jjjjjs. 


Teddy— McD0N0U6H and 3URT0H— Jesse 


Would like position with sotno good company for 
the Hammer ami next season. Wo can deliver tlio 
goods. Until play parts and hove good wardrobe. 

For Two Weeks at Newport, Vermont. Hon, Del. 


also sketch mm. 

Open May « for the season. WM. Tl l,\ Y Kit, 
Thayer's Concert Park, Amsterdam, N. Y. 

the favorite dentifrice. Per- 
fectly delicious and fragrant. 
Positively beneficial. Ask your 




6th Ave., bet. 27th and 28th Sis., New York, 




one slzo smaller after using Allen's Knot-Ease, a 
powder to bo shaken into the hIiiics. It makes 
tight or new shoos feel uhhv; gives Instant relief to 
corns and bunions. It's tlio greatest comfort dis- 
covery of the ago. Cures aud prevents swollen 
feet, blisters, callous anil soro spots. Allen's Font- 
Kaso Is a certain cure for sweating, tired, aching 
feet. At nil druggists and shoo stores, 'inc. Don't 
aocejit any WHbiHtmU, Trial package FIIBK. by 
mall. Address, Alton H. Olmsted, I.o hoy, N. V. 


First diss Vaudeville 

Acts HI All Kinds 
At Eleventh Ward Theatre, Wilmington , De). Open 
all Summer. Seven shows a week, a nights, l 
matinee. Can use all first class vanuovlllo acts. 

Maryland Ave. snd lieecli St. 


Folding portable telescope organs, baby grand 

filnnoi, 2,400 folding chairs, folding torches, ilaker 
IghU, Kidd lights, black tents, pillows, blankets 
cots, electric piano, spring motor piano, opera 
chairs; 40x00, 40x80, SOxso, also larger and smaller 
R. 11. ARMRRU8TBR, Hprlngllold, Illinois, 








With Pittsburg, Hay 8, 0, 10, 11. 
WltU Cincinnati, Hay 13, 14, IB. 


Ed. Anderson's Successful Melodrama 


For terms and territory address 


Suite 40, Grand Opera House, Chicago, III. 


At moderate prices, Ijirge stock, linmenso 
variety. Illustrated Catalogue Free. Now Mam- 
moth Catalogue Jiihi Issued, an:. Just out, list of 
now hooks on Magic 11 ml now list of bargains in 
tricks. A. UO T KltllKRO, H g Ontario St. , Chic ago. 

"Tell It to Me" 


For sale on all trains snd news stands, or by 
mall. SBc, Address EZRA KENDALL, 

I Oadwell Ave., ktayfleld Heights, Cleveland. O. 


DEHOKIPTION. From Government AaoUon. 
No matter what you want In that line I oan 
snpply it. Nov or second hand. Send for I), ti. ABRAHAMS, 

m South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Stajo Ir\s t rurtlorv. 

What Acts to Imwi mid How. I'olnUon Salary. 
How to obtain ciigageniiiiils mill miiiiy other 
essential points every lieglimer shmilil know, 
price a» cts. Oil Co., wo \v. aotb St., Now York. 



May ll. 



I* I O H A 


Used exclusivtly in all ot the largest and roost buc<* ssful rinks in America, and by all of the most prominent skaters in the world. We hold every world's record. WE DO NOT SAC- 
RIFICE QUALITY FJR CHEAPNESS. We carry a complete line of rink accessories, including mechanical brass bands, floor surfacing machines, maple flooring, admission, skate and 
wardrobe tickets, lithographs, electrotypes, uniform?, floor brushes, gongs, etc. Write for the most complete roller skate catalogue ever published. TELLS HOW TO OPEN AND OPERATE 


Uandetille and minstrel, 

Al. Q. Field Notm. — After one of tlie 
most prosperous and longest seasons of the 
twenty-two years the Al. O. Field Greater 
Minstrels hove been touring the country, 
the company cloBCd Its season Monday night, 
April 22. at Delaware, 0. The 1007 tour was 
the longest and most prosperous on record, 
extending over twenty-four States and ter- 
ritories, as well as the Dominion of Canada. 
Of the fifty-five persons who opened the sea- 
son, all returned -with the company except 
Herbert Wlllluon and Albert Tint. The 
longest railroad Jump was from Denver to 
Oinrba. 690 miles, and the shortest was from 
Hock island to Davenport. The company 
never missed a performance In the forty-four 
weeks it wag booked to play. There were no 
railroad accidents, or other mishaps, to mar 
the season's pleasures. The company trav- 
eled 18,917 miles, giving 410 performances, 
of which 120 were matinees. 8o popular has 
this company become over the route It travels 
each season, that matinees have been nu- 
merous; the regular bookings Include two 
matinees each week— Wednesday and Satur- 
dny — but In many Instances the entire house 
was sold out In a few hours after the sale 
opened, and Monday matinees, which are not 
uncommon In the one nlgbt Btands, with the 
VMM Show, were given. In one week on the 
Pennsylvania circuit, comprising Johnstown, 
Harrlsburg, Altoooa, Heading. Allentown and 
Kaston, live matinees were given. In Denver, 
Col., the company made one of tho most 
unique parades on record — an automobile com- 
pany had secured n consignment of auto cars, 
eight 1b number, the ernct number of letters 
In Mr. Field's name. A large lettered sign, 
spelling the name of the minstrel manager, 
was prepared; two large Bight seeing cars 
carried the bands, snd the novel parade wjb 
pictured by all of the Denver papers. The 
hunting club, composed of members of the 
company, had a most enjoyable season. 
The hunting outfit carried by Mr. Field 
Is not only his pride, but the talk of the 
shooters wnerever the genial minstrel goes. 
Mr. Field la a member of a number of gun 
clubs throughout the country, and he Is 
an enthusiastic field sport. His dogs are his 
constant companions. George Blelsteln. of 
The Courier Co.. lately presented Mr. Field 
with a valuable pointer from his famous ken- 
nels. Belle and Sultan, the faithful equine 
friends that have accompanied Mr. Field the 
past ten years, and have traveled further than 
any pair of horses In tbls country, will get a 
long vacation this Summer. They will roam 
at will on the farm for three months. Next 
season they take a prominent part In tbe play, 
and their names wilt be on the programmes 
In large letters. In the scenic spectacle, "The 
Little Boy In Green," Mr. Field has a sur- 
prise In store for his Columbus neighbors. 
When the curtain goes up on this spectacle 
a correct scenic setting of the Driving I'ark, 
In Columbus, with the grand stand filled with 
beauty and fashion, will meet their gaze. 
Many records have been broken on this fa- 
mous Columbus track, and It was chosen as 
tbe scene most approprlte for the spectacle, 
"The Little Boy fn Green." Mr. Field has a 
large show on the stocks for next season, and 
It requires his personal attention, as every 
feature Is original, and there ore several big 
spectacles that will require weeks of work to 
complete, notwithstanding they have been In 
course of preparation since tbe first If tbe 

Maiitiu Arbkro and Mai Waonib report 
success In their singing and acrobatic dancing 
act. Tbey nrc on the New England circuit. 

Char.. K. Reded, of Reded and Hadley, was 
Initiated In tbe B. P. 0. Elks, Orange Lodge, 
No. 135, on April 2. Miss Hadley recently 
lost her mother. Tbe team have been doing 
very nicely, and are booked up until Sept. 16. 


New York Minstrels. — We closed a forty 
weeks' reason at Plnevllle, Ky„ April 20, and 
It was one o* the most successful seasons on 
record, playing to capacity at every perform- 
ance, with tho 8. II. O. out long before the 
concert took place In front of theatre. With 
only one or two changes, the company closed 
with all who Joined when our season opened, 
Sept. 8. 1000, at Jersey City. Executive 
staff ; Builow ft Wilson, managers and pro- 
prietors ; Lawrence Barlow, manager ; Chas. 
V. Hoffman, business manager. We used 
forty sljles of lithographs, ten styles of 

factorial, ' ten block stands, fifteen assorted 
hree-slicets. and eight-sheets, banners, her- 
alds, etc. We expect to open again early In 
August, with a new outfit. A special car, 
dining mid sleeper, la now being' built at 
Wilmington, Del., and will be the finest ever 
put on rail. With new uniforms, first part 
settings, etc., are also under way, watch for 
this big effraction for season of 1007-08, and 
compnvo It against others. 

Notes hiom tub Novct.Tr Theatre, Still- 
water, Minn. — That the seating capacity of 
the Novelty Is very much too small, Is clearly 
demonstrated every day, as Manager Obrecht 
tins to close the doors every evening before 
the performance, to keep back the large 
crowds. For the week of April 15, Mannger 
Obrecht nut the "Statue Turning to Life" 
on, and It wns such a good drawing .card, 
that the people demanded It another week. 
Chas. Scobcy, tbe Irish comedian and nionol- 
oglst, week of April 22, kept tho audiences 
in a continuous roar of laughter. Tbe Obrecht 
band and orchestra Is a feature. The Old 
Keuami.k |s received every week. 

Potter and Harris were recent Clipper 
callers, nnd Informed us that they have six 
more weeks of a very pleasant twenty-five 
weeks' tour over the Keith & Proctor circuit. 
Tbey have signed with Frank Melville for 
sixteen weeks of parks and beach work. 

Fred Hewitt, rolling globe performer, 
Joined tli? American Amusement Co., nt the 
Salt, Suit Lake City, T.T., April 22, 
having Just closed at the Bon Ton Theatre. 
Mr. Hewitt presented his act as a special at- 
traction with Y. M. C. A. Big Indoor Circus, 
(through courtesy of Manager Young. 

Rice AND Adams, grotesque acrobats, close 
their season's engagement with the Great 
Ilaymnml Co.. May 11, and arc booked solid 
for Ihe Summer, mid also next season. 

T. It. Giiemmkr writes: "1 closed season 
with J. A. Coburn's Great Barlow MliiBtrels, 
nt Ncwcomerstiiwn. O., April 20. The show 
had great unfitness In the South, nnd made as 
decided a hit tin it did last season. Our 
park season opens nbout June 0. I am doing 
the Interlocutor, nnd getting along nicely. 
Will be with the show for tho Summer, nnd 
slso next season," 

WlI.I.IAStB AND Pl'LI.MAN Write: "Wo 

opened on the CJus Sun circuit, Feb. IS. lnui, 
mid have been verv succesful, not having lost 
n week In thnt time. Week of April 211. we 

idny return date nt Boston, nlso week of 
day r>, a return dnle nt Tony Pastor's. . Af- 
ter that we go to our Summer home nt 
Palmyra, N. S'„ on our farm, for a much 
needed rest. " 

IIarvei and Doane have signed to play at 
the Verbeck Theatre, Oil City. Fa., for tbe 
rest of tbe season, opening April 20. 

Opel, novlltv, writes: "81nce 
closing with the Sells-Flato Circus, In Mex- 
ico, last December, I have worked twenty- 
tour weeks In and nrnnnd Chicago, with my 
baton spinning; and Jnggllng act, and am 
meeting with the best success. I am booked 
till the middle of June." 

Harry Jackson, of the vaudeville team 
known as Harry and Kate Jackson, has been 
engaged as general stage director and pro- 
ducer for Jules Murry. This will In no way 
interfere with their vnudevllle time (with the 
erceptlon of July, August and September), 
during which months Mr. Jackson will devote 
his entire time to rehearsing and staging 
Mr. Murry's attractions for the road. 

IIakrt lie Lain writes: "I have Just fin- 
ished a three years' engagement In California, 
meeting with big success. I am now playing 
a four weeks' engagement at the California, 
Butte, Mont., nnd will be In Chicago, In May, 
where I will nrrange time for tbe Summer 

World of Players. 

SWEKLi-SiiiPiiAN Notes. — Alfred Swenson, 
who nas appeared In tbe role of Charles 
Brandon, In "When Knighthood Was In 
Flower," with the Anna Day Co., this sea- 
son, closed with that company at New Or- 
leans, on April 13, and was immediately en- 
gaged for the rest of the season for the same 
role, wltn the Grace Merrltt Co. Mr. Swen- 
son has signed a Ave year contract to appear 
under tbe management of Ernest Shlpman. 
Mr. Shloman Is considering an offer from J. 
C. Wllll.tmson, of Australia, for the services 
of Giorgio Majeronl, late leading support to 
Bertha Kallch. Mr. Majeronl has appeared 
in numerous st»llar roles In that country, and 
It is Mr. Williamson's desire to tour him In 
tbe same capacity for the Beason of 1007-08. 
Mr. Shlpman has assumed all control of the 
"Mrs. Warren's Profession" Co., In which 
Mary Shaw appears in the star part. The com- 
pany opened under his management at the 
Olympic Theatre, St. Louis, on April 22, and 
business has practically been capacity at each 
and every performance. Frederic Sydney, 
who Is now appearing In the role of Sir 
George OroftB, Is receiving exceptional press 
criticisms for bis portrayal of the role. The 
rest of the cast Is practically tbe same as 
appeared during the Manhattan Theatre en- 
gagement, In this city. Madge Corcoran, for 
two years prominent In tbe support of E. 11. 
Sothern, has signed a contract with Mr. Ship- 
man to appear In Shakespearean roles during 
the season of 1007-08. Negotiations are pending 
between Mr. Shlpman and Virginia Drew 
Trescott whereby Miss Trescott may appear 
as the star of a company presenting a limited 
repertory of tbe Shlpman plays through the 
West. Miss Trescott Is at present playing 
the title lole In the Eastern "Mrs. warren's 
Profession" Co. After witnessing a perform- 
ance of Blanca West, as Vlvle, in "Mrs. War- 
rens' Profession," Mr. Shlpman Immediately 
secured her exclusive services for the next 
five years. Contracts have been signed cover- 
ing this period, and Miss West's first appear- 
ance under Mr. Shlpman's management will 
be In thri title role In "Dorothy Vernon, of 
Haddon Halt." 

Fritzi Scurry, who was forced to termi- 
nate her season, In "Mite. Modiste," on ac- 
count of serious Illness, has so far recovered 
that she was able to leave her apartments In 
the Hotel St. Regis, New York City, last 
week, for short drives In the park. 

Edmund Hrbesb, who has played the 
money king la "The Lion and the Mouse" 
for two years, line signed a five years' con- 
tract with Henry B. Harris, under which he 
Is to star In a new play, season after next. 
Mr. Breese has gone to London, to resume 
his old role ot tbe football coach In "Strong- 
heart," with Itobert Edeson. 

Amonu the amusement companies In- 
corporated In Albany, N. Y., 1b the Brooklyn 
Auditorium and Temple of Music Co,, capi- 
talized at $100,000. Tho company proposes 
to construct buildings for theatres and to 
produce plays and operas. Directors : Arthur 
S. Brook, Charles L. Brlggs, George W. Need- 
ham, Brooklyn. 

E. J. CAnrENTBR Amusement Entrm-rises, 
of New York, capital $5,000, was incorpor- 
ated in Albany last week, to do a general 
nuniscmcnt and theatrical business. Direc- 
tors : E. J. Carpenter, George E. Moody and 
Mllllcont Carpenter, New lork ; also Rough 
llldcrs' Amusement Co., New Rochelle, capi- 
tal £1,000. Directors: Fred Beuz, Patrick 
W. Harnett and Samuel Devean. 

David Rei.asco's play, "Sweet Kitty Bcll- 
alre," with on English company, Including 
Eva Moore, will be used to dedicate the new 
theatre In Shaftsbury Avenue, London, of 
which I.onls Calvert is to be the manager. 
Mr. Calvert has Just concluded negotiations 
for the play with Mr. Belasco. 

Mrs. h. C. Db Mills has made tbe an- 
nouncement that she has arranged for the 
dramatization of Thomas W. Lnwson's novel, 
"Friday, the 13th." Mrs. De MIHe stated that 
the author's only stipulation with regard to 
tho dramatization was that the "moral" ot 
tho story should be preserved In the play. 
Mrs. De Mllle says that the Stock Exchange 
play will contain no star part, but will be 
produced next season by David Belasco, and 
Mr. Belasco, though he will not himself dra- 
matize the book, will In a general way super- 
vise the creation of the dramatic version. 

The members ot the "Driven by Storm" 
Co., visited tbe State's Prison at Auburn, 
N. Y„ while playing In that city recently, 
nnd were shown through the different depart- 
ments by the warden. 

ItAi.rn Is still with the Murray 
A Mackoy Co., and reports success. 

Roster or Prick's Popular Players: 
Goldle Cleveland, Lillian Mason, Bertha 
Whitney, Rosa Lee, Dnvld Mnrncll, Philip 
Mnltland, Harry Spalnermnn, Herbert Llnd- 
holm, Frederick Adams, Charles A. Chces- 
mnn, James McCauley, Frederick Caston and 
John It. Price, with Geo. A. Sullivan in ad- 

Phil. M.uim. romcdlnn nnd author, Is con- 
teinphiUiijr taking out his stock company for 
the Summer, playing the Northern circuit of 
parks. Ho Is the author of the following 
plays nnd comedies : "Denver Duke," "The VII- 
Ingo Vagabond," "For His Wife's Sake," "My 
Daughter's Husband," "Felix O'Shnugbncs- 
scy. etc. 

Carroll Drew and company closed a suc- 
cessful censon of thirty weeks through Wis- 
consin, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, on 
April 1.1. Carroll Drew Is playing tbe prin- 
cipal comedy roles In stock, at Toler Audi- 
torium, Wichita, Kan. 

Catiilken Parlow, an American violinist, 
ninde her debut In St. Petersburg, Russia, on 
April 24. The critics speak favorably of her 
playing. Mlas Parlow. who Is sixteen years 
of ace, studied music In Snn Francisco. She 







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498 sixth Are., K. T. 

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II. B. MaaIXKU.1 opened Ills office In Her- purposes making a tour of the capitals of 
Im, Geriuiiny, April 1. Ilurope. 

'Notes from tub Obphbum Stock Co. — 
This attraction closed Its third annual season 
at Pekln, 111., after a season of forty-seven 
weeks. The season was a most successful one, 
nnd embraced Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mlch'gan, 
Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Illinois. 
Tbe company carried all royalty plays, and 
special «-:encry. The Doyle and Emerson 
trio, burlesque Jugglers: were the vaudeville 
feature, nnd the members of the dramatic 
roster were : Arthur Chattcrton, Harry Stet- 
son, Francis Wllfcins, Louie Miller, Charlie 
llngnn, Edward Doyle, Robert Emerson, It. 
II. Le Hoy, Louise Brown, Ruby Sillier, Marie 
Frock, Mmid Seldom and Mrs. Le Roy. The 
date of closing was April 14. Charlie Dowd 
bad charge of the advance, and Edward Doyle 
Is the owner and manager. Our next season 
opens In Ohio, Aug. 1. 

CitAS. W. KENNKit, manager of Te Colonial 
Stock Co., writes: "I am booking return 
dates wherever the company has appeared 
this season, which goes to show that the 
company Is making a strong rcnntatlon for 
Itself. Will not close for the Summer, but 
will go Into stock at Mansfield, 0., for eight 
wockB. Tne roster Is ns follows : Chas. w. 
Bcnner, manager : Prank Wlrlck, agent ; 0. 
M. Williamson, Raymond Ketchum. Harry 
V. Price. James Spencer. Eddie Foley, Kid 
Kvnns, George Snnds, Thomas Olsson, Geo. 
Wilson. Marie Gilmer, Sara Trentlwell, Knth- Henner. Ethel Esther. Edna Julian and 
Mile. Saudlna. The vaudeville part of tbe 
show Is unusually strong, hended by Julian 
and price, and Includes the Unique Enter- 
tainers, who are compelled to respond to 
several encores nightly. We arc looking 
forwnrd to a very plensnnt Summer, while 
in stock, as there will be little rehearsing 
to do, and we are 'up' In fourteen bills." 

Tub Dora Mystic Lindlbt Co., which has 
been touring the South, will close In three 
weeks, for the Summer Canadian season, At 
Windsor. N. C, last week, Harry LIndley was 
the recipient of floral offerings from the 
Daughters of the Confederacy. 

Mme. Ooa, a Dnnlsh actress, will make her 
American debut May 13, In Carnegie Lyceum, 
New York City, in Ibsen's drama, ''Little 

Theodore Burt 8ayre, author of "Eileen 
Asthore," has completed a new Irish drama 
which Chnuncey Olcott will produce next 

6th Ave. and 20th St., New York. 



Theatrical Catalogue 
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panies Without 
Any Delay. 

United State. Tent and Awning Co., 

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rota cm tbe road* 

Send 50c In ttanrai for om. 

LOCI CO., Eruntla, lei, 

Magic Lists ot Tricks, 10c, None Free. 

The Devil's Own Trick, wc. Only N. E. Agent for 
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ionwis-MI<S A V BRCWNt 205 1 muhom si 
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E M 

B, IND, 

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(an M*e one mori- art for wnIu June 3, 10 and 17. These who Imvr wrlllrn, 
writ* again, and during the «m»im send open lime. 

"^Tiriivteci foi» Prellmlnai'y Opening, 

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Manager King Dramatic Company, Greenville, S. C, May to II; Mitcon, tut., May 13 to 18. 

-;;j MBggaai — ._. . 1 

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in correspond. All people engaged report here for rehearsal, not later than May It, Acknowledge this 
.all by null, at once. TIIOS. L. FINN, Hooslck Falls, N. V. 


Peoria.— At the Grand (Chamberlln, Har- 
rington & Cc, managers) "The Belle of 
Japan." April 27, played to light business. 
Black PattT Troubadours, 29. had a top heavy 
bouse. Snvllle's "Humpty Dumpty" May 5, 
"Prince Otto" (local) 10, Blanche Walsh 16. 

-Mmkrtic (Al. L. Wlswell. resident man- 
ager). — "Big Hearted Jim," April 'iO-'Sl, and 
"The Bonnie Brier Bush," US-May 1, bad fair 
business. "Dora Thorne" 2-4, Livingston 
Slock Co. opens 5. 

Main STafiKT (Frank B. Weston, resident 
manager). — Week of May 5: Dorothy Rae, 
Imi- Clark, Don and Mae Cordon. Dudley, De 
Ormonde and Dudley, Wilson and De Monde- 
vllle. and tb.> kinodronie. 

Wexst's (Charles F. Bartson, manager). 
—Bill for week of April 29 included': Beatrice 
Leo, Itnnkln and Leslie, Mabel Uage and Mas- 
ter Jesse. Day and Knight, Ed. Lazell and 
moving pictures. 

Sr.vtt (II. Waller Van Dyke, manager). — 
stork Co., In "Driven lo Bay," 29-May 0, had 
big business. 

Stonk IIii.i. Gardes (Frank Grave, mana- 
ger). — The stock company. In "Wo-nan 
Against Woman," week of April 29, drew 
large attendance. 

ViKGiNtA Bkach (Frank A. Heineke, mona- 
ten opened 'Jll. with dancing and illustrated 
songs. Vaudeville will be given later In the 

Notks. — Mme. Schumnnn-Flelnk elves a 

concert at the Coleshim. 14 "The Belle 

of- Japan" Co. closes May 5. at Aurora, III. 
...... William F. Hauler has resumed his 

duties. :ik stage manager of W east's, after a 

sickness of twelve weeks. Car No. S, of 

Hie .Itanium & Itullev Show was here no. 

billing for June 4 Al Fresco Park opens 

18.° IIiu Kaugli Amusement Co. opens 19, 

nn nli'ilmni'. with a stock company • . 

Dorntlir Primrose has Joined Wlnnlnger 

Kraft.' Own Stock Co Clayton Tomlze 

Is doing the Illustrated songs at Dreamland. 

canvus, I wlM niter mr 50 foot Round Top, one 
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CLARK, Advance Ticket Seller or Treasurer. 


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»2ft_ deep, !#rt. high. Money here for good shows. 
Manager of band shows write al once. W. w. 
A d a ms, Manager. 

Ilrentar. — At the Powers' (irsnd (J. F. 
• liven, manager) Creston Clarke, In "The 
Hugged Messenger," April 27. pleased. Billy 
Link's Vaudeville Co., 29. SO. did well, and 
wns . pronounced (be best show of Its kind 
ever seen here. "Lost to New York" May 1. 
"Humpty Dumpty" 4. Koselle Knott (I. Paul 
illlhinre 7, Leltthlnn Bros.' benefit 8. 

Bltnii (A. Hlgfrlcd, manager). — Week of 
April 2!) : Fox and Fosle Cirrus, Golden and 
Hughes. Barry and Wnlford. De Coe, Bernlce 
Mile Harris, and the HIJoudroine. Good busi- 
ness rules. 

Nothh. — Blirniim & Bailey's Circus Is billed 
for. May .10. ' The formal season opening of 
Dreamland Park will be June 2, with A. Slg- 

frled ns general manager Lynne Ha/.- 

*nrd, former miudcal director at the Bijou. 
aod wife, nee Ronnie Butler, appeared with 
Jtlltr Link's Co. st the Grand. In n sketch. 
"The Rig rinnlsi and . the Little Dancer." 
and were enthusiastically received by old 

Surlnicflrld. — At Clintterton's ffieo.W. 
t'batlerlou. manager) "Lost In New York" 
lied a good nuilienc April 28. Mary Shaw. 1a 
"Mrs, Warren's Profession." 29. pleased. 
tll«*k [•nit- Troubadours .10. "The Midnight 
►Tver" May 1, "Merrv Milk Maids" (home 
talent X Moselle Knott, In "Alice Slt-by-the- 
Flre." 4 : Paul Gllmore. lo "At Yale." 6. 

•Hah'ty (lliirlnn ft Smith, innnngersj). — 
Week or April 29 : Dudley, Cheslyn and 
Burns, Nlemeye nud Osell. Wells Bros.. Dollle 
Wells, motion pltures and Illustrated songs. 

Olympic: (Wot. Jackson, manager). — Week 
of 29;' Burlesque, "The Beauty and the 

Beast:" Lnniont and Milium, living art pic- 
tures. Crclly Trio, Great Hellmann. moving 
plliires, and comedy, "Who Is Who?" 

F.tirtKK (Johnnie Connors, munagcr). — 
Week of 29: Burlesque. "Old Companions;" 
Illustrated songs. Frank Mortlne. May Foster, 
Minnie Westliatse, and Twentieth Century 
optlscope. . . , 

Xotk. — A new vaudeville house of the 
most modern design, with n seating capacity 
of 900. and ii stage large enough for any 
vaudeville act. will soon he ready for the 
public. The theatre la being erected by Jns. 
Cook, n local capitalist, ou Monroe Street, 
between Fifth and Sixth. The Interior of 
the play bouse will be beautifully adorned, 
and a roomv balony and boxes will be pro- 
vided. The theatre building will be two 
slorfes high, and (he singe will be BO by 30 
feet, with a 25-foot opening. 

Can ton.— At the Grand (F. B. Powelson, 
manager) "The Village Vagabond," April 28. 
did fair business. Coming : "Humpty Dumply" 
1.1. "Kerry Gow" 18. "The Ijind of Nod'' 20. 

Family Tiikatbr, from 7 until 9 nightly, 
Is drawing; big houses. 

Notbh. — Hook ft Powelson s Vaudeville 
Shows will atarr May 20. There will be two 

performances each night The K. of r. 

Lodge Is organizing for a circus. Arrange- 
ments have been made for a tent seat lug 
:t.<KKi people. There will he prnfrsslnnnls nnd 
home talent la It. The show will Inst for 
three day*. 

HliHimluKion. At the Grand Opera 
House (Frank M. Itnlelgh, manager). — "As 
Told In the Hills," May 1. gave n good oer- 
formance. "l/ist In New York" 2, Paul 
Gllmorf 4, "Humpty Dumply" 0, Hostile 
Knott 8. 

casti.r iWii. Atcry, manager).— Bill week 
of April 211 : Holmes nnd llolllsler, lhiu- 
dar's goats, Cora YmiDghlnotl Corson, Ilea 
Davis. Henrletto Greeness, motion pictures, 
and itohert De Mont Trio. 



WM. TELL HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
Sts., lioiiou. Vicinity of all vaudeville theatres* 
About M week. FJIILY BANNWABT, Prop. 


Waba.h Ave., 

••— 1100 Per Day. 

EurOpain. tn.OO per Week. 

TRAFALGAR,1I5-117 E. 14, N. Y.,nr. Keith's 
Acad, of Music, Dewey. Rooms ooc. loo., fl, 
11.60 day ; tmoto $8 week, W.D.HANNlQAN.Prop . 

Wabaah A Madison, cdioaoo, 
0. 0. Vaughao, Prop. Strictly 
_ American Plan. 18-16 single; 
fT-lit double. Vaudeville patronage Invited. 

PALACE HOTEL, 101 N.Clark St., Chicago. 
European, 19 JM per week; with private bath, II. 
Turkish Bath, too. H. li. HUMPH KEY, Prop. 


Front and Back Bending, each trick Illustrated. 
H8c. Morphet's School, S3; N. Mtli St., Phlla.. Pa. 


Oopyilghted). a different book*, 100. All kinds act. 
a-OUPHET'S SCHOOL. 83T N. 12th St., Phil*., Pa. 


money maker, OTHERS, cheap. SLOAN 
NOVELTY CO.. Station 8, Philadelphia. Pa. 


for any Instrument or nnmber of Instrument*. 
Songs.words and music, sketches, etc. Send stamp. 
CHAS. L. LEWIS. 420 Richmond St., rinclnnsil, 0. 

FUTURE Hush, or Wife Photos for Palmists 

Parks, etc., f.'.im iter 1,000; 11.35 pcraou, |K>stpuid 

CABINET PHOTON, copied, 100, fJ; 1,000, ,15. 

F.HKNA ISTUDIO. -.ViVia. Broad St., I'liiln., I'a. 

GRONBERG lTofcssionnl Stcrcoptlcons,*! iM 
Acetylene Gas Making Oiitlll and Burners, $8.50. 
CO. it. Allow examination. Send for cms. flroubrrg 
Sleieoptlcon Mfg. Co.. Box lias. New Orleans. 

.'. gags. Send stamp for postage. MAHY E. P. 
THAYER. 2100 Broad St.. Providence, R. I. 


Fully equipped building uml seven guns, In a lead- 
ing park. Selling cheap on account of other busi- 
ness. Averaged last season over * (0 weekly prollt. 
Address GALLERY, 794 Broad St., Newark, N.jL 

BANJOS— The World's Oneat. The Celebrated 
Wliyte Laydle. Catalogs and Half-Tone* of 26 
Artist* Free. THE A. 0. FAIRBANKS 00,, 62 
Sudbury St., Bo»ton, Maai. 

Motor Cycle, tine condition, for Moviug I'll tare 
outfit. EARLE PORTER, Warren, Ohio. 




Parks; also Tyrolean Singers and Dancers. Air 
Ship for July 22 and 23. Novelty Acts wanted all 
the time. State lowest In urst letter. 


230 Mint Arcade, Philadelphia, I'a. 

WANTED — High Classed Troupe for Opera 
Hall, evenings; Open Air Attractions for Spring 
Grove Home comiug, June if, 20, 21. Biggest 
celebration ever attempted In Southern Minn. 
Aerial Artist, Acrobats, Troupe of Hogs. Best 
terms first letter. Write iiiuok. R. L. Onsgard, 
Chairman, Spring Grove, Minn. 

WANTED AT ONCE, All Around Medicine 
Performers lhat ran make good for one week or 
nine nights: Al Hlack Face that can put on acts 
uml make them go. I manage my own company. 
People must keep their nose oui of my business. 
Do your work on the stage, and do H right. You 
get your money. Tickets, If I know you. George 
Brooks, write. Add, 

DR. R. J. ATKINS, Nauvoo. III. 

WANTED AT ONCE, Leading Ban, Char- 
acter Woman who can play piano. Salary f 16. 
Wire lo 1NDA PALMER, Park Ave. Opera House, 
Mcchaiiicsviile, N. Y. Violet Le Clare ami Jack 
Emmcrson, answ er. ____^^____^^___ 

3Tlh SUCCESSFUL Week Majorle Southwell 
Co. Wanted at once, character man and woman, 
pianist, male or female: young mau for props who 
can sing and dance. Season 50 weeks; one night 
si mils. Stale lowest Summer aid regular season 
salary. I pay all expense*. Must be capable, good 
dressers and workers; no tourists. Join on wire. 
Mate all particulars and address Don. J. Dorres, 
Mgr. Southwell Co., Cardinal, tint., Can., May n, 
1 0, 11. ^___ 

WANTED— Piano Player, Good All 'Hound Per- 
formers. Two night Hlutids under canvas. Open 
Muy ID. Tickets, yes. Hot Advance Nun. Salary 
first letter. Good Med. performew wrllc. 

JACK ARNOLD, Glcnulllli, N. Dak. 

WANTED tll.'iCK. Small Band who double 
Orchestra, for my Tent Show. 1 have one of the 
Hwcllest little layouts on ihc road. Everything brand 
new from hale ring lotos stakes; water proof. Peo- 
ple eat and sleep in hotels. M .king one week stands. 
Good Versatile Vaudeville People write, also ex- 
perienced Pianists. I travel by rail. One show a day. 
So make your salary seasonable for long season's 
work. No Boozers Deed answers tills ad. Dlsor-* keep away. Write or wire. Brandon.sGllt 
..Jge Show, Outhrlo Center, Iowa, Week of May n, 

See The Wild Buckers 

Two 1'eirui nlliiiCHs Dully, I n ml N P. M. 

A Vivid scene or Barbaric Warfare. 

A Realistic He view of Western Hrlgindage. 

Sports and I'astlnics of the Plainsman. 

Rough Riders Assembled from All Nations— 
Cowboys, Indians and Wild West. Girls. 

COL WM. F. CODY (Buffalo Bill) 

POSITIVELY APPEARS at Every Performance. 
Review., Drill, and Paueuiil.. 
Battle Seenea and Cnviilry Clmrgci. 
American Hlalorj' Hhown In TuMoid.. 
An Exhibition of National Interest. 

Ailuilsdon, Including numbered seals. Me, and 
50c. (Jdlli nnd 27ih St. Knlrnuces only). Reserved, 
75c. (on sale only when disirs open), jl.isi, |l.5u, 
according lo locution. Box Heals. t2.<m, I'-Mio 
(Undlson Av. entrance only). Mall orders, accniii- 

rallied by currency, receive prompt intention. 
IPX olUcit open V A. M . Mi U 1 '. M. 

B^'m kMA IIIBATllK, "tM RT, 
*B 1 •• ■'•L* W WKST OF BROADWAY. 


A New American Play hy DAVID HEI.ASCO 



I IBCDTV THEATRE, 4'id St.. west of B'way, 
LIDEIII I Kves., 8.19. Matinee Sat. 2.16. 


In the Success of the Century, 


By Paul Armstrong. Founded on Bret Harte'i 
Oalifornlajdyl of thoaamo name. 


Kvenlng, 8.10. Fashion Matinee Saturday, 2.10, 


MISS HELP'S DRESS BONO 2.20 and ..»■ 

UlPk*CTT THEATRE, «2d St., West of Broadway, 
RAUnCU Kv'gi, 8.80. Mats. Thurs. A Sat. 3.20. 
MR.1U0KETT Bole Lessee and Manager. 


Mamigcment Henry II. Harris 



nClT AlYlol CilUAlYl West ot llroudway. 

Ev'ai. S.I0. Mat. tVml. and Sat. 

IB. W. A. BRADY Presents 

Mr. Robert Ufaiitcll 

For a brief en*jat|enient only. 

r A w I w n %f I M,,s. i "„xii. 

1 1 1 li St., .'Id Ave. 


MO H ud HO I "I'M. 


Campls-ll and Kenny,* Adams and Mack, II. Hurt 

l.eniuiii MISS Daisy llarcoiirl (special fealurci, 
Frank tVhltimiti, CMnnliigbum nnd Sinllli, Klmtall 
Bros., the llu-rlngtoiis, Wllllanis and I'ulliiinii, 
stiii/.nian and Crawford, Mnrvelgruph, Hie Ylls- 
grupli, and, as an extra a I tract Ion, 

SHEF P ERaiwi Tmn mm, 

—THE— East utlt St. l.adieH' Mat. To-day 

join am hiiiohs. 

2— Itiirlctuis— 2, George Guhl. 


Address J. II. ANDERSON. Mgr.. as aJIBVtS 

Actors' Fund 
of America 




TUESDAY. MAY 14, 1907 


At 8 O'CLOCK, P. M., 

When Hie I'lentlini or tlltlcors mid Trustees rut' tfu< 
■uiliilng year will take place. 

MEMBER* OF THE FUND III Komi sllllld- 
lug may procure tickets of adinls-lun at I lie ulllees 
of the FUNIl.ll'J and 114 West 42.I St., New York. 

TO 'flKRA it'll ST., LONDON, W. 


Artists wanting Eurnprnit tunc write, staling open 
time and W i ns. Cab le, "AGON M V' LOW DON . 


47 W. astli ST., NEW YllltK. 

Ifiut l><ivil Si'lire,, or. 

auiiIii Tin* Mi'usailoii of Eiiiiipi'. 



The Incomparable Hand Balanc.r. 



Address, per Ironle, FtHtEI'AHlill SELLS HltOS.' 



Fur Slimmer. No limn in write. Wrllc nulek. 
Address GEO. WIHTSEL, Care of CLIPPER. 







\Viiiii<<1 «fciii< lv. 

For Return Act. 

Musi In" expcrleuccil ami sillier. Slate wclglil, 
age and lowtwl. salary. I puy all, lueluilliig ward- 
robe. He prepared lo Join on wire. 

HURT GILLMOII, I'reiuuhl, O. 


MAN. Change for week. Lowest In Ural letter. 
No med. Boozers and chasers, no. Must, be right, 
or close. Harry Ohcrlleld, write. IIARRISaud DE 
VERE, o Eagle St.. Dansvllle, N. Y. 


BEND for a beautiful ballad, "My courtship 
Days, Farewell." to J. II. FITCH, author, Sac t.'ltj, 
low*. Price, thirty cents, postpaid, 

AT LIBERTY, lo Join May 20,Man and Wife; I 
change for week, versatile sketch Team, Feature ' 
Acts, Singles and Doubles; Ijidy Planlal, Sight 
Reader. Those able Co pay the salary for good I 
te am, address F, I'. Sketch Team, Nor th I'latte.Neb. , 

fect order; 2 men can take down or set up In ■: 
hours; jMfc B H I'rairle Ave., I'ltOVIDENCK. R. I. 

WANTED AT ONI'E, Good Sketch Team, 
man and wife, and Good Single Performers, Song 
and Dance Slsler Team, Muslclal Team. Other 
Good Performers, write. All must change for a 
week, flood treatment. Sure money every week. 
Those whocan stand prosperity, long season, but 
clgarelles, booze, won't go here. This is font 
real medicine show, under canvas. Eat and sleep 
In hotels. ( ompuiir pays all after Joining. Tickets' 
No. Don't ask, and gel refused. Hunter ft Helm, 
Modern Bemedy Co., I.yle, Minn. Big Tent Show, 

-THE- E. 12MH St. Ladles' Mat. To-day. 


At the seashore, Vntidcvlllo. 
• NEW— , ~ Mat*. Mon., Wed. A Mat. 
all Ik Al V •** M * T,iel *"' presents sixth Month. 

ilKl/LKi WINE, WOMAN & S0N6 CO. 

B'way A 00th I BONITA, ALEX.CARH A GreatCast 


Of HlKb Olaaa Vandevllle Ttiratre*. 

II. MKYIwllFKLIi JfL, PI1F.S. ; 
All Application* for Tim* Must He Addressed 
to O. K. ItHA Y. Hooking Maimer. 

_MaJs*tlc^ 'Ihsalr c Bu ilding. Chic ago, 111. 




First Class Entertainor lor 
Cafe Work. 

Must be funny, also good Soprano Singer. Steady 
If satisfactory- Address EARL TAYLOR, care of 
Cafe Savoy, Harrison A Wiiiui.ii Ave., Chicago, III. 



line who can give recltalliiiH uml slug. Address 

'1311 South Slab', Sprlnglli'ld, III. 


Lecturer and Versatile ■ed. People. 

Eat and sleep on lot. I'liuugc Tor week. Slate 
lowest, C OLE A f,A_MAItlt, Richmond, Indiana. 


And riuno I'luycr, ami Man Willi I'lcliire Machine 
to Join at once. Address 

A. llAILEY.JtolD'ur, Tuscarawas Co.. Ohio. 



now about' ro8H Atrri 

■KIRIIRO, is Frank St., Itoclieslcr. \. Y. 

•*v Wanted, 
Irinh. Dutch & B. V. & MiiKtral tim*Km 

For cot rt, "Inger lllustraieil snug.. Musi lie 

Urst class. Ijtilv for |Sj.cs and si'ip. dunce. 
Address ((ill'k, IlONIIKCH IlltiJS., I'lirnii'ii.ttklii. 

Great Fen- Motion Picture Postal Cards, 10c, 

Each. Sample by mall lie ♦ LWiiier dozen, by ex^ 
press. Theodore lliirliacli, WW I'llherl, Phlla., I'u. 


GKOHOK I'A 1ST, l»S, Missouri AVe„AHanllc City, 



Mav 11. 



■ •„-. ALBERT .1. HOhlit, 


SATUBDAY, MAY 11, 1007. 

i i ' ' ■■ | f » 

■ Kntered June 24. 18T0. it Ula Post Office it 

New York, N. V., as second cIlM nutter. ond>r 
tbe act of March .1. 1871*. 

Ao>erilKemcul» — $11.80 per lncti> alDfle column. 
Adrertl*ea>euta set with border, 10 per et. extra. 

One ycsr, In advance. 14: six montrm, |2j three 
months, 'fl. Korelg-i postage eitre. Single copies 
will be unit, poatpalil, od receipt of 10 ceati. 
Oar 'Term* are Cn»u. 
TUK CI/IITKIl Ik in4iicd every Wednmaky mom- 
In*. The last four (advcrtlalog) pagee OO TO 
I'HIMS on Saturday at 11 a. u,, awl t 
pagee on MONDAY nn.l Tl/KSDAY. 
Tlta Forme Closing. Promptly, Tuea- 
.l*> Ht lO o'clock A. it. 
Please remit by cxpreaa, money order, check, 
I'. O. order or registered letter. All c»*li enclosed 
with letter Is at the risk of sender. 
Address All- ComiiinnleaUlons to 

4T Went 28(11 Htreet, New York, 
RtgUltrti Co We A'IhYcm, "AcrilontTT." 


1 1 Tjis Ciiernii In located at Room 004, Ashland 
llloek. Oblcaio, John '1'. Prince Jr., manager and 
correspondent, ivhere advertisements and aubecrlp* 
tlons are received at our regular rate*,. 


hocatril at 48 OrBnbourne Ht.. Loudon, w. O., Jobs 
It. Carney, manager and correspondent, where ad- 
vertisements and subscriptions are recclred at our 
regular rate*. 

•J'iik cui'i'i:n can db OBTtiNin, wnoi.KsAt.s and 
Hbtaii., at our ngonls, Brcntano's uews depot, 87 
Avenue ilo l'Oncru, Paris, France; M. Milennial, 
Frederick HtrniiHC 101 (Termlnua Hotel), Deri In, 
N. W.. Ucrmony ; Diamond Newa Co., 07 ITidn, 
Havana; Manila Hook, and Stationery Co., .138 
llscolla, Manila. P. I. i Albert at Bon, 1S7-U0 King 
hi;.- Sydney, Australia, — • ■ . .„, 

natty one <-.IHton, ami that la dat«d 
from Wpyr York. . ■. ; . ... 


Wn Replies by Mall or Telegraph. 

Anruiessrs <>n wiiHBAnotrra not otvaaj. Am. 
in quest ur euuH siiouiji writs to ruoaa whom 
Titer scitK, in oars or TUB CUPPER. Post 
Office. Ar.i. lkttkrs wn.i, si advextisro ona 
wkuk mm. Ir Tin; routs or ant thkathiual 
PMaraMff is sntiuirr, navia to our list ur Dorms 
on another paus. Ws cannot bind ioutii ar 
mail oa TaxioaarH. 


•it.i-t. • ..... iii i aHacar t 


' ■ ! ■■■ y 

•"- nnltrHllorHI,. 
i;> iMIof the Nertr York Clipper, j.v.' 
naoaj 64H, Ashland Block. Chicago. 

■ "With a lillndlngiHiioiT Htorra lit t protread, 
»lnj- 'it, which rcaembled the h°lgbt. ol tljo 
Winter acaaon. notice cones of the dotting of 
two 4hcatre« Ion abort time for tln-iSumhiT. 
which seema almost Incongruous The local 
wpnthcr bureau can nhow nu record' of nay 
Kuch fall of kiiow nt riicd a late date, and 
things aconr to be upset In nil lines of busi- 
ness. Kuril week has seen Nome one or two 
MieatrcH added to those which are putting 
un attrnctlona (or Ibe Bummer. > The Wild 
West Show, nt the t.'olISndm, opened 2. 

Iu.inoih Tjii;ATiit; (Will J. Uavla, innun- 
fen.— Sam Bernurd continues in ' The Itlcli 
Mr. Ilotrgenbelmer." This Is the last week 
ot the- engagement, and the company will 
close bore. "The Man of the Hour" 12, for 
the Summer, Including: Orrin Johnson, Kob- 
ert U. rischer, Harry llsrwootf. Krknk Sheri- 
dan, Thomas Melgban, W. J. Dcmlng. Ben- 
tbe othet nctt. Southard, Franrea King and Kato /.ester. 
Powekh'Tiikatiib (Harry 3. Powers, nldn- 
nger). — Korbcs ltobertsou and Gertrude El- 
liott mode their bows to n Chicago audience 
last Mondny night, In "Cwsar And Cleopatia " 

less rldhg ever seen here, and brought down 
the- Jramwitp. aodlence- In a, furore. George 
Klslcr atid II. Jonea were others who scored 
IiertHy- .In- this work. Kred Bnms certainly 
knows how to throw a lariat, and Ada «um- 
merfflll* rod? upon a magnifloently trained 
xR!&£A 8 rlat nppl»uBe. Uiwrs of .the 
Wild .West type of entertainment will And 
eTerrtaing to their liking In tot* offering. 
J he Indians have Bet tnclr tepees In. the 
Annex, and reside there In the approved 
stylo of the plains. . . 

'.fJxiHnxATiniiAi, Theatre- (Bills I". Gllck- 
man, manager). — The performances lierejiaTe 
been ot the highest quality, and tbe audi- 
ences hove R)iowcd appreciation by attending 
in- large numbers. Kllas Rothsteln hus 
scored « decided success. Antonio Malorl 
will commence .en . engajfeinent, • 13, for two 

weeks, In "Han»lct," "Monte Crlsto," "Da- a performance of tin 
rind," "The Strength of Conscience,'! "Keon," and thenceforward will 
ils XI," "The Outlaw," "The Merchant tlons which hi 

open to all, nil! ,bc held it reach per- f 
noe,' commencing Monday mmbieo. Ca- II 

m. I n.i.u n/lll hi, annrt In ihn nil.. In ' 


Itihlnjt, Hteedinir Soree CiiVered Bodr 

-Nothljair Helped Beln-Chlld 

Cared In Five Days l, r 


"Af,cr tny iratiddatiglht'cr of aboift seven 
years had been cored of the measles, she 
was attacked about a fortnight later by a 

of Venice, 


"Othello," "La Tosca," and 

(Joseph, Pilgrim, manager).— 

Zira" was a welcome hill. last week, and 

"Davy Crockett" tbls week. 

was well glvtn. 
"Pale" next. 

Pbkin (Robert T. MotU). manager).— The 
"sold nut" sign at the ' Pekln Is working 
overtime, where "The Husband" has come to 
be recognised' «s one of the greatest suc- 
and Jostamly woo tho 'recognition "tiicy d'e- ""? cs uf . th e house. There is pfenty of snap 
served. This week they present "Himlcl" BsJl™ J&, . lh . c JB&L.YFaP L", . Bplendl ^. y 
and "Mice and Men," for the first time In ?". B *S' Running Wild" Is the chief song hit, 


M. X.i tiMhknsh. — We have no knowledge »f 
tin' present n-hcrealiouts of (lie party. Ad- 
<li<esh n letter in our cure mid we will ad- 
vertise It In Tin', i'i.utku letter list. 

11. I, ,1., Kaaloii, 

II. J. I,., Chli'ugo, 

Mihs II II., I'hllmlelpuhi, 

I,., t.'lilenio, 

M. 1". H„ Lowell. 

U. II., Pnwtiieket, nnd 

this city. '11k' advance sale presages sold out 
business. The week will be divided with 
"Mice and Men." which will be seen evenings 
uf T, '8 and 11. and matinee 8. "The Lion 
nnd the Mouse next. 

■ Oaiiiiick Theatre (Herbert C. Ducc, man- 
ager). — Lew KleldB and his company of bur- 
lcsijuers seem .to hare pleased an Immense 
number of. people, ■ The engagement, wbloh 
was extended for one week, u now announced 
as curtailed, ho that it will close li, and 
will probably be followed by- Mary.iBtanner- 
Ing. In. "iiiorloua Betsy." Miss Manneclng 
was scheduled for two wceka nt the Grand 
earlier In the season, but, owing to Illness, 
was forced to oancel. 

.UoboxiiH. Thbatiib (Oeorge.W. Leaderer, 
mahsger). — "Klfty:. Miles . from Boston;" 
lleoifrc Mi Cohin's latest effort, lias scored 
heavily. The story describes -how Jed Woodls, 
assistant In the post office at ■ MrookUeld. 
Mass.. has taken $400 of the government 
money to bet. on a base ball «ame played by 
Harvard, betting against that nine, of which 
Joe Wescott Is o. membor. Joo Is ongaged 
to Sadie, Jed's sister, and sho Is also post- 
mistress. Dave Hnrrlgan has Induced Jed to 
make the bet. -i ml now Unit he 'IB In- trouble, 
ram ho will help him out If be will persilnde 
Sadie lo give up Joe, and marry.hlm. This 
.led refuses 'to do. but llndlng lilmHelf close 
lo the prison doors, .for the- examiners | are 
coining the following day, he speaks ti» Bndle. 
She refuses to give up Joe, but saya she will 
do nil. she can, to help Jed. She ; refuses 
Dnvc wlicn he proposes, and Joe and Dave 
havo sOvcnil renllstle "scraps'"-' over the slt- 
I'Htlnn, In which their' respective fathers al- 
ways take a hnnd. Tim llarrigan; Dave's 
father, agrees to "help'; Jed, IcndW blm HM 
money lo reimburse the office, hoi inaklieg 
.lod prnctltnlly "sign his life away," when 
ittccliitlug for ,hc money, 'i'lin and Dave are 
gloiitlng over the fact Unit they have Jed In 
I heir power when Nellie, Tim's daughter, con- 
fesses that sbe and -led have been married 
for* a year, nii-i. unknown to her, Jed had 
stolen the niouey to bettor provide for her. 
1 lin then destitys the paper und all ends hh 
It should. Frlti Wllllahis made a .decided 
lilt us Jed Woodls, and was called be- 

popular house, and the attractions are of 
the quality to attract the people of tbls 


( AM. Ml. 

but there are others almost as good. 
Howaiid (i.orlri J. Howard, manager). — 

Buslneis continues to keep up well at this Ula place ir. just as attractive as ever. The 

' following are- in the. curio halt: Clifford, the 
legless baud' balancer; Prof. Yates' trained 
wolves, Spencer's Punch and Judy Show, 
Julene, snake-charmer, and Millie Taylor, 
long hulied woiunn. In the theatre: Dollle 
Walker, Mad«e Multlcy, Prof. Leon Neate 

a ad tbe moving pictures. 

Clark Htrekt Musi-thai (I.. >M. Hedges, 
miinager), — The usual good business prevails 
bare, .and the. attractions , are. changed 
every Utile while, that the. steady patrons 
may have something new to witness. .-,. 

At-TcriMATH. --.Interest is great in the 
forthcoming monster benefit foe, the Actors' 
Kutid of America, which will he given at the 
Auditorium. Frlday.-May 10, trora 12:30 to 
0,p..,M. It will .be remembered that. .the 
proceeds of last year's benefit. .were donated 
in tbe fund for the relief of the Sap I'riin- 
elscot sufferers.. Acts from twentynihe of 
Chicago's, (heanes will appear, under (he 

men t, . 
foraiance, — 

rew and Hayes will be seen In the olio In 
their clever racing sketch, "The Derby Race." 
Next weckj;tbe Empire BuricwuerB.. < . ■■ 
TuocADEta (1. M. Weingirtcn, manager). 
— 'I'lie tlolden, Crook did a.gopd business last 
week, and repeated the favorable Impression 
mnde ou theiNoitii side tbe: previous week. 
l-'red 1 rwln'H Big Show is here & and. week, 
with Marie Buckley featured as a singer with 
a wonderful voice and a great r tinge.. The 
comedians and other principals have proved 
their worth heretofore, , ana the chances are 
good, Ton, splendid business. Next week, the 
Jersey Lilies. 

.. KMi'int (William Singer, manager). — This 
house, rebuilt from " 
thrown open to the 
ncrformance of 

wward .. 

have been appearing solely at the especially under the arms, of considerable 
folly Theatre... A description of tbe house s i ze She suffered a ercat deal ami (*. 
will appear In next week's letter. ?,',*• ,„„■," .„f..°i B ti ,i ' a ," d for 

Wonderland. (0. B. Mills, manager).— three w cekb we used all the remedies we 
llnln. snow or the.otber dlsngreeible features could think of. Nothing would help We 
of the weather during the last few days tl len c« n f f or rmirura Tceinerl^c »..j 
seems to, have bad no bad effect on tbli J8S ,f„".,. ( „ i„.., t,W„, Kc,n€0 ; ,e j. a»o 
house, and the offerings, are still up to the a «e r twenty-lour hours we noted con- 
hlgh standard set- by Manager Mills when sidcrable improvement, and, after usine 
he first took over the house. „'j,i v n ne romnlete cet nf ihm r,.i;„... 

.Loxpfix dime MIWWM (William J. Swee- &"£J?;« ir, %.J! - 1 <•*'"« Cuticura 
ney, manager).— Manager Sweeney wears * Remedies, in live consecutive days, the 
complacent smile these days,. In spite of the little one had been entirely cured and 
fact that a number of his rrcoks arc ahioig fas been well for a loiig rtme. Mrs F 
(he missing, having decamped to Join the p 1 ,„f / , M --i 1 , -p p n , T».i,-«e 1 1 7- V 
various circuses now tourfcg tho country. KUelenaclil, K, f. D. 3, Bakcrsfield, Cat., 

ttT (John T. Connors, manager) .-r-- 
VA Brunk for Liberty" did well last week, and 
the company will be seen to advantage tbls 
week. In "My Friend from India," which Is 

always popular. 

Maui.imve (Charles B,. Marvin, manager).— 
Tbls house has been a. good . business all 
along, and even with the season waning, there 
Is no let up. "Carmen" will be the bill tbls 
week. The house will close for the season 
ubout June 1. 

. Majestic (Lyman B. (i lover, manager). — 
Tbe bill for the week of May includes: 
Jack London, Ralph Johnstone Company, 
"That" Qunrlel te, May Yoke and Bell Trio, 
t'llroy. and Montgomery, Stuart 
Barnes, -Frederic Hawley and company, Barry 

and Halvers, Pete Baker. De Hollis and Ve- 



lora. Fox and Duhall, Boll Vcola, and the nnsplcea nf the Theatre Mauagers of Chicago- 

A pari lal list includes' Forbes Robertson 
and Gertrude Ulllott, In the Sphinx scene 
from "Caesar and Cleopatra:" Dustln far- 
nmn aid company, ln-tbo third act of ''The 
Inlen ;" tu.' second net of.. "Two Mttl 


Oi,v)i"ic (Abe Jacobs, manager) The bill 

week of C Include!.: "The Broomstick Wls-ches" 
Mullen anil Fuller, Olrard and i Gardner, 
Bobby North. Welch, -Men lev and Montrose, 
Bounding Gordonn. Bresnnh and Miller, 
Hoblsch and Childress, Jennings and lieu- 
frew, Maniuht and - Lynn. Henry Frey, Mc- 
Uee and Collins, and the klnodroue >,. 

iiAv.MMtKVT (William F.. Newklrk, mdnn- 
ger). — The hill, woek of (I includes. William 
Thompson and.eompsnv.Ous Kdwarda' Type- 
wrlterGlrts, Cllvetle. Bedouin Arabs, Sh.elds 
nnd Rogers, Melenl Trio, Lewis McCord and 
corapany, I.usky Itolfc Quintette, 'Vontello 
und Nina, Master Sluter, nud -the kloodromc 

STAR (James ,1, l.cdcrei'. maiiayer). — The 
bill Includes: llnmiy Hoolknin,- KnlacrntiiH 
nnd llentley. Hie Three Kolleys, the Standlum 
Trio, Robinson nnd Giant, nnd tbe Staro- 

HCOpe. . . ..„■ .... 

Humboldt (Lang A liaiboiir, rnanagers). "'""> -the Pekln 
—The bill for week of B. includes : Lo Jess K, n " u Vi, ut <!V . e, "J'' 
and Le. Jess, aerial at t : the Albinos, eccentric ,„'i e J" l , HI,ce ror 5 
omedlans; Alfced Anderson, Fred. Karnsliaw, 
comedian; Will Trio, comedy singing act.: 
itl Hie Illustrated 

June 25 and July 20. 1906." 

season. ..... .The "Roman Army" went on 

strike ApHI 20, at. Powers' Theatre, but as 
Forbes Robertson and his co-stars were of 
more Importance than the "army," the per- 
formance .was carried through with the 
"faithful few." to Cesar's standard, An In- 
crease from fifty cents to ill per night was 
the cnusc uf the mutiny, and then the demand 
was lowered to 76 cents, but the mutineers 
were turned Into the street to become wiser 
thnn to rebel against the mlghtv.Casar 
White Clt'y, remodeled, repainted, and wllii 
many new features, will throw open Its sales 
11. to bid for the patronage of the large South 
side, and . of any other side which muy 

feel tho call of the Measure park's * 

A. M...'W«sier, a cow puncher at the Wild 
West Show at the Coliseum, bad a narrow 
escape from death, night of 3, when he was 
thrown,, front his. horse during ,u stampede 

fiade . by the Indians In a raid, scene. The 
ndlaiis . rode over him before they could 
atop their steeds, and tbe victim Is laid up 
with, n ltacture 0( tbe right leg and iftulp 
wounds .... Harry A. Du Bols, business man- 
ager of '.'Lost In New York,," was a Ci.ipi'er 
Bureau caller 2. and reported. excellent busi- 
ness for his nt tract inn during the season 

Fred Nye, i former Chicago newspaper man, 
•Ah-in Trwn"" S"SSS''4iSL' , JSS^SSi * lVB •"» <> rs{ performance of his new comic 
tin- \uiLr Si.„ C en ^»5 wu . i?" e 5t°" nd OP™ 1 - n, ». M "'i 1 - at thc Hnnd Opera House, 
yP* ...M«W .'.H'fo nnd John Slavln (MMot* Wis., for the benefit of the Oshkosli 



Girls :•! San 

scene Iroin 

u s.'cne from "Fifty Miles from Boston - 

).ew " 

1 'Ltrntird and i.mupany. In a 
"The. Rich Mr. lloggenneliner :" 

itym "A Knight, for a Day :" Ceci; l^ean, 
FJorenee llntbrcok and chorus, from "The 
Time, the l'uiuj uud the Girl :'■'. scenes -from 
""rhc County tihalrman" and '"i'|ic vyizard of 
0«;' one act plays .... by thq.stofk companies 

Yacht ClVrH, nnd It was pronounced a success. 
The music war written by Philip Ltiffei. of 
that city, and who has been leader of the 
Majestic Theatre orchestra, of Chicago. It 
Is. announced that thc piece will be tuken on 

•J'emnle- h«?n» O ' , '* r *r ,l0 ' we .5 nd ''tt^ Bu . h <<>Ur anortly ./..;,. .Tfie ticket scalp^fs" are 
iSffiSSJ ^Vti*22 l & J* i m Majestic, making chin' " 

York lifly. 

A. II. K., Clni-lnuall. — Paul Caicneuvc, 
manager uf the National Fraucals, Moutreul, 
Can., run probably assist you. 

If. J. ('., Kansas. Clly. — The party you 
mention lias not tippearod on Hie regular 
vaudeville stage in the mist four years. 

M. It., New York. — To the best of our 
knowledge 'tlur puny Is .nut In tho United 
Sliiles nt present. There nrn iiulte a number. 
10. S. Co., rnwluckct.— Address T. II. Win- 
u.'ii. I iilj Iti'oudwny. New . York. City. 
V. H, I,., lieiivi r,-- -i'hv soiik Is out of p.'int. 
It. J. I.., Philadelphia. — We ran only ad- 
vise ymi to lulu; It to some ono who deals la 

U. L. If., Mlllhuiy.— -if I In- bet was mnde 
on the result nf the Prhicelon-Ilnly Cross 
KBine, 11 cony oi' which was sent to us, theh 
A lospM. bis team not having uecompllshed 
Hint which he). had bel It would do. - 

•J. J. ('.. Jerniyp. — Write 1a the part* you 
mention, In aire of the loam he Is playing 
with, ns he Is probably hetler f|itulllleu to 
uuswer your ijucry . tliau any one else. manager). — "Tho Round 

CARDS. diiwn to a solid success. . The business con- 

it. tl. (I,, New York. — Tho exposed card was .Unties to ho ef the lurnnwny order, matinees 
"ih'iiil," nm) should have been placed at the und nights, und u lino Is constantly at tbe 
Imllom of tin- puck by Iho dealer,' and C 
served wltli the next card. Kuch man, In 

Gruyeo Hcott and Hazel ; l.owiv all won 
merited approval. The play Is handsomely 
staged,- and the choruses well hundled. The 
rail: Jou Westcott. Donald Brian; Nathan 
Westcolt, James H. Bradbury ;.. Dave Harrl- 
Rau, Geo. Parsons ; Tim Hnrrlgan. .James C. 
Miuinwo; Moscley, John D. OT-larra; Kddle 
M . 1 ! 016 *' L " rfl » Hrlmm ; ■ Jed Woodls, Frltu 
Wlllhims: Boy, Russell Plncils; Mrs. West- 
cott, Louise llliil ; Mrs. Tilford. ISmma Jan- 
vier.: Sadie Woodls, Grayce Scott; Nellio 
llaiiignn. Huxel Lowry ; Aunt Kate, Zclda 
Senrs. In front of. Iho theatre Is a tnain- 
inolh electric sign, showing a full size loco- 
motive, and In the glow of tho head light. 
In large electric letters, appears the title of 
t in -piny Itnndolph Slreet Is ablnze with 
this IxMiiitirui place of thc clcctrlcluns art. 
Stuhedakeh Theatuh (It. tl. llurmeyer, 

malinger). — 
pulatity ever 
j, and the at- 
tractions buve been of a splendid quality. 

Olympic nnd ilayraaiket, and the American 
Jvewsboys' Quartette, Kowen : and.. Lina, the 
llHtzclblnders. mid the Mulds and Butlers 
from the Pekln Theatre. Tickets will be 

. . box office. Monday. ..I) 

formed between the Klaw & Kr- 
Isnjier forces and the Shuberts will glvo Chi- 
cago a, no.v, theatre, und rumors arc rife that 
the build nga at the . Southern corner 
of. Raadornh nnd dark Streets, oppo- 
kite tho , Western Bureau of the Nbw 
York Clipper, will be used. Practically 
i'v 11 ^ ' "'•"•■Property (the. Kedzle. and 
Oneonta Hulldlnats and others) Is owned 

aklng :■ liiml light for life, but. the strength 
of the ordinances seeni to begetting too much 
for.! them, though, they, state that the ordi- 
nances have no hold, upon them. When the 
cases now. up are filially settled, we shall 
know whether scalping Is or Is not a legiti- 
mate business according to the laws of Illi- 
nois "A Doll's House," In, will 

lie give:) by Ida Ostergrcn and her company 

evening nt 11. nt Music Hall II is 

mm mured Hint John C. Slavln has signed 
With H.C. Whitney, to rnmaln jit Hie Whll- 
ncy Opera House as chief cornelian for two 
years,, which would look ns If Mr. Whitney's 
venture there was a success. The box oltlre 

North Avenue (Paul Wttner. manager),— ,L in I- . .? g $ who uav . e be * n nicker- shows It Is, anyway .Arthur Byron and 

of, fi includes i, Davy and "Jt WlaB^KA. a»j.B. Bg. mm time, and Jt. Is Qertrude Conhlan will head tho cast of "Tim 

The bill for week m 

Philip, singing nnd dancing act; -Iho Hogans, acknowledged, that- tho Bite Is one of tho 

comedy ..sknteb; Uftow. light and; heavy !??]' '/ not ,h « Wff heat In tbe city, being 

weight balancer; Kollbass and company, WSfSt tftaKoS* Sherawm. House, and 

magic; the, Bcnuingtons, acrobats, and the Hm ?. Ti' ,0O< ,00 !!r? , «!? ,, X "rWrS ttH 

moving pictures, will, have the new $5,000,000 city hall as an 

ScliiNULgn'r) (l.udwlg Schllnder. manager). SliH**i£! ■fciflJL'fiSl :L n •"!» .v'clnlty. 

Mi:,) and.. tbe Mouse" when It comes lo 
Powers' lator . on. They aru. thc capable 
players who have already made the local pub- 
lic familiar with the characters of John Bur- 

ket t Ryder and Shirley . KosBinoro 

Callendo's Vein thin Band will muke lis 

Cunimlngs, and moving pictures.. 

Apollo (){tl, .Lanison. mnnager). — This 
latest of the metllum priced vaudovllle. houses 
has made a strenuous bid for popularity, 
and not without avail, for tbe audiences 

msntigci'). — "Two Little Olrls'.Vcontlnuos to linvu ow " n steadily Increasing slnco tho open- 

pleiiBo. "Up. Up, Help a Fellow Up," "St. 
Valentino" and "The Mice Will Play" are 
the songs which make the greatest Impres- 
sion, though all thc numbers find favor. 
there la no end to tho run In sight. -. 

Mc Vidian's TiiEATim (George C. Warren, 
manager). — "Tho Round Up" has sottlod 

nig. Mnnager l.iunson has raited the stand- 
ard of tbe house greatly, nnd tbe residents 

ngenclw nnd song publishers' hoadquarlers. 
1Mb announced that. the Gavrlnk will not lie 
turned over tci vaudeville, during tho time 
'bntwecn now nnd the completion of iho pro- 
posed new vaudeville theatre, and tho choice 
seems to bo the Great Northorn, though noth- 
ing dcrtnlte has been announced Tho 

war on tbe Ave cent, theatres was carried on 

III arf fir.,,, I, a,,, il... 1 ..... I _ -_ ' ^7 l . J\ r » . i 

regular order, must bo served with cards to 
muse Ills hand complete, 110. matter whether 
or not a card, or a nuuiber of cavils, aro ex- 
posed, and thereby become dead. 

II. ,1. McN.. Hill City.— K wins tho pot, nnd 
l' should he ptmiillxed a certain amount, (o bo 
put hi the next pot. ■ 

W, i-: W„ Halifax.— In fortyrlvn the Hvo 
nf trumps, the knave of trumps nnd thc ace 
of hearts may rCIIPU ; Hint Is, they lire exempt 
1 nun following suit when an Inferior trump 
Is U;d. A was nol obliged to play tho aco of 
lionets upon it's lead of tho deuce. , 

1''. II., Ninliua. — t'lulis being trumps, tbe 
ace of henrt'i was renllv a club, thnrefore B 
was n it compelled to play thc king of hearts 
upon It. • . 

W. O. P., Albany. — P. wins, A player 

box Oilier. 


I I In 1 1 ' nofki 

ngerj.—Dustin Farnum, In "The Virginian 

iner years. 
Man," 12, 

Harry Askln. man- 
., .n "The Vtrginlnn." 
Is playing to fine business, and the- piece 
seems to lie as popular ns In fori 
Frank Hunlois, lit "The Tattooed 
for the Summer.. 

• Ghbat Noiitiiliin Tiiuatiiis (Fred C. ICborts, 
iiiiiDagcr). — Grace Camoron pleased last week, 
In "Dolly Dimples." and did well. Theodore 
Baln-ock Ik how tlila week, In "The County 
Chairman." "The Wizard of OV' 12. , 

.Whitney Opera- House (Sam P. .Carson, 
itinnag-.'ri. — "A Knight for a Day" seems: to 

waa enjoyed,. by large .audiences ln«t week, 
wlilch laughed at the absurd aollcs of the 
cartoon character und his assuclstes. "Lost 
In Now current bill, and will 
iiltiso Hie «icu:ion foe the liiinse, which will 
bo fixed up for tbe rtuniiner for a line open- 
ing, probably about thc end of July or the 

first of August.. 

• Huntr (William .Roche, mattugct').— 'The 
Governor's -'Pardon" dhl well last week, and 
the largo audiences seemed pleased by thc 
situations and lines. "As Told In tho Hills" 
Is tho current ofi'eiiiijr. Next week, "Tho 
Moonshiner's Daughter.': . . ... 

J/ritemon' (John B. ilogan, manager).— 
'The l'hnutoni .Detect ive" ^elomd Its season 
list week by playing to splendid business dur- 
ing the entire week. The show Is u large 

ImincBRurabhj good to the poor of the city, 
says tin: live cent theatres are a inwil 
thing, Humph some of tho (limn exposed lo 
view siiould lie censored, She suggosts iho 
proper - supervision- -of tho- penny arcades 
""«' *!'« cheap theatres, and to allow the 
children- to go there, -they -being- better' off 
there, under those circumstances, thnn play- 
ing on ■ the streets, with every posslbllltv 
of getting Injured. Judge Mack strongly 
supports her views Mr. Mandcl, man- 
ager of the Chicago Fcrrotypo Co.. was 
it clipper nttreaii ealler y, and stated that 
his ln(est Inventtpp, thc Automntic Cannon 
Photo niiltpn..Machlne, r whlch has only lately 
iecn;plnced upon tho. market, .has aurpoHsed 
his greatest exiwctatlons as a money getter. 

■ V. Vv i^»"*'.™* ,v "" no i» o'Vumj seller. w..»w «..a , . nn-,n,ii, ■ mm hwu "Tb 

. . . . ..1I,B, Burton, business tUHQager of tho "Tho Lady Hondlus;" Duke of York's, '" 

ii'avo" joi icd the'nierrv throna-'whleirTi^rali" one, and carries * vast "amount of aconery SffS Vr c ', llo i. lef . t \ vtU L 18> i'° nonage Hop- i«Ml Consplracv;" Gaiety, "The New A 

whun .It comes, and gives no indication of 

waning altrnctlveness, • '" """"' ol probably, attract a large clientele. Next week 

CltlCAOO Opera Housa (D. II. Htint, man- ^h'lTnnaTiSlra 11. Brown, 

if they wish. 


C. H. 11. , Bolls, — There Is probably no way 
you can get tho Informal hut you deslio. Kven 
1 he records nt. the various police courts In 
the lurge cities nnd the court houses In tho 
smaller cities and towns would not give the 
cxrcI Humes 

S Mi; I,., Mnttenwiiii. — If Iho Judge*, who 
were appointed for that purpose, could render 
no decision, we can nol lie expected to do so. 

W. S., Albany.— Yes, 

♦♦» ■ ■ 


Iliirlliiittoii. — At Hie Strong ft'nlin & 
Grant, malingers 1 "As Told lu the Hills" did 
well April 27. Hen, Sidney, 21), had n good 
house. "Tlii. Mayor of Tokio." Ml (reluru). 
pleased. William Fnvershiim, In "ilia Hipisw 
Jlail," May «. "The Devil's Altetlun" III. II. 

Niiii',. — Mr. nud Mrs. John Lynn, of Mur- 
ray ft Markey Co.. me spendliiK their va- 
cation here. 


Wllnilnwluu. — At the Grtinil Opera House 
l.vmaii II. Howe's moving pictures, May 3, I, 
iiicasrd. Shopard's plelures tl- It. De Wolf 
Hopper LI, "Milss" 14, Dumont's Minstrels 

i.vcisi'M. — "The Falnl Wedding," 2-1, drew 
sootl business. Mnnager Humphries' beiiettt, 
ii-il. presenting "A Man of thc World," - 

GAUttlUK. — Adelaide llcmuauu nud com- 
puny, JeweU's. nmnlklus, and other nets. 

FiiliEl'AUdll A- Sells Duos.' ClliLTS, • 'J, 

V'w.eQ. to his busiacsa, _, .. M 

tho following day tho Summer . season will 
open wllli a production of "Cuptnln Care- 
less." with Sophlu Brandt In ono of the 
leading roles.- .... 

La s.vr.i.ti Theatre (Mort. II. Singer, luati- 
nger).— "Tho Time, the Place, and thoi Olrj" 
rout inues lo do business at the old stand, 
hi spile .of all opposition, ami will reach Its 
four, hundred and twenty-fifth performance 
lu another week. Olive Vail, who bis beeu 
absent from the cast for a short time, has 
relumed. 11 nice Moore Joined tho company. 
4. for the rest of the season. 

iit.sii Temple Theatre; (lvllEnbeth Scho- 
her, mnnager). — "Hold by the- Enemy" was 
given a fine production last week, and tho 
play. 1 hough rather nut of date In its coa 

last m week, «od tho- play was flioroutfhly. :ou 
loved. "Happy. Hooligan's Trip Around tho 
World" Is. tho. laugh causer this week, which 
will close the: season ot thc bouse. , 

.lil'HuK'Hi (4ild. J. Kiison. managor).— Ir- 
win s Dig Show, had a good week Sore^i and 
tho attraction pleased. -The Jersey Lilies, 


ipenlng.5, has. a good array of. comedians, 
hirers and large chords, which keens 

- large chords, which keeps 
things tr.ovlnr; along at a lively pace. "Tho 
Phonograph Girls", and "Tho 'Prince of Jer- 
sey" aro the two buttoequors which, will bid 
for favor.. Harry Woods und Cbnrlca Lc- 
vine. ore the principal comedians, and Fannie 
Vodder Is the sonbrettc. . The olio includes : 
li'unkll-) and Buckley, Lavhrno and Hurd, 
.Connie Wtirdn, Gordon and Chacon, Charles 
struct on, was neoorded a Ono woleonw, and Lovlne, Woods and Green. VThe Hall Room 
moved 11 inosi enjoyable enlcrliilnincnt. "The lloya " Fannie Vedder,.and Bowen and Una. 
1'iirlsh Priest Is tbe offering this week, and Foi.l.V (.lohn A. FenncRscy, manager). — 

lilovee* of lb* theatre, with a cane and an 
unibrolln, both silver mounted, and with a 
diamond studded pocket knife by James L. 

'" Btirton 

, . Sat - 


"e city 

if the 




Ire will not close "this - ' Summer! '"tout com- 
mciulng about thc Hr«t of June, a stock 
burlenpio company, will bo. Installed for the 
season, lusting until the road shows are 
ready to cyme In for the new season of 1007. 
'.)». .....John Peachev, who Is appearing 

smtresHfullv In Ihe role of Ailstlde \'ci't, In 
•Two Little 'Girls," at. Ihe Stiidebacker. was 
n Cumi Bureau caller, 2 .A. L. Col- 
lins, of "A Country Kid" Co., called 2. and 

reported business good... Chandos St 

John Brenon, n iiopnlar light comedian nnd " on was considered very praiseworthy. Koit 

pg or Si 
!•'., liny, represenlutlve for Miirlln 
Heck, lias left for the Northwest to llt'l'Siige 
for 11 Hi-cult of Iiouni'S. It Is reported, III Spo- 
kane. Meet tie, Titcomii nnd Portland 

Thomas Clifford, nil old time cirrus mini, 
conteinnorary of Tonv Denier, Wllllnui II, 
Hat. heller and others knovVu In l|ie old days, 
Is 11 resident of I his city, retired from ac- 
tive life, lie is fifty-seven years old. 

. » ■» s 

OUR LONDON 1.1 1 n;n. 

1'llll.M Olin OWN l-OUUKSl'ONPKM. 

< lll'l" r llorenii. 

48 Criiiiboiirni- St.. 

Leicester Siiimre, 

London. W. ft 

, ... April 27. 
April showers have had their Innings this 
week, and Hie theatregoers have been obliged 
to endure much discomfort In seeking lhelr 
iiiiiiisepiientM. The following la. the list of Ihe 
Loudon Iheaircs and their attractions at the 
present moment : Adelphl, "Talcs of Hofl- 
nian;" Aiawycb, "Nelly Nell;" Apollo, "Tom 
Jones ;" Comedy. "T)io Truth ;", Court. "Vho 
Silver Box;" Criterion, "The Liars;'' Dal.vs, 


ia;" uarrluk, "The Duel ;". Haymarkct, "Tbu 
Palace, of. Puck;" His Majesty's, annual 
Shakespearean fosilcul; Lyceum,. "Her fJ>\« 
Against tbe World ;"■ Lyric, ."C'luncarly : 
New Royally,. "%\w Stronger Sox ;" Now. 
'The Scarlet Pimpernel ;" Prlneo of Wples . 
"Miss Hook, or Holland ;" St. James', "John 
Glaydo's Honor;" Savoy, "Patience ;" Seals, 
"The Judgment of Pharaoh :" 'Perry's, "Mrs. 
Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch;" liiiyhonse, 
V'l'oddles :" , Vaudeville "Mr. George ;" Wu- 
dorf. SothriT-Miii'lowc season, and nfiiil' 
hum's. ••Wlieti Knights Were' Bold." 

H. H. Solheru und Julia Mnrlowe opened 
their six weeks' season at the .Waldorf last 
Monday 'night. On that lilght and Tuesihiy 
.V'llie .Sunken Bell" was played, i'he pluy did 
not meet wild the uppiovul of Ihe local eW" 
lies, It b')!ni; very heavy nnd dull, but t»" 
aetlug of llib'prlmipuls nnd tl|elr.Hssiiiiiiles 
was eoncldercd excellent.. On Wednesday 
and Thursday. "Jcniiiie D'Are" was done to 
the greut approval of all, Miss Marlowe In;; 
Ing fine its the title ro'e. "Twelfth Nalbl 
was Inst nlghfs nttractlon. and tho proditc- 

week. "HamUt'"""A's"Vou™Llko' it"'' "anil 
"Romeo nnd Juliet," will bo given.. Thur. far 
thc business has been large and the lookout 
for the remaining five weeks la good. 
Arthur Roorcliler's adaptation of. Hetiri 

Ihe ipilet humor of tho guodiiatnrcd church -The Jolly Girls, with Iidnmnil H ayes. In "A 

mail 1 slinuld prove very welcome to all. Next Wise Guy." played to absolute capacity -at 

week, "Richard Carvel,* The house will every performance Inst. week. ; and Mr. Hayes, 

close Julio 2. In his own way, greatly amused, the iiiiili- 

Coi.ihkiiji. — Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch 
Wild West Show o|n>iimI a two weeks' en- 
gagement here, 2, while rn himIc to the 
Jiimestotvn Kxpositlon, and electrified the 
audiences by some of Iho deeds of daring, 
despite the fnet that the Buffalo BUI Show 
anil Hie circuses have been visitors here In 
recent times. There nre nhout one hundred 
persons In Ihe show. Including cowboys, cow- 
girls, Mexicans. Indians,, and the, other types 
which go lo mute up thc "quality" of a 
intnii |n the great ■ Southwest. Kddle Bole- 
ford und Bill 'Pickett, a wttro, guvofaome 
ot llta must soaaortul eiulultlBiie vi tvX- 

ciices. i he cotiMisny was a strong one, and 
presented two- elover acts— namely, . tho In- 
ternational Comlque. Four. ! acrnhats and 
tumhlei's, and tbe Dn Kahrys, dancers, whose 
work provoked rounds, of applause and nu- 
merous rVculif. The Bohembiii Btirlesqtiers, 
with Andy- Gardner ds Patsy, nnd ■ Ida Nl- 
rohil as lliixie, aro (he attruetinns Hits week. 
llill.v HEenOOT iipissirs ns Orogan, and- Joe 
itnrion as the silly Kid. and It Is only 
necess.iiv to- state that .on tho former -visit, 
earlier in the season, • people were turned 
away at every performance, to know .what 

Ibe utUdcUon la worth.. A imiiulng toumtt- 

clevor press ajj ut. was a caller 3, and an- 
notiuceil that he had- boon engaged In tbe 
two capacities above mentioned for. the Sum- 
mer season, with the Louis Dean Stock 
to.,, at Jonert'oro. Ark. Mr. Brcnon has 
sailed nround the world twice, and has 
apiMiiired In nearly ovory country... . ..,Mol- ■ 

lie Mack, an actress, wfththe iFlfty. .Miles the current week. It had a very friendly tf 
from. Boslon". Co... attracted cousidcrablc at- cepllun. ■ Mr. Jloiirchler. Violet Vanhrungli. 
t toutlun. 3, by appearing on the box of a e,tb, Cyril Kjlghtly and Sydney Valentine are seen 
n a cahmaii s coat and plug hat, and solicit- I" Ihe principal characters. 
Ing fores on the street. Shu Ir an. export 
horsewoman, and, lu view of this achieve- 
ment, states that she will endcuvor to turn a 
few extra-dollars on the days when tbcro arc 
no matinees. .'. , . . . Will Rnssitcr. song pub- 
lisher, who has had quarters on Washington 
street, near the liver, moved to the top-floor 
of tbe Marine Building May 1. Victor 
Ivrenier moved to the hank lloor In the prune 

building on Hint date.^ Tom Kress, bual- 

nesa. manager of Theodore Roberts, In "The 

County Chairman." playing this week at the 

Great Northern, was a Clipper Bureau caller 

and stilted .that tho. star nnd; play had 

■I.avcdiin'9 "The Duet." was producedby Mr. 
Boiirciler. at the Oarrlrk, the middle « 

1 the principal characters. . 

, t'ilre.v Creenhonk. I.ecdliam . Baillwk ami 
Howard Talbot have Just ■ completed 'i„", v 
musical play, which Inny havo .named "J" 
Three . Kisses." It will be. Frank ('ursoiis 
new- pgoduction. . The play lends Itself lo 

plctures'iiie settlnr, Ihe of Hie first »rt 
being- laid In the market, p' 
overlooking the Hay of Nnpltn, »« ■..-..—- 
net tnk'ng place In n villa |n the midst 01 

place of Sorreoio. 
pies, and the second 

I , 111 1 10 1 nr »>•»»■- 1 . 

lie onng'c "groves. The same authors aim 
composers are now .11 work on another pinj. 
tho aeflnti nf .which passes lu ntitl rouui 
about the 1181101111 (Vlds at Brittany. 

. --, . , . Thurkdair nlaht saw the first iperformanfa 
been Uolng a splendid business through the at toe Vaudeville/ ol "Mr. George," Louis t>. 

May n. 




1'orker'B new comedy. The story tells of a 
Hon! on tf* merchant, whose Krtgllsb partner 
dies, leaving his pretty, young duughter to 
carry an l))s ihare of the woyk. .The pretty, 
vVitinK m rive* In Boston Just ulioiit 
the tlnie i,.r the ten riots. She stays with 
,inlih March, ttb tea Merchant, and his 
Jealousy spinster sister. The two' partners 
Hhare oho office, rind thus, notwithstanding 
International complications and a suitor ap- 
proved by the dead merchant, they acquire In 
each otheT/n life Interest. ...The play proved 
to be u bright, wholesome one, and ought to 
till the Vaudeville for many months. Charles 
llnwtrey Is (he John Chance, and Blllie 
Ilurke, who lias nrtpiired quite a name In 
musical comedies, Is seen as Miss 1'erclval, 
the daughter nl' the dend tea merchant. Others 
In ttte ploy are Arthur Playfiilr. O. B. 
Clarence, Hubert Haroen, Alice Beet and 
HwvMle Herbert. • ■ 

"My Darling" closed lis run at the Hick's 
<m Thursday. . It was not a great success 
either artistically or financially. The play 
will open a provincial tour with thq same 
cast 'at Dublin, on Monday next. The lirst 
London performance of "Brewster's Millions" 
will he done at. the Hick's, on i.Muy 1. Gerald 
dli Maiirler, ivhn made a big success In tbo 
inline part, In "Ituilloy." at the Comedy, will 

filnv Brewster, u pnrt which ought to fit 
ilm admirably. 

The opening of "sirs. Wlggs of the Cab- 
bage" Patch" wbh shifted from Thursday to 
m-liljtht, the failure of some members of the 
company to nrrlvo In time for the original 
date being the cause of the shift. I believe. 

invert* of statistics will be Interested? to 
learn, tiint. according to the official report of 
Hikings ot. , the Paris theatres In 1000, the 
figures were larger than those Of previous 
vears, (exhibition years alone excepted). The 
lirand Opera, for Instance, took £147,0^4 ; 
the (.'omedle Frnncalse, (40,9411 ; the Opera 
coralqtio, tl07,r.84, and the (Moon, CJnMillO. 
of the non-aobvontloned theatres the Chatc- 
)••! hearted the list with nearly £80,000, the 
Varieties coming next with £54.310, while 
the Vaudeville took £38.240, the Hymnnse 
£:in,2l<l, Hi.' Oalcte £3 i.:i."iii. and the Krnnls- 
sonco -JB91.R20. 

A large CniWd assembled In the Mart, To- 
kenlioiise Yard, Thursday afternoon, when 
Hie London Coliseum was offered for sale. 
Iliil not it word was spoken except by the 
auctioneer — there Was not a single hid. For 
tan minutes or more the auctioneer discoursed 
on the iiingrJlleeiicc of the building and Its 
enormous •povalhllltles. "From lost to first. 
I am Informed," he sulci, "this magnificent 
property hn> cost £300.000." The acquisi- 
tion of the site alone Involved between 
£100.000 and £150,000. and the revolving 
slags, propelled by sixteen electric motors. 
Itself c»it .130,000. As to the seating ac- 
coinntidiitlon. It was his opinion that It 
would lake S.oOO persons easily. Here was 
nn np.i.irt unity, the auctioneer went on to 
say. If It whs not to be a music hall, for 
iiinniwrs from Germany and France who 
wanted a piece In which to produce operas 
In this country. The house was to be sold, 
he added, by order of the High Court, as a 
going concern, nnd In twenty-four hours It 
could be opened to the public, for It was 
swept and garnished, and everything was In 
readiness for" Immediate business.' Owing to 
Hie conditions of the Illglt Court, the auc- 
tioneer hud no power himself to bid, nnd 
even the rccrvc figure was under seal In 
his pocket. Hut Inasmuch as report fore- 
sluidiiivd ..the willingness of a syndicate in 
.lifer £2110.000.. be suggested a start of 
£150.000, Just halt the sum that they knew 
the, 'Coliseum had cost. There being Ho re- 
sponse, "mity I ask £100.000?" he asked. 
Still the slli nee of, the packed room re- 
mained nnmvken. Afterwards £80,000, and 
llnnlly .CiO.noi) were suggested from the auc- 
tioneer s stand, but there was no bid, and 
I he nuellnni-ei' withdrew the property with 
the remark tnat. any proposition w(th regard 
to It might he made to the office of his con- 

Mrs, Brown Totter will sail for South 
Africa on May 18. to fulllll n toiir With 
Fran!: Wheeler. During her -visit to that 
country Mrs. rotter will appear In a scries 
of characters from her repertory, opening 
her season early In June. 

I'b ii and Nettle Peters did not return to 
Hie States as 1 staled in this letter t few 
weeks ago, They were iiersuaded to remain 
nn Oils side for a While longer, and, accord- 
ing to present accounts, will leave for New 
York 'July 21, hut Just for a short visit, as 
tliey return to' Knghind on Sept. 1. to fulllll 
return engagements on the Moss & Stoll tour. 
They have done exceptionally well at every 
house they have played, return engagements 
being honked before the conclusion of the 
lirst engagements, which speaks for Itself. 

(•wing, to Alfred lister's success with 'A 
Uci. Episode," nt the I'nluee, Ills en- 
gagelttenf" ot (hot house has b«en extended. 
The duologue Is excellent. On Slay Iloruce 
fioldlit will make his reappearance at the 
riilivce„.nnil will Introduce some new Illusions 
to <■■-:■ ticjnr i be event. On the sumc night 
Splsscll Brothers and Mack will make their 
debut In, this country. 

The directors of the Kmnlro have now 
ilelbillely decided on May for the produc- 
linn of "Sir linger dc Covcrloy." the new bal- 
let, by Adrian Boss, with music by Or. Os- 
mund Carr. On Monday next two new acts 
will lie added to the bill nt that bouse, the 
ivrez.iir.;. and Mnrglt ami Lchncr. 

Manchester Is to liuVe a "While Clly," 
nn umi'senieni pnrk on similar lines to the 
ii i ■ in lie i- which have sprung up ill America 
in recent yqtirs. The Manchester undertak- 
ing, 'Which will be opened to the public, lit 
the first of Its .kind In this country. The 
promoters arc already 'In negotiation fpr 
slles in London, r,eeds. Scotland, Purls nnd 
Vienna. An endeavor Is being made nt Man- 
chester to employ nil the best features of the 
Ainerlcmi nmuicmeht 'parks, r.tid to ndnfit 
them to the taste of the F.ngHsh public. The 
promoters hove inquired the 'picturesque 
HolnnlcnJ tiardens, Old Trnfford, for tea 
years, at an annual rental .of. £2,000. Tliero 
ace already spacious prnmenridea, n band 
stand nn<l a lake, In which a fairy fountain, 
Willi clutnglng colors, will be placed, nnd the 
new feiiiures will Include a hnllronm, n skat- 
ing rink, a scenic rnllwny. a novel form ot 
swllehhnck, n captive balloon In which ns- 
cent* will be mime, and n host of minor nt- 
trncllons, familiar to- the American patrons 
of "White Cities," but comparatively nn- 
1 linwii in (his country. Tile promoters axe 
carrying through the scheme with, character- 
istic American hustle. The electric light 
Installation is to be In working order in sixty 
days. A paiiieuhiriv striking feature will 
be the tower, 200 feet high, which la to he 
a copy of the tower In the White City nlens- 
u re. grounds of Chicago. C. II. Heaincntc, 
»f Manchester, Is the architect of the scheme, 
and the general manager is John Calvin 
Brown, of Chicago. 

America is very well represented at the 
Circus Cnrre, Amsterdam, during the current 
month. Among the "Yanks" on the bill at 
Hint limine nt'e: Tlie Brothers Mnrtlnc, Her- 
bert I.lovil, Bud Snyder, and Able Mitchell. 
The Brothers Marline have been doing ex- 
ceptionally well on the continent. They play 
the I'lislno, ltotterdam, tbe-llrst- half of May. 
and the Hcnln. Hague, the second half, after 
which they go to the Palais de Kt«. llrits- 
sells, for n fortnight, with time In this 
country to follow. 

Tile Tossing Ailstlns opened at the Hlp- 
ixslrome. Liverpool, last week, nnd caught 
•>n Immediately, with the comedy work of 
Hie male -utcniher of the team, nnd the grace- 
ful dqnchie of the female member. As a 
result or their successful opening, tliey have 
been engaged for the cbtlro Bnrrnsford lour. 

Tlie Musical Johnstons return to ISnglnnd 
from the Slnles very shortly, lo open on Hie 
Mosr ft Stoll. i. nn. nl tlie Birmingham house, 
mid they will, lie on that tuur, with the Ox - 
ceplliui nl' one or two liulejieiideiil halls. 
until Iteceiiihi-r 0, lluiT, when they will piny 

a return engagement of six weeks at the 

AltiahiDm. in this city. They Will probably 
go on the continent rat some months, from 
March, 1U0B, before their return to America. 

Jock Morris, who lias beeu connected In 
tlie past with Barn u m Jt Bailey, Buffalo Bill. 
Jules Hurry, Allen's New Orleans Minstrels, 
the giantess, Who Is now appearing at the 
London Hippodrome. Tliey will sburlly pro- 
ceed on a tuur of the Moss & Stoll bouses. 

Will lingers, "the mod with rhe rope," ar- 
rived in London Inte lost night, lie has 
brought over three meu and three nonles. a ad 
will Introduce a tilg novelty act to the amuse- 
ment seekers of this country. It will la' re- 
membered that Mr. Rogers was the talk of 
London last Summer, when be plnycd fur 
Hiunc weeks. In fact, the people and patters 
liuve been talking about "tnat cowboy chap" 
ever slurc he llnlshed bis engagement at that 

house. < 

It. G. Kuowles, after nn absence of two 
years from this centre, will tmiKc a reappear- 
ance after his tour of the world, at the Pal- 
ace, early In June. During his engagement 
there Will be a series of taut luces, at which 
Air. Knonies will give his succeisful lectures, 
"Old. Worlds Through New Kyes." 1 also 
understand Mr. Knowles has certain out- 
standing exclusive engagements In the pro- 

Kiln Shields, who, returned from South 
Africa a fortnight ago, was to have opehed 
ut the llolborn Kroplre, last Monday, but 
she was obliged to cancel that engagement, 
owing to a severe cold contracted on the 
voyage from AfrlcO. She Is billed for the 
Grand, Ciopbnm, nnd the Palace, Camherwell, 
for next week. 

Itnymau and i'ranklia, who made a hasty 
trip to the stales a few weeks ago, are due 
la to-day, and are billed to open at the 
Pavilion, ou Monday Their act Is very well 
liked by the patrons of that house. 

The variety department of Ashton's Royal 
Agency Is now under the mnnageinent of W. 
Mcott. Adncker, who was formerly associate 
manager with Ben Nathan. The latter has 
Joined forces with Day's Agency. Mr. Adnck- 
er, although a vary young man, has nn 
excellent knowledge of the variety, and Is 
well thought of by managers ami performers. 

De Rleiv's success has been so prominent 
nl the Alhamhra, that his engagement has 
been prolonged at that establishment lie 
will be a feature there for some time. The 
Mlllmnn Trio still continues to go big. Blrille 
Mlllman, the clever young lady of the trio, 
had a very had fall last night, ami. from 
what I understand, a somewhat aerlous one. 

Josephine Sabel has achieved a notable 
success In South Africa. Of her appearance 
at theKinpire, Johannesburg, the local paper 
says : 'Miss Snbel- wns accorded what was 
perhaps the most flattering reception, ever 
given any nrtisl In Johannesburg, .but It 
was nothing niore than aite deserved. Johan- 
nesburg audiences arc highly critical and 
not Infrequently hard to plci:ne,'and the man- 
ner hi which they 'receive o turn may he re- 
garded us nil earnest of the Intrinsic merit, 
especially of a variety performance. Miss 
Salad had 'no Ooiihr lieen informed of this, 
iiiiil. If such were the case, she has occasion 
io feel highly gratified nt the tremendous 
ovation which came from every part of the on the of her pci-fnri'iinncc 
last night." • • ' 



I'lilliHlt-Iiililii. — The unusually cool weath- 
er In Aorll kept up the attendance ut all of 
the houses, but May days will soon see sev- 
eral of the houses putting up their shutters. 
The Incursion of Keith A Proctor Into the 
legitimate Held will probably result In the 
iiccup.ipcy of UN Chestnut Street Thentfc 
next season lor that purpose. It has now 
been Idle fo.' nearly tfiree'montlis, the only 
use being made of it being a hugh bUllioniM 
on the front, advertising the Keith am ac- 

iiitn.Mi (Nixon fc Zimmerman, managers).— 
Harry Bulger, in "Nohli'B Ark," makes his. 
local bow May 0, for two weeks. In Ihe 
cast or.:: Sulllo Klshcr. Stanley Kforde, Haltle 
Arnold, h'dWin' Wilson, Mnlda iSnyder and 
William Murphy. 1/riink Daniels; In "The 
Tattooed Man," concluded a prosperous fort- 
night's ntny 4, • . , (Krahk Howe Jr., manager). — 
ftiga NetheiMile, In "The 'Awakening," wns 
given n hearty welcome by flne audiences who 
thronged the house lust week. For the final 
week Tier repertory will Include "Adrlertne. !.<•• 
coitvrcur," ••fc'apho" and '(Carmen. iHarry 
Bulger, In "Noah's Ark," Will move over to 
this house wn-k of HI. 

LVOtc (Messrs. Shnbert, managers). — Joe 
Weher and company had good sized houses 
Inst week. Which thoroughly enjoyfld. the 
vocal efforts of I, Milan nnd Mali rice 
l-'iifkou. the Impersonations of Cecilia. Loft us 
nnd the comedy efforts of tlie tttpr, Win. i. 
Hodge and Otis Harlan. The second and flnn I 
week oeglns 0. Dgvld Warlleld, In "The Music 
Master,' 13. for two weeks. 

Walnut (Frank Howe Jr.. manager). — 
May U marks the beginning of the eleventh 
week, and the eighty-first performance here 
of "Ills Honor, the Mayor,'' which bids fair' 
to break all prevloiio records -for a musical 
shd\v. . 

I'Atttt (V. d. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr. managers. 
— Tom Waters, In '"rhe Mayor of l.aughlnacl." 
loomed up prominently as a fun producer, 
anil drew packed houses last week. THo 
same attraction will continue until the end of 
the season. 

OtiANn <<;. A. Wcgefnrth, manager). — 
Billy Van, In "Patsy in Politics," 0-11. Nat 
M. Wills, In "A Lucky •Dog,'' tested the 
capacity all last week, "The Gingerbread 
Man" 13-18. 

(IiMAko (Miller ft Kaufman, managers). — 
Dan Sully, In "The Matchmukcr," (1-11. The 
house production of "The Holy City" drew 
largo audiences Inst week, the old slock 
favorites- being accorded hearty welcomes. 
Rose Melville, !n "His Hopkins," l.'MH. 
. National (J. M. Kelly, manager). — "The 
Sign nf the Cross" this week, following six 
diivi; of good business done by Charles T. 
Aidrlch, In "S^ret Service Sam." "The Girl 
from I be Ranch" 13-18. 

Haiit'.s (John W. Hhrt, manager 1. — 8el inn 
iler-uun begins her third nnd final week, 0, 
wneii she will nppenv In "Host l.ynne." Last 
week "For Her (Milldren's Sake" drew large 
numbers. Van Klnzle, In "At 1'lncy Ridge," 

KniiRPAt.'Ol'.'s (sillier & Kaufman, mana- 
gers). — "Ten Nights in u Bur Room" nil 
Last week, Htigehle Tilnlr's efforts, In "The 
Second Mrs. Tnjiqtterny," were reworded by 
large and well pleased houses. "Tho Kreul- 
xer Sonata" l.'l-lS. _ , • 

Pboi'I.b'b (V. '0. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr, mana- 
ger). — "Tho Outlaw's Christmas" 0-11. "The 
Women Who Dare" was received with much 
favor, by line houses, last week. "The Sign 
of the Cross" lil-18. 

HLAftnt'R (J. 1*. Kckhunlt, manager). — 
"The Fatal Wedding" Oil. Allen Doone, In 
"Kerry Uow," sung nnd danc.od himself Into 
high lavor with tho patrons, who turned out 
In large numbers last week. Ildisell Broth- 
ers. In "The Hired tllrl's Millions," l.'MH. 

STANnAiiD (Darcy A Speck, mauagersi. — 
N. 8. Wood continues tit the bend of the 
stock. Which presents "The Wnlfs of New 
York." week of fl. "Lost In n Big City" was 
weli patronized Inst week. "A Rugged Hero" 

Kbith's (II. T. Jordan, manager).— Henri 
De Vrles, In the play, "A, Case of Arson," 
Is tlie beadllner week of 0. Other entertain- 
ers are: Walter c. Kelly, Little Hip. l-eotm 
Thurbcr, Amerlcus Comedy Four, William 
Could and Vnleskn Hurtnii, I^i Solvngxls 
Troupe of Dancers, Lntelle llfothers, the 
four London.-. Milton's dogs, the Bell Hoy 
Trio, Bailey and Austin, Wisid and Litwson, 
Vencilau opndollcr Bund, ami the klneto- 
graph. .'Crowded houses continue, afternoon 
and night. . 

ClICSTNIT KrtlllKT Ol'l.'KA llol'HK TMXIHl 

lletween the tilg VAll>L\ II.I.K ninllagers, 
will call for new KKlill'ITS. (let an Act 

NOW. Particulars fur tt. stamp. 

International Vaudeville Supply Co. 

1 College Place, ■ Buffalo, N. V. 

ft Zlnini"rni.'in. mniingersK — That advanced 
vaudeville in this house has come to stay. Is 
well lodged h\ the lop notch crowds. For 
Ihe current week "The Kimg Birds," which 
scared n pronounced hit last week, with Helen 
Bertram nnd Wm. Burress. continues as the 
big letter event, while Ihe other features are : 
Kdna Walla.- Hopper. Mile. Da vie. It. C. 

Kuowii.H, Henry U-e. Vasco. the Juggling 
Macllan.i, Curon and Herbert, Vlnelll's horses, 
and moving pictures. 

. Ruoti iflcorge W. Rife, mnnnger). — The 
Innocent M«!ds week of 0. The company in- 
cludes: Smith anil Champion. Hie ttevons, 
Sadie UtifsM, Hughes mid llnr.eltnn. Hill 
and UK', and Smith nnd Conway. The Mlsa 
New York Jr. Co. wns much In evidence, to 
good business. Inst week. New Century Ulrls 

LvcKtiM (John fi. Jermon, tnnnngcrL — 
The Big tycnsutlon Co." this week. In file olio 
nre: The. Blodgetl Sisters, Rlcliy crelg, and 
Williams nnd Merburne. Hon Manchester's 
Vimlty Fair Co. had snllsfaclnry returns last 

Casino (Kilns A Knenlg, managers). — 
Clark's Runaway (Jlrls ft it. The two act 
farce. "The Sultan's Dilemma," keeps rhe 
comcdlnns active, while the olio names : Clare 
Burg. Bowery Comedy Quartette, Bert Wlg- 
gln, nnd the Four Livingstons. Tlie Trans- 
Atlantles enjoyed good patrnunne Inst week, 
tho Jessie Keller troupe or 'cyclists being an feature. Tlie Masiniernders next. 

Tiioi'Ainaui (Fred Wlllson, inanngi-rl.— 
Williams' Ideals this week. Kalhcrlrte Clare 
hits the boy role, while lite olio mentions t 
Hilton and Zeff, All nnd TcyBcr, Mnlicl John- 
son, International Trio, Frank tl'ltrlen. mid 
Clayton nnd Fryo. The Jolly tlrass Widows 
Intd pneked houses Inst week. 

F.i.hvknth SriinFT Opkra llotisg (Frank 
Dumonl, uianagi i i. — This Is the II mm I weel; 
of the Reason ut this house. The week will 
lie devoted to Hie skit, "Vaudeville Crazy, or 
J lie Rival Manngcm" llugliey Dougherty Will 
nlso essay a InirlcKipic of Vesta Vlctnrlu. 
'Ihe season lias been nn iinilsttnlly successful 
one from nil standpoints. 

RUMOR, Frankfort! fJnmes McKay, mnnn- 
ger>. — .Vck of it : Jen" ami Laverae Henley, 
ihe Great Menslcy, Ilitrke and lirllnc, Pero 
mid Wlhx'iu, mid moving pictures. 

Ninth and Aiich Muskiiai ,(T. F. Hopkins, 
mnnnger). — In the .theatre the current week 
nre: John Healev. Butler and La Mar, Chris- 
topher Omen, Miller nnd Hopkins. Clura Colt, 
nnd I, ul. Iu'h clneogrnph. lieorgln Minstrels 
nre Hie lesion- In the curio hail. 

Hon Ton (LII|Ijiii ,TnMnL. mannger), — Bill 
week of tl: JerOld Ifevetier, Frames -Mc- 
Henry. Karl nnd Zclln, Florence Sumner, 
Benjamin Trio, Nndge Vincent, Mlltoa La 
Hoy, and moving pictures. 

Notes. — S. Lublii has awarded a contract 
for a $10,000 front, lo the store property nt 
No. (I20 Market, which lie will occupy for 
moving picture exhibitions. It will be of 
plaster nnd marble, wllli electrical effects, and 
will be the hnndsomest In the city...,'.. 
Tom Dougherty, treasurer.df the-Park, netted> 

u handsome stun by His benefit Inst week 

II T, cciiven, drr.matlc islltor of Tin- 1'iibHn 
l.rdtltr. Will sail shortly on' his annual (rip 

to Europe Manager Wlllson, of Hie 

Trocaderu, Is making arrangements for u Sum- 
mer season of burlesque, which he will ln- 
migunite hi the close Of the regular season. 

T. J. Coniiell. lioiirnliih or tlie Cm thk. 

has his henellf on May 14. with ">0|ili's Ark" 

lis, the attraction. Wat tee Locker, of the 

lirand Operp Louse, hits been elected to 
inemls'i-slilp In the Theatrical Mechanical 

lleneliclai Association The employees of 

the SI inidard. have a Join i Isaiellt on May iff). 

Four, Potter and Harris. La Kevre and St. 
John, mid. i ho clneniamgraph. Ijist week's 
hill was gviod. and packed houses ruled. 

Ai.ilx (R. M. liitllck ft Co., niunngcrsL— 
1 Horothv Vcinon. or llnrtddii Hall, till. 
Lust week. "Tom. Dick nnd Harry" pneked 
the house all Week, nnd pleased. "The Old 
llome^reud" 1.V18. 

nunc (It. ,\I. liitllck ft Co., managers)'. — 
"i 1 1 lis Will He Olrls," tin. fealiirliiK Al. 
Leach' ami tl'e Tltns> Kosehuds, Lost week, 
Barney Ullnirro, In "A Rocky Road -to Dub- 
lin." played lo good business and pleased. 
Cole und Jolinson, In "The Shoo-Fly Regi- 
ment." 13-18. 

ttLAXKY'M iN. C. Wagner, manager). — Kve- 
leen Vlunniore, hi '"llie Arrival of Kilty," ti- 
ll'. I/isl week. "The Sign of the Cross" 
fmcked the house nil week. Black Paid Trou- 
badours 13-H 

'Uayanr (.las. K, Orr, mnnagerl. — "The Girl 
Willi' the Reil MasK" l» pre'senled In con- 
Junclto-t, with the Bflh Tttli Rurlesqite Co., ti- 
ll. I-a<t wis>k. the Dainty Duchess On, gave 
one of tlie hcMt shows of the season, and 
pneked the house.. The Casino Ulrls 13-18. 

AomiMmy oe Mimic 01. w. Williams Jr., 
manager!.-— The Thorotighhreds (Ml, Includ- 
ing Inc l.nnnnls. Last' week, the Colonial 
Belles gave n goisl show, and played to satbt- 
tneinry ImslncMs. Wnshlnglon Society Hlrls 

"' Hift-opRniUK it. M. Mosher, manager).— 
This week's hill : The Williams Dun. flnyllor. 
Berrlun and Mnekln. F.dWurd Hyde, the 
Hnlliiii'bniid and Ihe Hlppogniph. Business 
Still "(iiiilnne-. Ui he very good, and tho 
amateur night performance, on Frldny even- 
ings, brings out the put runs In large numbers. 

Notks.— Ilitrniini ft Hallcy'* Circus plnycd 
lo ca'pnellv on April 30, May 1. ntnl gave 
one of the liest shows they have presented 

for several sensnns Limn Park opened 

Saturday, May ■!. but. weather conditions was 
iignliiHt them, am! ihe patrons did not turn 

ma hi very large nutnliers Kenny-Wood 

anil Hunt hern Parks opened Sunday, n, with 
hand concert- nnd new amusements, 
wentlier has leen very cold here. 


opens Its season on May 11 The Itottinn 

Imperial Bund, under the direction of Signer 
Miiglinnn, has in'en engaged for the season. 
......Frederick (I. Nlrdflnger, manager nf 

the Pork iileaire, has flled a jtetlllhn. Ill 
court, asking Hint his name be legally chunked 

(o'Frederlrk fi. Nlxon-Nlrdllngcr Inilge 

Holland, in the Knifed Slates circuit Court, 
has banded down a decree ordering Kugenle 
lllnlr lo nay to Marie Welleslev Stliilng, the 
sum Of gi,183 for Infringement of copyright, 
In producing the piny. "Sapho." 

Pttislniru. At the Nixon (ThAs. V. Klrke 
Jr., iiiiiuu-gcri "'J he. Belle of -Mnvfalr" begun 
IWb vVirDks 'Mn'jr II. ' Last week Mclfityre end 
ifenlli pncT;ei| the house nnd gave the patrons 
a great, laughing show. "Noah's Ark" will 
land In Plttshdrg May 20. 

Bklahco (J. A. Reed, mnnnger). — David 
Warlleld. In "Tho Music Master," returns tl, 
for a week's eiigugenieut. The advance sole 
Is Very lahte, and everything iiolnts lo packed 
houses "for Hie week. On Momlliy 'iiiglit, 
April 30. an original production from til" 
pen of Marlon Fairfax, entitled "Justice," 
was nreaen'isi for Hie first time on any stnge, 
liy ilie Tally Marshall Co., before a large 
audience. It Is a four net comedy drama. 
The title Is not well chosen, nnd the author 
lins concluded to chongo the name, but 
bus not yet decided what the new tllle will 
be. Tun company plays an engagement In 
'Cleveland,' week of May. 0, and will then re- 
turn nnd present the same piece for another 
week iit the Hclnso. Tlie atory tells of a 
young man who bus served a term In Ming 
Sing for having killed n man In u drunken 
hrawl. The first Oct opens In the apartments 
of the young man's father. Herbert flront. 
The father sends the hoy, Roger, to Arizona, 
and Immediately nftcr the son's departure 
the father's vulel ntteinpts blackmail, la 
knocked down and discharged. The valet 
threatens vengeance, and Hie father, owing 
to the over exertion, 'dies from licart disease. 
The rest of Ihe action' lakes place In Arizona. 
Roger, without disclosing his ptisl, lins under- 
taken a great Irrigation scheme. He falls In 
love with til i daughter of the principal backer 
nt the enterprise, and a stenographer. Hilda 
Norrls, falls In love with him. The dis- 
charged valet arrives and there In the In- 
evititlile exposure, with (he result Hint Roger 
discovers he does not love ihe girl lie thinks 
he did, but really loves Ihe stenographer, mill 
evcntuully lie succeeds In wlnulng her. 'Wil- 
liam Ingenioii, oh Roger Grant, did splendid 
wdrk and won great praise for It, add Alilelln 
Gardner, as Hilda Norrls, played delightfully. 
Master Richard Ciibltt did sotnc praise- 
worthy work, and Wm. McVay also scored 
a distinct success, Charles Dow Clark, ns 
tho French-Canadian ; John H. Collins, as 
Mason : Theodora Morris, as Skinny ; Wlllnrd 
Robertson, ns Itcdily, mid Harry .1. West, us 
Jenkins, nntlves of the Wild West, were all 
excellent, illo cast : A Chambermaid. Mar- 
garet Mlswoith; Harris, Mllnno ('. Tllden ; 
A Hell liny, Charles A. Lynch ; linger Grant, 
WP'lain Ingersoll ; Ilcbcr (Irani, Tully Mar- 
shall : Copper Joe. Charles Dow Clark: Ma- 
son, -John S. Collins: Skinny, Theodore M. 
Morris: Reddy.Wlllard Robertson : "Penf-lles" 
Mnckny.'. Albert Meyer: Petey, Master Rich- 
ard Ctililll: Jenkins, llarrv .1, West: Mr. 
Hrnnger, Johp Fenton ; Hilda Norrls. Amelia 
ilardnor: Judge Itlielnliart, William Mc- 
Vuy: Wing, Richard Lyle: Ah Hln. Harry 
Malnh'i'l : "Mammy." Jcffrys Lewis ; Janet 
Hrnnger, Mm ion Fairfax. • ,., 

On ami (Hurry Davis, manager).' — This 
week's bill Includes: Arthur Dunn. and Marin. 
(Hazier, Kdttb Helena, llarrv Daveirport and 
Phyllis Rankin. Carr mid Mary ohm, C<m- 
slnilllile Slslirs, Cilrllii and Olio. Musical 
Avolos. cllnlon and Jermon. Hllln-Newllti 
Trio, Franceii; and Lewis, Alabama Comedy 


AlfoiHiB.— At Hie Mlshler (I. C. Mlshler. 
mnuagi-i'i "The Helr'to the Hnorah" was well 
received April nn. Yorkc and Adams drew 
good busliies' 30. Primrose's Minstrels May 
II. "Mrs. WarisHita Profession" 4. Mrlntyre 
and IloOlli 7, "The Curse of Drink" 8, 0, "A 
Rocky Roud lo Dublin" 11. 


-Mlshler, iiiiinngenl.— The HlnOk Crook Bur- 
lesqucii, April all, 110, did good business, 
closing the nniise for (he season. . 

(IliANu (Silverman Bros., managers). — At- 
tendance Iihi week wns good. Bill May (1 
uml week : Alf. cnuini. King nnd Mtnngc, Bert 
Soper, Lllllmi Metlregor. 

Noths.— i'h" llnriitun ft Halley Circus gave 
two performance* April 1*11, to Ihe Inrgest 
audiences any elreun ever had In Alloona, 
The shops nnd public schools were all closed, 

Bad tho da* was observed ns n holiday 

Uovton's Mlnr.trrls appeared nt the Academy 

of Music, Tyrone. May ii Manager 1.. II. 

Cool was le town April 30 The F.levrulh 

Avenue Opera "llf.nse wits nliauiloneil ns a 
theatre Aorll 30. and will hereafter he used 
liv Hie lni|S'rlnl department store. The house 
has lleCn tised an a theatre for about tlilrty- 
elglil years, nnd sOtne of Hie most prominent. 
nrtors' In Hie country appeared on Us stnge. 
At tin: closing perforinuncc or the Black Crook 

all bid farewell to the theatre, by singing 

"Auid Latig Syno" The rebuilding of 

the Ltrlc Theatre Is lielng held Up by Ihe 

lily building Inspector, on account of Hie 
building extending nut too far over Ihe clly 
line. The mat tec will soon be adjusted, how- 

. | 

\i.rrlsii.ii ii. At the Grand Opera House 
(Herbert Lynch, manager) Nellie Kennedy 
Stock Co. pleased good business week ot April 
20, In repertorv. Ynrke and Adams, In 
"Bankers and Brokers," May 3; Kellar 11, 
Diunont's Minstrels 18. This closes the bouse 
for the sen .on, i 

Noth. — Clin ilea M. Southwell, who hns So 
oucressftilly condncled the affairs of In 
Grand Opera House, of thin place, for Ilia 
piist two seasons, while acting as resident 
mannger, hag been transferred to anntlutr 
Held of lulsir, and before May 10 will leave 
for Scranton,' 1 Pa., to assume charge of the 
Lyceum Then Ira and tho Academy of Music 
tlnire. Under Iho supervision of Mr. Houtn- 
weii, who la a thorough theatrical man. 
and well known among the profession oo It 
"hustler," Ihe patronage of the Opera House 
here has bean Increused many fold, until Iho 
theatre Is nt present one of Ihe best paying 
and atost successful houses on tbo M. Rels 
circuit. Mr. Southwell, during Ills stay III 
Norrlstown, miide u legion of friends, who 
learn with much regret Hint lie wns soon In 
depart. His successor as resident mnnnger 
of the Opera House will be Herbert Lynch, 
who has already arrived In town to look over 
Ihe situation. Mr, Lynch has hud several 
years' experience In the theatrical business, 
and comes hero with a flne record. He was 
treasurer of the Grand Opera House and the 
Lyceum Theatre, In HarrtHburg, Pa., for over 
four years, nnd managed tlie fi, A. R, Opcru. 
House, of Shnmnkln. Po„ for several months 
prior In his coming here. 

JoiniMorrii. — At the Cambria (Harry W. 
Hcbercr, manager) Yorke and Adams Ih 
"Bonkers and Brokers," did big business April 
20. The local Files' Minstrels, 30, benefit per- 
formance, pneked the house. Tommy lluycs, 
wllli the bones. 1 whose act lias pleased so well 
at the Park Theatre, assisted In (ho enter- 
tainment. London Gaiety Girls rlorlostpio 
pluyed to Jarge audiences May 1. Mcintyre 
and Heath 0, "Tim Curse of Drink" 7, "Tho 
Man of the Hour" 8, "A Rocky Road to 
Dublin" 10. 

Pabk Family THRUM (Harry W. Hchorer, 
manager). — Large crowds lust week. Hill 
week of 0: Mcl'ron and I'oole. the Young 
America Five, 'Fred end Kvli Mosart, Tom 
Klplty, Illustrated songs and moving pictures, 

Amiinu U (Rllvermon limn., managers). — 
Kllu Cain, vocalist ; Kink Snd Strange, com- 
edy sketch ; John McLaughlin, lit Illustrated 
songi, and moving pictures, this weak;. 

NOTM. — Colellrolhers' Circus did big busi- 
ness In this city on April 2T Madame 

IOvu Hnilib, one of tlie trapeze performers, 
had a bad foil of about thirty feet lo tbo 
ground, Twlvled ropes Were resiionslble. 
Latest reports are thut she will be In condi- 
tion -to perform within a weak or so.. .... 

Itlngllng Bros.' Circus Is hilled to appear 

hereon May 13 The liagenbcck-Wollace 

Show comes 23. 

Jirofltnhle season nt this house. "The Petl- 
Her," 2-4, was well received, 

Stah Hi. Nelson Tecu, mnnagerl. — The 
Gaiety tllrls week of «.' The Champagne 
Ulrls, Hie past week, gave good satisfaction 
to Irrge houses. , 

Family ill. tt. Smith, manager).— Week 
of A: Fox-Dunkhorsl and company. Murphy 
und Anderson, Terrv and Klnter, the Amine*, 
Fred lllvenlmll end Will tl. Smythe. Busi- 
ness continues large. 

Notbs.— Ply (1. Hill, manager nf the Ly- 
ceum and Academy nf Music,' will assume Hie 
management of the M. Rein houses at Rend- 
ing, Pa.. June I, He will Is? succeeded here 
by Chillies M. Southwell, of Norrlsiown. . . . • 
'I lie Fori'paiigh Sells Bros.' Shows come May 

Sidney Dvone and company, Camilla Trio, 

Kmll Ilo'h and coiiinany, Maude F.dwurds, 
Charles and Fnnnle Van, ond Gnetx and Net- 

Cnrlioiidnle. — Al Ihe liriuul Opem House 
I lien. W. I.owdrr. nianngeri Joseph Klng't 
rentll flop of "Fast l.ynne" delighted n large 
audience May 2. The conipnny Is welt bal- 
anced, nnd made good all It advertised. Local 
Knights of Columbus' Minstrels Ot 10, local 
Frilterilhl Order of Fugles' Minstrels lo. 

Fa.mii.v (F. l. ninlr. manngerl.— During 
week nf April 20, capacity business. Thu 
following hill wns rendered: William Kemp, 
pianist: Musical Bennetts. Prof. Montagues 
Cockatoo circus, Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Tracy, 
presenting "Down on Cowslip Farm:" Sknll- 
nelll. William Sholtes, In songs llliistmled. 
snd klneiograpli. 

Notbs.- --.Ki'repntigh A Sells Brothers' Show- 
Is iilvrilsccl to tipiicnr June I. The bill- 
board-, nre blooming with chromatic Splendor, 

nniiniiiielng Hie great morning pageant 

On Friday nflemnnn, May .i, at the Family 
Thcntr". a lienelll jierformnnee was given for 
the Central City Fire Department. The nl- 
tcnilnuc.' wns large, nnd Ihe gross receipts 
were d. nulled. 

itendlnir. — At the Academy of Music (J. 
D. Mlshler. manager) Mario Cahlll, In "Mar- 
rying Mary," pleased a large audience April 
SO. "Thu Heir to the Itooroh" played to 
capacity May 1. This performance was a 
testimonial I. en ollt to Assistant Manager J. 
Boyd Mlshler und Treasurer Klinsr ID. Itutter. 
This dale nlso marked Ihe retirement of 
Manager John D, Mlshler, under whose ca- 
pable direction this tboatro has attained its 
popularity. M. Rels succeeds as lessee. 

OgpiiRUM (Frank D. Hill, manager!,— HIM 
for Week of May 0: The Piano I'lilends, 

i , HI... n u.J.l .-.ii.ii.v .no, mil . 

son. Good holiness continues. 

Chan p Oi'KKA Hoiimh (Nathan Appell, man- 
ager). — The Alhaiiibfa Stock Co., In reper- 
tory, drew Well filled houses last week. 
. .lie ' 

Hrraiitnn.— At the Lqreiim (illy G. Hill, 
manager! Mnry, .Mi|iiiirrlng \laj 7* "s up 
iniiii iillrhciloii. cliisliig the regular season 
at this house. , "The Hiir to the Hisirnh," 4, 
nililltiee alu|.ev.'iiliiK. had well pleased houses. 

AcAiiniv 'il'ly ii. Hill, iiiniingeri.. -The Htoek Co., (Ill, will close a most 

l iiiu'iislei', Ai the Fullon Opera House 
(Clies. A. Yeckler, iniumgerl "Tlie Mull of 
ihe Hour" Mnv 7. "The lliim Tree" 8. 

Family d-'d. Moxan, iusnage'r).— -"Whnt 
nilppeiied to Ji.nes," liy Hie stock cumpnuy, 
drew crowded houses April 211-Mny 4. "The 
Charity Rail" is the attraction ill I. llriidv 
and Mnhnney, It: "The Hebrew lireinnti nnd 
tile Foremali." nnd Watson and Little, In 
ii sinning sketch, "The Mntrlmnnlal Bargain," 
will furnish <bn vaudeville feat ores between 
Ihe in is. 

Not!'. — The Roof Cimlcn will open for llio 
sonsoti June 3. Prepnrnllons for Hie opening 
are nenrlug rnmpletlnn. 

■■■■ ' - i • ■ 

WllheM-llnrrr. -At Hie Neshltt (II. A. 
Brown, mannger! Adelaide Thuratnii gave n 
good pcrfotniaiire Inst week. "The Heir In 
File lloorah" had a good house. Mary Mao 
nerlng May II. 

(Iiiami OI-kiia lliiust: fit. A, Brown, mnn- 
nger). — [Jilt ' week. "The Peddler" scored 
well, ond "linns nnd Six" played In H, II, O. 
"At Cripple Creek" Mny 0'8. "A Little Diu- 
rnal" OIL Alhnmhra Stock Co. 13-18, Nellie 
Kcituedv Slock Co. 2U.2f>. 

I'i.iiki'.m on ft sia.i.s IIiiiin.' Clin'cs May 


iiiisi.tnn. At the Grand opera House 
(flfo. Albert 'Haley, resident um linger), week 
or April 27, Archie L. Sliepard's moving pic- 
tures pleased. 

FaMII v < Ktiuhlnuck ft Hersker, proprietors). 
—Musical Thor, Reno, Smith And Iionr.o. 
'Ilarnes and Lee, Howard and Under, Kreil 
Mnrliir, Prof, l-'red Fiirrcll, and plciure». 
Gonii business rules. , 

Luna Diikam (FreAmnn ft Goodnmn. pro- Crulg. ' l-hni Sebepp, Fdwai'd 
aicv, lien. F, tioiiilwlu, songs llllli klueto- 

■ o ■ 

win in iii»|iori. A i Hie Lycmnlng Opera 
House 1 1.. .1. Flsk, iiiniiiigi'ii Adelaide Thurs- 
ton, In "Tlie Girl from Out Yonder," drew 
and delighted a good sired audience April 
27, nnd desnrvnd ST II. O, Han Sully, in "The 
Match Maker," 27, pleased, "Are Van u 
Miisrtn?" May 4, Kellar 7. 

Famii.i (Fred M. l.ainnde. manager).— 
Bonkiul for week Of Of llnnth nnd Ituild, 
Dawson, Muck and company, Fred W. Morion, 
I.nnore and Hi. Clair, and ilnlety Qunrleite. 

S'otk. -Forepuugli ft Sells llros.' Cirrus Is 
billed fur June 7. ' 


iintiiu.orc. — At Ford's (Charles is. Ford, 
manage,'), ihe only thsMtra of tlie highest 
iililSN I'clilnlnlng open, offers Cession Clarke, 
Mnv II, In "The llllgged .Messenger." "lilt) 
Van Winkle" was well potronlaed week elid- 
ing 4. "Th" tllngerbr I Man" Is duo 13. 

A ii.iToio i/.m (James. L. Keman, inonageii. 
— Thu iipi'iilnj opera of the Hummer season. 
0, Is "ll'i'iln I loud." Illanrhu Morrison and 
Lvinnn Wheeler nre the principals. Hilly It. 
Van luil a good week With "Palsy In Poli- 
tic*,'' closing 4. The season has been it 
highly prosperous one, "'lite Herennds" will 
beiptit on 13. 

MAiiYfiANii (Jnines L. Keman, manager). — 
tlnrrv L. Tlglie nnd Lorls Seiirsdulc, ihe 
(iluili llovnl Japanese i'rnuiie, Mnses nnd 
Sliiinuoii, Ihn Kemps, Lillian Tyce, Kelly ilttil 
Kent, nnd Dennt Bedlnl furnish tho week's 
uniuseiniinl, higlniiiiig II. 

Hoi.LiiiAV HraiiL-r (George I.. Itlfe, mnttn- 
gar),-- -"Kerry (low" will M sistn (|-||. wllli 
Allen Doone In the parr mlidn famous by Jo- 
seph Murphy. Hnb Fltxslmmnns closed it 
good week 4. "Tlie Peddler" 13, 

IIi.ankv'm (Cltns. K. Bluucy, inaiiiiger). — 
Tlie Russell Brothers open it! in "Tim Hired 
(llrl's Millions." Williams und Walker hud 
full houses week ending 4. "The Folnl Wed- 
ding" 13. 

OAVirrv (W. L. Ilnllnur. manager).— The 
Casino Girls begin n stay nf one week II, 
following the Dainty Duchess Co., which 
climed 4. The Parisian Widows 111. 

New Moniuikntai. (Sum M. Dnwson, man- 
ager). — Tho New Century Girls open tl, 
Williams' Ideals Closed 4. The Colonial Belles 
and John L. Sullivan are due Li. 

Lt'iiiN'H (Hdward C, lOorle, manager).— 
Tlie Two Dowllnifs, Victor Brothers. I.lndley 
nail Hell. Jack Stockton and Mllinlo Miller 
are lite new offerings 0. 

Norm. — Klectrlc Park, which will Ognln 
he under the management of F. ('. Sclieiiber- 
grr this year, Is undergoing mnny Improve, 
inenls preparatory for Inn Hummer openings, 
Slgiior Del Mnnto's Hand will give concerts 
all week, beginning n. 

" ' i ' ♦»» ' ■ " - 

Mill I'll < AllllI IN A. 

t'lnirlolle. — At the Academy of Music 
((». V. Kessler, mnnnger I Hilly Kerslinds' 
Minstrels drew a large crowd April 20. Wsl- 
ter D.iMinaich's New York Symphony tlrches- 
ii-u wns enjoyed by a small 'crowd of music 
lovers 27. "Around the clock" May 2. 

Ndti:. —Thrre are sli moving picture allows 
opernllm; In the clly now. . 

i n ■ ' ' 

Wllmlnmon. --At I tic lirand Opera House, 

the Peiiuhl-Gypsene Co., April 2N and week. 

bud good business. Hilly Casam Minstrels 

(colored) Mnv II, Fcrui'hMiypMiio Co. 7-11. 


DUNN anii IIaiiiiv Wftwi "We are now 
using iwn drums In our act, 'and arc there 
with Ihe 'big noise' nl our finish. Mr. Dunn « 
linlintlon of n locomotive,; .In ja sniire driim, 
tneeiH wllli n general sur irl* 1 ) ami .receives 
volumes of applause. We ftlilycd the Howard, 
[baton, Inst week, and play ithpedy's Theatre, 
at Fall River, neat week, with a few gonii 
weeks lo follow." 

Jamkh Wilmon writes: "I closed with Hie 
1'rlinrose Minstrels about four weeks ajfo, in 
acceiil a position al Pawlel. VI.. In the vaude- 
ville theatre. I like The pltlee, and Move 
signed n contract for six months. I was trap 
rtrnfhlner with the show, imd have worked 
myself from Hie smallest lo Hie Isrgesl tiiiu- 
sl rel show," ... .... 

v- ; . 

": . r: 

, ' . 



May 11. 




Take me down to Jamestown. Jimmie. 

Worda b; 

Vilne tempo, 

Mt.ic br 



lllat Trli-tr . Brt-en aid Jla-mle Tie tIk.Ajt lo mu-ty, tksy 
Vow Jaae»tm,y<ra knew :■ . ton* way to to, And sloe dol-l.ra < 












week wat no 

«wcb t _ 

I don't know the date, bnt I'll 

ThLofft looked pret - tjf bid tod wU b 

if' 1 ' i i 1 i H i ii if r f i i^- ^= iV — p 



rm Jure to llllt.'Twillbe jail be.ftl* lath- bon-tr ■ moon 
feol-lngaaaltc aid, Jira-nieanrf to k> ' bo» for a llooctl. 



j -^- j- 





a s g u -^tf-tttt^' j if r ft ■.•,.■ .:. 

nltht whllt o»t walk-ire. .'.' ktard.tkt two Ulk-laf, SaM. Jln-mle,: oow 
bm« waa a brick, tiled khn op . food and qnlrk.For kc dwb-led kit 



■i f I 

u j-H t i 

i r Til 1 i 





Tkat'a tko place • I want to go, attar, ,AJI a !«■■ »(k too. 

./■ rr im j i J.f "ri.r f r i^'^F 

ystrvaatto go, dear" And acugfling up cloa-rr, .he aald . 
wlak I waa Jim, as acrme f ill - it like Trlx-la wold uy- 

UVe mtaawnctt .1 

o,„i,u HCMTI1 », r. 1. H.whj I... ii w M| a, nv> r..« !>•• »' *•»• tte^a 

akaktok fa»T,l,ll «w "fad. * f ; -' " ' 7 


J. HOWLEY, Proprietor Howley, Dresser Co.'s Catalogue, 41 West 28th Street, New York. 


or every description on short nollco. Also In 
.tuck a large supply or smull stmr tptiinlotl during 
dull season) suitable fur Hjimll Italic Senil partic- 
ular* In dotal! whul Is needed. The most compe- 
tent slurf or itrttnlH Jn the business. 


Traverse City, Midi. 


Leads, Heavies, 


flwHWiUHIt Stage 


11 SQL. 

I.t.'a>.fJ ?-. SoUbrellCS, 

Anything Cast ror. 

Featured tlircc year* 

through New England, 


Join) or sluglc cugugcmcnl, ror Summer only. 
Address rltANK ,1. IIAHVKY, 

l/.viiii TliotHfu. l.ynn, Hum. 

b e ™ lithograph j 




Morrison Show Print atuaii 


Reliable Actors for 
Summer Stock. 

State luwtwl. snliirv, Semi pliuiu*. I'l'efcr peoplo 
Willi spi'i-liilili'-i. .loin on wire. 
IIOX ■■•Ul>, SitllHbtny. N^tJ. _ 




Villi i. n* CHOWI.EY, tm. 


Munt know IiIh UiixInesK, hv entirely Holier unil rc- 
llnble. State aife unil lull iiiirilunlUM II ml Idler, 
uieuttonlng also, wtlur.v expcelvtl. A lonitautl |tleH»- 
anl eiiKiiKeiiient with one or llio oltlcst antl moat 
reliable hiiiiwh ou Hie routl. Shottlil report Water- 
lowu, 8. 0„ May -.ti. AaUrvMiO. II. JUHNSTUNK, 
Mgr, Nob le's Tlieat ie Co., Wuierlown, S. Uak. 



for Med. Show. Play Minneapolis* all Similiter. 
Alh<> IteRlBlercil M. It., write. Address 
I 'lUfACBKItT. M»V)will«J Hulel.MlHi.eaput.H, Minn, 

Wanted Immediately, for D. T. C, 

Man ror OCTS, Minn doitble liiMtriiniotit In liautl 
mot dlhinl. OKOHKSTItA I.CAOKII. doilldlutt 
hand; lid Violin, doiibllng I).: CI.AHINKT, double 
.-lain: or oilier llnnriiiticnl In O.S Porter, double 
hand. Address J. >. Kltri'CllPIKI.IMKalmionni, 
III., »: Horner, 10, Sidney II, Tolouo la, Uennett 14, 
I.ovIiikIoii 13. Areola Ul, Permanent, Maraelllog, 111. 


Good All Around Bed. Feo|dc 

Kor open nlr. Join hip at nnec, mutliitr towenl 
Simiinur Balnry. Hank reftWBf* llmne address 
w I ma AM J. MttJtINN, Peterlwroiigti. Onl„ fan. 

® *'-A IK J3b ® • 

Rood Monkevn at lowesl prices. 

J. IIUI'K, M V. Slntli si., I'lilladelphla, Ph. 


Also sirlnitllas!', Vloliiaiid .Violin. KxiHirlenepd, 
I ellnblc; all A- K. or M. LlCA IIKIt. eaif of LOUT, 
Hotel I'nlkei, llloilUwa), S, Uustuii, Mn^. 

I'xna mm, 

Wants Full Acting Company, Including 
Experienced Bepertoirs Comedian, 

With Specialties, 
Men In all lines doiujr upcelaltlcn will receive 
special consideration. Cau oiler Rood salaries to 
men doubling band and siaRe. Muslelaus In ull 
lines, write. ManuRCiiieiil pays board, (toed 
ireniinent, prompt pny incut of aalarlea and Ioiir 
neiisua iiHsiircil. want Versatile Leading Woman 
and an Experienced Aetrcss fur Characters mid 
Heavies, flood wardrobe absolutely necessary. 
season opens June U. Address 

■E 'Mgr. Xoble's Uanvtas Theatre Cotupatiy, 

Waterlown. S. Dak. 

Heller & Glading's 
Street Railway Parka 

(jood Comedy Acts. . Now booking 4 lo 12 weeks. 

stale very lowest salary. Jumps average $1.30, 

Novelty Arts or all kinds, address ' 


Ilia Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa, 


Western Dramatic Agency 

Circulars Free 

Vaudeville Sketches. Etc. Written 

Small and Leading Parts Rehearsed 


Western Dramatic Agency 



Buck, Jig, 

Skirt, Novel, 

Cake Walk, 

Chorus Work, 

Sister Act., 

Rag Time 


Dramatic Art, 







127 La Salle Street, Chicago, III. 



One who Is caimble or making strouc openings. 
Address J. C. O'llrien. cure Campbell llros.' 
Shows, broken Row, Nub., May lo; Mullen 11, 
Alliance 13, Uridge|ivrt 1:1, 14. Also two Skclcli 
Teams Tor t'onccrl, Mcu, to Clown Hlg Show. I 
Address (JAMPUKI.I.lHtOS. 




Musicians and Performers of All Kinds.! 

Those doubling brass preferred. 
KltAXK IIAUKNHSH, Clierry Tree, Intl. Co., Pa. 


Dramatic People 


I.uvil Neal. Uiek Harrows, l.ouls Albion, )V alter 
Marshall uudolliors kiuiwu tome, write. I* 

fare or Tost Theatre. Battle Creek. Mlflli. 


(FOR at'MDIEIl) 

Repertoire and Vaudeville! 

YVaul Director with MSS. Torshurt east plays, Full j 
Acting Hep. Co. Those doing specialties given 
preferenee. Kverytltlng llrsi letter. Kl'hetitsal j 
slarls May JO. Long, pleasaul uiignguuiuilt. • ' 
NATIONAL MKDIC1NK CO., Bluoiiiltlglou. Illd. 

WifED, ilil vim 

With Specialties and Farces, Ac, who can change: 
also urgau Playor. Would be pleased to hear : 
from a good Doctor. A parly with picture Umchlnc ; 
and Illustrated song, write. Under canvas ror | lie , 
Summer. KICKAPOO MBO. CO. Write ' *' 
J. I), W AKI), Bj Ne lson Pl ace, Newark. X. J. 

Wanted (Jiicik, Medicine Performers. 

Write or wire lowest. 

Thoroughly e.\pt;rleuced in all lines. Itead and 
truusjRjscal slgltt. Please stale your limit, num- 
ber of shows given dully, eto. If you want a sober, 
reliable and callable man address 

JAMKS KLMOIT b'en. Del., Erie, Pa. 
( MeinOer A. F. M.I. : 





All must change for week. Also Al Canvas Man. 
II. «. Ml'I.VKY, Lock Box 387, Aurora, 111. 

FREE— Professional Copies to Performers Enclosing Programs. 


"The Fate of 'iolden Cate, : ' "Won't You "Scboltlschc With -Me?" "Jtcniorlcs," "The llcloved Moses 
Hump," "Dreams. of old Kentucky, 1 ' "My Own sweet Hose," "The Warbling Bird," "Under Uie llosy 
Myrtle Tree," "By the Rippling Afleglieny;'' " TIs (iootl to l/ove a Friend Like You," "Take Me Back 

Thou F'orgoilen 1" 
r," "Bouny Bell, 1 ' 
... Hoses lllooin, wttnili'- 
llua," "Lone and Dreatniug tit Hie Past,' 1 . -The Browusvlllc ilaid," "The Pleasant Ball .Kooui,'* "Mv 
(jirt to Theo." . 

to Clilldltood Days In Sunny Tennessee,"- "I'm Dreaming So Sweetly of You." "HustTh 
'•My Purling," "TlictllassTImtJluliis Home," "At the Break of Our Wcddlug Day," 
"I'll Marry No other But You." "To win My Heurt From Kc." "Walt 'Till the Hoses 
llua," "Lone ami Dreatniug tit Hie Past, V. ".The Browusvlllc Raid," "The Pleasant Bi 
Cilft to Theo." , 

Films For Rent or For Sale 


A Few Special Bargains in Films 
Also 1 Opti graph for $30.00 



Petit Prleo 

,uuo Robert McCuIre and Bcrtraudl fiiO.uo 

Kingdom of Falrylaud... mo.oo 

Mystical I'laiuo.' 3J00 

Cod FIshlDg In Newfouudlaud '.'.00 

Faust.... 1.30 

Inauguration of President 

Roosevelt 1.00 

American Soldiers in Battle., -loo 
Ccorglu Camp 8.00 







. ,'Jli 



F'unOu uTrauler * 4.i«i 

Fights of All Nations -Hl.uo 

B«ll Itlugcr's Daughter +mki 

A Day In lite Country....'.... •Jti.lHi 

A Female Spv ■£>.»> 

The Artist's Dream........;... 'JO.uu 

Tile Alps, as seen through: a - 

telescope;. '.. awm 

Ad Impossible Voyage.'. ....:.' Ju.nn 



On rf i elpt or Bloitey Order to cover exprtutsnge Iiolh nays, I will alalp any of 'I ha, 
•boy* aubyeets to exnmiiiavtlon. 





Oilier people, write. Tlmse engaged for Charlotte report here Muy 'JQ. 
PETERS STOCK CO. ..... Chorion.', N. «'. 


bOOD COMEDIAN ifulr uiuslclaul or CLEVER 

WOMAV playlutr a few instrument. 
AL I'INAItl), No. 210 E. 14ttr St.', N; Y. City. 



Joyce's Circus!" hans and nix 

w.ejat? W w.^r . ^r ejaf ■■.♦*# 1*1 %r j «ebm.iv 1uvs19.iL codieuy. shout cas 


All Performers and Muslcluus will report lirccn- 
wlch, N. Y., Monday, May '.'7; Advance Agt. antl 
Bill Posters, Muy '.11. All engaged uolUy me that 
you have seen (/ALU 

JAS: K. JOYCK, Urceuwlch. N. Y. 


Complete scoulc sets. Wardrobe and light equipment, 
iiov-ellles. A chance of a lifetime for a mull of ability. 

WALTERS ftml MATTHEWS, Itoom lJD.JKlilckerbocker Theatre Btjlldlng, N 

An abundance of printing ami uilvertlslug 

Y. City- 

Must be versatile and sober, 
with full particulars. 

1'IUil . JACK THOY. I'ltrkerabiivg. W. Va 


F. A 

Now l/ssnns io Tricks of Sleight of Hand. 

Both Sexes Matlt. Kxiierl by Mall. 
AHIHlttSS JofIN /.IMMKlt. 
lJlljHorki Ave., X. Phil ade l phia, I'a. 



Week or May fi, 

I lone m, N. Y. 




Kbnlra. N. Y.; week of May l; 
Caru ADAM OtiDH CO. 




Maivelous Acrobatic aid Artistic Cyclists oi the Stage and or the Telephone Wire, 

Tomtit, JAS. E. DONEGAN, care CLIPPER onirr. 


Address aiOlX BgMBPY CO., Box jg, lola. Wis. 


Musicians ami I'crroriners; all lines must he readv 
lo Join at once, l.owt'it salary Orst letter. No 
tlruuks wanted. Add. Ouo. II. Lo wery , as per rvttlc. 

Wesi Seneca, X. Y. 

TO S. 

FOR HUMMtill, 




Write me full particulars. 

J. 11. [iKnAN.Iialux, Vn, 


PaSf.40 weeks Principal Comedian »n3 one or vaudeville Feanire MYRKI.E HAMJERCO.tEasicrn). 
Adttrcss STURTEVANT HOTEL, W,86tb St., Kew York, N.Y. 

H "l 

May 11, 



ggggjjjj Rome Cist 

Tbli list la ntde up «» Hourly **- 
••rale Ml It' 1* possible to atV« a list 
of vaudeville hunklnji. To Inamre 1«- 
• ertlon la this ttepartmcat th« nut 
•( the theatre or nark, a* well a* tk« 
ally «r town. MUtT acconaaaajr «e» 

bovklDK seat aa. ^ ^.,,. 

AtMiiiauu. Joseph. Trio. Orpbeniu. IJeuVcr.-'O-ll; 
linvwurkel. ijiilcigo. 13-27. 

.'.ik-ll.i. I.ii. Nuvellv, Denver. 3-1 1. 

"Aihdvn." lOrplilum. Mum. (».. HM8. 

.Ailunw/ft lint Pastor's. R. Y. C. t-l 1. 

Adapts ft Wulbv Weusl's. l'purln. III...U-1I; Fam- 
ily. Dnvcuporl . In.. i!t-IK. 

Adams. K. Write, ft (.V., . AiulltorUnu. Norfolk. 
Va.. 1-80. 

Adams. Musical. Pnrk. Wheeling. W. Vs.. 12-18. 

\roust, Louise, ft Co., Orpbeuui. I.W Ac.gelcs, 
0*1.. Oil. 

'ildlrou * LIvIiiks.ou. Anile* 0. II.. Freuiuut. 0., 
0-11; Majestic. Cincinnati, 13-18. 

A hern ft Baxter. Crystal. Trinidad, Colo., 5-11. 

Ohmcar*. The, 20(1 St.. X. V. C. (Ml. 

•Alabama Comedy Four, 0. O. II., Pittsburg. Pa., 

Allison, Mr. 4 Mrs.. Pull's, Neve Harm, Coua., 
Ml; Bridgeport. 13-13. 

Aldlnos. The, Family. Scrnuton. Fa.. 0.11. 

Allen. Edgar, ft Co.. Buyouiie. N. J.; 0-tl. 

Alvlnos M), Hippodrome, London. England, 0-31. 

Alien, Mia. & Co. 123t'.i 81-.. X. Y. C, 0-11; 
Chase's, Washlnscton. 1). C, 18-1S. 

Alvora. Grout.' Ouyety. Detroit. 5-11 ; Empire, 
Toledo, O.. 13 18. 

Alburtus ft Millar. Palace, Manchester. Emrlnnd, 
(111: Lyric. Liverpool, 13-18; W|)|sjdTOine, 
Portsmouth, 20-23; Hippodrome, SoulhauiritOu, 
27 -June 2; Empire, Holboro. 38. 

Allen, Josle. Keith's, Boston, 0-11. 

Alton. A. ft 8.. Boston. 0-11. 

AMo ft Vamiersxwi, Clro Bell, Mexico City, Mexi- 
co, OOct. 27. | 1 1 

Allen, Searl ft Violet, Cook O. II.', Rochester, N. 

v.. on. 

AllierlUH ft Alios. Lyric. Cleveland. 0-tl. 
Alurcoo'a Mexican Trio. Bi;ou, Wheeling, ft, Va., 

0-11. . 
Aun'rlOH Comedy Four. Keith's. Phlla., 0-11. . 
Antrim, ft Peters, Kalamazoo, Midi., 0-11 ; Battle 

Creek, IMS. • • 

A panic's Animals, Proctor's. Newark, X. J,. 
,11; Cttnarsle. L. 1,. 13-23. 
Apcl. 1 .11 llu ii. I 'oil's. SprlugBcld. Mass., 0-11.. 
Anlellc ft Leslie. Gem. Haverlilll, Maw.. 0-11. 
Arlington Comedy l-'our, K. ft 1'., Jersey City. N. 

\I.. 0-11. 
Arbcrg ft Wagner. Now Paw tucket, ruwtutket, 
■.«.. ■ t.. -0-11. 
Arnsberg ft Murcltc. BIJoii. Wheeling, ' W. Va.. 

Arnold ft Artie, Yule. Kuusas City. .Mo., 5-11. 
ArriVii.' ft Abeli Co.. Poll's, Sprliiudeld. .Mass., I'- 
ll: SAlli " St.. K. V. C 1318. 
.Willi v. Lillian. Luuiauce, Muss.. 0-11. 
Austin. Claude. Windsor. St. Paul, 0-11. 
■Wslius, The flreiit. BIJou. Dubuque, la.. 0-11. 
Avoir*. Mimical (1). (). O. H„ Pittsburg, 0-11, 

Keith's, Phlla., 13-19. 
lllker, J'ele. Majesllc, Chicago. Oil. 
Hurry, Katie, Victoria. X. Y. C„ 0-1 1. 
Hiillev ft Ausllii, Keith's. Plillu.. 0-11. 
llitrrv ft Woolronl. Majestic. MaUlson. Wis., 0-11; 

Crystal. Milwaukee. 1:1-18, 
Il:irnes, Al, BIJou. Flint, Mich., Oil ;'Adr!iiu. IS- 
Ilnrrv. Mr. ft Mm. Jimmy. Shea'*, Toronto, Can., 

ualtiis (4). Illpprwlrome, X. Y. C. 0-11. 
Bales. Musical Trio. Union Square, N. Y. 0., 0-11, 
Barnes, Paul, Keith's, Cleveland, 0-11. 
Bantu Bros. (41, Crystal, Lincoln, Neb.. 12-18. 
Biiugessens. The, Albambra, K. Y. C, 0-11. 
Hurry ft Ilulvcrs. Majesllc. Chicago. 0-11. - 
Humes. Htmirt. Mtiiosllc, Chicago. Oil. 
llarlell ft Uarfleld. BIJou. Whcellnir. W: Va.. 0- 

IV; Orphlum, Mnnsllelil. 0.. 1:1-18. 
Benstey. 'Ireal. Empire. Frutikrurd, I'hlla.. till. 
Bisllnl. lsiiiul ft Dvu. Muvyliiiiil. Itullluiore, 0-11. 
ReauvalH, Arthur, ft Co.. U. II., Klyrlo, O., 0-11. 
Bell Hoy Trio. Keith's. I'hllu., 0-11. 
Bi-nton. l'.lwcsiil ft Mnijxic. Howard. IIuuIIiikIod, 

W. Vn„ 0-11 : Gnlel.r. Allluncr. O.. 13-18. 
fli'iiUli'". The Fiimlly. Erie. Pa.. 0-11. 
Belloni: Bros.. Oiplicum. Salt Lake City, L'., 13-18. 
lleil. ' Crystal. Orphluui. Murleltu. 0.. 0-11 ; 

Family. Oil Clly, Pa.. 13-18. 
Hornnr's Manikins. 23d St., N. Y. C. 0-11. 
Beyer. Hen, Olympic. South Bend, lud„ 0-11: 

I.nCu.i'itic. Detmll, 13-I8. 
Beard. Billy. BIJou. Oshkosh, Wis.. 0-11; BIJou, 

Oreen Bay. 13-18. 
Bcrllioldy's Cockatoos, Keith's. Ullea. N. Y-. 0- 

1 1 : Orpliemn, Alleiitown. Pa.. 1.1-18. 
Breehcr ft Mayc. Arcade. Waslilnuton. Pa., 0-11. 
itciiniT, Kniille. Ilowiml, Boston. 0-11. 
lU'duulu Arabs, lluyuiul'ket, Chlcauo. 0-11. 
Bedouin Ar:ilis IS'. Olunibla. Cluclnuttll. 0-11; 

OlMitidc, Chluazo. 13-18. 
Ilellclalre Bios.. Victoria, ,N. Y. C 0-11. 
Bi'tusllet. Lew. A. ft. S., Boston. 0-11. 
Ilreiiidi * Milter, Olympic. Chlcuao. 0-11. 
llpaiie. 'leu. A., ft Co.. Industrial, Itock Island, 

111.. Ml. 
Urrgfre. Valeric, ft Co., On>benoi. Denver, Col.. 

Bfll. Josephine. Park. Wheeltiu;, \Y. Va., OIL 
Bell All's, ilassaii. Arabs (241, Hlpiradronie. X. 

v. a. on. 

Bea\v, Claire, Ilayuiurket. Cblcagu. 0-11; Coluiu- 

IjI'i. Uluclunatl. 13-18. 
lierrlnn ft Macklu. lllpisslruinc. Plltsbiu-t,'. (i-l 1. 
Illnncy. ft Cliupmun. Acme. Norfolk, Va.. 0-11. 
Blssell. sksjtt. Colnmbla. St. Louis. 0-11: Orphc- 

um. Kansas City. 13-18, 
■ Blekell ft Miller. Proctor's. Troy. X. I., 0-11 : 

Ujllh's. 1'hll.i.. i:i-IS. 
llluiiu. Buiuin. B-r-r-r. Family, Davcniwrl. la., 0- 

II. . 

1Mb City qtarteU*. Poll's. New llaven, Conn., 0- 

llaltti'iihiii ft llehr. Star, AIIiiiiIh. Ua.. ins. 
IlllfNituv, j|r, a Mrs., Ljrle. <lalueMvllle. Tex.. 0- 

11: l.yyle, Ho. MeAlcsler. 1. T„ 13-18. 
, IIt/>u<lQlf.' Kiln'., ft Co., Lvccuiii. llocbcstcr. N. Y., 

"Ill.iiek Hussars" iMi. Albitinbnt, Paris, G-Juno 

3i Kinidn-, Cirdlft". linidnnd. 10-15. 
lllocL' & 'Jones, Umpire. Pulcrsou. X. J.. 0-11. 
ll|«|i«ft McXiilly. Lyecinn. Ogdni. V.. 0-11. 
Ilorilcverry, Col. Uuatuu. Cottniiblii, Hi. Louis. 0- 
. Hoyd. Turkey, Ilijnu. Jackson, Mich.. 0-11 ; l.jdc. 

KciisliiRlon, ClilcuKo, 13-18. 
Itoyd, Ai-eble, ft Co., Acme, Saciamiuto, Cat., 13- 

'!,»; Xntloiml. Sin; Fran.. 20-23. 
Huwera, Wnltora ft Crooker. Voli'ti. Brldi,*i<|Kirt, 

Conn.. 0-11. ii. O. II., Syracuse. X. Y.. t.'M8. 
1'iulcy, .Vny. ft Polly Girls. K. ft P., Jersey City, 

>i. J:, 0-11. 
Horunl ft Neva to. Keith's. Cleveland, (l-ll. 
Houlilen 4 (hjlnu. Sheedj's, New Loudon. Conn.. 

lioldons. The, Union Suuure. X, V. C. 0-tl. 
Buitlihick (jimrlftle. orlalnul. Or;jlieuui, Kaiuns 

Oily. Mo.. Ml. 
, Hoelini, Elsie. Empire. Patcrnoo. X. J,, 0-11. 
Brady ft Maliouey. Family, Lancaster, Pa.. 0-11. 
llrauilons (1), I' (Jiwnvllle. O.. 0-11. 
Biudfurds, The, lluyouiic, Buyonuc, N. J., Oil; 
' -LywHiu. Piiterson. 13-18. 
Bradley ft Davis. J'.mplre. Des .Monies, la., 0-11 ; 

Majestic. Sioux Falls, 8. D., 13-18. 
Bry'Fdit. ft Sarllle, Family. I^'liuuon. I'n.. 0-11. 
Brooks & Jciiunette. Alliuvyer's. MeKecsjivrl, !'«., 

(Iruiviiinc, Arthur BIJou. Liuisliitf. Mich., 0-11; 

Bijou- ''ii"', i:<-is. 

Hrow'iift Wllmot. Majestic. Fl. Worlb, Tex., 011. 
HifnilHiis.. MtlMlrul, Yule, Kanius Clly. Mo., S-U. 
Brotvu. (Ill, Grand. Portland, Ore.. 0-11 ; Acme, 

Machilntnilo. Cal„ 13-18. 
Brooks ft Clark. BIJou, Aim Arlior, Mich.. 0-11: 

Lnusliij;, 13-ls. 
. Hrlltoi.s. The. Colonial, X. X. C„ (1-11. 
Brown. Wllmot. Majestic. Ft. Worth. Tex.. 0-11. 
"Bvnoinstlck WltdKH. The." Olympic, Chicago, 0- 

' Bran Sisters. «. II.. Taunton. Mass.. 0-11. 
Bradley ft Barnes, YoinujV Atlantle City, N. J„ 

Miiinelic. Louise. Praetor's, Xewurk. X. J., fl-U. 
Busch Jr.. Johnnie. Trio. Crystal. Logiusiiort, 

Tint. . 0-11: Frankfort, 1.1-18. 
Burloii. Hughes ft Burtun. Park. Wheeling, W. 
■ . Va'., 0-11. 
Burke, Dan, cV'Cfo., Keith's. Clevelunil. 0-11. 
llurlte -ft iJiiuree. Armory. Bhigliuniton, X. Y.. 
I 0,11; Union Square. X. Y. C, 1 3- IN. 

Butler ft Umar: Brndculiiirgb's.' Phlln., Ml, 
. Buwis. Harry, Ilowiml, Chicago, 0-11; Majestic, 
Chicago. 13-18.. 
Burke's Musical Dogs. BIJou. Itaclne, Wis., 0-11; 

Crystal. Milwaukee, 13-18. 
Burton ft Brookes, Domlulon. Wiuulpcg, Can., 0- 

■Bnrna, f Morris, . * Co., , Orpbenm, Leatenwartli, 
i KtD.,. fl-U. . . ■ - - 

Vnrton* Burton, Star, Turouto, Can., Oil.. 

Busb. Frank. Keith's, lltlra. X. Y.. 0-11. 

Burke ft Lrllne. Empire, FraukforU. Phlla,, Oil. 

Buekteys. Musical, Denver. Colo.. 8-11. 

Bynl ft Vance, train, Uosbcn, Iml„ Oil. 

Byron ft Lancdon, Columbia, cliiclnuatl, Gil; 

Majesllc. Cblcagoi. 13-18. 
ByriH-, Keliyou Four, Liia-oln. Neb., 0-11, 
Carlln ft Otto, O. O. II., Pittsburg, Oil I Keith's, 

Cleveland. 13-18. 
Cnsellas (Si. Jfaan. Sacramento. Cal.. 13-18. 
Cams, Kluliiu. Lyceum, ltoeliestcr. X. Y„ 0-11. 
Carroll ft Cooke. Shea's, Toronto. Cau.. 0-11. 
Carlllo, Im, Poll's. Springfield. Mass.. 0-11. 
Carlta. Mile., Lufsyette. Detroit. 0-11. 
Ciisiwr ft -Clark. Boll Ton. I'hlla.. 0-11 : Lyceum, 

Phtlu.. l.U-18. 
Carrol! ft Clarke. Proctor's. Alhauj. It, Y„ Oil; 

llowurd, Boston. 13-18. 
("nntoii. AL. O. II., Cortland, X. Y.. Ml. 
t'allilnns. The. People's. Illbbtmr. Minn., (I 18. 
Citnni. Air. (fraud. Altoona, Pa., ill. 
Carana, Unique, Minneapolis, 0-11. 
Cameron ft Flanagan, Orpbeutn. Kansas City, 
' Ho.. 0-11: Hayro'irket, Cblcaso, 18-18. 
Carter, Taylor, ft Co., 23d 8L. N. Y. C, 0-11. 
Cprrotl ft Baker. Orphenni. Denver. Col., 0-11. 
Carroll, Joe, BIJou. Dnbuqie, la.. 0-11. 
Campbell ft Kenny, Pastor 1 *. X. Y. C. 0-11. 
Campbell ft Johnson, Wlntergarden. Berlin, tier- 

many. 0-11. 
Cates. Musical (41. Family, Potlsrlllc, Pa.. 0-tl; 

Family, Hatelton. 13-18. 
Ciistanos. Dancing. Family. Butte. Mont., o-ll. 
l.'iimille Trio. Orphcum. Heading. 1'a.. Oil. 
Cauler ft liarl-t, Bonnag's, North Beach, L. L, 

Curlotla. Polls, Hartford. Coim.. 0-11. 
Curon ft llcrbcft, Chestnut St.. Pldla., 0-11. 
Carrol. Jus.. A. ft 8.. llostou, 0-11. 
Carson. Me.lnin F.. Cook O. n.. Ituchcster. X. 

-Y.. .0-11: Poll's. Now Haven. Conn., 13-18. 
Curberrv ft Stuntou. BIJou. Walnsli. Did., 0-11. 
Carrolltou ft Hodges, Crystal, Trinidad, Colo.. 0- 

1 1 : Empire. Colo. Springs. 13-18. 
Ciiutincll ft Harris. Orphcum. Lou Augeles, Cal., 

Cbcfalo ft Co.. Proctor's. Newark. X. J.. 0-11. 
Christopher. Chris.. Colonial, Coshocton, a.. 0-1 1. 
Chester. Mile.. Poll's, Worcester. Mass.. Ml. 
Chapman ft Nelson. Orphcuin, Miullym, Wis., ti- 
ll: Crystal. Milwaukee, 13-18. 
Clilnko ft Co., Empire. Palerson. X. J.. 0-11. 
Chadwlck Trio. Poll's. Worcester. Mass.. 0-11. 
Chatham Sisters. O. It., Tltusvlllc, Pa.. 0-11. 
Christy, Warne G.. Crystal, I'oeblo, VmIo.. 12-18. 
Chapln. Benlaniln. Proctor's. Albany, X. Y.. 0-11. 
Chatham. James IC. Orpheum, Seattle, Wash.. 0- 

Cllfford, Dave. Orphluui. Portsmouth. O.. 0-11; 

Dnciuihind. I ronton, 13-18. 
Clinton ft .lerinon. (,'. O. H., Plltstiurg. 0-11. 
(Olivette, Hiiymarket. Clileago, 0-11. 
Clfvelonil, Clnude, ft Marlon, BIJou. Wheeling. 

W. Va.. 0-11; Orphluui. Muusfleld, O.. 13-18. 
Cllffoiil ft Burke, Poll's. Harlfonl. Conn., 0-11. 
Clark, Harry Corson, Cuslno, Toledo, 0„ is June 

Clayton. Una. ft Co., Keith's, Columbus. O.. 0- 

11; (J. O. II.. Syracuse. N. Y„ 13-18. 
Clifford, Billy S.. 23d St., X. Y. C. 0-1 1. 
Clarke ft Temple. Lyric, Keuslngtou, III., 0-11 ; 

Majestic. Madison. Wis.. 111-18. 
Clarke. Wllfurd. ft Co.. Vlelorln. K. Y. C, 0-11. 
(Ilork. Joe. Main St., Peorlu. III., (1-11. 
Cliuis ft Kudcllfle. Crystal, Trluidad, Colo., 0-11; 

Crystal, Denver, 13-18. 
Ooulbonl. Jessie, Columbia. St. Louis. 0-11; 
. Iliiyiuarket. Chicago. 1318. 
Coukley ft McBrlde, 23d Street, X. Y. C. (111. 
Cotton, Lola, orplirnm, llkln.. OIL 
Constantino Sisters. O. O. II., 1'lttsliurg. 0-11. 
Conners ft Alden. Windsor, St. Paul. 0-11. 
Coll, Cl-iru. Brailcuburgli's, Phils.. 0-11. 
Cox, ll.iy. Armory, Blnghaintoii. X. Y.. 0-11. 
Connelly, Hngli. Academy. Serantou, Pa.. (Ml ; O. 

II.. Wllkcs-Barre. 13-18. 
Collins ft Hart. Keith's, Boston. 0-11. 
Cook ft Stevens. Lyceum. ltoeliestcr, X. V.. (1-11. 
Cooke ft Miss ltothcrt, Lyric, Cleveland,- Oil. 
Cook. Frank. A. ft S„ Boston. O-ll. 
Colonial Septette, Ye, Shea's, Buffalo, X. Y„ 0-11. 

Toronto. Can., 13-18. 
CouiKir ft Itayiuond. Mohawk. Schenectady, X. Y.. 

0-11 ; Proctor's. Troy. 13-18. 
Conroy, John ft Mamie, Sines', Kokoino, Intl., 

Cooper ft Gear. Snrov. Hamilton. Can.. U-11. 
Creasy ft Dnyne, Proctor's, Newark. X. J.. 0-U. 
Crswrord, Clifton, (idoulnl, N. Y. C, 0-11; Or- 
phcum. Bklu., 13-18. 
Crco ft Co., Lj-rlc. Lexington, Ky.. 0-11: Family, 

Newport, 38-18. 
Crawford ft Dclniicey. Wonderland, Wllmerdlng, 

Pa.. Ml. 
Ciw. Jessb-n. Victoria, N. Y. C. 0-11; Kclth'a, 

Phlla.. 13-18. 
Crane Bros.. Eundre. Ilnloken, X. .1.. Oil. 
Cralue. Long ft Crslne, O. O. II.. Bellefuutalue, 

O.. O-II. 
Cunnli ghiiin, Bob, Academy, Pittsburg, 0-U. 
Cunidngham & Smith, Pastor's, X. Y. C. 11. 
Cinuinlngs ft Kulght, Howard, Boston. 0-11. 
Daly ft O'Brien. Ismdon, X. Y. C. 0-11 ; Troca- 

dero. Phlla., 13-18. 
Day ft Knight. Oalety, Springfield, 111.. 0-11; 

BIJou. Decatur. 13-18. 
Davis. Mark ft l.uuru. Fuuilly. New Kenslugtoii, 

Pn„ 0-11. 
Davis ft Davis. Blluu. Belolt. Wis.. O-ll. 
Day. Gertrude ft Hubert. Uraud. Logansuorl, lud., 

0-11; Colouul. Cambridge, (>.. 13-18. 
Davenport ft- nankin, (;. O. II., Ptlsborg, 0-11. 
Daniels. Walter. Union Square. >'. V. C. 0-1 1. 
Dmeuiiort, Edna, Bijou, Phlla., June 1-30. 
Darlings (2), Maryluiid, Balllmore, 0-11. 
Duxle. Mile,. Chestnut St., Philu.. O-ll. 
Onncourt. Berua l*.ib, Vaudeville, TltusvUle. Pa.. 

Davenport. Uoiu. BIJou, Battle Crcek, Mich.. 0- 

Duriy ft Francis. Uuune. Mlnueaisills. 0-11. 

Danclug Daisies. The. Onilieuui. Minneapolis. 0-11. 

Dcinpsey, John. Lyric, Olcvelanil, O-ll. 

De Will. Btirus ft Torrauce, Cook O. H.. Bodies- 
U'r. X. Y., o-ll; Pructor's. Tiny, 1S-I8. 

lie Fays, Musical, Crystal. SI. Joe. Mo., 5-11; 
All-dome, U'avcmvorlli. Killl.. 12-18. 

Dcvenu, lluls-ri, Oniheuiu, Denver, 0-11. 

Dciiioulo ft Belle. Orphlum. SldiK-y. O.. 0-11. 

De Vani ft Curlls. G. 0. II.. Grand Kunlds. Midi., 

De Looeys, Dancing. Orphluui, Lima. O.. O-ll; 
Orphlum. Xeirnrk, 13-18. 

Dciiih', Sydmyy, ft Co., Oriihcuui, Readlug, Pa., 
0-11: Alleutonn, 13-18, 

Dctiucos, The. Uljou. Lincoln, Neb.. 0-11; Ma- 
jesllc. Tuia'ka. Kan.. 13-18. 

De Vrb-s. Henry, Keith's Phlla., 0-11. 

Delwller. George, BIJou. M'llmlnnloii. Del.. O-II. 

lie Luioy Sisters ftft Mulllca Bros.. Toledo, O.. 

Deliuiir, Jennie. Star. Atlunta. Ua.. 0-31. 

Delphian ft Deluiimi, Poll's, New Haven, Conu., 
0-tl. ft Oneida, Atlantic Gsrdeu, X. Y. C. 

Delinurc ft Lee. Bayixine. Bayoune, X, J., il-ll. 

».' Von ft Keiiuedy Trio. Majestic. I'lllsburg. 0-11. 

He rieseli. Mumle 11.. Aiaillo, Chicane 0-3(1. 

De Camo, Chus.. and Dug, Star. Elgin, 111., ti- 
ll: Olvmple. So. Bend, lud.. .1:1-18. 

DeCoe. Hairy. Oalety. Springfield, 111., ML. 

I let- A -Phone. Oiplituiii, Denver. 0-11. 

De Haven, Ruse. Septet, Cook O. II.. Rochester, 
N. Y.. 0-11. 

De Rollls ft Vulura. Majestic. L'lileugo, 0-U. 

!>e Cne. orphcuoi. Sail Lake Clly. V.. 111-18. 

Dixon ft Anger, Proctor's, Allwnj', X. Y.. (111. 

Dillon, ','1111:1111. Empire, HoliukVH, N. J., O-ll. 

Dixon ft Fields, Forrest Park, HI. Wnils, 13-18. 

Dixon. Bowers ft Dixon, Olympic Psrk, Chatta- 
nooga. Tcuii.. tl-11. 

Diamond ft Smith. Chase's, Waidilugton. D. C 0- 

DHL ft Ward, Ki'llL'n. Columbus. O.. 0-11. 

lioimiiiii' ft Mcliols. Shea's. Buffalo. X. Y. o-ll. 

Don ft Thompson. <j. O. It.. Grand Kuplds, Mleh., 

Dorseli ft Rusmdl, Orphcum. Boston. 0-11; K. ft 
P.. Jersey City, X. J., 13-18. 

Doyle ft Emerson Trio. Pastor's. X. Y. C. oil. 

Doolcy. J. Francis, Yiwue's. Atlantic Clly, X. J„ 

Donald ft Carson, Keith's, Boston, 0-11. 

Drew, Doiothy, Orphcum, Salt Lake City. U.. 13- 

Dupr'cc, Geo. ft I.lbby, O, 11.. Sticitor. 111.. Oil; 

(Jruiil. .Milwaukee. 13-18. 
Dudley, De Ormomk', ft Dudley, Main St., Peoria. 

111.. 0-11. 
Dunburs, Casting (II. Cook O, II.. Rochester. X. 

Y.. Oil: Temple. Detroit. 13-18. 
liuryea ft Dcland, Auditorium, Lynn. Mass.. 11-11. 
Duulevey ft Barrett. Pnrk, Wheeling. W. Va., 0-11/ 
Du mds. Great, ft Co., O. II., Oil City. I'm. U-11 ; 

Star, Homestead, 13-18. 
Diihnlu. Prof.. Temple, Detroit, 0-11. 
Duncan. A. ()., Victoria. N. V. C, 0-11. 
Dmm ft Ulaxlcr, O. O. I!., Pittsburg, 0-11. 
Durant, Ornhluin, Springfield. O., 0-11. 
Dmirer. Fred, (larrlck, Wilmington, Del,, VII : 

Taylor O. II.. Cr.nnlen. N. J., 18-18, 
Dunbar's Goats, BIJou, Superior, Wis., 11 ; 

Wlimeneg, Can., 13-18, 

DiifUn -Kislcat Troupe, riwtur's, Newark. N. J.,, 
011 : 2*1 St.. N. Y. C. 13 IS. 

Dnrands Trio, Orpbeutu. San FrsiL, Oal., .VII.. 

Early ft Late, Olympla Park, Chattanooga, Tciiu., 

rtcksteln, Wlllh?, Kelth'i, Clevelanl. OIL 

Edwunls, Tout, Keith'*, Boston. 0-11 

rjlwnrds, .Miimle, Oriilnuuii, Heading. Pa., OH. 

Kdonln ft Edwards, Empire. Piiterson. X. J., OIL 

Elliott ft West. Orphlum. Springfield. ()., O-ll. 

iCllswvrtk ft Burt. Unique. Minneapolis. 0-11; Bl- 
luu. Duliith. Minn., 13-18. 

Kills -Nowlan 1'rlo. U. O. II.. Pittsburg. 0-11. 

Einemui- ft Baldwin, Oliihcuiu. Minneapolis. Oil. 

Emerald. Alice. (Isyety. SI. Louis, •"•11. 

Knperon* or Music It). Bayoune. Bayonne. X. J., 

Enk-lciou. Xaii. ft (In.. Grand. Portland.. Ore . 0- 
. U : Sarrnnwiito. Cal.. 20-23. 

Erml, I«on, lsindon, X. Y. (',. (l-ll. 

Eaterlirraiks, The, BIJuii. Deeatilr. 111.. Oil. 

Esmeralda. Star, Elgin. HI.. O-ll; Olympic. So. 
Bend, Iml.. 13-18. 

Evans ft KvaiiN. BIJou. La Crosse, Wis., O-ll; 
Unique. Eau Claire. 13-18. 

Evera, Ceo. W., Orphcum, Vancouver, B. C. 0- 

Evans. Charles E., ft Co., Columbia, Cluclunatl, 

KxposKlon Four, Shea's, Toronto. Can.. 0-11. 

Faileltc Orchestra. Orphenui. San Frau., Cal.. 3- 

I'arley. James ft Bonnie, Washington. Spokane, 
Wash.. Oil: Star, Seattle, 18-18. 

1'arniau. Badle, Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 0-11. 

I'arraola. bowling's, Lotrauspvrt, hid.. All. 

Fare. Blase-It ft Miller. Proctor's, Troy, X. Y.. fi- 

Ferjnison ft Mnck, Orpkeum. Salt Lake City. I'.. 

Ferguson and Passmore, Fmplre. Provldeuce. It. 

I., Ml. 
Ferry. Star. Atlanta. «a.. Ml. 
Fentelle ft Carr, l.ytruiu. Ucnver Falls. Pa.. Oil; 

Park. Johnstown. 13-18. 
Fllklns ft Home. Keith's, Dostuii, 0-11. 
Fields ft Hanson, People's. Cedar Itanlds. la., 0- 

.11; Main St.. Peoria. III.. 13-18. 
Fislicr. Mr. ft Mrs. Perkins. BIJou. Dubuque. !».. 

0-11: Main St., Peoria. III.. 13-18. 
I'lske ft McDonough, Trent 'J"reuton. X. J.. Ml. 
Flake. Gertrude, Savoy, Hamilton, Can.. O-ll. 
Fluncys, The. Orjilieum. Omaha, Xeb„ 0-11, 
Fisher ft Berg. Murray Hill. X. Y. C. 0-11. 
Fltxglbliona-McCoy Trio, Empire. Patersun, K. J., 

Flood Bros., Temple. Detroit, 0-11; Couk O. II.. 

Rochester, N. Y., 1318. 
Florence Sisters (3). Casluo. Buenos Ayres, So. 

America. 0-31. 
Flymi. Karl. .Majestic. To|iekn. Kau.. 0-30. 
I'lemlngs, The, Gem, Lynn, Mhsb., O-ll. 
b'letclici-. Chas. (aonard, Orpbcuin. San Frau.. 

Cal.. 3-11. 
Flood Sisters, I.vucum, Beaver Falls, I'n., 0-11; 

Park, Johnstown. 13-18. 
Flurode, Nellie, ft Eugllub Rockvrs, Keith's, Clevc- 

land, U-11. 
I'ords. Famous. Nntlonal, Steubenvllle, O.. 0-11; 

Casino, Washington. Pa.. i;;-i8. 
Fords (41, Orpliemn, St. Paul. 0-11. 
Fortune ft Davis, 58IU St., X. Y. C. (111. 
Fox. Diiukhorst, ft Co., l'mully. Scruuton, P«., 

Fox ft Du Bull, Majestic. Chicago, Oil; Uuymar- 

kct. Chicago. 13-18. 
Fay ft Clnrk. Orplieuni, San I'rnii.. Cal., .VII. 
Forrests. Musical, O. I). ll„ Grand Itupids, 

Mleh., 0-11. 
Fostelle ft Knimult, A. ft S., Boston, Oil. 
Foster ft Foster, 38th St., N. Y. C, o-ll. 
Fox, Madge. Colonial, Lawrence. Mass., O-ll. 
Fox, Will 11., Lyceum. Rochester. X. Y., 0-11. 
Fox. Rex, (loliruin, Boston, u-11. 
Fredo ft Dure, Proctor's, Albany, X. Y., 0-11; 

Troy, 13-18. 
I'reeniau ft Wulson. Family, Scraulon. Pa.. 0-11. 
Froslnl. ChaseN. W.isldiigtou, D. C. O-ll. 
Fredericks. Family, Orpliemn, Denver, Col.. 0-11. 
Francclll ft l*w|s, 0. O. II.. I'lllsburg. 0-11. 
Francisco* |SJ, (Iridicuui Omnbu, Neb.. .VII; 

Urpbcuui. MluneniHills, 12-18. 
Francis. Kniinii. ft Arabs. Orplieuni, llkln,. 0- 

Frederick Bros, ft Burns. East End Pk.. Memphis, 

Trail., 5-11: West End Pk., New Orleans. 12- 

Frederick. Helena, London, England, 20 June rjU. 
Ii'rey, Henry. Olympic, Chicago. O-ll. 
Fulton ft Lnrklu. Slur, Sulein. Mass., o-ll. 
I'urman. Itadle. Savoy. Ilainllton. Call., till. 
"Fnlurity Winner," Colunlsl, X. Y. 0„ O-ll. 
Gardner ft Stoddard. Cook O. II., Rochester, X. 

Y.. 0-11; Temple. Detroit 13-18. 
(inline. Mr. ft Mrs., Allimtle Garden. X. Y. C. 

Osrdner. Happy Jack. Temple, Detroit. O-ll: 

Cook O. II.. Rochester. X. V„ 13-18. 
Gardner ft Vincent, Orpliemn, Utlen, N. Y„ Oil : 

Benoett's. lximlon, Can.. 13-18. 
Gaylor. Hlpinxlroiiie. I'lttslHir^. 0-11. 
Gabriel. Master, ft Co., Poll's, Nun' Haven, Conn., 


Garlrlle Rros . Poll's. HarUord, Conn . O-ll; 

Poll's, New Haven. 18-18. 
(lagiioux The. Armory. Hlngliamton, X. Y., Oil. 
Gavin ft Plutl. Grand, Fargu, X. 1).. 5.11. 
Geuaro's Band. Keith's. Phllu.. 0-U. 
George. Edwin, Orpbeuoi. Salt Lake City, I'., 0- 

Gilbert, Vesta. A. ft S., Boston.. O-ll. 
Gllleu. Tom. Wasbliiglou. Spukauv. Wash., till; 

Star, Scuttle, 111-18. 
lilriiril ft Gardner. Olympic. Chicago. O-ll, 
GUI'. ft Acker. Palace, Boston, 0-11. 
Gllrny, Hayncs ft Montgomery, Majestic Chicago, 

Oil ; Ilaymsrket, Clileago, 20-23. 
Glluorc ft Castle. BIJou, Winnipeg. Csu., 0-11; 

BIJoii. Diilnlh. Minn., 13-18. 
GMuscrctllH. The, Union Square, N. Y. C„ 0-U. 
(jn'iiloii. Cliff. Orpbcuin. Oinahn. Neb.. 0-11. 
Ootllob, Mr. ft Mrs.,. Ilaymarkei, Chicago, 0-11; 

Majesllc, Chicago. 13-18. 
Goforlb ft Doyle. Illjou, Pliiua, O,, Oil; V. 0. 

II.. Bellcfniituluc, 13-18. 
Gould ft Snratt, Keith's. Phllu., Oil. 
Gordon, Cliff. Orphcum, Omaha. Neb.. Oil. 
Golden, Joe, Family, Lnfuyrtte. lud., O-ll. 
Gordons, Bounding. Olympic Chicago. Oil: Co- 

lunibln. St. Louts, 13-18. 
(loss; John. Family, Erie, Pa., 0-U; O. H, 

Cambridge. O., 18-18. 
Gordon ft Cbilcou. Kusuii's. Chicago. Oil. 
Udell' ft Nelson, Opiucuiii. Heading. Pa.. OIL 
Gol'le. Aims II.. Grand. Pulton. Pa.. 0-11. 
Golden ft Ungues, Lyric, Danville, III., 0-11; 

Lyric, Tern Haute, lad.. L'i-18. 
Gordon, Don ft Mae, Main St.. Peoria. III.. Oil. 
Gordon. Laurence. Grand. Newport, Ky.. 0-11. 
Gray ft Graham. Dominion, Wlunlpcg, Can,, Oil; 

People's, Cedar Rapids, la.. 13-18. 
Green. Christopher. Bruilciiliurgli's; Phlla.. 0-11. 
Grant ft Hong. Poll's, Bridgeport Conu.. 0-11. 
Green Bios.. Willi's. Utlcu. X. V.. II 
Graham ft Line/, llowurd. Boston, 0-11. 
Gruiinon. llu. Bayonne, Bayonne, X. J., oil. 
Gross, \'"ni., tfi, Josejili, Mo.. 0-11. 
(lujcr. ft ','rlsiil. Fontaine Ferry Park, laiulivllte, 

Ky., OIL 
Guise, Johnnie. 0. O. II., Hamilton, Cull., 0-1 1; 

London, 1318. 
Hnllen ft Fuller, Olympic. Chicago. 0-U. 
Ilsynes, Al.. Temple. Detroit. 13-18. 
llalncH, Isdi', scenic Ppivldenee. R. I., 0-31. 
Ilarcoui'l, Frank. Majestic. Kansas City, Mo.. Il- 
ll : liujely. SI. Louis, 18-18, 
Harwich ft Ilurrle, BIJou. Adrian, Mich., Oil; 

Buy. City. 13-18. . . 

Hstbawuy ft Sicgel, Auditorium, Quebec. Can., 

Haydcii, Virginia, Aubcuser, Abenlecs, Wash,, f>- 

llurard, Grais'. Oipluitin. Bklu., (l-ll. 

Haynes. Al.. lienuetl's. IsmdiHi, C«o.. O-ll. 

Halgli ft Ihonits, Orphlum, Lima, 0„ O-ll; Or- 
phluui. Newtrk. 1IM8. 

llarrlngto.i ft Lester, Bennett's, Ottawa, Cau.. fi- 
ll. ' v 

Harrlnjtons.'lhc. Pastor's. N. Y. C. O-ll. 

Hayes & Johnson, Oriilieum, Omabu, Neb.. (1-11. 

Hawlhorne ft Hurt. Vlclorls, N. Y. C., 0-11. 

Hart. Alone .ft Edward, CrysUI, Elkhart, Ind., 
0-11 ; Irwin's, Goshen. 13-18. 

Harper, Helen. Lyric, Cleveland. O-ll. 

Harrls-Bciiirupinlc ft Co., Marlon. Marlon. O., 

Holl ft Pray. Combine. New Bedford. Muss.. 0-11. 

Harrison Bros.. Lafayette. Detroit, O-ll. 

Hays. Kd. C, Orpbeuui, Tunic Creek, Pa,, 0-11; 
Mtrour, 13-18. 

Hnyiniin ft Franklin. Pavilion. London, England. 


Hanson ft Drew, O II., I'.lyris. ().. 'Ill, 

Huwley. Fred... ft Co.. Majestic, Chicago. O-ll: 
Bllou. Lansing. Midi., 13-18. 

Harveys fl 1. Oriilieum. I.w Angeles, Cat. O-ll. 

Hall. .Ismes. Park. (Vlosding, W. Vs., OIL 

Ilasllngs v Wilson, Fountalu Ferry l'nrk. Louis- 
ville. Ky.. Oil. 

Hareourl, Daisy, Pastor's. N, Y. C. O-ll. 

ntnijV.oo ft Bauinnnn. Corso, Zurich, Switzerland, 
0-30; Dentacbea, MlBeben, tier,. Jane 1-SO 

HenncMey, In*. A„ Acme. SacrauwuUi, Cat, 0- 
lli Well, Slut'ktou, 13-18. 

Hrtly, John. Brsdrnburgb's. Phlts., O-ll. 
Hwley ft Meely. Palais D'Kle, r.ruxellos, Bel- 
.glum, .1-19; Casino du Psrls, Paris, France. 

17 June 10. 
JlWm Ctilldren. People's, St. Joseph. Mo.. Oil: 

Elite. Ruck Island, lit, IMS. 
Henry, (nuitaln. Star. Seattle. Wash.. Oil. 
tlealy. Jeff A l.iitcmc. Empire, Frankford, Phils.. 

Ilerlow. Chas. ft Marie. Lsfayette. Detroit. II; 

Lyric. Cleveland. 18-18. 
Ilearn. Tom. Orpliemn. Boston. fl-U. 
Helena. Edith. (I. O. It.. Pittsburg. Oil. 
Herrmann. Great. Parts, France. Ml. 
Ilennlngs, levels ft HnnnltiBs. t'bnse's. Washing- 
• ton. D. C. Oil : K. ft P.. Jersey Clly. X. J., 

llenninn Trio. Piil.llllm-s' Circus. Havana. Cnlui, 

Ueary ft Francis, Howard, Boston, (l-ll. 
Hebert ft Rogers. I.vrlr, Ft. Wort'l. 'lex., 3-11. 
Bewletles. The. d-cnr tl'Alene, Spokane. W-ish.. 

(I Aug. II. 
Hickman Bros, till, Poll's, New Haven. Conu., 

0-11: Hartford. Ill 18. 
Hllllard. Robert, ft Co.. Temple, Detroit. 0-11. 
Ulnraaii. Curl. .Sidney, Windsor. Conn.. 8-11. 
Hills (II. Park. Wheeling. W. Vs., Oil. 
Hill ft Kill, llowurd. Boston, 0-11. 
Hill, Ilainllton. Poll's. Hartford. Conn.. OH. 
Hill-Edmunds Trio. Htsr. Martinsville, Ind.. 0-1 1 ; 
- Arlow, Coshocton. O.. 13-lti. 
nines. Billy. Amuse. Braihlnek. Pa.. OIL 
Hulconth, Cnrlls ft Co., Poll's. New llaxen. Conn.. 

Holt. Oreat. Pnrk. Wheeling. W. Va.. Oil. 
His li-F.mM ft Co.. ilridieuui. lleiidlug, Pa., 0-1 1 ; 

Umpire. Piiiorsnn. X. J., 13-18. 
Ilulman. Ilirry. Industrial, Molluc. III., nil. 
Iloudlnl, Hon;-. Cook O. II., Rochester. X. Y., 

Oil. * 

I logs n. Ernest, Ondieum. Bklu. 01 1, 
lloffui'iiin, Cvclltig. Lyric. Lincoln. Neb., Oil : 

Atrd-irio, Uuvenwnrtli. Kan.. 13-18. 
Howard ft Howard. Faust Park. St. lands. 0-11; 

•Foiin'a'nvlew. Imnlsvllle. Ky., 12-18. 
Howard lire. Grand. Portland. Ore.. Oil; San 
.Frau.. 'Cat. L'I-18. 
Howard ft North. Orpheum. Bklu.. Oil. 
Holmes ft tlolmei. ('em, Lynn, Mass., 0-11. 
Howe. Laura. Hopkins', Memphis, Temi.. Oil. 
Ilowel ft Scott. U. O. It.. Indianapolis, 0-U. 
Hopper. I :,i in, Wallace, Chestnut St.. I'M In.. Oil. 
Howard. Harry. (1. O. H.. Grand Rapids. Mich., 

Howard ft Blrud. Orphenui. Minneapolis. O-ll. 
Humes ft Lewis, Family. Cheater. Pa.. Oil. 
Huston. Arthur. Empire. PlltsOeld. Mass.. 0-11. 
HiHilnl". MiiMlc. FL Worth, Tex., O-ll. 
Ilntchlnsoiis 1.1). Elite. Davenport. In., O-ll. 
Hyde. Edwanl. Ulppralrtmie. Pllishurg, nil. 
Hyde. Mr. ft Mrs. Holt.. Family. Cheater. Pa.. 

'.'Ill Morocco." Keith's, Columbus. 0.. 0-U. 
1'iness ft llv an. Empire, Ft. Miidlson, la.. 0-11. 
llnllini Trio. I'rnlieum. Ik-stou, 0-U. 
Italian Hand. Illpisslronie. I'lllsburg. O-ll. 
.larvts ft 'I tu'or. Nallunal. San Fran.. Cat, 018. 
James ft Barker. Imis'rial, Freinoiil, O.. O-ll, 
Jackson Family, Vuleiilliie. Tidedu, O.. 0-11; 

Shea's. Buffalo. N. Y.. 13-18. 
.Inula. Male. Orplieuni. llkln.. O-ll. 
Jack. Burt W„ BIJou. Roekfonl. lit. Oil. 
Jerome. Xui s,. O. II.. Keul, O.. Il-ll; Pnrk. 

Whccllm,'. W. Vo.. fits. 
Jennings ft Renfrew. Olympic. Chicago, Oil; 

Main St.. Pisirlu. lit, 13 18. 
.lolson. Unity, Pns'tor's. Troy, X. V.. (111. 
Johnson ft Demi. Yards. Mnsciui. Euglunil. il-Junc 

.bilinsloii. Italpb, Majestic, Clileago. Oil. 
Jolinalous. Musical, (I. 0. It. Syracuse. N. Y.. 

,H-ll; Ulihiii Square. N. V. C. 18-18. 
Jolsou, At. rulqlll'. MlllllClltsills, ll-H, 
Johns, lisionv. Orplieuni. Kansas City. Mo,, Oil. 
Jolly ft Wild. Empire. Ft. Madison, la.. Oil; 

Industrial. Molluc. III., 13-18. 
Jones. Irving, Auditorium. Lynn. Muss., till. 
Joyces, The, Olynipli-. Beltilre. It. (Ill ; Hippo- 

dTOiue. Plttsluirg, 13- 18. : 
Join's ft Itnyuioud. Miijeslte; Saiulusky. (I . 

Fnnjlly, Eric. IV. . 1U-1M, 
Kales Bins., c.dutiililn. St. Isnils. Il-ll. 
Kaufman Sisters, Mulesile. Toia-kti, Kan.. 

r)lar, llanullsil. Mo.. I.'VIN. 
Kuufmuii. Mliitile. Empire, Paterwui, N. J. 
Karolys (4). Hlpisalrisne. X. V. C. OIL 
,Knpc, (ieorini. Nelson, Sprlnafleld, Muss., O-ll. 
Keejiv, Madle, ft Co.. Oridicuni. Knnsns Clly. Mo., 

Keider. Mujor, Muillsnii Snunre Garden, X. V. (7,, 

Kueue. .Iiiggllng. Asoloii. CoslKcton. ()., (Ml. 
Kndey Bros., Allisjry. Bliighniulon, N. V.. (III. 
Keller ft Paul's ArnU, hellh's. Coliimlais, l>„ 
■IH I; (Hphelllll, I'llcii, X. Y„ 13-18. 
Keife ft Peirrl. Poll's. Springfield. Mass., O-ll. 
Kenor Walsh ft Mi'lron*', Oriilieum. Buslisi. oil. 
Kciitmi, Ilornlhy. Orplieuni, Omnliil,. Neb.. Oil: 
-Moji-stle. Chleago, 1.1-18. 
Kealons en. Keith's, Col bus, it. O-ll : Temple, 

Detroit 13-18. 
Kelso ft Lelgliion. Kreneys. Bklu., O-ll; Union 
,*|l)«re. X. Y. C„ 13-IS. 
Ktrlly: Win. •!.. ft Co.. IHillli St, X. V. G, 
Istib. W«ll»r C. Alhaiiibi-ii. N. V. C. 11-1 
KMrj- * K«Nl. MitivlniHl llultlniiire, Ml, 
KtJJIj' ft Ktbir, Eiiiersoii. Charleston. W. Va.. 0- 


Lindsay, Geo. ft Josephine, ft Co.. Hca Bright, 
N. /.. 0-11. 

LI ml Ivy ft Pelt tiiblii's. Bnllliuore. OIL 

Lliitlioii ft Lawrenci', Orplrcuin, Los Angeles, Oal.. 
Oil; '' 

laitixilon. Juck. Majestic. Chlcaav. O-ll. 

lairaliw. Urenr. Young's. Allniilic Clly, N. J., li- 

tendons ill. Keith's. Phllu.. O-ll. 

Liter ft l.ucler. Park. Mineral Wells. Tex., fl-18. 

Lurkles CJi, iViuily. Uaxeltoti. I'n . O-ll; Family , 
Carbnnibile, 18-18. 

Liiiiell.:. Miss. Atluiillc Unrdeii. N. T. <.'.. Ml. 

Luce ft Luce. Portland, Portland. Me.. O-ll. 

I.nela ft Vle'c. Empire. Ilolmkeii, X. J.. 0-U. 

Lyric I'lKucdj Fisir. BIJ<iii. Milwaukee. Ml. 

I.vnolle Sisters, Still', clevelunil. Il-ll; Academy, 
Pltlsbiru, Ir-Ht, 

Miisiin Kivl.'i- I'.i.. 23d St.. N. V. C. Ml. 

Martin ft ('merit. Empire. (.'Iileiign, 0-11: Folly. 

(Iilcago. L'l-tH. 

MnJeslle (Jearlelle. Croiublc's, MIuiiea|sd|s, (l-2.">. 
Muribi 'I, In, Slur. (Cleveland. (111. 
Majestic Trio. 3Mb St. X. Y. C. 0-U. 
Martini. Doru 1231b. St., N. Y. tt, Oil. 
Mnnsllel I. Gertrude. Proctor's. Newark, X. J., 

Musaiiillli Duo. Colonial. X. Y. C. 0-11. 
Macks (2i, I'evplv's. Cellar llaplds. la.. Oil; 

llljuu. Dubiiinie. 13-18. 
Mack. Wilbur. * Do.. Aiidltorliuu, Quelav. Can.. 

Maaua ft Musette. Shea's. Buffalo, X. Y.. 0-U. 
Alack. I. It, ft Co.. Star, llUu.. Ml J Guycty, 

Hkln.. IMK, 
Mulheivs ft Ashley. Orpbemn. San Frau.. Cal.. 12 

Mack, W. J„ Sixth Si., Cosli'ston. 0„ 018. 
Matthews ft Harris, AiiditorJInii, Lynn, Muss,, 

II. tin Xewstsiy Quartette. Orpliliun. Sprlug- 

ilehl. O.. O-ll. 
Maiitell'.i Marionettes. O. II.. laiwrll. Mass.. Ml. 
Martinet. The. Casino. Wiishlnetou. pu., Oil; 

Orpliliun. Murlella. <>., IU-IS. 
Marr ft F.vnns. Troy. X. V.. Ml. 
Ma Dell ft I'orMey, Savnv. Ilnmllton. Cull.. Oil. 
Marco twins. I'orresl Pk. Illulilauds, St. Louis. 

Manning Trio. Unique. MlniioainilK (VI I. 

Marr do ft Mlllav. Coliinihlu. Cluct ill. 0-U. 

Mar.'lolt Twlus lllp|*sJromv. ChuttaiiougK. Tcun , 

Maniuls ft Lynn. Olviupli'. Chicago. OIL 
MartWc, Luitm. O. II. , Tiiunlisi. Mass.. ii-]). 
Maxwell A Dudley. Otplicnm. Mlnneats.lls. Oil. 
Mareellne. lllp|«Hlrnnie. X. Y, C. (l-lll. 
Martini ft Mdtnilllliu, Poll's, New Unveil, Conu.. 

Marshall, Bert. Pnrk. Whrellng. W. Va., till.. 





KflPl Sun - ''oil's. Ilurlford. Conn.. 0- 
1«I|}'. Rose, Orphcuin. SI. Paul. O-ll. 
>mv. Walter J., Keith's. Phlla.. 3-11. 
VelUiody ft Wllkeus. Fltlli Ave.. X. Y. C. Oil. 
U'eutie, Jtig„iluu. L'rrstul, Noblesvllle. lint. 0-11; 
. Oi'lihciiiu. Coluiubila, 18-18. 
t'emjis, The. Marrluud. Halllmore, (VII. 
Kenny ft Ilollls. llowurd, llostou. oil, 
Ktug ft StrslD'e. llrniid. Allwi.a. Pu.. Oil. 
Kirk ft wilder, Armory, IllngbiJiitnn. N. V.. Oil. 
Ilidgsi,..,. n,-,,.., Muiliaiiiiii, Norrnlk, Va.. O-ll. 
Kings lei ft ten Is. Orillll'lllU. Olimlui. Ncli.. lilt 
KHa-Banaal Jans, Pull's. Ilrldge|s»rl, Conn.. (III. 
Hints. Cti. Polls. New Haven, Conn.. O-ll. 
Kimball Bros.. Pastor's, X. Y. (.'., 0-U. 
I'.nbwles. R. 0.. Chestnut St, Phllu., Oil. 
Kmartss, Harry. Aciih-. Sueruiianito. Cnt. 13 18 
Kiilgbt Urns, ft Sa'vlellr, Portpilnl, Portlsuil. Me., 

O-ll : Keith's, llostou, 13-18. 
Kohl. (Ins ft Marlon. Vorbeek, Oil City, Pa . O-II, 
Kremka Bros., orplieuni. Sun Fran., Cut. 3-11. 
Kretore. Peuji'c'H. SI. Joseph, Mo.. O-ll; Elite, 

Rock Shunt lit. IMS. 
KrnloiM. The. Poll's, Hartford. Conu., Oil. 
Kiirlls. Hu.ise ft Dogs, Ntivelly. To|a>kn. Kali., 3- 
' II : Oi-idieuui. tesvcniriirlli. 13-18. 
La Clair ft WeU. IHJini, AIIIuihk', it. Oil, 
lot Vine. Cltnurou Trio, Cobmlal. Lawrence, Mass., 

Lii ■Blanche. Mile.. Lyceum. Washington. II. C 

La Nolo Pros.. Clly. Brockton. Mass.. O-ll. 
I.uucnslc:', Tow, Crystal, St. Joseph. Mo.. Oil. 
tabakans. The, Columldn. Cliiclunull. O-ll. 
Lii Marr. Ada, Gun. Lynn, Mass., 0-11. 
Lit Blanche, (ireal, Chambcrsbiirg. Pu., Oil; 

Carlisle. 13-18. 
LiiiillS'il, Mamie, 23d Street, X. Y. C. Oil. 
La Bold ft Itytrron. Fuuilly, Dsveniurl. In.. Oil. 
La SSur ft lev Zur, Illjou. Quliiuy. lit, 0-11, 
I.ii Dulles, Fiiiitusllc, Muskegon, Mich., till, 
La Relto -ilms.. Keith's, Phlla., 0-U. 
La 'Maxc Bros. CI). Orplieuni. Salt Lake City, P., 

(VII : orpin urn. Denver. 12-18. 
Lane'ft liowiiry. Manliuttnu. Norfolk. Vs.. Oil. 
La Vine. (Iiui. Edward. Hopkins'. Memphis, Temi., 

Lii' Mar. Wiiyne. Lyric. Ft, Woi'th, Tex.. Oil: 

Uric. Austin, lil'IN. 
La Veen ft Chs's, Pmclor's, Xewurk, X. J.. Oil. 
' I.ii Reno, Art. Fresno Park. Peoria, III.. 031. 
Laugdoj, llnidlc. Lyric, Clnrelnml, OIL 
La . Tell Bros.. Keith's. Phlla., Oil: Empire. 

Frankford. Phlla.. 1318. 
Liisky-Ibilfe (Ji.lnlet llaywarkel. Chlesku, 0-U. 
I.lyod. Alice. Colonial, .V Y. C., Oil. 
l.isi, Il.'iiirlce, Crystal. Lincoln. III., 0-11: Ma- 
jestic, I.ii Salle. 13-18. 
Lculiuril ft Phillips. Arnwry, Miinslluu, 0.. O-ll; 

Fuully. I'Jle, Pa., I3I8. 
Ijvnsrd, (Jus, Acme, Hseraniniilo. Cat. O-iMI. 
Lev, Fits Hugh ft Bessie, Coluuliil, Cambridge, 

O..0II : BIJou, I'hiiii. 13-18. 
' Le Fcvre ft SI. John. It O. II.. 1'lttsliurg. Oil. 
Is: Dent. Ureal, Poll's, Bridgeport, (,'ouu.. oil. 
LTOunardt. At, Mnjestli:. Maiikola. Minn., O-ll; 
• Valettlc. Slum Falls, 8. It, 13. 18. 
Le-'Iiuv ft Woodford. Portland, Portland, Me., 
■ Ml. 

is- Page ft Collins, Windsor. SI. Paul. 0-11. 
Ustle* Williams, BIJou. Kalainunsi, Mich.. Oil; 

Battle Creek, 111 18. 
Lewis ft Hnrr. Park. Whirling;. W. Va.. 111-18. 
lA'nnon, Herbert Bert. Pastor's, N. V. C. 0-U. 
Le. Mslre ft [si Malre. Xuvrlly. Oakland. Cal., 

Il-ll : Wigwam. San Fran. 13-IS, 
Leigh. Lisle, ft Co.. Union Hquure, N. Y. C. O-ll. 
Lc* Klners, Moulin. Orplieuni, Knusns Clly, Mm, 

(II I 
MM}. Elbol Union Suuure. X. Y. C. 0-11. 
U-ster ft Munnlug. Albambra, X, V. C. OIL 
f*e'. Henry, Cheslnnt Ht„ Phlla., 0-11. 
Little. Irene, Unique, Minneapolis. 0-11. 
Lcbnuiiin. Josuph. ft Co., BIJou, Iron Mounts In, 

Mia., III Oreeu Bay, Wis., JU 18. 

Mason ft Shannon, Maryland. Ilultlinurc. 0-U. 
Mni'iinrd Lillian, 
N. J., Ill I. 

Yimng's Pier. Allsntlc CH>'. 

Mncv ft Hall. Poll's, llartforil. Colin.. Oil. 
Mnliiue. Pawlueket. I'n tt- tucket. It. I.. (VII. 
MacDiiuoutli, I'tlicl. Orpheum. San Fran.. Cat, 

Muellsuns, Juggling. Chestnut St., Phlla., Oil 
McDurr. .lames E.. Star, Hannibal. Mo., Oil: 

.Mulesile. Toncka. Kan., litis, 
McGregor. LIRInu. Grulld. Allisms. Pa.. Oil. 
MeSorley ft IHeaniirc, t.Vur D'Aletie. Spokane. 

tViish.. 0-30. 
MeAvoy. Dick H Alice, to Is; i tie. Detroit. 811. 
Medee ft Collins. Olympic. Chicago. (Ml. 
McNmueo. Savoy. Hiimlltuii, Can.. II. 
Me.Cord, Lewis, ft Co., Hiiyinnrkcl, Chicago. 011. 
McDurr. Jus.. Kniulii. Sbiut Clly. In., 20.23. 
Mellreeu, Billy, orpliemn. Ris-kford. lit. Oil: 

ISiwIlng's, DiitansiKirt. Intl., 13-18, 
McKiiv ft Canlwelt Poll's. Worcester. Mass.. 0-11. 
McMabisi's Minstrel Maids, Keith's. Boston. (VII. 
McCroo, .limit:, ft Co., Vlelorln. N. V. C. Oil. 
MeXniighions. Till'. Iplunlsl, N, V. C. Oil 
McKbiley. MiH, Uifninlila. Cliiclniiiilt (III. 
McCiiiic ft Grunt Lyric. Jopllu. Mo.. O-ll: in 

phi'iini. M'cbb Clly, 12-18. 
Mexican ft Mcilcus. Illjou, llatile Cns-k. Mleh., 

Merrill ft WaVcllcId, Phiclur's. Newark. N. ,L, 

(I II. 
Merrill. Frank. Cr.vslnl, Klnisst lud.. Oil. 
Merrill, Majmgiul, Illjou. Murslialltonii. Is.. »■ 

Metsrlll 'frouis?. Colonial. X. Y. C. Oil. 
Melville ft Higglns. .I'risdoi's. Albsiiy, N. Y., «■ 

Melli'b, Albnrtine. Empire, llulmken. X. J.. O-ll. 
Moms, Mr. ft Mrs. lieu. 8.. Msjestle. Sioux Fulls. 

S. It. Ml| Unique, Mlunrapulis. 13-1 S. 
Meredith Hlslcre. Auditorium, Quebec, Can., Oil ; 

Beniiell's. (Iltiiws, 13-18. 
Melhiy Trio, It. It It. Elyrln. 0.. 12. 
Mllliuiiii Trio, Alliniuhra, Isjinloii Euglainl, 

June 2. 
Mllnni Trio, lluyuiiirkel. i.'lilcaao. O-ll. 
Miller ft Hopkins. Brmlcuburgb's. I'ltlla.. Oil. 
Miller, Chan., ft Co.. Oruhoum. Huston. OIL 
Mlllim's Di>gs, Kulih's. Hills., 0-11. 
Mitchell ft llrowtilpg. Miirlun. Miirlou. O., till. 
Mlinlc Four, Orplieuni. llostou. O-ll. 
Mlllhriu. Chuii.. Brailcnbiirgli's, Phlla.. II IX. 
Military m-tetle. (Jrphe I.'tivti. N. V.. Oil: 

G. O. It. Syraciisn. t'l-18. 
Mlddlctou. SpCllliieyer, ft Co.. 38tli Ml,, X. Y. C, 

Mllane ft Alvla. Illjou, Uallle Creek. Mich., Oil. 
Miller. Minnie; Lublu's, llulllinore. 0-1 1. 
Mills ft Monti, Alliymlira. N. V. C O-ll. 
Mlllershlp Sisters. Columbia. Huston, IM I ; Ga'ely, 

Albany, X. V.. 11113; Lyceum, Troy, 10-18 
Mlacn. Steve, ft Shonp, Proctor's. Albany, X. T., 

Morion, .lumc'i .!.. Orphritiii. Mluiirspolls. Oil. 
Moa ft liisslrlcli. Priiuilwiiy. ,N. Y. C„ 0-31. 
Mowatls OH, pinctor's. Albany, X. V., 0-11. 
Moisrls. [lie Park, Johnstown. Pa., 0-11, 
Moran, Josslnb, Ltifnyetle. DelRilt. Ml. 
Monlngiie's Cockatoo Circus, Family, I'lltlton, 

Pa;. (Ill: illovcrsvllle. ,\. V.. 18-18. 
"Motoring." Union Square, V Y., C, Oil. 
Mologlrl. La. Vntirlng India, u July 111. 
Morse, Bulb', Auliniia«i, Ala-rdneii. Wash., a III. 
Morgan ft Krone. Gem. Lynn. Mass.. nil. 
Morris ft Ktmnei. Lyric. Cleveland. Oil. 

Mora. I.- Jc le. Grand. Fludluy. (>., Oil. 

Wanna ft Sekellherg, Orplicuin, l^»s Angeles, Cat, 

Murphy ft M.liols, Colonial. N. Y. (.'.. Oil, 
Muskelixrs nil. Gaiety, Detroit. Oil. 
Midler. Uhiinii ft Midler, Keith's. Jpjstou, (ill. 
Murphy ft I'mtll-h., 123111 St.. N. Y. C. O-ll. 
Murphy a Andrcwi:. Fiimlly. Sn anion. I'n.. Oil. 
Murray, t. In/Ion ft Drc'.v, Intpcrliil. Providence, 

It. L, il-ll :. Dewey. X. Y. «.'.. 111-18. 
'Inrray. Ellssla-lh. Orphi'iim. Ssu I'riin,, Cat, 3- 

Murray Sisters. Temple. Del mil. II II. 
Murray * (HIUus. Family. Lnncaaler, I'm. nil. 

Mullen ft Coridll. Keith's. Col bus. v.. (111. 

Xiiwii, Toiii. ft Co,.- Minn's. Toronto, Can,, (III 
Xapn. Viols, Lyric. Springfield, Mo.. 0-1 1 ; Lyric. 

Muskogee. I. T., 12-IK. 
Xuiljl. Mile,, (Jrnlinini. Bklu.. Oil. 
Nelll A Chspmaii. Oriilieum, Kansas City, Mo., 

Xelwin, Knlherllie, Orpheum. llostou, 01 1. 
Newell ft Nlblci, Empire. Piiterson. X. J., (Ill; 

llntJKkeP. 13-18. 
Xleuierer ft O'Dcll. BIJou, Id-loll. Wis., Oil ; 

Mulesile, I.ii Halle,' III., 13-IS. 
Nichols Sisters. Shea's. Toronto. Can., O-ll; 

Chase's, Washington. D. (!., 13-18. 
Nlsrds. The. Hlppisltonie. X. V. (!.. Oil. 
Norton ft Xlubolsoii, Chusn's, Wiiahlagtuli, D. C, 

O-ll. - 

v.n li ii, Ned. Illjou. Caluinel. Midi,. O-ll. 
Niitvllii, Dave. Oriilieum, St. Pant Minn,. Oil; 

Mlnneaisills. 13 18. 
Nnldettn ft Mr.i'tibiill, l-'suilly. Dnveniiorl, la., 0- 

II: Star, Hnnnlrwt Mo.. 13-18. 
Xnrlli Bobby. Olyinplo, Cblcagu. O-ll. 
Xiiine. Rola-rl, (irplieuiii, Di>nvcr, 0-11, 
Norloi, ft llutscll. Empire. Hotsikeii, N. J., 11. 
Xuli1» «1sters, Keener a,' Hkln.. O-ll. 
Xnrwiirlli. Jack. Keith's, Boston. 0-11. 
o'Comwr, Julia AgncK. Shea's, Toronto, Coll., 

O'l.'ontieli A Golden. Oriihriun. Vnncouver. B. C, 

0-llt Grand, Victoria. B. tt. 13-18. 
o'ljoii'or. SsiiKilers ft Co., Keith's, Boston, III',. 
O'Dny Ids, Keith's, files. X. Y., a 11. 
OTIura ft Wiilsiiu, O. :L, Deiitdsini, Tex,, 01 1; 

I'avlll Vashvllln. Triiti.. 13-18. 

\l<t*Fi. W. I.. Poll's. Worcester. Mass.. Oil. 
■ Him. Carl ft Mary, it o. It. Pittsburg. Oil, 
• dials' Jups Muryliiiid, llulllinore, u-11. 
OH vwll Is. The, Orplieuni. Oinsha. Neb., Oil. 
O'.Hsc, Gurry, Illjou Wlliiilmilou, Del., (Ml. 
O'.Velf, 'Com. Dreiiiiilini'l. Iioulon. O.. 0-U. 
Otdaw Trio, Kollli's, Phlla., ill I; 2ilil St.. X. 

C, L'I-18, .. 
O'NelU's Minstrel.. Pimple's, Los Angeles, (.'at, 

O'Neill J. It. ft Co.. Isjaunspuil. Intl.. O-ll; 

I'r.inkriirl, 13-ls 
Orpheus CoiihsIi- Four. Shea's, Buffalo, >', V., 0- 

(islsiriic. ('has. II.. (iraiul. Is-wlslisi. Pa.. Oil; 

AlDtlse, fi.lin-.iuu n. HI-IS. 
(Isiiiiiii ft Bsrtuti. Auditorium. Norfolk. Vs.. Oil. 
O.bonir, Mscri,"ft Cn., ' Orblleiiui, Denver, O-II. 
rantrer. WflllC'Triiupe 1231b St. X. Y. 0.. 0-11, 
Ornvs, The. Niivellv, Mini Joie, Cut, Oil; Not- 

city, Fresno, to Is. 


, nil. 

•in ; 


I'ni.into. Ml«s. Orpbeiini, San Fran., Cal., (111; 
Los Angeles, Ki-2. r > 

1'n trice, A Co., Columbia, Cincinnati, 0-11. 

I'arlti'r, l^o, Allniillr Harden. X. .V. C, 6-11. 

I'ersonl, CoiDlJk. Kmplre, lies MNMi. ft., '111. 

I'ero U Wllscil, l<:ni|llr«, rrnnliforil. I'll] la., U-ll. 

I'elln Zoiiavea. Aiulllorliiai. Lynn, Mobm.. 0-11. 

Penilletcnia, The, (llohe, Han Fran., Cal., 0-11. 

Terry, Frank 1... Lyric, Utile Monk. Ark.. Oil. 

Perry it Alcrla, Star. Benver Hallo, Ta., Mil 
Family. New Ken«lngtoii, 1.1-18. 

I'clftt, Fred it Annie, Dennelt'a, l-oudon, Can., 
CI I. 

I'litllli,* .* lurlnritenii. Orplilitm, Newark, 0., ti- 

I'kciilo JllilfpiK. Temple, MtaH. Mia 

Pierce & Multrc, 'Poll's. Worcester, Masa., C-l 1 ; 
I'uuf.r's. K V. &, 1.118. , „ „ 

"Polly pickle's Pet*," 0. O. 11. , Hyrocuae, N. Y„ 

I'nlrler's H). llelnuir <.*iilali-ii. Okla. City. Okla., 

ll-ll : Klectric Pk.. Ft. Smith. Ark., lil-lfl. 
I'nwer'K Illpisslwnic, N, I. (!., nil. 
poller .v Ihurla, (|. ii. II., Phlshnrg. U-ll; 

Kcllh'n. Cleveland. I.'IIR 
Price & Id-inn, Imperial, Trcinnnt, 0„ nil ; Or- 

lililiini, Cnliun, MI-IK. 
"Prhnii'v. No. as." Kdworda'. Chase's, Wasblng- 

imi, ii. ('. u-ll. 
I'riuis. The, Majestic, Tnpekn, Kan., (111. 
1'iiri'i'll.i .',■ nrlsn, Kinplrc. lies Moines, lu„ Oil ; 

Star. Itiunllal. Mn„ IS-18. 
ijulgg, Mnckey ft Nlekenaon, Orplieum, Kt. Paul, 

Minn.. 'Ill: llnynmrket, Chicago, Hi-IB, 
"Qulnl.-lle," The, Hnyinnrket, Chicago, 0-H i Co- 

luuiliin, 8t. 1.0111k, I.I-18. 
liny, WW, .'! Co., K. « P.. Jersey Clly, N. J„ 

ltnfnve'lic's lings. Proctor's, Troy, N. Y., fl-ll. 
Knnf, i.'IuihIk, tlljnu, Calomel, Mich., fl-ll. 
ltiixliiv «- lliinlis, Umpire, llnllmrii, Lnglnnd, fl-ll; 

Umpire, Slnrknairl, 1JMR i IMteliess. llalhnm. 

anaft: puln.v, (.'liaison, 2"-.liine 2; Palme, 

Woke Ncwhiglbn. :t-ft. 
Hainan ft Ann., Knvoy, Hamilton, (Tan,, 0-11. 
iliifnn'*, Isiulso, iMonlw-ys, Union rupture, N, Y. C„ 

"Holn ftiw,:' Alhninhrn, N. Y. C, (l-ll. 
lladn. A.ltrrliiinn, Family. Klinlra, N. Y.. till. 
"Ilnlnlimvs," The. Dreamlanil. Ironlon, (»., "Hi 

nrftsdwnv. Mlddlcrowii. 1S-I8. 
llae. Dnrnihy, Main Hi.. Peorltl, III.. HI. 
Itawls A Von Knnfnvnn, Acme, Sacramento, ill., 

U-ll; National, H»n Fran.. 1S-I8. 
Redmond, Julia, «V0o., l.on.lnti, Can., (l-ll : Tera- 

plo, Delroll. I'M*, „ ., ., 

•iRc.l Unveil Cadele," Mlucr'a Bowery. N. Y. C 

Keciiless Reeklnw. Riverside Kink, Toronto, Can.. 

«-ia : Stadium Kink, Montreal, ISM. 

Reim, (leurge B„ ft Co., With Ht„ N. Y. 0. 

lleno ft Acorn, Umpire. II. Madison, In., 

• Ornlieunt. Itnckfonl, III., 111-18. 

Itetllck. Carl !•'.. A Co., Olnthc, Kan., 

Oaiillon, Mo„ 111- 1 8. ' 

llenler ft flniwller, llnlou Squaw. N. Y. C. 
lli'vuolda, JiiM. II., Drcnndauil, HrnUiloek, Pa., 0- 

lleilford ft Wlnehealer, K. ft P.. Jfraey Clly, N. 

J., U-ll. 
Helm; Will «i May, Donora. l'n„ nil. 
Ilene; ll<**lo. (lollimn, N. V. C„ U-ll. 
Ileiiilimion, mam, A nualer IlrownleH, 1'roetor'a, 

Newark. X. J„ U-ll. ' ^ m# 

llevnnrd, Kd. F„ Alhamlirn, X. Y. C. (l-ll. 
Itcin - HroH., Audllnrliuu. I.vnn. ,Mnwi„ U-ll. 
Ilennee Family, Orplwum, llookford, III., 0-11; 

Family, t)o»enpon, Ib„ 1U18. • 
"lied f)*l," TJie,'l*ook O. II., Ilorhealer, N. Y„ 

ll<'llly.°.lnlinnle, Kllle. It.>.-w Ixland, III.. U-ll. 
Illeeft (Mben, Hlien'ii, HnlTnlo, N. Y., 11-11. 
Illee ft Klmer, Chnae'n. Wnalilnnlon. II. C 0-11. 
l'.iint. .Inlln. ft Oft., Colonial, l.uwrenee, Maaa., 
• 0-11. 

Illi-c ft Cmly. Kellli'd, CnhiiiiliiiH, O.. Oil. 
Itlvenhnll. Fred, Family, Nrrniilon. Pa., (ill. 
IllXeei) llroN., Piiluiv. HiikIou, ill I; MuJ'.'hIIc, 

PlitMiinr. i:i-I8. 
IlliiliiM 141. Hliea'a, llnlTalo, X. Y„ Oil; Toron- 

10, Can., 111-18. 
Hlce limn.. Kellli'a, Ikmlou. U-ll. 
Iliullo Comedy Qunrlelle, (irphcimi. I.«w Anaelea, 

Cul.. ."'18. 
II lo i:in«. HI. PnlalH de Crysdil. Maraelllea, 

France, (1-111: Clri'im Parl«t>. Madrid, rlpaln, 
■ lil-lll ; Kmplre, York. Knglnml, ,Iuim> .'1-8, 
tllcli. John ft llerlhn. Victoria, N. Y. ('.. 0.11.' 
HoKenawelii, Hadye, l.yrle, Cle?elond, (III. 
Ilolihlnx ft iiniiiilim. Hi Ion. Norfolk, Vu„ U-ll. 
llimiiiiKi ft HIOKMIM llaihawiiv'H. Nrw lledrnrd, 

Mkhh., U-ll; AiHlllorluiii, Lynn, 1(1-18. 
Ilnlivna. Wm., Crynial. Milwaukee. U-ll. 
lloaen (S), Kellh'ii. Boalon, 0-11: I'oll'a, (Vor- 

eefller, 1S-IN. 
Ilonni. I8irn, r.n, Ave., X. Y. ('.. 0-11. 
Iti.lMTlH, Muriel, Helilndler'o. Chleaap, 0-11. 
ll'iHulre ft Itoreltn, Poll'a, Woreealer, Ma««., 0-11, 
IIomi ft i.cwIk. Kmplre, New Croaa, Kniland, (111; 

Fniii.rc. rltmirord. t:il8; Umpire, Khrp. llii»li. 

J(l-an; Kmplre, CnrdlO', UT-Juno l, Kmpliv, 

Swnnanii, !I-H, 
Home, Mayo ft Juliet, Deealur, III., 0-11; 

llnlcly, HprinRtleld, l.'l-IN. 
II.. I. If. I. a chiiiireMK, Temple, Ft. Wnyne, lnd„ 

U-ll; llljnu, Dmilur, 111., 1S-1R. 
lliiKerx ft lleely, Temjile, Detroit, 0-1 1 1 Cook 0. 

II.. IloeliONlor,' X. Y„ 111-18. 
IIokc, Jimmy, l.liuii. (I., (I 11. 
Itoouey ft Kent, Colonial. X. Y. ('., 8-11. 
K.iUtim.ii ft Faueliette, llroudwoy, .Mlddlelown, 

(I., ll-ll; nijnn. Wheeling, w. \'u.. IS-18. 
Ilnnmln ft Hove, r.Hih Slreel, N. Y. (!., U-ll. 
ItomnnoH (n), (Inrrlek. Wilmliixlon. Ilel., (ill. 
Iloynl .Mualeall'Tve, Orpbeiim. nenytr, 0-11. 
Ilnwliii'd, llonnrd, Iloalon, u-ll. 
Iloekwoy ft Conway, Majeaile, l,rt Halle. Ill,, nil; 

l.yrle, Kemdniilon, l.'ilii. 
iiiiir. Jiillnn, Orplieum, HokIoii, 0-11, 
Itu-ivm ft Shn«. Flnillny. Flndinv. (I.. 0-11; <)r- 

phldin, Kamliiaky, 1U-I8. 
llnlilii .en ft (IrniK. MIJ..II. I.n Craa.-e, Wla., Oil ; 


il, Paalor'K, X.' Y. c\. Ml. Zaael -Vernon Co.. 8t„ N. Y. O., 0-11. MABSACHK8 

.May. u. 

(Iiilnue. Kan Clnlre, i;i-ik. 
Iliiwudla, klualcnl, Cryalal, (lonlien, lml. . Oil; 


Amlenwxi, lit-18. 
Ilvnn ft lllclilleld, Orplienm, llkln.. 0-1 1 
lira. X. V. O., IS-18. 

Super. Hen. Ilrnnd, Allnonn, I'm., 0-11, 

Snln. O, K.I CiikIimi linrKsiil, l.ui-erne, Hwllrer- 

hind, II- in, 
Siniii'll. (irenl. Auditorium Kink. Knoivllle, Tenn.. 


Sni.el. JoHenldne, Tourlmj South Afrlea, (l-.'l!. 
SawniliiH, The, llnlim 8<pinre, X. Y. ft., 0-1 1. 
Head, Cnrrle M., Dreamliml, llrnclilnek. Pa„ 0- 

8Wmde.H (1). Blloii, H'lnnepeK, Cun., ll-ll; BIJou. 

Huliilli. Minn., 1,'I-IS. 
Hisilt ft Wllaon. 0. I), II;, Syrnenxe, N. Y„ 0-11. 
Mevmoiir ft llupree. Filially, Chiider, I'll., ll-ll. 
Seymour ft Hill, Kellli'a, Ultra. N. Y„ (Ml. 
Keyilkiur'a (ioinwly DoUm. .Molinnk. Hi'lieneclailr, 

\. V„ (III. 
Hellilnl. I.nlhi, Cnlon Square, X. Y. O.. U-ll. 
Seari, (lladyH, l.iiudon, N. Y. <).. U-ll. 
Seiimeii. Cliim. !•'., KellhN, ColanitlllM, (I., (111. 
Selbllll ft Crlivllll. I'oII'h, SprlllHlleM, Miihh., (l-ll. 
aSluiiimin, Lurry, I'ilyinplc Park, rSiultniMmaa, 

Teuii., nil, 
siiiiiiiuiin ill. Mnjexlle. Sioux Villa, 8, l>„ Oil. 
Miniuioii ft Straw, ll. It, II.. ilrnml HiiplilH, Mieli., 

SlilfhtH ft ilnlle. Allenlown, Pa., nil 

Slu'iin ft Wnrreii. Vlelnrln. X. V. (I., Oil. ' ft iii.p.|-M. Ilnymnrkei, Clileaini, an. 
Sluicp llixw.. ihphpimi, Ml. Paul, Minn,, lil-18. 
Sliuli, .Miinek. Slur, Ihimosleml, I'll.. 11-11. 
Shaw. I. Nihil, orplienm, Sun Fran., Cal., Ml, 
Shirley, MiihIciiI, Xelwii, SprlniillelJ. Milan., U-ll. 
SliflTrr ft Trimmer. PAalor'a, X. Y. C. (l-ll. 
Sims. Ileoiihle, Dniml. Mnrlon, 0-11; .Mar- 
vin, I'lhilliiy, ()., IS-18. 
Slmoii-Onrdiier Co., Kmplre, llnlmkeii. V. J., 0- 

NIdonlnM, The, lion Ton. .lernry Clly, m, ).. .1-11 | 

UjiiiIuii. X. Y. ('., IS-18. 
Nloawan. I'nnllne. Ijrrie, I'l. Sinllli, Ark., (Ill; 

Utile It-nk, KI18. 
Staler, Flneli ft Co., (I, (i. ||„ Syrnouae. X. T- 

■•III Shell'.,. llnlTalo. IS-18. 
Slater, Mnaler. Ilnymnrkei, Cblroirn, Oil. 
Smllh ft Campbell. Union Square, N. V. 0.. 0-1 1. 
Sinllli, Sue. Pell's, llrlillreiMirl, Cotin., (Ill, 
Sinyihe. Will II., Family, Sernnton. l>n.. nil, 
Snyder .'i lieliniuii, Aiiilllnrluiii. Norfolk, Va., (Ill, 
.Snyder ft Buckley, Columbia. Clm-binml, till ; 

Tempi •• Ft. Wayne, lml,, I.'M8. 
Soineia ft Low. London, N, V, C. (Ill; Troeailcrn, 

Plilln., IS-18, 
Siiiitbcrlnnd ft Cnrllk. flalely. OiileohuvR. III., 0- 

•Souk lllrda," The, Cliealiuil Sl„ Plilln., (l-ll. 
"Sidller .Mnalcn! Munpora (SI," Keriiey'n, New 

llrllaln, (.v>nn.. U-ll. 
Spncliml, Paul, Fountain Ferry Park. Louisville, 

Ky„ '111. 
Spi-.u-ue ft Dliun. siniidiii'd, Darcii|Mirt, la,, nil. 
Spray Slaters. .MetroiHilllnu. Duliilli. Minn., nil. 
Nplsuel 11ms ft Mack, Palace, London, Knulaiul, 

ii. I nne :,n. 
S|ie.lilen ft lleisnii. West Side. .Tiinoatllle, Wis., 


Slelncrt ft 
Illjmi. Ami 

Stulmau ft Crawford, 

HMtr, Julliw. * Co., r.sth St., X. Y. C„ (i-ll. 
Sineldiiii. Jael;. Luhln's. Baltlntore, 0-11. 
Strickland. K. C„ Cnlipie, 1/m Aroielea, Cal.. 0-12. 
Stoley'a Trnnufnrmallon Co., Sarny, Uamlflon, 

Can., (in. 
Steplien, BnlanelnK. BIJou, Wlieelinjr, W. Va.. 0- 

"Stiinnlnd Clranadlera," Shea'a. Toronto, Can.. 0- 

11; Kellli'a, Cleveland, IS-18. 
Sleln-F.vtlo Co., Moan ft Slnll Tour. Knfiland, 0- 

Rtiinrl ft Keeley, Forent Porlt, HI. Loula, 1S-1^. 
Stanley. Uenry. Wlndanr. 81. Paul. Minn., 0-11. 
Stanley ft Le Hoy. Tlltmvlll", I'd.. 0-11. 
Strain",! ft Thatcher. Xallonnl. San Fran., Cal., II- 

11! ; Acme, Sacramento, I.'1-IP. 
St. Odr Bros., Hopkins'. Memplila, Tenn., (III. 
Si. Clnlr Slslcra, l.nfayetle. Delroll, 0-11. 
SI. Julian. M., Bijou. Adrian, Midi., 0-1 1 ; Bi- 
jou; Muskegon, 1:1-18. 
Sutclllfe Trnii|«p. Or|*euni, St. I'nil. Minn.. Oil : 

Deliver, IS-18, 
Siimniem ft Cole, BIJou. lint He Creek, Mich., Oil. 
Siilllviin, Mark. Orpheuin. Kalians Clly, Mo., 0-11. 
Sullivan ft Posapicllnn, Armory, BliiithanKuu, X. 

Y.. Oil." 
Suilon ft Sutton, BIJou, Jackson, Mieli., U-ll; 

MiiHltecon. IS-18 
Sntllvnn. Minnie, Nelson, SnrlnRlleM, Masa., Oil. 
Snininers, (Sins. A Jnsle, BIJou, Iron Mountain, 

Mich., i: II; Ben'n, Knenualia, I.i-IR. 
Swain ft Powers, Slar, Jennelle, IN.. (Ml; Broil- 

doek. IS is. 
Mwnrla. Franeea, ft Co., Ornnd, Newport, Ky., 

Hyrnnniin, Jack, Slar, SI. Paul, Minn., Oil ; 

Melmpolllnn, Duliilli. IS-IR. 
Mwor Bros.. Cook II. II., lloeUesler, N. Y , 0-11. 
Hykes, Anile. Acme, Norfolk. Vn„ 0-11. 
Tiilcnii-., The, Braddoek, Pn., U-ll, 
Tnnnen, JiiIIiih, Orplieum. St. Paul, Minn., (1-11. 
Tnnminy. Kvn. Cook (I. II., llochenter. N. V . 0-1 1. 
Tann. Amlllnrliim, Lynn, Maaa,, nil, 
T.iyler, Henry ft Alice, Kelth'a, Cleveland, 0-1 1. 
'I'aylor. Leila. Auditorium, Lynn. Mass., (l-ll. 
Terry A Klmer. Family, Scranton, Pa., 0-11. 
'J'exarkann A Walhy, Family, Potlavllle, Pa., 0-11; 

iiatciiuu. anas. 

TliiiMion, liowr.r.l, Cairo, Kirypt. (l-si. 

Thonie. Mr. ft Mrs. Harry, K. ft P., Jeroey Clly, 

X. .1.. il-ll : Sheu's, Toronto. Can., IS-18. 
Tliorne ft Ctirleton, Shea's. BnrTnlo, N. Y.. (111. 
"The" ijnariiiie. lantli Nl., V. Y. C„ 0-11: Au- 

illK.rlum. Lynn, Muss., JS-18. 
•That" Qiinrlelle, Malealli., Chleniro, Mil 

Kfllh'.:, Cleveland; IS-IR. 
Tliompso'i, Win., ft Co., Ilayinarkel, ChleaRO, 0- 

Tltonian ft llnll, Acme, Norfolk, Vn,, nil. 
•llionipsmi ft I orlnit, BIJou, Norfolk, Va., U-ll. 
Thisnpson'a Kleplmnta, Younir'a Pier, Atlanllo 

Clly. X. J., 0-11. 
Thiirhor, l^ona. ft Picks, Kelth'a. "Plilla.. 0-11. 
Tlulie, Harry, ft Collejflons; Maryland, Baltimore, 

Tlvoil (Jnarlette, Fountain Ferry Park, I.oulavllle, 

Ky., al-11. 
Toy ft Toy, Ii'nmlly, Lebanon, Pa., (l-ll. 
Tops ft Topsy. .Mnjemle, Llncdlii. 111., Ml, 
Tnnliey, T'nt ft Mny, Oryalal, Klwoodi lml., Oil; 

Pavilion, lihirrinn. l.'l-IN. • ' 
Toiirldllmi, Mux. Troupe, Orpbeum, San Fran., 

Cal., o-ll : l.oa Angelen, lS-an. 
Truesilell, Mr. 'ft Mta.. Howard, Proctor'a, Troy, 

X. Y„ Oil. 
Tricy. Mr. ft Mrs. niek. Family, Cheoler, I'a., 

Tnlly, Mb». ft Co.. Orpbeum. Kt. Paul, Minn. ,0 11. 

Turner, Bert, Wlck'a .Kittulinlne. Pa„ 0-11. 

Tulsa, Colnnlal, Cnmlirlilre. O.. (Ml; llllou, Pi- 
nna. 1S-1R. • ■< .■:..■■ r " 

Tuseano Sisters, A. ft S„ lloslon, Oil. 

Tyre, Lillian, Maryland. Baltimore, (111; i.y- 
• l *um, Palerson, X, ,i„ IS-18. 

Pessema, The, Orplieum, Mlnneapolla, Ml, 

I'reliliis (S), Crystal. Hock Island, III,, Oil; 
Orpheuin, is-uvemvorili. Kan., 111-18. 

Usher. Clandn ft Fannie,- Orplienm. Allenlown. 
Pa.. 0-11. ' , I 

Vail, (leorae; Fonnlnln F'erry Park, l.milsvllle. 
> Ky., 0-11. 

Van (lorre ft Colrely. 'IViple. Bill Inns, Mont., 0-12. 

Vaile.s.' Mnrvekina, Cnlnii Clty.'.lnd., fl-ll. 

0-11 1 Chaae'H, Wnsh- 

Kan., (MR, 

Tlininiis, Columbia, Clnclniuill, 111 I; 
mi Admr, Mlatt., ISIS. 

Van, .Billy. Orplieum, .llkln., 
. huii, hi, n. C.. Ht-IR. •■ 
Vokkos,, 'The. IVotile'K. I.eiiv.-nworlli. Kn 
Von. Charles ft .Fannie'. Orpbeum, Allenlown, Pa. 

Vurfely Quarlelte. Cryslal. Lincoln, »b., 11-18. 
Vaaaur (llrK Victoria, X. Y. C. 0-11. 
Vaunars, Tlte, Ynung'N Pier, Ailnoilc Oily, X. J., 

Varilelies. The, Umpire, Ashtabula, O., 0-11; 

Arch, Cleveland, lil-18. 
ValaUciiB. The. Proctor's, Troy, X. Y., 0-11, 
Valleello's leopards, Teatro Mnrll, HivHUk, 

Cuba, 0-30. 
V«a«>, Chestnut St., Plilla.. 0-11. 
Valveiin Broa., Ilomird, llnaton, U-ll. 
Vaipos. Tbe, 0. H.. Kerwra, (Int., Can., Mil 

Ft. William, Orit., is;is. 
Van Oleve, Wentwcrlh ft -"Pete," Armory, nine- 

hanilop, X. Y„ 11.11. 

Varln ft-llurr. Lyric, Ft. Worth, Tex., 13-18. 
Veslo, Belle, Majestic. Chicago. 0-11; Columbia, 

Si 1. 1 m In. IV IK, 
Vernon. Keith's. Providence, 'II. 1„ 0-11 : Cnion 

8i|tiare, N. Y. On IS-18. 
Veala, Xetta. Proctor's, Albany, X. Y.. 0-11. 
Vlelorla'« Dogs, IMII's, New Haven. Conn,, 0-11. 
Victoria. Veala, aso St., X. Y. C„ 0-11. 
Viola. Olio, Nnilonnl, Sail Fran., Cal., fl-ll ; 

(lltvhe, Han Fran., IS-18. 
Vlnelll'H Horses, Chestnut St., Plilla., 0-11, 
Vllluiie Choir, Kmplre, Mohnken, X. J., (ill. 
Vokes, Hurry ft Margaret Daly, Olympic, Chi- 

cono. Oil: llaymnrket. Chicago. tS-ttf. 
Vnnlelbi ft .Mini. Hopkins'. Memplils, Tenn., 0-11. 
Want ft Cnrron, Pod'a, Bridgeport, Coiin., U-ll. 
Walerliury Bros, ft Teone.v, Proetor'n, Troy, X. Y., 

n 1 1 ; Poll's, New Haven, Conh., IS-18. 
Waison ft Llule. Family^ Lancaster, Pa., fl-ll. 
Wataon'a Farmyard. Poll's, llarlford, Conn., 0-11. 
Wayne ft Iks* Aoache, Poll's.' Worcester, Mass., 

0-11. • 

Wayne. A. J., O. II., De Pere, Wla., 012. 
Warren ft Howard, (irand. Peru, lnrt., o-ll; 

tt rami, lluntlnmnn, W. -Va,. 1.T-I8. 
Wunla, AL, Crystal. Frankfurt, -lml., fl-ll; Crys- 
tal, KIwomI, 1S-1R. ', 
Weal ft lleniou BIJou, Diihunue, In.. U-ll; llo- 

mlnlon, 'Winnipeg. Can., IS-18. 
Weamn, AL II,,. ft Co., Colonial, Lawrence, Mass,, 

0-11; Orplieiim llkln., IS-18: 
Welch, Mealy ft Montrose, Olympic, Chicago, 0- 

Weber, Chan. D.. Mnrrny Hill. N. Y. C, 6-11. 

Weldi Troupe, l.omlnlon. Winnipeg, Can., fl-ll. 
Webb's, ('apt., Neils, 1 llppodrome, X. Y. C, fl- 

Webb A Connelly, Vancouver, B. 0„ Mia 
Welch, Lem, Mosn A SI6I1, ft rtleanl Tours, Kng- 

Inuil, it .lime SO. 
Welch. Ben. l"orllanil, Porllaml, Me., Ml. 
Whlleluw, Arthur, Colonial, Lawrence. MaHS.. 0- 

While, Stiiart, ft. Co., OoliuaMa, Cincinnati, fl-ll. 
\J i tuitiii A- lmvls, Portland, Portland, Me., 0-11. 
Whl I mm, Frank. Pastor's. N. V. 0.. 0-11 : Km- 
plre. Flltsilihl, Masa., I:|;|R. ' 
WhllealdeHi The. l.yrle. Cleveland. (Ill, 
Whltinnn Sj«ler« ft Itobliiaon. Kmpltv, Ilohoken, 

Wblleley ft liell, Cryalnl, l"raiil:forl, Hid., Oil; 
Crystal. Klwuod, lil-18. 

Wbei'ler Sisters. Union Clly, lml., 0-11 ; I.lnton, 
To* I Hi 

Wllaon, (leo., n&th St.. N. Y. C. 0-11. 

Wilson Bros., iL'oih Street, X. Y. 0.. 0-11 : Proc- 
tor'a, Newark, X. J„ 18-18. 

Wlxun ft Katun. Family. Cheater. Pa., Oil, 

Wllaon ft De Mondevlllo, Mala St., Pvorlu, III,, 

Wills ft Hasaan, Orpbeum, llkln.. fl-ll, 
Windsor, Benu. Allsky, Sacramento. Cal., Oil ; 

Kiliplro, Siis'kloii, IS-18. 
Williams ft Pullman, Pador'a. K. Y. C, fl-ll. 
Mllllnina nno, lllnpodrome. PHtahnrg, n-n. 
Wllaon. Jack, ft Co., Chase's, WasblDtton, D. C, 

Wise ft Milton, Atlanllo Garden. X. Y. 0., fl-l I. 
Wlllard, elms., Verliaeh, OIl-CHy, Pu„ fl-ll. 
Wilder. Mnrshuli p„ Majestic, Chicago. IS-18. 
Work* Owen. Alhamhra. N. Y. 0.. fl-ll. 
Wordetle, Km lie, A Co.. Bennett's, Ottawa, 

Can., n-n. 
Wood Bros.. Dewey. Minneapolis, fl-ll. 
Wissls, Liliieu, (Hnlhe, Kau„ 0-11; Cnrrolton, 

Mo., lil-18, 
World ft Klngainn, llaynnne, BnyoUne, X. I., U-ll. 
Worth ft Dolctnr. Fnmllc, Lafuyelle. lnrt.. Oil:' 

niton, Rockfonl. 111.. IS-18. 
Wood ft I. unison, Keith's, Phlla., Oil. 
Yale Olio. Lafuyelle, Detroit. O-II; l.yrle. Cleve- 
land. IS- IK. 
York Comedy Four, Howard, Boston, 0-11. 
Young Buffalo Royal. Montreal. Can.. Mil Slsr. 

Toronli. 1S-1R. ' 

Yoke. Mnv. ft IMIIeTrlo. Malesllc. Chlesgo, Ml. 
\onng Amerlcn Quintette. Pack. Johnstown, Pa., 

ll-ll: Btnrer Falls, IS-IR. 
Yule, A-.-tlinr. Auditorium. Quelle, Can., fl-ll. 
Tonng ft Miiiiulng. Irwin, Ooshen, lnrt., Oil; 

Crystal, Anderson, 13-18; 

Zeno, Jordan ft Zeno, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, 

X. J„ Ml. 
Zimmerman. Willy, Sotot, Hamilton, Can.-, 0-11. 
Zlnaarl -Troupe, Jlennell'a, Ottawa, Can,. U-ll; 

-Proetor's, Albany, N. v.. in-is. 
Zola Slaters, BIJou. Baltle Creek. Mich,, 0-11. 

ON THR HO Al>, . 

8opplemen(«l - Hecelveil Ton 
lastte for ( l«»sls1e«tl(in. 

Alhee,'« Comic Opern (ti. F. Alhee, mgr.) — rrnvl- 
ilenee. It. I., (1-25. 

"Ai Cripple Creek" (.las. A. dnlvtn, mgr.> — 
Wilkea-tlarre. Pn., u-8, Seranlon nil. 

Buchanan. Iirralne. Slock — Battle Creek, Mich., 
in. Indeflnlie. 

Croaroan, Henrietta (Maurice Campbell, mgr.i — 
Stockton, Cal., 8, Oakland nil. 

Cnrrell Comedy (Ion Carroll, nurr.i — Weston, W. 
Vn„ IS-18. 

Crawfonl's Comedians— Cherryviile, Kan., IS-18. 

•Cowboy dlrl" (Perce A. Benion, mgr.)— Farina, 
X. Oak., P. Cmokston, Minn., 10, Orand Forks, 
X. Dak., II, Vernilale, Minn., IS. Bralnerd It, 
St. Cloud It. Hloux Falls, S. Dak.. 10, Lincoln, 
Nelnr.,.- 17. 18. • 

"Coming Thro' tbe nye" (Will .T, niock Amiiae. 
Co,, mgrs. )— Providence. II. I.. 0-8. 

Dudley Slock (Frank Dudley, mrr.l— Hot Springs, 
Ark., fl-ll. 

"Dark Secret"— Cleveland. O., 1.1-18. 

"Diilchmnn's Honeymonn" (Frank L. Whllller, 
nmr.i- -Riiihinal, VI., 0, Folr llmen 10, White- 
hall, 'N. Y„ 1 1, Tleonilemxu IS, Brandon, VI., 

Klllc'h Harden Rtnck— Denver, Colo., .".. Indeflnlie. 
"Free l.nncc" iKIaw ft Krlsnger, mgrs.) — Winni- 
peg. Man., Can., fl-ll. 
"Forty-Ove Mlnuiea from Brnndwny" (Klnw ft 

Krlnnger. tnjrrs.) — Corning. N. Y.. R, llhaci 0, 

Anluirn in, Itlnghnmlon II. 
"Fnnriy Mr. Donley" (SJ- Itenne ft taee, mgrn.) — 

Kcnivllle, N. S., Can., 8. Brlilgetnwn 0, Anntip- 

oiu in, ll, Dlgliy IS, Weymnulh 14, 10. Yar- 

iiioiitli 10, IT, Liverpool 18-20. 
"For a Human Henri," Wm. T. Kcogh's (To J. 

Fosse, m«r.) — Boston, Mass.. 'l-ll, Brooklyn, 

S. Y.. lil-18. 
(Iny Slaiek (C. W. Mercer, mgr.) — Oreenaburg, 

lml.. fl-ll, Bloomlngton IS-IR. 
"(llngerbresd Man" --Baltimore, Md., 13-1R. 
"(Ilrl of Ihe llaneh"— I'blladelnlilii. Pa., IS-IR. 
"(Irent Wall Street Mystery" (Vnmv ft Rulllvm, 

mars. )— Tomnin, Can., ll-ll, Montreal IS-18. 
"flytwy Jack"— Ilohoken, N. J., Ml. 
Illlchcock, Baymonil (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) — 

Seullle, Wash., (1-11. 

Holland, Mildred (Kdwnrd C. While, mgr.)— Low- 

rence, Mnss., R, l/twell 11. 
llownril llnll (Ohns. K. lllaney Amuw. Co., mora.) 

— N. Y. City IS-IR. 
Ilickmnn-Hcsscy isjf, a. While, mgr.)— Wauke(,bo, 

Wis., n-l I. Wankegan. Hi.. 12-18. 
Isaliel Irving (Llehler ft Co.. mgrs.) — Ishpemlng, 

.Mich., R, Calumet 0, Hancock 10. Sherburne, 

Cam. II. 
"In Old Kenlucky" (A. W. Dlnmrnll, mgr.)— 

Toronto, Can 1 ., 11-11. 
Kelm, Adeiiihlc- N. V. Clly 1.1-18. 
King Dramatic (Cbas. King, mgr.) — Greenville, 

8. C, 0-11. Mncoo, fin.. IS-18. 
"Kidnapped for Revenge" (Cfans. K. lllaney 

Amnae. Co., mgTw.l — Youngstown, O., 8. 

Wnsollng, W. Va.. Mia 
"Little Outcast," K. , J. Carpenler's — Seranlon, 

PU., 0-8, Wllkes-Bnrri' 0-11. -• 
"Little Proa|M»ctoif" (Frank. 0. King, mgr.) — 

Council -BliuTa, la.. IK.jBlalr.-Xebr., IS. Sloui 

Olty,-la.,-Hv-I# Msrsl.1."-.. ■•■• •- .-',■--.- 

-Mel nlj re mill Hen Hi ililiiw ft Frlnnsrer. mgrs.) — 

Lancaster, . Pa.. R, Knsinn fl, , Trenton, X. ,1., 

10, Plalnllchl 11. 
Mary Marble and I.lllle Chin (Wells, Dunne ft 

Itarlnn, mgrs.) — Memphis, Tenn., 0-11. 
"Mrs. Wlggs of Die Cabbage Patch" .(Liahler ft 

(To., mgrs. i— Ogden, 'If.. R. Rait Lake City fl-ll. 
"Man of Ihe llmir" (Brady ft (Irlsmer, mgrsi) — 

Chicago. III., 12, liulellnlte. 
"Monlnnn" Mns. D. Carey, mgr.) — Detroit, Mich.. 

•VII. • , 

"Millionaire's Revenge" ( Bros, Amuse. 

Co..' mgrs. I— Detroit, Mich., S-lli 
"Mad ■ Millionaire" ..(niistlo.. ft Laisilnt. mgrs.; — 

Cumdeb.-N. ■.-¥.",, RflMmll ton fl, Onforil 10, 

iln-ene, 11. Candor IS. IlUaca It. Wotklns IS, 

nmii i«. Friendship IT. Smslhnoi'LPn., 18. 
"(hir Old Kentucky Home" tlVto. Ileywood. mgr.) 

--Seward, Nebr.. 8. Dnvld Clly fl. Osceola in. 

Hitoinsls>rg 11. York IS, Aiuirii it, Orand Is- 
land 15, 
llnliliinon Stock— Sprlngfleld. O., IS-IR. ' 
Skltirer, Olla (Charles Frohman, mgr. )— Denier. 
. Colo., fl-ll. 

SuHy. Daniel— Philadelphia. I'a.. nil. 
San Carlo Opera iHeury llnssell, mar.) — ^Bos'nn, 

Mask., fl-ll. Slock— Bay City. Mlcb., .'., Iniledulle. 
"81 Nlehhln-:" t lieu. X. Y„ 11. 
■■I 'pel- Toiii'm Cabin," J. 8. Krllcbflehl'a— Fair- 

uiillnl. .111., fl, H.Kiier 10. Sidney 11, Toll ii io 

IS, Bemcnt 14, I/ivlngtnu Id, Areola 10. 
"Village Hrncer" tlhwiin ft Lanolnt, mgrs.) — 

Nee; - Berlin, X. ¥., R. ltlelnield Springs II. 

Cherry Valley 10. Rharon Mprlngs II, Chillliiim 

IS,. Manchester, VI.. 14, -Wilmington IS, Rhel- 

iiiirne Falls, .Mass., 10, 
Walker Whlleslde— Us Angeles, Cal.. fl-ll. 
Wllllnirs, Hntllo (Charles Frohman, mgr.l — New 

London, Can,, I). ■ 
Williams mul Walter— Atlantic City. X. J., flit. 
"VVlsnrd of Wall Slreel," Ktlwln Palleraon's— 

Klgln. Xchr., IS, Albion l-l. (lenoa 10, Fuller- 
Ion 10, PlaUe Center -IVSebuylcr 18. 
Ye Colonial Hlock (C. W. Benner. mgr.)— Spring- 

field. O., Ml.' 

in iilpsih r. AND v \i in; villi:. 

California Hlrls (John Urrcve*i, mgr.)— X. V. clly 

IS-18. • i '. J- 

Mil Mien (Fred Irwin, mgr. )— Brooklyn, N. V., 

TraiiH-Ocennlc Kvlrnvngsnta — Providence, R. L, 


(iorlon's (C. C. I*earl. mgr.i— l.ecchhurg, Pa., 

1(1, Tarentnm 11. New -Bethlehem IS, Brookvllle 

It. Punxsiiiawney lit. 
Ill Hoiry's — Sbelhiirne Falls, Mass., fl, Arcen. 

flebl'O, Amherst in, Xoriliumpton 11, IlnrCord, 

Conn..-l.'1-lB. ' 

Ti;m- SHOWS. 
Hunt's Sliver Plu!« — lulcrlaken 

Stockbrldgc 10, Canaan Four 
I.neky Bill's— Irrlnc. Kan., IS, 

Wnlervlllo n, Baiues 1(1, Green 

Ingion IS. 
Pawnee Bill's Wild West ami 

Col. I.UIIe's— Belleville, I 

It, Mount Veinoii IS, Marlon 

-IT, Mount Cuiniel 1R, 

Fnust I.lf,y>rnliin (II. Powell, mgr,) — l.lnevllle, 

la., (Ill, AMenton is-ir,, 


Hostiin. — The principal new bills for week 
of Mat (I arc: "Tbe Time, the Place and the 
GlrC* «t, the Tretnonl, nnrt the San, Carlo 
Opera Co.. In repertory, at the Park. At: 
traction* to continue are: Virginia Hamed, 
lii 'Tin Great Question," at the Majestic; 
"The Rogers Brothers In Ireland," at the 
Hollla: fllchnrd Carle. In "The Hprinjt 
Chicken.'' a: the Colonial : "The Heart of 
Marylnnd," pt the Globe, and "Robin Hood," 
nt the C'sstle Hqiinre, The Beaton Theatre 
closed for the season lant Saturday night. 
nntl the enc". Is In slghl 'or several others. 
HiislnesH vrns excellent nt all piny shops last 

Tremont (John B. Schoeffel, manager). — 
"The TIbic. Ibo Place and Ihe Olrl" will bnve 
lis flrat locsl hearing May «, Ihen beglnnlnK 
a four weekf;' engngement. Prominent arc : 
Arthur. Dongou, (Scorgla Drew Meniliim. Ilnr- 
rlet Burr, Clias. Bowcrs.Ueo. Dflmcrel. Harry 
Hnnlon nnd John C. Rowe. .Ins. K. Hnckelt, 
In "The Wnlls of Jerlchn," closed two weeks 
Of good buolnesa'B. 

' park (Chns. Fn>limnn,''jileh & Harris, mnn- 
agers).— The 'Son Carlo Opera Co., Henry 
Russell, director, Is the attraction horn (Ml. 
The nnVrlng*; for Ihe week are: "laa Bohcme," 
"Don I'asqiinle," "li'mist" find "TroTatoro." 
Allco Nlelaacn nnd Hlg. Constantino bead the 
company. During the bast fortnight Nance 
o'Ncll aeored a decided Buccess, In "Cleo." 
The house will close 11. 

Ma.ikhtio (A. I<. WHImr, tuaniiger). — Vir- 
ginia Hnrned.ln "The Great Qnesllon," begins 
the second nnd flnnl week oMier engngement 
0. Business has hcen excellent, nnd the play 
and Ihe nlflr were well received. The next 
attraction will be ".Tho Three of Da,'' 

lini.i.iH SritKiii' I l»jfir II. Rich, manager).- 
— "'i'lic Rogers Bros. In Ireland" retaalna the 
attraction, the second and last week opening 
'1. Good Hired crowds have been In evidence. 
Olgn Nclhersole. In repertory, week of III. 

Colonial (Charles Krolimnn, Rich ate Hor-. 
rls, managers).— 'Hlchnrd Cnrle. In "The 
Spring Chicken," opens his third week nnrt 
concluding fortnight (I. Indications point, 
to continued gooif business. 

C unii: i Kinlr, Wilbur & Nienlnl, mflnngers) . 
— John Crglgand his stock coropnny opened 
A abort Hummer season here Inst week, pre- 
senting "The Heart of Mnryland" to good 
patronage. The same bill will be given 
this. week. "Old Heidelberg" hext wefk. 

Boston* (Lawrence McCnrty, manager), — . 
With '.he Until performance of "Coming Thro' 
Ihe live." lasl Saturday night, the regular 
season of this house came to nn end. The 
house folns the vaudeville ranks next season,- 
liooklng through (he United Booking Office*. Oi-kiia Hoiihi: (Ceo. W. Magee, man- 
n'rer , . — "ii'or n llumun J,lfe" Is tho current 
offering, following a splendid week's business 
for "Billy, the Kid." In which Joseph Sant- 
loy wa* fentured. "The Two Orphans" will 
lie the final attraction of the season nl this 

Castm: Sqcark (Boston Stage Society man- 
agers). — The stock opera company met with 
much success last week,. In "Robin Hood." 
which Is continued »s this week's bill. "The 
Gondoliers" next week. > 

HownniN Sol'akk (Oeo. E. I.otlirop, mana- 
gcrl.-,-Tlie i.iitbrop Stock Co.,. In "At the 
Risk of Ills Life.' us a successor to "No- 
Mother to (Julde Her." which attracted the 
usual good pulronage last week: "An Actor's 
Romance'.' next week. The house will remain 
o|>en nil Summer. "• 

Keith's (ll. 1'. Keith, manager).— Grace 
h'llklns mul James Home head the hill (his 
week: Other Excellent entertainers, are : Tom 
■Mat-ate. Mc.Mohon'H .Minstrels Maids, .lack 
Norwoith,' Celllils - and llarl. notlald and 
cuisnn, Mi. \iiiiion and Cbappelle, Three 
Itosell." Eddie Mack. Miillcr. Chunn.and Miil- 
ler.,!JoKlc..',VII#li, .RltS" .iBrothers, • O'Connor, 
Sniindertt nnd company, and new motion 'pic- 
tures. iiusl'iisH contlnttes excellent. 

Obhhbiim (Percy WllllamH, manager).— 
Fine bills and crowded bouses. Bill week 
of ii iri.'imi. s ; Chas. ,\l liler and company, 
Julian HoKr, Tom Ilenrn. Katherlnc Nelson, 
Mimic Kour, llallan Trio. Ilex Fox, Keno. 
WulKh and Melrose, Dorsch nnd Russell, and 
tbe. klnetogrnph, . • • 

Hou'Aiin (Jay Hunt, business manager). — 
Kxcellent' entertainment Is promised thin week 
by. Ham Devtire's Co. Andy laewls heads the 
fun brigade, and the olio names : Miller and 
Hunter, Mnwr. Bisters (3), Murroy, Clayton 
and Drew, Ibe Shrodes (2), and Andy I,cwIk 
nnd company. Tha Howard's own bill : Yorke 
Comedy Pour,' Henry and Francis, Valve'no 
Bros., Kenney and Hollls, Emelle Bennei, 
Hill Hrt.T Hill. Crnlmni nnd l.nng, Cutnmlng.s 
and Knight: Rowaldi and the liownrd-scofle. 
Ulblto Hoiinilers fared well last week. Jolly 
(irnss Wldoe-s next. 

. RAbAaTH tC. H. Waldron, manager). — The 
Bowery -Burlc-sQiier* ll-lt. Prominent In the 
cnmiaiinv are: Mxzle 1'rellgli, Carmelltu 
d'lOlced'^re. lien Jnnscn, nnd tho Icariell-Tfly- 
Inr-Trln. The Palace's extra cards are : Devlne 
nnd Shuriz, 'llll nnd Acker. Rlsteen Bros., 
Sidney Duncan, Jones and .Tones, Phil Mor- 
tfln, : find Wyckhoff and Hart. Good sized 
crowds aw Ihe Rent-Santlcy Co. last week. 
Irwin h Mnjcsllch next. 

f5oi,i)MBiA tllarry N. Karren, manager).— 
Billy Wattion and his burlesiiiters this week. 
Tho oil > Is furnished by the Yamamoto Bros., 
Mliiershlp Sldters, nnd Oracle and Iteytiolds. 
J.'lrat class cnlortnlnment was furnished bv 
Hid Broadway -Gnleiy Girls last week, anil 
packed houses ruled. ' 

I.ychljm (G. H. Batchellor, manager).— 
Grenlei' Now York Stars return (l-ll. Con- 

30. i'be ploy is a well told romance the 
action of nbich takes place In Austria at 
tin. time of the wars/between Napoleon and 

{HER! ) ?W.r Dr ., of 4"» tr, «- Th^AiSitrlan 
Hmperor. having Won the support of thelovi 
ami true hen fled people of the Tyrol he 
trayg-them, olthouBU Ills brother, the Arcii 
duke John mokes every effort to assist Hi™' 
Hi one or his cttempta to do this. John mee tK 
Ann Plochtl. a Tyroleae, and /ells in love 
w th h.:r. Together they strive to help thHr 
cause, hut etcry effort fa fruitless, atid John 
Is comiiisnrtiirf to. return Io the pnlnce whlii 
Ann Is taken there as prisoner. John trie, 
to brins about, her rciense, nnd llnnllv the 
emnery.', for diplomatic reasons, consents t, 
their iiiurrlflpc. Thin marriage Is hlstorl 
and Ith said that Fronds finally- gave An .,' 
Ihe^ltle of the Countess of Mern. 'P he wh i 
production gave evidence of Mr. Williams' 
excellent work and management. Uiaa n'e.i 
•ahnweil great cIcverncsR In her Interprctntlni 
and the choracler work of, Hermann I, el! de 
jertes ii preut deal of credit. The cast : fl 
ows: ArJie Plochfl. .Miss ReedV: Frniic is 
I'.mperor of Aiudrla, Stanley Wood : 'Mel e <■■ 
iilcn, .lolin M Sulllvnn : Count Von Hudells 
llerninnii J.lcb; (ienern Bmn, RtarllV.V 
Wood! Count Cbnslelflr, John Cumherlc it? 
Meyer. John M. Sullivan: Frllz. John c „,! 
hnrlan, ; - Ploehtl. lien Graham • 
Olio, G.'orgj. Pearcc ; Pontor Karl. ICred.u Xu 
Snt on: Father; Hasplnger, Albert H. «,.,) 
Wallnor. I'renk Bronson; V 
Wcln«Obi :Cf,nrnd. Frederick Suilon ; Kr.ic 
I'rnnk Hronnfm: Tony Wild, Thomas M ui 
arky : Krledl. Hermann l.leb; vSSt AM. 
irnnk Hronson ; Second Aide, I. Welnsteln : 
lautloviea. Kthel Grant; Mario Ionise " Alice 

-■'■'-"> "■--» ■• ■" ■ -...HI. , .villi 11' liOIIIflP, A, CI' 

Rtker: rnmtnu Metternlch, Corlnne Simon" 
ii.T"»i*,,?'fSf. * « n ?"..?. 1 " i _f '"unless 

md Oreat Far East. tSSm^M^ ' M * e ' ''"" WC ° k " 

«rion l:, ;o, M il'!.Tl'l.«?K *5»*W * :S v T ™£% > '"5 r! " M < A ; «• 
•■" mnnagci'-). — Young Snnilow and I.i 




marvels, remain as heud- 

of 0. Other novel features 

Man of Persia, Alphonsc, 


I.oalavll^.— ^At tiie Mary Anderson Thea- 
tre (Friiiik Wl|llnms, manager) "'Pile Other 
lilrl" came April L'D-May 1, pleasing. Mrs. 

piiko nit. 

Avkmik (Cbas, A, Shaw, manager).— 
''Down M.ol>lle" Inst week, uttracted large 
.'iiiillencca nt every |K>rformance. Cole nnd 
Jolmsoa, la "The shnn-l.-lv llegliucnt." 5-I.1. 

IliK'KiNtnuit ( Whullen Bros,, managors). 
— The Avenue Glr'.s l«at week, drew well 
and gnve a plcnilng performance. Merry 
lliirlesriiiers 5-11 

, Pontainm irKHttY Pauk (Wm. Relchman, 
mobager). — This popular resort will open the 
Heaaon r... with a morn elaborate and. exten- 
sive collection of attractions than, nny -pre- 
vious Benson. In addition to the -old attrac- 
tions, there will be: A Trip to Mars, Path 
from Parla, Kansas Cyclone. Rolling tbe Rol- 
ler, CIcopatrn'H .Boudoir, Calcutta Tiy Night. 
Tho Wat Path Jr., Arid YVIImerdlng's Irafned 
nolmnls. A new, feature to lie Inaugurated 
thin, sea ion will, be a free ntunUaloii to the 
pilbllc. New people week of May ,ri: (Juyar 
and Crisp'. IlaslliigH and Wllaon, I'uul Spu- 
<1<inl, Tltrrtll Qnnriette, and George Van Cook's 
Mllllnry Hund will furnish the music In tho 

Wiutk ClTr (W. H. I^bh. general mans- 
Iter).— This new resort opened m (fie public 
April v:T. The weather at tbe onedlog was 

rihysli'iil culture 
Incrs for we^k 
are: The Rluc . 

ociiilpose wonder: Hindoo Sum, basket trick; 
Olcnnoid, TcntrlloniilRt ; rill's marionettes, 
Topp'B .bBtttl, and Trlxb>. snake enchant roan. 
In (lie' ihealfe Cot. White's Mlnntrel. Maids 
will cclchrnic their one .hundredth annivers- 
ary. Specialties are by: Vlolettc Dulc, 
llornthy Norton, Klhel Norman. laoulse ■ 
llrniuliniM, Idii Campbell, Lottie lllnnclinril, 
Cnssle French, Mnrin SlHtcrs, Frank Cook, 
Low Benedict, nnd Allon. Ultra vnudovllle 
offers: Vcntn OlIboM, Jercd Arthur, Tuscnno 
Hlstern, Kostciie and lommeit, and new mov- 
ing pictures- ... « 

WUMpn WumsoM (L. B. walker, mana- 
ger). — Manajier Walker's original fat beautlea 
ore curio hall features this week. Other 
cards sre: Mica Johnson, bigg puncher; 
Oxarf. magician, and Prof. I.yncb/s Punch 
and Judy. Stage flliow: Carrie Hwartr.'s 
Burlesiuern. Olio— Martin and Dovie, iCdlth 
Allston, Mae Richardson, .Alice Melvln, l.ulu 
Kimball. ICdnn Merrill, Minnie Andrews, and 
Howard's moving pictures. 

NicKtihOhnoN (VV.-'H. Wolffe, manoger).— 
In curio halls for week of : Soobretles' con- 
veniloii. Mi idoane. strong man, and trained 
birds, nalltn Clltfoi'd's All Star Specialty 
Co.. furnlshf* Btake show. Olio Includes: 
ISddlo (llgtirc, AI. iPord, James Nonry, Frolb- 
Ingliam nnrt Denhaai, and moving pictures 
Manng.T Wolffe reporls business as excellent. 

Bertha . 

ffilfWftr, Myllle Ravel; Countess' Collorelo 
Hnlsle Inee; Bnrofleiw Hormnyr, Amv Whit' 
tier; Jounno, MOIIIe Ravel; Martha, 'Mleiion 

Mr? wmiama. ' C - ' ™ ^»«S 
VMKKr.ix (.1. V. Burke, resident mana- 
TT r '.H Iol y tro " K Oronaflllc Society, In "Rob 
Roy" d, laosl week, Kllcn Terry, April "i 
drew .1 fashionable audience. Illxle Mln 
slrelfl (locul), ;i. hod K. II. O. M Hlnnley 
Nichols and "Chirk" Kox, of the BosT, 
S»*| w0 . n K 1 r ' , ' lt f«vor. "Mr. niurney. from 
Ireland,. 4, pleased. ■ 

-Kri. 1 *'" ii' &Crftjt||(D, resident miinageri. 
-Ijffl*. ofll: ,W. J. Ollearn, In "A Romance 
of Klllmnoy ;" Chnrlea Wayne, Gerlrudo Ins 

BS?™R. " nrt cn^ny. Rosalre and Doreio. 
Mile. Chester, I lorce and Malzee, McKay nntl 
Cnntwfli; the Chadwlck Trio, and the clcetro- 
grapb. .Buslm-as Is excellent, 

NOTi\:_r.ei> shubert "and oilier prominent 
theal i icrl people were In town last week, to 
witness the performances of "Ann and Ibe 

' a 

. .lfww«ll.— At'tlie laowell Opera House (M 
M. Illn mi. resident manager) last week, "111-' 
B9 nM af V*! Ireland," with KIske O'Hnin.' 
did well. April 1!U. Francis Wilson, in "The 
Mountain Cl|mber," received a cord In l wel- 
come from a large audience 30. Carrlek 
Club. Dramatic Co. (local I, May 'J, delighted 
their many friends, In "Sowing the Wind " 
III 'Manrytsl 'Mlnslrels gave an excellent en- 
lerlnlnmeq-t, 3, to good business. "The lei. 
of Rong-Rong," featuring John W. ltnnsohe, 
4. prarad a.very .clever . mimical protliicllnn. 
Henrietta. I.ce ri'.-elved many encores for her 
urtlstlc rendering- of her song minihairs. 
Korence Mae Smith. Cbas. 1>. .Morrison and 
Walter Unfe, ,werc nlso promlniim. The 
Hiastng and ptoditctlon of "Nan Antonio" was 
deserving of .special • mention. Htetsori's 
"llpcle Tom's Cabin" Co., 7. with mallnee; 
•IHploniacy " M T.I Dramatic' Co. (lorali. 
8: ..-.Mildred. Hnlloml 11. ( . ■ '*•, 

■ ACAimilY OF.'MOrtrc— Motion pictures and 
lllustfated. sotfgn, .direction of KdW|n>.-R. 
Walker,, II. I,. Snrnge.inherntor, and William 
I.eavean and Alice Pjrklns, aololstai, was the 
iiltrnrtlon last w^>eU, lo fair business. The 
house will be dark thin week. 

jnyri(AvV.a.r'.s (John 1. Shannon, resident 
inuntigei'i. — I^tyt week marked tbe close of 
this season's vaudeville. The year has been, 
the most prosperous In ihe history of Hie 
house. Muouger Slihnnnn has made man,' 
friends during his slay rere. and much credit 
Is due lo him nnd assistants for the pleasing 
nnd homelike fill-, as. wcl| as the excellent 
eolfrialnmenl. The prosperlly Ihnt the bouse 
Ills' enloyedis due' to these facts. .Motion 
plrlurea and llluuraled songs will entertain 
this week. 

Hohtov (J. II. Tehbetts. manager).— Xe|. 
lie iitirif<)i':!'H.Tr,tloini B-jriesniin nnd Vaude- 
ville Co. pleased big luislness Inst week, offer- 
ing an nc'Cpiullle bill of burlesque, vaude- 
ville and-mtislcal numbers. This week : Marie 
1 Italy's French Beauty Burlesnuers. wilb 
the following Olio: • Uw Orth, Denno nhd 
Berwick, May Waldron, Eugene Sweel. Bel- 
mar and I'ratt, llliiaatrutcd songs and Ihe 
Boston bioscope. 

TiiKAtjiK Amiqiik ( Frank N. Allmnn. mnn- 
ngerl.— This coiy houae, devoled lo moving 
pictures and llltiit rated son,™. Is doing nn ex- business. Hurry -Wilson nnd Kstellrt 
Jlnllard, sololsta, eontrnue. MIsr Ballard's 
fronds remembered her with beautiful floral 
tributes Ins! week. 

UOI.I.AJVAV RlMC— The Thnw-Whltc plr 
liirais ended a two weeks' prosperous slay, 4, 
direction J. A, l*lghton. Mr. laeighton goes 
on the road with "The Little Mona" Co. (1. 

MRNTin>. — llai'grciivc's .Shows will enier- 

ttjln at the circus, grounds i.Moy 8 ..Dan 

McCnbe closed a" successful season wllh the 
"At Cripple Creek" Co. (Western), and I* 
home visiting friends. He will be with the 
ivnstern company next season. .... .Fred K. 

Benne, singe director for Francis Wilson, Is 
home for a short, slny. Mr, Beane will di- 
rect the production of "The Great Train 
Robbery," nt one of the Chicago parks...... 

Grace Dnmselle. of the NbIIIo Hartford Cn„ 
Is seriously 111 here, at HI. John's Hospllol, 

threatened wllh pneumonia ;The Kmplre 

Ihealre, PHlKlield, Mtins,, management J. II. 
lebls'tts. linving rlosed a siiocesAful season. 
Airs. J. II. Tcbiictts returned tri net as treas- 

tirer of the local house ..Charles Sdhles- 

Inner . is the plnnlst-dlreelnr of the Nellie 

IMrtfoM company . ;THe laowell Aerie. 

22.1 of icngles, will hold lis iinimnl memorial 
servlates, In lllks Hull, fl. Tlioiiias P. Con- 
nell will lie miiHier or cerlmonles, nnd the 
nddiessts by W. P., John J. I vers, nnd P. W. 
P.. Thomas II. ('mi.., i-iin. Thirteen members 
have pdsseu iiwiy.dtirltig the Inst year. 


a large 

vetalob," Mny'i.' 'llaf ISntMaKtrtatTof Lady 
Cicely wps all that could be desired, (leorge 
fcltou gave a fine bit of dhrtricter work as 
Drink water. An evening; of filfl wis enjoyed 
by a bis home, with Haltle Williams, 74di»s 
fllakelev and Thotnos Wise, in "The Little 
Cbtrub, 1 ' 2. irny Templettlii, In "Koriy-ilye 
Minutes from Brotldwtty." II, 4, scored n big 
iuccobs, with Victor- Moore a, close follower 
'or- foyor. SprIHglleld Mimical Festival 8)0. 
"Ibe Isle of Spire" 11, ihe Hunter-Bradford 
l'ldyers 13, Indefinitely. 

Pou's i Gordon, Wrlgbler, resident mnuii- 
ger) .— 1. rederlck Bond and compnnv formed 
tbe. slar not of laet week's hill, leremdnt 
Behlon gnve him able siipporl, ll*r bieexy 

I' Hit of 

iiBllehl — At He (,'tilirt; Srjun re (D. O. 
', mpuugor) ulien Terry. ,wa» seen by 
oiidlcnce, in "Cftpt. llrassboilhu's Con- 

vefy propitious, nnd Immense crowds attended 
fore part of the week, but 

put a damper 'on Ibe 

the fore part of the week, but cold .weather 
set In later, which put a damper on ibe 
pktri'nage. The only vaudeville Mtraellon 

given was an -outdoor aerial act py Krnaudo 
and i-'edorn. CfeatOre'i Band gives- conceits 
ttvlce a -day, anil <lrn#s a goodly number. 
Ills engilgement Is fur two weeks. 
• : i '4l»i4>i i hi 

J. n., irhile hi I'ortliitd. Ore,, vis- 
lied mjtitf* of hla relfltleVs, B. F. Oil- 
Ion nnd Clmrteg Dillon. . 

Worceater — At the Worcester (43. H. 
Llgliton. reslurnt manager), May 7-11, Mnl- 
colm willlaois and his stock company, in- 
cluding If lot ence Reed, will produce "The 
Sign of the Four." with Mr. Williams as 
Shertoex. Holmes. ,"Ann nntl the Archduke," 
which ;nrpved such a.aucceia week of April 
00, will be played again night of II. Week 
oM3. the coiopany afllj flrotlut'e "Dn Borry." 
"Ann and ih« Archdlike" Is hn historic 
drurnit. .n .fojir nct» % ;«rltt(yi by Dr, Antis- 

uapner and nnlurllnesi were worthy ... 
claj bote. Bill May,. (J nnd week: Geo. Abel 


pnctlbr, of Cnlilmblk Unltenlly. 'it wnspro- 
nented here, for tbe .flrat time on any singe, 
by; the Malcolm WHUAOia Stock Co' Aprli 

11 X...: .""J ■" a ? ° unn wees: nco. Auei 
and Ethel Arden, Tllree Hickman Blo».. flfl- 
JBM and Grovlnl. Lllllnh AJIcLOartelle.llros.. 
Leo Carll'o, Kelfe and Heart, and electro- 
gripb. . , . ■ ' 

, iw GhmoIib (J. A. lleuhesiey, manaier).— 
THe Octoroons stciiHi' pletised'2-4. I»nrlnlaii 
Widows 0-8, "fii -laOUlilMik" (i-ll. 

; 2oW8 ifhl'i.Crdwn. 'MinMth.— Bl I 'or 
w'Jlt of 0: Mmlcal Shirley, MTr.tlle Suliitiu, 
Oeb. kbne a nd n niimbel- of oihel ncii. 

• l.y>n._ At tjfe L>riu .iF. G. Hnrrlinii, 
SSSJPrBt' J" 'W/W% ■•••■nt'lrfllai Abtll 2I»- 
'•The Hand of Fate, 1 ' local, by the Nannette 



33: j 

Club. Charles 
son's "Uncle 
Blarney from 

It. shorey. tuabager, SO. 8Ht- In ."The Httflery." drew capacity hnslnc! 
Tdin* Cabin" W X £«r. Mb 1 !; The opetn. "ratrejW' by th. 
IrtWriU" n ''Busy l«y" 4. rtbriis •« fh« oKfatiA HWh.BtWt. 2: 

Mil " 

Sefs'SS company, under the manigerjihOr 
jftfiti MInpoil*. ojieited n. for inlnaAlnlfi 
rum with "Men and Wcmeu." The wropany 
la a strong imp. and new play* will be In- 
'trMiteed'wefekly.' • * 

AubrronitiM i Harry Katacs, manager!. — 
lluslu.'s* continue* good. Bill week of May 
B- May Doi-yen anil Charles Deland, Reltl 
llros.. CMB Taylor, ■'Tanba," Irving Jones, 
M«ttb»*» and Harris, and the Seventeen 
I'r-kln /bluves. New vltngraph pictures are 

P fiSM (Clt'as. w! Shefife. manager).— Last 
week'* business was fine. Bill week of 0: 
Morgan and Krone, the Flemmtng*. Holme* 
iind Holmes, Ada l.u Afar and the motion 

P V»Vbm Thkvtiir. Siilpm (Geo. H. Cbejlt- 
utrji, rilnniiifef).— "The Lion and the Mouse," 
0-fj, With good fdvance sales. 

NoT*i- — 'Hie Theatre Comlque (M. Mark. 
nia'nngef) cohtllwes to do a big buslueks. 
New vlftvi and new Illustrated songs are In- 
troduced this . wjiek. A sacred concert on 

StiutlllJI t» * new.' and piling feature 

TH* UrMtmlanil theatre (Lord A Downing, 
mHhaiefk), and Klectrlc, over which Mamv 
uer Snrhrc preside*, are doing One business-. 
,,...-, Al) of' Mi* moving picture theatres 
art lo rllrl Sunday concerts this Hummer for 
the benefit Of charitable Institutions. 

Sew Bedford.— At the New lledford 
Thealre (W. B. Cross, manager) Kay TeWBle- 
loii. In "Forty-live .Minn tea from Broadway. 

ess 3D- 
e Bin- 
.: Kck- 
h»rdC* Idenia, in "Her bedding Day," SRTi 
the Staje«tlc Stock Co., from Sari .Francisco, 
In 'The TcxUt Bangor." d4; Henrietta Croa- 
man. In "All-of-a-Suddcil t>eggy." (Ml. 

, r.lfiKiiTt (II. \V. Illnhop, manager). — The 
Ltbcrtv Stock Co., In '"The Sign of the 
cross, ' drew excellent houses week ending 
April 28. Bishop's rinver*. In "The Climb- 
ers." 2tl-May. Ii. '^Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon 
Hall," underlined. 

lln'UA I'Allk Ol'LIIA II'IINK (II. W. Bishop. 

tuttagfrl.— The ldpra Opera Co.. In "Kl 
Caiman," drew packed houses week ending 
April 38. Same opera 2U-May 5. 'The For- 
tune Teller" follows. 

BbI.i. (Kil. Ilomun. nranagrrt^-Fcnlilres 
for April 30 and week included I Van and 
Kvans, In "The Two Hubcrs ;" Ida Howell, 
singer and dancer: Viola and Kngci; comedy 
acrobats : Frank Cnahninn. black face com- 
edlan : the Itlslers, posturing act: Vamle B. 
Mcpherson. Illustrated song*, and the bio- 
graph. Capn"lty business rules. 
, X0VB1.TT. (Totly Lubelakl, manager). — At- 
traetlons 30 and week: Jarvla and Tudor, 
singer* and comedians: Mllanl Brothers, 
equilibrist : Blvnrton, gun spinner : Ja*. T. 
Dervln. mnnuloglat : Tuttlc and May, pre- 
senting "An Unwelcome Visitor :" Jos. Ke- 
kliker, Hawaiian guitarist, and the motion 
picture*. Busln**a continues good. J, 

NntK. — Scllk-Flolo. shows drew capacity 
business April 3,'t. 34. 

Saiii lil.-ao. ■■ At the Pickwick TUenlre 
(I'almer Bros., managers) the Mabel Thomp- 
son Stoik Co. drew well. "I.lttle Mis* Hob- 

played to a narked bouse, nnd was cm-nred son Stork Co. drew welt. "Little Mis* Itob- 

repi'iitcdl.v. April 33. "Uncle Tom'* Cabin" Inson Cru*o;'." week ending .April 38. Kaide 

bad a good house H, "The Dutebroan'a pluycra upbear In "The Colonial Hlrl" 39- 

Unuevmoon" pleeeed 27. l/jcal talcnjt of May n, "the Man from. Ml'xU'o" li> follow. 

bad a good house M. "The Hutebroan'a 
lloueyrbooa".' pleased 27. I^cal talent of 
country Week Minstrels played to good bual 
neas ,2fl. HO. the proceeds to be r|»ed for 
charity.. ''.'S'lti! Bonk. BOng" scoffed 
well Jay ; 1- ,,FrHUds Wllabn. In,. "The 
Mounlitin Climber." bud .a .good 'hottw 2. 
After that the holise wllj be closed for a few 

' Him,* way'* (J. M. Hathaway, mana|er). 

Thin Utile theatre closed a very successful 

vaildevllle.reasnn May 4. It will open 0. with 
.1. K. Burke and Ids compaby, In "The Olrl 
I Utt, lleinlmi Me." . 

Nirrk.— A new theatre Is to be built at 
the Hoilth I'lnd 


.Obasu il)e Lacour & Fields; ... 
The regular stock did frctl btislneioi In "The 
Holy tfity," week chdlng April J8. "The tin- 
writ ten taw," Hie aume comittioy. 311-May B. 

fWTIU, (tt. II. Bvsley,:. mahagcr).-r-8u«le 
l.Mimau . and Little. .Teddy. In Illustrated 
w»nga. and' moving "jlclurfc show. Crowded 
hotisea nl nil times. ■ 

KLKCl'niiM).M. — Klalne HdwartM und Ktnel 
itiwe. In dtieta dild'lllustriited songs, nnd 1st- 
cat moving pictures. Capacity bouses nightly. 

"> — 

NBrirV JKnaHV. 

Ilolyoke.— At the opera House (J. H. 
o'Coruicll. manager) I'aullne. the hypnotist, 
drew' well week of April. 20. "Forty-rive 
Minutes from Broadway" May 8. "The Tale 
of Hpl.v" II. Mildred Holland 10. "Mr». W*r- 
reft'K I'rofesnlf.n" IT. , Cbarlea Felnstcln, of 
(llotieester, MrlsH..' has leaned the Opera 
limine for the Hummer, beginning May 20, 
and Will give Moving picture shows dally. 
Mr. Fclitstet.'i runs similar places of amuse- 
ment Id othtr cltlea. ■■ jV&l f _ 

Httt'ttiB (T. .if; Murray, manager).— The 
(IctnroAiis, A|.rll 2ll-May 1, arid 'In Louisi- 
ana," 2-4, played to good business. The Em- 
pire closed 4, ilflor a moat profitable season. 
■• i ■ i . " ■ ' i 

l,H»vreiife. — \i the Opera House (JuPus 
culm, inundgcr) "Mra,. Wnnyn's 1'rofesslon" 
plenie'il an eppieclilllve niidliine April III). 
I'lskc O'llilri*. ill "Mr. Illarni'y from Ireland." 
M,(r 1. atid "t.'hcle Toin'M C'lhlo." ;*. U«*l liood 
biisliii'ss. Klicliards it'ovlng pictures en- 
Joyeil h.i in" IiuhIiiiss ,">. Mllarod Holland, In 
•A I'HrudlM) for Lle«„" 8, "i'llc Lion and the 

MilllM'" Il-l I. 

Coi.iimai, (J. Fred Lees, inanagrr). — QOOd 
business prevulW (III 1 tor w4-ek of May U 
iiMiiide.i : Joe WcMi uhd coinhny, Lavlue- 
Clmcron Trio. Miidxe Fox. Jullu Bins und 
ciiiiiiiany, Lillian Ashley, Arthur JVIillclilw, 
Al. II. Weston und compniiy. uud the mov- 
ing pictures. 


Knll Blver — At Ihe Savoy ( W. F. Mason, 
resident munugnr ("The Isle of Hong Bong," 
April :io„ nnd Kmncla Wilson. May I. were 
greatly enjoyed. Shepurd's moving pictures 
« 12. Itogers Bros, .lit • , 

Snr.Env's (C. K, Cook, manager).^-.?. 
Frank Burke Stock Co. offered "Out of the 
Fold" to excellent business last week. Week 
of 6, "The Unwritten Law." 

Nerval rk.— At the Hlmbcrl. ill. M. II) n ins, 
mkhagcr) tin- Blrdsall Stock Co. Is giving 
"Mistress Nell" week of May 0. Mat week 

Taunton. — At the Taunton Theatre (Cahn 
k Cross, managers) "The Isle of Bong Bong," 
April 111, was splendidly given. The Bummer 
season opened May I, with moving pictures 
arid Illustrated songs. • 

KcuNie TiiKATjtK (C. H. Pronty. manager). 
■ -Ulg business ajl.last week. For week of 6 : 
.lames W. fllnghiim. Daly and Flcket, Annie 
Miller nnd Harry Henry, and new pictures, 

this company . presented "Mali Klcschna, 
with' Marlon Barney as I/cah, In a manner 
which commanded marked attention, and 
which received the ertthuslasllc approval of 
big audluncei at every performance. 

TrtOctim's (It, C. StUart, .resident mnna- 
•or)'.— will M. Cressy's lawat sketch. "The 
Wyomlrig Whoop," will be given by hlmaclf 
and. lllanche liayne, as the headline act week 
of 0. , Apditlc's' troupe of bears, dogs, mon- 
keys ,iiid in dnt-ctlter, will also be leattired 
8h a (lovelly. Other acts of prominence In- 
clude: (lerltiidc Mansfield, La Veen and 
Cross, Mityrpr. Ilcmltigtuu and lice picks, Mev- 
rltt and wnkellcld, LuUlao Brunclle. and 
Cherulo and compdhy. Full houses, its usual, 
last wenit. . , 

Ili.ANry'H (.1. II. Hucken, nlauugrr). — 
Howard Hall makes Ida annual uppearauce 
luife, Ibis week. In "The MlllloiialrC Hflcc- 
UVe. i.ii-i week, the Itussell Brothers ap- 
peared hoi-o In their new play, "The Hired 
Ulrl's Millions." It Ik u mixture of farce 
and melodrama, wrlllcu for them by chds. 
K. Illaiicy, and exploits Ihelr well knowu 
abilities US female Impersonators. Wliut 
there Is of plot deuls with the efforts of a 
couple of abai-pcra, Messrs, Canby and Strung, 
to get possession of n fortune Inherited by 
a voting girl, Jennie McCarthy. Jennie Is 
be/ilenued bv .11 n uud John McCahii, who, 
In order In fintrnte the destgnes of the Iwo 
sllnrpers, disguise themselves. Hint ns Irish 
servant girls, und later tssuinliig many other 
characters. By this means they finally huc- 
ceed In rescuing Jennie from the men who 
ere persecuting Iter. Many mualeal numbers 
arc sung by both principals, and the chorus 
forma -in Important part ot the .entertain- 
(pent. Both John and James. Itussell score 
lilts. The original cast names: Jim Mr. 
Ciliin, .lames Utlssell i .lolin Mct'ann, John 
Itussell; Bnymond Strong, Cbaa. B, Flslier ; 
Norman Canby, Lewis J. Cody; Lemon 

Squeeze. Jollll HllSH.'ll .1 1 . : Slllllpscill Sly. 

James A. Manns: Smoke, Harry S. F|aber ; 
Judge Sly, A. J. Silc'riim : Jeremiah Loi-kem, 
Victor Scolt : Jenultl Mc.Curthy, Flora llon- 
fanll itussell ; Mrs. Vdndcrgoiiid. Annie C. 
Itussell: Mrs. Stldgcrs,' Charlotte Brandon. 
The play was llrst produced at lllaney's 
Thoulrc, Brooklyn, N. V'., • on April 32. 
"l''ro|n Brisiduay to the Bowery,, next week. 

ooi.uMiiiA (M.J. Jacobs; muiiagcr). — Louis' 
I t/irtiniin uppears hero week of May iL In 
"The Feddler." "At t.'ripple Creek'' received 
modcrt'te altoutlon last week. . 

Wai.dmann's jW. «. Clark, manager).— 
The Crdcker Jncks are here this week, with 
the customary double burlesque bill, headed 
by Hob Van Oaten and Ituby Leoul. The 
Boston llelles brought out the full quota of 
business Inst week. The TransAtlantlcs are 
booked 11118. 

Notkh. — Manager J. 11. Bucken, who hua 
been connected with Chas. i:. Hlaney'a local 
theutrc for live years, wilt receive a bemt- 
llt Friday night, Muy 24. when no cxlonalve 

vaudevllfn programme will bo given... 

' 'Llie FoioiutiigTiSells Circus Is billing tbo 

town to appear May 20 .Bobort Unmet, 

who was announced lo appear lu a akctch, 
at I'.roclor's, week of April 20, was unable 
.to play, and his role was aaauuicd by A. H. 
Van fcuren. 


fclllxnbeth. — At the Lyceum (Drake & 
Elroy, managers) moving pictures and trained 
mule and pony show, April Mi-May 4, bad 
good business. This housu closes 19. when 
It will lie remodeled, and reopen In August. 
under the name of (he New Lvceum. Pauline, 
hypnotist, will hold the boards tl-11. 

Jai:uiih\ — "Bankern and Brokers" 4, Cali- 
fornia Burlesque Co. 11, when tho season 
will close. Tito limine will reopen Mbor Hay, 
under the . name of the Orplieuni. Hnlly 
vaudeville p-rformances will Is; given, with 
Kullb & Proctor performers.' Tile house will 
be redecorated, and many changes lundu hi 
the exterior end Interior. 

Notks.— It Is staled thnl Bush A Weber 
ere The. new lessees of Jacobs' Theatre, nnd 
llinl Ke'.th & I'roetor have not puidiiised the 
theativ as lias been announced, and. that 0. 
W. Jacobs will be resident -manager. ... .. 

Wtisliburn's Aiiliunl Show, X 4. had good 

returns Forepuuglr *c Sells ( I reus Is 

Lllleil foe il. Thero Is talk of a now vaude- 
ville 'tueatrt being erected before Fall, ut 
l-Jllzilhelhporf, corner Third and FrflBt Jersey 
Streets. . 

, ( Al.ll'Oll.M A. 

I. os AiikpIcn. — At Ihe Mason Opera Housu 

III. C. Wyalt, innnager) "Tlie Country Olrl" 

and "Tut> iJIngnlcc. ;us prcsen(ei| by tho 

Auguslln Duly Musical Co..' closed their Oil- 

gagement, week ending April 27. Henrietta 

Cruauinn uiieued her engagement 21). "All- 

of-a-Suddeu Foggy" and "The Almighty Uol- 

lar" will ibu presented during the, week. 

Walker vWDItcslde, In VThc' Magic . Melody," 

ivlH.g|Ma> a ,wcck;s .engagenienl Mayj.O, .,- 
Ai ■iMToiui >i (Sparks M- Berrv, manager). 

— The Callforiilans opened their scuson of 

light iinrjii April 31.1, pwseiit lug "Boblti Mood" 

to .u -lurge and appreciative audience. It 

will continue during the week. ''I'lnaforo," 

"Uoli Boy, l'he Mikado," "The Serenade" 

mid "The Bohcmliin Olrl" are somo of their 

favorite productions that will lie given during 

the season. ' .. . 

IlKLAsiHi (John II. Blackwood, manager), 

—"The Undertow," as presented by the Be- 

Iiimii company closed Its second week, logood 

business, 28. "An American Lord" Is their 

offering 20 nnd. week, with "Before and Af- 
ter" In preparation for May iiu'd week. 

Murukmi'n Bi.'iiuank (Oliver Morosco, man- 
ager l.-^fhe Burbuiik Stock Co., presented 

"Tlie H|H>rtlng .Uuchess,'-' to good business, 

week end'tig April 27. "When Knighthood 

Was In Flower Is being given an elaboratu 

prodiiclloii by the company. 28 and week. 

May _ i and week, "Zaun will lie presented. . 
i.imxu Oi'KHA lliii.MK (Clareiieit Drown, 

niiiniigeri. — "The Cow I'dncber." by the UI-. 

rich Stock Co., drew well, week eiidlnjr 27. 

"I'lie i .it He Church Around the Cofne-r" Is 

I be u/Terlng-28 ittid Wci'-k. to 'rapacity bttsl- 

ness. Umlerllned, "A (Ircat Templalion." 
I'lKi-inufh (A. i-;, i-'iseher, inuungcr).— 

".Miss Clover," n rural musical comedy, Is the 

bill file week beginning 28. Xew vaudeville 

nets, songs, dances and the motion pictures 

romnMte the bill. • 

Kmjiiik, (Billy Bunks, resident manager). 

- -Koitlnres 28 and we<-k lucluded new vaude- 
ville acts. Illustrated songs by Laura Banks, 

a skeft-h by (he Kmplrc Stock, und the cinu- 


1'KOlM.RN (Al. (i. Flonrhoy. manager I.— 

leiittiicfi :i() and week: Cola's dogs, Dacy 1 , «,„,., .. ,,,„ , „„i„ , ,, ■• M„„ii,>r 

Cbsse and Adair, comedians und singers; the » olM, | te . n :r, A ,'' iVin '- y ..V ",',„; " ,i»v« of 
tarts. In mi Irish comedy sk,U:h: Folly and m » Dtt *f r V ,, ' l * llt . 1 i*'] , \,.'j ,d , ri.I VhoJr 

Kthel | la/el. -The I'lnk Tea" Slsterni llelen <jrgc buslnesH eucling May 1. ' '"«„Vor'J 

Hoy proved satisfactory 2-4, ana tlie return* 
wore good. "The Boy Behind Ihe Oun" fi-8, 
"(Sypsy Jack" 0-1 1, "The Shoemaker" 12-15. 
Kmi'ihk (A. M. llruggemanii, proprietor i.— 
For week of : Tlie Village ('holr. William 
Dillon. Lucie uud Vlsle. Alhertlnl Mellch aud 
her trained birds, Whitman Sisters und Itoh- 
Inson, Simon, Mardnsr company. Norton and 
IlilsMoll. and the Cwno Brolhers. Iiualueai 
kec|is up l» the standard. ■', 

N'lTKH. — The Itoboken Amusement Co. has 
csrrled Its case to the Supreme Court, to 
compel ' the city bulldlug Inspector to Issue 
to them the necessary permit to go on with 

the .building, of the proitosrd new thealre 

Tlie attaches of the Lyric will have their 

:u, i, mil banquet 18,'. '...'l'he Klks have made 

arrangement* at Philadelphia, Fa., for the 

_ , accomodation of dye hundred jsetaberi, at th* 

holies week vuaipa Ainu it, LUiian Buntell, vvuipg coaveativp, July 10. 

April :i no l. po'lisril M"nu,>. on 

And a line aujipotllug company, In ( 
production or "The Duel, hud go 
2-4. Mlahche Walsh, lh "The MtnilB 

llrnuilcn, singer aud dancer: Harry Lorraine, 
baritone, and tbo . motion plcturos. 

I'Myt.K (Hentis. A; Zallcc, proprietor]}.— 
e oat nies 2K and week: .r-'rcilroDt s /ouu/ns, 
Hcntlc.v, xylophone soloist : Foster and lleii- 
dmson. talking and dancing;; llouicr Long. 
IIIiikI ruled songs; the slfetch, • .Solghoorly 
N'elitllbors." by the Unlipin Flayers, anil the 
1 nli|iiiM>.«rope. 

iiiioiikum (Martin Heck, general manager). 
— Features 'May and week: Faplnta, lamlse 
Agonal and company. In "MHe. Foulard :" 
i 'mi inicli and Harris. Morrow and Schellberg, 
Ihe Four Harveya, Beaale Wynn. Linton and 
lat lWW L the itlnlto Comedy Four, and the 
niol lurt ideinres. 

Oakland.— At the MacDonough (Chas. V. 
Hull. i:-.sring.-ii "I'l-ck's Dad Boy.' drew filled 

J*>Mhy Cll» — At the Academy <!■'. F.. 
llthderton. maoagct) "The Old Hoineatead" 
May ♦If, "Hilly the Kltf' IMS, tttarkx tfie 
close of the regular season. "The Queen 
of the Hlghblrideis" closed u good week .4. - 

Box Ton 'T. W. Dlnklns, manager).— 
Tlie Yankee Doodle (llrla tl II. I lie Star Show 
(Jlrls i;i-Dv The I'ai-isiuii Belles closed A 
good week's stay 4. 

KKITII A I'm ir i oil's (P. Hums, rnanu- 
geri.--!'or current week of tl: Bedford and 
Winchester, Arlington Four, Vernon. . Mr. 
and Mrs. Browning, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
Tlioroe. I red Unv and oompnuy, sud May 
Holey and her Fully (llrla. 
» 1 . , 

rnterson. --At the Umpire (A. M. Itrug- 
gemnn, manager) prolltable btlslneas last 
week. Bill for week of May III "t'hlnko." 
Fllnglbbans-McCoy Trio. Hdcy aud Me,. Black 
and Jones, Minnie Kaufman. Blsle Hoeum, 
Fdoulna nnd Edwards; arid the Umpire mo- 
tion pictures. 

LrcRiiM (F. J. (Illberl. umnager). — "A 
Bice for. Lite" reiieated Its atlccot* ot lakt 
season. April 30-May 1. Byrrtb Bros, were 
well received 2-4. "A Klalll (or Love." with 
Bob b'ltulinmoue. tl-8 : "Sis llopklbs" P II. 

J <cidis' (Maurice Jacob*, manager ). — Th la 
house closed 4, after enjoying a very prollt- 
able season. 

. .i ■ 

Camden. — At the Camden Theatre (M. 
W, Taylor, manager) "The Silent Witness," 
April 2n-27. played lo good business. Vnudn- 
Yflle was featured here 2»-Mdy 1. Cnraon 
and Wlllird marie a big hit. as did Kennedy 
ghd Wlble,. Mr. and Mrs. Ilnht. Hyde, the 
trained horae, "Mascot," and tlraee sherl' 
dan and Millie Mliton. .who did very good 
work. Other acts Included the Dixie Four, 
the Four Musical Ontes, Tom White and 
moving pictures. "Human Heart*" 2-4, 
Mamie Homing Co. 0-11. 

Noi«.— ForepaughHclls Circus appears IB. 
« ' — 

Atlantic City.— At the flavor Theatre 
(Fred K- Moore, manager) '"llle Choir 
singer", did well April 21), .Id. Cbauncev 01- 
netf tared well May I, 2. "Marrying Mnry" 
had excellent patronage 11, 4. Williams atid 
Walkct week or (1, KeTlur week Of 1!t. 

rorttl Pin lW. K. Shackelford, main- 
gnri. — ttuslnesa continues excellent, mil for 
week of (I : Kjili. Thrnnjiann's eleplianls. Jnliles 
Francis lloofey,. Bradley nnd tinrtles, the Van 
ners. Oscar Loralne, Lillian Mnybard. 7,eno, 
Jordan add %eno, and the klnetngraph. 
i , : a 

llnjniitie.— At the Hayiltinc Theatre (B. 
A. Schallle, manager) the current week will 
be devoted to variety, under Ihe auspices of 
Hie Tollce Department of the City. The peo- 
ple arc: Fdgar Allen und company, (da (Ira 
mar. Deltnore nnd Mc, Fmir Btuiierors of 
.Music. John World and Mlndel Kingston, and 
1 110 I lead lords. 



Kaniii< Vtir At the Willis Woial (Wood- 
ward & Burgess Amusement Co.. managers) 
floaclle Kholl, In "Alice Mll-by-the-jnre," 
April 2HM:t.v I. pleased greatly. OIIm Hklnner 

In a splendid 
tool) houses 

igiit noad." 

It- 1 1 . Viola Allen, 12-1.", Il) "C.vmbelliie," anil 
"Twelfth Nlglll.'' 

siinnmir (Waller rtduford. manager).. — 
Last week, a revival of "Charley'* Aunt" 
drew fairly good houses. Hllenno Olrardot, 
In his famous rule of (he old lady, scored 
bis ciiKlninary lilt. Tills ui trin-llon cloaea th* 
regular aenaon Ml the liouae. Joe Weber and 
bla company will play a apcrlal engagement, 
Juno 2-1. 

Ol-ANII tli-riiA Horse f Hudson ft .Indnh. 
managers). — Lasl week, "lluater Brown" had 
line business. James Boson wits clever In the 
title part. This week, "A I'oor delation." 
"Sweet (Mover" nett. 

(iiioni.i.M (Martin Beck, general ronnager). 
— L>ist week's bill drew good attendance. 
Unfortunately, tho tank which the Flnneya 
use In their net was broken, and It was Im- 
possible for those hcadllncr* to appear Sub- 
day matinee and night, but a reserve tank 
was shipped from Omaha, In time for 
Monday's performance. In order not to dis- 
appoint hla natrons, Manager Mhman an- 
nounced to both Sunday audiences that those 
retaining their coupons would ho admitted 
to any week-day matlhcc, in order (hat, they 
would not have to mlsvthl* act, This weeki 
James Nell abd Bditn Chilpinun Mill, Cam- 
eron nnd Flanagan, the Uoolbbiek (.iiuirlette, 
Mark Sullivan,' -Muitln Keenc, Johnny Johns, 
and Lev Ifliiers-Moulln. ' On Ma.y.--12. the 
annual 'amateur carnival closes tho season 
of the House. . • 

Ai"i>itiiiiii;m (Woodward & Burgess Amuse- 
iniein. CO., maiiiigors). — Msl week the Wood- 
ward Ntock Co. gave one of the best produc- 
tions of the aenaon, In "The I. title Minister.'' 
The staging and effect* were fine, und the en- 
lire company '"'' except lonally clever work, 
(icorge Arvliie and I.'m Lang carried off the 
honors. This week will be the IiinI of< tho 
season at tills. Iioule, tuid "Dorothy Vernon, 
of Haddon llsll." "In the Falaco of tho King' 1 
and "Zbui" will be presented. 

( (lei.KA lloixi: ii:. S. Ilrlghiim, man- 
ager).— Last week "Tho Cow I'uncher" 
proved to lie a melodrama above the ordi- 
nary, and Ihe houses were enthusiastic, 
This week. "The Convict's Ihiughler;" "The 
Hoosler (llri" next , • • - - 

('►;.sri:n, (Jos. Donogon, niUnnger). — Mat 
week tlie Fay Foster Co. burlesqued In an 
acceptable manner. This week, the Twentieth 
Century Miilda will close the season of the 

Majkhtic ((.'Union Wilson, manager). — 
Last week (lie Hose 1 1 111 Folly Co. gave fine 
performances. Manager Itlcc, In one of the 
principal comedy pans, scored a hit. This 
week, the (,'aulno (llrla close Ihe seaadn of 
the house. 

Fobkst I'AliK (D. K. Ituaaell, manager).-* 
Tho finr Summer park lo oinui Its gates was 
this nark on Sunday, April 28. Immense 
crowds HON In attendance, and everybody 
enjoyed themselves. Manager BuhnsII, Who 
cornea here to take charge tills years, baa a 

?rcat reputntlqn In St. Muls, and lodging 
rum ihe mini' new concessions, ha will make 
the park n hummer this seastm. One of the 
principal attractions Is "The Kansas Cy- 
clone," which Is n very realistic affair. An' 
other big hit Is the Flea Circus, which start - 
id off ivltb a. big rush of business. In th* 
theatre the Boston Ideal Opcm Co., under 
Ihe direction of Manager Patterson, gov* 
"The Mikado," with a splendid cast and pro- 
duction. In fact, so big a lilt Was scored 
that It will. b« retained this week. Promi- 
nent in the company are A. C. Burgess, prin- 
cipal eomedlnn.. and Laura Moore and Flor- 
ence Clover, iwlina donna*. F. W. Waters is 
the tenor, . end ,'F. U. Surge** and W. H. 
Hurgeaa arc the baritones. The others are; 
llnbcrt.BorgoKK, Byrl Harrison. Marietta Bus* 
sell. Kflle Oeorge' and Winifred Crowlev, 
Dailv ntalltiees are given. Longn'* big mili- 
tary Iwind gives dally concert*, and the Boysl 
Hawaiian Serenade)-* slug I" Ihe Herman 
VIllHK". Oilier attractions on .the ground 
are the Ind'.nil Heaven, rathe from Paris. 
Travcra' circle swing, wonderland, Ihe scenic 
railway, nqup.ranui. the carousel, the minis, 
lure riiMrond. and the photo booth. 

. Illl,rl«'« yVlllcolt III. 

Charlw iVnlcoH. the vefernn sclor. Is crlllo- 
allv III. lie, his beeii'iiUylng the role of ihe 
Bishop, this' season. In "The Duel," In support 
of Otis Skinner. - He was stricken while oh 
tour, and reached New York City «o May 5, 
attended by a physician. He was at once 
removed to Ihe Murray Hill Sanatorium. 
1 «> » » 

J can A. Caii.t.oo has signed for twenty- 
live week*, commencing Kept. 2, with KlaW 
At Frliinger. lie Is al (irukcnl. very SUO 
tcsaful |jj England., ___ . 


FrthMKltFOltTI.A>il> HOY WHO MADK "XUVFU TAtitK THM llnllHK.SIlOl'." l'OPftT.AR. 
Kvery Old tinier on I lie Paclllc coast used to sing "Never Take the , Horseshoe from the 
Dour." It was sung Into popularity at Ihe old Adelphl Theatre,' In Ssn Frnnclacn, in the 
latter '70* by J. Bernard Dvlivn, wlio was at that time tho Idol of the Bay City, sharing 
honors with Charles Heed mid Hilly Kmerson. Dyllvu Is at the Orand Theatre tills week, 
with a vaudeville specialty, returning to Portland after an absence of ID years. A* a hoy 
h" attended school In this city. With n good voice, Dvllyn sang Ills way lo favor, and was 
itt the Adelphl lire, years, three years longer than dim-ley Heed. For nearly tills entire 
htrsi Dvlivn had to sing "Never Take the Horseshoe from the Door," written by fidward 
Handgun, oi llarrlgnu nnd Hart, In IS77. every night and at the matinee*. Kveryone In 
San Frnnclsco began singing and whistling II, nnd the song spread through California And 
Oregon, and- then made Its way across the continent. In tho Adolphl the patrons would 
not let Drliyii off ihe stage until he had rendered It. "There wasn't much In thnl song." 
iinld Dvllyn. "and If I tried lo pull a song like thai on an audience In-day. they would mob 
me. It was the anmo thing over and over again, and I ls'camc sick and lircri of II. but. had 
to keep oil singing. Since I en me to Fori land 1 have been looking llle past few days for tho 
silo of the, old school 1 attended here. 18(17. 1 don't Just romvmhvr where II was. hut 11 
seems It waa on n hill. The teacher was an old man, miuied.lvrsiiin. Among tho boys gnhifc.- 
to schisd were Tom Mountain. Henry Mi-HInn, Henry llrllfln. James illeaaon, John Diiginr 
mid John Mountain. I remember one day Perahln look Tom Mountain downstair* to whip 
hint, and It. wound up bv Tom giving the teacher a Wallop. A lot of the boya had trouble 
with a Chlnurhan on the street, and we were arrested. Charles Dillon, my uncle, considered 
me disgraced forever. After that they sent me to the Sisters' school. I don't suppose many 
of the old timers will remember mc as J. Bernard Dyllyu, luit thvy might If they knew I wits 
.lolin Condon. When I wetit OH the stage I took my mother's name of Hllloti. ahd that la the 
wny I ipellrd II while In California. Finally, when 1 decided lo go Knat. they told tnu thorn 
<v*s a John Dillon well known In Now York as a legitimate actor, and that P.nsiorii people 
might (link I was trying lo hiiosl myself by using his panic. I didn't know what lo do nlsnit 
It for a while. When someone anggealod thai I spoil Dillon with Couple of y'a. Dyllyn. I have 
been doing this ever since, hut I regret now that I did mil stick to my own name. The Inst 
time I vlsltf il Portland was hi IStia. when I was hen' with Corlmio, In •Carmen-iip-tii-Datc.' 
I ulnved the hull tlshter. Since then I have been with dnxons of coni|innics. After playing 
with 'the original 'Lltlle Johnny Jones" company for many weeks, I quit. I left New York 

Olrl.' " "MmiHKVW.T AT tlHAM). — Proshlopl Itooso- 

Is week— nl leasi J, llcrnard Dyllyn looks so milch like 

After cliislii|t"with ''i'ho Karl and the Olrl.'" "Hoiihkvki.t at Hhami. — Ptx'shlont Hois 

veil I* <n the stage at the Orand this week-- at least .1, Bernard Dyllyn look* *u much II 
Itooaevelt thai he eotlld fool a politician. Dyllyu has up Impersonal Inn which Is n hit, apd 

lils aoiiffs" are new. frcall and cg'tchy." — The Krtnluy Tclwnm, Poi-ilaiul, Oregon, Thnrailny, 
April -'in, 1007. ■ 



BrldKennrl — At Smith's (K. C. Smltli. 
managvri the Dan By au Co., In repertory, 
did' good bifsliirsH week of April 21). "I'ho 
Little, Cherub" May 0, "In Loulaanil" 7. 8. 
"Mr. Blarney from Ireland" 0, H), Fay Teiti- 
DWUNL lu ''Forty-flro Minutes from Broad- 
way," 1 1 : "The Olrl mid tho Student" 13-1B 
( borne talciiti. 

I'm.i'N (K. B. Mllchell, mnnngor). — Big nl- 
Icndiilice hist week. Booked week of May (I : 
Mr. and Mrs. Allison. KIla-llatiMl Troupe, 
Alf (Irani, and Kthel llagg, Ward nnd Ctir- 
rsn. Bowers, Walters uud Crocker, Sue Smltli, 
La Donl. and the elnclrngraph. Poll's Stock 
Co. will occupy ilia hoard* for the Summer 
seusuii. coiiimeiiclng week ut t.'l. 

Notkh. — (imrge Downing, former mana- 
ger, of John J. Sullivan, wtlh Oonrgi) Hush, 
sulllvan'a old, sparring partner, and John 
L. Sullivan, will lent* till* city, week of 13, 
for Juniealown, to open nn exhibition on 


...jiialjlli _ 

Sullivan by the people of the United States, 
and which has been in Mr Downing'* poasea. 

Tin- Trail. Mr. Downing will uirry with him , 
jhq fumoiis chiiniplouslilp bolt_ pj-eacnteil to \ 

ston for several years, it bear* "knll I van's 
picture nnd name. In large letters, made of 
diamonds, the renter piece lu-llig u stone of 
II klN. The hell I* lo ue a pari of the exhi- 
bition, and Sui U\ a n und lltiali will have dally 
limits. .... .Sunday evening, May f>, the local 

norie or Fugles held Memorial exercises at 
their' now halt, on Madison Avenue, which 
wn* intended by II.IKM) pci'MOIM. Tile mem- 
bership of the in rlo Is 1,200. Twenty death* 
were recorded since Ha oalablUdinreiit, four 
year* ago. II has n Hub house coiling 
?2.'.(iii(i, on .which only a mortgage of Xil.omi 
remains unlhiuldilted. The aerie paid out 
td.iiiiii in sick belit'llls since being established. 
The inemnrlal address wna delivered by I'nst 
Worthy ProNldettl Henry F. Shnunoti, a load- 
ing lawyer here. Slnle Knnaloi- John M. Don- 
nelly Is now pri'sliloiil. and John fl. 'fugue, 
formerly noniliialeil for State repreMcntalive, 
Is the tisst nri'sldotit Cnl. W. F. Cody (Buf- 
falo Bill) Is lo lie admitted as u mcinlior of 
DrltlgoiKirt Acile, No. 20, F, D. 10.. Sutldny, 
May 10. On thnl duy Juke Posey, one of Col. 
Cody's chief lieutenants In the Wild West 
Show, '"will bring a troupe of Indian*, cow- 
boys and rough riders to the social session of 
the Kiigles for a performance. Mr. Posey 
Is prominent lu tho local eerie, tho Wild West 
Show having ubout 1(H) Kitglc* and fifteen 
more to be Initiated on Hie occasion of Ihelr 

visit lo this city. 
May 20. 

'flic show appeals hero 

The permanent. Frent'li stock company, In 
"Malsnn Neuve." closed Tl* aenaon with fair 
atteiidunce Inst week. 

Natidvai. I'ka.vcaim (Paul Cnxenetive, man- 
ager). — The' permanent French *toek coin- 
tiony. In "Lo Itonuin d'uii Jetinnn Homme 
•mi vie." eanie to Hallafaclory business last 
wi-ok. "Mlchaul HlrugoT" null "Jearn Nurle" 

■:^j-l ^_ 

, I'nroiilit — At the Princes* (O. fl. Shop- 

fnrd. manager) Dallas Welford, In "Mr. 
Inpklnson" and "Fublc Opinion," drew 
food business April 20 and week. John 
trow, In "Ills House lu Order," ,Mnv n-8. 

(tliANIi (A. J. Small, malinger). --"The Ar- 
rival of. Kilty" did goad hiisTnrt** last .week. 
"In Old Kentucky" 8-1 1. 

Majkstii: (A. .1. Mmaii. manager i,— "For, 
* Hiiiniiii Life", did gisxl business' Inst week. 
'The (Ireat Wall Slieat Mystery" «-l I. 
. Siaii (F. W. Mliili*. manager). — Dn-nuilnnd 
B'lrlesrpiers did big business last week, Mer- 
ry M oldens II- 1 1, ; 
Siiha's (J. Shea, manager). — A capital 
performance ami big busbies* lust week. Bill 
i.'eek of «': ' Mr. and Mrs. J limn le llnrry. the 
Stunning. Orenndlera, Julia Agnes O'l.Vinnoi', 
Nicholas Sister*, the KiposltTon Four, Joe, 
Carroll ami Will J. Cook, and the klneto- 
graph. Bxtrn. Tom Nitwn and eomp/lny. 

St. LiwiniM-i; The Canadian Nsr 
tlvnul UothV tik'iw Ulil li big bualucxu 1 i, 


Ilolrnli. At the Delroll Opera House 

(It. c. Whitney, miniager) "l'he Claiisniali" 

plaved to i-npucltj- hiiusoa week of April 2d. 

Llpalti Yiddish Co. May 7, S. Frank Daniels 


Lu'Kutt IK. I). Sinlr, iiianagi'i'). T -VniiMlian 
(Baser and company, In "Men and Women," 
enloi Inlned largo lmilae* lasl week. l'he 
same coinpany. In "When Kulghlllood Was 
In Flower, week of ">. , . 

.Wiiltm Hi. 11. Stnlr, 1 tlinNrtgar|.-i"A 
Mllllot.alro's llevcligc " drew tile usual crowd* 
last week. "Molilalia" .vl I. 
' I.aia vi; i 1 1: (Dr. t'liht|giell, innnager), — 
Last week's offering wits unusually good, and 
tilloiuuincc :ihiivo lilt 1 iivurnge. Illll Week of 
il liieliides: Dlek and Alice McAvoy, Jessie 
Moi'iin, Ynlo Duo, Clins. and Marie lleelnw, 
llarrl.ioM llri lln rs, I'nrlln, Sisters St. t.'lalr 
and the vltngrrtph. 

Tknioj.i: Tiiratiik (.1. II. Monro, iminngcn. 

"*H Illll 

-Lasl week'* lilil wn* or a high order and 
nicked ho'lsea ruled, Bill work of 11: Nad 
ivnybui ii'h "Hide Hlinw," Mm rv Sisters, llnh 
ert. Illlllartl nnd company. Flood llrulhera, 
Itugers nnd llc-cicy, -lack llnrduer, Prof. Illl- 
iioia* bitiusiti, ph-coio Midgets atid ihe kliielo 

(lAHiT (II. II. Hodges, tiiitiihgcri.— Clly 
Sports und Alio Allell offeieil till ehterlalil- 
inetil thai wita well patttitilxcd last week. 
Hidden Ci-ook Co. fl-ll. 

AVKNlb (Drew * Ciunphell. iminiigers). 
Ilelliy ,* Wiuid's lllg Show jlli'iised good ailed 
crowds lasl week, ('hurry lllossomk B-ll. 

Ilnriford— At Parsons' (II. C. Parsons, 
inuuiiiterl Fllon Terry, In Caplnln llrasa- 
bound s Coiivci'sliui." lniil a largo iniilletico 
April . '10, Fay Templelou. Ill "Forty-llvo 
Minnies from .Broadway," drew lArgu housea 
May 1. 2. Ilallle Wllllnius, In "The Utile 
Cherub," 10, II. 

Haiitkiiuii rtpnu (il. |(. Jennings, 
umnager). - "In Miilalana." JiiMuv 1, 
pleiiced. Sunuyslde Minstrels had good nil- 
illem-es 2. Yiddish players, headed by Mine. 
WukHUiiiii. II. 4 ; "Knsl. i.viuio" 0, T. . ' 

Fin.i'K I Louis K. Kllly, niiinnger). — Week 
of (I: 'The Kriilons, Norn (volley, Cnrllon 
Mmy und Maud- Hall coinpiinv, Hilliilllolt 
Hill, Watsiin's I'a cuiyii nl. Cllffiird and Burke, 
clou billa, who loops the loop on u bicycle. 

><•«• llnven.— Al the New Haven (0, II, 
Muniieii. niniiiignr) ' "Mr. Blarney from Ire- 
land," May. II. 7. Mlsun Opera Co. 10-1S. 

I'm. i'h tS. /,. Poll, manager).— Illll week of 
fl; Muster Oahrlel and company, Delplnno 
and Dciiiinrii, llolcomb. Curtis and coni|Hiny, 
Big City (jiuii telle. Martini mid Maxiulllluu, 
Mile. Victoria's dogs, anil tlie 'J'wo Kings. 

' . !»«» 


Montreal. — At Ilia Majesty's (H. Q. 
Brooks, inuriagcrj William Favoraham, In 
"Tho Smialv Man," came to goad hUalness 
week nl April 21). "Mr. Hopklnaon" and 
"Public Opinion" May Oil, John Draw, In 
"His House hi Order," 111-18. ' 

. Acaiikmy ftf Miihiu (Wultor Oreaves, man- 
ager). — "Painting the Town" - scored a hit 
last week. Tims. v.. Hhea tl-11, "The Arrival 
of Kitty" l.'MH. 

Fiiam'.'aik (F. W. La Clair, innnager).— 
Ban Carlo., opera Co. packed the Ihentro 
April ;io, May 1. "Juppyland" I local) 2-4, 
"llumtiii lloiirls" il-ll, "The 11 real Wall 
SOcet Myatery" 18-18, 

RnVAt (H. C. Kgorlon, malinger').— The 
.Merry Maidens pleased greatly last week. The 
Kentucky Holies nil. the Aloiiziir Beauties 

Dkk Nrn-VMAl'TKH IB. Itiivotlx, tnnnnger). — 

tioniiil Itnplil*. Ihe New Powers i Hur- 
ry Ii. Hammers & Co., iiiunugei's) has Is-eii 
nark for past ten days. John drew, In "Ills 
I louse In Order, 1 ' 4, Lew Field*' Co. 21. 

(Iiiami (ii'tciiA IIiIihc (CliurclilH A Davis 
iiiiinaneisl. Illll for week of oil • Doll and 
Thompson, I he MiisI'-iiI Foiesls, lie Vlilo 
mid Ciirlls. llnrry llowurd. and Shannon mid 

MA.lrlKTIi' (Drill Stair, malinger). — The 
IIiIVn, -.iS-Mnv I, plaved lo crowded bouses. 
"The Four Corner* »r Ihe Knrfli." 2-4, drew 
well. "Th" Hlrl from Hie Itaneli" fi-M, "The 
Whv of Die TranagreaNtir" tl-11, 
iiisniKi or com Mint. 

WnxbiiiKlon. At the New National (\i 

II. It.iplov, niHtingiir), this weak. Th'oina* Jiu 
fcrson, lu "Blp Van Winkle." Last week. 
Harry llulgcr, lu "Ninth's Ark," met with 
unoiialllloil Hiiccess — urllsllciillv. unisleiillv 
anil Iliiuni'lnily. The present week minks tho 
close of it very successful season ut this 
popular house. The theatre- Is to l'eo|M)n May 
27, with the Ahum Comic Opera Co., hi 

'Itolilii Hood.' 

Coi.irMiiiA (Joaepli I-;, LtickoH, inn linger). 
— This week Is Ihe opening of the supple- 
nieiiliiry keilHon, with II Oral class cotapiltiy, 
beaded by Hlldii Spong and Wilton Lacknyi", 
in "I'lie Firm of Cunningham." Last week, 
"Till! Oliigerhrenil Mall scored a success. 
"Iilidoiinicy," by the stock company, 111- IS, 

IIki.anco (I, Stoiiilard Taylor, malinger). 
— This week. Thomas W. Boss, In "The Other 
Hll'l.' Lust week, -|ki Wolf Hopper. Ill 
"Wllllg" llllil "llil|i|iyliind," hlld excellent 
busiiii'ss, The Sununer comedy seilMMi ojaus 

III. Willi "Tho Importance of llelng ICarnesI, ' 
by (ho slock oonipaiiy. headed by ICdwili 

MA.IKSTIi: (I., (i, Klsler. iiiuiiugi-r), — Till* 
week, Kiithryn Puriiell ami coiiipiiny, In "The 
Two tirpiiniiH." Limt week the same com- 
pany iiiesentMl "Itoanoke." lo good business. 
■The lirniit Norlhwest" HI-IK., - 

Ciiahh'h (Miss II Wlniilfrnd Do Will, man- 
iiger). — This week:. tins Kdwurds' "Prluinry, 
Nil. 211:" Bice and Klmer, Jack Wilson ami 
emnpiii'y, llcnnlhgs', Is'wla and lieniihms, 
Fi'osl'il. Miss Noi'loit mid Paul Nicholson, and 
Ihe vllngi'iiph. Last week this housu was 
crowded al e.vnry |tor(urisnnrn. • • • 

■ LrcKl.'M (Miigcni! Keciiiin, niiuiager).— This 
week, llm Colonial Holies, with John L. Sill: 
Hvan. Lust week, tho Now Century (Jlrls 
Iniidi' u hit. The Thoroughbreds next. 

FlIltW'AI.'llll-SHU.S' t'llll'IIM, April 21), HO, 
cnilli! to capacity audiences, mill gltvu sillls- 

■ 4*4 


New Orleans,— Al tho (Iroonwnld Mir. 
(irei-nwAld, iiiiinnger) the Cnslno (litis held 
tivr for week of April 2H and played a live 
days' engagement. This brought the Oreon- 
wnld's season In a close. Beports from llm 
iiiiinagomijnt say'lhe aeilsntt was it umsi pro- 
lltalile one. 

Oiii'ukim I Martin Hook, gonernl nuiuiigari. 
— For the closing week lit this house, April 
21) May I. u n|ileiiilld bill was offered, and 

nloaai-d large nnd nppreclrlllvii mikIIi- * 

lteshleiit Miiimgei- Tolll Wllist'ill. Ilislead of 
enjoying a mm Ii needed rest, will Illlllloilliiloly 
lake hold of West Hud, and Will lie kepi busy 
gulling the popular lake l-osul-l ri'itdy for Ms 
opening, May 12. 

Winn', CITY (Chas. ('. Maliliews, manii- 
gnr), — The opening of Ihlsnewly lllleil park 
was postponed until May 4. when Lot- 
lie Kendall, nsslsted by Hie Hlyiulila Opera 
Co,; whs seen In nn olaborale iii'oinicllon of 
"Ulsmel.". The iierforuninci' Is under llm 
personal direction of Kd, Seiiiuons, whh-li Is 
iniuiirh lo guarantee a llr«t eliis* |ih*)tu:|li'ii; 
Popttlnr price* have Is-eii ildoiitod- for ths 

NiiTK.— Oenlry's Hog nnd I'nny Show Is 
billed to open hero May II, for ih'-en days, nt 
llm .circus grounds, .('(.I ondi'iei ami mix.i.iJ 
-Streets. The show will nhil'd"* In Whltn aim 
Citnnl St reels for l ho renin Iniler of the week; 

Hilda Sci.vo, who has arranged fof a 
Slimmer engagement of three mouth* al tho 
head of the Columbia Slock Co.. In Washing- 
Inn, I). C. will produce nt least three new 
plnva. will) a view lo •electing a suitable 
vehicle for her use next season. Wilton 
Lueknye will lake purl lii ecrialii special per- 
rormnncr*. Among the plays to he acted will 
he a drnmatlrallon of "Brother Jim's Baby." 
which Mr- Incknje hit under consideration, 
for next season. 




New Yorl^s I^iVe $1SO,000 Pleasure Park, 





v)T UUJJ vSxr Jirl'jrL A Uilll X X l/Xt photo <. alleh v, oiiessino scale, india.v ream, e«*. 

AR < oiiiinniili uIIoiih alinulii 

lie lldtlr»»»ed In 

The While CM)-, Sj rm use, N. Y. 

i;oi nc\ RATIO <;l,EANl\C.s. 

i-lirriul Itmiialcli in Tur Xi:iv VrniK C'l.ii'i'git. 

Sa\ i'iuni'ihiii, Mr.y 7.- -At the Von Ness, 
iIiIk Is llif scrotid mill Inst week of Annie 
UllMM'l:, 111 "A MIll-UilllllK'r Xlglll's Hri'iuii," 

UmUVRfl Xovi.bTV. — 'litis Ix l In* scemid mill 
Inst iv-ek fif I ho San Frnnclwo Opera Co. 
Tin' opera will In 1 'I'lvninun." 

("OLOSIAI.. — Tile Slock onllipilnv (bin week, 

In "On Change." 

D.vVfs. — K.i!l>. mil, Harney Bernard and 
company. In "Illgghdv Plggli'dy" and 'The 
College Widower." 

Ct:s"rlni,.— -The stock compnny. In "Aiillo, 
tlic Singing lili'l." this week. 

Xuw Ai.caxvii. •— "/.Irn" iIiIk week. 

AMi:nn*».v — The stock company, in "Mr 
Jack," <i-ii. 

Oni'liKi'M, — Hill fur ilm , nfeek opening 
Sunday, Mn.v ."i ; The rwrmwl Trio, Lllllnn 
Shi" w, Chn ilea • f ,ennn id Fletrher, Toy nml 
I'lnrk. KIlKflhpih Murray, Ihe .Mux Tnu'rlilllnu 
Troupe, the I'siili't n-H, Kremlin Bros., nml the 

CRtl'KH. — Bishop's Stock Co. 

XirTO, — The following ihontri'S will remain 
closed until il|e cur. strike 1h settled: Van 
.Sens. Ciilonlnl, Control nml Chutes. 


onuiIiii. — Al llnyd's (W. .!. Burgess, man- 

I HIT I Hocli'lllllor'H Mli-slrcl* M'lV tl, 1-, 
Viola . Allen 17. IS. OH* Skinner. In "The 
ilnel." Ii:i(l flllr hoi'sos April llll-Moy 1. 
illnm-he WiiIhIi, In "The Straight Bond," 

Jill'IIHI'll 4, 

ilriitvonn (W. .f. linrgoas, mnnnger). — 
Tile Woodward SI. t k Co. ilreiv g'iod bouse: 
Ikfl piihc week, presenting "Why Smith l.efi 
Mmne." They wi'l present '•Tlie Advenlures 
ni' J.wly 1 rsnla" vlny *>- 1 1 . 

Kltl'O |"D».f" Breed, inn unpen . — "Tlie Cow 

I'llllrher" « . 1 It" 1 H'll II J nil I* nlghls' ellltilKl'llienl 

.V "The llnukei's Chllil' r Ml. "Weary 
Willie Wnlker" wns the nilrni'llon April lis- 
illiv I. "On I he Bridge ni Mldnlghr M. 

oitrtiRiiti i .M ii rt in Beck, general manager). 

• -Joseph Karl's "Hnui'liiff Imlslcs" bonded u 
hill linn drew largo nucllcncoa -J!) nml week. 
Tlie hill for week of Mnv •"■ Includes: The 
iTnncy*, din (lordoii, , Jlriltk Klngslcy mid 
Nelson Lewis, llnyos nml Johnson, tlie ml 
vottlH. liiirnlliv Kenieii, til" IVi> 1 'rnurlsi iw. 
mid the TIiIm liouie i:Iomi>h for 
t lie Kcnunn Mny.ll. : 

XfiTt:s.--MoKiit>i.(l 1». Wnnilwiird. of Knn : 
pn« City, nnd W. .1. Itarjmt, of llilx elty. illn- 
solved imrnu't'ihip April :MV Mr. H'o<Mlwur«J 
pniiliiiNed Mr. Ilinui's-' I n i ,- 1 .--i . The Wiiud- 
ivitl'rt «>i UunBffiU Aiinmemi'iit i '"iii|tnn\ wiih 
I'liniii'il In iMiiit. mid ill Mil- lime nf <IIrhi,|ii. 
i I. hi It eontrnlleil the WIIIIk Wood mid Audi- 
lorlnii TlieotroH, In Kiiiimia "City, tljo 
mid I'.nnvudili In iiiiiiiIiii, lite New ilriuid. In 
Slum City. In.; Hie iivcrliiml. lit. NeliriiHkll 
City; Hi" New Oriiml, ni Slnnx l''nlln, s. j>, • 
The Mimkiilo, ■ Mhiiii'upiilN : I In- St. IVler 
Openi IIciunk*. Ihe WlfeoxHhli Ojieni lloii»e. 
I'lirmlllon. Mo., mill The lie tlnni O-iern 
(louse. In Itrooktleld. Mhhh. In lite Heltletuetit. 
Mr. itmriv,. ih.rn'iiie ihe Mole owner of Hie 
lliini'iiiid. hi ' flit- I'liy. ponHe.«Hloii to pimn to 
lilm July I. He Mild mil the hoiiHe Mny I. 

Ill Men-TH. Solllvilll & I'lillsldlne, Willi 11)11- 

irol ii ehi'iilt of vimderllle houses, nml pus- 

hokhIop will oeeiir Aii|rll»i I The Wnod- 

wiird Hloeli Compiiny, hero »i iliu linrwnul, 
mid lit Hie Aiiill'orlinn, ill Kiiiimiih City. ,vlll 
'".i'hmi|:e plnei-H liexl week for Hie hnlniH" of 
Hie hi'iinih'i. Kdwlinl .1, .MoiuiffliHii wl'l 
retniiln .is lornl iiinnnuer for Mr. Woodwiird. 

Inivlny direction u( till- IhihIiiikn H.I'lllrH of 
hull' the IIif.viI nml Ihe llnrwooil. 

... — : ***r — ! 

AVhi-cllnu. --At tlie Court (K. It. 1-" mi ti se- 
lielni, iiiuiiiifrorl "The New Mlnlmer," A|vrll 
I'll. Iiiul good retniiiH. Imvld HI^kIiik, In 
"111k l..iut Oolmr," dill his IhihIiii'mh Mny 1. 
TluiK. \\. Kuhh, In "Tln» ihIiit Hlrl," 4, had 
Komi ri'tiu uH. Mnry Mniinrrliiic P. 

tlllAX'U Ol'BlU lllKSK (CIlllK. A. I'Vllller. . 

tnanilRer).'— Tiiylor Slock Co.. In repertory, 
'.'!>-Mnv 'I. -hnil NtpsHljr. '•Kldniipped for Ite- 
veiin*" 0-11. 

lii.iin (hcli'lek & ltonripy, ownornl. — IIiihI- 
liHNM Ih hIIII kcrplDir tin to (In* Hiiinilnrd. 
IVople for wi'i'k of (I: TIhv Knur CloveliintlM, 
Aliltvon'H Me.vlcmi Trio. Iliilmitlni! Sleplirn, 
lltirlel mill (Inrlleld, und the iiiovIiik pIcttircH. 

Wnt'.ni.iMii I'.viik iKiiink linker. Rriirrol 
luiiimip-r). — Tliepnrk h|»'4ih II, nml tlievnnile- 
vllle nets nre; nun levcy mid llnnvii. .Iomc- 
plilne Hell, the Vonr I'liiiiody Acrohnllc 11111m. 
Hun Miirnlntll, Hie Ori'iil Hull, und Ititrton, 
I Inches und r.nrtnti. 

Nuti:. -Itlncllnii Hiiih,' Clrcim will lie here 

• — | ■ •*«♦ 

HEATHS l\ t lit: l>ROEESSIO\. 

Ilnrr> !»•• Coumey. wllowi inline In prl- 
vnle life ivns tiny Melscnlielder. tiled Tnesdiiy 
mnrnltiK, April .'III, ill St. Luke's HoKpliul. 
ltltiellt'ld. W. Vn .. from (lie results nf nn 
Injury In Ills spine und luick, which lie re- 
ceived while perforniliiK hi u piissluu: nerlnl 
net. wlili tlie Wllllmn Toil Show, nt llonnker. 
Vn.. Snturdny nljrltl. April "J", lie wns 
twenly-seven yrttrs, nf nucmul hnil lieen with 
Hie minve show. otT nntl on,, for yeiirs. Iiur- 
lli|r Ills vitreer lie hnil linen with Hie Co'Dtry 
Jtnis.. Sun 'HriM.. IUkkh' Wild West, .loties k 
.Vilnius, nml I'criU'hl-tiypzfiic Slock. He wtls 
it clever liuslness mini und u versnllle per 
loinier. Ills imillier, . nIhIit nml two mints 
survive Itlin. "The remnlns were senl In Ills 
lilvlliiilniT. Coluuihlu, Ph.. for hiirlnl. 

EiMvht Vurri-y. one of the liesl known 
iietors of the old school, tiled ni his home In 
Wii iclmnic. I'lnlnllelil. X. J., from HHtli 
Itrlcht's dlsense, on Mny I. lie luitl been III 
only since Inst Thursdn.v. lie was limn in 
this city elxltly-oiie .veins wto, nml. afler his 
urn dilution from (.nliuiililti I'n'veislly. lie 
wen! on the slnue. He had nnnonrctl wllii 
Linirit Ivomie. INIwlu I'orresr. iMwIn Hooth, 
.lolin llrointhupi. Joseph ,len*iTHiin und ninny 
ni hers. Ills Inst eummi'tneiu was with Ailu 
Itchnn tlM tills Skinner, when litem *ini"> 
iip|ieiiird toucl'ier. Five daughters mid t.vrt 
yotis r.urvlve lilm. 

Allien Liiwreiiee, fni'iiieily In the cir- 
cus liuslness, died from hen ri I'lillnre ou 
April i!"i. ill tlie home of Ills iliniuhler. Mrs. 
W. I' ('mills'. In Sli'eiunr. III. In Hie laie 
Til's Mr. I,iiwreuie,niiil l.yniaii l.yuleii inn- 
<-liii»o<tillH>.,SlnrhR. Wiv'non ilrcus. whleh ihey 
iiii I'iir ,i Heitsmi,. Ilirolivh 'Ohio. I ml hum and 
Illinois. Al.;the> end of iIipi rnviHon Mr. Law- 
rencn returned to tlie ineivuntlle business. 
Interment was In Hie finally plot :it I'untlne. 
III., on April "7. Three enlhlren snrvlvu 
hint. Tw.i .11'' 111 Die lliealrlcal liuslness, Ii. 
Siirdh l.nwrenee n nil l-'red I,. Hexler. Mr. 
llex."r Is of Ihe niiMlevllle torn of iHdinnr 
end DexI'V. The ilnuiilitel'. Mrs. Crnlihe, 's 
». mm iiiiirei.hniiil. A nephew Is A. I.. Huh 
cock, proprietor of Ilic Opera House at Itlll- 
in^s, Mont. 

Loiilt- Morunii, n vaudeville performer. 
nf Hie lento of Wnlt and l.onle Mnrttiin. died 
ui their home In llroukvllle, Knn.. on March 

I'll, from pneiirnnnln, nfter mi Illness of nine 
iln.vs. Iiurlnn Hie ten yenrs she wns In the 
i hi'iit rlcjil liuslness she hnil Ih-cii with n 
iiuinUer of leitdlni; re|vortoiy <- compnnlnH of 
the Wist, tU late yenrs she hud lieen feat- 
ured with her husband's own show, Morgan's 
lloynl Kitlertiilners. 

Will J. Ilnrilinnn. song writer, died nil 
Siiiiirdi.y. May 4, nt llii! Selon HnspKal, 
Spiivten Hii y ill. Xew Vork. The funeral will 
he held oo Wednesday, Mny 8, ul, '1 P. .«„ flt 
IIWI8 li.itlipnie Avenue, Ilrnnx, New York. 

I'trol. Jnbn II. Vonnar, somellmeH known 
as Vunk. a veiitrllnrpilitt, died on April .'in, 
. from heart dlsense. nt his home In Chnrlcs- 
towo. Mass.. neid forly-nine years, lie 'ind 
been In the tneotrleol htiMlnesH for tliiiiy 
years, nnd diirlnc the, past season he man- 
aged his own vaudeville company. His dnush- 
ler. I'enil Vniing. Ih n popnhir nod talented 
child nclress. Ills wife, his daughter IVnrl. 
nml two sons survive him. 

Prof. n. W. Dmlii died nt his home nn 
Ciidwell Avenue, MoHpeth, L. I„ X. Y.. May 
I. ol tho use of Hlxty-llve years, from a enm- 
pllenllon of dlseiiHes. Mr. Imdd won well 
known with Ills troupe of educated dogs, and 
wits one nf the oldest dog trainers In thin 
country, lie originated (be statue dog: acta, 
mid broke n number of dogs to do Ibis trick. 
The ii mains were Interred nt Oreenwood 
Cemetery, Mn.v :i. He Is survived by Cheater 
Kndd. IniHlinnri of Mile. Chester, und I'rof. (.'. 

I'lninia Lee, of linssley and a Rkeleli 
lenm. nod daughter el' the w«dl known vocal- 
ist, Minnie '.en, died In Chicago, III., on 
May I, from HihereiiloMla, nged ihirly-tive 
yeara. She died nt the home of her sister. 
Mrs. I'. M. Jin rniK. professionally known as 
Stella Ij'e. Menerva, nnolliereHlnler,. 
also survlvra her. Internum was In .Forme 
Home Cemelery, Chicago. 

iiori-j I . iioji-n. n vaudeville performer: 
died nn April MO, at: HI. Agnes' Hospital, 
I'hlliKielphlti, I'll., from typhoid pneumonia', 
nged ihirly-clght rears. He hud been In flje 
tlieiitrlcal nrofowdon for iwenly years, .(furl- 
ing as n song nntl dnnee performer. Later 
on he Joined Wllllmn V. henneily. Ihe lenm 
being well known as Kennedy noil Hayes. An 
only sister survives him. 

Mm mil- Mucin, i.virs. John Zleglef); 1 for- 
merly nt the vaudeville team, (lie WMTWnod 
Sisters, died on April -7. nt her home In 
Itrooklyii, N. V.. aged Iwenly-one yen (sf .(She 
retired from the stage In IDlltl, and'wiiiTthen 
inn I'll. 'd to .lohn /legler. Her liusbiinil nnd 
her brolhers. Hurry ft. Dnlton, of Allea'and 
linlin i, and Musical lliiebn, survive her. ' 

**♦ *f? 

VU'lor II.TI..H HI, ,.-, I II. il,,- l^rljir.. 
The l''riat'H rave Ihrlr Irhi tntppeiMol Hie 
seosou on h'rbl.iv nlglil. Mny II, at (lie Cafe 
des lleniix Aria, wllli Victor Herbert im the 
inicsi of honor. — 

Wells lluwkH. the president, gnve a very 
liiteroslliig talk concernliig Ihe organization 
now coining Into such pronilnniice ,tw The 
I'rlnrs, mid miiiinit those selieduleil for 
s)H>pch')H were: Victor lleibcn, Chn>l»Ki >. 
Only, Ueo'ge Henry I'nyne, - .snAls/niis 
St lingo, lly. Mnyer, (ieorge V. Uolmri, 
Archie C.tinii l-rlnr WHIard HiilcoiuK I'llni 
Wallace .Mlllll'o, l'':'lnr Hr.ic" hdwenl^ Hen 
Teal mid lloli Hunter. Tliere were Joiii:^ 
by Hnvid Montunmi cy. 'e'red C. Sinn*.' Xenl 
MeCnv, Joseph M. Knilhl mid IViilter^Trri'l- 
vnl. E3 

MemlM-ra of Victor Horherl'8 OnTifstra 
played tiie music, nml during the evening 
great eniliiislnsni was n roused hy the playing 
and slog'tw of Ihe new l-'rlm-H* Club song. 
wllli words by Charlci: MnterHon Cook and 
iiiUMle by Victor llerhert. This iiitnTtAalllnn 
follows: y,., 

The frhi rs of old were n merry old fold : 

< '.ire nnd sadoesH In them were Inn folly; 
With pipe and with glass, and tin eye for a 
lnss. • 

And n iptlii. In defy melancholy : » 

Well. versed id the stnrs and Id musical linm, 

Olspfiiseiii of tlcllon end fnhle : 
And nt nlendshlii's eommnnd they would 
pass the gluil hand 

Willi u toast iluii. would ring round the 
tnhle, '.if; 

Here's In die I'rlars ! Here's to them all ! 

Out no. the rnnd, or here In the hall. 

Itnlse high your glasses with cheer that 
And drink u deep toast • :• 
To the boys we love moat ! , • 

A tniisl to nil oilier good I'rhns!' I . 

mopi«fl Picmrei 

"loo Miiok 'Mothkki.v-Law" Is o new 
l.tibln comedy dim. "The Jnmeslown Xovnl 
Itevlew" views are also supplied by this mnrtu- 
facttirer. U well as "The Cnwrltten Low." 

"In a 1'iotuob I'HAin:" and "IMcnle Ham- 
pers nre the two latest (ioumont lllma, 
which ore supjilled liv the Klelne Optical Co.. 
st (heir Chicago and Xew York ofllees. 

"Thk Pjratk'h TnKANcnr.'* nod "The Flat 
Dwellers" furnish excellent subjects for Vita- 
graph Iderts, which have lieen well worked 

"A Tbndrruhn ToAfiRPT" In the title of a 
new Mogrnph dim. It Is n picture of life 
alone thertrenl White Wny of New York. 
It tells of a gay old chap who enters Into 
a. whir) of pleasure too mntt for bis ebbing 
strength. The pace Is loo fast for him. and 
he til' is n victim to heart disease. The 
production abound* Id comedy situations. 
nnd moves constantly' towards the tragic 
climax which ends It. "t.'roj'ono" and "The 
•MgfMown Exposition" nre other new series. 

Wtl.1. -8. Itistxu writes: "I hove staged 
and produced nn elaborate moving picture 
show, nod am exhibiting It nt the Jamestown 
Imposition. II Is entitled 'Colonial Virginia. 
una Burning of Jamestown.' 1 assume the 
character of C»pt. John Smith." 


Un der the t ents. 

Mavaokb Chas. Obtkr writes: "The 
C holies Oyer's nig Rnllrnnd Canvas Theatre 
wns completely destroyed liv lire, Solnrdnv. 
April L',. at Itoscne. Tex.. Just before the night 
performnnce, mid Is a mini loss. A new ont- 
tll • has lieen ordered. It. took only three 
minutes i.> burn the big lop, mid the sents. 
Mcnery, musical Inslriimrnts. etc., oil went 

■ J-!'",. f".T9 m VVBrd ,vn " l, "'<'«'P In the 
enr. lie lost his wnrdrnbe and was slightly 
burned as well. Xn one knows how the lire, 

Tin: Moninn of R, (J. sinltb died nt lier 
bona la si. .Mnrys, I'n., last week. 

Uaudeuille and mittsfreL 

Tun Jkshik Rhmjhi Tiiiii tb nf 'Cyol.lSTM 

is plnyliig a speclol engngement of three 

Thele fe '." 'l U ', I2!P A «5»«« Ilurlcsquers. 
I heir feats „f Imlnnclng have excited great 
applause ni every performance. 
•i..,„io ,,v li' "JI**m« loaves for Europe 
Inesdny. May ,, to tour the Kngllsh pro- 

' III search of nnvelili.a i'.,r i.u •— ■ 


>/ Theatres 

This Summer, when you consider the question of repairs or the putting in of n cw 
furniture, it will be to your interest to secure samples and prices on - 

Leather from your dealer or upholsterer. This material is, beyond question, better than 
real leather, is more durable, odorless, does not craclc, more easily cleaned, is fire and 
waterproof and costs about one third as much. It is so like real leather in appearance 
that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. We invite those interested to call at 
our larjfe show rooms, 16 West 34th Street, N. V., where an extensive display of made- 
up leather furniture and screens will be found. 

After investigation, Ihe N, V. Hippodrome placed a large order of Pantasote. 

Stntf for Special Thaitra Sample Book to-day, thawing ixact tints In which It it made. Addrais 
THE PANTASOTE CO., 11 Broadway, N. Y. 

I Accept no furniture as covered with Pantasote unless It bears our trade mark label as shown above. 
On piece goods sec that word Pantasote Is embossed on selvage edge. 

world of Pta vers. 

"Ladv 1'iTUM*/ 1 a new light opera, music 
by Walter Slaughter, wns produced at Hie 
Shrtftsbiiry Tbentre, London. Kng., on Muv 
1. It wag received with much favor. Claudhi 
l.osell. formerly of Huston. Moss., proved 
herself to lie capable, both as an actress and 
u singer, In a lending role. 

W.m. A. Riiadi baa received nn offer from 
I'.nk'Hsh mnongers to present " 'Way Down 
Last" In London. He suys that the plov will 
probably be offered soon ot Ihe Adalplil under 
I ho management of William flreet. 

William (Iim.ktte sailed from Unston on 
April JO. He goes to Knglcnd. 

M.MiiiAiiKT Ii.linoton hits relumed to New 
lork. inning closed her season with John 

l»rew She will remain here until after the 

ilic theatres. Mrs Williams nccompaol'es A ' ;;" ^'."d l''alr...;I»i.rlng the week of the 

ilm. They are inking a touring ear nnd S.if b . a/a ' x * 

luch of their travelltiB; will Is? done hi It rhen , lrc J KM> 1 ' 

'hev plan to return about Julv 1. ?." «"*•■* 

"f! KU ".. '*• M***» nallert for Ihirone Inst ""SSK D . . 

e Inst 
nt. i. 

He will remoln abroad until $«',„. 
nnd promises m bring buck mnny vnudevl.le 

Tim patiikb of Max Iteynolds, Sid llev- 
tioltls and Minnie lloidon, of the Cordon SIs- 
ers. nlcd April •_'«, ol his home :n Xew York 
lie was formerly In the show business, con- 
ducllng a I'oncerl hall mony venrs iibo. Ho 
was ceventy-lhree yenrs of ago. 

Matt WoonwAtin has coaipleted the words 
nnil mam of two songs, which will he Ilnlsv 
larcourt s offer ng when she opens In London. 
S&'ini?; •" ,l >- JPs "'"odward is ulso 
workings on new nctiC for tho Moxarn 

she will assist nt the Lyceum 

booth. Shortly thereafter she nnd 

Itanl.'i I'rohinan. will sail tor 

,J°" X Bi-Ain, Hie nctor, was married to 
Idn Chester Held, a non-profrsslonal, nt the 
1 Mil** «t the Ascension, New York CItv, on 
April 21) The Kcv. Percy Stlckney (Irani, the 
rector, olllcimeil. ' ■ 

Xina Karkixoton. the former actress, has 
lust obtained a separation from her husband, 
l.lem. cordon, in lxindnn, Eng.. and within 
a mnntJi exporlR to give up her home abroad 
and return to America to make arrange- 
ments for her relnni to theatrical work. 

XLmk. Hamxh, was granted an In- 
teiiocutnry decree of divorce from Julian 
Story, the portrnll painter, on April 27, bv 

" p . r M m .'' \'S n . rt Jh.sin'* Arthur S. Tompkins, 
ni While Plains, X. Y. 

Jiiux C. Hiiv.n'rm, head of (he corporation 
of the Oliver Dltson Co., died on I'rlday, 

''Mi llllli 

Mile. |.'alordeai|x and W. II. Bolime. besides 
llndlng time for a couple of hnrlesnutji mid 
MWral new songs, wiih tins Kdwnrift?" 

s.viia, one of .1. .1. Ilospnthal's latest dis- 
coveries, will he presented by that mannirer ^ ln '' ?■ "' n,!1 1,ome ln Boston, Mnm»., offer 
In vnttdevllle. In n nne net piny, bv Murk ',' ,P rn 'pnged lllnesg. culminating In a para 
Swan entltl-d "The I.lllle Vngnbond." Mr 
ItOHenlhnl Is rgetle In work for Ills Casino 

III I i lied I J, 0. 

Inahrl C. Jackkox axu cojii-axv Inform 

lytic shock. .He wns born In ltrlttbion, ilass., 
?° W', 1 ,' , 18 s''i r R ' 0,, ^'"^'ed In fiosion 
l-.ngllsh IPgh School, nnd entered the em- 

Noiv, on with your cowls I And nwny with 
your scowls : 

l<'or urn ul fellowship ki ill shall reward us. 
It's i-lwir as cmi lie. loyal Crlnrs nre we; 

Cv'ry man of us lias tuken onlers. 
So, true to the inline, lei us gladly proclaim 

Kinleriilly thnl wauls no urger : 
In this I .ii nil of I'iiKiii Cheer, wllli Its brolher- 
hooil denr, • ■'• 

We :n".' one, wllli no need for n "merger." 

Here's to Ihe l-'rhirs! Here's to them all ! 

mil on the mad. or here In Ihe hall. 

Itnlse high your glasses wllli cheer that 
Inspires ! 
Ami drink a deep toas( 
To l he Isiys we hive most ! 

A lonsi to nil other good Friars ! 

Tonight, no slurs shine (neither your star nor 
mine) : 
So we'll slug, ns we strike up the band, 
To ev'rv irue chap on the breadth of the map, 
Out from hero to the far one-ulghtoinnd 
Too ufi we must prnle others' virtues ns 
great. ' ' 

In one sciriidvcrtlscd pageant, 
Ilm in-night, with n will (while wo O.K. the 
hill i 
Let us drink In the health of the agent. 

Here's lo the Friars ! Here's to them aU-l. 
Out nn ihe road, or hero ln the hall. 
Hnlse high your glnsses with cbe^r that 
Inspires ! ' H . 

And drink n deep Inasl 
To the Isiys we love most '. 
A loasl lo all other good Priam! 

MruiKI. Hor.F.nrs. conlrnlto vi>callst|'»r\rllcR : 
"I tuive recovered from, n long and serious 
MIih'kh. I open, May ll. nl Schlndler's Then- 
He, Chicago, and am hooked lor ten, .weeks 
through Illinois nnd Indiana. Tub Ci.H'I'kh 
wns n cheory visitor during my convnles- 

HfllNR AXIl Vnl.lXK. tllP' "Allliilllnblle 

illrls." receelly lltilslicd Ihe Sullivan & Cnnnl- 
dine circuit In (he Middle West. (HhikiaM ScrNrRii bos been re-en- 
gaged for next season for Miner's Bohemian 

SSJiK! ,h f.t,,"2 , n01 . "I'l*" 1 " »' ""•'Ron Ton 
iii n i' rc '..(i h nrtotpUij lost week, although 
o lied. J'hoy oppi-nred al tho Kmplrc Tbe- 
ntre, In that elty. 


t mint hnve Just returned to Xew York. 
Ihey have lieen on tbe Hnstem circuit for 
i the Ikst fourteen weeks, and have been nf- 
tcted forty weeks next season, bv Drew & 
tampliell. nl nn Increase of salary. 

A ubkkstkak iiLNXBti was given by Nevada 
I'lirrlngton. at a well known uptown resort, 
nlglil of April :«». and wns the occasion of a 
right royal night of lolMly. The vaudeville, 
programme contained : Bert Alorphv, "The 
Human Tornado:" Jim Rev-Ins. monologue- 
llnly C«itpr, comedian : Mr. Baton, mnglcTon : 
Nellie HeyaHMir, comedienne, nhlr assisted bv 
her son :, the Ungstrnm Sisters, songs ; Slcllii 
Hllmore, parodies: I lorothy Collins; clmr.i"tei' 
singer : Utile Cndwell. "Salome" dnneor : Lou 
Collins, ballndlsl : Little Kgypl. Orlenlal 
diineer. nnd Nevada I'lirrlngton. In oper.n'c 
selections. The arcnmpitiilsls .'Were llurrv 
Uawanr and Fred llylnnds. Among the 
gitesls were prominent business man. A rnllle 
in honor nf, the hostess proved to be one of 
the gnyest fentures of the evening. Many 
Of. too music publishers were present. 

Tub Mkiibpitii Sihtiuir < IVnrl and Carrie) 
write : "After . another mom successful trip 
around the" glolie. we will soon finish our 
work nnd, toko a much needed rest. We have 
lieen a success everywhere, nnd owing to the 
temporary giving out. of Pearl's voice, we 
are coninelled lo cancel a few weeks of ear 
time, we mi ve Just finished a most suc- 
cessful lour of the Poll circuit, Including 
Hartford. Worcester. Springfield. Wntorbtnv. 
New Haven and Lynn, nnd In all of these cities 
have received ninny two column newspaper 
not Ices, for our excellent work. After n short 
rest .'we will go In Kuni|ie, where we are 
In big demand, and after another tour on 
Ihe other aide, during which we will vlsll 
Chlnu, we will return to America with munv 
lidded features to the. act." 

Tim itii.i.KN opened lu Unite. Mont.. April 
'}".'' nnd scored n success with his monologue 
act. Week of Mny II. be Is booked at Spo- 
kane, Wnsh. 

Mt.l.K. F.vt..vitnot'.\ AXP W. A. Hon hk write 

ploy of Oliver D|teon. He obtained nn Inter- 
est in (he soles of the firm, and In 1S:>7 
he became n- partner, and Ihe firm mime wns 
changed to Oliver IiJtson & Co. When Mr 
I» tson died, in 1888, Mr. Ilaynea nnd 0. if, 
Ifllson. the surviving partners, reorganized 
the tlrm. Incorporating ll ns the Oliver Dltson 
< oinpnny. 

Ahiu.i:v Johnson wns a Ci.tprKR cnller. 
Mny U. Mr. Johnson slated that he was In 
no way Interested wlUi W. ft Hoyt In any 
of his enterprises. Mr. Johnson mode this 
stnloment been use n report wns circulated 

i.i l ?f ■ ? / rm . that " p waR Interested 
with Mr. Hoyt In the project of taking "The 
Itlnolt sheep' 1 Co, on (lie road. 

wiiiTixii Ai.lbx has nccepled a post on 
77;c Swth-A-merlHiH. of Vhlloledhpin, to look 
nrior Its depiirlment nf general amusements. 
hl.KiK .Iaxis will go to- hoc home In Co- 
ll mlMis, ,0., nfter one more week In ynude- 
yllle. She will, s|S>nd (he. Summer ln Co- 
luinbiis. Allnoiigh ii has not heen fullv de- 
cided as yet, Miss Janls mav lie seen 'next 
season In a now musical play, under (he man- 
agement of Charles Dillingham. 

hi Tiib .ii 1,, S ,e ". <Ji .* t,:m . flro wl,h one nf the 
Mlnnelll Bros, attractions. , 

,, tt ';, H- Kowaros writes that ho has Joined 
he Mortimer Snow Stock Co., havln K 'closed 
Ills road company, but will put It out nimbi 
next 1< all. , . 

Raciiki. May Clangs Is rnpldlr recovering 
from a serious surgical operation which wns 
performed on her at Ijike Side Hospital, 
I hlcugo. and will soon resume her position as 
ending woman for Ditblnsky Bros." Wallock 
Theatre Co. 

«.' r .L"i nA V ,R J R , wl i!i ^'r "^" Players, now 
al tho Lyric, Soulx City. la„ for an Indoftnlte 

Aolois' Order ,,t irlemtsbi,,. 

'I'be Actors' Order of Prlendshlp held Its 
regular monthly meeting at their lodgo 
room. 117 W. .Forty-seventh Street. Sunday. 
May .i. 

A Isi-ge niieiidance tested the Renting or. 
piiclty of Ihe lodge room. The nnnnnl 
election of officers that will govern the 
order during the ensuing year wos held, nnd 
he foLnwlng officers were elected: Prosl- 



Theatrical Ti^li<s 

Silk Hosiery, 
Silks and SatiiiN. 

Make-Up Department Complete 
In Every Detail. 

Special Discount to tho Profetslou. 
Mail orders promptly filled. 

Broadway, 8 and 9 sts. 


Leading men's fashion magazines and 
the New York newspapers designate 
Brill Models "NEW, YORK'S COM- 

Write for Booklet, "Brill Clolhes," 
and learn what's right to wear along 
Broadway. . . - 

New York City. 

FOR NA1.K-K|ght lengths of Folding llark 
Reserved Seats, brfind new, »80 per length; 7 Iter 
Slues, jii per leng'ihi Wild West canopy, Teius 
Poleii and stakes. /Send for list. ... 

TEABI, VAN, Xorthvlllc, S. Y. 

Dial they have In pivimraltoti. a decided nov- 'lent. Joienh 11. (Irlsner: vice-president. Cloy 
oily in "one," wrlllen by Mntt Woodward, M, Cretiie: trensiirer. William Harris: secre. 
ontltled . "A Herman In Paris." carrying a law. Wllllnm II. VoitDg. 

. ...'rylog 
kih'cIhI drop, representing "Pnrla" cruiis- 
eyed, an Innovation bused on new Ideas fur 
Iniigliliig piii-iioses. 'I'hey will Introduce 
elaborate costuming. 

: Max axu Sidxky ltKTxni.nn. also Min- 
nie llonloD, were called homo suddenly, 
owing lo the death of their father. They had 
to cancel all rime. 

Ait-nun (lonnaidi axu Axtoixktti: Cm. 
write: "We nre still nllve, and not. kicking 
n bit. Are making n good, substantia! lilt 
everywhere vv? play, with our new 'Pictured 
Melody' net. we are- well booked up for 
ibis Spring. and ihe Summer season." 

. .niing. 

r'or Ihe board of trusC-os the following 
were elected to serve one yeur : Charles 
II. Chirk. J Duke Murray, tieorgn K, Hall, 
I'lioinns Meiirnth. Chnrles Dickson. 

The repori of Ihe trustees and treasurer's 
report Itullonlrd the flourishing onndlt Ion of 
ihe order, not only financially, hut numer- 
ically ns well. These names were added to the 
•Isl or members. lima) Thover. Thorlow 
Bergen. A.ihrny Benttle, Edgar Forrest nnd 
\> arren Cook. 

A collation wns served In the anteroom, 

SKETCHED, TRAVE8TH5S, llilrlosijiies, etc., 
written to ordeW Rent original work furnished h> 
pror_JOS. KK. ^.BnAVV', H'-'0 llnllonwood 8t..l'Hl }" • 

"^VANTKR.'Por Force Comedy, Light CoinM.v 
Han with spoc/ialty to double brass; Mnn and Wile 
for eliiiracteny with speclnllles, man double' brai". 
Must Join on: receipt of wire. Stale' lowest, nf 
nay expensen. Ploy Ortera HoiiHei>. Stop at holel*. 
Seasoo <o< weeks. Tickers, to reliable .people. 
tA rrake iK/'LKR, "Funny Mr.'Bonley" Co.. 
AnliopolW,N. : s..MovIo, ll: Blgbv 111,'Wevmoulli 
M. I'', Y armouth IB. 17. Liverpool" 18. IB. fl>. 

l»OR SALE OR" EjrC'llAIM*E-Koilliei 
Leng/os of Al Bight Tier Clrcais -Seals, Shn«; 
Ux&tt., with Scenery for samo painted In oil; Alt 
poles lor 50 or aort. Top, IM of, Itamps- Knn '"' 
SV.kns, One Muniue, Three Bale Rings, Sledges 
Txiols, several Trunks, etc., stored in hickmomi. 
Va. \VA»T Side Wall, Small Tents or a complete 
oiitflt for small medicine party. • Can use several 
Versatile Performers. Baldwins, write. E. A. I>e 
Woltr, Oregon Medicine Co., Shenandoah Jiinc- 
Uon, \\. Va. • " 


Wright, afiTJay St., Brooklyn, N. V. 

WANTED <lUlCK-(.'ood, Sober, Black lace 
Singing Dancing Comedian* up Inracls. -.ctianee 
lor week:; also singing and dancing skenu 
team. -I pay all afler Joining.- Moke' If lM:...l>r. 
F. H. Miller, Modern llemcdy-Oo., Beriidon, Nor- 
thitnilierland Co.,- Pa, 

WANTED TO BUY^flOli; Rl.Top. Poles and 
Wail, -t'omln Films Wontedi Medicine. People 
and Piano Player, write. Open -June -.1. Jl«n. v 
and Joslo Loo write K. r.'WRBN/ ivJiT 

Tetre B ittf, iud„.care ( erman Med. to. 


Co.— C. p. Shockey, sole rooliagrr it" P"" - v 
Grelner, stage' manager:, KrWlri iBew.- tn« 
Cramers, .lack Harvey, Adrlctta Rohan, 
Harry Kt.Olalr. Adam .Ulnsel. (Jeo. Shock' .»• 
Ilnrloy Hwoln. Joe Shockcy and Marie Adatin 
We also .carry n .large . band and orchestra. 

Iwlth Joo Shockcy leading the orchestra. »• 
carry sevorol feature vaudeville acts with toe 
show. Fred Summers Is advance agent; WW'' 
ness lgto S. II, O. 




VT iaBKHTV-VOCNH AOTOIt, Juveniles or 
light Comedy- -Age 10, weigbt lSMbg., height 5ft. 
•tic. DwtWi engagement with good one piece at- 
traction tor Simmer. Can deliver the goods. 
;,- ., ■ ,' B. C, care of .CLIPPER. 

WANTHD— Mnslelann tor park; i CornolK, l 
K-Kiat Clarinet, 2 Alton, t Trnmiione. All mum 
tie AJ. Plnent nark In Central Penna. Those giv- 
ing satisfaction will he held for Winter season, 
open 21. J. <l- Mitchell, 28nn W. Chestnut Are., 
Altoo nflj'r'a. 

WANTBD-lliiartctle Singers that enn plav 
llraas and can Act, Trnmiione, Clarinet, Harluine 
ur Drums in .Brass. MANAflKK "01,1) KENTDCKT 
IIOatR,'' Aurora, Neh., It; Oranil Mum!, Xeli., 15; 
Wood HIVer, Xel)., 10; Kearney, Neh.. 18. 

HCKNKRY FOR 9AX.K — Pane? Inierior 
and Exterior Set, Black Magic Curtain, Eights, 
costumes, Chorus Sets, Ankle anil Knee Length 
March and Coon Suits, Etc. 

BARflAlX, card of CLIPPER. 

WISH to make arrangements with party on a 

pcrxen.t$ge.basrs, owning or controlling vaudeville 
jilolnre. machines,, alilomatlo phonographs, guns; 
»Wo carousel,' rwlnftt, etc. For further partlcii. 
immcall or address I). BARNVM, 

1 Beekmnn 8t„ Room 4(i, K, Y. 

• WAjfTlCD, Klrt Class Performers for Medicine 
>stio«\Hi once. Oood llunjo Plavers, Singers nnd 
liau'«'M. Also Cornet Player. No lime for liooze 
Rnumm Amnteun. uvinoston medicine 
CO.'iiiW Squth.Slreet, New York city. 

WArWHD— To open tenting season June \ at 
Huldredge, Neh., one more good Mod. Team, Willi 
Novelty; Musical and Feature Tnrns, for a week. 
Must he sober and stay till close of tenting sea- 
son, or we can't nae you. Board at hotels. Salary 
sure. State all you can do good, lowest, and send 
photo. Other Useful People, write. Quaker Indian 
Medicine Co., North Platte, Noh., till May 15; then 
Flagler. Colo. . 


— salary and all expenses. 

concert CO ! liaylng salary and all expenses 
. Address HO." " 

AT MtttttTY, TUB 3 QLBffROYH, 

Versatile Dancers. Comedy Sketch Child Artist, 
snmll parts. One nlghter or all white U. T. c. pre- 
ferred. Change for week. Al, Med. wrlle. Tickets. 
THE 3 QLRN'ROYS, (I. II., U Salle, Ills. 

WANTED TO I-BA8K-Theatre Improved, 
►fating over wo, In any thriving city of ,v,,ooo io 
•.110,000 people. Address ELIAS MARKS, 

OS Westminster Street, Prov., n. l. 

WANTED AT ONCE— Comedians, Irish, 
imtch and B. F. and snent Acts, tor week stands, 
salary sure. Also Organ Fakir who can do good 
.specialties; violinist that does good Specialties. 
Am ready to open show. Fenoliscnt Comedy Co., 
Mlllerstown, Pa. 

V KNTHII.oqt ISM-Hmv to do It, 30c. I 
also make the hc.t figures In the world. Thaw- 
While tragedy In wax. Tenis, and all kinds of 
show property for sale. W.H.J.Shaw.Victorla.Mo. 


arte,*, #3ft,v'$riO. . "Practical Compend of Electric 
iir'VexjtraMsail. A child could understand, ir.2 
pages; illustrated. Price, fl. Newlln A Co., Ex- 
ii.'ii Stage Electricians, sow Woodland Ave. 
Phlia., Pa. 



Comedy siiieeesa li> imnk.i. Muh,,,, 
tltt.OO A COPY 


FiiUr Act Melodrama 

M.00 A COPY 

Fine new miiaical comedy In two acts; now ready. 


" Ttie iirst musical comedy of the season, ' Johnny 
Wise,' opened to a large house At the Lvceum 
lust night, and pleased to such an extent thai the 

sittr|hiid to make a speech."— TOLEDO TIMES 

."Full to overflowing with tiright lines. Go to 

' see ' Johnny Wise ' and forget that irnulile 

exists. K It don't make you laugh there Is no 

hope for yon In this world."— ORAND RAPIDS, 

muh., herald " A combination of musical 

melodrama of the Ocorgo Colian varietv, vaude- 
ville and farce. It runs along with a snnp and 
vivacity which kept the audience In merry 
humor and gales of laughter. "— ORAM) RATIOS, 

MICH., PRESS "There l« no sleepy moment 

In Hie comedy hut all the time activity and 
pleasurable entertainment. That It wan appre- 
ciated was evident bar the frequent applause."— 

Would, like to hear from .producing managers, 
eic. Plays and Sketches, etc., wriltcoT to order. 




Address FRANK J. MAUON, Playwright, Care of 
Tom Muhon, Lawyer, M'." Hammond llldg., De- 
troit, Mich. 



WANTED, Leading Woman, Character Lead- 
ing .Man, with Moving Picture Machine, with elec- 
tric and cali-luni burner. Must, have at least live 
reels or aims and soag slides; scenic Artist. Other 
people, write. Ad.l. W. D. REKD, Mgr. Daniel 
Sully Co., Olrurd Theatre, Phlla., Maya and week; 
after tlmt, Ontdner, Mass. 

roil COMPANIES No*, t h ml fj, ■ 

Good Versatile Peopls, singers, Oncers, 
C-medians, Nottlry Acts, Etc. 

If yon play pluno, say so. Tell It all In ttrsl letter. 
) pay.good money to good people. These are lent 
ntioyvs and the best equipped on the road. Never 
close. Week stands, change nightly. Address 
J. W. Rir/.EL, Box 20$, .Savant ■ah, (in. 


PICCOLO, TROMBONB to Doable Violin. 
oilier-, write. .loin on wire. Hotel 
•bow. Never close. Address 

Haymond I). Crawford, Cherry vale, km 

. Cure Crawford's Corned I ana. 

Waited Quick, Baritenf, Two Slides, and Ml 

also Oround Acts, Lowest salary flr it letter, und 
lie ready lojoln on wire. HUNT'S HILVKR PI.ATK 
SHOW, Interlakcn. Mass.. May n; West stock- 
tirldge, Mass., 10; Caanan 4 Cor., N. Y„ 11. 

WANTED, for Wrea Bros/ "Tit Nijltsii a 

BAR ROOM'' CO., under canvas. Comedian to do 
Hwltchal,. tvork In Concert; a good Romalne and 
tireen. State all In first. letter, LKIPSIO, OHIO. 

$100 Buys a RaHliig 600I 3 Act, Wsfikia 

IDENTITY Karce Comedy for 10 people, 
(ire it for one nlrht stands. Address HERN Altl) 
KLING, Playwright,- U67 Jay St., Brooklyn. X. v . 

AN'DALLTllKATRICAL COOUS. scenery painted 
cheaply ami quickly. Amateurs supplied. 
CI1AH. K. MILLS, «7 W. 4t»l si., Sew York City. 


A 4 lite I'lT OK 

4 Moving Picture 4 

Right in the Heart of the 
City of New York. 


GEO. A. SCOn, Care of CUPPER 


Comedian and General 
Business Man. 



CHAB. P. WMYTB, Waco, Trim. 



In all lines: two directors with srript, for Hummer 
stock at Woodstock and llranlford. Out. Two 
plays a week. No inatlticcs. open Mac U. WANT 
two clever Pianists. 

TOM II. WALSH, mo W. 'Kill, St., R. Y. 

1 1 IKS. 


Can Bo Engngod lor tht Praiint Saison. 

AddressCOSMIH'OLITANIlOTKLjNew^rleulis. La 

Actors Wanted. 


Cily time, Summer Parks. Juvenile Mun, I'ltinlsl. 
Other useful people, write. Join on wire. Long 
season. .I.Mny llenucil, write. lll'CII MOKRISUN, 
Lexington, Va., week Mur u: South Hoston, Va., 
week Hay I.'l. 


800 SpiingKatrden St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

New honking for: Shcljiot I'ni'k, Wilmington, llel.; 
Hollywood I'urk, Hallo. Mil.: Tike Thenlre. Itoan- 
oke, Vn.; Clyffesldn I'nrk, Ashland, Ky.; Lindley 
l 'ark, Crecnshorn, N. 0.1 l-akewooil I'urk, Durham, 
n. C; i.uttn Park, fhnrloitc, N. <.'.; llelsman's cir- 
cuit of four parks lu 4ia.,and others, I'urk and The- 
atre managers In the South wishing to Join till* cir- 
cuit, please write at o nc e. Perform ers, write. 


Stock and Ropertoird I'eiiple 


specialties given preference. J. P. AKNOI.H. 
HosM.'i, l llriiil uglium , Ala. 


llv a lady with two clever girls, ages io and 14. 
Clever singers and dancers, very ncul In tires* 
and appearances, (loud, reliable mgrs. wanting 
clever talent, ladlos or gentlemen teams, singers, 
ilnnceiN for the season addrens ('. I'llK'H, in cure 
I'roL Rnyno's School, '.'It Went Ohio St., Indian, 
spoils, Ind. • 


Woman for Soubrettee 
and Ingenues. 

Others wrlle. PRED hicm.a. 

Coffey title. Klin. 


m «akroll mw CO., 

HKKTcll TKA M that does singles uud driiMiles and 
plays small parts, Also initio slMii.i: YADHK- 
\ II. 1. 1: AIT. Name, lowest, pay your oyrn. 

IOS CAKH0LL, Wcsion, W. Yn. 


Have New tioo No. 4 Williams Visible Writer, 
with small special made trunk to carry same when 
traveling. Trunk cost tzo. Will sell outfit for 
i.'io. This la a decided lurgaln. Address 

W-BERT MERLIN, Continental Hote', N. Y. Ciiy, 


Captblu of Playing .Small I'arts Preferred. All 
Summer work. Dramatic People, write. 

J. V. AHNOLI), llox 4H, lllriiiluglium. Ala. 


Musicians for Hand, to ilouhlc stage or m- 
chestra ; Silent .Mun. Sketctl T'euni, Hotilirette, 
Comedian, 10 put. on acts and do specialties. 
All must change for week nnd make good. 
No tickets unless I know you. IMJIASK 

K. S. HTORY, West Hwiinaey, N. II. 

IT 1 1 1 11. 


Young Lady Clarinetist, Flutist or Cornelist. 

Snmnier hotel, Wesi. 1'IAN'IHT, 

"fho Olrl and the Bmnlpellc,'^ Coalville, Utah. 


111', Isofi. New Hide 

Wall in two pieces, H or., duck, till. high. Hopes, 

Poles, stakes, Stage, Ac. 



I in two pieces, s or., tit 

is, stakes, Stage, Ac. 

Mi ; li. MKD. snow. Ksopus, N. Y„ Ulster Co. 


High Clan Attraction. Sole Artisti. Al 

Uberty. Care CLtPPEB Olfice. 

1'lono Player, .Hoiilirette. Oilier Useful i'cople, 
write. ('. L. Darnell, wrlle. 

W . II. 8TK OIIL, Plcasantvlue, Ohio, 

Waated. for Med. Co., Pianist Who Cm Work 

ItiActs. Address Mori, franklin,. Lee, Mass 


VYm. Mattery 

Flew at Cairo, 111., April 
28. Regular and excur- 
sion trains on railroads, 
steamboat Unas, and 
every other mode of con- 
veyanue were unable to 
accommodate the VAST 
gathered from hundreds 
of milas distant t ■> SEE 

bat wUh the ELEMENTS!!! Ton years 
ahead of all other Air Ships, say the oritios. 
20,000 Visitor* crowded Cairo as tlia town 
wan never crowded before. 

And Bis $25,000 


Air Ship 

Managers of Parks, 
Fairs and Chautauquas 
know that MATTERY'B 
AIR SHIP is the one 
big sensation of the cent- 
ury. The only SURE 
tain AIR SHIP. Busi- 
ness Men'ri Associations, 
Chairmen of Celebra- 
tions and Conventions, 
along with those in 
uhargo of Summer Am- 
usements nnd the like, 
should necui'tt this 

Real, Genuine Success Assured Attraction 

Get on the Right Road to Prosperity. The opportunity of a lifetime -awaits Live Ones, files of 
money and future prosperity absolutely sure, for the progressing, enterprising few that may yet secure 
MATTKRY AND- HIS AIR SHIP. 100,000 to 200.000 people may easily be drawn every day the Air 
Ship flies— three ur more flights per week. For time, terms antl "how to do the trick," aildivss 

W. S. CLEVELAND, Sole Manager, 

Suite 63B, Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg., 1402 Broadway, NEW YORK 


% r l ,r l , lVl*J 'I'lslB V w " I|IIV, "» I Imnilllli' Ltirilr JOHNSTOWN I 'I.iiiih wlilili Imx hi'i'ii ill Nmilftiki'l llt'lli'll llil> |iu»l I wi> «-ilNnn«. 
AJ ■ BTiH I i^Fl^» Alsn M1111II JOIIN'S'I'IOVN |.'l.lill|l wlihli wiiii ill K111111114 1'll.v lull wmini, nml rtni- Ml. Vi'-nvliH In i:iu|illa|i. 

Our n«w I'Hiil-ii; 4 \'l'\l.o4.| »'. Ii . o,,i|.l. i< .1, „ in. full ,1, .. , l|.i I.,.. i,r, i>n,l -IhkvIiih iinilKirt of "|. .11,11,1,1 or rvrry- 

t III »K I'XI l»l"lll« I" i-lrrlrli-lll <lll|(i' nnfl mill |i»lk ■ III III! lil^n I «. 1*1 Ii i •■! 4 n I n li>|( H.', I "> l'1'Oln, will. Ii, nl Will 111' 
ilril<l<l<'<l from llr«l |.t.UO |nir. l>u». . tit rrmiliir < h«Ii,iiiii» IVne. 


I.M1IJKST >IAM I'M 11 III.US III' I 1114 Al. MlAI.I. AI'I'I.IUI l:< jt.VH IIFFKI'I'M IN I UK \\ 4111 1. II. 

354 WEST 50th STREET. N. Y. CITY. 




Goldfield Tr- 

(•ginning IWIcay 30, at Point of Plnei 


loston, IWIoaaii 


'.YiwIiovh, CnwRlrln, Mrxli'iiliti, IlnprrH, It iilbi-t*. MIiiiti, linltun-, I'IiiiikIiik Morons; iiIhii. nnv r<-r»t nr«- Hint i'iiii III' ilfinr In npi'ii iilr. All inn-i Imvu ifiin'l mil 
Dm nml Join In iiii.inii. Nil mm- i.iwi-i snliiry. JlcHrrlho In lull wlitii vim mnmiil will iliiln llrsl Mm vtn-loii> Hlmn|i Inr ri'iiljr. AilrtrrHMUII i-iirr«H[u>iiiltiiiiM* In 

HENRY BELMAR, Amn»ement Director, 1402 Broadway, Soil 506-7, New York Oily. 




I IH4 BAND AND 4HI4 111 is lit * . 


nwnlnir near Okliihoniu l.'ll.v Mm 27. I'KIU'K II. 
IIKN'TON', :.'i riyinonili I'lure, riiliuifn. 111. 


Thimi' iIiiIiik iwnor innrii inrtw. I'luwn Willi mm. Mun with ll'iu ur hint Ai'lln lnliinii will 1 . 
III llitiMi'llcr. IIIAMm MATK HIIOW, U i-i K..i« mi„ lluiki iikui k, V. .1. 


r - — — — — — — -f 

inly urn Mini, CIiiiiih'Iit mil Mnlil, siiiilKlti Olil Mini. Onlii'Htru l.i'mlir In HnnlMi' llmiil. .Hiuic 

I , Vim hill iln, Aililn>M I'llAM, SMITH, I'lii'tlli'llO, iilillln, Hut IJ: lliiilcy II, M Iilili llnini* Ih, 

I mi 31. 


Willi .. 

Mam |ui *)l 



liuniMiwral Business Woman 
Piano I'lavcr. 


rliwi'i. Male Hiilurt low, yini gel II. 


g. H. MA HIK. .HU H. . 

UIBIITCn l» ft *' Me ''- I'pr'onncrii. Tim lii*W 

TfRnlCU. only. If yon cimi'I iniiko koimI, II 

ton liiiii/.r ur Htirap, iloii'i vmi writ.-. Hnvf hull 
nil I wnitt nf II. I'lii.v uniiiiiil lii'iivnr nil Hilinincr 
nniler iiinvtiH. Titll nil In Ii-ikt, i|iili-k. 
ANORKW KANKIN. <l«n. HciWit.t, l)<inv«*r, (nln. 

Lady Cornet Wanted for Stella Park, Brookljfi, 

N. V. ii|ii-n M«f 11. HI wfekn afti'iniiiin nnd f>v«. 
si in c all In llrni Inner. 1 pay Imard. 
_ W. lllim.KjJIIJllay Hlb 8t., ltn.Hi Itettfll, N. V. 

Wanlii, Peopli for Two or Three Comic 

'i'lirnn. Hmiill Wngim rtlimv foi- kiiIp, Hiiiih-i-iiiiIi, 

HIeIi Diving Hagu, Trained imw,. 

% I' HOK. IIAItllY B MITII. tirnty,. I*. , 

Ideal Theatre 

Wnnla PKHHHIMKHS fur Inc. Vauil.vlllc. 

INDIANA AMUSKMKNT CO., Ilcarlleld, l' «. 


4.non feet, Feature*, Sacred, our, Oauli till, week 

ifi-lienti. Name vnnrlowext, 

FRANK DURKBE, Bprlngflfiil, Ohio. 



Alter May l.'i. I HANK Oi AMBON ' 
Orand UWjj Houhp, Kvannvlllc. lml. 



'Hnminei'Milai-v. sini-k. Addreiw, 
A. I-. IIKAHI.KV - • » • , V«rk, Fcnna. 



i ; Experienced Pianist, Heavy Man, 
Diamond Dye Scenic Artist. 

Jewell Kelly Stock Co., 


W A N T 15 1>«^ 

All linen, Willi -iiiTialili-H preferred. Iti'lii'iimnl- ! JllllMf IlllIN 101 iMllMl ll llll 

'I'npi-kii, Kiiii-hh, May in. Miiiiic mill lltimi'll. I'. H. . . • . 

'i.'ti'rn Niit'iliniil ITinilnu i.'ni.iiiniiy, i-hli'ni«i, III. J "rClKVSH'll W ilCl AS AUCIIllil HIS 

S:iluVy In r'oiniiii'liRii, ft:, per n I li, iiiilfnnii nml 

ail finiiid. .Mii-i lie hiiIht ntnl ii'lliilil... Adilri'<- 
• ' IIKO. I*. OKAII.KV. 

__^. ' HiiiU* HiW|iltal, M'lrrln I'lulini, X. .1. 

~ . • • w"^ r,TED, 


HId k I.% m.i.I I i.uliir,. I Inn. i Pluynr. 
Wire Niiiiinir.v. lint., mi. wu'k;, week May 
III, Uiiimuiiil l.yon-, wire. 

wmmHwi tuokkw . ^ 
For Sale or Lease. 



Wanted, for Ghas. Geyers One 
Night Stand Tent Theatre, 

TriimlHiiie, It d (),: Onrlnel. II. «, <l. ; Itnrl 
tune or Tnlm in double iijihi- nr orlievlrit ; 
TrniiilMiiii' in piny piirta; Alio in piny imrln. 
We never efanw, lliiilroiid kIiiiw. I'lny Smitli 
every Wlmer. Ileriitun. wire. Hiilier, rell- 
nlile penpli- niilv mill trnawer. Suite nil 
(Ii hi letter. - CHAM. IHtVRR, 

fat* of Ueyer'n TVnl Tlietifrc,' Ainliiiliy, Kin). 

^waWed quick," • . 





it Liberty, Slide Trombone 

II. anil ii. or IKinlile Minall Pari*, frefer Park Ko- 

ga(emcui. Hi:in' tkl'k, 

.Care of 'flic HerinliAiKe, oranil Haplilii, Midi. ' 


HOI.I) A J, TO I'l.A Vlvll. One vvlin play. Vloliji 
Itlven /lie iirefernnee. Mlead, bouillon. Aililre.. 
ft'; I'AIII, II. IIJf'HTKD. . 

f' ' '.' liahilniA.ter H.niid.'*. Ilmnivllaili. V. J, 


Tent, liall or ntrecl, Hwell il rennet , volv.i nnrf look 
Hie parr. Holier 'alWiiVK. Trriiia, fereejunxe. 
Juiii Htivwlieya nml (ti:l tin; iiinint. IIWIOIITIIIL- 
LKTl'K, luipeilal llotel, IniliauaiKjUa, Uid... . . 

"IvI.I.A," or Will aifiv|il ii |irii|ninlii.„, am 

rellulile iirimiinvllliH emit lin mil III fur I lie Mil n-r 

iiiniiilin. A'lilrenn ,IaH. A. liAI.VI.N, "A i.lltle Ottl- 
t-anl'i Co., liminl Opera limine. \\ 'liken • iinrre. Pa. 


Mnnl he In ilr.Ht ila.n eondllloil and elietp fur 
eiHli. Hem mil or more. AIhii waul Heal., HltiKe, 

Si'iiiiiT t , ele. Hunt Holier Him. t 'inn ii-imni. 

' IIKO. KINH, .'Hitio l'l Hi.. Winter-, v . v. 



or nl.xleen ttei'kn ai llan|iyliiinl Park, (nrnel 
Clarinet, anil Triiiiilmne I'laver. lor Hand and 
Ore.lii'Mtni. open Mav I-.'. Adilretm 
1 . KrilKSK WACK.Jaekwu, Ti'nn.lf 


'. mill fiiltr rtWn npei-liil liitl-H, niltiiliereil cnlmei u> 

lit nil unit iieifiiinicil no Hie roll [nr il.81* Hel 

i Hie iiiianl*!, NATIiiNAI. CAItli CO., HJisinoklli, l*A 


ffiE'STEW YORK <mrMm&. 

May H. 

NEW voHltdiV. . 

Keith ^ J'rqc KJ1-H t iiiim Hintllt-u 

Theatre dv. ['. Albee. ajniierhl nmtutgcr). — 
A parsed house was on Jul lid to witness mi 
• jei'i-lli nt i)Hl at Urn opening matinee, May 
IK- ISthcl Levey whs n big drawing curt), mill 
lii'r singing ami dancing was roundly ap- 
plauded. Lisle l.ilgb Alio eom>itiy. Id n one 
net dramatic plnylct, i-uiltlfed "Kid-Glove 
Natl." scored well, while Lnlla Selbhii, "The 
Untiling Girlie," gained numerous encore*. 
1 1 any Chip's com|Niny, In bin funny burlestpte, 
"Mntoilhg." kept thf house III outbursts of 
laughter, and ■ earned the much aptiln.iso 
given. (HlK't'M wlio came in for approval 
wore; Kmltli mill Campbell, tin- Six Ullliser- 
I'llln, I/iulne HntHn's trained monkeys, ,hc 
Utiles Musical Trio, Frances Knight, Waller 
Daniels, Itchier mill Gaudier, tlii* Boldrus, 
und tlio Hnwadas. The motion picture* eon- 
rliideit nil enjoyable programme. 
Irvlitor Plaice Tlientre I llelnrlch Conrlcd 

ketlh A- I'rmtor'a Fifth AVetttte 
I'fidUlS, (B ' 1?.., Allie, waprttl mnnngerl.-- 
Wivbek & ilmlule. Bill "h offered, InHbillhg 

main h !<<•!• J .- •—" X Jo r Heltnllclio Koelihg" ("King 
In -Secret"), a four act comedy, by Ludwlg 
Filldn, wan produced for the Ural tlWo TUHs- 

day, April .1(1, /or (he Iwncai of Max Haenac. 
lei-. Tlii' comedy element Wan stroilg through- 
out. The cast s Hcrxog Urgan. HaneSchall, 
Adolf Wind*; Jovellit, ilucrkammcrllng, Otto 
Mayor : IJiirmuh, Ilailskaplim, Jaciplcs Hor- 
will! : Morgilnl, Lelburzl, Meliirlch Habrlcli : 
I Tln7. I .Jiiixi'lnt, -Neffc dos Koonlg, Mat Llriil ; 
I'Vlri'lIx, Kidn Kiinpilc. Adolf Neliendorff ; 
Mlgiini*. Tochtcr do* Heraogs, iledwlg Voh 
Osiorninnii : Kiln oil, Hire Knmmri'frnu. 'funic 
Vnlgl : Cvnewiilf, Harold iler Angclmu.'lisen, 
Frlcdrleh lloltlbiun; Porelltir, oln Hlrt, Carl 
Muchoid : Hi'linlBlor. Bardc. Max I luoiiseli'r : 
Hermit. Willy Kaiser; I'rluiulel, I'llgcn 
llohcnwni'th: Hard. Otto Bodeckcr: CrtraiToc, 
Willy 'Froy: Rohalt. Franx Krlau: (Una*, 
Uott Hdil.sslriger:: Godc. ITortner, Ijotlla 
Kneli ; Minora, Kammcrdlcncr dm Kodnlgn, 
Jitci|uo* Lilrhln. The scene of the play la 
laid at the Court of Artlla X, a descendant 
of KJhg'ArtUs tin: (Item, of Britain. . The 
colirtlers; among tlli'in Duke (Irgan, the acne- 
scllall : .lovi'lln, tlio chamberlain: Morgan t. 
I ho pnvslchui, and Giirhiiui. tlio chaplain, 
nio nil powerful, lite king being sick. In 
order to avoid n revolution, they conceal the 
king's HIiii'hi from the poptijace. Hlgtme. the 
iluke'K daughter, llaa fallen In lovo with the 
vnung ' ajlcphvl'd, I'eredtir. Hhe ordcrx hor 
iitilld, l'Mllior. to bring. dim secretly to the 
i-aslle. I-iuiKi'lot. her weak mltidetl ■ coimln, 
offeiK her his love, lint ahe rejecta lilm, King 
I'IkIk'I-i of the Anglo-Haxons, through hla 
hernld, t.'yiH'Wiilf. dptnanda a trllntle of two 
litttiilretl yonlliH and two linmlreil innlderta, 
tluelitenliiK with war. During Ihl* calamity 
the king (Ilea.. I'credur la found with Hlguite, 
and. In older to explain IiIh proHcnt'C, alte 
Kiiyx the lie Ih ii man well experlenceel In the 
line of lirriH, who Iiiih emne to hiivo the king, 
Hhe now tiutKO'ifH tlint. thl> Jieople be deceived 
by carrying a dummy, arrayed In tin- klng'a 
rule's, hi n litter through llie HtreelH. TIiIk 
HiiKm-atlon Ih Joyfully received; In order to 
Inatire I'ei'ednr'a Hllehee, lie In kept a nrlaOtler 
In Hie malic, anil Mlgune vuui'Iioh for lilaanfc- 
kii'jilng, Slgtine Iiiin kept her lover over 
nlfllil In her keinenate, and Ihey are dlacov- 
ereil In a elom' embruco by the duke. Who 
furloua-ly IiiiiiIhIick his ilHillthter In a convent. 
Peredur Ik thrown Into a dungeon. The 
iieople. Jubilant to have aeelt wllilt they be- 
lieve to be the klnc now demand IiIh uiar- 
rlnge. The duke, prollllltg by hla tlutlKhlcr'a 
almnie. naka her In iiutMy Hie dummy. Rhe 
iiiiiaentH to lie the iiiieen, on condition, how- 
ever. Hint. 1'erediir be given her na IiiihInuiiI. 
The duke accept*. Two diiya after both wed- 
dings are performed. The diike ttrgea 44lgune 
and the courtiera to ogl'ee to tlio. Hlmmeful 
Irlbiile, but I'credur I earn the document Into 
nieces. Cynowulf cornea for Ills reply, I'ere- 
ilnr. clad in Artua Die lirenl's golden armor. 

appears, und Hlgtme, In the minie of the king, 
king, Is 
niiinlliK liiti'r the enemy has hoen flnfciilcd, 

declares war. F'eredur, still jitnylng the role 
of tlii- king, Is to i-omiuand (ho hoops. Ten 

und 111" ivhol" city Is relebrntlng the baptlatn 
of t'ei'i'dur und Klgune's child, the supposed 
heir to the throne, The ronrttera pin) hgnlnst 
IVrortur'a 'Ho, while Hlgtme, tired of decep- 
tion, bus bribed the bcarcra of the litter to 
overthrow II, aud thus reveal the whole 
fraud. This h done, and the courtiers, with 
the exception of the cluipliiln. barely escape 
the .ruse of the mob. , Slguneconfeaaca every- 
thing. Two part lea (orm In the mob, one de- 
innnillni; I'ei cdur's death, the other, his coro- 
nation, l.iiim-h.i. ihii Idiot, la the only 
lealilin.ile heir In the throne, and la crowncij, 
while- I'eredtir; Slgune-and their followers go 
In I'Yiiiico to found a new empire. "Katlat" 
wiih given. May li. na n lesilmotibil to Carl 
Mechold, of Ibis ii'inpnn.v. The lliuim' will 
iloae for- I In* - araapin May IS, 

Now AtuMcrdnni Tlirnlrt* iKInw ■ & Br- 

laiigi'i-, inuiingerK) Itolairl Mnulell began on 

May (I his iccoud lul ii iinnl week, giving mi 
Hull dale a iluist coiimieiiilnble performance 
of "lllebellcti." hi wlilrli he lins been seen In 
New York during previous engagements. Mr. 
Manlell's clinrnclerlxntlnnTH'onc tlint brnnds 
him iin a careful. Intelligent student, und It 
Is a keenly .enjoyable, iierformance through- 
out. I. list week he waa Keen ns shyloek on 
Wcdneslbty mnllnee. Mn.vT. anil he was excel- 
lent In the role. 'On Thuraday evening. May 
•J. he senred a succesa hi "King Klehiird III," 
mid on Saturday evening. 'May 4. he put cm 
"Mnclietb." In this play Mr. Mimlell rosi' at 
I lines to- u high plane of artistic excellence, 
bis. mailing never being heard to belter nd- 
vanlagp, Ills wjwhjrjt for tlila week Inclmles 
•puesdiiy night. "King J.ear :" Wiilnesday 
iii'lcnionn. "Macbeth:" Wednesday night. 
"King t.ciir:" Thursday night. Friday night 
and Knliirdny ufternooii, "The Mereliant of 
Venice:" Saturday night. "Othello." Ca«l of 
"lllchelleu :" Cardinal Ulclielleu. Mr. Mnu- 
lell: tiiistoti. lluke of Orteana. Walter Cnnip- 
ladl : Karndna. Francis MeOlna : lie tterlng- 
hen. Alfred Cullender; Adrian ile Mnuontl, 
Noniiilli llnckell i llllgltet. (lordim Hurby : 
.loseph, Alfred llnalliigs: Kruneola. IJnjr 
lilmNley : l.nuls Xltl. Kriinkllli nemllseii : 
A Captain of (iiuirds. Ilnnilltmi Molt: Cler- 
mont, (lenrgc Stlllwell : A Si'cretnrv. (ins 
laves Hell: A nut her, Clllier! Sells: Julie lie 
Mort cum r, Marie llooth Itussell : Marlon do 
l.oiiiie. u spy for Ulclielleu, Mttbtii Kings- 
bury. v 

Atmilt'Hiy of MiimIc ft'illiunre ft Tonipk'iiK, 
mnniiuer i. — "The I'rlnee of I'llsen." with 
.lesH liiiuil.v anil mi ixcellent ensl. teliirueil In 
town lor n abort engagement. There was n 
gunil sized niidlenee present to give them n 
roynl rt'i'i-ptloli. .less Pandy, us liana Wag- 
ner, was as funny n* ever mid iinide ipillc 
a hit. The whole company Is excellent and 
sciiulll'il theinsi'lves with credit. The full 
cast: Ca 'l ono. rieorue l.jdii'ker: Hans 
Wa«*ner. Jess Uniulv: Mont. Tout Wagger. 
Henry C'oole; Arthur St. JuJra Wlldorforce. 
•I. Ilnvden Clarendon : KraiicliiM, Hiiberl 
O'Connor: Sermmnl Ilrle ami Cook'a Courier. 
I'elcr Swlfi : .Ilnimle, Klhiore Helniore: Mrs. 
Mmllson t'rocker, I'nullm* Heimuin: Kdlth 
Adams.' Alberlltie Uenson : Sldonle, Jennnelle 
Iingeaid : Nellie Wngner, Mario Welsh. in Theatre (Sullivan & Wuoila, 
uinniigera). — "The Queen of the Highbinders." 
oooi.i.. ii. with (lie following cast: lieorge 
Sluiirl. llenrge K. Wlillnker: Kul Toiig. Karl 
K. Mllchel : Charles Webster. C. W. Travels ; 
lliirrv Arlliiglnn, Hohert It. Cnlii : Ikey 
Isnai-s. .Inmes It. Wittera: Captala O'Nell, 
Ciipt M. A. Kelly: Sergeant Thompson, 
Itanlel Warren : Alice Smart. Uu-iiii Klllolt : 
lietll'ia Oils'. Leila Iv Havla: Sarah lluilln 
ski. Ilesale Cllffdril. Next week. " Parted On 
Her lllldiil Tour." 

t.ruiMl Opi-ril IIkiiki* I John II. Snrluger, 
ii'iiiiiig»ei.. • 'hniiticov oleott and his cihii- 
piuiv. In "Klleen Aalhore." opcneil a week's 
cugiitfciiient lien* on Monday evening, May It, 
A bin crowd waa on hand, and enjoyed Im- 
mensely Mr. Olcolfs many pleasing aonga. 
Next week, Kny Teiupletnu, In "I'Nirly-llvc 
Minutes from llrondwny." 

Criterion. llnljN. Madison 
Sipiare. New York, Prliieeaa. Thlnl Avenue 
Una Weber's Theatres arc clwsinl, 

n new one act lilny, "The llotub of a Trait- 
or," mid Hall, Cnilno'H "The I'riKflgnl Son." 
In "The Kixise of- a Traitor." which la it- 
tragedy. I*. . Kdlth tlgrdtler Hhenrn. btiaed 
u|m.ii • Mt | rlrafi'*a "Mateo Falcon*," Mia. 
Francis Lansing I'tiivn. well kbowh ill ab- 
clety na an amaleur iierf, inner of exceptional 
ability, made Iter profeieldnal debut matinee 
of; Monday, May ii There waa genera! prain 
for Mia. I'rnyn'a acting und for the little 
plil v, which prei-i'd to be a well ennatructed 
lit of d'-amaH''.. material, handled In it way 
ilnu would Irnllente that the author knew 
her :iingccr.«ft well, Km atory tells of how 
forluitnto, n lad of foitrteeii veara, Itetraya 
the hiding p'aci! of Hdnplero. a bandit, who 
lida hren wontldcd and has crept lo the 
Iio.v'h holjie fur shelter. As Mb ban- 
dit la led- mVnv by the soldiers he 
ctil'xi'a the boy's home na "the. house 
of a traitor." I,ulcr. the boy'a fath- 
er hIiooIk hla sort for betraying the 
wounded Utah, Mrs. I'ruyu plays .the boy. 
and on the npelllng day abe scored an un- 
deniable triumph Id llie J>art., Iler voice 
suited the character admirably, and she 
noted with Intelligence nttd splendid effect. 
Cecil owen and Wilson Melrose, who ate 
prominent, Id her support, did Hhe work. 
"The I'l'odlgnl Hon" waa nicely staged aud 
well -nctcd. This Ik the last week of the 
hotiM' slock company. Next 'Monday, May 
l.'l.: Hie Hpii'iiii'i' Stuck Co., of Urooklyn, 
moves lo til's house. The tirat play to be 
given by Hie: new company will be "7.ttn." 
will* Ltdna Mrti- Spooiier In the title .role. 
Cast of "Tile I louse of n Traitor:" Mateo 
Kolcone, U'ilsoii Meifote: (lulaeppn. Kttl- 
llle Melville: 1'oitiinato, Mra, Francis 
1. rinsing I'i-uyn: Olanctto Stibplero. Cecil 
Owen : 'l.'lodorn (Jatnlm, ■ (Jeo, U. Mnclniyre : 
Oulilo, Krticat Ahdersob ■ icirat 8oldier, Harry 
MaeAullffe:: Het-ond Soldier, Itohert Athoii. 
Ill the vaudeville are: Hora Konca, the vld- 
llillsl : Kennedy and Wllkllis, singers and 
daneern. aud the motion pictures. 

AiiicHi'lin I lietitr.- (J. M. Ward, maiia- 
gen — .Mondays matlrlee, May 0, found thla 
hiiuan well filled .wltli -a crifwd of mallhee 
liivela who enjoyed linmetiaely tile perrorui- 
nm-e of Ueorit PrkanMl All Hlar Mllieitrclh. 
A moat notitlue feature and one desetvlng of 
Mjeclal mention, waa llie double tjiini-totle, 
whose web trained voices made llie chorda 
slnulng stand out strongly. ntlH everv koog 
usi-a "made good." The entire niushiil bm- 
gramme won the approval of the big audi 
ence. wllo roundly abljlnudeif the capeclnllv 

Sood work of riddle Iforan, N'enl Abel. Ktull 
ubers and lieorge Primrose, who took the 
house by storm with his Witticisms of the 
bright sorl that he blinded over the font- 
lights, tjhonlnij tile second .part, the drill of 
llie Southern Cadets, ciiptelhl'd by iliivld Ir- 
win, and tlic serlea of military eyolulloilH 
Willi "(Jood-llye HlorV'iia tHe sIBglhg offer- 
ing, proved well received. 'Mr. Primrose la ns 
graceful a dancer as of yore, anU the 
ntlhiber of dllllciilt ale|Hi which lie reeled off 
brought (imeli nplilause from hla mliiiy ad- 
mirers, The whole performilbce Is one that 
n ililnslrel Jover should not miss. Tito Mfa- 
imny Ineliules : (iemge Primrose. Neiil Abt'l. 
Kmlie Htiher«. Kddln lloran. Will Monro. Jack 
Sample. Until Weal. David Irwin. Al. Plhe. 
Will -nmkliiH. 'lis- Httiiia. Ihigeiie Kelly. 
Jack Clarke mid IMvld Irwin. .1. Ilnrke. 
Steve (irmly ntld .11. Hlxun. Next week. IV 
Aug Anilersou. In -'The CuiHe or Drink." 

CiUiiulni Theatre (I'erey 0. . Williams, 
tiianngerl. — The bill I hla week couiliaroa vevv 
favorably. In .point or enterlnlnlng itt'erff, 
with any which 'liave' pni-i'ded It, and, big 
n I tendance coiillniuw. To Alice l.loyd la given 
the headline iioslllon, which the vivacious 
comedienne will III! for but two weeks,'! hla 
reltlm engagement Mng' lit the universal 
reillieat of the Colonial's patrons. She re- 
iielved it royal' welcome on Monthly. May II. 
Also programmed 'were: The racing sketch. 
•The Kuturlly Winner," with real honest 
und in Interesting atory: Will It. Murphy 
and lllanche McIioIk, in "From /.ana to L'nclc 
Tom:" I'at llooney and Marlon Dent, .bt 
"The llusy lletllioy:" t;ilfton Crawford, mo- 
nologlsl : the Metaelll Troupe, ICuropcan ac- 
robats: the MrXailglitons, In their burlesque 
sword fight, boxing and wrestling: the Max- 
smith Duo. novelty ant : the Urinous, colored 
Kluuers mid dancers, and the vllagraph. •' 

victi, rln Theatre (Oscar Haiiinieutcln, - 
mnnnger I. — The., bill this week Is- headed hy 
the Hligllsh cumiallenne, Knlle llarrv, who' 
was warmly received on Monday. May u, lit 
a number of original selections, all of which 
were applauded very liberally. The entire, 
bill was of general excellence, and Haled: 
The Klght Vnssar (Hrls. singers, dancers' and 
expert muslclanst: Junle MoCroe and com- 
pany. Hi "Tlic Dope l''lenil ;" Wilfred Clnrlie 
and • company, prcaeiillng the comedy skit.' 
"What -Will lla)«|M>n Next :" Al. Shean and 
Chns. Warren, who were eoiillnlly welcomed. 
In a iiimedy aklt: A. 0, Duncan, who la 
always itp-to-dnie on local topics. In bis veo- 
tillogiilal not: the Dellednlre Itios.. In their 
llntHhed ucrnbittle work : Hawthorne and Hurt, 
who seared success fi, I ly In 'comedy quips and- 
stories: John and Hen ha ltlch. who danced 
Iheli- wiy tide favor, and Ibe vltngraph. ■ ' 

Mnrrny Hill T lien Ire (Kred Invln. mali- 
nger i.- The llentx-Snntley Co. an*' phtvbig. 
a return einjagemenl here this week. The 
bill is iin in Hie standard of this organlxn- 
Hon, and Ineliules "Kol'ly Minnies from the 
llowery," "The Squaw Man'a Wife," and an 
olio which pri'senls: Charles D. Weber, ec- 
ceiilrlc Juggler: l.eiat Vnckley und lieorge 
lliiniiell, niiislcnl eiuiicdtiina : Loiilan Mar- 
shall ami' Ihittle Klna. pretty and entertain- 
ing singers; Hurry Fisher und Mike Berg, 
who ride on mid tumble from bikes In various 
styles: Wot, ('niton and Jean Harrow. In a 
rousing comedy net. the cause of spontaneous 
laughter throughout, and Sansone and Dcllln. 
In a startling exhibition of balancing. Mna 
llei'iollnl, ,lenn Dnrrow. Dottle King. Louisa 
Marshall and others of the company. In- 
cluding Marlon lllake. the clever character 
nelresa. contributed excellent work In the 
llrsl part and burlesque. This show will 
close [|s season at Hie end of this week. Next 
week, the llowery IIurlesouei'M. 

Knittlre Theatre iChos. Krohnuin, mnn- 
nger I. — "Cousin Kale," a three net comedy, 
wiih revived by Klliel ISarrymore on Moiidav 
ivenlng. Mav Ii. in a large aiidlenci which 
heartily applamleil I he star for her excellent. 
work In this role. Tl-r caisl : llealh lies- 
mmiil. llruci* Mcltea : Itev. .lames Hurl let t, 
l Irani Stewart : Hobby Silencer, fleorge 
Swli'l : Mrs. Snencer. Mra. Thoinna Wblffen : 
Amy Spencer, Mary Xnsb : Jam*. Anllu Itolhe: 
Cousin Kaie. i:ihel llarrymnre. The eleventh 
week of Miss llarryin:ire'a engiigetuent be- 
gan on same date. 

Ywrkvllle Tlientre (l-'rank fiersten. 
mnniigerl. — lames O'Neill. In "Monte Crlsto." 
Is, the attracllou here this week. Xexl week. 
lliilnh Siii.-irl. In "Hy Itlght of Sword." 

Sew Ctrvle TheBtre (t'Uloil Tlioalres 
Co.. nuiiingi'i'sl.— Tlic lung and very success- 
ful engugeineiil here or Mori liner M. Tll'ese's 
Wine. Woman and Song Co. still coin limes 
to line business, nail Hie attraction will re- 
nin In here In the end of the preseut season. 

I'Mnrlei-ntti Ntreet Tlientre (J. W. 
Hosenipiesi , manager). — "Purled on Her 
llrldal Tour" opened lo a fairly tilled house 
al the Monday miitlnee, May (I. and waa met 
wllli nuii'li approval. Next week. Johnny 
lloev. In "Across the Pacific." 

\ilnolle tinrileii (W. Kramer's Sons, 
nianagersl.- IN'Imnre and Oneida, balanetng 
pereli net : Wise and Milton, colored comedy 
sketch learn : Mr. and Mra. (labile. Italian 
opera duett lita: 1,eo Parker, double voiced 
vocalist : Miss l.iiiinette. tranere act. and the 
moving pictures, ore the all ructions for this 
week. The anniversary will Is* ivlelirnled 
Weibie'diij, Mav M, 

Wnllnck'N (Cliiis. Ituriihaiu. manaaeri.— 
Ilrnce lieorge. In "DIvorvoiiK," lagan. May II, 
her fourth week. , ' 

H«tlls, A Proctor's Fifty - eight Ii 
Street Theatre (i;. p Alliee, general man- 
ngen.---A bill «t uulisiliil strehgtb la' oq this 
week ami served lo attract good attendance, 
afternoon, and evening of Mohday, Mac p. 
Tom r'liriiitii' and Jrseiihlne Davis, In their 
iriiialciil skit, "My Sweetheart." pleased. 
ilootge Wilson seemed to have halt none of 
hla powers to amuse, hla efforts being nwiiril- 
nl ijy abundant laughter und applause.. In 
"A Texan Wooing'' was shown n picture of 
Western life that held the close attention of 
the audience, and Charles H. Mlddlcton, 
I .earn Spc'InPiver anil the Indian. Wolindcd 
HillTrtlo. came In for much approval. The 
Majestic Trio sang and danced themselves 
Inln Ihe good graces of the audience. Foster 
and Kostcr were successful In their musical 
offering. Julius Hteger. assisted by William 
ll.'IMaeoe, Helen Mar Wilcox and John Ito- 
mano. In the playlet, "The Firth Command- 
merit." held lite Interest of the auditors from 
hr-itluulnq to end by Its pathetic appeal. 
Manuel, Itoinaln ntid .limn Dove presented 
their musical comedy. In three scenes. "On 
Miisle How," and were ably assisted by SI 
Merrill, Maud Allen ind Minnie Lee. the 
singing and dancing of the act catching the 
hotlsc. Oeo, H.-lleiu, and company. In "The 
i'eekotll. Cadets," supplied nonsense, hi abund- 
ance. Motion pictures closed the show. 

Ly-oorti* Tlieiit re (Daniel Krobman, innn- 
agett). — Arnold Daly began, on the afiernoou 
of Apl'l' lid. a series of four special Tuesday 
matinees, of the triple bill. "The Flag Sta- 
llou," "The Lemonade Hoy" and "The Mon- 
keyv.'I'aw.". which he will present ht tills 
theatre, in addition to the regular bill, "The 
lldya of Conjbnny H." A good slued audletice 
gave Mr., Daly a cordial greeting, and re- 
warded lilm afilcerely. for Ida cleverness and 
veriiallllly, for, lie appeared In each of the 
three. little plil,V8. essaying a wide range Of 
clidr/trlers In so dolug. 'llie Hrst of the three 
prodiietbjtt was. u splendidly written .arid 
moit absorbingly Interesting slory, entitled 
"The Flag lJtatle:h.•• hy Chas. A. Kehyon, 
during (he progress of which the mental 
strain upon a hour fatigued telegraph opera- 
tor Is. graphically shown. AtUmrsou thinks 
Hint because lie had made a mistake and 
sent « train ahead that he should have de- 
tained., an appalling loss or life will result. 
Almost crazed by the knowledge of what he 
lins done, which Is. aggravated by the memory 
of llntither wreck of which lie wok a siiectator, 
he determines lo shoot himself and Ids wife. 
I here la juat one chance for the trains. 
One oi tt|em Is late, and, If they, have missed 
a collision, Anihtson ahtl hla wife .will- hear 
llie whistle around the bond nt exactly eleven 

clock, 'i he chR* In the little station shows 
wlllllti a moment or two of that hour, and 
Anderson waits, revolver In hand, for the 
whistle. Just us ihe clock llnlshes striking 
eleven, the whistle sounds, mid the waiting 
eiiitpp' know Hint (he trains have been saved. 
The -winy Is nicely conceived and handled In 
a imiltner that Would do credit lo a paat olds- 
ter I n the art of dramatic construction, flic 
audience Is made to partake of the aiiap-'Hse 
felt by the young couple on the stage, who 
Watch tin* clock until the fatotul whistle 
sounds, nliil till nerves are on edge. Mr. Daly 
'played Ahdcraou. the operator, with much 
skill, falling at no point Ih sustaining the 
suspense In showing the anguish and despair 
of the .poor wretch.. Frances King did re- 
markably, fine work as the wife, acting with 
iiMliiuiliiesa mid splendid effect. The second 
pl«y. "The Lemonade Hoy.'" by Kindt's linger, 
wits a nelitlv iii'i-nnged and very human bit of 
writing, with Its humor and Ha pnllioa well 
blended. Hippy, Hie lemonade boy. who 
iidvre*:: Marin, n swcot-gtull - vendor, has an 
oiipji'l Unity to save the girl from an unscrup- 
ulous »rct*:h. Turner, a songster, wlu> means 
In decoy her to Ihitidon. I'Tppy. by a clever 

1 rick, 'lends, the fellow about bis business, 
dlt Is soundly tnn^ue-lnshed by .Maria, who, 

MiiW&Mmf* < w - V; Rowland, ninn- 
agey).— At nils ubinm on .Monday evening. 

victoria has brought "Poor. John" and the 

lo the. madness ->f Jier despnlre, orotulava to 
marry Jan. I bathing muster, and goes awnv 
with the latter, leaving l'lppy ulone on -the 
i-aiids. bisjulblng a prayer of thankfulness 
that she Is saved. Mv. rirtty. as the bare- 
foot youngster. Plppy, self-sacrlHctiig, big 
hearled arid iineoiilh. looked and acted the 
part cap tally. Itny Falrehlld pluved Turnur 
excellently, and Liiclle Wafson and Florence 
Niish'also earned favor. The third Arid last 
of the little plays was Louis N. Parker'a 
dre.inutlxutlon uf W. W. Jacobs' atory, '"The 
Monkey'B Paw," ..which was arranged In 
three scenes This ploy 1 was far-Fetched 
ami n Irllle too creepy to suit tho 
audience, and although the acting proved 
Interesting, the work itself was pronounced 
unworthy Us association with the two clever 
Hltle aketclies that; prccoiled It. The stbrv 
(X. tells In of the III luck that a certain 
monkeys puw brings I o llie White -family. 
Major Morris tells Hie family the story; of *n 
isnrtahi monkey's paw which He possesses, 
c aiming (hat. 11 has been '.'witched," and 
that the owner of It may have three wishes, 
lint thai, he will desire tlmt-lui had never 
neeu the monkeys paw after these wishes 
are granted. Mr. White gets the paw. wishes 
that. ho., had Silt) ppunds lo pay off the mort* 
gage on the home, and gets the money, lo- 
crtlir-r with the news that his only son has 
been killed at, the electric works. Mr: White 
then decides to have nothing more lo do with 
the paw. but his wife reminds lilm that he 
has two more wishes, and he wishes his son 
back to life. As he makes Ids wish, a loud 
Knock- Is Heard at the door, and Mrs, While 
rushes lo It, hut It will not opcti. -Suddenly 
Mr. While, recnlllng that his hoy has booil 
so terribly mangled, Belies the monkey's paw 
and ■ wishes lilm dead again and at pence, 
.lust iis the door Is flung open bv bis wife. 
mid K Is discovered that the mysterious one 
WOO ..mocked lias disappeared. Mr. Daly 
played the elderly Mr. While with convic- 
tion, and Adela Idr- Kltzallni showed the keen 
grief of the mother with great force. Vomer 
Clarg.m also made a distinct hit as the old 
soldier who told the slory of the inon'kcv's 
paw, und surrendered the relic. The three 
plays were cast as follows: "The Flag Sta- 
tion"— Dick' Anderson, Mr. Duly: Marv, 
Frances King : Charley, Illehnrd Harriett. 
"The Lemonade lioy" — Plppy. n lemonade 
lsiy, Mr. Daly: Ouy Turner, Roy Falrehlld: 
Jan Claypolc, t'erclval T. Moore: Maria., Lii- 
clle Watson : Nursemaid, j Florence Naali. 
"The Mon key's- Paw-' — Mr. White, Mr. Daly; 
.Mrs. While. Adelaide Fltxuilen: Herbert, 
Morgan Coinnn;. Sergeant Major Morris. 
Verner Clarges: Mr. Sampson, Perclvnl T. 
Moore. Mr. Daly began. May (1, hla llfth 
week. In "Th.* Hoys of Company H.„ Ade- 
laide Fltmillen replaced Jennie ' Kustnco In 
Ibis eoinpuny, 

Savoy Tlientre (Frnnk McKee, mann- 
lieri. — "The Man or the Hour" began, May 
II. Us twenty Hilid week. 

IHJon Theatre (A. C. Campbell, mnna- 
Kcr). — Mme, Alia Xnnlmmra isimmenced. Jlay 
II. her tlflh Week in "Comtesso Coquelle," and 
the ninth w.'ek of her stay. 

Lyric Theatre ,'8am S, & Lee Shuherl, 
tnunagersl,— "The Itoad to Yesterday" begun. 
May 'I, Its fourth week, 

Sew York Hippodrome (Shiihert & An- 
derson, malingers t . — "Neptune's Daughter" 
snd ■•Pliaieer Days." together with the nn- 
meroiis, circus events, continue to draw packed 
houses at every is-rformanee. 'I'lu* twenty- 
fonrih week began Monday. May (1. 

I.llierl > I In-lit ei-, Klaw & Kvlangor. inan- 
ncers*. — l'llcn'nor ltobsmi began. May (I. the 
Ihlrty-seeond week of her engagement, ami 
her sixteenth week and laat fortnight, in 
"Salomy Jane." 'llie Inst two Wednesday 
matinees will Isi devoted to performances i,r 
"Mere'y Mary Ann." This theatre will close 
Us dimes for the seuson after Miss Itobson's 
last perforinaiice. on May 18. 

Gnrrlvk Theatre (Charles Frohman. 
mniiagi*r). — William Collier. In "Caught In 
Hie Halo." entered his nineteen III week on 
Monday evening. May II. 

II run tinny Theatre (Lift A HlngWnll. 
managers).— Anna Held Is'gan. Mav -i. her 
thirty-third week, in "The- I'atlalia Model." 

others of her fntitoits song family Uftc for a 

week's stay. Her- greeting on Monday. May 
0, was a cordial one, and ' Hie • audience 

wouldn't allow her to withdraw until she 
sang "Waiting ut tbe Church." Homer 'II. 

Mason and Marguerite Keelcr gave a one net 
sketch, hy Porter F.merson Browne, entitled 
"A Hero, for the first time here, nnd made 
a laughing success of It. The act Is staged 
by Harry l^onliardt. which means a great 
deal for It. ' Its 'cotnbllcntlons are all brought 
about throiiga the efforts or Spider McCann. 
a retired pugilist, lo help out the love affairs 
of Monty Flake, whose dear one, Hortense 
Stuyvesant. wants n man who Is "a hero." 
Spider, who has dragged Monty out of an 
nutotnobllc accident, preteuds to HetteUM 
that Monty Is badly Injured, and has rescued 
many people in the disaster. Hortense. how- 
ever, soon discovers the deception, and makes 
it clear that she really loves Monty, and 
doesn't care lor the "hero" business anymore. 
There Is plenty of action and much. tun 'In 
the little sketch, principally beendse Mr. 
Mason plays the slangy tipldcr right up to 
the mlmlle. Some or the -.llnea are very 
funny, and the sketch made flu emphatic. hit. 
Mr. Miteon: Mlas Keelcr. who looked very 
attractive, and Henry Travers played It 
cleverly, Others on the bill were : Chas. I). 
Carter ahd riusslc ' Taylor and company. In 
a neat, bright sketch, called "At Camp Itest." 
which Is . presented most entertainingly : 
Conkley and McBrlde, In their excellent act; 
Maude Lambert, with her songs ; SMzelt and 
Vernon arid- company. In "The Kloperaem." 
which proved so good that It kept the audi- 
ence interested to suite of the fact that It 
came at lite end of a long bill : Dllly Clifford. 
who hud the audience singing Ills "Oh ! Oh !' 
aorig. Mistily: the Hreat Bernar, with a flue 
marionette specially, which made a big hit, 
add the Ahtnears, in aonie clever character 
dances. The motion pictures continue. 

. I'nstor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, maiia- 
deriv. — Ih ajllte of the disagreeable weather, 
n big' crowd gathered at this house, and, eh- 

ioyed tile opening bill Monday matinee, MAy 
fi mliy lidrcourt, that dainty tittle Khg- 
llsh ehdraelcr comedienne, scored her usual 
big lilt wlththe entire audience. Buck Shot- 
fee and Mali .'I Trimmer, in n aklt, "A tJIrl 
from. Maryland," were; ..much liked, nnd 
earned the hearty applause given them, while 
Doyle and- lOmerson, and Adams and Mack 
also gained 'he approval of all. Others who 
nppcarcd were ; Campbell and Kenny, bnr- 
Icsrjite magicians : Herbert ilert I .ennon. In Im- 
lK'raOrtallons of famous actors: Frank; Whit- 
man, the "Dancing Violinist:" Cunningham 
and sml ih. In a comedy sketch. "The. Shop- 
litter:" KlriUiail Bros., singers; the Harring- 
tons, marvelous ring artists : Williams and 
Pullman, exponents of comedy: ■ -Stutsman 
and Crawford. In their comedy, "The flrocery 
Boy," and the vllagraph concluded the per- 

London Tlientre (James II. Curtlu, 
manager). — 'tile l*arlslau ltrUcs are this 
week's attraction. "A Pair of Peaches" tells 
a well connected story in good comedy vein. 
As the Two Peaches, Slieppurd Cuinu and \l. 
nice provided gi'eht entertainment. Leon 
Kri'ol. Ili'it.Suinei's. Chnrles Daly. Fred t.rtw, 
Jack WlDlauiK, Frank Mack. Caddy MniHsou, 
Kitty O'Brien. Kva May. Victoria Sawtclle, 
tteba Donaldson and Ulndys Sear worked 
hard In their respective roles, with good 
effect, The numerous musical numbers were 
well staged. The olio Included : lteba Doh- 
nldsuii. character daueer : Daly and U'Urlen, 
with some good songs and it riot of dancing; 
Vlslorla Sawlelle and (llndys Senra. and- Hom- 
ers and Law, In effective comedy. Chnrles K. 
Taylor Isnianagir : Robert Taylor, rejireseu- 
tatlve: Louis W llui'd. musical director. 
Nexr week, the Broadway Haiely 'Hrls.^ Frank 
Howie. Jos: Hehnessy and Jack Crawford 
will benefit May Hi. 

Mlucr's llnwery Tlicittre ( lOdwhi D, 

Miner, manager). — tbe High School (ilrls 
nre this week s attraction, with an excellent 
bill, including "Mixtures," in which Tony 
Kennedy, Tea Kvens and Al. Lewis Con- 
tribute good character work, assisted by 
Hilda i.'iicle. Lllla llrennan. IsiuIkc Kennedy 
and M. Howard: Specialties are offered by 
Ihe Brerinans, Alice Wlllard nnd .Madge 
Hughes. Kennedy. ICvans and Kennedy. Hilda 
Carle and her lied Ravens, who perform a. tine 
military drill, and Howard and Lewis, enter- 
lnlnlng coin 'dlans. "Cupid In thii Phlllp- 
plnus" ■ gave ouport unity for more ridiculous 
situations, well worked out by the company. 
The subline dunce was an added feature. 
Next week, 111'' Xnnkeo, Doodle (ilrls. , ' 
• Dewey Then* re I Union Theatre Co., 
manngers).— .The- Jolly Crass Widows Is Hie 
attraction here this' week. • "The Frolicsome 
Widow," which opens tile show, was heart- 
ily received. Tin* company, headed by Ruth 
Kvere.h, (lertrudc Thompson. George tJnhl, 
Arthur . damage and At. Uruel. gave n 
line- performance. Ah olio of star vaude- 
ville follows, nnd Includes : Thompson Sis- 
ters, hi a. clever singing aud dancing spe- 
cially: Urnet and timet, one of the funniest 
musical teams seen here In some time: Ruth 
F.vorett. In- "The Mechanical Doll." assisted 
by George lluhl and Arthur damage, was a 
big success : the /.arrow Trio was a big sen- 
sation In their excellent bicycle "pantomime, 
apt! was )ncaNd I line nnd again, and Ondcn 
and Sinners, who have- one of tlio best mu- 
sical acts before the public, made a pro- 
nounced hit. "Are You a Lobster V" which 
again employs the whole company lo good 
advantage, closes the programme In good 
order. Next week. Williams Ideals. 

U ulior'» Museum (John II. Anderson', 

manager).'— Abbott Parker,' who . claims to 
vr been struck by lightning, leaving n pat- 

I in 

feet picture ofthe crucifixion on his back. 
Is the fen l ure attraction here this week. 
Others are: The' Stanleys, original Teddy 
bears:- Grace Hubert; bearded lady. la the 
then 're un excellent bill Is given, and Includes 
the following: The Hulls. Jane Dory, llie 
llallbreoks, Webster and Cnrlln. the Macks; 
Lewis and Thompson, and. the Edison mov- 
ing pictures. 

,, Mlner'N Clulnti Avenue Tlientre (Ed- 
win D. Mlucr. niaiiager). — The Tiger Lilies 
were musingly welcomed at- Ihe opening per- 
formance. Monday matinee, May U. in the 
opening farce, entitled "A Tennsirarv Hus- 
band." Oporge .Murphy. Carrie Thomas, Mav 
Relmoiil mul Mr. M.irnn did well and 
Ihe house applauded approvingly. The olio 
opened wllh May Belmont, that pleasing 
shunter and dancer, who scored well with 
the big audience present. The Young Brothers, 
In a unlinio act of comedy acrobatic stunts. 

als mule good," while Mnrkcy. and Moran, . 

"The Scotchman and Hie Tommy Atkins 
Guard." and a sketch by, George Mlirphv, 
Carrie Thoinac and Ed. Clark, entitled ''A'li 
on Account of Pinky." were big favorites. 
The closing burlesque. "The Goddess of tile 
.Moon." kept the ball rolling with much wit 
anil humor, while a strong und pleasing chorus 
held up ineli sham of the good work. Next 
week, the California Girls. 

Ilnnhnttnn Theatre, — Shepm-d's moving 
pleliir.'s continue, wllh good attendance. 

MnillsDii .Siiunri- Gnrilrn. — Buffalo 
Hill's Wild Weal began. May 0. tlielr third 
mul Inst week of phenomena! business, 

Knickerbocker Then I re (Al. Hiiymnn 
&- Co., ma lingers I,- — Montgomery and Stone 
mid com mm .v. In "The Red Mill." began, May 
'I. Iliele twenty-third week. 

I.etv Cli-lils' Hernld Niiunre THrntrc 
(George M. Saimnls. resident mummer). — 
l-,iMle1''uy. In "The Orchid." entered his -flflh 
week on Mondav ivenlng. May II. 

llncki-it Theatre (,1ns. K. Hackett. 
inipnlgei). — Itose Slabl began. May II, her 
twenly ninth week. In Ihe "Churns Lnily." 

Asli.r Theatre (Wngenhals k Keinner. 
tiiniiiigei'sli- -"Hefore and After" began, May 
Of the third ''week of its engagement. ... - 

Haven, Conn. The programmes announc,. 
that, the work was suggested by Incidents 
In one of the earlier novels of Lucas Male) 
but the pronounced Frcnchlncss of Ihe slprv